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If you would like to be listed as a main contact for any group please email: Mike Terry, the editor. I reserve the right to add or remove anyone from the main contact list. Contact listings are based on longevity, professional documentation of your Terry Research and the willingness to assist other Terry Surname researchers.

Don't make it hard...Please do your basic work first. Send an email to Mike with family sheet info or your pedigree chart info from you to your last known Terry. If you have documents such as a Family Bible or Letter stating relationships or other proofs please note.

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Descendants of Stephen Terry and Sarah This is link to Family Tree Maker file which lists just about everyone I know who is related to  Stephen Terry d. 1769 line. Will provide proofs within the file as I work on this section. Trying to get the early generations  first. See also Lineage Group I in the Terry DNA Project.
Dr. Benjamin Thomas Terry Bible Record This is the recorded Bible record which lists the line of this Chester SC Terry Family. There are also some comments by the editor.
Alexander Hunter Family For an excellent insight into plantation life at the time see Mark Hunter's website about family of Alexander Hunter.
Obituary of Major Stephen Terry of Atlanta, Georgia This is the obituary of a one of the early pioneers of Atlanta, Georgia. He was the son of John Terry of Chester District, SC. .
Obituary of Russell Deyo Terry This is the obituary of Russell Deyo Terry a son of John T. Terry and Mattie Riddle.
Obituary_Albis_Elihue_Ball  Obit for Albis Elihue Ball
Obituary for Irene Terry Gray Harvey  Obit for Irene Terry Gray Harvey
Obituary for Mary Helen Webster Terry  Obit for Mary Helen Webster Terry
George W. Terry Family son of G. B. H. Terry from John Yates This is a story written by George W. Terry a son of Green Berry Hill Terry and Eleanor Gill.
Notes on G.B.H. Terry Some notes on Green Berry Hill Terry
Hugh McClure Terry Born DeKalb Co Georgia 1832 This is some information and picture of Hugh McClure Terry a son of G.B.H. Terry and Eleanor Gill.
Family Record of G. W. Terry and Francis E. Hefner This is a hand written record from a page of diary-ledger book by George W. Terry listing his family from his marriage to Francis E. Hefner of Yell County, Arkansas. ( Adobe Acrobat Reader® File)
Maj. Stephen Terry Document proof for marriage of Stephen Terry and Elizabeth Harrison Hill. (Adobe Acrobat Reader® File)
Maj. Stephen Terry Bible page 1 and page 2. Document proof for marriage and birth dates of Stephen Terry and Elizabeth Harrison Hill and their children. (Adobe Acrobat Reader® File)
Lamar Co TX Cemeteries This is a link the to the cemeteries in Lamar Co TX which contain several descendants of Hugh McClure Terry the son of G.B.H. Terry. Note the Keener, Marcum, Steele, Watson, Rourk families. Some notations of cemetery information dates contain references to obituaries from early Lamar Co. Newspapers.
Henry - Clayton County Genealogical Society Maj. Stephen Terry 1788 - 1866 removed to Henry County and his sister Sarah Terry married William Morris who is buried in DeKalb County, Georgia Cedar Grove Cemetery. This is a good source for Morris-Terry information in that area.


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