This is my father,
Glen W.  Terry. He was born in Henryetta, Oklahoma and died at home on the farm in Caddo County, Oney, Oklahoma.

He served in the Army during World War II and was a tank driver in the Philippines. At one point he was missing in action and there is a long story to this. -- I'm lucky to have been born.

From 1957 until the time of his death,  he was a peanut farmer in Caddo, County -- belonged to the Farmer's Union. He was  an honest man and his word was as good as any contract you could sign. We love him dearly and not a day goes by that we do think of him.

Glen Terry2.gif (160045 bytes)

Glen W. Terry 1923 - 1991

This is my mother's favorite picture of my father. I took it in front of a peach tree on the old Bob Dorsey place North and West of Albert, Oklahoma. She carries it with her when she travels away from home and has it near her most of the time.

My mother and father were Christians and we were raised in the Oney Southern Baptist Church at Albert, Oklahoma. In fact, we were all baptized together when I was about 14 years old. His friends at church remember Dad for his big broad smile, and his huge hugs. My parents, and my early life in the Oney Baptist Church have had a great impact on my life.

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