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Martha Rourk Jeffus (l) and
Hugh McClure Terry (r)

This is the editor's Great Great Grandfather Hugh McClure Terry taken from a 1915 post card. It indicates he is 83 years old at the time. He was born in the Panthersville community, near present day Atlanta in DeKalb County, Georgia on March 1, 1832. He is pictured with his second wife Martha Rourk Jeffus. He died in 1919 and is buried in an unmarked grave in the Minter cemetery in Lamar County, Texas

He served with in the 9th Arkansas Regiment Company "G" C.S.A. from Union County, Arkansas until the close of the war. Hugh McClure Terry  was wounded at the siege of Vicksburg and his brother John W. Terry was killed. According to a written account by his brother, George W. Terry, they walked home to El Dorado, Arkansas at the close of the war from Greensboro, North Carolina when Johnston's Army surrendered.

Hugh McClure Terry used the title "Rev." and noted he had been a Baptist minister since 1850 and served 4 years with Johnston's Army. He moved to the Milton, Texas community near Paris from Union County Arkansas about 1871.





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This is the back side of the postcard which was sent to me by my great aunt Agnes (Steel) Terry King a daughter-in-law of Hugh McClure Terry. I am pretty sure it is his handwriting and was given to Hugh McClure Terry Jr. by his father. There is a wealth of information on this cards 10 lines.

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