Dear Son as I am writing to.....I want to rite you to and let you no that I haven't forgot you yet and I want you to take my advice and not ride them old trains and if you don't you will get killed. You don't no the danger they are you would keep of of them. We would like to see you ofel. Well the boys talk about you all the. We sent your cloths to Washington and a letter but you diden rite whether you got them are not. Now Lonnie I want you to be honest and a good boy till we meet again and I hope that won't be long. Thir are lots of pretty girls out here. They have a time with Walter. Little spinle Walter has a time out here. He is as sportie as you please Lonnie. Be a good boy and keep off of trains and out of other trouble and you will be all rite. Now take my word and rite to me. Good by from your Mother and family so answer it son and let me here whether you got your clothes are not.


Vernie Terry was born Sept. 20, 1889

Roy Terry was born March 5, 1891

Maudie Terry was born Feb. 8, 1894

Flossie Terry was born Jan. 6, 1896

Cora Terry was born April 5, 1898

Lonnie Terry was born April 5, 1900

Walter Terry was born Feb. 10, 1901

Evert Terry was born Dec. 15, 1903

Claud Terry was born April 10, 1906

Victorine Terry was born April 19, 1909

All children were born in Huron, Lawrence Co., Indiana except Victorine. The family migrated from Lawrence Co., Indiana to Arkansas during 1906.

I found this letter in a small box in my Grandmother Eithel Dick Terry's attic shortly after her death in 1974. She was the wife of Lonnie Thomas Terry. Inside the box was this letter, a pair of baby shoes, a pair of old fashioned eye glasses and an old fashioned hair comb. I was able to make a photo copy of the letter written in pencil. I have no idea what became of the items as they were the property of my Dad.

Source: Ethiel Johnson   EJOHNSON32@COMCAST.NET from an email dated Wednesday, March 10, 2004