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Tennessee Marriages (Blount, Davidson, Henry, Knox, Monroe,
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Jackson County Tennessee Notes by Jay Terry.............. Page 122
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I thought it would be a little difficult to comply with Mike's request to author a Christmas message for the TFH especially since at the time of this writing it is September in Oklahoma. I wasn't very optimistic about discovering inspiration for the mood I would need. So, I concentrated instead along the line of defining what Mike's years' long work in geneaology translated into for me as a kind of "Outsider". Not surprising1y, I discovered that the center of Mike 's and countless others' genealogical work centered around the same focal point as the Christmas season -- family. Granted, it is quite a lengthy extension of the family nucleus, but nonetheless family. It is intriguing to me to pore over the intertwining details of the Terry families arid to relate them to our own little family, then conjure visions of those early ancestors as they would celebrate the Christmas season. I'll wager, all in all, it was not too much different than the spirit of how e ourselves, today's Terrys, go about preparing our homes, activities, and selves for the celebration. Regardless of how each of us chooses to spend our Christmas time, whether it's in the snowy climes of the Colorado Rockies or the windy warmth of Oklahoma; travelling for miles to gather with as much of our families as possible, or staying close to home; there is still the binding tie of thoughts of family and those friends so close to us that they, too, are family. And, in that thought of unity, I discovered not only the spirit of Christmas, but also the spirit of what our work in geneaology means -- the bonding of family. So, from the Mike Terrys to our extended family, we wish you a happy holiday season.


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Page 99



I finally received a copy of A Partial History of William Terry and his Descendants 1724-1981 by Lula Terry Elliott, 301 Pine Clayton NM 88415. Published in 1981 by Terry Printing Inc., 1653 5. Jackson, Janesville, WI

53545. The cost is $10.00 and it is 100 pages. It may be ordered from the publisher.

The book deals with the descendants of William Terry born about 1724 and died in 1803 in Botetourt County, Virginia. It is believed that he married twice and his second wife is noted to be Rachel Manson. His children were William Jr. of Black Run of Roanoke Virginia; Jasper and wife Ruth; John of Anderson Co. Tenn. and wife Esther Brown; Susannah wife of Thomas Brown; Miles husband of Hannah Horton, Marcy wife of Jonathan Harrison; Rachel wife of John Martin and Jemima wife of Ezekiel Boucher. There are included family sheets for William and Rachel Manson Terry, Miles and Nancy Baswell Terry, Rachel Terry and Thomas Sandage, Elias Terry and Eleanor Sandage which are some of the earlier Terry names mentioned. A majority of the book deals with the children of John and Esther Brown Terry who removed to Perry County Indiana ca 1815. It has numerous narratives by older members of the family, newspaper clippings, numerous pictures, maps, marriage and other types of records. A lot of work went into this volume on the Terry family descended from William. There is also a very nice newspaper clipping about Mrs. Elliott who is an accomplished artist. She kindly gave me permission to print portions of her book in the Terry Family Historian. I shall from time to time try and print more of it, particularly if we can get more documented marriages or other records from early Indiana Terry families.

The following is an excerpt from the book by Bertha (Terry) Beatty, 1980 a daughter of Francis Marion Terry. Page 30.

When I was asked to do a page for this book about the Terrys, I didn't know what to write. I'm sure that there are other contributors who know more of the "statistics" of this family--who married who--dates of births and deaths—-who were their children, and so forth. So, I will skip statistics for this reason, also, because I don't know very many.

I am the second youngest child of Francis Marion Terry, son of Elias Terry. My father had a family of fourteen children and I am the only survivor of that family. I am Bertha Terry Beatty. My husband, Franklin F. Beatty, and I have been married forty years and we live in Aurora, Ohio. We have no children. So, anything I can contribute that might be of interest would have to be memories of life as a Terry, in the early years of this century, on a hilly, 130 acre farm, in Southern Indiana.

My father, Francis Marion Terry, was a Civil War Veteran, Co. F., 26th Indiana Infantry Volunteers. He served two "hitches" from 1862 to l865. I have the originals of his discharge papers. The handwriting on these old papers is quite interesting and very different from what you see today. I also have copies of his "payroll" taken from the National Archives of Washington, D.C. These were given to me by Earl Lincoln of Los Gatos, California, who is a grandson (Mr. Lincoln traces his ancestry on his father's side back to Abe Lincoln).

Francis Marion Terry was a hunter-as all pioneer men were-for meat for the table. He killed one of the last of the original deer on our farm, early in this century. It was an eight point antlered buck. The horns hung on the living room wall until my brother died in 1964, then I gave them to the Historical Museum at Lincoln City, Indiana, along with my father's muzzle loading, cap and ball rifle, a gun of Civil War vintage.


Page 100

The farm in Perry County Indiana, was hilly and mostly poor ground but it was self-sustaining for our needs∑ Almost all our food came from the farm; meat, vegestables and fruits, preserved, canned and stored for winter use. Cornmeal and flour for bread came from the corn and wheat raised on the land. My father was ahead of his time in that his fruit trees were "grafted" or "budded" to produce more and better fruit from the same tree. I'm not sure how it was done, but it was evidently successful for we had an abundance, which was certainly shared with our neighbors. My father's grandchildren remember an old apple tree which produced several varieties, which they enjoyed during their visits to the farm.

The school and the church were educational, spiritual, and entertainment centers of the community and our lives were much affected by them. The Lily Dale Church of Christ is still a very active church of that community. It was formerly called The Blue Rim Church of Christ. My father's brother, Judge Emery Terry, was a preacher and he usually came once a year to hold a revival at our church. It was a big event for me, as a small girl, because Uncle Emery and Aunt Jane stayed part of the time at our house and I loved company and I especially loved them.

The school was a one-room school and I went there through the elementary grades. I also taught in a one—room school. Of.course, they are long since replaced by modern education methods and buildings. They were very cold in winter, heated by a single pot-belly stove and had out-door toilets and water to drink in a bucket from a community dipper. But, we surely learned the basics of education, reading, writing and arithmetic, and no one went on to high school who couldn't read or write, as I'm afraid sometimes happens today.

There were stories in the family handed down by word of mouth∑ I cannot vouch for the truth of any of them, but they are interesting tid-bits anyway. One was that two brothers (Terry) came to America from England as stowaways in the late 1600's or early 1700's. One brother stayed in the New England area (Connecticut, maybe), and the other migrated south to Virginia. The history of Thomas De-La-Hunt on southern Indiana lists the travels of the Terry family through the southern states and settling in southern Indiana prior to 1815. Another story was that there was an Indian wife somewhere along the line. (I was always sort of proud of that, I liked being part Indian.) Also, there was a Hugeunot inheritance which merely meant French Protestant. This story is rather gruesome; my father was supposed to have been one of a posse of eleven men, on horseback, with masked faces, who hanged a neighbor. This man was supposed to have killed his wife and hid her mutilated body in the well. I suppose the law officers were very few and far between in the backwoods of those days, so they took the law into their own hands. Truth or not, I do not know. I do remember there was always a "hush up" attitude when the house where it supposedly happened was mentioned.

Francis M. Terry was an honest, God-fearing, self-educated man. Since he was 63 years of age when I was born, I didn't get interested in his stories until he was too old to tell them, and for that I am sorry. There are three remaining grandsons to carry on the Terry name of his family: Lloyd Terry, Jr., Marshall Terry and Robert Terry, all of Perry County, Indiana.

There is one other item I can add to this story that maybe of interest as a coincidence of birth statistics. There were three families of Terrys, twenty-one children in all, who were born in the farm house where I lived the first eighteen years of my life. Francis M. Terry and Nancy Sands Terry, his first wife, had seven children, four daughters and three sons. Francis M. Terry and Mary Kilburn Terry,his second wife, had seven children, four daughters and three sons. In both families, three daughters and one son each survived infancy and grew to adulthood. Francis M. Terry's last son, Lloyd, and his wife,


Page 101

Lillian Lawalin Terry, also had seven children, four daughters and three sons. But the chain of coincidence stopped there for all seven of these children-the last ones born in that old farm house- are living today. The farm house and land was sold to the Government some years ago, and now there is a lovely small lake and park, a recreational area, where once lived a large family.

* * *



as of
September 24, 1982

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Mrs. Mary Tolle 33838 Clifton Dr., Sterling Heights, MI 48077.
Harold Walker Box 141, Green River, WY 82935.

In order to continue to add new Terry information I need the following contributions for the Terry Family Historian. Information before 1900 will be given priority.

Family sheets, Lineage charts, obituaries, marriage notices, newspaper clippings, military records, census information, wills, poems, cemetery listings, recipes, anything of interest to Terry families.

I try and publish on those counties in which I have the most information. In this way more connections can be made. If you can get lists of Terry surnames such as marriages, pensions, for whole counties or states these would be helpful in identifying Terry families.

If you do not have much on statistics but a colorful or interesting family story I would appreciate this also as I do tire of so much dates, dates, dates as I am sure that you all do. If you do not wish to duplicate what might already be contributed, please send me a list of what information you might have and I will let you know if it has already been contributed.

The response to the Terry Family Historian has been been very good. So good that I have exhausted my supply of Vol0 1, Nr. 1 and I fear that I did not order enough Vol. 1, Nr. 2 to meet the growing demand. If there is enough demand for these earlier volumes I will have them reprinted, but as of now I am not financially able to do so.


Page 102

Mrs. William A.Payne

11 June 1982


Mr. Jay Terry
222 Woodland Drive
Orem, Utah 84057

Dear Mr. Terry:

I received a postcard from Mike Terry telling me that you are working on the Win. TERRY-Nancy GOOCH line. I have found very little on my Thomas TERRY, but several others, including Mr. Woodford Terry (of Oak Ridge, Tn.-formerly of Cookville, Putnam Co.), believe that my Thomas is the son of Win. & Nancy.

I have been seriously collecting TERRY info for over 7 years and have not found another family into which he could "fit".

Last week my husband, Bill, and I were in E. Tenn. doing research. We took my 80 yr. old mother to see her birthplace in Va. & to two cemetaries to visit the graves of 3 of her grandparents.

I worked at the library at Bristol, Kingsport, Newport, Knoxville; the courthouses at Dandridge (Jefferson Co.), the 2nd oldest town in Tenn. & Newport (Cocke Co.); and the Archives in Nashville.

My Thomas TERRY married Malinda PRIDDY d/o Sgt. Richard PRIDDY, Patriot of Va. & Judith FORREST of Halifax Co., Va. They had several children & grandchildren who married TERRYs, and, so far I have found no relationship between any two of them.

To show how strange relationships can be the wife of my husband's business partner, Ann Terry FOX, whose father was born at Meridian, Miss., descends from Malinda TERRY's sister Celia PRIDDY who married Gideon TERRY. The women were sisters-we don't believe that the men were brothers. (Thomas named a son Gideon as did his son, Francis (my g-gf). We believe that the Gideon who was Thomas' brother was still living with his mother in Tenn.; while the other one appears in Miss. as Head of a Household in 1830.

I have a marriage date & place for Celia & Gideon, but not for my Thomas & Malinda. What I do have - records concerning Judy PRIDDY's Rev. Widow's Pension.

The first 5 or 6 marriage books are missing for Oktibbeha Co., Miss. & I am unable to prove the marriage of Sarah Ann (Sallie)

Page 103


LOCK(E) & Francis TERRY (my g-grandparents). Francis (Frank) bought land from the Federal Land Office, located at Dardanelle, for land located south of Ft. Smith near Indian Territory, in 1858. Mrs. Sarah TERRY sold the land in 1872. They never appear on the Censuses - until 1900 when Sarah is shown with a son, John, b ca 1870.

The courthouse at Greenwood (a small town south of Ft. Smith in the same co.) was burned once by Belle Starr & leveled by a tornado in 1969. The bottom portion of the Tax Book was burned- so no tax recs. An abstract office has told Bill that they have no record showing her relationship to Francis. I don't know when or where Francis TERRY died. I have death certificates of 3 of his sons & the info is not the same on any of them.

I did some research at Raleigh about 18 mounts ago & obtained copies of the Guardian's Bonds for Thomas & Gideon TERRY.

Since Bill and I are both envolved in genealogy, we have two microfilm readers and a fiche reader in our home. The librarian of our local LDS Branch Lib. gives me the old fiche when the new arrives from Salt Lake. (Excluding the CFI-that has to be returned to Salt Lake to be destroyed-I suppose that someone would that info for profit if it were generally available). The fiche covers the entire card catalogue of holdings at Salt Lake. I find the Surname & Locality files especially helpful. In some cases, I am able to find books in other libs. that are not available here.

Mike certainly did a beautiful issue for a beginner-that quality will be hard to keep up unless he has a lot of cooperation from others. I already had most of the info published, but getting it was costly & slow over a period of years. I have had the N.C. Mar. Bonds. on fiche for several years. In fact, before


Page 104


I catalogued all the Mar. Bonds. for Granville Co., N.C. two years ago (before the new book was published-I could have saved lots of time & money). Those bonds are on note Cards in eleven long metal filing drawers. I then arranged all of the N.C. TERRY's by counties and male & female in each county so that family research would be somewhat simplified. (I have the microfilm of both the male & female index here at home. I also have: Orange Co. Index to Wills 1756-1961, Vols. 1,2,3; Granville Co. Cross Index to Wills 1762—1928, Vols. 1,2; Cas— well Co. Cross Index to Wills 1777-1948, Vols. 1,2; Caswell Co. Guardian's Accounts 1794-1819, Vol.-; and several books of abstracts of county records.) The reason I have been so lengthy is that I wanted you to know that I am a serious researcher and not one of those persons who "bait" others for info. I am a great believer in sharing info., but, it should be a two-way street.

I have been a member of DAR for over 15 yrs. That is the one line I didn't have to trace-Mother did it for me-she has been a member for many years. I did our research for Huguenot Soc. ten generations fully documented. I am just about ready to start typing another Huguenot line of 14 generations-all on Mother's side. I recently completed another line of 10 generations for Daus. of Colonial Wars; and am working on Magna Carter. In April, I was in Washington for DAR, The Hereditary Desecedants of Loyalists & Patriots, New York Delegate to the Congress of The National Huguenot Society. I served on the Credentials Coin. & have been asked to do so again next year.

The TERRY Family is one to be proud of; as are the GOOCH & JONES Families. I have collected a little on those lines, just in case my Thomas descends from them. I find that I had better gather info-just in case-for sometimes I don't find it again.

I spent most of the month of Sep. 1981 in France with a group of 40 Huguenot Descs. from America on a Pilgrimage and World Congress. While there I found many THIRREYs, and other spellings. I do not know if any of the American TERRYs were Huguenots or not, but I believe that some of the English TERRYs resulted from the Norman Invasion. I will have to give that some study.

Please reply to my letter-giving me your lineage; and feel free to criticize my conclusions. I welcome corrections and additions. Perhaps we are both of Nancy & William

Another TERRY Cousin,


Madelyn Terry Payne



Page 105

Mrs. William A. Payne
5036 Crestwood Drive
Little Rock, Arkansas 72207

1. Madelyn Louise Terry b. Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR 25 Oct 1928; m. 29 Nov 1950 William Alva Payne b. 18 Jul 1922 Pine Bluff, AR.

2. William Everett Terry b. Etna, Franklin Co. AR 23 Jul 1895 d. Little Rock, AR 5 Jan 1965; m. Ft. Smith AR 20 Jun 1923 Mayme Louise Smith

b. Bristol, VA 20 Jul 1902, dau of Louis Edward Smith and Rosalie Annetta Moses.

4. William Thomas Terry b. Hackett City, AR 13 Mar 1859 d. Little Rock, AR
9 Nov 1936; m. 5 Sep 1894 Inez Viola Shropshire b. Roseville, AR 17 Jun
1873 d. Little Rock, AR 15 Aug 1955, dau of John Ambrose Shropshire and
Martha (Emma) McCauley.

8. Francis "Frank" Terry b. AL ca 1829 d. prob. Sebastian Co., AR af't 1880;
m. ca 1853 Sarah Ann (Sallie) Locke b. Greenville Dist. SC 15 Feb 1833
d. Roseville, Logan Co. AR 22 Oct 1914, dau of Dickerson Locke (Lock)
and Rebecca ______.

16. Thomas Terry b. TN ca 1810 d. prob. Sebastian Co. AR aft 1880; m. ca 1827—28 Malinda Priddy b. TN ca 1809 d. prob. Oktibba Co MS 1870-1880, dau of Richard Priddy.

Obituary William Thomas Terry: The Arkansas Gazette, Little Rock, Tuesday, November 10, 1936.

WILLIAM THOMAS TERRY, 77, of 909 Madison street, died at a hospital here at 9:30 Monday night. He was a retired merchant of Logan county, a member of the Baptist church for 56 years, and an honorary life member of National Lodge No. 411, Masons, of Ratcliff. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Inez Shropshire Terry; three sons, William E. and Thomas P. Terry of Little Rock, and E. D. Terry of Roseville; four daughters, the Misses Anna and Bess Terry and Mrs. Logan B. Young of Little Rock and Mrs. Lundy Hutcheson of Paris; 17 grandchildren, two of whom, Madeline Louise Terry and Terry D. Young, live in Little Rock, and eight great-grand children. Funeral services will be held at Carpenter cemetery near Paris at 4 p. m. Tuesday with the Rev T. E. Elliott in charge. Ceremonies at the grave will be by Masons, and burial will be by the Griffin-Leggett Funeral Home.

From: Arkansas Lives: The Opportunity Land Who's Who by John L. Ferguson, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. published by Historical Record Association, Inc., Hopkinsville, KY 1965.

William Everett Terry (deceased), mortgage banker, formerly of 5036 Crestwood Drive, Little Rock. He was born on July 23, 1895, at Etna, Franklin County, Arkansas, and was the son of William Thomas and Inez Viola (Shropshire) Terry. He was of Scottish and Irish heritage . Mr. Terry was educated at Ratcliff High School, Ratcliff Arkansas. On June 25, 1923, in the First Baptist Church in Fort Smith,. Arkansas, he was married to the former Mayme Louise Smith, who was born on July 20, 1902, in Bristol, Virginia. Mrs. Terry is the daughter of Louis Edward Smith of Canada and Rosalie (Moses) Smith of Virginia. Mr. and Mrs. Terry were the parents of a daughter, Madelyn Louise, who was born on October 25, 1928, in Little Rock, Arkansas. She is married to William Alva Payne and they have threee children: William Alva, III, who was born on November 11, 1951; Terry Lyn, who was born on October 10, 1955; and Mark David Payne, who was born on August 18, 1957. Mr. Terry signed his first contract to sell life insurance with the Equitable Life Assurance Society on November 11, 1916. He became


Page 106

Obit of William Everett Terry Cont.

Agency Supervisor of Aetna Life Insurance Company with Campbell and Hart Agency in l924 and remained in this position until 1926. Mr. Terry was the former general agent for Lincoln Life Insurance Company, partner in J. D. Arnold-Terry & Company, General Insurance and Mortgages. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Insuracne and Bank Stock Fund and was President of William E. Terry & Company, Inc., and General Manager of Underwriters Insurance Agency. Mr. Terry was a Past President of Arkansas Mortgage Bankers Association and had held every office in that organization. He was a member of the National Association of Mortgage Bankers of America and served as Chairman of the Farm Loan Committee, served on the FHA-GI Committee, Public Relations Committee and served on the Washington Committee. Mr. Terry was Associate Senior Executives Conference of Southern Methodist University School of Business Administration-Mortgage Bankers Association of America. He served as National Secretary of the National Association of Mutual Insurance Agents and was presented an honorary lifetime membership in this organization in October 1964. Mr. Terry was Past President of the Arkansas Association of Mutual Insurance Agents and had held every office in that organization. He had written articles in both the insurance and mortgage bankers publications on the national level and had been quoted in the United States Investor, The Wall Street Journal and the Arkansas Gazette. Mr. Terry was a member of the Riverdale Country Club; Top of the Rock Club; Little Rock Club; Civitan Club, and was honored at District Convention of Civitan in Hot Springs, Arkansas, in 1964 with presentation of a hand-painted portrait, for having been the leader in the Civitan project for retarded children in the five-state area comprising the Ozark District. He had worked on the Community Chest-United Fund Drive. His other memberships included National Lodge 411; Hugh de Payens Commandery No. 1 of the Knights Templar; Grand Lodge of Royal Arch Masons; Scimitar Shrine and Osiris Council; past President of the Youn Men's Christian Association Men's Club and raised funds for the building in 1926-27, and represented the Men's Club at three International Conventions . Mr. Terry was Chancellor Commander of Knights of Pythias; member of United Commercial Travelers; the United States Chamber of Commerce; Little Rock Chamber of Commerce; Apella Club of Little Rock; Admiral of the Flagship Fleet; charter member of original Sylvan Hills Country Club; Knife and Fork Club; and Executives Dinner Club. Politically, he usually voted Democratic. He was a member of the Second Baptist Church and was President of the Brooks Hays Bible Class in 1926. Mr. Terry died on January 5, 1965.

If you have copied census info on Terrys in any county, we need these. Need names, ages, birthdates, occupation, page no., household #, township.

Need Confederate or Union pension indexes for Terrys.

We need family sheets, lineage sheets for members.

Need wills, obituaries, cemetery listings, newspaper articles of Terry surnames.

Those individuals born before 1900 will be given priority.

Please let me know of any family reunions. Remember the eight week pre-publication lag time.


Page 107


TERRY, A.K.E. 22 to Lewis S. DeWITT 23 4 Sep 1892 by Elder J F Oneal MB E, 91
(Note by MTP: wid of J. Gid. TERRY, maiden name: Kate KERSEY)
TERRY, Celey Ann 20	John Lewis WILLIAMS 22 29 Mar 1874	by John King	MB B. 131
	     of Sarber (logan) Co.
"at the residence of Sarah TERRY in Franklin County."
(Note by MTP: her parents were Francis M. & Sarah Ann LOCK(E) TERRY.
WILLIAMS, Celey 18 to William B. SCHULTZ 24 23 Dec 1879 by W.M Stephens, JP MB B. 474
(Note by MTP: see how my father's Aunt Celey lied about her age on one of these.)
TERRY, J. H. 21 to Catharine CARPENTER 19	23 Sep 1885	by Rev R F Moore MB C, 262
TERRY, John H. 34 to Lou SHELTON 32	16 Oct 1904	by P C Mays, MG	MB G, 340
of Meg, Franklin Co. Webb City, Franklin Co.
TERRY, Mary Lou 20 to John HARRIS 39	31 Mar 1903	Thy E M Roach,	MB C, 176
Hot Springs, Garland Co., Ark. Poteau, Indian Ter.	Minister
TERRY, Mollie 41	to David LOGUE 54	25 Feb 1900	by C M Gammill, JP MB F, 267
Etna, Franklin Co. Sub Rosa, Franklin Co.
(Note by MTP: maiden name was PIPPINS, wid of Francis M. TERRY S/0 Francis & Sarah)
TERRY, Nancy J. 21 to R. TRAVIS 24	9 Aug 1893	by Elder M A Pillers
Alston, Franklin Co. Alma, Crawford Co.			MB E, 170
TERRY, Wallace 21 to Imogene SIMPSON 18	31 Mar 1918 by J H Sturdy, MG MB J, 95
Meg, Franklin Co. Ratcliff, Logan Co.
(Note by MTP: s/o Lee D. TERRY & Lydia E. "Aunt Cat" CRUSE of Charleston, Franklin Co.
Lee was another s/o Francis M. & Sarah LOCKE)
TERRY, Lee D. 24  to L. E. CRUSE 18	 1 Nov 1888	by F J Mantooth, MB D, 170
Both of Webb City, Franklin Co. ń see above	Minister
TERRY, William T. 32 to Mary C. CULVER 23	3 Oct 1891	by A S Jackson, MG MB E, 20
of Etna, Franklin Co., Ark. (Note by MTP: s/o Francis M. TERRY S Sarah LOCK(E))
Compiled by Madelyn Terry Payne, 5036 Crestwood Dr., Little Rock, Ark. 72207


Page 108


TERRY, E D 24	to Annie F PRUITT 16	12 Aug 1906 by J J Stewart, JP MB G, 362
Both of Roseville, Logan County, Ark.
(Note by MTP:	s/o W T TERRY & Nora ADAMS; d/o Jeff & Nollie PRUITT)
TERRY, F N 35	to N P BAILEY 38	5 Nov 1896 by W D Hull, MG MB D & E,547
(Francis N. "Bud", s/o Francis M. & Sarah A. CLOCK) TERRY; Mollie PIPPINS, BAILEY-wid,
m3 LOGUE, Est of Mollie LOGUE Probate Bk C, pp 58-60, 20 Apr 1933.)
TERREY, L or S B	to Miss Nannie FIELDS	N B "C" 1884-90
(Note by MTP: Poor quality film-unable to locate, yet)
TERRY, Ora 18	to W MGATTIS 27	11 Jan 1906 by J N Stewart, JP MB G, .303
(d/o W T TERRY & Nora ADAMS; s/o T J "Taylor" GATTIS & Rebecca CROSSNO)
Both of Roseville, Logan County, Ark. Bur: Kersey Cem., Logan Co.
TERRY, W T 35	to I V SHROPSHIRE 21	5 Sep 1894 by J W Truelove,MG MB D, 174
(Note by MTP:	my gf & gm; m home of John Ambrose SHROPSHIRE her f.
W T s/o Francis M. TERRY & Sarah Ann LOCK(E).
TERRY, Mrs. S F 32 to L B ADAMS 33	31 May 1899 by J M Pennington, MG E, 397
The above marriages were copied by me, Madelyn Terry Payne, 5036 Crestwood
Drive, Little Rock, Ark. 72207; 13 August 1982. Further records will
haved to be obtained at the courthouses at Paris & Booneville.


Page 109


TERRY,  Andrew 23	to Maggie McCANNON 17        	 3 Dec 1899 Marriage Bk 27, p 95
TERRY,	Annie R 22	to Silas T. FEILD 23         	 8 May 1878 	3, p 142
TERRY,	B E 35	        to Hattie A CARLAND 26      	 6 Sep 1878 	3,339
TERRY,	Bruce E 28	to Hattie A CARLIN 24	   	14 Sep 1876	1,328
TERRY,	Emma 26		to Coleman HANEY 26         	 3 Feb 1884	8, 169
TERRY,	Francis A	to Susan A HICKS 18        	12 Apr 1853	1, 104
TERRY,	George 30	to Tennessee MULHOLLEN 25  	23 Dec 1886	11, 108
TERRY,	George W 47 	to Jennie 0 FEEMSTER 45      	 9 Feb 1888	12, 358
TERRY,	Hannah 25 Mrs.	to William WATSON 25             6 Dec 1879	4, 186
TERRY,	J M 40		to Mrs. M F ROBINSON 35    	26 Sep 1877	2, 433
TERRY,	J P 24		to Miss M A TATE 23         	 8 Dec 1878	3, 314
TERRY,	J W 36		to Sallie E CARTRELL       	16 Aug 1888 	13,112
TERRY,	James R 43	to Sallie E THOMPSON 30	   	15 Dec 1878	 3,   332
TERRY,	Jennie	19	to William MCAWAY 21 	   	13 Mar 1895	20,   619
TERRY,	Jerry	38	to Mrs. Mariah BATTLE 32   	11 Jan 1896	21,   603
TERRY,	John W	28	to Elizabeth A HONEA 19	   	11 Jan 1871	3,    214
TERRY,	Liddie	18	to John JONES 25           	25 Dec 1897	24,   316


Page 110


TERRY, Lindsey 21	to Martha WHITE 19      	 4 Apr  1896 	Marriage Bk 22, 160
TERRY,	Mary 19		to George W WILSON 27   	 7 Nov	1878  		     3, 285
TERRY,	Mary 18		to Robert MANN 22		25 Mar	1893                18, 521
TERRY,	Mrs. Minnie 24 	to Perry MOORE 23 		21 Nov 	1880 	             5,  68
TERRY,	Phillip 36	to Eliza WATKINS 25   		 1 Mar	1885	             9, 182
TERRY,	Sally A 18	to Robert A LITTLE 22     	 8 Dec	1859                 1, 347
TERRY,	Mrs. Sue A 50  	to William C TERRY 53    	 7 Mar 	1887  	            11, 276
TERRY,	Tilford 29	to Julia BROOM 29		 1 Dec	1879	            24, 224
TERRY,	Walter J 29	to Kate C WARE 17		28 Oct	1891	            16, 587
TERRY,	Walter L 21	to Eva PATE 18			 9 Nov	1898                25, 403
Page 111


TERRY, 	Elizabeth	to Berryman McDANIEL	 	 2 Aug  1846	Mar Rec A, p 102
	by Joab B Prall, MG					
TIRY, 	Elizabeth	to Jefferson SALLYERS		13 Sep  1852	Mar Rec B, p 42
	by C M Chattin, JP							
TERRY, 	James 20	to Sarah JAMES 18		15 Aug  1850	Mar Rec B, p 5
	by Stephen Channault, JP 						
TERRY, 	James 21	to Eliz. WALLIS 22		28 Nov  1850	Mar Rec B, p 9
	by Matthew Brewer, JP						
TERRY, 	John		to Menerva JAMES 		23 Mar 1848	Mar Rec A, p 132
	by J M Taylor, JP
TERRY, 	Mary 16 	to Benjamin McDANIEL 		20 Aug 1848	Mar Rec A, p 135
	by John W Shappich, JP
	Consent of parents						
TERRY, 	Matilda		to James WARWICK		 4 June 1840	Mar Rec A, p 30
	by Jos Scott, JP							
TERRY, 	Tilford		to Louisa ERWIN			 4 Dec 1841 	Mar Rec A, p 45
	by F B Ramsey, JP
TERRY, 	Tilford 41 	to Lucinda ASHBY 33 		25 Oct 1860	Mar Rec B, p 235
       	of Saline Co.       of Clayburn Parish, La.
	by Joseph Scott, JP 							
TERRY, 	Unity		to Henry JAMES			20 Mar 1839	Mar Rec A, p 14
	by V E Brazil, JP							
TERRY, William 19 	to Nancy CAMERON 16 		12 May 1853	Mar Rec B, p 54
	by Joseph Scott, JP 							
Note:	The above records were copied by me, Madelyn Terry Payne, S036 Crestwood Drive,
Little Rock, Ark. 72207, from the original books located at the Saline Co. Courthouse,
Benton, Arkansas. The info below was copied the same day at the Saline Co. Pub. Lib. at
1860	MORTALITY SCHEDULE OF ARK, Glazer & McLane 1974: p 96. TERRY, Louisa A., 38 F Mar
b SC d Sep Pnew 1 da Saline Co.


Page 112


TERRY, 	Ambrose A. 22 	to Rosa DEAN 16 	 	 9 Oct 1887 		 C, 455
	by W J Simmons, Elder in M P Church					 
TERRY,	A. B. 22	to Alice STEPHENS 		21 Oct 1885	 	 C, 105
	Washington Co.	   Sebastian Co.
TERRY,  Chas. A. 25 	to Pauline EARLS 		24 Dec 1938    		15, 125
	Both of Ft. Smith, Sebastian Co., Ark.	
	by WmP Murray Sp, St Johns Ch-Ft. Smith
TERRY,	Claude H. 21 	to Mae STANDRIDGE 		15 Dec 1939  		16,535
	Both of Ft. Smith, Sebastian Co., Ark.		
	by Floyd C. Villines, Van Buren
TERRY,	David M. 23 	to Cora E. WHITLOCK 18 	 	6 Oct 1900 		 G,234
	Both of Spiro, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory
	by David Baker, JP 
TERRY,	Duncan Lafayette 41 to Ina ADAMS 18 		15 Sep 1896	 	 F,170
	Both of Oak Lodge, Indian Territory, Skullyville Twp., Indian Territory.
TERRY,	Elmer		to Goldie CARSON 17 		28 Jul 1923 		 U,385
	Her father gave consent over the phone.
	by C A Lasater
TERRY,	Eugene L. 43 	to Alice B. TERRY 33 	 	 1 Apr 1931 		15,387
	Both of Ft. Smith
	by J Person
TERRY,	Euel Atmer 27 	to Kathleen DICKSON 		10 Feb 1928 		 1,356
	by Rev E H Hook
TERRY,	E. A. 32	to Laura RIGGS 22		 3 Jul 1933 		 7,99
	Both of Ft. Smith					
	by James Gallaher Municipal Judge
TERRY,	E. L. 20	to Marguerite MOORE 19 		25 Jul 1916 		 0,324
	Both of Ft. Smith
	by P C Froher, JP
TERRY,	Fred 23		to Dovie PRESLEY 23		12 Sep 1931	  	 5,329
	by W Matthews


Page 113


TERRY, 	George 30 	to Minnie DOUGLAS 20 		13 Apr 1875  		 B,179
	by R B Rutherford, JP
TERRY,	Harry J(T)27 	to Catherine R. DeMERCE 	29 Mar 1909 		 K,200
	Eureka Springs, Carrol Co. Texarkana, Miller Co., Ark.
	by E B Bagby
TERRY,	Hayden 20 	to Temsey GRABLE 19	  	 7 Apr 1909 		 K,211
	Both of Ft. Smith
	by C A Lester
TERRY,	Jack	 	Sorry, I missed this one.				18,105
TERRY,	Jas L 19	to Irene SMITH 18	 	 9 Feb 1935 		 9,187
	Both of Ft. Smith
	by P G Crowder, Mg
TERRY,	Jeff 21		to Viola JETTON 19       	 8 May 1927 		 Z,401
	Both of Stigler, Haskell Co., Okla.
	by S A Lynch, Co. Judge
TERRY,	John L. 58 	to Elsie BURNETT 22      	 4 Mar 1928  		 1,395
	Both of Ft. Smith
	by Rev P. Gray
TERRY,	Louis 27 	to Sarah McCULLAR 16 		21 Jul 1907 		 J,149
	Both of Oak Lodge, Choctau Nation, Indian Territory
	by John Danner, JP
TERRY, 	Louis 22 	to Mrs. Susie KING 28 		14 Dec 1917 		 P,168
	by T P Yadon, JP
	Marvin R 25 	to Grace WADE 19		29 Jul 1922      	 T, 83
	Rison, Cleveland Co. Russellville, Pope Co., Ark.
TERRY,	Milo B 39	to Mrs. Anna HOUSE 39 		 3 Aug 1921      	 R,602
	Hoxie, Lawrence Co., Ark. Okema, Okla.
TERRY,	Oscar 21	to Lola GREEN 17		11 Jan 1928 		 1,302
	Both of Ft. Smith
	by W M Matthews
Page 114


TERRY, 	Sam 33		to Gracie Mae FREDERICK		21 Dec 1931 	`    	12,19
	Tulsa, Tulsa Co., Okla. Muscogee, Okla.
        by J. Person
TERRY,	L M 52		to Audry GRAY 24		 6 Nov 1937 		16,416
	Otha, Muskcogee, Okla Stigler, Haskell Co., Okla.
        by J. Person
TERRY,	U M 22		to Eva S. MARTIN		20 Dec 1893         	 E,297
	Both of Sebastian County, Ark.
	by M P Vance, JP
TERRY,	Wm C 39		to Mrs. Nannie HOOPER		9 Nov 1907 	 	 J,374
	Tyler, Smith Co., Tx. S. McAlister, Pittsburg Co., Okla.
	by Don Edmondson
TERRY,	Wm E. 27 	to Mayme Louise SMITH 20 	25 Jun 1923  		 U,319
	Both of Ft. Smith.
	by B V Ferguson, MG 
	(Note MTP: These are my parents-mother still living, 80 yrs old. Wm E TERRY
	was s/o Inez SHROPSHIRE & Wm Thomas TERRY s/o Francis M. & Sarah LOCK(E) TERRY.)
I, Madelyn Terry Payne, 5036 Crestwood Drive, Little Rock, Ark. 72207;
spent Friday, 10 Sep 1982 at the Sebastian Co. Courthouse, Ft. Smith,
Arkansas researching the above marriages. Please forgive me for any
errors and ommissions, for I had no help with the large books which
were dangerously far over my head even with a ladder, until about an
hour before closing time, when Bill (my husband) did some climbing
and lifting for me. Thanks to Bill, this work is fairly complete.
I was also able to obtain many of the marriages through the 1940's,
which I will type for the future if the need arises.
Page 115

From Carol E. Dickenson, 9499 Brayton Drive #33, Anchorage, AK 99507 Samuel Terry, son of Joshua Terry, b. Liverpool, NY?? 10 Mar 1830 d.. Tuscola Co. MI 1896; m. at Home of Elisha Gibbs Detroit, MI 11 Apr 1859 Austa Al1en, dau of King and Sarah Madison Wright Allen, b. Lockport, NY 6 Jan 1840
d. Detroit, MI at home of Son Reed 4 Apr 1923.

(Note: They also raised Frank and Ida Briggs--no info on them. Samuel Terry was a resident of Wisoner at the time of his marriage. Austa Allen Terry and Samuel Terry are buried in Hickory Island Cemetery, Tuscola Co., MI.)

Panel Terry b. Mar 1860 d. Apr 1914; m. Samuel Bell d. 1911. Elias Samuel (Boy) Terry b. Jul 1862 d. Jul 1931 Caro, MI; m. Mary Lydelia Heath b. Sep 1862 Fairgrove, MIT d. Sep 1916.

Reed Alvin or Allen Terry b. Nov 1865 d. Jul 1941; m. Mary "Mamie" Honeywell.

Harriet "Hattie" Terry b. Sep 1867 d. Feb 1943;m. Porter Phelps and Mr. McDonald.

Arni C. Terry b. Oct 1869 d. Dec 1932; m. Agnes Kinyon.

Sarah "Sadie" Francis b. Apr 1872 d. Dec 1928; m. John Norton.

Research Extracts by Carol E. Dickinson:

From Pioneer Collections —— Report of the Pioneer Society of the State of Michigan Together with Reports of County, Town and District Pioneer Societies W. S. George & Co. State Printers & Binders Vol. 8, pg. 233 titled Personal Reminiscences by Ephraim S. Williams of Flint (MI).

"When I first went to Sagina we were a part of the town of Pontiac, where we had to go to vote and transact our town business. The first white child born in Saginaw was my daughter Julia...born September 9, 1833....When I was a postmaster at Saginaw the mail was first carried by Joshua Terry in a valise, most of the time on his back; it used to come to Flint in mud wagons, and often through the Grand Blanc woods the passengers would get out and with rails pry the stage wagon out of the mud, rarely arriving at Flint before 10 or 12 P.M., and often we had to sit up all night for it, to distribute and make up the mails for Saginaw to leave early in the morning...."

From the above Vol. 22, pg. 453 titled "Letter from Governor Vinton to C. W. Grant: ". . .Governor Vinton and Stephen Benson left Avon, Livingston County, N.Y., Jan. 3, 1830, and after walking most of the way through Canada, arrived at Detroit, Jan. 11. Spent a few days at Pontiac and then continued their journey through to Saginaw. At Flint, Capt. Joshua Terry joined their party. He was a collector of taxes for the township of Pontiac and was going to Saginaw on that business. They were one day in making the journey from Flint to Pine Run a distance of fourteen miles, but the following day completed the distance to Saginaw, twenty six miles further. Governor Vinton selected the land where Ben McClelland now lives and went to Detroit to enter it. At this time there were no settlers between Flint and Saginaw...."

From the above Vol. 22, pg. 406 titled Settlement of Oakland County. "In 1820 and 1821 the tide (of settlers) increased. Such well known settlers as Judah Church, Abner Davis, Alex. Galloway, Joshua Terry, Judge Steven Reeves, Capt. Hervey Parke, Enoch Hotchkiss, and Rufus Clark, came to Pontiac and its vicinity. . . . "

From Vol. 1, pg. 20, titled First Social Reunion: "In the letter from ThomasA. Drake of Pontiac, and remarks by Edwin Jerome, are graphically portrayed some of the perilous incidents of pioneer life. These, with a sketch of the life of "Uncle Harvey Williams" read by Hon. C.D. Little of Saginaw, we give nearly entire. Mr.. Drake's letter is as follows:

Page 116




21 May    1884    TERRY, CHARLEY            JOHNSON, ELIZABETH MRS.
13 May    1882    TERRY, CRESY              GABRIEL, ANTOINE
09 Sep    1898    TERRY, MARTHA             SCOTT, GILBERT
17 Jun    1885    TERRY, NELSON             CARTER, LIDDY
02 Jun    1884    TERRY, RACHEL             JOHNSON, HARVEY
12 Jan    1899    TERRY, STEPHEN            AUSTIN, CECILIA


20 Mar    1895    TERRY, JAMES Z.           FISHER, ROWENA


01 Jan 1887       TERRY, EMMA               YOUNG, G. H. JR.
06 Apr 1885       TERRY, G. PRICE           WRITE, MAMIE E.
28 Oct 1882       TERRY, M E                MADING, J. H.
07 Jan 1875       TERRY, SUE W. V.          LARKIN, WM BIRD
31 Dec 1880       TERRY, WILLIAM            PHILLIPS, CALLIE


18 Sep 1882       TERRY, ANGELINE           ARMSTRONG, ED


24 Dec    1884    TERRY, C. J. MISS         HODGES, A. G.
08 Feb    1894    TERRY, CORINE             MOPHETT, WILLIAM R.
20 Dec    1883    TERRY, H. H.              MCMILLAN, SARAH
29 Jan    1891    TERRY, W. S.              SCARBOROUGH, NANCY


18 Feb    1892    TERRY, BEN                HENDERSON, SUSAN
18 Nov    1886    TERRY, LUCINDA            WILLIAMS, ARCHIE
26 Jun    1884    TERRY, PARThENIA          MOORE, SANDY


11 Oct 1876    TERRY, DAN                      JONES, AGNES
21 Dec 1874    TERRY, E. A.                    CHILDBEDS, H. IRENE


13 Apr 1876    TERRY, MARY C.           HAMILTON, EDWARD
05 Jul 1832    TERRY, SALLY             DOWNS, AMBROSE D.
18 Mar 1868    TERRY, WILLIAM A         SUTTON,AMELIA S.


04 Oct 1827    TERRY, ELIAS L.            SINGLETREE, ELISHA


12 Dec 1895     TERRY, JOHN H.            WILLIAMS, MARTHA


29 Jun 1899     TERRY, SALLIE                 JOHNSON, PASCAL

Page 117


17 Aug 1899     TERRY, HENRY                  ANDERSON, DOLLY
15 May 1888     TERRY, HENRY                  HILL, CHRISTIANA


13 Feb 1912     TERRY, JACK                   FARWELL, ANNA
10 Jan 1916     TERRY, MARY                   APLIN, A. H.


18 Aug 1902 TERRY, DAISY                      KING, W. J.


16 Dec 1896    TERRY, DORA                    JAMES, WYLEY
18 Apr 1894    TERRY, PHIL                    SMITH, IRENE
26 Jul 1887    TERRY, ROBERT                  SMITH, RENA


12 May 1877 TERRY, BUCK                       BOYD, JENNIE


26 Dec 1870    TERRY, AMANDA                  BLACK, JIM
04 Mar 1816    TERRY, DIANA                   DEHART, JAMES
01 Oct 1885    TERRY, FANNIE                  WILSON, MOSE
20 Jan 1873    TERRY, IRA COLE                COPLEY, GEORGIA BENNEDETTE


20 Oct 1878    TERRY, LISSIE                  MCCOY, J. A.
07 Mar 1889    TERRY, M. J. MISS              ADOCK, G. W.
16 May 1877    TERRY, T. H.                   LOVE, MINNIE L.
07 Apr 1886    TERRY, T. H.                   STEELE, MARY H.


10 Jan 1891     TERRY, OLIVIA                 BANKS, VALSIN


05 Apr 1869 TERRY, I. W.            MCCLENDON, J. C.
18 Mar 1871 TERRY, JOSEPH          CRIER, MARY ANN
25 Apr 1855 TERRY, LAURA S.        RILEY, ARCHIBALD H.
12 Oct 1865 TERRY, H. A. EUGENIA   TULL, J. H.




26 May 1812     TERRY, JAMES         COLE, POLLY


02 Dec 1865     TERRY, JAMES M.    R     ODRIGUES, JOSEPHINE


17 Nov 1891     TERRY, PAYTON            MARTIN, DELTA

Page 118


27 Sep 1852     TERRY, JOHN 0.      COLLINS, MARY JANE MRS.


       1880    TERRY, THOMAS M.      TUCKER ELLA F.


31 Oct 1894    TERRY, BEN                  HENDERSON, RACHEL
28 Dec 1866    TERRY, EDWARD               COOPER, CELIA
27 Feb 1881    TERRY, ELI                  YOUNG, MELISSA
18 Nov 1886    TERRY, LOWENIA              WALKER, STEPHEN
04 Jun 1896    TERRY, P.                   DICKSON, ESSIE
25 Apr 1855    TERRY, RUPEL                GUTHRIE, ALRINE
26 Apr 1855    TERRY, RUSSEL               GUTHRIE, OLIVIA
04 May 1872    TERRY, SARAH                BATES, SANDY
04 Jun 1883    TERRY, SILAS                RUSSELL, DELPHI ANN
28 Aug 1879    TERRY, SUSIE B.             HOOKER, JOHN


01 Apr 1893 TERRY, ROBERT                  JACKSON, FRANCES


30 Dec 1891    TERRY, JOE         BREWSTER, LOUISA
11 Aug 1842    TERRY, NANCY         REPPOND, VINSON
29 Dec 1881    TERRY, NELLIE         CROSSBY, SOLOMON
22 Dec 1873    TERRY, ROSA L.         LEE, JOHN A.
28 Dec 1869    TERRY, TOMETIA         SELLERS, RILEY N.


21 May 1913     TERRY, GERTRUDE         JOKES HUNTER


15 Sep 1880     TERRY, SARAH E.         HILL, WILLIS J.


03 Jan 1880    TERRY, AARON         NELSON, ELLA
15 Jan 1874    TERRY, ADELINE         GROVER, NED
20 Jan 1819    TERRY, HARRIETT         SHAW, WELCOMB
03 Jan 1894    TERRY, MELINDA         SMITh, MAJOR
31 Jan 1818    TERRY, NANCEY         ROBERSON, WILLIAM
04 Nov 1899    TERRY, SAM        BELL, MARTHA ANN

Page 119


(Note: I should cite the same references as for Kentucky Marriages, however,Mrs. William S. Morris 2580 Utah St., Napa, CA 94558 sent a copy of marriages for Davidson Co. TN and of course the Jackson Co. TN information from Jay Terry 224 Woodland Dr., Orem, UT 8405?.)


03 Oct 1797 TERRY, SAMUEL              HAIL, SARAH


31 Oct 1842    TERRY, JAMES            ABERNATHY, MARGARET
11 Jul 1829    TERRY, JANE             SHAW, GEO.
25 Jan 1847    TERRY, MARY C.          SYMOND, HENRY
16 Mar 1836    TERRY, NATHANIEL G.    HAYS, ANN
12 Jan 1843    TERRY, OLIVER D.       ALFORD, ELIZA ANN
05 Feb 1838    TERRY, NANCY            GRAY, JOHN C.


30 Nov 1843     TERRY, MARY A.         EDWARDS, IRA T
29 Jun 1839     TERRY, NANCY           GOOLSBY, ELVIN A.


21 Feb 1803    TERRY, AGNES            STEEL, JOHN
22 Feb 1899    TERRY, EFFIE         PRITCHARD, ROY A.
31 Mar 1797    TERRY, JESSE         MCNAIRE, HANNAH
01 Jan 1890    TERRY, JESSE M         BROGUE COROLLA C.
03 Dec 1800    TERRY, JOHN        GRAIN, ELIZABETH
22 Jul 1893    TERRY, MARY         CARTER, WA.
30 Nov 1881    TERRY, MARY        ERVIN, GEORGE
21 Feb 1899    TERRY, MINNIE         TURNER, JOEL L.
26 Oct 1899    TERRY, ROSA ELLEN    CLARK, LEE
07 Dec 1801    TERRY, SALLY         CRAWFORD, WILLIAM
28 Jan 1869    TERRY, SARAH        BYRD, HENRY
31 Mar 1797    TERRY, TIP        MCNAIN, HANNAH
20 Feb 1868    TERRY, WILEY C.         MASTERSON,LOUISA
14 Dec 1899    TERRY, WM C         MCCROSKEY, NINA VIOLA
24 Dec 1896    TERRY, WM I         COURTNY, MINNIE A


15 Oct 1848     TERRY, ABNER S.         HARRIS, LOUISA


22 Jun 1813     TERRY, STEPHEN         MOORE, DEMARIUS


29 Sep 1844     TERRY, SUSAN         PHILLIPS, ISAAC R.




Page 120


09 Dec 1817 TERRY, CHAMPIAN                  PITT, NANCY


16 Dec 1824 TERRY, ELENER                    RUSSELL, ROBERT
09 Mar 1825 TERRY, LUCINDA                   HINKLE, BENJAMIN


31 Dec 1829 TERRY, ROBERT                    PATE, ELIZABETH N.


01 Jun 1815 TERRY, ELIZABETH                 MARLOW, GEORGE
29 Jan 1812 TERRY, WILLIAM                   MARTON, BETSEY


Notes by Leonardo Andrea Page 9. Albert George TERRY b. 30 Dec 1840 d. 18 Dec 1904 from his tombstone at Popular Springs Church near Woodruff, SC.

A. G. TERRY resided in Tennessee and in Mississippi where he was born, his parents having removed to Mississippi some time before the War Between the States...A. G. TERRY enlisted as a young man in the Army of the CSA. He was wounded and enroute home to Mississippi, he stopped over in SC to visit with relatives. Here he married Martha Lou Landford. He then resided in SC and they had three children: Miss Flossie TERRY who died single, John Andrew TERRY m. Laura Bridwell, Martin Terry m. ??. This TERRY family came from England. Mr. Horace Terry (who supplied information) has (in 1945) a razor hone which his great grandfather Terry brought over from England.

Notes by Leonardo Andrea, Page 9. Clement TERRY b. ca 1776 with Joseph TERRY was on a jury in Blount Co. TN in 1801 but by 1840 had moved to McNairy Co. TN where also lived, Francis TERRY, William TERRY & Wiley TERRY. Wiley Blount TERRY by 1850 showed up in Tippah Co. MS and aged 74. In same County in 1840 was Samuel TERRY 20-30 & a Samuel TERRY died in 1849 leaving five small Chilren. G. & H. issue of November, 1947.

Note by Leonardo Andrea, Page 9. Capt. Samuel TERRY Died about June 1821 in

Bledsoe Co. TN & was the county clerk...His office was taken over by Thomas

Scott TERRY...In 1830 Roane Co. TN census were Samuel and Jesse TERRY.

TENN. GENEALOGICAL RECORDS FROM STATE AND COUNTY ARCHIVES--Edythe Rucker Whitley. Pub. Genealogical Pub. Co. 1981 Copyright 1980. Lib. of Congress card #79-67871. Page 185 James R. TERRY -- On Petition of Bedford Co., 1822 Box 34 of Legislative papers filed in the Tennessee State Archives. Petition of William Galbreath, 1822. He purchased in Shelbyville a lot together with a wood (?) carding machine for which he paid the sum of $2500.00. The said machine is on the north side of Duck River in the Town of Shelbyville, etc., etc. He seeks a permit to build a dam across Duck River. Dated 22 Sep 1825 Signed by (then list of names including James R. TERRY.)

Page 121


The following census of 1850 Jackson Co. TN was given to me with notes by Jay Terry 224 Woodland Dr., Orem UT 84057. I also mixed it with census data from Byron Sistler & Associates 1712 Natchez Trace, Nashville, TN 37212. The initials J.T. indicates notations of Jay Terry.

270/480/480 Calvin Terry 25 TN, Harriet (Dowell) 25 TN. Calvin Terry is a son of Francis "Frank" Terry of Jackson Co. AL. He is listed with the wrong wife. He m. his 1st cousin Malinda Terry and they removed to Smith Co. TX and are bur. there with tombstones, dates, etc. I have pictures. JT

270/478/478 Carr Terry 50 NC, Sally (Sarah) 48 NC, Nancy 18 TN, Rowland(D)
16 TN, William Jasper 14 TN, Sarah 12 TN. Carr Terry is the son of William and Nancy (Gooch) Terry. Win. d 1809 Caswell Co., NC. Sally "Sarah" is the
dau of James and Mary (Gooch) Terry. A family group sheet is attached.
Woodford Terry of Oak Ridge, TN has the most complete info on this family. JT

270/483/483 Curtis Terry 47 NC, Elizabeth 45 NC, James (Basil) 19 TN, Jesse
16 TN, Louisa 13 TN, John (Claiborne) 11 TN, Elizabeth 8 TN, William 4 TN,
Sally HENDERSON 10, Winny TRUET 77. Curtis Terry is the son of James and
Mary Gooch Terry. Elizabeth's maiden name is Kirkendall. Line of Woodford
Terry of Oak Ridge TN. JT

/232/232 Eddin Terry 57 NC, Ary T (Tucker) 45 NC, John 19 TN, Washington 17 TN, Elizabeth 16 TN, Surena 13 TN, William 12 TN, Bird 9 TN, Taylor
8 TN, Uriah 7 TN, Price W. 5 TN, Rowland D. 9/12 TN. Eddin Terry was listed as blind. He also had a dau Vernice and a son Jasper. Commonly referred to as the "Roaring River" Terrys. JT

270/486/486 James (G) Terry 38 TN, Martha (Welch) 40 NC, John 18 TN, Mary 16, TN, James 14 TN, Lucy 12 TN, Saly 10 TN, Frances 8 TN, Nancy 6 TN, William 2 TN. James G. Terry is the son of James and Mary Gooch Terry. JT

/235/235 James Terry 33 TN, Polly 28 TN, William 7, Watson C. 5, Martha J.
4. Son of John Terry and Sally #234 below. JT Also listed was Edmond BROWN 18.

270/479/479 James (Washington) Terry 30 TN, Malinda (Terry) 25 TN. James
Washington Terry md Harriett Dowell . They have her with the wrong husband.

See 480 above. James and wife Harriett bur. in the Smyrna Church cem in
Jackson Co. TN. I have seen the tombstones and copied the info. This is
straightened out on the 1860 census. JT

271/494/494 John Terry 34 TN, Frances (Americus Dowell) 32 TN, William 16 TN, Martha 14 TN, Sally 12 TN, Curtus 10 TN, John (Dowell) 7 TN, Harriett 4 TN, Whitley l TN. John Terry is the son of James and Mary Gooch Terry. JT

/234/234 John Terry 59 NC, Sally 55 TN, Elizabeth 27 TN, Sarry 25 TN, Nancy 23 TN, They had another dau Rebecca m. a Webb. John Terry d. 1859. Also known as the "Roaring River" Terrys . JT

265/417/417 Joseph Terry 56 NC, Elizabeth 48 NC, Mary (Ann) 16 TN, Sarah (D)

14 TN, James (A) 10 TN, William (Carr) 8 TN, Nancy 65 " Should be NC and enumerator used " marks. JT Joseph is the son of James Terry and Mary Gooch Terry - A War of 1812 wid. pension exists for him, #27120. Elizabeth is the only dau of William Terry, dec'd 1809 Caswell Co. NC Md Nancy Gooch. Nancy Terry age 65 is Nancy (Gooch) Terry -age is not correct, should be in the 70's. JT


Page 122

1850 Jackson Co. TN Census continued.

266/420/420 Nancy Terry 25 TN, Francis 5 TN, Peter 3 TN. Nancy is the wife of William,dec'd 1849, son of Francis "Frank" Terry of Jackson Co. AL. Francis, age 5, is Joel Francis Terry - a Civil War Pension exists for him - I have a copy and in it are birth dates. His death certificate from Kansas gives his mother's name as Maxwell (maiden name) . Peter, age 3, is prob. Peter Kuykendall Terry - He dies in IL. Nancy (Maxwell) Terry moves with other members of her family to Woodford, IL and there m. a DeFord. JT

264/402/402 Rowland Terry 63 NC, Polly 50 VA, James 21 NC, Lucy 19 TN, Martha 17 TN, Amanda 13 TN, William 60 TN. Should be NC. Rowland is Rowland Jr. son of Rowland Terry of Granville Co., NC. Folly is poss. Mary Merryman m. Rowland in Cumberland Co. VA 22 Dec 1823, Rowlands 2nd wife, believe his 1st marr was to Mary Wadkin in Meck1enburg Co. VA 12 Oct 1807. William Terry age 60 is the brother of Rowland and the youngest son of Rowland of Granville Co. NC. He never married. JT

265/411/411 Vinsan Terry 25 TN, Sally 20 TN, James 3 TN, John (Curtis) 2 TN, Calvin 1 TN, Winfield 5/12 TN. Vinsan/Vinson Terry is a son of Curtis Terry #483 and a grandson of James Terry who m. Mary Gooch. JT

272/474/474 John M. DOWELL 46 NC, Nancy (Terry) DOWELL 37 TN, Nancy (Terry) Dowell is the dau of James and Mary (Gooch) Terry = her age is not correct on the 1850 census but is correct on the 1860 census. JT No chil. listed.

/474/474 Matthew KIRKENDALL, Henrietta (Terry) KIRKENDALL 45 NC, Polly TERRY 53 NC. Both are daus of James and Mazy (Gooch) Terry - Folly (Mary) never md. JT

270/477/477 William HARPOOL 24 TN, Polly (Terry) HARPOOL 22 TN, Dau of Carr Terry. JT

272/504/504 John HARPOOL 22 TN, Judah (Terry) HARPOOL 23 TN, dau of Carr Terry. This family later went to TL aft 1860 from Putnam Co. TN. JT

Several of these families were in Overton Co. TN 1830 and in the 1860 census are in Putnam Co. TN RMT

Carr Terry, son of William and Nancy (Gooch) Terry, b. Granville Co. NC
9 Apr 1797 d. Jackson Co. TN 28 Aug 1870; m. Sarah Terry b. 10. Jul 1800
Granville Co. NC d. Jackson Co. TN 6 Feb 1861, dau of James and Mary
Gooch) Terry.

James Washington Terry, son of Carr Terry and Nancy Gooch, b. Jackson Co. TN 18 Jul 1820 d. Putnam Co. TN 18 Mar 1891; m ca 1850 Jackson Co. TN Harriett A. Dowell

Malinda Terry, dau of Carr Terry and Nancy Gooch, b. Jackson Co. TN 24 Feb 1822 d. Smith Co. TX 17 Feb 1887; m. ca 1850 Jackson Co. TN Calvin Terry.

Judah Terry, dau of Carr Terry and Nancy Gooch, b. Jackson Co. TN ca 1827;
m. John Harpool.

Mary "Folly" Terry, dau of Carr Terry and Nancy Gooch, b. ca 1828 Jackson Co. TN d. Smith Co. TX; m. William Harpool.

Nancy Terry, dau of Carr Terry and Nancy Gooch, b. Jackson Co. TN ca 1832 never marr.

Roland Terry, son of Carr Terry and Nancy Gooch, b. ca 1834 Jackson Co. TN
m. Sarah Ann Caldwell .

William Jasper Terry, son of Carr Terry and Nancy Gooch, b. Jackson Co. TN ca 1836; m Mary Painter.

Sarah Jane Terry, dau of Carr Terry and Nancy Gooch, b. Jackson Co. TN ca 1838, m. Hop Lee

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From the Goodspeed Histories of Maury, Williamson, Rutherford Wilson, Bedford & Marshall Counties of Tennessee. Pub, by Woodward & Stinson Printing Co., Columbia, TN. 1971, from the orig. histories pub in 1886. p. 958.

JOHN M. TERRY, a well-known citizen of Maury County Tenn., was born in Warren County, N.C., February 21, 1821. He is the sixth of eleven chilren-six sons and five daughters=-born to the marriage of David Terry and Nancy B. (Jordan) Terry. The parents were born in Warren County, N .C ., and came to Maury County, Tenn., about 1831, and settled on a farm in the First District, where they resided until their respective deaths in 1834 and 1856. John M. Terry's early life was spent on his father's farm. He attended school at the Mount Pleasant Academy, where he secured a good English education. May 16, 1867, he was united in marriage to Miss Sarah A. Caldwell, of Maury County, and five children--two sons and three daughters--blessed their union: John 0., Madison, Nannie Seymoura, Carena G. and Zula. Mrs. Terry was born May 12, 1841. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and was a faithful helpmate to her husband. She died February 11, 1882. Mr. Terry has been a life-long Democrat and is a strong advocate of the priciples of his party. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South.

Note: Warren Co. NC Marriages: 11 Nov 1807 TERRY, DAVID--JORDAN, NANCY.

This was sent to me by Mrs. William S. Morris, 2580 Utah St., Napa, CA 94558.

From Obituaries from Early TENN Newspapers. 1794-1851 Ed. by The Rev. Silas
Emmett Lucas, Jr. Copyright 1978. Southern Historical Press c/o The Rev. S.
Emmett Lucas, Jr. P.O. Box 738, Easley So. Carolina 29640

Pg. 364 Mr. DAVID TERRY in his 61st year of age d. in Maury Co., Term. In National Banner & Nashville Whig Mon. 30 Mar 1835.

Pg. 364 Col. NATHANIEL TERRY. A soldier of the Revolution in his 82nd yr. d. in Todd Co., KY. 2 Feb 1837. In National Barmer and Nashville Whig Fri. 3 Mar 1837. (Note: Nathaniel Terry m. Arm Thompson 7 Dec 1784 Halifax Co. VA.)

Pg. 364 Mrs. SUSAN TERRY, wife of Mr. THOMAS TERRY d. in Bedford Co. National Banner and Nashville Whig Fri. 2 Nov. 1832.

NOTES FROM BLEDSOE COUNTY DEED BOOK "A". Pg. 194. Deed bk page 77. 8 Aug 1808 . Josiah Danforth of Blount Co., TN and SAMUEL TERRY of Bledsoe Co., and Aquila Johnston of latter county; deed.

From TERRY RECORDS OF VIRGINIA by Edna Harris Bushnell pg. 75. Originally published in Tennesee and Tenneseans, pp. 2480-2481.

JAMES TERRY was born on 20 Apr 1812 in Pittsylvania Co., Va. In 1828 he left Pittsylvania Co., Va. and moved to Campbell Co., VA where he began his career as a clerk with the firm of Parnell & Wimbish, general merchants at Brookneal, Va. in whose employ he remained 16 years. He then engaged in business on his own account for a few years, after which he bought a farm nearby, operating it with slave labor. Successful as a planter, he bought and operated several other farms in that vicinity, and continued there until his death at the age of 56 years. In his early years he joined the State Militia, and rose to the rank of Captain of Cavalry, He married on 19 May 1842 Mildred Bailey, daughter of Thomas Bailey. His children were: (1) Benjamin TERRY, (2) James M. TERRY, (3) William Green TERRY; (4) George M. TERRY who was born 2 Sep 1847 and married in Weak1ey Co., TN Miss Albertine WINSTON;

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(5) Queen TERRY; (6) Mildred TERRY; (7) Sarah TERRY; (8) Mary Sue TERRY; (9) Joseph C. TERRY; (10) Harry TERRY; (11) Howson B. TERRY; (12) Isom F. TERRY, and two other children.

George M. Terry and Albertine Winston TERRY had the following children:

(1) Albert G. TERRY who married Nellie Nowlin; (2) George Mc TERRY who was in the U.S. Navy; (3) Charles TERRY; (4) Herman R. TERRY; (5) Winston TERRY;

(6) Nesta TERRY who married G. T. Mitchell; (7) Fern TERRY.

Dr. Alex Watson TERRY, s. of Robert and Elizabeth Newsom (Pate) TERRY, b Willamson Co. TN Jul 1837 d. Los Angeles CA 26 Jan 1901; m Wilson Co. TN 10 Apr 1860 Nancy Justin WILSON b. Wilson Co. TN ca 1839 d. Bedford Co. TN 1876, dau of John R. and Mary (DONALDSON) WILSON.

Dr. Watson Gentry TERRY, s. of Dr. Alex Watson TERRY and Nancy Justin WILSON,

b. Shelbyville TN 13 Jan 1861 d. Los Angelos, CA 6 Apr 1931; m. Wilson Co. TN 27 Mar 1889 Martha Dudley BAIRD

Dr. Alexander Watson TERRY m. (2) Mrs. Victoria Shepardson Baird Wilson Co. TN 1 Nov 1885 b. Princeton KY 26 Jun 1840 d. 16 Jul 1927 Los Angeles, CA.

George TERRY, s. of Robert and Elizabeth Newsom (PATE) TERRY, b. 31 Dec 1830 d. 9 Jul 1832.

Robert TERRY, s. of Robert and Elizabeth Newsom (PATE) TERRY, b. 19 Jan 1833 d. 5 Dec 1833.

Jesse TERRY, s. of Robert and Elizabeth Newsom (PATE) TERRY, b. 1 Jan 1835 d. 4 Aug 1840

Nancy Justin (WILSON) TERRY b. Wilson Co. TN 24 Apr 1839 d. Bedford Co. TN 1876.

William Joshua TERRY, s. of Robert and Elizabeth Newsom (PATE) TERRY b. TN 9 May 1839 d. Fulton Co. KY bur. Bedford Co. TN 23 May 1871; m (15 Elizabeth J. ______ d. 7 Dec 1864; m (2) Fulton Co. KY 4 Aug 1867 Martha Caroline "Callie" Norman, b. Fulton Co. KY d. 18 Dec 1905, dau of Noah Norman.

John R. TERRY, dau of Robert and Elizabeth Newsom (PATE) TERRY, b. Tn 17 Dec 1841 d. 14 Oct 1860.

Dr. David Washington TERRY, s. of Robert and Elizabeth Newsom (PATE) TERRY,
b. TN 29 Mar l844 d. ??; m. Bedford Co. TN 30 Apr 1865 Susan Pocahontas Whitman b. 18 Aug 1841 d. aft. 1880 Bedford Co. TN.

Dooley Pate TERRY, b. Bedford Co. TN 8 Aug 1849 d. ??; m. 18 Apr 1867 Sarah F. WOOD b. 2 Nov 1844 d. bf 1880; m (2) M. W. McClanahan 29 Aug 1880 Mary was b. May 1859.

America Tennessee Alice TERRY, b. 17 Mar 1856 d. 12 Sep 1867. dau of Robert & Elizabeth (PATE) TERRY.

Joshua E. TERRY, s. of Robert and Elizabeth Newsom (PATE) TERRY, b. 18 May 1862 d. Williamson Co. TN 25 Oct 1900.

Robert TERRY, s. of Reuben TERRY, b. KY 1807 d. Springfield, Greene Co. MO
4 Jun 1892; m (1) 31 Dec 1829 Williamson Co. Tn Elizabeth Newsom PATE,
b. Williamson Co. Tn 5 Apr 1811 d. Bedford Co. Tn 30 Aug 1867, dau of
Jesse and Nancy (LOFTIN) PATE m. Sussex Co. VA; m (2) Springfield MO
23 Aug 1868 Mrs. Letha W. Smith b. NC 1828 d. 6 Aug 1894 Springfield MO.

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The info on TERRY fanily of Robert and Elizabeth (PATE) TERRY from Mrs. R. D. Lawrence, 120 Garland Dr., Menlo Park, CA 94025.

Carr TERRY, s. of William and Nancy (GOOCH) TERRY, b. Granville Co. NC 9 Apr
1797 d. Jackson Co. Tn 28 Aug 1870 m. ca 1819 Sarah TERRY b. Granville Co.
NC 10 Jul 1800 d. Jackson Co. TN 6 Feb 1861, dau of James and Mary (GOOCH)

James Washington TERRY, s. of Carr and Sarah, b. Jackson Co. Tn 18 Jul 1820
d. Putnam Co. TN 18 Mar 1891; m. ca 1850 Jackson Co. TN Harriett A. DOWELL. Malinda TERRY, d. of Carr and Sarah, b. Jackson Co. TN 24 Feb 1822 D. Smith
Co. TX 17 Feb 1887; m. Calvin TERRY ca. 1850 Jackson Co. TN.

Judah TERRY, dau of Carr and Sarah, b. Jackson Co. TN ca 1827; m. John Harpool d. in IL.

Mary "Polly" TERRY, DAU of Carr and Sarah, b. Jackson Co. Tn ca 1828 d. Smith Co. TX; m. William Harpool.

Nancy TERRY, dau of Carr and Sarah, b. ca 1832 Jackson Co. TN; never marr. Roland TERRY, s. of Carr and Sarah, b. Jackson Co. Tn; m. Sarah Ann Caidwell.

William Jasper TERRY m. Mary Painter, s. of Carr and Sarah, He was b. Jackson Co. TN ca 1836. Roland above b. ca 1834 Jackson Co. TN.

Sarah Jane TERRY, dau of Carr and Sarah, b. ca 1838 Jackson Co. TN; m. Hop LEE.

(Note: The above sent to me by Jay Terry and was info from Woodford Terry.)

David TERRY b. Jamestown VA 1765 d. Smith Co. TN 1840; m. J. 1887 REED.

Thomas Jefferson TERRY, s. of David & ___ REED?, b . VA 1799 d.?? m. (1) Smith Co. TN 1 Feb 1824 Maria Doss; m. (2) TN 1850 Eliza. Oakley.

Enoch Ward TERRY, s. of Thomas TERRY and Mary "Polly" HATCHER, b. 4 Feb
1774 Pittsylvania Co. VA d. Madison Co. TN 2 Sep 1839; m (1) Bedford
Co. VA 25 Dec 1797 Margaret "Peggy" HATCHER b. Bedford Co. VA 12 Apr1780 d.Gibson Co. TN 3 Sep 1835, dau of Henry HATCHER and Mrs. Edith
Hill or m (2) Ann Hampton; m (2) 21 Dec 1836 Eliz Stobaugh.

Sarah TERRY, dau of James and Mary (GOOCH) TERRY, b. Granville NC 10 Jul 1800 d. Jackson Co. TN 6 Feb 1861; m. ca 1819 Carr TERRY.

John TERRY, s. of James and Mary (GOOCH) TERRY, b. 19 Jun 1815 Jackson Co. TN; m. Frances America DOWELL.

James Doss TERRY, s. of Thomas Jefferson TERRY and Maria DOSS, b. TN 1 Nov 1835 d. ??; m. Victoria Co. TX 11 Apr 1859 Kate Ferber b. Ger. 28 May
1842, dau of John Ferber.

James Milton TERRY, s. of Enoch Ward TERRY and Margaret HATCHER, b. Pittsylvania Co. VA 20 Dec 1805 d. Cleburn Co. AR Oct 1860; m. 7 Dec 1841 Mary Ann Rebekah STONE b. Mecklenburg Co. VA 18 Oct 1824 d. Gibson Co. TN 24 Nov 1903, dau of Wm. STONE and Frances Permelia Collier HUTCHESON.

Wm. Dabney TERRY, s. of James Milton and Mary Ann Rebekah, b. Gibson Co. TN 21 Jul 1846 d. Gibson Co. TN 9 Oct 1921; m. Gibson Co. Tn 7 Dec 1876

Nathaniel TERRY, s. of Col. Nathaniel and Anne (THOMPSON) TERRY, b. prob VA
10 Nov 1794 d. ??; m. (1) 23 Mar 1814 Elizabeth LIGON b. Halifax Co. VA
9 Nov 1792 d. Montgomery Co. TN 27 Dec 1833, dau of Joseph and Dianne
Coleman (CLAY) LIGON; m(2) Davidson Co. TN 16 Mar 1836 Malvina Ann Hayes.

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Robert W. Terry

4900 Springdale Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45239

(Author's Note: Research of Terrys of Kentucky is complicated by the present state's early designation as a Virginia county and the constant subdivision of original counties into smaller counties. In my own search, I copied the names of all Terrys listed in early records, and the untangling process still continues) .

One of the earliest Terrys in Kentucky was a John Terry, who apparently settled near the mouth of Harrod'ds Creek, along the Ohio River eight miles above Louisville, Ky., in 1775. By virtue of his settlement and his raising a crop of corn, John Terry qualified for 1400 acres of Kentucky land. He died in 1780 and James Douglass was named administrator of his estate.

Douglass, one of the early surveyors of Kentucky lands with Thomas Bullitt, James Harrod, Hancock Taylor, John Floyd, and the McAfee brothers, James, George and Robert, apparently received title to the 1400 acres held by John Terry. Douglass in 1780 transferred the land to Col. William Fleming, one of three commissioners named by Virginia to straighten out the confusion attending land titles in Kentucky.

Fleming did not acquire title to the land until 1786, after filing and winning a suit against the "Escheator of Kentucky District."

Whether or not the John Terry land was escheated (appropriated) by Virginia is unclear. Properties of persons who actively favored the crown of England during the Revolutionary War were taken from them.

Col. Fleming's diary on April 20, 1780 reveals his bargain with Douglass for "Terry's pre-emption and settlement" and four days later his assignment of warrants to "Mr. Terry" transferred from Capt. (William) Christian via Col. (Benjamin) Logan.

My sources are the premption certificate to Col. Fleming in 1786: "History of Kentucky" by Bodley; "History of Pioneer Kentucky" by Cotterill, and "Travels in the American Colonies" by Mereness, which contains excerpts from Col. Fleming's diary.

1780 -- A John Terry, assignee of James Duncan, who was assignee of George Slaughter, acquired 325 acres along Roundstone Creek in Jefferson County, believed to be present Hardin County. Others acquiring land nearby were Ebin Proctor, John Sinoot, Proctor Ballard and Peter Hedgman Triplett. (Some sources say 1781).

1781-- A John Terry, assignee of John Poake (Peak), acquired 200 acres of land on Main Fork of Sugar Creek, Lincoln County, believed to be in present Garrard County. That record is dated Sept. 6, and another entry on Nov 19 lists John Terry, assignee of Green Clay, as acquiring 100 acres on Sugar Creek adjoining his earlier 200 acres. (A landmark mentioned is a beech tree on which the initials "J. T." are carved).

Ref: "Index to Old Kentucky Surveys and Grants" by the Kentucky Historical Society and "Old Kentucky Entries & Deeds" in the Filson Club Publication # 34.

1783 -- A Joseph Terry on Jan. 18 was granted 2000 acres in Fayette County, Ky., on Hickman's Creek. The information is found in "Kentucky Land Grants; Virginia Land Grants Section."

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1787-8 -- John and Enos Terry, who are listed in Lincoln Co. militia in

1782, are on Madison Co. tax lists. They are believed to be father and son.

1788 -- Agnes Terry and James Pollard (later information indicates that his name was James Pointer) were married Nov. 7 in Lincoln Co., Ky. The source is Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records .

1789 -- Otho or Othe Terry listed in Madison Co., Ky. Source is the tax list record erroneously called "First Census of Kentucky."

1790 -- John and Reuben Terry listed in Fayette Co. Believed to be father and son. John listed in 1788 as John "Turry" or "Turrey" and in 1789 as John "Tervey." Source: First Census of Kentucky.

1799 -- Thomas Terry acquired 200 acres in Warren Co. along Gasper River.

Source: Kentucky Land Grants, Virginia Grants section.

1800 -- Second Census of Kentucky, by Clift, lists these Terrys: Jesse, in Barren County; Reubin and Thomas, in Bourbon County; David, in Campbell County, and John Terry, in Garrard County.

After 1800 -- Kentucky Land Grants, Virginia Grants Section, lists these

Terrys: Thomas, Livingston Co., 1803 and 1828; Miles, Floyd Co., no date; Miles Lawrence Co, 1830 and 1832; Stephen, Christian Co., 1819; John, Livingston Co.,1821; Micajah, Logan Co., 1822; Robert, Henderson Co., 1823 and 1825; Josiah,Pulaski Co., 1823; Elijah, Pulaski Co., 1823, and James M., Logan Co. 1831.

Still other Terry names are Leonard, Isaac, George W., James J., Martin, Calvin and Milton. Most of these grants were after 1820.

Since my ancestors came from Kentucky to present Cincinnati about 1790 I have not pursued others who apparently do not connect to my line.

Leanardo Andrea papers, page 19. Clara Ann TERRY of Fork Shoals (SC) and residing along the Laurens County line married Jonathan LINDLEY and they removed to Christian Co. KY...One of their daughters was Sallie Terry LINDLEY and she wed John LINDLEY, her first cousin and removed to Hunt Co. Texas. .Her tombstone is there and below follows the tombstone in Hunt Co. Texas.

John LINDLEY / who was born in Christian Co. KY./ In 1817/ And died in Hunt Co. Texas/ Aged 91.

Sallie Terry LINDLEY / Wife of John Lindley! She was born in Christian County KY! In 1819/ and died in Hunt Co. Texas/ Aged 93





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(Note: In compiling these marriages I have used information from marriage lists from these sources: TERRY RECORDS OF VIRGINIA by Edna Harris Bushnell, 2919 Fairway Drive, Birmingham, AL 35213; FIRST FAMILIES AND TOWN HISTORIES OF HINDS CO. (MS) VOL. 2 by Sallye Pleasant Williams 2232 Breckinridge Rd., Jackson, MS 39204 also several family sheets sent to me from Mrs. Carl A. Longobardi 170 Spruce Haven Dr., Wexford, PA 15090. To be more concise we should use bk and page numbers but for a majority of the marriages I do not have these citations. My main intention is to identify family groupings in the early TFH issues and possibly get the documentation at later dates. IF



(Note: In compiling these marriages I have used information from marriage lists from these sources: TERRY RECORDS OF VIRGINIA by Edna Harris Bushnell, 2919 Fairway Drive, Birmingham, AL 35213; FIRST FAMILIES AND TOWN HISTORIES OF HINES CO. (MS) VOL. 2 by Sallye Pleasant Williams 2232 Breckinridge Rd., Jackson, MS 39204 also several family sheets sent to me from Mrs. Carl A. Longobardi 170 Spruce Haven Dr., Wexford, PA 15090. To be more concise we Should use bk and page numbers but for a majority of the marriages I do not have these citations. My main intention is to identify family groupings in the early TFH issues and possibly get the documentation at later dates. IF YOU HAVE MARRIAGES FROM COUNTIES NOT MENTIONED OR ADDITIONS OR CORRECTIONS, PLEASE SEND ThEM FOR LATER EDITIONS. Thanks, Mike Terry, Editor.


09 Feb 1817    TERRY, BETSY          ANDERSON JOSEPH
24 Feb 1805    TERRY, JESSE          FOSH, REBECKAH
       1825    TERRY, BENNETT W.     MCDANIEL, RUTh
       1818    TERRY, MARY           MILLER, ABSOLOM
       1825    TERRY, JOSEPH         RUNYON, LUCY
30 Nov 1817    TERRY, THOMAS         DUNN, ELIZ. FROGGETT MRS.
       1825    TERRY, SUKEY          RUNYON, WILSON


04 Oct1826    TERRY, EMILY           GOUSIE, BENJAMIN
31 Dec1827    TERRY, ENOCH           PRATHER, MARY
30 Aug1832    TERRY, GEORGE          BOLES, MERULA
17 Jun1819    TERRY, JOHN            GRAY, JANE
25 Jun1816    TERRY, LETITIA         MASON, DAVID
03 Apr1826    TERRY, STEPHEN         LETTON, URSULA

(Note: I failed to mention that Hunting For Bears, Inc., Box 278,Hammond, Louisiana 70404 has also given me permission to use their computerized lists of Terry marriages in the Terry Family Historian.)


13 Jun 1856    TERRY, ISAAC         MOORE, DIANA


01 Dec 1885    TERRY, 0. 0.         QUISENBERRY, ROSANAH E.
25 Sep 1890    TERRY, H. P.         DARNELL, BETTIE J.
22 Oct 1899    TERRY, H. P.         EGBERT, LAURA
16 Oct 1898    TERRY, JOE S.         LACY, MARY
01 Feb 1851    TERRY, S.W. MISS    KNIGHT, E . L.
17 Jan 1883    TERRY, W. A.         QUISENBERRY, IDA


28 Apr 1898    TERRY, LUCY A.         CAIN, JESSE T.
23 Apr 1893    TERRY, MAGNOLIA         CAIN, GEORGE
30 Oct 1899    TERRY, MARY E.         CALDER, WILLIAM A.


03 Dec 1873     TERRY, BETTY F.         FOURQUREAN, WILLIAM R.

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12 Aug 1898    TERRY, BURRELL             TROTTER, MALISSA V. J.
23 Apr 1889    TERRY, EFFIE             CRANOR, LEE B.
20 Feb 1815    TERRY, JAMES             GORIN, CATHERIN
29 Dec 1897    TERRY, JAMES             GRIFFIN, LULA
01 Jan 1891    TERRY, JEFFIE S.          CRANOR, GRANT
11 May 1898    TERRY, JOSEPH             SIMMONS, CALLIE
12 Apr 1816    TERRY, JOSEPH R.         SMITH, SARAH P.
06 May 1895    TERRY, LOU             WILSON, FOLK
02 Aug 1885    TERRY, MARGARET J.         MASON, JOHN C.
01 Sep 1808    TERRY, MARY             MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES
10 Sep 1891    TERRY, MARY A.             GENTRY, FRANK
18 Oct 1871    TERRY, SALLIE A.         GLOVER, J. H.
19 Jun 1813    TERRY, SARAH             DEVALL, DANIEL
15 Jun 1813    TERRY, SARAH             DEVIANE, DANIEL
02 Apr 1879    TERRY, THOMAS             FRASER, CORNELIA A
03 Nov 1875    TERRY, WILLIAM A.         DICKINSON, ELLA G.


04 Aug    1867    TERRY, WM J.             NORMAN, M. C.


20 Nov    1819    TERRY, ABSOLUM             RICHARDSON, CATHERINE
24 Jan    1833    TERRY, CATHERINE         GRAYHAM, GEORGE
07 Jan    1828    TERRY, JAMES             GILLELAND, PHILLENA
29 Aug 1833     TERRY, JO JOSIAH         AKERS, BARBARA


01 May 1836     TERRY, JOSEPH             BROWN, FACY


12 Apr 1811    TERRY, CLARA             LINDLEY, JONATHAN
30 Apr 1819    TERRY, DABNEY             JACKSON, NANCY
09 Aug 1827     TERRY, GEO.             CRABTREE, PEGGY
10 Dec 1867     TERRY, HARRIET A.         WILKEY, SAMUEL H.
19 Oct 1848     TERRY, JANE             DAVIS, THOS. G.
17 Feb 1857     TERRY, LUVANDA             UTLEY, ALEXANDER
06 Sep 1868     TERRY, M. J. MISS         BAKER, ROBERT L.
18 Mar 1861     TERRY, MILTON             YOUNG, CYNTHIA
29 Dec 1853     TERRY, NANCY C.             BARBER, BURREL
23 Jan 1848     TERRY, REBECCA             RIDLEY, ANDREW J.


14 Jul 1832    TERRY, MISS MARY A. M.         HALL, LAWRENCE H.
09 Feb    1826    TERRY, AMANDA MALVINA         HILL, JOHN P. JR.
11 Jan    1827    TERRY, MILDRED             BOWLING, WILLIAM WAITER
1854    TERRY, GOBRIAS             NELSON, LOUISA S.
        TERRY, LULA E.             WEATHERS, E. R.


14 Nov 1887     TERRY, M . E. MRS.         MARTIN, THOMAS


12 Jul    1825    TERRY, ISAAC             ANBONED, REBECCA
27May    1844    TERRY, NANCY             HILL, WILLIAM
13Mar    1851    TERRY, RUTH             FIFFE, WILLIAM

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        TERRY, DAVID             THOMASON, MARY


05Feb    1788    TERRY, AGNES             POINTER, JOHN
07Nov    1788    TERRY, AGNES             POLLARD, JAMES
26Jul    1833    TERRY, EMANUEL             ASHLOCK, CAThERINE
25Jun    1841    TERRY, JAMES M.             TERRY, NANCY
15May    1837    TERRY, JAMES M.             WRIGHT, ANNA
24Apr    1841    TERRY, MILDRED             WRIGHT, HARRISON
25Jun    1841    TERRY, NANCY             TERRY, JAMES M.
03Nov    1850    TERRY, STEPHEN             STEPHENSON, JANE
09May    1837    TERRY, WILLIAM             EVANS, PAULINE


30Apr 1850 TERRY, STEPHEN             FARMER, FRANCES C.


19 Nov    1819    TERRY, DICEA             TAYLOR, ELIJAH
28 May    1797    TERRY, JOHN             GADDY, FRANCES
11 Oct    1832    TERRY, JOSEPH             STEPHENSON, MINERVA
19 Aug    1819    TERRY, WILLIAM             PARKER, LEVINA
24 Dec    1831    TERRY, WILLIAM             PAYTON, ITHEMA


05 Dec 1859     TERRY, SARAH T.             BELL, WM. M.
15 Feb 1856     TERRY, TABITHA             PIPER, SAMUEL A.


14 Jan    1876    TERRY, ALFRED             JOSEY, MOLLEY
15 Oct    1857    TERRY, ANDREW J.         NEWMAN, T. E. MISS
19 Dec    1875    TERRY, AZEL             ALLISON, LAURA
28 Dec    1848    TERRY, ELIZABETH         BELL, SAMUEL
08 Nov    1849    TERRY, JON R. C.         CRAVENS, MATILDA M.
06 Aug    1840    TERRY, MARRY             WHITMER, JACOB
18 Oct    1891    TERRY, MAYME             WELCH, WILLIS
17 Apr    1867    TERRY, MOLLIE             STEPHEN, JOHN
20 Jan    1866    TERRY, REBECCA A.         RICE, FELIX B.
03 Jun    1888    TERRY, ROBERT             FRELBER, MARY
12 Jul 1865    TERRY, SARAH              BROWN, J. F. M.
20 Apr 1865    TERRY, T. E. MISS         JENKINS, HENRY
30 Mar 1841    TERRY, WILLIAM H.         HAY, ELIZABETH


22 Jan 1824     TERRY, REUBEN               DAZEY, BETSEY
06 Nov 1823     TERRY, VINCENT              DAIZY, ELIZABETH A.


13 Nov 1836     TERRY, FRIEND L.         ROWE, EMILY
13 Apr 1857     TERRY, POLLY             SLONE, WM.


16 Jul 1852     TERRY, JOSEPH             CARTER, WILMA EMALINE


16 Aug 1843     TERRY. GEORGE W.         SUMPTER, SARAH JANE

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07 May 1860 TERRY, ALKAHAH                 ARTHUR, REBECCA


11 Jul 1792 TERRY, ROBERT                  MORLEY, CLOVES
11 Jul 1792 TERRY, ROBERT                  WARRELL, CLOA
11 Jul 1792 TERRY, ROBERT                  WORLEY, CLOE (Correct I bel.)
04 Mar 1841 TERRY, TIMOTHY                 TINDER, MALINDA


Research Extracts of Carol Dickinson cont. FROM page 116.

"....Our business to Saginaw was to locate the seat of justice for that county. There we found Judge Dexter and Engineer and Surveyor Risdon platting the city of Saginaw...."

There was then an uninhabited forest where East Saginaw now stands, and it was said that the whole country, after getting back from the river, was a morass and uninhabitable. However, we resolved to inspect it for ourselves. With Jewett for a guide, we traversed the country up and down the river, and from the river back, until we were satisfied we had found the best place for a court-house . Besides Jewett, there was with us that day a man by the name of Joshua Terry of Pontiac. Frost and I fixed upon a site, and drove a stake to indicate the spot selected. We took measurements from different points on the river, with such bearings as would enable one to find the identical spot, and agreed to meet the next morning and make our report. I went to Jewett's shanty at Green Point, and Frost went to the fort, as it was called, where he would find our other associate. The next morning, to my surprise, I found that Frost had been overcome, demoralized, and had actually signed a report locating the site on the lot slected by Dexter. Through the love of whisky entertained by Frost, and the love of gain by the other commissioner, the county-seat was located at Saginaw ...."

From the above Vol. 3, pg. 574 Titled Oakland County "....About one and a half miles through the woods we approached the village of Pontiac, where we found a small framed house on the west side of Saginaw street, nearly opposite where the Methodist church now stands, occupied by Mr. Terry....These were the only buildings at this time, June 1, 1821, on Saginaw street...."

(Note by Carol: I do not have any geneaology on this or these Joshua Terry's although naturally I hope I'm working on mine among them.)

From "Catalogue of the Genealogical and Historical Library of the Colonial Dames of the State of New York, Gryphon Books, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1971."

TERRY Family in Goodwin, Nathaniel. Genealogical notes. pg. 221 929

TERRY Family. In Stiles, H. R. History and genealogies of ancient Windsor
V. 2, p.750,847. 974.6

Page 132


This information was sent to me by Paul L. Springer 1122 N.W. 97th St. OKC
OK 73114. He is a descendant of the Sealey's and Jagger's of Chester, SC.
No relation to Terry family.

From Goodspeed's History of Northwestern Arkansas Counties, pub. 1889: Page 899; Benton Co. AR.

Bennett W. TERRY m. KY Ruth MCDANIEL. He b. 1801 in Botetourt Co. VA of Irish desc. d. 1877. She b. 1805 in VA Scotch-Irish desc. d. 1877. Nine Children the eight to be grown were: Mrs. Josephine Hall, Mrs. Louise Jeffries, Mrs. Sarah Burks, Samuel (desc.), Louis D. (desc.), John F. (desc.), Christopher and William

A. William A. Terry b. 1844 Glasgow, Barren Co. KY m. 1871 in Dallas, TX Kate Smart b. 1849 in Oxford, Calhoun Co., TX d. 1873 in TX. William A. Terry m (2) Susan Smart, a sister of 1st wife b. 1852 in Calhoun Co., TX. Two living children in 1888 were William A. Terry Jr. and Kate Terry. William A. enlisted in Co. "F", Sixth Regt. KY infantry in Sep 1861 and in Conf. Service from 1861 to May 20, 1865 when he surrendered at Glasgow, KY. In 1874 from TX to Bentonville, AR. In 1887 became President of Bentonville, Bank.

From GENEALOGIES OF KENTUCKY FAMILIES pub. 1981 Vol. ?? page 515-516.

William Terry b. Todd Co. KY 6 Nov 1816 d. Louisville KY 25 Apr 1891; m.
8 Sep 1842 Judith Helen Trabue b. Glascow KY 16 Nov 1824 d. Louisville KY
2 Dec 1893, dau of Geo. Washington and Mrs. Elizabeth Buford Chambers Trabue.

Geo. W. Terry b. 1844 d. 1871

Elizabeth Terry b. ?? d. ?? m. Rev. Mortimer Murry Benton (Episcopal Ch.)

Mary C. Terry b. ?? d..?? never marr.

William Terry Jr. b. d. ??

Alvah!Aluah Lamar Terry m. 15 Jul ??

Helen Terry d. infancy

Napoleon Buford Terry m. Mattie Snowden. He d. 1907.

Children also noted as: Bettie, Aloah, William, Maud and Buford.

Notes from Edna Harris Bushnell:

Letter dated 17 Jul 1817 to Stephen Terry of Botetourt Co . , VA from his son, Nathaniel Davis Terry, of Barren Co., KY who married 19 Oct 1815 in Rockbridge Co., VA Martha Bagby .--printed in the July 1980 quarterly of the South Central Kentucky Historical Society.

In this letter he acknowledged the receipt of his father' letter dated 14 Feb. in which his father stated that they might sell out their land in Botetourt Co., VA and join him in Barren Co., KY. He asked his father to sell the 200 acres "you gave me" for he could use the money. He described their trip to Kentucky by way of Abbingdon (VA) and how upon their arrival in KY they traveled into Christian Co., KY where they stayed with Uncle Terry better than a week, & from there they proceeded on to Glasgow, KY. He said that Martha, his wife, had been very sick about the last of April for about three weeks, and mentioned something about their baby son, Bennett Lewis Terry. He speaks of his Uncle Isham Davis living in Warren Co. KY near Bowling Green, KY.

Page 133


"Myself and Bagby have bought 200 a. of good land as there is in Barren County for $975 about 9 miles from Glasgow on the Salt Works Road, 10 miles from the Green River and about 3 miles from Bear Wallow, with 10 acres cleared & fenced, a tolerable good hewed log house & other necessary houses, where he expected to move that winter.

There is another letter dated 18 Apr 1818 from Martha Bagby Terry, his wife to Miss Drucilla Terry of Botetourt Co . VA and the salutation of which is to "Dear Mother & Sister" (in-law) in which she mentions "Uncle Bagby"( John), "Sylvanus Bagby" (son of John & Matilda Davis Bagby), Cousin Elvira (dau. of John & Matilda Davis Bagby), and her baby son, Bennett Lewis Terry. Letter in possession of descendant: Mr. Wm. S. Terry IV, Route 1, Cave City, KY 42127 (Oct. 1980).

Mrs. Drucilla Terry Depp, widow of Peter Depp, was born in 1797 and was living in Hiseville Dist., Barren Co. KY in 1880. She made the statement that she thought the name of her grandfather was William Terry. She was the dau . of Steven Terry & Sarah (Davis) Terry.

John Alfred Terry, s. of Stephen and Sarah Davis Terry, b. 1804 Botetourt Co. VA d. Barren Co. KY 8 Sep 1853; m. 28 Nov 1828 Barren Co. KY Sarah Young b. 1817 d. 1896.

Bennett W. Terry b. Botetourt Co. VA 1801 d. 16 Nov 1854; m. ca 1825 Barren Co. KY Ruth Mc Daniel.

Nathaniel Davis Terry b. VA 1795 d. Barren Co. KY 3 Aug 1861; m. (1.)
Rockbridge Co. VA. 19 Oct 1815 Martha Bagby; m (2) 9 Feb 1829 Catherine
(Gorin) Terry, widow of James Terry d. 1819 Natchez trace Miss, dau of

Henry Gorin; m (3) 1849 Ann W. Purrington. He lived in Barren Co. KY. Drucilla Terry b. King Wm. Co. VA ca l797 d. aft. 1880 Caverne? KY?; m. Peter Depp. She was dau of Stephen and Sarah (Davis) Terry.

James Terry, s. of Stephen and Sarah (Davis) Terry b. ?? d. ??

Note: Kentucky Geneaologies & Biographies Vol II indicates that Stephen Terry m. Sarah Davis who was a cousin to Jeff Davis was 1 of 7 brothers.

Nathaniel Gorin Terry, s. of Nathaniel Davis and Catherine (Gorin) Terry,
b. Barren Co. KY Nov 17, 1829; m. 21 Nov 1850 Emily D. Stark. Was a Baptist minister at Cave City, KY.

Christopher C. Terry, s. of Bennett W. and Ruth (McDaniel) Terry, b. Barren Co. KY 11 Mar 1840 d. ??; m. 2 Nov 1866 Nellie Barlow. He was a coiffed, veteran.

Stephen Terry, s. of James Terry d. 1783 Louisa Co. VA and wife Henrietta, b. Louisa Co. VA ca 1758 d. Todd Co. KY Jan 1821; m. Louisa Co. VA 14 Dec 1782 Mildred Bagby b. Louisa Co. VA 1761 d. Todd Co. KY Apr 1832, dau of John Bagby and Theodocia Morris.

William Morris Terry, s. of Stephen Terry and Mildred Bagby, b. Louisa Co.
VA 31 Mar 1786 d. Todd Co. KY 6 Jan 1859; m. (1) Louisa Co. VA 17 Dec 1806
Elizabeth McGeehee Crank b. ?? d. Todd Co. KY 8 Aug 1827; m. (2) Mary Roach-
water; m (3) Ann M. Logan; m. (4) Eliza. Beeler.

James Terry b. Louisa Co. VA ca 1784 d. Natchez Dist. MS 1819, s. of Stephen Terry and Mildred Bagby; m (1) Christian Co. KY 21 Feb 1815 Catherine Gorin, dau of Henry Gorin.

Stephen Terry b. Louisa Co. VA ca 1788 d. aft 1820, s. of Stephen and Mildred (Bagby) Terry.


Page 134

Nathaniel Terry, son of Stephen and Mildred (Bagby) Terry, b. Louisa Co. VA ca 1790 d. ??; m. Christian Co. KY 30 Jun 1818 Arrence Warner. Removed to MO.

Martha Ann Terry, dau of Stephen and Mildred (Bagby) Terry, b. Louisa Co. VA ca 1793 d. ??; M. Louisa Co. VA 20 Nov 1809 John S. Byars. Removed to Todd Co KY.

Sarah Terry, dau of Stephen and Mildred (Bagby) Terry, b. Louisa Co. VA ca 1795 d. ??; m. Christian Co. KY 19 Jun 1813 Daniel Du(e)val.

Elizabeth Ann Terry, dau of Stephen and Mildred (Bagby) Terry, b. Louisa Co. VA ca 1803 m. 4 Aug 1823 Thomas C. Rutherford. Removed to Clark Co. MO.
Amanda Malvina Terry, dau of Stephen and Mildred (Bagby) Terry, b. Louisa Co.VA ca 1806 d. 1844: m. Todd Co. KY 9 Feb 1826 John P. Hill, Jr., son of John Phillips Hill and Elizabeth (Marshall) Hill. He d. 1874 in Christian Co. KY.

Mildred Terry, dau of Stephen and Mildred (Bagby) Terry, b. aft 1806 d. ca 1827 KY; m. Todd Co. KY 11 Jan 1827 William Walter Bowling.

William Terry, s. of William Morris Terry and Elizabeth Crank, b. Christian
Co. Ky 6 Nov 1816 d. 25 Apr 1891; m. 8 Sep 1842 Judah Helen Trabue, dau of
George and Elizabeth Buford Trabue. He lived in Louisville, KY.

Gobrias Terry, s. of William Morris Terry and Elizabeth Crank, b. 23 Dec 1822 d. Todd Co. KY 1905; m. Todd Co. KY 1854 Louisa S. Nelson. He was a lawyer.

Lula E. Terry, dau of Gobrias and Louisa Nelson Terry, b. Todd Co. KY 1857
m. Todd Co. KY E. R. Weathers.

Stephen Terry, son of William Morris and Elizabeth Crank Terry, b. Todd Co.
Ky 22 Jan 1821 d. Forth Worth, TX 1888; m. Logan Co. KY 30 Apr 1850 Frances
C. Farmer. He was a Judge in Ft. Worth.

James Lawrence Terry, s. of James and Catherine Gorin Terry, b. Christian
Co. KY 19 Mar 1817 d. aft 1888 in Washington Co. IA?; m. 4 Jul 1839 Sarah
Jane Mounts. Wrote "Our Family Records". Has anybody seen this?? RMT

Napoleon Bonaparte Terry, son of James and Catherine Gorin Terry, b. Christian Co. KY 29 Jan 1818 d. ??. m. (1) 2 Dec 1840 Jane Nelson m. (2) 2 Aug 1853 Nancy Still. Lived in Eureka, IL.

---- From TERRY RECORDS OF VIRGINIA by Edna Harris Bushnell p. 14.

Nathaniel Terry of Halifax Co. VA: On 12 Mar 1779 he was appointed a Capt.Lt. of the 10th VA regiment on the Continental Line. He served for 2 years in a Company commanded by himself. He served until the end of the War, at which time he was a Captain in the 10th Va. Reg. of the VA Line; he received commutation certificates for five years full pay granted by the resolve of 22 Mar 1783; and further, that he was received as pensioner since 3 Mar 1826, nothing. On 5 Dec 1828 Nathaniel Terry of Todd Co., KY applied to the Sec. of Treas. for the benefits of the Act entitled ' An act for the relief of certain surviving officers and soldiers of the Army of the Revolution' approved on 15 May 1828. On the 6th Dec 1828 from the Treas. Dept., Third Auditor's office: "It appears by the records in this office, that final settlement certificates have been issued for the commutation of 5 years of full pay to Nathaniel Terry, Capt. in the VA line, amounting to $2400.00 It further appears that Nathaniel Terry is not now on the Pension List for any agency, and has not been since 3 Mar 1826. Capt. Nathaniel Terry drew a Pension at Nashville, Tenn. & part time at Lexington, KY. On 10 Dec 1833 Nathaniel Terry appeared before


Page 135


William Morris Terry, a Magistrate of Todd Co . KY & being duly sworn stated that he was well acquainted with Henry Boyd, that he knew him from boyhood, and was raised only 4 or 5 miles from him. Nathaniel Terry further stated that he himself was a Captain of a Company under Col. Burch at the surrender of Charleston in May 1780 and was taken a prisoner of war in Charleston. Henry Boyd was born in 1759 in Halifax Co., VA.

Nathaniel Terry died on 8 Feb 1837 Todd Co., KY and his widow, Ann Thompson Terry, applied on 24 Oct 1838 for the benefits of the provision made by the Act of Congress passed 7 July 1838 entitled "An Act granting half-pay and pensions to certain widows". Ann Thompson married 7 Dec 1784 Nathaniel Terry in Halifax Co. VA. She was born in 1767. Ann Terry's certificate of Pension was issued on 23 Nov 1839 and sent to A. Ferguson, Carthage, TN. She died December 1855 in Logan Co. KY.

Nathaniel Terry's will was written: 14 Jan 1837 and proven: 10 Apr 1837 in Todd Co. KY Will Bk. D, pp. 176-177.

Ref: Gen. Services Adm., Washington, D.C., Nathaniel Terry, VA W-3054.Annie Walker Burns Bell , Records of Pension Papers Pertaining to Soldiersof the Rev. War & War of 1812 & Indian Wars who Settled in Todd Co. KY, pp.5, 8.

From Lina Terry McIlwain, 119 Oak Dr., Brandon, MS 39042

Nathaniel Terry Will: Todd Co. KY Clerks Office, pgs. 176-180, Bk D,
Elkton, KY.

Deceased: Nathaniel Terry b. Halifax Co., VA
Made Will: 14 Jan 1837
Recorded: 10 Apr 1837

Wife: Ann Thompson

Sons: Joseph R., James H., Robert J., Nathaniel D. and William, dec'd.
Daus: Ann Martha Hall, her husband Lorance Hall; Lucy H. C., her husband Pohattan B. Terry, dec 'd

Grandchildren: James H. J. Terry; Ann Thompson Boyd & Walter Boyd

Names son James H. Terry in trust for Elizabeth Terry, the wife of my son William and her children - also in trust for my daughter Lucy H. C. Terry and her children.

Executor: son Joseph R. Terry
Names James H. Terry and L. H. Hall as securities for Joseph R. as executor.
Witnesses: Wm. M. Terry, George Isbell, Todd County Court, KY Apr 10, 1837
Recorded: Apr 10, 1837: Willis L. Reeves.

Ref: Halifax Co., VA Deed Bk 30, p. 185 22 Feb 1822

"Know all men by these presents that I, Nathaniel Terry of Halifax Co., VA in consideration for the natural love and affection I bear to my grandchildren; Rachel C. Terry; Sarah R. Terry; Mary Ann T. Terry; Nathaniel B. Terry; John R. Terry; and Granville C. Terry, of Halifax Co. VA., children of my son Wm. T. Terry - one featherbed and furn. parcel of household & kitchen furniture equally to Rachel C. Terry, Sarah R. Terry, & Mary Ann T. Terry. A saddle to Nath. B. Terry, one bay mare to Granville C. Terry the foregoing property in possession of my son Wm. T. Terry.


Page 136

William Terry, son of Nathaniel and Ann Thompson Terry, b. VA 1786 d. bf 1837, m. Halifax Co. VA 1 Jul 1806 Eliza Watlington.

Joseph R. Terry b. Halifax Co. VA 17 May 1792 d. 1 Jan 1847 MS?; m 12 Apr 1816 Sarah David Smith b. 21 Jan 1793, dau of David and Obedience (Fort) Smith. Joseph was son of Nathaniel and Ann Thompson. (Note: The family removed to MS when children were young, where they separated on a plantation in Hinds Co. MS. Mrs. Terry took off to Texas with some of her boys where she joined her mother on the laters grant of many acres in what is now Houston, the State's largest city.) Lina Terry McIlwain.

Elizabeth Terry b. VA 1788 m. 4 Jan 1804 Archer Boyd. She dau of Nathaniel and Ann Thompson.

Nathaniel G. Dickerson Terry, son of Nathaniel and Ann Thompson Terry, b.
VA 10 Nov 1794 d. aft 1837; m. (1) 23 Mar 1814 Elizabeth Ligon b. Halifax Co. VA 9 Nov 1792 d. Montgomery Co. TN 27 Dec 1833, dau of Joseph and Dianne Coleman (Clay) Ligon; m (2) Davidson Co. TN 16 Mar 1836 Malvina Ann Hayes.

Robert J. Terry b. 1800 d. ??; m. 28 Apr 1824 in Todd Co. KY Rebecca M. Keesee. Lucy H. C. Terry b. 1806 d. ?? m. 17 Jan 1825 Powhatan Terry; m (2) Dr. John Chastain. She is the dau of Nathaniel and Ann Thompson Terry.

Ann Martha "Mary" Terry b. ____ d.?? m. Todd Co. KY 14 Jul 1832 Lawrence H. Hall.

Drucilla Terry, dau of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Parker) Terry b. 30 Aug 1771 d. ca 1817 Fleming Co. KY; m. Pittsylvania Co. VA 15 Dec 1794 David F. Fuqua.

—————————————————————————————————————————— I slipped this in just to fill the space. Contributed by Mrs. G.S. Roberts,1907 E. Magna Carta, Baton Rouge, LA 70815


30 Apr 1829 TERRY, GRAHAM              SPROUSE, LUCY

03 Apr 1822 TERRY, GRAHAM              DAVIS, ANNE

25 Sep 1845 TERRY,                     PERMELIA RAY, ASA

   Jun TERRY, SARAH                    MASTERS, REUBEN

11 Mar 1855 TERRY, WM EWING , JANE


03 Jan 1909 TERRY, GEORGE              TRUMP, LIBBIE

25 Oct 1913 TERRY, FRANCES A.         ROGERS, E. E.

12 Jun 1855 TERRY, MIRINDA             SUMPTERM, TYRA E.

Mrs. Roberts would welcome any help (proof) of the parents of David Terry
b. 1 Jan 1795 m. Marie Roberts. I will try and publish her entire notes on Terry-Roberts-Ray families in later editions. Editor.

1. Mary B. Terry b. 19 Mar 1822 d. 19 May 1889 Schuyler Co. MO; m. 21 Nov
1850 Leland Roberts.

2. David Terry b. 1 Jan 1795 m. 12 Mar 1820 Marie Roberts b. 30 Oct 1798, dau. of Peter and Pamela (_____) Roberts.

4. David Terry b. ca 1774 d. N. Conhocton, Steuben Co. NY 13 Sep 1864; m. (1) Polly Rider b.?? d. 28 Oct 184 New York, NY; m. (2) Mary Danser.

Page 137

Reuben TERRY, s. of John TERRY d. 1793 Cincinnati, OH and m (1) _____,
b. ca 1765 d. Nicholas Co. KY 1844; m. (1) ??; m. (2) Nicholas Co. KY 22 Feb 1835 Mrs. Elizabeth CRESS, widow of Valentine CRESS.

Elizabeth TERRY b. Millersburg KY 1789 d. 1852; m. James or Robert Batson. Nancy TERRY b. d. m. 9 Dec 1807 Jonathon Batson

Sarah Ann TERRY b. KY 1795 d. Dec 1847; m. William S. Purdy. They lived in Carlisle, IN.

Fanny TERRY B. D. ; m. 31 Jul 1810 Reuben THOMPSON; m (2) James Brooks, Lived in Mason Co. KY.

Letitia TERRY b. d. ; m. Bourbon Co. KY 25 Jun 1816 David C. NICHOLSON. Lived Sullivan Co. IN.

John F. TERRY b. d. 1830; m. Bourbon Co. KY 17 Jun 1819 Jane GRAY. Lived Sullivan Co. IN.

Vincent S. TERRY b. d. ?? ; m. Nicholas Co. KY 6 Nov 1823 Elizabeth Dazey. Lived Leake Co. MS.

Reuben TERRY b. d.??; m. Nicholas Co. KY 22 Jan 1824 Betsy Dazey

Robert TERRY B. 13 Sep 1807 Bourbon Co. KY d. 2 Jun 1892; m (1) Elizabeth

Newsom Pate 31 Dec 1829 Williamson Co. TN; m (2) Mrs. Letha W. Smith. George TERRY B. ?? D.??; m. Bourbon Co. KY 30 Aug 1832 Ursula Boles.

Notes by Mrs. Richard D. Lawrence, 120 Garland Dr., Menlo Park, CA 94025

Will of John Terry 1793 Hamilton Co. OH.
Will of Reuben Terry 1844 Nicholas Co. KY
Robert Terry 1860 Cen. Bedford Co. TN Dist. 8, pg 56.
Cem. Rec. of Bedford Co. Tn Marsh Hist Pub, p. 65.
Marriage rec. of Williamson Co., TN.
Inhabitants of Springfield, Green Co. MO in 1880 comp. by Wm. K. Hall.
DAR record of William Loftin #619967.
Robert Terry and 2nd wife bur. at Maple Park Cem. Springfield, MO.

Probate Record. Will Book 1, pg. 102, 1791—l826 May 1800. John TERRY, Robert
McElhany & John Terry, Jr., admrs, present account. Debts ordered paid.
Hamilton Co. OH records.

pg. 96: Nov 1798. John Terry decd. Letters & inventory exhibited by John TERRY. Hamilton Co. OH.

pg. 242 March 12, 1814. Elizabeth Joyce decd. Will proved by Solomon Beach & Robert Gray wits. Exec. Robert Gray. John Gilliland relinq. Apprs, Wm Watson, Thomas McCormick, Wm Hunter.

Marriages Hamilton Co. OH

14 Jan 1795 TERRY, Elizabeth              HETH/HEATH, Noah

28 Apr 1795 TERRY, Ruth                   MCELHENY, Robert

26 Aug 1797 TERRY, Sarah                  ROLL, Edward

In Hamilton Co. wills, John Terry named wife Ruth.

Will Index 1792-1850, Hamilton Co. OH

John Terry Will pro 27 May 1795 Will bk 11, pg 379.

John Terry Will pro 29 Nov 1824 Will bk 4, pg 196.

Solomon BEACH Will pro 28 Oct 1850 Will bk 10, pg 192.

Oct 4, 1790. John Terry, of Cincinnati, summoned as grand juror. Seven ref
to TERRY name: Major Benj. F., James, James L., Jefferson, Lucinda P., Michael, Robert, Thomas.

Page 138

From St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. XIV No 3, Fall 1981 pg. 104, "Wilkinson Memorial: A Roster of Men in the Missouri Territory, 1805. Names on list Benjamin TERRY.

Benjamin D. TERRY b. VA 14 Feb 1784 d. MO 21 Feb 1857; m. ca. 1811/12 Mary
JUMP b. KY 9 Jan 1793 d. MO 29 Mar 1864, dau of Peter JUMP. Son of William

Green C. TERRY, s. of Benjamin and Mary (Jump) TERRY, b. ca 1811/12 d. ??;
m. Elizabeth F. CHILDERS b. ca 1816 d. ??

Lewis W. TERRY, s. of Benjamin and Mary (Jump) TERRY, b. ca 1812/13
d. ??; m. Franklin Co. MO 17 Mar 1835 Catrean ARMEN b. 1814 d. ??

Elizabeth TERRY b. ca 1813/14 d.?? m. 29 Dec 1831 Alfred LINK.

Nancy TERRY, dau of Benjamin and Mary (JUMP) TERRY, b. ca 1816.

Jane TERRY, dau of Benjamin and Mary (JUMP) TERRY, b. Dec 1820.

Sarah TERRY, dau of Benjamin and Mary (JUMP) TERRY, b. 29 Nov 1825.

Mary TERRY, dau of Benjamin and Mary (JUMP) TERRY, b. ca 1826/27.

William M. TERRY, son of Benjamin and Mary (JUMP) TERRY, b. 31 Jul 1828.

Lucinda TERRY, dau of Benjamin and Mary (JUMP) TERRY, b. 12 Jan 1832.

Laurinda TERRY, dau of Benjamin and Mary (JUMP) TERRY, b. 12 Jan 1832

Page 139




(Note: This info from Gladys Morris Tate, 227 N. 28th Street, Belleville, IL 62221. I assume it is Franklin Co. MO.)

Green C. TERRY 40; Elizabeth F. 34; William M. 14; Spicy J. 12; Sarah E. 12;
Benjamin D. 10; Henry G. 7; Lucinda E. 3; Flavis N 1; Spicy MAUPIN 44; Elizabeth CHILDERS 70.

Lewis W. TERRY 36; Catherine 36; Mary E. 14; Rebecca 13; Martha 11; William 7; Benjamin 5; James 2; Sarah 1.

Alfred K. LINK 41; Elizabeth 38; Benjamin 15; Mary J. 13; James E. 10; Malinda 8; William L. 6; Laurinda 4; Achilles 2.


(NOTE: This is from accelerated index and is all that I have. RMT)

DAVID TERRY         LINCOLN CO.          pg. 235 No TWSHP LISTED

GREEN TERRY         FRANKLIN CO.         pg. 204 BOEFF TWP



LEWIS W. TERRY      FRANKLIN CO.         pg. 204 BOEFF TWP






WILLIAM L TERRY     RIVES CO             pg. 362 NO TWP LISTED

From Barbara Roberts:

Biles Cemetery in Schuyler Co., MO is on Whitlow property about 4 mi. W of Glenwood on the E side of the country road. The cemetery covers about an acre enclosed by a fence out in a pasture area. An active cemetery up into the mid-1900s.

Abner Terry b. Nov 2, 1827 d. Dec 25, 1872
Emily Terry b. Nov 28, 1837 d. July 20, 1890
On same headstone with Emily

John B. Terry b. Nov 2, 1862 d. Nov 22, 1862

Thomas E. Terry b. Dec 1, 1869 d. Sep 19, 1871

William D. Terry April 3, 1860———Oct 17, 1911

George W. Terry Aug 11, 1864--Dec 28, 1914

Claiborn J. Terry July 28, 1861--May 20, 1904

Claiborne W. Terry b. ca 1901, son of William D. Terry Guardian Frances "Fanny" A. Terry. (Mrs. Roberts notes.)

Probate Records Schuyler Co. MO

Abner Terry, Claiborne W. Terry, George Terry; David B. Ray, Ad. 11, Fanny A. Terry G & C 43 & 48.

Abner Terry m. Emily Rice 28 Jan 1858 Schuyler Co. MO! Mariah J. Terry m. Samuel Jefferson Lucas(b. Wellsburg, WVA 10 May 1840)on 11 Jun 1863 same county .

Page 140

From History of Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Crawford and Gasonade Counties of Missouri by Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1888 contributed by Gladys Morris Tate 227 N. 28th St., Belleville, IL 62221. (Franklin County, pg. 831)

W. M. Terry, collector of Franklin County, and one of the leading citizens of Union, the county seat, was born in St. Louis County, fourteen miles west from the city of St. Louis, July 31, 1828, and is the son of Benjamin D. and Mary (Jump) Terry. The father was born in Rutherford County, N.C., February 14, 1784, and was the son of William Terry. Benjamin Terry emigrated from North Carolina to Missouri, settling in St. Louis County, in 1802. He was a farmer by occupation, and served in the War of 1812. In recognition of the service thus rendered he was given a land warrant for 160 acres of land in Missouri. He removed to Franklin County, in 1832, where he lived a long and useful life, his death occurring February 21, 1857. He was a member of the Baptist Church. The mother was born on the Cumberland River, in Kentucky, January 12, 1793, and was the daughter of Peter Jump, who was a native Kentuckian, and who removed to Missouri in the early part of the present century. She was a member of the Baptist Church, and died in Franklin County, March, 1864. To the parents eleven children were born, of whom our subject was the eighth. He was reared on the farm and acquired a limited education. He remained at home until August, 1864, when he enlisted in Company D, Forth—Seventh Missouri Regiment of Infantry of which he was color—bearer. He served until April, 1865, and was then mustered out at St. Louis. He returned to the farm in Franklin County, where he remained until his election, as A Republican, to the office of sheriff of Franklin County, in the fall of 1880, and then removed to Union. He was re—elected in 1882, and in 1884 was elected county collector. In 1886 he was re—elected collector, and holds that office at the present, discharging the duties in a faithful and efficient manner. January 1, 1857, he married Miss Elizabeth Boothe, a native of Iowa, born May 18, 1841, and the daughter of James Boothe. To this marriage three children have been born, one now living. Mrs. Terry died May 14, 1863, and in November, 1866, Mr. Terry took for his second wife Miss Mary A Link, a native of Franklin County, Mo., born December 7, 1841, and the daughter of Henry Link (deceased).

To this union nine children have been born, six now living. Mr. Terry is a member of the Baptist Church, and of Wilhelma Post. No. 344, G. A. R.; also a member of Union Lodge, No. 173, A. F. and A. M. His wife is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

This is unrelated to the above topic: I have been trying without much success to get ahold of South Carolina marriages but as those who know and are researching in this state there are no marriages recorded as there are bonds and such in other states. We therefore have to get marriages from Mr. Holcomb's books or other newspaper items, bibles, deeds wills, etc. etc. Could the membership help to send in this information.






State of Missouri ) RS. On the Eighth day of January A.D. 1851 personally
County of Franklin ) appeared before me a justice of the Peace within and
                     for the County and State aforesaid Benjamin D. Terry aged 65 years a resident of Franklin County in the State of Missouri who being duly sworn according to law declares that he is the identical Benjamin D Terry who was a private in the Company of Mounted Horsemen from the territory of Missouri, commanded by Lieutenent Tanzy, who acted as captain of the Company and that this Company and another Company commanded by Captain Wherry, were under the Command of Genl. Clarke in the War with the Osage Indians. that he volunteered at St. Louis County Territory of Missouri about the 25 of July A.D. 1808 for the term of two months or Sixty days and continued in actual Service in Said war for the term of two months, or Sixty days, and was honorably discharged at St. Charles in the territory of Missouri on or about the 15th day of October A.D. 1808 as will appear by the Muster roles of said Company. That he did not receive a written discharge—— . That the two Companys above spoken of were with Genl. Clarke at the treaty with the Osage Indians and assisted in building Fort Osage on the Missouri River. That he is also the identical Benjamin D. Terry who was a private in the Mounted Horse Company from the County of St. Louis in the terrritory of Missouri, commanded by Captain John W Thompson in the regiment commanded by Colonel Daniel Boone which was under the command of Genl. Henry Dodge (in the war with Great Britain declared with the United States written 18th day of June 1812) That he volunteered at St. Louis County on or about the twentieth day of March A.D. 1814 for the term of twelve months and what was then called Minute Men. that he rendezvoued at St. Charles territory of Missouri according to orders on or about the 19th day of August A D 1814. and continued in actual service in said war for seventy days and was honorably discharged at St. Louis in the territory of Missouri on or about the first day of November A D 1814 as will appear by the Muster rolls of said Company——that he never received a written certificate of discharge. and also that he stood in readiness as a volunteer to be called out at any time from the 20 day of March A D 1814 or there abouts until the 20 day of March A D 1815 or thereabouts under his original volunteering.

He makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the Bounty Land to which he may be entitled under the act granting bounty land to certain officers and soldiers who have been engaged in the Military Service of the United States Passed September 28, 1850 ——

                                                        B D Terry

Sworn to and subscribed to according to his best belief and knowledge before me this day and year above written and I hereby certify that I believe this said Benjamin D Terry to be the identical man who served as aforesaid and that he is of the age above states.

                                    Farmer Harper) Justice of
                                                 ) the Peas

State of Missouri ) I O.S. Deffries Clerk of the County Court of the County County of Franklin ) aforesaid hereby certify that Farmer Harper ESQ before
                   ) whom the foregoing affidavit was made is and was at the time thereof an acting Justice of the Pease for the County aforesaid duly commisioned and qualifies and that his signature is genuine.

                     In testmony whereof I hereto set my hand and seal of                        said County Court at office in Union this 8th day of                        January AD 1851

                     0.S. Deffries Clerk

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Queries are $1.00 per fifty word entry for subscribers and non-subscribers . I am requesting this of subscribers as well because this keeps the cost of the TERRY FAMILY HISTORIAN down. This policy may change if we begin to receive advertisements or if the number of subscribers increases. IF YOU GET A GOOD RESPONCE TO YOUR QUERY PLEASE SHARE IT WITH US!!!

011282 TERRY BROWN Need info on John Troy Terry b. AL Apr 1853 d. prob Smith Co. TX m. Carroll Co. MS 4 Aug 1886 Eudora Madlock; Susan Terry b. 4 Apr 1865 d. Henderson Co. TX 23 May 1934 m. Carroll Co. MS 21 Oct 1889 Wm. T. Brown; Mary Elizabeth Terry (my line) b. Vaiden, Carroll Co. MS 27 Mar 1871 d. Gregg Co. TX 30 Nov 1936 m. Carroll Co. MS 21 Oct 1889 George W. Brown; Thomas Terry, nothing else known of him. Known chil of Troy Terry and Eudora Madlock were: Ada, Reuben, John H., Ida, Whitworth and Frank J. Carlene Brown, Rt. 1, Box 318 Gilmer, TX 75644.

021282 TERRY TURNER GADDY KENDALL HILTON?HELTON? William Terry m. Susan Turner?

His son John S. Terry b. 28 May 1797 m. Frances Gaddy ca 1765 VA; John's dau
Anna Terry b. IL 26 Oct 1813 m. (1) Epaphroditus Theopolis Kendall Sr. m (2)Wade Hampton Hilton/Helton. John S. Terry had chil b. KY,IN,IL,MO,AR and TN. Anna Terry d. 7 Aug 1896 AR. These Chil. reputed to have been reg. as 1/4 Chickasaw Indian in Oklahoma Chickasaw Register. Mary Shaw Holt, Rt. 2, Box 121, Tuscola, IL 61953.

031282 TERRY CAVENDER ROBINSON STANDLEY Matilda Francis Cavender b. MS 26 May 1842 d. 24 Oct 1887 m. (1) John L. Robinson b. 1826 d. 1875; m (2) James M. Terry 26 Sep 1877 child: Walter Lafayette Terry b. 20 Jul 1878. My rec indicate Walter was m. but no further data. Matilda was oldest dau of my g fa and dau of James M. Cavender and Francis (Standley) Cavender. This fain came to Pulaski Co. AR in 1850. Some were in Falkner, and White Co. at times. Elbin H. Cavender,Rushing Rte Box 182, Mountain View, AR 72560.

041282 TERRY WILSON PHELPS My g mother was Martha Ann Mazuria Terry b. Williamson Go. TX 15 Jan 1871. Her fa was Bartholomew "Sol" Terry b. MS 12 Aug 1838 and her mom was Mary Elizabeth Wilson b. 1846 where? She d. 1901. Bartholomew d. Blanco Co. TX 21 Jan 1874. I bel his fa was Joe Carroll Terry. Grandmother had a bro named Lee Ander Jeams Elec Sander Terry b. 18 Aug 1869 and a sis named Massa Armitty Terry b. 31 Mar 1873. My g mother m. Levi William Elijah Phelps 6 Nov 1887 and her sis m. Levi's bro Jasper. Ravelta Jo Phelps Teraberry, Rt. 2, Box 461, Caldwell ID 83605.

051282 TERRY SKAGGS HORTON I am a desc. of Miles Terry and Nancy Skaggs of Floyd Co. KY. It is only this week that I conf. the fact that Miles Terry is the son of Miles Terry and Hannah Horton of VA. Any info would be apprec. Mary Tolle, 33838 Clifton Dr., Sterling Heights, MI 48077.

061282 TERRY DICKERSON MONRO COLQUITT I am desc . from Patience Terry, dau of Henry Terry. She was b. in 1749 acc. to bible record. She m. Obediah Dickerson ca 1770. He d. ca 1784. His wife name was Marget?Margaret? Bel. Henry's fa was Champness Terry and wife Christian. Champness d. Louisa Co. VA ca 1757. Henry d. Pittsyl Go. VA. What was Henry's wife's maiden name? What was Christian '5 maiden name? Who was Champness' father? He had a bro. named James. Was James' father Capt. James Terry d. ca 1744 in Caroline/Hanover Co.? Was Christian the dau of James Monro? Elaine (Godbey) Couch 6848 Sarah, Temperance MI 48182. Ms. Couch also sent several pages of Dorman's Caroline Co. VA Order Books 1732 to 1755. Thanks!!!

Page 143


071282 TERRY SHELTON LEAK MAYBERRY Need pars of Cuthbert Shelton b. prob. Henry Co VA ca 1770 d. Muhlenberg Co. KY 1831-1836; m bef 1788 in Henry Co. VA Sarah Leak Terry, dau of James and Elisabeth (Leak) Terry. James Terry d. 1788 Henry Co. VA wife Elizabeth Terry and son-in-law, Cuthbert Shelton Execs. Ralph Shelton-witness. James Terry bought his land from Ralph Shelton. Ralph sold out to Elizabeth Terry and moved to Knox Co. TN. Ralph Shelton deeded land to Cuthbert Shelton in Grainger Co. TN 7 Jul 1798. Cuthbert in Muhlenberg Co KY in 1817. Ralph prob fa of Cuthbert but need proof. Ralph Shelton b. ca 1733-35 Amelia Co. VA m. ca 1755 Eliz.____ d aft 1798 prob Grainger Co. TN. Need will and probate and names of his chil.

Need pars of Elizabeth Mabry (Mayberry) m 15 Jan 1811 Knox Co. TN to Hall Shelton b. ca 1789 in Grainger Co. TN d. Nashville, Wash. Co IL 31 Aug 1860. Son of Cuthbert Shelton and Sarah Leak Terry. Andrew B. Van Hooser, 2007 Sawyers Bar Rd., Etna, CA 96027. Mr. Hooser also sent a letter from Edna Bushnell with good documentation on James and William Terrys of NC (Anson/orange Co.'s). Will definitly use this.

081282 TERRY ALLEN WRIGHT BELL HEATH HONEYWELL PHELPS ICDONALD KINYON NORTON Samuel Terry son of Joshua, b. Liverpool NY 10 Mar 1830 d. Tuscola, MI 1896;
m. Tuscola MI 11 Apr 1859 Austa Allen dau of King and Sarah Madison (wright) Allen, b. Lockport NY 6 Jan 1840 d. Detroit MT 4 Apr 1923; Chil: Parnel Terry b. 1860 d. 1914 m. Samuel Bell; Elias Samuel (Boy) Terry b. 1862 d. Caro MI 1931 m. Mary Lydelia Heath b. 1862 Fairgrove MI d. 1916; Reed Alvin or Allen Terry b. 1865 d. 1941 m. Mary (Mamie) Honeywell b. 1867 d. 1943; Harriet (Hattie) Terry b. 1867 d. 1943 m. 1 Porter Thelps m 2 Mr. McDonald; Ami G. Terry b. 1869 d 1932 m. Agnes Kinyon; Sarah (Sadie) Francis Terry b. 1872 d. 1928 m. John Norton. Carol also sent several excerpts from early Michigan data. Carol Dickinson, 9499 Brayton Dr. #33, Ancharage AL 99507

contact anyone researching Joshua Terry, son of Nathan and Elanor (Lewis) Terry b. NY 1798 d. MT.; m Lucinda Tyning. Chil: Ellen m. Hardenbert; CeleBtia m. Cole; hewett; elias; sarah m. 1 Clarke & 2 others; Mack, Cynthia m. Bradford; Nelson, Samuel; Emma m. Bencrof t. Carol Dickinson, 9499 Brayton Dr. #33, Anchorage, AL 99507.

101282 TERRY ELAM CREWS Need par of William E. Terry b. MS 1842 and Robert
W. Terry b. MS 1844. Shown in Jonathan Elam HH in 1850 Cen. of Panola Co. MS. Father b. in VA or AL. Prob. rel. of Mary Terry b. VA 1774 and Jane P. Crews b. VA 1806 both shown in 1840 and 1850 cen of Attala Co. MS C. Norris Terry,3307 Breckenridge Dr., Little Rock, AR 72207.

111282 TERRY Stephen b. 1787 NC d. LA 1860-1870; Sanford Rainey b. La 1822
d. TX 1879; Sanford Warren b. LA 1852 d. TX; Randolph Monroe b, LA 1875 d.
LA 1923. Mrs. J. P. DeRossitt Jr., 1527 N. Division St., Forrest City, AR

121282 TERRY HORTON MCNAIR FRITTS Seek data on Jesse Terry b. ca 1822 Roane Co., TN m. Ellen Fritts Irons 18 Apr 1869 in Roane Co. Decease date unknown but believe place Roane Co. aft 1880. Ellen d. 17 Jul 1919 Knoxville, TN. Believe fa was Jessee Terry b. ca 1760 m (1) Hannah McNair ?? 31 Mar 1797 Knox Co. TN; m (2) ?? Hannah Horton b. ca 1781 d. Oct 1859 Kingston, Roane Co. TN. Chil at least of Jesse (above): Sarah b. 1817, Myra b. 1820. Poss also James, Price, Louisa. Jessee d. aft 1830. He signed petition to organize Roane Co. from Knox Co. E. E. Fricks, PE 26 Windmill Drive, Clementon, NJ 08021.

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Line of Joy S. Brown, 1212 Glade, College Station, TX 77840

1. Mildred Joy (SNODGRASS) BROWN b. 28 Jun 1926 Waco, McLennan Co. TX; m.11      Aug 1946 Brenham, Washington Co. TX.

2. Joe Ernest SNODGRASS b. Rockdale, Milam Co. TX 3 Oct 1899 d. Brenham,      Washington Co. TX 29 May 1968; m. Luling, Caldwell Co. TX 19 Aug 1921.

3. Eunice Milred TAYLOR b. Luling, Caldwell Co. TX 28 Jun 1900 d. Brenham      Washington Co. TX 24 Apr 1972.

6. James Ervin TAYLOR b. Luling, Caldwell Co. TX 9 Nov 1871 d. Luling,        Caldwell Co. TX 18 Oct 1955; m. Luling, Caldwell Co TX 18 Jul 1894.

7. Carrie Viola TERRY b. Guadalupe Co. TX 12 Jul 1876 d. Temple, Bell Co. TX

27 Dec 1931.

14. John Flowers TERRY b. Russell Co. AL 15 Jun 1850 d. Luling, Caldwell Co.       TX 25 May 1893; m. 15 Jun 1875.

15. Olivia Ann WRIGHT b. Gaudalupe Co. TX 23 Dec 1855 d. Orange, Orange Co.       TX 22 Feb 1913

28. William TERRY b. NC 12 Aug 1809 d. TX 19 Nov 1888; m.

29. Martha FLOWERS b. GA? ca 1810 d. ca 1858 AL

Line of Anne(MARTIN)TERRY HAIGLER 100 Pebblebrook Court, St. Louis, MO 63141.

1. Anne Louis MARTIN b. Hinds Co. MS 16 Dec 1926; m. (1) Cary, MS 14 May      1945.

2. Norman Ray TERRY b. 12 Sep 1926 d. Jackson, MS 25 May 1952.

4. Arthur Ray TERRY b. Apr1900 d. ??; m. ??

5. Minnie Esther GIBSON b. 10 Aug 1904. d. ??

8. John Arthur TERRY b. ?? d. ??

9. Ida Carroll DAVIS b. ?? d. ??

Line of M. R. Buckner, 902 Prairie, Cleburne TX 76031

1. Marietta Eleanor BUCKNER b. 28 Oct 1917 Cleburne, TX m. Cleburne, TX
   2 Dec 1939.

2. John Franklin BUCKNER b. Johnson Co. TX 7 Oct 1887 d. Cleburne, TX
   8 Feb 1967; m. Cleburne, TX 21 Jun 1916.

3. Mary Eleanor WIMBERLY b. Henderson, TX 1 May 1890 d. ??

4. Robert Garrett BUCKNER b. Van Zandt Co. TX 2 May 1860 d. Rusk Co. TX
   29 Oct 1929; m. Rusk Co. TX 11 Nov 1884.

5. Lorey Etta SWINK b. Rusk Co. TX 12 Nov 1864 d. 11 Nov 1963.

8. Moses M. BUCKNER b. McMinn Co. TN 1 Apr 1829 d. Camp Douglas, IL
   13 Mar 1863; m. 2 Dec 1852.

9. Emeline J. RISINGER b. 26 Aug 1834 Bibb Co. AL d. Nacogdoches, TX
   12 Nov 1922.

18. James David RISINGER B. Oct 1803 d. 19 Sep 1886; m. ??

19. Nancy TERRY b. 29 Jan 1806 d. 16 Apr 1901.

38. David TERRY b. ?? d. 1860.

39. Nancy JORDAN b. ?? d. ??

131282 TERRY SWEATT SUET HARRIS I am looking for information on James Rhett Terry b. Lancaster Co. SC ca 1810 m. ca 1840 Margaret Sweat/Suet; William W. Terry b. ca 1842 Lancaster Co. SC; Jackson Rhett Terry b. ca Sep 1841 Lancaster Co. SC and Jane Margaret Terry b. Lancaster Co. SC 20 Mar 1846 d. 23 Dec 1910 Lancaster Co. SC m. John Kennedy Harris 1866 Lancaster Co. SC. Seven known children of James R. and Margaret Sweatt Terry: Alvina, William W., Jane Margaret, Jackson Rhett, James Starling, Martha Lavinia and Mahala. Who were his parents? Alice L. Carter Box 121, Waxhaw, NC 28173.

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Line of Debbie Downum, 603 St. Mary's, Rockwall, TX 75087

Deborah Sue Blakeney SMITH b. Dallas, Dallas Co. TX 15 Mar 1952

1. Dale F. DOWNUM b. 19 Mar 1956 Whitwell, Marion Co. TN.

2. Dean Statum DOWNUM b. Whitwell, Marion Co. TN 21 Apr 1928 m.
3. Wilma Wyamma DEMPSEY b. Marion Co. Tn 03 Jul 1931.

4. Alexander DOWNUM b. Franklin Co. TN 08 May 1888 d. Whitwell, 28 Oct 1963;      m. 28 Aug 1910.
5. Parzetta TERRY b. Marion Co. Tn 04 Dec 1895 d. Whitwell, Marion Co. TN
   06 May 1970.

10. Asberry B. TERRY b. 28 Aug 1866/68 d. Marion Co. TN 10 Jan 1929/30 m.
11. Nancy PICKETT b. Marion Co. TN 13 Sep 1868 d. Marion Co. TN 26 May 1911.

20. William TERRY
21. Martha POWELL

Line of Lula Terry Elliott, 301 Pine St., Clayton, NM 88415

1. Lula Gertrude TERRY b. Crawford Co. IN 14 Oct 1903; m 24 Dec 1923 Rector Perle ELLIOTT b. Terre Haute, IN 17 Nov 1902 d. Clayton NM 9 Dec 1973.

2. Marquis Mayfield TERRY 21 Mar 1961; m. 12 Dec 1897
3. Mary Ellen WEATHERS b. 1965.

4. Elder Judge Emery TERRY b. Perry Co. IN 12 Mar 1850 d. Orleans, IN 18 May
   1923; m. 11 Apr 1872.
5. Margaret Jane WALTERS b. Marietta, OH 18 Apr 1854 d. Orleans, IN 10 Nov

8. Elias TERRY b. Botetourt Co. VA. 15 Sep 1807 d. Perry Co. IN 1894; m.28      Sep 1826.
9. Eleanor SANDAGE b. Union Co. SC 20 Aug 1809 d. Perry Co. IN 12 Mar 1850.

16. John TERRY b. prob. VA ca 1760 d. 7 Dec 1842; m. 2 Feb 1781.
17. Esther BROWN b. 1764 d. 1847

32. William TERRY b. prob VA ca 1724 d. Botetourt Co. VA 1803; m. 1 ??; m.       (2)2 Mar 1759.
33. Rachel MANSON??

(Note: See pages 150-152 for pictures, maps, articles concerning family)

ROBERTS REGISTER 5048 J. Parkway, Sacremento, CA 95823. Subscription rate 10.00 per year includes free queries to subscribers.

JOHNSON JOURNAL Clearinghouse for genealogical data on JOHNSON & allied lines. Pub. Nov., Mar., July. 1st issue Nov. 82. Queries FREE to subscribers. $10 per yr. JOHNSON JOURNAL, 5048 J Parkway Sacremento, CA 95823. Note: Roberts Register is published at same times RMT

141282 TERRY PEDEN My husband's grandmother was Mary Ellen
b. 23 Jan 1850 MS m. 28 Nov 1865 Lacy Griffith Peden d. 1927
Cotton Co. OK. This is all I know about her family. Any help
appreciated. Ola Fae (Wilson) Thomason 2912 Euclid Ave. N.W.
73505 .(Terry) Peden bur Walters, would be Lawton, OK

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Terry Line of Vera (Barnard) Seigler, 2955 Fairlee Dr., Fairfax, VA 22031

1. Vera BARNARD, b. 1 May 1931 Meadows of Dan, VA

2. Alvin M. BARNARD b. 27 May 1894 Mayberry, VA m. 24 July 1921
3. Ettie Dura TERRY b. 14 Apr 1903 Mayberry, VA

6. Thomas Saunders Tilden TERRY b. 11 Oct 1876 Carroll Co., VA d. 29 Jul      1941 Meadows of Dan, VA m. 25 July 1896
7. Josephine THOMAS

12. Joseph Green TERRY b. 18 Feb 1837 Patrick Co., VA d. 24 Feb 1927 Patrick       Co., VA m. 2 Apr 1863
13. Mary SMITH b. 24 Nov 1843 d. 4 Mar 1901 Patrick Co., VA

24. Henry B. TERRY b. 15 Nov 1799 Buckingham Co., VA? d. 22 Jun 1867 Patrick       Co., VA m. 14 Feb 1828
25. Mary RAKES b. 29 Apr 1805 d. 22 Jul 1861

48. Joseph TERRY b. 27 Jul 1761 Chesterfield Co., VA d. 23 May 1838 m.        _______
49. Mary_________ b._______ d. 11 Jun 1828

96. John TERRY

151282 TERRY WORRELL FOSTER HAMMOND HAMPTON My Terry's came from Virginia into Kentucky. Ansel Terry s. of Robert Terry and Cloe Worrell b. KY 1797 m. Elizabeth Foster. Sons: My Gr. Grandfather Robert Jackson Terry b. IN m. Mary Hammond liv in Gallatin MO and d. there m (2) Susan Hammond. His son George m. Mary Elizabeth Hampton b. Montgomery Co. IL d. Plattville CO 1950. My father Louis E. Terry was son of George C. and Mary E. Terry b. Franklin Co. Nebraska d. Denver CO 1970. Rosanna Cooper 25830 7th St, Hemet CA 92343.

161282 WOODSON Desire corres. with desc. of Dr. John Woodson. To Jamestown 1619. First issue of the Woodson Watcher family news in preparation. All letters answered. For details: Mrs. Carl A. Longobardi 170 Spruce Haven Dr. Wexford, PA 15090. "Dear Mike, as the Woodson and Terry families are connected, would appreciate you giving me a "blurb"..Will do the same for you. The Watcher will be much the same as Terry Family Historian. I will edit, and Claudette Maerz, will publish. She is Ed & Pub of "Chambers Helping Chambers". Claudetts, 8116 Pillsbury Ave. Bloomington MN. Mrs. Longobardi has helped me a lot by sending TERRY info and I am pleased to trade info on her new publication. RMT

171282 TERRY ENNIS Am a desc of William Terry b. 7 Nov 1785 Hawkins Co. TN. (Much of that county's records destroyed during Civil War, so I am searching for other means of proof in order to establish names of parents. William m. 1806/7 Barbara Ennis B. 24 Oct 1788 Burke Co. NC d. Greene Co. MO 15 May 1869. William was quite a letter writer, and I am fortunate to have many that he wrote to his son John (my great grandfather). They cover a span of about 20 years before the civil war and give a very candid view of life in NW Arkansas (Washington and Benton Counties) during that time. It would be my pleasure to share any info and data that I have with your readers if you think it would be of value to them. Good luck with your publication. Mrs . Raymond Wray, 1606 N. Willow Oak Longview, TX 75601. (We'll be looking for those letters, editor!!!)

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181282 KNIGHT Dear Mr. Terry: Thanks for telling me about your publication. Will add it to the next list of Family Periodicals I publish. Also will make one announcement in the KNIGHT LETTER. Good luck with it. Merle Ganier 2108 Grace Street, Fort Worth TX 78112.

191282 TERRY HANEY MCADAMS Suzanna Terry, dau of John Terry, m. Isaac Haney. I have no dates or locations on these three. Isaac Haney and Suzanna Terrywere parents of Martha Ann Haney who was b. 10 Jul 1803. Since she was born in Newberry Co . SC I suppose her parents lived there and maybe were born there. Martha Ann Haney was m. 19 Jan 1823 to Joshua Teague McAdams. I understand that several of these related families moved together to AL and later to MS. Martha Ann Haney McAdams d. in Walker Co. AL 17 Dec 1882. Would appreciate any connection on Terry-Haney lines. James N. Russell, 7124 2nd Ave. N., Birmingham, AL 35206.

201282 TERRY RATCLIFF Need parents of George Washington Terry b. ?? d. Smith Co. TX;m. Cynthia Ratcliff d. ?? They had 10 children: Emma Ella b. 16 Jan 1880 d. 11 Jul 1913 in Louisville, AR m. Onlee Nisbit; Mary; Ethel; Laura; Banma; George; Will, Croff, Herbert Young, Nolia. My grandmother tells me that she thinks her mother, Emma Ella, came from AL but she is not shure, as she was only 4 at the time of her Mother's death. Debbie Cameron, 1818 Lauri, El Dorado, AR 71730

211282 TERRY SAXON My line of Terrys is from Samuel David Terry my Great-Grandfather of Edgefield, SC. Removed to Claiborne Co. MS early 1800's. After 1820 moved to Madison Co. MS and then to Brandon, MS where he died and is buried beside his wife Sara Malinda (Saxon) Terry. Who was his father? Anything on this line would be helpful. Mrs. J. L. Holley, 203 Jackson St., McComb, MS 29648.

211282b TERRY STOKES BENNETT HEFFNER HILL GILL MCCLURE GLOVER STARKE Need parents of Priscilla (Stokes) Terry d. Chester Co. SC 1849/50; Need parents of Mary Bennett b. AL 1838 d. 1875 TX/AR?? sister of John W. Bennett of Lamar Co. TX; Need parents of Francis E. (Heffner) Terry b. GA 5 Apr 1871
d. Yell Co. AR 1895; Need parents of Moses Hill d. 1821 Fairfield Dist SC m. Savilla Roden; Need info on Samuel Gill m. Mary McClure of Chester Dist SC; Need maiden name of Susannah Glover widow of George Glover of Chester Dist SC m. later Rueben Starke. Robert M. Terry Box 1531, Enid, OK 73702. Particularly interested in Terry records of Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Arkansas and Virginia.

221282 TERRY BROWN My greatest problem is locating some of the children of John Terry and Esther Brown (See page 146, as she is a cousin of Lula Terry Elliott.) Belva Sullivan 1511 Gerry Way, Roseville, CA 95678.

231282 TERRY TILTON Who were parents of Rebecca Terry who m. 12 May 1674 Flushing L.I., NY, as his 2nd w, John2Tilton? She was not mentioned in the wills of Richard1 or Thomas1, but "probably" was dau of John1 or Robert1 or a g dau of Thomas1. Mrs. Dorothy Branson 797 S.. James Rd. #14, Columbus, OH 43227.

241282 TERRY I read with great interest your review in the Arkansas Family Historian. My wife was the former Freda May Terry and her fam originated from Cookeville, Tn area and is a cousin of Woodford Terry 111 Witishire, Oakridge TN 37830. She has no interest in her family traditions/heritage but I do if for no other reason than for my children and grandchildren who may have future interest. (Note: Thank you for the interest) Bill Green, 1306 Kings Mountain Dr., Little Rock, AR 72211. (I have written to Mr. Woodford Terry who is purported to have a "wealth" of information on middle TN Terry but have not received a response as yet. RMT)

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In order to generate monies for the publication of the Terry Family Historian I am offering for sale the following items. All of the resources will be used to publish this quarterly. If you have additional information I would welcome it. Mike Terry.

Alabama marriages (Baldwin, Bibb, Calhoun, Clarke, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Limestone, Montgomery, Perry, Talledega, Tuscaloosa,)

Georgia marriages (Bibb, Chatham, Crawford, DeKalb, Elbert, Fayette, Floyd, Forsyth, Greene, Gwinnett, Hancock, Harris, Jackson, Jasper, Jones, Lincoln, Marion, Morgan, Muscogee, Ogelthorpe, Putnam, Stewart, Troup, Walton.)

Kentucky marriages (Barren, Bourbon, Breckinridge, Caldwell, Casey, Christian, Fulton, Hardin, Hickman, Hopkins, Todd, Knott, Lawrence, Letcher, Lincoln, Logan, Madison, Montgomery, Muhlenberg, Nicholas, Pike, Pulaski, Warren, Wayne, Woodford,)

Louisiana marriages (Ascension, Avoyelles, Bossier, Caddo, Catahoula, Concordia,De Soto, E. Carroll, E. Feliciana, Franklin, Iberville, Lafourche, La Salle,Livingston, Madison, Morehouse, Quchita, Red River, St. Bernard, St. Helena,St. James, St. Landry, St. Martin, St. Mary, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Tensas,Terrebonne, Union, Washington, Webster, W. Feliciana.)

Mississippi marriages (Adams, Alcorn, Amite, Attala, Benton, Bolivar, Calhoun, Carroll, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Claiborne, Clarke, Clay, Copiah, Forrest, Franklin, Hinds, Holmes, Itawamba, Jackson, Jasper, Jefferson, Jefferson Davis, Kemper, Lafayette, Lawrence, Leake, Lee, Leflore,)

Missouri marriages (Franklin, Greene, Marion, Polk, St. Francois.)

North Carolina marriages (Bertie, Caswell, Chatham, Craven, Cumberland, Davidson, Granville, Guilford, Montgomery, Nash, Orange, Person, Randolph, Richmond, Robeson, Rockingham, Stokes, Surry, Wake, Warren,)

Tennessee marriages (Blount, Davidson, Henry, Knox, Monroe, Montgomery, Shelby, Smith, Sumner, Washington, Williamson, Wilson,)

Texas marriages (Austin, Brazoria, Collin, Cooke, Denton, Falls, Fannin, Fayette, Freestone, Grayson, Harrison, Hopkins, Hunt, Johnson, Kaufman, Lamar, Nacogdoches, Panola, Parker, Red River, Robertson, Rusk, Smith, Van Zandt, Washington,)

Virginia marriages (Louisa, Albemarle, Amherst, Bedford, Botetourt, Campbell, Charlotte, Cumberland, Franklin, Goochland, Halifax, Henry, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Middlesex, Montgomery, Norfolk, Pittsylvania,)

(I have very few marriages outside of the above areas . Would certainly appreciate any help in the above areas and other areas. I hope to computorize Terry marriages by regions and publish volumes on these later. This will help us to identify Terry families. RMT)

IN MOST CASES $2.00 plus postage will cover cost of sending these to you. If it is more or less I will let you know.

1880 soundex of Arkansas, Terry families by Mike Terry.

Index to Applications for Texas Confederate Pensions (Terry surnames)

Index to Death Records -- Texas 1903-1940 (Terry surname)

These are the only items that I have that are fairly complete. I will be publishing portions at various times in the TFH but cannot get it all in at one time an possibly you might need it now. Again, all proceeds will go to making the TFH bigger and better.

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