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VOLUME 03                            DECEMBER                     1984 NUMBER 04
I am typing as fast as I can by the Editor ........................... Page 156
Covering the Terry-Tory by Robert W. Terry ........................... Page 157
Garland County Arkansas Records by Madelyn Terry Payne & Editor ...... Page 158
Hot Springs County Arkansas Records .................................. Page 159
Elisha Terry of Hot Springs Arkansas ................................. Page 160
Shooting at Church: Jealousy Costs One Life During Services .......... Page 162
Terry Family of Robert "Bob" Rowan ................................... Page 162
Terry Family of George A. Terry of Goodlettsville, TN ................ Page 163
Notes on Oklahoma Terrys ............................................. Page 166
Notes on Jack County Texas Terrys by Kaye Vernon ..................... Page 168
Notes on Curtis Terry Family of Yalabusha Co. MS by Blanche Craft .... Page 169
New York Terry Records from several researchers ...................... Page 169
MOSES GREEN BERRY HILL TERRY: Give that boy a real name! ............. Page 172
Notes on Benjamin Terry of Guilford NC and Abbeville Dist. ........... Page 175
Will and Estate Records of Priscilla Stokes Terry of Chester SC ...... Page 176
Albert Terry born 1817 Livingston Co. NY ............................. Page 179
Terrytown, Bradford County, Pennsylvania ............................. Page 179
Oakland County, Michigan Terry Records ............................... Page 179
Terry Family of Lea Bousman (Webster Co. Missouri) ................... Page 183
Terry Line of Whitman N. Till ........................................ Page 188
Terry Line of Anita Kay /Terry/ Battle ............................... Page 189
Terry Line of Lois Edith /Terry/ Augustson ........................... Page 189
Terry Line of Jerris Ann /Terry/ Oberbeck ............................ Page 190
Terry Line of Linda Rae /Terry/ Holcomb .............................. Page 191
Terry Line of Mrs. Ann K. Silva ...................................... Page 191
Terry Line of Marie /Davis/ Wiles .................................... Page 192
Terry Line of George A. Terry ........................................ Page 194
Terry Line of Betty /Young/ Martin ................................... Page 194
Terry Line of Valerie /Whitlow/ Terry ................................ Page 195
Terry Line of Vicki McCarron ......................................... Page 198
Terry Line of Darrell R. Hooker ...................................... Page 201
Terry Line of Ethiel B. /Terry/ Johnson .............................. Page 202
Exchange Advertising ................................................. Page 203

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I  A M  T Y P I N G   A S  F A S T   A S   I  C A N

I spent an exciting evening recently with members, Mrs. William A. Payne
of Little Rock AR and Mrs. Shirley Castleman and spouse of Weatherford OK who
were in attendance at a BUTLER family reunion in OKC. Not only was the dinner
great but the after dinner Computing went into the wee hours. Mrs. Payne has
shared some Arkansas TERRY data with us and I am in the process of editing at
present. If you have any Arkansas obits, newspaper articles, pedigree charts,
cemetery records, marriages, wills, estates, memorabilia etc. etc. send them
Depending on the input this will be published early 1985. [I have 30 pages

It should be mentioned that I have in many cases received entire TERRY
family sheets and Pedigree Charts from members and please continue sending them
as they will be published eventually! HOWEVER, my floppies are limited in terms
of space so I am only putting pedigree charts in my ROOTS M data base file at
the present time and cannot chain files. There is also a space limitation in
the TFH as well.

For an explanation about the stuff you see in headings of the QUERIES
section. IF you see Member.nnn by your pedigree chart this means it is in my
files by this reference number. Those with Terry.nnn indicates it is a line
connected with myself. Perhaps someday soon I will receive the funds required
to purchase a hard disk with more storage and will begin to place more complete
family information in the data files.

Among the membership there is a growing number of computers and, hopeful-
ly, I will have purchased a telephone modem by the early part of 1985 and will
start a COMPUTERIZED TERRY BULLETIN BOARD so members can download and upload
TERRY data files, queries etc. Just imagine what Stephen Terry of 1887 could
have done with a computer. In fact, I am planning to do an update in 1987 to
commemorate "Notes of Terry Families in the US" by Stephen Terry (1887).

A few members have already renewed for 1985. We need your '85 renewal as
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I certainly appreciate all the contributions and could not operate without
the input from all of you. I am as always very far behind on correspondence.

Page 156

I am filing SASE's and if I get any input on your line will send it to you. I
am currently trying to devise a data format which allows for an automatic
printout of researchers with a given line of descent with addresses. It is a
slow process.

By the way, Merry X-mas from us OKIE TERRY's in November !#@%.

Mike, Debbie, John, Jason and Emma.

* * * * *

C O V E R I N G   T H E   T E R R Y - T O R Y

Robert W. Terry

4900 Springdale Road, Cincinnati OH 45239

By the time this appears in the TFH, the holiday season will be upon us in
earnest with its annual gift lists, preparations, religious observances, and
other special events of the season.

At the time it is written, it is fall and the superb foliage of the tri-
state area surrounding Cincinnati has been among the most beautiful in memory.
Christmas advertisements and television commercials pre-dated the change in
coloring of the leaves and it looks like a long bombardment of readers and
viewers and listeners.

What I call the "begats" are most useful, of course, in tracing our
ancestors but I find myself treasuring the little stories and anecdotes about
relatives passed on by the elders of the family. These are worth recording as
an adjunct to genealogical information, which often resembles the "begats."

In early October, I took a distant cousin and her husband on a brief tour
of our mutual ancestor's places of residence, including the little cemetery in
which he rests. Our first meeting brought home the old contention that "blood
is thicker than water," which I had experienced several times in the past.

My distant cousin and I probably bored our spouses with our rehashing of
ancestral lore, exchanged by mail for years. They endured, however, with
patience and understanding.

I suspect that my cousin will not recall the "begats" part of her visit
nearly as vividly as she will recall a story told me by my father during
numerous Christmas seasons.

My father's grandparents apparently were early practitioners of child
psychology. They established a holiday custom that the first grandchild to
reach their home on Christmas morning would receive a special gift -- this in
the days before Cabbage Patch dolls, battery-powered toys, etc.

There were grandchildren in homes up and down the rural road from the
grandparents' home and the Christmas morning competition for the gift was
intense. Attempts to stay awake all night by the children usually resulted in
their over-sleeping and missing their chance.

Page 157

Making a long story short, I recall my father's pleasure in telling of the
year in which his mother awakened him at 6 a. m., fed him, bundled him up
against the cold, and set him out on his quarter-mile run to the grandparents'
home, where he claimed his gift.

I realize that genealogical information requires documentation, but I
intended to supplement my "begats" with the anecdotes and stories which make my
ancestors more human. Have Happy holidays!

* * * * *

Note: A majority of the following Arkansas Information is from the TERRY data
base of Mrs. William A. Payne, 5036 Crestwood Dr., Little Rock AR 72207.
Included are some notes from the editor and others. This is an example of items
needed for the ARKANSAS TERRY RECORDS now in the early editing stages.--Editor.

G A R L A N D  C O U N T Y  A R K A N S A S


TERRY, JOHN H 27 1853 MS
TERRY, WILEY W. S 11 days 1880 AR
Note: Lee Township / 5:75:18:30

TERRY, DORA N. D. D 1 1879 AR
Note: Hale Township / 5:71:19:20

TERRY, W. J. H 33 1847 AR
TERRY, JAS. T. S 12 1868 AR
CAMERON, JAS. W. BL 23 1857 AR
Note: Hot Springs Township / Hot Springs City / 5:73:3:43


TERRY, JOSEPH; 4561 TERRY, Penelope; Co. E., 19th Inf. Ark. Inf.; Wounded
1861-65; Pension Application: 28 Aug 1901; Approved: 8 Sep 1902; Garland Co.;
Vet's death: 15 Jul 1902; Widow's death: 1 Sep 1909.

Note: Martha Elizabeth Terry was born July 15, 1875, married Abraham Nicholas
Graves on Feb. 4, 1894 and died March 20, 1932. Martha is buried in Ozark
Cemetery in Garland Co. AR. Her parents were Joseph Terry born July 19, 1831
and died July 22, 1903 and Penelope Nobles/Baggs?. Penelope was born Dec. 13,
1838 and died Sep 1, 1910. Joseph and Penelope are buried in Ozark Cemetery as
well. Penelope is Joseph Terry's 2nd wife. Amanda Grant was his first wife.
George L. Terry, born around 1805 in Virginia is the father of Joseph Terry.

ADDENDUM: George L. Terry b. 1805 VA was in Arkansas 1850 Census and probably
in TN in 1826 and in AR by 1829. I do have a bit of oral history on Joseph and
Penelope Terry. According to my grandparent's, they owned the Ozark Lithia Bath

Page 158

House and Hotel in Garland Co. AR. This has now been converted into a school.
The Ozark Cemetery where Martha Elizabeth Terry, Joseph Terry and Penelope
Terry were buried is actually called the Ozark-Lithia Cemetery and it is lo-
cated behind or near the site of the present day school. Some of the informa-
tion that I have related to you came from "The Record" - Hot Springs, Arkansas,
Garland County Historical Year Book 1971 ed., and the 9th ed. 1968 Year Book.
I do not have access to the 1971 edition. My mother was able to look at it
during a trip to Arkansas recently. Vicki McCarron, Rt. 14, 6717 2nd St.,
Lubbock TX 79416.

Note: Flossie Viola Terry b. Hot Springs AR 11 Nov 1908 d. ?? m. 27 Apr 1929
Curtis Ralph Campbell b. Hot Springs AR 9 Apr 1902 d. Hot Springs AR 19 Dec
1969. She was daughter of Johnnie Terry b. Hot Springs AR Nov 1865/67 d. Hot
Springs AR 13 Jun 1935 m. 24 Jan 1892 Nancy Almeda Breshears b. NC/AR 11 May
1872 d. Exetor, CA 22 Dec 1945. He was son of Joseph Terry b. 19 Jul 1831 d.
Mt. Valley AR 22 Jul 1903 m. 1862 Penelopy Nobles b. TN 13 Dec 1837 d. Mt.
Valley, AR 1 Sep 1910. Nancy Roehl, 1027 12th, Bellingham WA 98255.

H O T   S P R I N G S   C O U N T   Y A R K A N S A S


TERRY, Joseph M W 19 (1831) AR Farmer
TERRY, Arminda F W 19 (1831) AR
TERRY, Temperance F W 1/12(1850) AR
*Note: Page 108 Dwelling 540.

TERRY, George L. M W 45 (1805) VA Miller
TERRY, Mary F W 24 (1826) TN
TERRY, Mark B. M W 18 (1832) AR
TERRY, Daniel M W 14 (1836) AR
TERRY, Bartholomew M W 12 (1838) AR
TERRY, George M W 7 (1843) AR
TERRY, Sarah F. F W 4 (1846) AR
TERRY, William R. M W 2 (1848) AR
MCLAIN, Lurana Jane F W 16 (1834) MO
AVANTS, George M W 14 (1836) AR
TERRY, George M W 14 (1836) AR
TERRY, James M W 21 (1829) AR Laborer
Note: Page 309. Dwelling 54.

*Note: Page 308. Hot Springs

*Note: Page 308. Hot Springs

TERRY, NICHOLAS MW 56 (1794) KY Teacher
*Note: Dwelling 63. Fenter Twp.

Page 159


TERRY, MARY W 21 1859 AR
Note: Valley / 5:76:9:9


21 JAN 1875 TERRY, MARGIE J (Age 20) PITTS, JOHN C (Age 21)

* * * * *

ELISHA TERRY, living near Jonesboro, was born in Hot Springs county,
Arkansas, October 13, 1837, the son of Turner and Matilda (Bond) Terry. On the
8th of January, 1839, his father died, leaving two children, --Elisha and
George, the latter now lying in the carnage at Vicksburg, Mississippi. Later
the mother became the wife of James Wornick, and by that marriage there were
three children,--William D., Margaret and Ellen. His paternal grandfather, John
Terry, married Miss Fanny Gaddy, at Bedford Court House, Virginia. Richard
Bond, the maternal grandfather of our subject, who wedded Mary Baker, was a
North Carolinian by birth. On both side Mr. Terry is of Irish descent.

In 1847 he accompanied his parents to Union parish, Louisiana, where the
family continued to reside until May, 1852, when they emigrated to Texas,
locating in Leon county. At the age of twenty he began teaching, which
profession he followed eight months of the year until the outbreak of the civil
war; then, in 1861, he joined Company B, Twelfth Texas Calvary (Parsons'), and
served as chaplain for a limited time. Shortly before the close of the war he
resigned. He had a horror of shedding human blood and hence never actively bore
arms. His sympathies, however, were with the south, and he did all in his power
to administer to the spiritual welfare and alleviate the physical suffering of
the soldiers.

Returning to Leon county, Mr. Terry made his home there until August,
1868, when he removed to his present place in Hamilton county. Finding no
congregations here, the territory being large and sparsely settled, although
there had been a conference of the Methodist Protestant church for ten years,
he went to work to raise a congregation. He had no means but his labor and no
church funds to aid in the good work. Before the close of the year 1869 he was
enabled to organize Liberty church. Two years later he was elected president of
the district, which office, however, he was compelled to abandon before the
close of the second term, on account of physical exhaustion and meager support.
Thus, up to 1883, all the time that could be so spent was spent in any labor
the conference might require till the onerous duty of pastor of a weak church
and the care of a large family so overtaxed his powers of both body and mind
that he was forced to retire from the active ministry.

Our subject is more familiarly known as "Parson Terry." In 1859 he became
a member of the Methodist Protestant church, and a year later entered the work
of the ministry, preaching the gospel until 1883. During that time he estab-
lished Liberty church, four miles east of Jonesboro, one at Brown's creek in
Brown count, and still another in San Antonio, Texas, while he has assisted in

Page 160

the organization of many others. He has made a valiant fight for his church and
Master, and now, in his old age, has the pleasure of seeing some of the congre-
gations which he established in a flourishing condition. He is one of the
pioneer Methodist Protestant preachers of the state, and to the Master's work
he has devoted the best years of his life. He is a well read man, thoroughly
informed on the current events of the day, and has the esteem and confidence of
all who know him. Politically he is a conservative Democrat, and socially is a
Mason, having joined that order at Leona Union Lodge, No. 39, in 1865, and is a
charter member of Coryell Lodge, No. 442, at Jonesboro.

Mr. Terry remarks in addition to the above: "If the endowments of an
individual are such as claimed above, why not align himself with more power and
prestige in Christian work? I feel a respect for different bodies of Christians
that amounts to admiration,--a love that amounts to brotherhood. At the same
time I believe the genius of Christian teaching to be the requirement of
perfect equality among brethren, higher endowments among Christians enjoining
only more love, more humility and more work. I believe that Christians are
required to do all in their power to promote the welfare of the country in
which they live; hence I believe that all church officials should hold place
only by consent of the church. In a word, I believe that a man should stand to
his own sense of Christian duty at all hazards. Under these convictions I
joined the church I thought to be nearest in harmony with them, being a consti-
tutional republic of Christian people.

"When called upon to cast a ballot on the ordinance of secession I told
the officers that my mother had taught me to reverence my Bible and the
constitution of my country, and I should vote no ticket stained in blood, and
cast and open ballot against it--secession."

At the age of forty-seven years, namely, on the 25th of July, 1866, Mr.
Terry was united in marriage with Miss Asalie Hunt, who was born July 22, 1844,
the daughter of Noah and Ann (Rheinhart) Hunt. Mr. and Mrs. Terry have had the
following named children: George E., born in Leon county, Texas, July 30, 1867;
Turner H. born in Hamilton county, February 6, 1871; the next was a daughter
who died in infancy January 18, 1873; Mary Ida was born January 4, 1874; Rosa
A., October 13, 1876; Matilda Andora, January 10, 1879; Luther, March 9, 1881;
Olive M., July 13, 1884; Mary Clark, February 22, 1888; and William E., August
17, 1890. The last seven were born in Hamilton, Texas.

Source: HISTORY OF TEXAS: Supplemented with Biographical Mention of Many of the
Families of the State.
Central Texas Volume II. Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co.
1896. Submitted by Fay McClure Miller, P.O. Box 484, Weatherford TX 76086.

* * * * *

Query #021282: Page 143: Dec 1982 TFH


William Terry m. Susan Turner? His son John S. Terry, b. 28 May 1797, m.
Frances Gaddy ca. 1765 VA: John's daughter Anna Terry b. IL 26 Oct 1813 m. (1)
Epaphroditus Theopolis Kendall Sr. m. (2) Wade Hampton/Hilton/Helton? John S.
Terry had children b. KY, IN, IL, MO, AR and TN. Anna Terry d. 7 Aug 1896 AR.
These children reputed to have been reg. 1/4 Chickasaw Indian in Oklahoma
Chickasaw Register. Mary Shaw Holt, Rt. 2, Box 121 Tuscola IL 61953.--Editor's

Page 161

Note: Do not know if this address is still valid and some dates appear

* * * * *

Shooting at Church:

Jealousy Costs One Life During Services

Special to the State.

Estill, April 10--When Jake Terry went to Goodwill church, two miles from town
yesterday and saw his girl sitting by Tack Fulton, he became jealous, returned
to town and secured his pistol, drove back to church and while the Lord's
Supper was being served, emptied his pistol into Tack, killing him instantly.
He then held the panic stricken congregation at bay, backed out of the church
and made his escape, only to be captured by a posse following him early this
morning after he had been wounded in an exchange of shots between himself and
members of the posse.

Source: THE STATE: COLUMBIA, S. C., Tuesday Morning April 11, 1922. Submitted
by Wesley R. Terry, 3507-55th Ave., Cheverly MD 20784. Mr. Terry wishes to
contact Terry researchers in Hampton Co. SC area concerning this family as Jake
Terry was his great Uncle.

* * * * *

Terry Family of Robert "Bob" Rowan

5500 Newberry Lane

Knoxville, TN 37921

I found your name in "Roots Cellar" listing of the Genealogical Helper.
You listed a Rowland Terry, who died in 1824 and was in Granville, North
Carolina. There is a possibility we have some common kin. My Dad's mother was
Sampie Terry. My G G Grandfather was Roland Terry. The 1850 Census list him as
being born around 1797, in North Carolina. He was in Murphy , North Carolina
(Cherokee County). He was in McMinn County, Tennessee in the 1860 Census. His
age in that census would list him as being born in 1800. I will enclose a brief
list of my TERRY info.

However, I am curious about a brother my Grandmother had. His name was
William Matthew Terry. I knew him as Uncle Will. He left the McMinn-Monroe
County area of East Tennessee when he was quite young. For a span of about 30
to 40 years, he was not heard from. He then showed up at my Grandparents house.
After that he kept in touch with his family. He was then living in New Mexico.
My family went out to New Mexico in 1936 and lived in the same area he was in.
In fact, we spent one year living with him. He had a old hotel in a fast
becoming ghost town named Mt. Dora. It is now down to two families. It had a
school, grocery store, a couple of gas stations, patent medicine drug store and
was a flag stop for trains when we were there. Uncle Will died in 1940 and was
buried in Illmo, Missouri.

His obit listed only one son, William Thomas Terry of Illmo. He came to

Page 162

New Mexico at least once. Uncle Will's wife, Minnie Lane, was not William
Thomas' mother. His mother was Edith Rainwater. This was all of Uncle Wills'
family I knew until I received a picture album from my Dad's sister. As it
turns out, Uncle Will was married at least three times. His first wife and
family is where I thought you might come in. His first wife's name was Susan
Pace, who died in 1918 and is buried in Pollard?, Oklahoma. They had at least
four sons and one daughter. You will note on my list that son Calvin had one
son named Rolland and another named Bobby.

I have not found anything out about the Terry's before the 1850 Census in
Murphy, North Carolina.....I have some info on the ones that were in Monroe and
McMinn Counties.

Roland Terry                 1797 - 1800 b. NC
Susanna _______              1795 -       b. VA

Children 1850 Census:

Thomas Terry                 1829 -      b. TN
John Terry                   1832 - 1904
James Terry                  1835 -
Sarah Terry                  1837 -
Elizabeth Terry              1840 -

*No more children listed in 1860 Census.

John Terry b. 1832 d. 21 Apr 1904 m. Louisiana "Lulu" Brown b. 1834 [Album
info] [Cemetery record indicates b. Jan 1834 d. 25 Oct 1902.]


Cora Terry - Did not marry.
Sue Terry - Did not marry.
Julia Terry Parham - At least 1 son
Sampie Terry Rowan - 2 sons [my father] and 2 daus.
William Matthew Terry b. 1862 d. 29 May 1940 m. (1) Susan Pace d. 1918
bur. Pollard, OK. m. (2) ca. 1900 Edith Rainwater; m. (3) Minnie Lane. d.
John Terry - Killed by falling tree @ 18.
Rollie Terry - Died from kick in head by a mule +6.

* * * * *

[The following letter(s) were buried among my files and included some of Mr.
George Terry's notes on his Terry family. I apologize for the delay.--Editor.]



304 Goodlettsville TN 37072

Letter to Mike Terry, Editor, February 22, 1983.

I am a descendant of Josiah Terry, born 1780, in Virginia. He came to
Scott County, Tennessee, with his brother, Elijah Terry, from Wayne County,
Kentucky, in about 1815. I have a good record of Josiah and Elijah and their

Page 163


I believe Josiah to be the oldest son of John Terry and Esther Brown. This
is the same John Terry that is covered by your book review "A Partial History
of William Terry and His Descendants 1724 -1981" in Volume 1, Number 3, by Mrs.
Lula Terry Elliott, 301 Pine St., Clayton NM 88415. I have a copy of the book,
and I am sending you a copy of a letter I wrote to Mrs. Elliott giving the
reasons I believe John to be the father of Josiah.

I have also written to Mrs. Raymond Wray, 1606 N. Willow Oak, Longview TX
75601, #171282, Page 147, Volume 1, Number 3. I believe her William and my
Josiah to be brothers and sons of Mrs. Elliott's John Terry. I am also enclos-
ing a family chart I have on Josiah and his children. Josiah was married twice.
First to Nancy Thomas. They had two sons, Joseph and William. James E. Terry,
142 Lyons Dr., Frankfort KY 40601, is a descendant of Joseph, and he has a good
record on both Joseph and William.

Josiah's second wife was Nancy Stevens and they had eleven children. The
family chart I am enclosing lists the information I have on those eleven

I have done extensive research on John and Josiah Terry in Virginia,
Tennessee, and Kentucky. I want to go to Indiana this summer to continue my
research. I will share any information I have with your readers and trust that
someone might have additional information to help me in my research.

Letter to Lula Terry Elliott. September 13, 1982

I have received your book this past Thursday, and I have read it every
day. It is very interesting, and is of great help to me in my research of the
Terry family.

It was interesting to find that several members of John Terry's family
were members of the Church of Christ. I am also a member of the Church of
Christ. My father and grandfather were members of the Church of Christ. Most of
the Terrys in Tennessee are Baptists. I wish to share with you my reasons to
believe that I am a descendant of John Terry. I would appreciate your comments
and suggestions for my research.

The dates all fit into place and, although there was more than one John
Terry in early Tennessee records, there is no conflict in the tax and census
records. There is a deed dated May 20, 1783, in Washington County, Tennessee
(then North Carolina) where John Terry sold a tract of land. This could or
could not be our John Terry. In 1793, John Terry bought land in Hawkins County,
Tennessee, and sold land in 1800 and 1801. Hawkins County was established in
1786. This is the county where Will Terry was born, according to the records
of Mrs. Raymond Wray. A John Terry can be found in the court records in
Grainger County, Tennessee, in 1799, 1800, 1801 and 1802. Grainger County was
established in 1796. There is a John Terry in Knox County, Tennessee, in 1800
and 1802, and in Anderson County, Tennessee, in 1803-1808. We know that this is
John Terry, son of William Terry. This is the first place I can find John Terry
and Josiah Terry together. They are both on the Anderson County tax list of
1805. I note that your book states that John Terry's brother, Miles Terry,
migrated to Anderson County with John. I have not found any record of Miles
Terry. Do you know anything about this family? We next find John Terry in Wayne

Page 164

County, Kentucky, in 1808, 1810, 1811, 1812 and 1813. On the Wayne County tax
list of 1808, John and Josiah are both listed as living on the South Fork of
the Cumberland River. The 1810 Wayne County census, as listed by the Kentucky
Historical Society, Frankfort, Kentucky, Page 362, lists both John and Josiah.

John Terry's family is listed as follows:

One (1) male, 45 and over - This would be John.
Three (3) males under 10 - This would be Elisha, Elias, and Miles.
One (1) male 10-16 - Probably John Jr., as listed by Mrs. Raymond Wray.
One (1) male 16-26 - Probably Will or Elijah.
One (1) female 26-45 - His wife, Esther.
One (1) female 10-16 - His daughter Esther.
In your book, you list the six (6) youngest children of John Terry and
Esther Brown. I have some suggestions on the older eight (8) children:

(1) Josiah Terry born circa 1780 in Virginia.
(2) Will Terry born 1785 in Hawkins County, Tennessee, as mentioned by
Mrs. Raymond Wray.
(3) John Terry Jr. born circa 1790 in Hawkins County, Tennessee, as
mentioned by Mrs. Raymond Wray.
(4) Elijah Terry born circa 1791 in Hawkins County, Tennessee - He settled
in Scott County, Tennessee, with his brother Josiah Terry. I have some
records on Elijah and I know he was Josiah's brother.
(5) Haden Terry - He is listed on the 1809 Wayne County, Kentucky, tax
list as over 21.
(6) George Frteton Terry - He is listed on the Wayne County, Kentucky, tax
list as over 21. This means he was born before 1788. They could both
be older children of John Terry.
(7) Jasper Terry - He is mentioned by Mrs. Raymond Wray. I know nothing
about him.
(8) Daniel Terry - He is listed on the Campbell County, Tennessee, tax
list of 1818 with Josiah, Elijah, and John. Scott County was formed
from Campbell County. I know this is my Josiah and his brother, Elijah
I believe this is their brother, John Terry Jr., as mentioned by Mrs.
Raymond Wray. I have no record of Daniel or John. Mrs. Wray told me
that John had a son, Thomas, who was born in Tennessee.

The record shows that all the Terrys were out of Wayne County, Kentucky,
by 1814. We know that John and his wife, Esther, with their small children went
to Perry County, Indiana. Mrs. Raymond Wray has a record on Will and John, Jr.
I know that Josiah and Elijah came to Tennessee. Since Daniel, Haden, and
George disappear from Tennessee and Kentucky records, I believe they might have
gone to Gibson County, Indiana, with Will and John. I am enclosing the records
I have on the Josiah Terry family. Please note the names are the same as many
in the John Terry family. Please let me hear from you and I will keep you
informed on anything new that I learn about the family.



George A. Terry

Page 165


* * * * *


Notes from a little time spent in the Tulsa Library while waiting plane
time. Jay Terry, Orem Utah.

Cemetery Inscriptions of Carter County, Oklahoma Vol. I

Page 26.

Springer Cemetery:

TERRY, Stephen W. 21 Apr 1862 - 12 Oct 1951
TERRY, Alberta 10 Jan 1867 - 07 Apr 1955

Page 36.

TERRY, Sharon Gayle 13 Jan 1941 - 30 Dec 1941
TERRY, Clarence "Cooper" 07 Feb 1906 - 26 Mar 1967
TERRY, Gertrude 1903 - 1931
Married 1920 to:
TERRY, John Welsey 1899 - 1939

Cemetery Inscriptions of Carter County, Oklahoma Vol. II

Page 21.

Woodford Cemetery:

TERRY, Ivy Jones 16 Sep 1910 - 13 Jan 1939

Nellda Cemetery:

TERRY, Mittie O. 21 Feb 1894 - 24 Mar 1896
[Note: Dau of Calvin and Ann Terry. jdt.]

TERRY, William Lee 09 Oct 1880 - 29 Jul 1901
"Son of C.M. & A.A. Terry"
[Note: Son of Calvin and Ann Terry. jdt.]

Page 59 - (missed name of Cemetery jdt.]
TERRY, Sallie "Grannie" 1856 - 1932

Okmulgee County Cemetery, Oklahoma.

Sharp Cemetery:

TERRY, C. J. 19 Jul 1897 - 26 Jun 1961
TERRY, Clifford 1900 - 1961
TERRY, Minnie 1891 - 1971

Wagoner County Cemeteries, Oklahoma.

Page 166

Chosha Cemetery:

TERRY, John F. 1886 - 1902
TERRY, Naoma F. 1861 - 1900
TERRY, Dora F. Feb - Sep 1893
TERRY, Walter C. 1894 - 1895
TERRY, Leo E. 1898 - 1899
TERRY, Ida E. 1896 - 1900
TERRY, James R. 1884 - 1900

Delaware County Cemeteries, Oklahoma.

Mann Cemetery:

TERRY, Olen 1906 - 1907
TERRY, Ottis 1906 - 1907

Craig County Cemeteries, Oklahoma.

White Oak Cemetery:

TERRY, Waneta Marie 1926 - 1934
TERRY, Lyda F. 1873 - 1927
TERRY, Tom M. 1853 - 1931
TERRY, John E. 1890 - 1951
TERRY, Rose Lee 1892 - 1968
TERRY, Eli May 03 - 17 - 1916

Cherokee County Cemetery, Oklahoma.

Hicks Cemetery:

TERRY, Jeff 1905 - 1933
1902 - 1940 (Name?)

Nowata County Cemetery, Oklahoma.

Ball Cemetery:

TERRY, Harriet Dixon 1859 - 1900

* * * * *


by Kaye Vernon, 622 Hallvale, Ft. Worth TX 76108

I'd like to give you some background on my line of the Terrys so that you
might be able to advise me where to look or who I can contact that might help
me. We have only the name of my greatgreat grandfather and that he was born in

According to the 1870 Jack County, Texas Census as follows:


William Terry 65 yrs. MW TN
Flora Ann 29 yrs. FW TN
Aaron 9 yrs. MW TN
Louis 8 yrs. MW TN
Thomas 5 yrs. MW TN
Charles 3 yrs. MW TN
Joseph 3/12 (Mar)MW TN

According to marriage records of Jack County:

William Terry and Miss Flora Ann Terry married 27 Feb 1866, license re-
corded in Vol. 1, page 67.

As you can tell some one made a mistake when this was recorded because
Flora Ann was a Vanhoosers before she married, so either she was a widow of
another Terry or the clerk wrote her last name wrong and should have written
Vanhooser. I feel she could have been a Terry widow because if you notice the
first three children listed in the 1870 census were born prior to her marriage
to William. They are listed as Terrys and also William was at least 36 years
older than Flora Ann.

I don't know when William died, but in 1874 Flora Ann remarried to a Henry
Brown and then again to James Donely (I don't know when she married him.) I am
in the process of finding some relatives that possibly can give some
information about these marriages.

My great grandfather told my mother that his father came to Jack County in
1844. I have no proof of this, however, I have found a William Terry listed on
the lists of registered voters 28 Aug 1867. and on the tax rolls in 1859 and

The only sibling that my great grandfather mentioned that anyone can
remember was a sister that married and moved to Lawton, Oklahoma. Her name was
Parilee and she married E. D. Bandholtz 26 Aug 1888 in Jack County.

The Census of 1870 is wrong in several places, for example, Flora Ann was
born in Missouri (I think Candem, County) and I know that Charles (my great
grandfather) was born in Jack County, so I would assume that the child Joseph,
was born in Texas, also. My great grandfather told his children and
grandchildren that he left home when he was 9 and joined a cattle drive. He
also told them that from the time he was 3 until he was 9 he was raised by his
grandparents, Isaac and Sarah Vanhooser. Evidently, when he left at the age of
nine he didn't return to Jack County until his grandfather died in 1898 and
when his grandmother died in 1903. He married Ida Florence Smith in Parker
County, Texas in 1888.

As you can see, I don't have a lot of leads. That is the reason I thought
you might could help me. I thought you might have run across some of these
names doing your research.

Page 168

* * * * *


by Mrs. Blanche E. Craft

701 Rockford, Derby KS 67037

The Terry Family is a part of my Son-in-law's ancestry and I have been doing
family research for him, my daughter and their two children. I noted in your ad
that you have some records from Mississippi.

Going backward:

1. Everett Ray "Sonny" Moss b. Blackwell OK 27 Jul 1951

2. Everett Ray Moss Sr. b. Blackwell OK 22 Jan 1930 d. 02 Jan 1981 Sedgwick
Co. KS m. Blackwell OK 20 Oct 1948
3. Phyllis E. Moses.

4. Clarence O. Moss b. d. ?? m. Washita Co. OK 16 Oct 1918
5. Katie Menifee McDonel b. Callahan Co. TX 23 Sep 1896 d. Blackwell OK 10
Aug 1963. She div. Mr. Moss and m. (2) Blackwell OK, James A. Ramsey.

10. William Green McDonel b. ?? d. ?? m. Gatesville, TX 02 Jan 1895
11. Lela Elizabeth Oglesby b. Coryell Co. TX 13 Sep 1871 d. Caddo Mills, TX

22. Charles Jasper Oglesby b. ?? d. ?? m.
23. Juda Ann Beene b. MS 08 Aug 1846 d. Cottonwood, TX 10 Mar 1928

46. John P. Beene b. ?? d. ?? m. supposedly in Mississippi.
47. Levina/Louvinia Mae Terry b. TN 26 May 1818 d. ??

John P. Beene was killed by Indians in Hamilton Co. Texas. He was a rancher in
Coryell Co. but had gone after some stock and renegade Indians killed him "and
Beene's negro" quoting Coryell Co. History by Scott.

The Wichita Library has a few books containing records of Mississippi and from
them I learned that Louvinia May Terry was a daughter of Curtis Terry. This
reference stated that Curtis Terry was born in Yalobusha Co. MS in 1784 and
that his wife died in 1849. It states that he died in 1859 and lists these
children: John; Granderson; Louvinia May; James; Emeline; Willis and Sally. The
census shows that Curtis Terry was born in North Carolina....Most of what I
have was given to me by members of the Moss Family and a little bit I found in
our library...the book I mentioned was Biographical Historical Memoirs of
Mississippi, page 607.

* * * * *


Guy Terry: Farmer and dairyman born NY. Settled 1823. Post Office Fairmont,
town of Geddes, Onondago Co., NY.

Frank M. Terry: Lot 97. Farmer, dairyman and hop grower. Born Madison Co.

Page 169

1841. Settled 1866. Post office Liverpool, town of Salina.

Source: History of Onondago Co., NY by Professor W. W. Clayton, published by D.
Mason & Co., Syracuse, NY 1878
. Submitted by Ethiel Johnson.

* * * * *

Landmarks of Wayne Co., New York. by George W. Cowls, published by D. Mason &
Co. 1895.

Fred H. Terry was born in Clyde, August 3, 1854. His father Alfred F.
Terry, a native of Long Island and was one of the first settlers in the village
of Clyde. Fred H. Terry, after leaving school, entered a drugstore in Clyde,
where he remained a short time and then in 1872 went to Sioux City. Here in
connection with his father, he ran a steamboat in the U. S. government employ,
carrying Indian supplies from Sioux City to Fort Benton, Montana and freighted
the first cargo of lumber and building materials that reached the city of
Bismarck on the Missouri river. He returned to Clyde in 1873 and entered the
employ of Dr. J. E. Smith. In 1876 he bought out J. P. Pardee and succeeded him
in the drug business. Mr. Terry is now one of hte leading druggists in town. He
married Miss Katie Wood, daughter of Henry Wood and to them one child Viva has
been born.

Landmarks of Wayne Co., N. Y.

George H. Terry was born in Elva Genesee Co. Nov. 11, 1865, was educated
in the common schools and finished at the select school of E. G. Thrall of
Batavia after which he established a manufacturing business in Toronto. Selling
out in 1886, he traveled six years and Jan. 1, 1893 bought the wallpaper,
window shades, room picture moldings business of Jacob Sees in Lyons to which
he has added largely and is now carrying the finest line of his goods in Wayne
Co. He also does a large wholesale trade, shipping goods to all parts of N. Y.
state and Canada. At the age of 18 he married Myrtle V. daughter of Calvin S.
Loomis of Batavia, N. Y. Our subject is one of the most active business men in
his town, indentified in advancing its best interests and is recognized as a
man of sterling integrity and worth.

* * * * *


Submitted by:

Ethiel B. Johnson, 15834 Drysdale, Southgate MI 48195.

Ezra Sanford, born 11 Nov 1793, married Miss Adeline Terry". Adeline Terry
Sanford died 13 August 1875 at age 61." Their children:

Uriah T. Sanford born 29 Oct 1815 Warwick, Orange Co. NY;
Hester Ann Sanford born 24 May 1818 Warwick, Orange Co. NY;
George W. Sanford born 5 Nov 1821 Warwick, Orange Co. NY;
George W. Sanford II;
Mary Elizabeth Sanford born 8 March 1824 Warwick, Orange Co. NY;
William Moore Sanford born 22 Aug 1827 Warwick, Orange Co. NY;
Julia Sanford 17 March 1830 Warwick, Orange Co. NY;

Page 170

Pierson E. Sanford born 26 Aug 1832 Warwick, Orange Co. NY;
Abigail Sanford;
Emily Sanford born 25 Dec 1838 Warwick, Orange Co. NY;

Ezra Sanford, who married Adeline Terry, was the son of Ezra Sanford and Ann
Hopper. Ezra Sr. was the brother to my husband's ancestor Ephraim Sanford Sr.
Ezra Sr. and Ephraim Sanford Sr. were the sons of David Sanford and Patience
Burrows. David Sanford was a descendant of a long line of Sanfords from Fair-
field Co. Connecticut.

NOTE: The birth dates and birth places were obtained from the LDS church

* * * * *


Submitted by Mrs. Jeanne Appel

8975 Forest Ave., Overland MO 63114

I have been wanting to pass the Terry information on to you for such a
long time. It seems our lives are filled to the brim each day and with five
children 8 to 18 I'm kept quite busy.

My brother found two TERRY Bibles in a house that was being torn down
several years ago in Lindenhurst, Long Island, New York where we are both from

He wants the Bibles because of the age but was willing to share the
information in them.

Bible #1 [Printer and Date torn out]

James Rider was born 22 Oct 1797.
James Rider and Elizabeth Terry was married 16 April 1831.
The name and age of Noah Terry. He was born 6 Jan 1787.
The name and age of Huloah?/Guloah? Terry. She was Born 28 February 1789.
The name and age of Daniel Terry. He was born 13 July 1791.
The name and age of Elizabeth Terry. She was born 21 Feb 1795.

Bible #2 [The New Testament - 1800 Printed and sold by Benjamin Gomey?, Book
Seller & Stationer, No. 97 Maiden Lane, NY NYC]

Daniel Terry born 2 Feb 1764 and drowned 19 March 1801 aged 37 yrs. Buried 29
Noah Terry his book January 1801.

It would be interesting to hear if this information has helped in any way.
The Bible did not say what town these people lived in, but we suspect out east
further on the Island, and were probably whalers. Again, I hoped it may have
tied in with other TERRY relatives.

Sincerely, Mrs. Jeanne Appel

Page 171

* * * * *

[Editors Note: My TERRY cousins can really relate to the following letter,
the post-script I am sure has occurred more often than you think!]

MOSES GREEN BERRY HILL TERRY: Give that boy a real name!

Edited version of letter by Robert R. Hill

631 S. Echo Drive, Brandon FL 33511

I am about 3 to 4 years behind you and the other Terry's in your contacts
with Mr. Ray Beeman, but I am going to write to you anyway...asking you to over
look typing mistakes etc...I am just a hunt and peck typist....

I know several people have been researching the Terry family, and while my
main interest lies with the Hill Family, we are connected through the marriage
of Stephen Terry and his wife, Elizabeth Harrison Hill. She was the daughter of
Moses Hill & Savilla N. Roden of Fairfield District, S. C. Elizabeth was born
29th January 1793 and the marriage and death dates are well known among the

Through Mr. Beeman's efforts, I learned that a Mr. Carl B. Terry was
living right here in Tampa, and on 16th Oct 1984, I went and visited him. Mr.
Carl Terry was the son of Frank Terry, who was the son of George Washington
Terry. His parents were Stephen Terry and Elizabeth Hill Terry.

Mr. Carl B. Terry is 75 years old, but is in very bad health. He has had a
severe heart attack, and appears to have suffered a "stroke". He feels real
bad, and doesn't seem too interested in family research and lives alone.

Naturally, he was skeptical about talking with me, but after he realized I
was not "up to something" he kinda let go, and showed me a picture of George
Washington Terry (his grandfather), who was the youngest child of Stephen's and
Elizabeth Terry's children. He also gave me a copy of a Terry Bible record,
showing two other children that I have not seen on any Terry's list. The bible
record shows all 12 (Twelve) children that belonged to Stephen & Elizabeth Hill

They had a child (you might know this) named Benjamin Terry, who was born
14th day March 1813 on Friday. (Location was Lancaster District in S. C.) He
died 7th day April 1813 in Lancaster Dist. I did not know till then that they
were in Lancaster District...all rest were born in Chester District...S. C.
(Sandy River) until the son MOSES ANDREW TERRY was born...The bible record
shows his FULL NAME as MOSES ANDREW MCKEE TERRY born Saturday 2nd day of
December 1826-died in Georgia...blurred but can make out 15th District (maybe
DeKalb Co.) but can make out South River, really pins down when they went to
Georgia. Moses Terry born Sandy River, Chester District.

All of the children's birth gives location, date and even day of week.
Stephen's birth, Elizabeth Hill's birth and their marriage is given as is
Elizabeth's death (2 o'clock looks like P. M.) Monday 3 Dec 1838.

I gave these as I have not seen any of this data and did not know if you
had it.

Page 172

I plan on visiting with Mr. Carl B. Terry again...and from what I have
learned, it looks like Stephen Terry built the first large hotel in Atlanta,
and was a contractor with the railroad. His son George Washington Terry was in
charge of the old water works in Atlanta, and George Washington Terry married
Elizabeth Lanier. They moved to Tampa, Fla in the late 1880's.

George W. Terry and his wife are buried here in Tampa in the old Woodlawn
Cemetery...He died Jan of 1920 and they were married on 21st August 1855 in
Georgia. Both are buried here and I am going to get those dates later.

From my research on the Hill family, based on dates of birth, it would
seem that Elizabeth HARRISON Hill (dau of Moses Hill) was the 5th of 10 chil-
dren. I am related through the first child and her brother, THOMAS HILL m.
Jemima Woodward. (He was born 1780, James 1782, Sarah "Caroline?" ca. 1785,
Littleton ca. 1788, then Elizabeth 29th Jan 1793. Next Moses Berry Hill b.
1795, Harriet W. Hill m. Ed Picket Mobley, George Washington Hill b. 1803,
Rebecca Carlise b. 1807 m. Dr. John Trezevant deGraffenreid, and an obscured
daughter who apparently died very young named Nancy B. Hill (b. 1806). Now you
can see where some of those names came from...and the name of Green Berry Hill
(in the Terry family) really makes me feel that it is a strong attachment to
Moses Hill (probably his name Moses Green Berry Hill OR his father or grand-
father). We feel he came from Halifax County and thinking is his father was a
Thomas Hill, but no proof...This is what we are looking for. Can you provide
any light on this matter?

If you can I'd sure appreciate it...and will send you a copy of the Terry Bible
record given to me IF you don't have it OR you want it. Together, along with
the will of Stephen Terry, one can just about find out anything about their

Your help will certainly be appreciated, and I thought you and the Terry's
would like to know about Mr. Carl B. Terry. I have also been corresponding with
Mr. Beeman in California and he already knows of him and the situation.

Best wishes from the Hill's

Robert R. Hill Sr.

P.S...Mr. Carl B. Terry said his parents had a big fuss when he was
born...[Seems his] father wanted to name him Green Berry Hill Terry, but [his]
mother would not hear of it...(I don't blame her!)....

Later Notes 11/4/84:

On the enclosed Bible record, Mr. Terry does not know for sure, but feels it
was actually his Great grandfather's (Stephen Terry's) bible and that his son
(Mr. Terry's grandfather) George W. Terry took it and kept it...I do not know
anthing else about it though...but I'm sure glad to get it...

One other thing, Mr. Terry told me the name of Terry was originally from
Belgium and was spelled THERRY ...he did not go into it anymore...

Tell all the TERRY'S around the country about our connections and say "hello"
for me...

Page 173

EDITOR'S ADDENDUM: Please remember that Stephen Terry received the Negro girl
Sarah from his father-in-law, Moses Hill, in 1814. Moses Hill died in 1821 and
was a large land-holder in the Fairfield District SC area. Stephen Terry's
brother Benjamin also died ca. 1806 and his Uncle Benjamin Terry d. ca 1831.
Perhaps this explains some of the given names. The "Moses Andrew McKee" is a
puzzler! Mr. Hill is a descendant of Thomas Hill and Jemima Woodward the former
a sister of Elizabeth Harrison Hill.

* * * * *

Note: The following is a typewritten copy of the Bible Record Robert R. Hill
Sr. sent to me. It is taken from a xerox of the original in possession of Mr.


Stephen Terry was Born on Sunday Morning. the 10th day of August 1788.

Elizabeth Harrison Hill was Born on the 29th day of January 1793. Fairfield

Stephen Terry and Elizabeth H. Hill was Married on Tuesday the 4th day of July
1809. Fairfield District.

Green Berry Hill Terry was Born on thursday, the 8th day of November 1810....
Chester District.

Benjamin Terry was Born the 14th day of March 1813: on Sunday. Lancaster

Benjamin Terry Died on the 7th day of April 1813. Lancaster District.

John Westley Terry was Born on the 7th day of April 1814. on Tuesday. Chester

Sarah Caroline Terry was Born on Sunday night the 25th day of February 1816--
Chester District So Carolina.

Harriet Elizabeth Terry was Born Saturday the 14th day of March 1818. Chester
District So Carolina.

Jane Arraminta Terry was Born on the 9th day of March 1820._____ Sandy River.

Stephen Josephus Terry was Born on tuesday the 14th day of May 1822. So.
Carolina Sandy River.

Martha Amanda Terry was Born on Friday the 23rd day of July 1824. So. Carolina
Sandy River.

Moses Andrew McKee Terry was Born on saturday morn the 2nd day of December
1826. So. Carolina Sandy River.

Moses A. W. Terry Died on the 7th day of May A. D. 1827 G. A. 15th Dist. South

Page 174

Rebecca Degrafnreid Terry was born Monday morning the 2nd day of February 1829.
Georgia South River 15th Dist.

James Littleton Terry was born on friday morning 28th October 1831. DeKalb Co.
Georgia So. River.

George Washington Terry was Born on the 21 day of August 1834. Thursday
Morning--G. A. 14 Dist. originally Henry, So R

Elizabeth H. Terry Died on Monday the 3rd day of December 1838, about 2 Oclock
P?M in DeKalb County and 14th District of Henry County originally.


This above was in date order as noted, however, some of the geographical
notations were written in the margin on the original. I have not added anything
to it. There were some torn edges which were unreadable but in some cases
Chester, Fairfield and So. River can be surmised. Each individual item is
outlined in a block as well as an outline at the edge of the page itself. The
"S" in "Stephen" looks very much like the handwriting of Major Stephen Terry
1788-1866 of Atlanta, GA. All of the handwriting appears to be by the same
person and very much like Stephens' which appears in several places on copies
of deeds and other documents in the editor's possession. It appears that this
may be a family record written by Stephen Terry himself. Mr. Carl Beach Terry
indicated he believes this is in fact the case.

* * * * *


Mrs. Edna K. Bush
2004 Michigan Ave., NE
St. Petersburg FL 33703
June 14, 1984

Ray Beeman Sr.
701 "D" St. B8 420-6118
Chula Vista CA 92010

Dear Mr. Beeman:

Received your letter (undated) mailed 6 June asking for information on my
Susannah Carruthers who married Benjamin Terry. That name Carruthers gets
spelled several ways according to the writer.

Susannah Carruthers married Benjamin Terry 5 August 1777--that was bond date,
rather. And bondsman was Francis Young (who married the sister Jane Caruthers.)

The girls were daughter of ______ Caruthers and Martha ______. You will find
the will of Martha Caruthers in Pauline Young's book, Abstracts of Old Ninety-
Six and Abbeville District Wills and Bonds. This book is from Southern Histor-
ical Press.

Susannah apparently died before the family moved from Guilford county, NC. That

Page 175

marriage info is from Guilford County, Marriage Bonds, Page 443, no book num-

Are you interested in Martha because she would be the mother-in-law of Benjamin
Terry? I never was able to go back on that line.

I know that Benjamin and Susannah had a daughter, Sarah. Sarah married (1)
Jeremiah Sealey Terry, son of John. They had a daughter Jane who married (1)
Dr. Joseph B. Gibert (2) Alexander Hunter...Sarah Terry, wife of Jeremiah later
married Josiah Patterson.

I would like to know something about the man Martha married, named Caruthers.
Have not located that information.

Hope this is of some use to you. I suppose you are acquainted with Robert
Terry, Box 1531, Enid OK 73702. He puts out a Terry letter.




* * * * *


State of South Carolina}
Chester District }

In the name of God Amen

I Priscilla Terry of the State and District aforesaid, revoking all other
Wills, do make and ordain this my last will and testament and do hereby dispose
of what property and Estate I am blessed with in the following manner.

First) It is my will and desire that all my just debts be paid.

Second) It is my will and desire that my house and lot in Chesterville be
disposed of at public sale and the proceeds be applied to the payment of my
just debts and if anything remain the same I give and bequeath to my daughter
Elizabeth Wright as compensation for her care and kindness towards me in my old

Third) I give and bequeath to my sons Stephen and William to them and
their Heirs forever the amount of money coming to me or due me (if the same
shall ever be collected or obtained) which was overpaid by mistake by me on a
judgement or esecution obtained by my son John W. Terry administrator of my
husband John Terry deceased against myself which said judgement was obtained
for more than the true amount for which it should have been given as will
appear by the papers and proceedings on the matter of said Estate in the
ordinarys office for Chester District.

Fourth) It is my wish and desire that my negro woman Sukey remain under
the guardianship of my daughter Elizabeth Wright to be well treated by her and
in case of her death then the said Sukey to have choice which of the Daughters
of said Elizabeth Wright the said Negro woman shall live with to be treated

Page 176

with Kindness and humanity.

Fifth) I do hereby will and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Wright the
residue of my personal estate to be hers and her heirs forever.

Sixth) I hereby appoint Jas. A. Lewis Executor of this my last Will and

Signed and acknowledged as her last will and testament in the presence of
us who saw said testator make her mark in our presence this 8th day of January

Priscilla X Terry

Joseph Fife
DeKalb Wylie
Charles T. Polk

* * * * *

State of South Carolina:
Chester District

Last Will and Testament of Priscilla Terry proved in open court December 1849.
Administrator, James A. Lewis was to make a inventory to be recorded in the
office of the Clerk of the Court of Ordinary the first Monday February next.

* * * * *

Priscilla Terry Estate

House and Lot in Chesterville The Terms of sale the following the purchaser
will be required to pay down so much as will pay costs, say twenty five dol-
lars. to give a note for the balance payable Twelve months after dates bearing
interest from this day. with approved personal security and a mortgage of the

Jany 1st 1850 Jas. A Lewis Exec.

David Mobley $840.00

* * * *

A true and perfect Inventory and appraisement of the goods and Chattels
Rights and Credits of Priscilla Terry Deceased made this Thirty first day of
December one thousand eight hundred and forty nine.

Property appraised & / cts

Secretary and book case ........................ 10.00
Family Bible and seven Volumes Magazines ....... 5.50
Small pine Table ............................... .50
Larger pine Table and cover .................... 1.00
Candle Stand ................................... .25
Six Chairs ..................................... 3.00
Bed sted Bed and furniture ..................... 10.00
Waiter ......................................... .12 1/2

Page 177

Base, Mortar and pestle shirt Iron and bowl .... .50
Wash Tub & pot ................................. 1.00
Three ovens 1 pot grid Iron camp Kettle ........ 1.50
Shovel 4 jars sugar canister and brass Kettle .. .50
Water Pail tray and seive ...................... .50
Negro woman Worth Nothing .....................

House and lot in Chesterville ................. 600.00

A true and perfect inventory and appraisment of the goods and Chattels rights
and credits of Priscilla Terry deceased made this Thirty first day December one
thousand eight hundred and forty nine.

James J. Wherry
Wm. P. Gill
Jno. B. Lewis

Page 178


* * * * *



Published by C. H. Everts and Co. Philadelphia. 1877.


"Among the estimable citizen of Oakland Co. none rank higher than does
Albert Terry. His father’s family were natives of Berkshire Co., Mass. from
whence they emigrated to Livingston Co., N.Y. in the early part of the 19th
century. The subject of our sketch was the oldest of a family of fourteen
children, equally divided between the two sexes. He was born in Lima, Living-
ston Co., N.Y. September 10, 1817 where he received a good common school
education and taught school for a time previous to his majority, When he
arrived at the important period of a young man’s life (Oct. 1838) he came to
Michigan with no means of moment and spent three months in Macomb County and
then returned to New York, and in April following (1839) with his father’s
family came back to Michigan and purchased the northeast quarter of section 33
in the township of Avon, on which he now resides. In October 1639, he returned
to New York and brought from thence to his western home an estimable lady as
his wife, Miss Delia Lathrop. To his first purchase Mr. Terry subsequently added
132 acres, his farm now comprising 192 acres and is one of the best farms in the
township. From a wild, unbroken tract he has brought it up to a most excellent-
ly tilled and cultivated farm.

In politics, Mr. Terry is a democrat and one of the most convincing proofs
of his ability and integrity an the high esteem in which he is held by his
townsmen is the fact that for fourteen years continuously, from 1862—1876 he
has been chosen to fill the office of supervisor of his township though the
people are largely opposed to him in political sentiment, the township being
Republican the entire period.

Mrs. Terry bore to him seven children and died in 1859.

In 1660, Mr. Terry brought to his home another companion, Miss Lucina
Richardson, daughter of Isaac Richardson, formerly of Pontiac She was born in
August 1837 in the town of Howard, Kent County, province of Ontario, Dominion
of Canada.

By steady and persevering industry, correct habits and straight upright-
ness, Mr. Terry has gained a competency, which he is now enjoying in his old
age, cheered and pleased by the richly merited regard of his neighbors and
fellow citizens. We present to our readers a view of the old homestead of Mr.
Terry and also portraits of himself and his worthy helpmeet on another page of
our work."

* * * * *



From. History of Bradford Co., Pennsylvania with biographical Selections by H.
C. Bradsby. Published by S. B. Nelson & Co. Chicago 1891., page 496. Submitted
by Ethiel B. Johnson.


Page 179


"This dreamy old village is one at the oldest places in the county, made
immortal by Capt. Jonathan Terry, who was the first permanent settler in 1787,
and who founded the place. It is said that Benjamin Budd built a cabin here as
early as 1774.

Stephen Durell had built a cabin in 1786 near the mouth of Steam Mill

Israel Parshall, Major John Horton, Lebuis Garner, Parshall and Jonathan
Terry, all of these with their wives were in Forty Fort the night after the
battle..Jonathan Terry was commissioned a justice, and for four generations,
with but slight intermission, the office passed from father to son, Jonathan
Terry had 8 sons and 2 daughters. His son Uriah was the first white child born
in Terrytown, where he lived for nearly 90 years.

About 1794 Parshall Terry built a small grist mill on the small stream
passing through a farm occupied by J. W. Van Anken. Parshall and Uriah Terry
were for many years the noted men of Terrytown. Parshall was a tailor and made
very good coats for a dollar each. He was once jailed by the Pennamites, but
escaped to the woods.

Uriah Terry was a schoolmaster and a poet of no mean ability."


Same book in biographical sections "James Terry born 2 Dec 1838 in Standing
Stone Twp. Bradford Co. Pa. Parents were John and Catherine Betts Terry. John
Terry was born near Leeds. England 1805 ca. He migrated to Bradford Co., Pa
about 1835.


* * * * *


Copied by General Richardson Chapter, D. A. R. of Pontiac MI.

Submitted by Ethiel Johnson

Pontiac Twp.

Barny Terry (assessed on personal)

Joshua B. Terry E 1/2 SW 1/4 SEC 17 TN 3 RG 10

NE 1/4 SEC 19 TN 3 RG 10

John Terry (assessed on personal)

Charles Terry W 1/2 NW 1/4 SEC 20 TN 3 RG 10

Eleanor Terry (Assessed on personal)

Bloomfield Twp.

Augustus Terry W 1/2 SW 1/4 SEC 26 70 Acres tax 9.30

Mrs. Torry SEC 16 90 Acres tax 4.43


Page 180


Pontiac Twp. 1840

Charles Terry W 1/4 NW 1/4 SEC 20
E 1/2 NE 1/4 SEC 19 160 Acres value $400 tax 6.03

Joshua Terry SW 1/2 E 1/2
NW 1/4 SEC 20 240 acres value $1200 14.51 tax

Caleb and Elmer Terry W 1/2 NE 1/4 SEC 19 80 acres value $240.
tax 3.54

Merrit Terry SW 1/4 & SE Part NW 1/4 SEC 7 70 acres value $175.
tax 2.34.

Nonresident Tax of Pontiac Twp.

Joseph W. Terry P. V. L. 114 value $75.

115 value $75.

119 value $75. tax 2.34

Township of Waterford

Jacob Turvy SW 1/4 NW 1/4 SEC 20 40 Acres value $120. Tax .94

William Terry W 1/2 SE 1/4 SEC 24 80 Acres value $250. Personal 90 tax 2.66


A. Terry          Avon Twp.            Section 27, 33.
B. Terry         Addison Twp.         Section 3.
C. W. Terry      Groveland Twp.       Section 16.
D. D. -----      Pontiac Twp.         Section 26.
G. Terry         Pontiac Twp.         Section 19.
G. D. Terry      Groveland Twp.       Section 22.
H. Terry         Addison Twp.         Section 2.
J. Terry         Groveland Twp.       Section 15, 19.
                 Waterford Twp.      Section 19, 29.
                 White Lake Twp.     Section 11, 14.
J. P. Terry      Pontiac Twp.         Section 23.
M. Terry         Pontiac Twp.         Section 7.
U. Terry         Pontiac Twp.         Section 26, 35.
W. Terry         White Lake Twp.      Section 11, 14.

* * * * *


Chapter D.A.R. of Pontiac, Michigan. 1924.

Rochester Cemetery, Avon Twp.

Albert Terry               died Aug 30 1880    —   age 62 yrs, 11 mo, 20 da
Delia, his wife           died Dec 5 1859     —   age 40 yrs, 3 mo, 3 da
Lucinda C., his wife      died Oct 24 1902     —   age 65 yrs,


Page 181

Waterford Center Cemetery

Allen Terry           born Jan 30 1850   — Jan 14 1870
William Terry        born Sep  1 1843   — Jan 14 1870
Mother R. Terry      born Feb 20 1839   — Jan 22 1890
Father J. Terry      born Dec 22 1816   — Dec 26 1888

Caleb Terry                  born 1844   -     1912
Eliza J. Terry               born 1844    -        
Mary wife of Will Terry     born 1878   -      1916

Waterford Village Cemetery Waterford Twp.

Jane Terry, wife of Elias Terry died May 28, 1856 age 31 yrs.
Devro, son of E. and J. Terry died March 12, 1854 age 1 yr., 10 mo.

I. C. Terry born Jan 26 1854 — Jan 9 1920
K. J. Terry died Feb 10, 1891 age 35 yrs., 8 mo, 13 da.

J. C. Terry born Oct 14 1846 - Jun 2 1908
Jennie M. Terry, his wife Jun 22 1848 — Aug 31 1914

Chapter D.A. R. of Pontiac, Michigan.

Ortonville Cemetery Groveland Twp.

Gordon Terry born Sep 1 1842 — Apr 29 1914
Blanchard Terry born Jan 29 1880 — Feb 24 1901

Cemetery in Section 16, Groveland Twp.

Jonathan Terry born Jun 11 1819 — Apr 17 1899
Catharine, his wife born Aug 29 1819 — Jun 1 1900

Cora Belle Terry 1884 — 1908
George Terry     1820 — 1887

Chapter D. A. R. of Pontiac, Michigan.

Oak Grove Cemetery. Milford, Michigan

Louisa Terry   1802 — 1881
Josephus Terry 1800 — 1888

Chapter D. A. R. of Pontiac, Michigan.

White Lake Cemetery. Section 15.

John Terry 1809 -  1879
Eleen A. Gulick Terry, wife of John 1817 - 1902

Page 182

Mary Ellen Terry                   1836 - 1901

Frank Terry                        1854 - 1885

Mark Terry                         1860 - 1866

Nathan                             1835 - 1915 

(Near Terry graves but no surname given).

George Terry                       No dates given.


* * * * *


Submitted by Lea Bousman

Rt. 2, Box 228 Willard MO 65781

1850 Census Wright Co. MO

#485   David TERRY            H 24 1826 NC Blacksmith
       Polly                  W 20 1830 TN
       Millicen               D  5 1845 TN
       Sarah                  D  5 1845 TN
       Nancy                  D  4 1846 TN
       John                   S  1 1849 MO

#486   William R. TERRY       H 26 1824 NC Blacksmith
       Margaret               W 26 1824 TN
       Caroline               D  5 1845 TN
       Milton                 S  4 1846 MO
       David                  S  1 1849 MO

#355   Lewis Sartin            H 32 1818 TN
       Gincey                  W 34 1816 NC
       William                 S 12 1838 TN
       Mary D                  S   9 1841 TN
       Sarah                   D   7 1843 TN
       Jake S                  S   5 1845 TN
       David                   S   3 1847 TN
       Abner                   S   2 1848 TN


1860 Census Webster Co. MO

#700 Marshfield Ozark Twp.

Meyers TERRY                  H 35 1825 NC Blacksmith
Mary                          W 36 1824 TN
Sarah E.                      D 16 1844 TN
Nancy J.                      D 13 1847 TN
John A.                       S   9 1851 MO
Mary A.                       D   8 1852 MO
Margaret C.                   D   6 1854 MO


Page 183



Jane P. L. D 4 1856 MO

Martha 0. D 2 1858 MO

#748 Union Twp Bristol P.O. August 10

Riley TERRY            H 38 1822 NC Farmer
Nancy C.              D 16 1844 TN
John M.                S 14 1846 TN
David M.              S 13 1847 MO
Margaret E.           D  3 1857 MO
George IKER           ? 17 1843 MO

#4747 Union Twp Bristol 9.0. August 11

Abner TERRY            H 35 1825 NC Farmer
Mary                   W 22 1838 TN
Martha A. HARRIS      ? 14 1846 TN

# Ozark Twp Marshfield P.O.

Jane E. Sartin         W 43 1815 NC
Sarah E.              D 17 1843 TN
John                   S 16 1844 TN
Alexander D.          S 14 1846 TN
Abner                  S 12 1848 TN
Thurs                  D 11 1849 MO
Eliza A.              D   5 1855 MO
Teleda PETTY          ? 52 1808 NC

# Ozark Tup. Marshfield P.O.

William Sartin         H 22 1838 TN
Elizabeth             W 18 1842 TN
Mary A. C.            D 2/365 1860 MO


1870 Census Webster Co. MO August 2—11

#145 Union Twp.

William R. TERRY      H 52 1818 NC Farmer
Nancy 0.              W 30 1840 IL
Valentine             S   7 1863 MO
Mary J.                D   4 1866 MO
William R.            S  2 1858 MO
Francis MYERS         N 16 1854 MO
William WYERS         N 14 1856 MO

#185 Union Twp.

Abner TERRY            H 46 1824 NC Farmer
Mary Ann              W 35 1835 TN
James H.              S 16 1864 MO
William H.            S  1 1869 MO


Page 184


#186 Union Twp.

Stephen M. TERRY            H 24 1846 TN
Martha                      W 20 1850 TN
Thursday Ann                D   3 1867 MO
Preston                     S   1 1869 MO
David M. TERRY             B 19 1851 MO
Margaret E.                 W 18 1852 MO
Foster                      S   1 1869 MO

#102 Union Twp.

David TERRY                 H 21 1849 MO
Missouri                    W 19 1851 MO
John M.                     B 23 1847 TN

#184 Ozark Twp.

Gincey E. SARTIN            W 53 1817 NC
Thursey J.                  D 18 1852 MO
Gincey A. E.                D 16 1854 MO

1880 Census Webster Co. MO Union Twp.

#242 J. M. TERRY         H 33 1847 TN
Harriet E.              W 25 1855 AR
Anna C.                  D   8 1872 MO
Laura B.                 D   5 1875 MO
Rilla M.                 D   1 1879 MO

#246 David TERRY         H 30 1850 MO
Missouri A.             W 28 1852 MO
John M.                  S   9 1871 MO
Nancy J.                 D   7 1873 MO

#159 Abner TERRY         H 53 1827 NC Farmer
Rachel E.                W 20 1860 MO
James H.                 S 16 1864 MO
William H.              S   1 1879 MO

#137 William H. TANNEHILL 17 1663 W Farmer

Nancy                    W 38 1848 MO
Valentine             SSN 18 1862 MO
William R.            SSN 13 1867 MO
Millie A.             SDA   8 1871 MO
Werner                 SSN   8 1872 MO
Dora                   SDA   6 1874 MO
Susan A.              SDA   2 1878 MO

* * * * *


STEPHEN/STEWARD TERRY married Elizabeth her last name Harris or Harrison. My
grandfather was only sure of her first name. Both were born in Virginia Their
children as given to me by my grandfather, was one daughter and five sons. I
need help with more information

 Page 185

I. Jane E. (Gincey/Jenny) TERRY, born ca. 1816 NC, married Lewis Bartin, born
ca. 1818 TN. Lewis and Jane are listed in the 1850 Census of Wright Co. MO,
with six children, all born in TN. In the 1860 Census of Webster Co., Ozark
Twp. MO., Jane Sartin is listed as head of household. Her two oldest children
have married, two more children born after the 1850 Census thus indicating
Lewis died between 1855/1860 Webster Co. MO Jane Sartin and three of her sons
are listed in the 1870 Census of Webster Co. MO. I have been unable to find her
after this at this time.

II. William Rily TERRY born ca. 1824 NC died 18 Aug 1879 Webster Co. MO,
married first Monroe Co. TN 19 Mar 1843 Margaret Narcisses Gardner daughter of
John Gardner. She was born ca. 1824 TN died 17 Feb 1858 Webster Co. MO. William
Riley TERRY and family came to Wright Co. MO around 1848 from TN. He was a
blacksmith, miller and farmer. Webster Co. Mo was formed from Wright and Greene
Counties about 1857/1858. William Riley TERRY married second, Webster Co. MO 17
Sep 1860, Nancy O. Greathouse daughter of Michael Greathouse. Nancy 0.
Greathouse born Feb 1844 IL

Children of first marriages

A. John Milton TERRY born 12 May 1847 TN died 9 Mar 1938 Webster Co. MO
married first, Webster Co. MO 9 Oct 1870, Rebecca Logan born 10 Jun
1859 AR died 6 Nov 1881 Webster Co. MO. John Milton TERRY married
second, Mary Josephine Kilburn, daughter of James J. Kilburn and
Phoebe J. Taggard. She was born 24 Aug 1859 MO died 13 Apr 1911.
John Milton TERRY married third Mrs. Nancy E. West, sister of his
second wife, there were no children in this marriage. First marriage
there were five children and by the second marriage there were three.
John Milton TERRY was in the Civil War Co. F, 16th MO Cavalry and was
Probate Judge in Marshfield, Webster Co. Ozark Twp. MO.

B. David Milton TERRY was born Webster Co. MO Mar 1850 died 1931 married
Webster Co. MO 29 Mar 1869, Missouri A. Clark. Three Children.

C. Nancy Caroline TERRY born 12 Dec 1843 TN died 14 Mar 1878 MO married
15 Jun 1862 Webster Co. MO, John C. Ichord son of barge Ichord and
Nancy D. Williams. Five children.

D. Margaret E. TERRY b. ca. 1857 MO

Children of second marriage:

E. Valentine (Tine) S. TERRY born Jun 1881 Webster Co. MO, married
Tabitha ______.  1910 Census Taney Co. MO he is listed with wife and
two sons. Later moved to CA.

F. Warner C. TERRY born 19 May 1871 Webster Co. MO died 4 Nov 1958
Webster Co. MO married Cordelia (Cord) West daughter of Andrew Jack-
son West and Nancy L. Kilburn. Warner and Cordelia had sixteen chil—

G. Dora L. TERRY born 11 Jan 1871 Webster Co. MO died 1 Sep 1961 Webster
Co. MO. Married 1 Feb 1903 Webster Co. MO John M. Wilkinson.

H. Susan A. TERRY b. ca. 1878 Webster Co. MO


Page 186


III. David Meyers (Dave) TERRY born ca. 1825 NC married Monroe Co. TN 22 Feb
1842 Mary (Polly) Lea born ca. 1824 TN. They came to MO around 1840 from
TN. David Meyers TERRY was a blacksmith and farmer. It is believed this
family moved from MO sometime before 1870 where it is not known at this
time. There were eight children, all born in TN.

IV. Abner Steward (Ab) TERRY born 14 Oct 1826 NC died 13 Dec 1907 Webster Co.
MO. (Have been told by older family members that his first three wife’s
were sisters. I have only found three marriages and know that two of these
are not sisters.) He married first, Monroe Co. TN 10 Oct 1848, Louisa
Harris. I do not know if there were any children by this marriage. Abner
S. TERRY was a land buyer 10 Jun 1859, Webster Co. MO. In the Civil War,
he was with Capt. Smith's Cavalry Co. (A.) Webster Co. Batt’n MO. H G
4th July 1861. His second marriage, 27 May 1860 Webster Co. MO, was to
Mary Ann Hatcher born ca. 1838 TN. Living with them in the 1860 Webster
Co. Census was a Martha Harris born ca. 1846 TN. She could possibly be
sister to first wife. Martha Harris married 17 Feb 1866 Webster Co. MO
Stephen M. TERRY b. ca. 1846 TN. I do not know who his father was. In the
1870 Census Records, Webster Co. Union Twp. MO he and his family are liv-
ing next door to Abner S. TERRY and family. I have not found them later
than this. Abner S. TERRY and Mary Ann Hatcher had two children.

A. Charles R. TERRY born ca. 1861 Webster Co. MO

B. James Henry TERRY (Big Jim) born 27 Apr 1865 Webster Co. MO.
died 22 Mar 1946 Webster Co. MO married, Hannah L. Jemes b. ca.
1869 TN dau of William Jemes.

Abner S. TERRY married third Webster Co. MO 29 Oct 1878 Rachel Elizabeth
Doshier born 16 Jul 1859 LaClede Co. MO died 27 Jun 1936 Webster Co. MO.
She was the daughter of Harrison Doshier and Rebecca Rhoads There were
ten children in this marriage. All children born in Webster Co., Union
Twp. MO.
Tannehill and Nancy O. Greathouse TERRY. Seven children.

F. Bertha (Bert)Ann TERRY born 7 Aug 1885 died 1977 Kansas City, MO
married Webster Co. MO, Home Great house son of Andrew Jackson
boathouse and Celia Ann Petit. Seven children.

G. Abner Jefferson TERRY born 19 Feb 1888, married 11 Jan 1911 Lura
Powell daughter of Milligan Powell. Divorced 28 Jan 1928, marr-
ied second Virginia ____. Three children.

H. James Milton TERRY (Jim) born 19 Aug 1890 died 5 Mar 1972 Web


Page 187


ster Co. MO married 20 Dec 1915 Webster Co. MO, Hester Ellen Ikerd daughter of
Thomas Fleming Ikerd and Martha Jane Rimmer. Nine children. My mother was their
first child, Jessie Freda TERRY born 18 Mar 1916 died 4 Feb 1936 married Webster
Co. MO 27 Mar 1935 Robert B. Bodine. I was adopted by her mother’s sister Edna G.
(Ikerd) Farris 21 Feb 1936 in Springfield, MO.

I. John Foster TERRY born 11 Sep 1892 died 6 May 1925 Springfield MO
married Stella Payne. Three children.

J. Gustie Jewell TERRY born 11 Apr 1893 died 18 Mar 1899 Webster Co. MO.

K. Authar Morgan TERRY born 4 Dec 1899 died 28 Apr 1868 MO. married Mary


V. Stephen TERRY — No information.

VI. ______, TERRY — No Information

* * * * *


Thought this might interest you.

Biography of William D. Butler born. Bedford Co. TN in 1847, son of William
Butler and Joannah B. (Terry) Butler. The father was a Tennessean, a farmer.
Migrated to TN—IL-MO-back to TN. Then to MO in 1852 and died 1858 The son, Wm.
O. Butler became a lawyer and settled in Marionville MO. Source: Lawrence Co.
1888 History.
Submitted by Colleen Belk Box 25, Duenweg MO 64841.

* * * * *


Q U E R I E S * * * * * Q U E R I E S


Terry Line of Whitman N.Till Rt. 3, Box 141, Luverne AL 36049

I TILL, Whitman N., b (?);.

2 TILL, William Allen, b 14 Mar 1922, Butler Co. AL; d 7 Feb 1953; m
  11 Nov 1945, Butler Co. AL:
3 NUCKOLLS, Louisa Whitman, b 29 Mar 1923?, Crenshaw Co. AL;

6 NUCKOLLS, Thomas Franklin, b 23 Nov 1892, Montgomery Co. AL; d Sep
  1925, Luverne, AL; . 12 Feb 1921, Montgomery Co. AL:
7 BRUNSON, Erin, b 7 Dec 1896?, Crenshaw Co. AL;.


Page 188

12 NUCKOLLS, Charles Brame, b 27 Sep 1873, Montgomery Co. AL; d 30 Jul
1894, Montgomery Co. AL; m Nov 1891, Montgomery Co. AL:
13 MCCULLOUGH, Nancy Thompson, b (?);.

24 NUCKOLLS, Francis Marian, b 27 Jun 1834, VA; d 25 Jan 1883, AL; m
25 BRAME, Harriet Elizabeth, b 3 Aug 1870?; d 25 Jan 1883.

48 NUCKOLLS, Stephen T., b 29 Mar 1793, Louisa Co. VA; d 4 Mar 1858,
Macon Co. AL; m 16 Nov 1827:
49 TRICE, Maria, b (?):,

96 NUCKOLLS, Thomas, b ca 1760, Louisa Co. VA; d ca 1810; m 4 Mar
1785, Louisa Co. VA:
97 TERRY, Anna, b 1763; d (?).

194 TERRY, James, b (?); d 11 Aug 1783, Louisa Co. VA; m (?):
195 ______, Henrietta, b (?); d 1814, Louisa Co. VA.


Terry Line of Anita Kay /Terry/ Battle, Rt. 6, Box 34D, Silsbee TX 77656

1 TERRY, Anita Kay, b 20 Aug 1955, Beaumont, TX;.

2 TERRY, Derl Thomas, b 20 Dec 1928, Ashdown, AR;; m 24 Jul 1954:
3 MOSES Majorie Pauline, b 29 Jul 1937, Bossier City, LA;.

4 TERRY, Joe, b 11 Oct 1895, Dallas, TX; d 1981, Silsbee, TX; m ca
5 MARRS, Georgia Oleta, b 10 Nov 1913, Horatio, AR;.

8 TERRY, Tom, b (?);; m (?):
9 INGRAM, Alice, b (?);.


Update Terry Line of Lois Edith /Terry/ Augustson, 5964 Wonder Dr., Ft. Worth TX

1 TERRY, Lois Edith, b 31 Oct 1926, Guadalupe Co. NM; r Ft. Worth, TX.

2 TERRY, John Bascom, b 12 Jun 1891, Clay Co. TX; d 3 Mar 1977,
  Midland, TX; m 31 Oct 1920:
3 MINOR, Nellie Grace, b 19 Oct 1900?, Bond Co. IL;.

4 TERRY, George Washington, b 6 Jul 1859, Hale Co. AL; d 1 Sep 1943,
  Bee Co. TX; m 1 Jan 1890:
5 TERRY, Martha Elizabeth, b 28 Mar 1868, Hale Co. AL; d 9 Feb
  1961, Liw Oak Co. TX.

8 TERRY, Dr. Richard Everett, b 30 Jan 1817?, SC; d 24 May 1896,
  Clay Co. TX; m ca 1843, Perry Co. AL:
9 BOYLES, Nancy Blackburn, b ca 1825; d (?).


Page 189


10 TERRY, Hilliard Judge, b 10 Nov 1821?; d 27 Sep 1881; m 22 Jul
11 SMITH, Mary Ann b 2 Feb 1834?, Hale Co. AL; d 26 Apr 1917.

16 TERRY, James, b ca 1784, Edgefield Co. SC; d ca 1832, Bibb Co. AL
   m (?):
17 CLEMENT, Susannah, b ca 1785, Edgefield Co. SC; d ca 1850, Bibb
   Co. AL.
18 BOYLES, Rev. James, b (?): d (?)
20 TERRY, James, b ca 1784, Edgefield Co. SC; d ca 1832, Bibb Co. Al;
   m (?):
21 CLEMENT, Susannah, b ca 1785, Edgefield Co. SC; d ca 1850, Bibb
   Co. AL.

32 TERRY, Stephen C. Sr., b ca 1753, NC; d 16 Sep 1837, Edgefield Co.
   SC; m 4 Feb 1783, Granville Co. NC;
33 CLEMENT, Anne, b (?), Amelia Co. VA; r Edgefield Co. SC.
40 TERRY, Stephen C. Sr., b ca 1753, NC; d 16 Sep 1837, Edgefield  Co.
   SC; m 4 Feb 1783, Granville Co., NC.
41 CLEMENT, Anne b (?), Amelia Co. VA; r Edgefield Co. SC.

64 TERRY, James, b (?), King Wm. Co. VA; d ca 1793 Granville
   m (?),
65 GOOCH, Elizabeth, b (?), King Wm. Co. VA; d (?), Granville
80 TERRY, James, b (?), King Wm. Co. VA; d ca 1793, Granville
   m (?):
81 GOOCH, Elizabeth, b (?), King Wm. Co. VA; d (?), Granville


Terry Line of Jerris Ann /Terry/ Oberbeck, Star Rt. Jackson MO

1 TERRY, Jerris Ann, b 4 Aug 1955, Cape Girardeau MO;,

2 TERRY, George Lester, b 30 Aug 1930, LeRoy, IL; d 21 Sep 1983,
  Jackson, MO; m 6 Nov 1954:
3 SEYER, Mary Ann, b 7 Mar 1934, Cape Girardeau MO;

4 TERRY, Otis Earl, b 10 Jan 1905, Mt. Vernon, IL; d 5 Oct 1980
  Cape Girardeau MO; m 10 Jan 1928 Jonesboro, IL:
5 RUMFELT, Hazel Marie, b 9 Jan 1911, Wolf Lake, IL; d
  Cape Girardeau MO.

8 TERRY, George Thomas. b 28 Jan 1867?, Mt. Vernon, IL; d 20 May
  1934, Mt. Vernon, IL; m 25 Sep 1887, Mt. Vernon, IL:
9 LEACH, Augusta Jane, b 7 Jun 1869?; d 16 Jan 1922, Mt. Vernon, IL.

16 TERRY, David, b 1825, GA?; d (?); m 8 Apr 1866 Mt. Vernon, IL:
17 DICKERSON, Delila Overbay Mrs., b ca 1837, Mt. Vernon, IL?; d 17
   Jan 1881, IL.

Page 190



Terry line of Linda Rae /Terry/ Holcomb, 107 Franklin Way, Cumming GA 30130.

1 TERRY, Linda Rae, b 25 Jul 1947, Jasper, AL r Cumming, GA.

2 TERRY, Ray Dalton, b 9 Dec 1926, Cordova, AL m 7 Sep 1946,
  Walker Co. AL:
3 BLACKWELL, Hazel, b 26 May 1926, Manchester, AL

4 TERRY, Ellie A. H., b 25 Jan 1897, Cordova, AL; d 16 Jul 1969,
  Fayette Co. AL.
5 GARNER;, Leatie P., b 28 Feb 1896, Cordova, AL d 20 Oct 1977,
  Walker Co. AL.

8 TERRY, William Hilliard, b Jun 1851, Bibb Co. AL; d 9 Dec 1930?,
  Walker Co. AL; m 17 Sep 1878, Jefferson Co. AL:
9 MCCOMBS, Mary Etta, b Apr 1861, Jefferson Co. AL; d 20 Jun 1920,
  Jefferson Co. AL.

16 TERRY, William, b 1811, Edgefield Co. SC; d — 1888, Jefferson Co.
   AL; m ca 1840:
17 WILLIAMS, Emal ine, b 1813, SC; d ca 1898, Jefferson Co. AL.

32 TERRY, James b ca 1764, Edgefield Co. SC; d ca 1832, Bibb Co. AL;
33 CLEMENT, Susannah, b ca 1785, Edgefield Co. SC; d ca 1850, Bibb
   Co. AL.

64 TERRY, Stephen C. Sr., b ca 1753, NC; d 16 Sep 1837, Edgefield Co.
   SC; m 4 Feb 1783, Granville Co. NC:
65 CLEMENT, Anne, b (?), Amelia Co. VA; r Edgefield Co. SC.

128 TERRY, James b (?), King Wm. Co. VA: d ca 1793, Granville Co. NC;
    m (?):
129 GOOCH, Elizabeth, b (?), King Wm. Co. VA; d (?), Granville Co. NC.


Terry Line of Mrs. Ann K. Silva, 104 Westwood Rd., Cumberland MD 21562.

1 TERRY, Abigail, b 21 Sep 1646, Windsor, CT; d ca Oct 1726, Hadley,

2 TERRY, Stephen II, b 25 Aug 1608 Stockton, ENG; d 19 Sep 1668?,
  Hadley, MA; m (?):
3 LOBDELL Elizabeth, b ca 1593; d 11 Aug 1683, Hadley, MA.

4 TERRY, John Rev., , b 1555, Crondal, ENG; d 5 Oct 1625, Stockton,
  ENG; m ca 1590:
5 WHITE;, Mary b 1570, Stanton, ENG; d 17 Oct 1637, Dorchester, ENG.


Page 191


8 TERRY, Stephen I, b (?); d 10 Dec 1606?, ENG; m 25 Apr 1555:
9 CANNOR/CONNOR, Alice, b (?);.

16 TERRY, Richard, b (?); d (?).

Would appreciate any help on the line of Abigail Terry who married 4 Sep 1667
in Hadley, MA, Joseph Kellogg. She was his second wife. His first wife was
Joanna Foote? by whom he had 9 children; By Abigail Terry he had another 11
children. Joseph Kellogg was a proprietor and ferryman in the town of Hadley.


Terry Line of Marie /Davis/ Wiles Rt. 1, Box 120, Plattsmouth NE 68048.

1 DAVIS, Marie, b (?);.
2 DAVIS, John Andrew, b (?);; m  4 Aug 1909:
3 TERRY, Laura May, b 19 Jul 1891, Wellington, CO; d 8 Nov 1932,
Omaha, NE.

TERRY, Peter Green, b 19 Mar 1840 Clay Co., IL; d 17 Feb 1934, Ft. Collins, Co; m 4 Apr 1888, Ft. Collins, Co:

7 PECK, Sarah Elizabeth, b (?);.
12 TERRY, Peter Garland, b 7 Jan 1806, NC; d 7 Nov 1859, Olney, IL; m 21 May 1830 Wilson Co. TN:
13 AIKIN, Martha, b (?);.

My great grand father her, Peter Garland Terry was born in North Carolina
in January 7, 1806. I would like to find proof of his county or town of birth.
I am searching for proof of his parents. He married Martha W. Akin in Wilson
Co. TN 21 May 1830 and shortly after the birth of son James, the family moved
to IL and first settled at Maysville, IL and later at Olney, IL. His second
wife was Martha Thompson. The children of Peter Garland Terry were: James,
Garland, William, John, Peter [my grandfather] and twin Charles, Alfred and
Rosella. I shall be happy to correspond and exchange information with others
who are searching for their TERRY ancestors.


I have an ancestor named Margaret Pearce/Peirce. She was born 1791—93 in New
Castle Co. DE, just south of Chester Co. PA. She married Joseph Wickersham of
Chester Co. in 1816. He was a Quaker; she was not. I have his line traced. I
have searched for hers for years without success.

Recently, an elderly relative said that her parents were Wilber and Terry
Pearce. She further stated that her grandfather was a Harry.

At that period, the name, probably was taken from her mother’s or grandmother’s

Do you know any Terry families who were in that area at that time? Or any who
might have come from Bucks Co. PA or NJ (upper Freehold or Shrewsbury, probab—
ly. ).. . They could also have been associated with Parkers, Bailys or Hollestons.
Mrs. Audrey Wilton Casari, Pres. Cheboygan Co. Gen. Soc., 4463 Hiawatha Dr.,

Page 192


Cheboygan MI 49721.


Researching George W. Terry b. Franklin Co. VA ca. 1801 d. Henry VA Feb 1862
[Son of Joseph Terry and Lucy Carter] m. Henry Co. VA Dec 1832 Lucy Elizabeth
Perkinson. Children. WI lliam A. Terry 1836—1853; Mary J. Terry 1838—1857; James
Terry 1841—??; Joseph A. Terry 1842—1857 Elizabeth Ruth Terry b. 2 Sep 1846 d.
7 Feb 1910 m. ca. 1866 Benjamin Franklin Barrow; George M. Terry 1850—1857;
John F. Terry 1854—??; John F. Terry 1855—1857; Lucy A. Terry 1857—??. [Several
children apprently died in 1857 of fever or pnemuonia.] B. A. Noblin, Rt. 1,
Box 226, Patrick Springs VA 24133.


I am interested in the Terry name because I’m trying to trace William P. Terry,
b. October 1856 in PA. He m. Duncan Township, Mercer Co. IL 25 Jul 1880 Sarah
Permelia Doty Sade b. OH Dec 1853. I wonder if you have this family listed?
William P. was the son of William J. Terry and Mary Ann Wilson. I found the
family on the 1900 Soundex in Millersburg township, Mercer Co. IL. But the
1910 census indicates that William P. Terry, 17, a brother, is living in the
home of Oral S. Sade. They were half brothers, Oral Sade’s mother was Sarah
Permelia Sade Terry. But the 1910 Soundex says that William P. Terry, 80,
is enumerated with Oral Sade I’ 11 have to recheck this one. The 1900 census
Soundex lists William T. Terry as the son of William P. Terry and Sarah P. I
have also read some in the Early Reorganization Minutes (Reorganized Church of
the Latter Day Saints), and find this couple’s names menti ioned a number of
times. One of the biggest problems is the fact that there are so many William
Terrys in Mercer Co. IL. Any help appreciated. Betty Jane Goold, 412 North Plum
St., Northfield MN 55057.


I am Involved in researching the maternal ancestors of my mother, Alice M.
(Talbot) Thompson. Specifically, at this time, the ancestors and descendants of
my ggg grandfather Dr. William Terry, M. P. for Niagara—on—the Lake, Ontario
Canada. I have no birth date or date of death, but I do know that his wife was
Mary Metcalf 1780—1865, who died in Strothray, Canada. Also known is that they
had two children. Dr. Simcoe John Terry M. D. who married Eliza Talbot, in
London, in 1829, and later lived in Lambton. Harriot Terry born July 18, 1806 at
Niagara married Timothy Cook at Niagara May 26, 1831. Then lived in Strothroy
sometime around 1841. Her mother, Mary Metcalf Terry died perhaps at her home
in 1865 I believe her father, Dr. Terry, also died there prior to 1865, but
have no verification. I have searched records at Niagara—on—the Lake, London,
and Strothroy without success other than I have stated here. However, this
information indicates that Dr. Terry was born sometime prior to 1780. so of
course, this leaves me searching for his parents names, place and date of birth
and any other ancestors. I do not think he was united Empire Loyalist a he is
unlisted. I do however, think he was with the military at Port George Niagara—
on—the Lake and that he may have been M. P. during the time of Colonel John
Simcoe, Lieut. Governor, This could account for the name of his Son, Dr. Simcoe
John Terry. Most of those old records have been destroyed, many by the American
forces during the war of 1812, or so I have been told. Any information you can
furnish will be most helpful. Donald F. Thompson 856 L Torch Lake Dr., Rt. 2,
Box 15, Alden MI 49612.


Page 193



Terry Line of George A. Terry, 304 Highland Heights Goodlettsville TN 37092

1 TERRY, George Alvin, b 19 Dec 1926;.

2 TERRY, William Claude Sr., b 25 Aug 1893; d 4 Nov 1954; m (?):
3 COWAN, Paralee, b 28 May 1895; d 10 Feb 1976.

4 TERRY, Alvin C., 23 Jun 1866 d 18 Jun 1957; m (?):
5 DAVIS, Jane, b 28 Oct 1869; d 7 Oct 1913.

8 TERRY, Milton, b 17 Jul 1834; d 12 Dec 1904 TN; m 15 Jul 1854:
9 THOMAS, Jane, b 13 Oct 1830; d 21 Mar 1908.

16 TERRY, Josiah, b 1780, VA; d 1868, Wayne Co. KY. m (?):
17 STEVENS, Nancy, b 1800, TN; d (?), South Oneida, TN.


Terry Line of Betty /Young/ Martin 605 N. Robinson, Harrison AR 72601

1 YOUNG, Betty Lee, b 16 Jul 1937, Marion Co. AR; r Harrison, AR.

2 YOUNG, Andy Allen, 6 18 Apr 1901, Bowling Green KY; d 17 Feb 1956,
  Marion Co. AR; m 10 Oct 1926, Marion Co. AR:
3 TERRY, Mary Gladys, b 20 Mar 1910, Marion Co. AR;.

6 TERRY, Thomas Marion, b 16 Jan 1862, Marion Co. AR; d 12 Feb 1934,
  Marion Co. AR; m 8 Feb 1891, Virgil City, MO:
7 GRAHAM, Emily Elizabeth, b 2 Apr 1867, MO; d 26 Mar 1943, Marion
  Co. AR.

12 TERRY, Thomas Marion, b 1824, IN; d 7 Jan 1863, Ft. Lawrence, MO;
   m ca 1859, Marion Co. AR:
13 HOLT, Nancy Elizabeth, b 2 Jul 1836, Rutherford Co. TN; d 13 Feb
   1907, Protem, MO.

24 TERRY, John, b ca 1780; d 1841, Marion Co. AR; m (?):


I found your item in the May-June Genealogical Helper. I have an early TERRY
line that I’ve had very little luck with. Thomas Terry had a daughter Abigail
Terry who married Selah Strong. In some sources I find him called Thomas Terry,
Jr. and the site would be Long Island—probably Southold or Brookhaven. His
daughter Abigail, was born 10 Jun 1680 and died 2 Feb 1761. Mrs. Fred A.
Tuthill, 929 West Clinton St., Elmira NY 14905.


Helen L. F. VanderBeek; Myrtle Joy Wadsworth Free; Milton Lafayette Wadsworth;
Eliza Jane Terry Wadsworth; Thomas Sirls Terry b. Bristol, Bucks Co. PA 3 Oct
1825 m. Mary Ann Puslipher; Thomas Sirls Terry b. Bristol Bucks Co. PA 3 Jul


Page 194


1789 m. Mary Ann Murkins d. Aug or Sep 1851, Phil. PA; John Terry b. Bensalem,
Bucks Co. PA? m. 25 Aug 1786 Phil. PA to Rebecca Searle Hedgeman (her second
marriage) d. 16 Sep 1824. Would like to know John Terry's parents. Rebecca was
the widow of Henry Hegeman Is John Terry's father John or David Terry? Please
write Helen Free VanderBeek, Route 5, Box 151, Idaho Falls 83402.


Our Terrys are traced as far back as John and Osee. He was born in NJ and she
in PA. We have the line from the time they were in OH in the early 1800s, but
have done no research in NJ or PA. Family tradition says we are descendants of
the early JOHN TERRY who was born 1603, England, and who migrated to
Dorchester, MA in 1635. But we can’t prove this from our rather limited study.
Emily Hixson, 26491 New Bedford Road, Sun City CA 92381.


The first two copies of "The Terry Family Historian" arrived yesterday. On page
81 of Volume 3, Number I there is an article about W. E. Terry that made bells
ring. I just know that he is our Minnie May Terry’s brother. I have copied the
article and am sending it to Don’s aunt to see if she agrees. She is the only
living relative we have who knew the Terrys. Now I can see why I haven’t been
able to find any information. I was looking for William Terry and the father is
Charles. That makes sense because Minnie May named one of her sons Charles.
I’ll go back to the 1850 census again and see if I can find a Terry family with
a son Charles. Would you change William to Charles on the information I sent
you? NOTE: See her line query # 180984 Sep 1984 TFH. Mrs. Janet Reid, 13863
Kinbrook St., Sylmar CA 91342.



Terry Line of Valerie /Whitlow/ Terry.
Rt. 3, Box 154, Princeton WV 24740.

1 TERRY, Oliver Gerald, b 1956, Mercer Co. WV; r Princeton, WV.


TERRY, Lafayette Hannon, b 1924, Mercer Co. WV;; m 1945, Mercer
Co. WV.
KUPNER, Sybil Jean, b 1929, McDowell Co. WV;.


TERRY, Robert Harrison, b 1888, Mercer Co. WV; d 1969, Mercer Co.
WV; m 1915, Mercer Co. WV:
REED, Lillie Mae, b 1899, Mercer Co. WV; d 1957, Mercer Co. WV.


TERRY, James B., b 1857, Floyd Co. VA; d ca 1944, Mercer Co. WV; m
1886, Mercer Co. WV.
FLETCHER, Julia Emaline , b 1872, Mercer Co. WV; d 1944, Mercer Co.


TERRY, Samuel B., b ca 1819, VA; d ca 1895, Mercer Co. WV; m 1841, Floyd Co. VA.
DEWEESE, Lucinda, b 1872, Mercer Co. WV;.

Page 195

32 TERRY, Jonathan, b ca 1787, Montgomery Co. VA; d ca 1860, Floyd Co.
   VA; m (?):
33 ______, Elizabeth, b (?);.
34 DEWEESE, Peter
35 POFF, Esther Catherine

64 *TERRY, Jasper, b ca 1730; d 1819, Montgomery Co.VA; m ca 1752:
65 ______, ______, b (?); d (?).

128 TERRY, William, b (?); d ca 1780, VA.

*Jasper Terry’s Will probated July 6, 1819 in Montgomery Co. VA Will Book 3,
Page 121 listed wife: Margaret; Daughters: Keziah Graham, Jemima Deweese, Karen
Happuck and Step—daughter Susannah Snidow. Sons: Jonathan, to divide land with
William, Silas, Elijah and William. According to Mrs. Jean DeWeese Cordts dated
12 Feb 1980 Jamima Terry m Peter DeWeese son of Paul & Hannah Higo Deweese ca.
1804 and removed to Grayson Co. KY ca. 1812. See Pages 34—40 in TFH March 1983.


In checking my 1880 TEXAS SOUNDEX for Terry, I did not have listed Joshua Stone
Terry. I don’t know if I overlooked him or he was not listed on Soundex.
Checking your listing TFH Vol. 2, No 4 Dec 1983 of 1880 Milam Co. TX Census, he
is listed. Make a note of that. Thank you. Faye McClure Miller Box 484
Weatherford TX 76086. NOTE: The 1880 Soundex only listed families with children
16 years of age or under. —Editor.


Need parents of Armedia "Mae" Terry b. 1880 IL m. Ca. 1915 Earl Sylvester
Daniels m. b. NE 9 Aug 1876 d. 13 Sep 1915 Goble, OR. He was son of Francis M.
Daniels and Al ice A. Hammond. Karen Sue Jones 12005 Shadowbrook Dr. SW, Olympia
WA 98502.


I am generally interested in where the Terrys came from before entering KY and
specifically, interested in Elisha Terry who is my great—great grandfather. He
is listed in the 1850 Breathitt Co. KY Census. Ronnie Strong, Box 1014 St. Rt.
321 RR 2, Sardinia OH 45171.


Wesley Roscoe Terry b. Washington DC 1949

Walter Roscoe Terry b. Hamlin, NC 1914 m. Richmond Co. 1938
Barbara Jane Giles Terry b. Livingston VA 1916

John Allen Terry b. Richmond Co. NC 1888 m. 1910
Eula Louise Jenkins Terry b. Gifford NC 1895

Alton Terry b. Hampton SC 1865 m. 1887
Mrs. Crumsey Terry Alston b. Hampton SC 1870
[Above had children: John Allen; Jake; Lucider; Drearl?; Henery.]


Page 196


Need to know If any TERRY family members are still around from the Estill, SC
area. There was a lot of land sold in the county of Hampton. If anybody knows
anything please write or call 301-277-6299. Wesley R. Terry, 3507-55th Ave.,
Cheverly MD 20784.


John Terry d. 1625 m. Mary White dau of John White b. 1570 d. aft. 1625.
Elizabeth Terry m. (1) ------ Ferguson In England; m. (2) Thomas Holcomb son
of Gilbert and btn Courtenay Holcomb 7 Sep 1632 or 14 May 1634. He d. 1657.; m.
(3) James Enno 1658 d. 7 Oct 1679. Joshua Holcomb b. 27 Sep 1640. Elizabeth
Terry arrived 30 May 1630 aboard the Mary and John, as did Stephen. She was
then the "widow Ferguson". Stephen was the nephew of the Rev. John White who
organized the party. Rev. White was the View of Dorchester, England. Is
Elizabeth Terry Ferguson Holcomb Enno the sister of Stephen Terry? Elizabeth E.
Miller, 8715 Woolworth Ave., Omaha NE 68124.


Charles Simmons b. 1766 d. Oglethorpe Co. GA 1847 wife Nancy. Children: John
Simmons, Polly Simmons m. Johnson), Willis Simmons, Betsey Simmons (m.
Gibson) and Abram Simon b. VA 1795 d. 1864 Madison Co. GA wife Sarah ______,
Children, Irby Simon, Rebecca Simmons, Alenona Simmons (m. Canada) Frenala
Simmons, Joseph Simmons, Harvy Simmons and Louisa Simmons b. 1B13 m. Samuel
Terry b. NC 1795 d. Henry Co. GA 1672. Children. Prance. V. Terry (m. John
E. Stewart), Martha terry (m. (1) Maxwell m. (2) Dright), Sarah Terry(m. Robert
Wood), Jackson Marshall Terry and Benjamin Terry. Need parents... and will be
happy to exchange data on all. Mrs. W. B. Betts, Box 99, Adrian TX 79661.


James R. Terry m. Stashey Rakes, dau. of Henry Rakes Bedford Co. VA 1817.
Children: Henry Thomas Terry, Joseph P. Terry, Wilson W. Terry, Wyatt Jackson
Terry, William R. Terry, Reed H. Terry, Elkanah Floyd Terry, Elizabeth Terry,
John Wylie Terry and Minerva Terry. James migrated from VA to KY and IN after
1842. Any data regarding this family would be greatly appreciated. Mrs. Edward
Johnson, 15834 Drysdale, Southgate MI 48195.


I read in the GH, that you were, the Terry Family Historian, and wonder if you
could help me find an ancestors’ parents. Esther Terry was born ca. 1712 and
married Stephen Hutchinson in 1730 — Conn. They had a daughter Hulda who
married Abijah Phelps. My information came from the Phelps Family History.
Barbara Grow, 4512 Thompson U., Muskegon MI 49441.


[Saw notice in TRI—STATE TRADER] I have a TERRY line in my Moorhouse lineage
and am quite excited. know someone who is doing TERRY research. Louis
Moorehouse, 316 W. Walnut St., Carbondale IL 62901.


Page 197



My Terry branch is from North Carolina. Majorie L. Weisner Baxter. Mail to:
Mrs. Lewis Rhea Baxter, 360 San Juan Dr., Ponte Vedra Beach FL 32082


I am related to the Texas TERRY’S and have been working on the family.
[Botetourt Co. VA?—Editor]. Edward M. Winters, 1604 Chaco, Farmington NM


My great—great grandfather Thomas Terry and his wife Sarah King came to Ontario
from Surrey, England about 1831. They had a young child, Thomas King Terry and
settled north of Lake Erie, near present day Norfolk County, Ontario. C.
William Terry, 141 Balmoral Dr., Bramalea, Ontario Canada L6T1V4


Terry Line of Vicki McCarron Rt. 14, 6717 2nd St. Lubbock, TX 79416

1 GRAVES, Allie Cora, b 2 Sep 1907, Garland Co. AR; d 5 Feb 1983, Garland Co. AR.

2 GRAVES, Abraham Nicholas, b 7 Jan 1874; d 3 Feb 1943; m 9 Feb
3 TERRY, Martha Elizabeth, b 15 Jul 1894; d 20 Mar 1932, Garland Co.

6 TERRY, Joseph, b 19 Jul 1831, AR; d 22 Jul 1903, Garland Co. AR; m
  1862, AR:

7 NOBLES, Penelope, b m 13 Dec 1838, TN; d 1 Sep 1910, Garland Co. AR.
12 TERRY, George L., b Garland Co. AR. ca 1805, VA; d (?), AR?.


Who were the parents and grandparents of the William Purdy who m. Sarah Terry
b. 1794, dau. of Reben Terry. All help appreciated. Ruth B. Hewett, 315 View
St., Decorah IA 52101.

331284 TERRY

I am enclosing my check for the 1900 Soundex for Texas Terry Families —
mentioned in the "Oklahoman" Genealogy Column My husbands family came to
Oklahoma from Texas and Kentucky but I do not have much else on them. Mrs.
Helen F. Terry, 3812 North Tacoma, Oklahoma City OK 73112.


Need help on the following Terry’s:

Wesley Howard Terry b. Bloomingrove, TX 19 Oct 1920
Oscar Addison Terry b. Freestone Co. TX 4 Jan 1895 d. Alburquerque, NM 3 Nov


Page 198


Samuel Smith Terry b. (Alabama)MS 12 Sep 1865/66 d. Waco, TX 19 Nov 1915.
John Wesley Terry b. MS 1843 d. ?? m. Emily Taylor b. 1843 MS/AL.
See Terry Family Historian, Vol. 3, #1, page 41, March 1984—Soundex of Arkan—
sas 1880. Think this is my line mainly because of the double initials which was
unusual to our line. Eddie Terry — Please, change my address to Rt. 1, Box
1092, Ruston LA 71270.


Doing research for my daughter Need info on following:
Abigail Terry b. 1646 d. between 1717 and 1726 m. 1667 Joseph Kellogg; Deacon
Stephen Terry 1608—1668 m. Joan Hardy d. 1647; Rev. John Terry Sr. b. 1555 d.
ca. 1625 m. 1590 Mary White b. ca. 1570 d. 1637; Stephen Terry d. 1606/07 m.
1555 Alice Cannor; Richard Terry b. ?? d. ??

Also Sgt. Samuel Terry b. 1632 d. 1731 m. 1660 Ann Lobdell b. 1634/35 d. 1684;
Capt. Samuel Terry b. 1661 d. 1730/31 m. 1682 Hannah Morgan b. 1656 d. 1698;
Ebenezer Terry b. 1696 d. 1780 m. 1721 Mary Helme b. 1700 d. 1762 or 1764;
Penelope Terry b. 1731 d. 1817 m. 1749 Capt. Thomas Abbe b. 1731 d. 1811. I
have more data on the marriage partners. Perhaps we could exchange. Rosalind
Redfern (Mrs. John J. Redfern Jr.) , 1214 Country Club Dr., Midland TX 79701.


Researching Joseph Terry & Penelope Nobles from Hot Springs, Garland Co. AR.
John D. Nichols, C/O Alcoa—Sao Luiz, Brazil, 1501 Alcoa Bldg., Pittsburgh PA


Mother was a TERRY, researching Steve Terry—from Alabama her grandparents.
Barrie Parker, P. 0. Box 165, McLeod TX 75565

381284 TERRY

Researching Terry. Mother and father were married 1921. Billie Terry Byram Rt
2, Box 1803, Tallulah LA 71282.


Am interested in the family of Joseph Sebron Terry as my grandmother was a
Terry. I understand J.. Terry Jr. lived in Denton, TX and Charlie Terry lived
in Dallas, Minnie their sister married a Dent and they lived in Hereford, TX—
These are brothers and sisters of my grandmother. Mrs. Joe T. Woodyear, Box
524, Meadville MS 39653.


1. Lelia Henry Terry m. Robert Prosser Morrow Jr. MD
2. Thomas Boswell Terry m. Lelia Gotseelig Henry
3. Charles David Terry m. Bessie Mischau Hardee
4. Thomas Jefferson Terry m. Mary Elizabeth Barefield
5. James Gideon terry m. Celia Priddy


Page 199


6. Wm. Terry b. 1761 SC d. aft. 1799 m. Sep 1787 Mary Elizabeth Gideon
   b. GA 1767 d. ??
7. Thomas Terry m. Mary Terry

Note: #6 William Terry served in Revolution under Gen. Anderson and lived
in Abbeville Dist. SC. Thomas Terry # 7, had one child, Wm b. 1761 moved
to Jackson Co. GA.

I am working on my Colonial Dames papers on the TERRY family and hope it
is the same family. Mrs. R. P. Morrow, Jr. (Lela Terry Morrow), 1536
Webster St., New Orleans LA 70118.


Enclosed info on TERRY. I am interested in Whitford think area may be NY state.
Do not want quarterly but glad to share what I have. Shirley M. Barnes 20
Loblolly Lane, Wayland MA 01778.

Lyly Terry to Mary Ann Whitford of Horace Nelson & (1) Mary (Bliss) b. ?? m. 23
Apr 1905 d. 5 Nov 1941.

Marian Terry to Hiram King Whitford of Horace & Hannah (       ) b. 17 May 1828
m. aft 1850 (in Chautauqua Co. NY in 1850 Census with father) d. 15 Sep 1868
bur. Blockville Cem Lot 41 Chautaqua, NY.

Pomeroy Anna Terry to Noble Earl Whitford of — & Marian H. b. NY 28 Oct
1865 m. 27 Aug 1890 d. 7 Jul 1929 Dobbs Ferry NY cert # 49248. Bur. Oakwood
Cem. Syracuse, Onondaga Co. NY Will Bk 81:463 Onondaga Co. NY.

421284 TERRY

I have enjoyed your articles in the TERRY FAMILY HISTORIAN There is one error,
however, in the issue of March, 1984, and I did want to bring it to your
attention, as I knew that genealogists want the data they have to be correct.

You refer to Dr. Luther Terry as the former head of the American Medical
Association. Dr. Tarry did not hold a position such as this. Instead, he was
Surgeon General of the United States Public Health Service. This is a federal
position and he was the Chief Executive Officer of the United States Public
Health Service. Dr. Terry was a most distinguished Surgeon General and we are
all better off because of his service. Donald F. Terry, M.D., F.A.C.P.,
F.A.C.C. 4500 Nassau, Wichita Falls TX 76308. Editor’s Note. This was a
response to Robert W. Terry’s s "Covering the Terry—Tory" in the March-84 TFH.


My great—grandfather on my mothher’s side m. Thomas Henry Terry, born Dec.
1865. According to census reports he was born in Arkansas, however, I know he
had relatives somewhere in Oklahoma whom he visited regularly. On June 8, 1894,
my grandfather, Thomas Lee Terry was born at Morrilton, Arkansas while they
were enroute back home to Phillips County, Ark. coming from Oklahoma. On Oct
20 1895, their second son, Albert Alonzo Terry was born in Oklahoma while they
were visiting there. They had a total of 12 children and lived and died around
Phillips and Monroe Counties Arkansas. Thomas Henry’s wife was Mary Elizabeth
Ray, born Jan 1872 in Miss. I have been working on "Holcomb" research and have
not done much on my maternal side of the family but if any of your readers can.


Page 200


give information on this family it would be appreciated. Leon Holcomb, P. O.
Box 698, Marianna anna AR 72360.


Seek the parents of Edmond Terry who was 57 b. TN, in the 1850 census of
Jackson Co. TN. Evidently, his wife was Ary T. [Tucker-—Editor]. Does Edmond
descend from the Granville lie Co. NC family, some of whom came to Jackson Co., TN
before 1820? Edmond Terry’s son Zachariah Taylor Terry CSA (1845-1931) m.
Sabrina Johns(t)on, daughter of Samuel Jchns(t)on and Nancy Jones. Was Samuel
the son of Nimrod Johnston? Mrs. Charles C. Alexander, 903 Myers Ave., Columbia
TN 38401. [This is an old query from FAMILY PUZZLERS ed. Sep 13, 1979, no 621
page 4.—Editor.]


Seek information on Andrew S. Neill who m. Elizabeth Terry 1822 in Butler Co.,
KY. They moved to Morgan Co. IL ca. 1827, and were there in 1830, gone in 1840.
Where did they go? Mrs. C. L. Neill, Box 103, Pharr TX 78577. [This is an old
query from FAMILY PUZZLERS ed. Nov 8, 1979 no. 629.—Editor.


Terry Line of Darrell N. Hooker

2051—55 Geneva St., Oceanside CA 92054

1 HOOKER, Darrell Raye, b 1942, TX;.

2 HOOKER, Earle Gower Jr., b 1917, AR;; m 1937, NM:
3 DEUEL, Ila Mae Lorraine, b 1921, TX;.

4 HOOKER, Earl Gower, b 1866, MS; d 1983, TX, m 1916, OK:
5 KENNEDY, Elizabeth Hoffman b 1866, KY; d 1967, TX.

10 KENNEDY, Walter Power, b 1862 KY; d 1939, OK; m 1882, KY.
11 TERRY, Hettie Bell, b 1863, KY; d 1936, OK.

22 TERRY, Eugene Moss, b 1838, KY; d 1910, FL; m 1863, KY.
23 SPALDING, Bettie Mary, b 1843, KY; d 1905, KY.

44 TERRY, John, b 1809, VA; d 1873, KY; m 1832, KY:
45 MOSS, Mary Jane, b 1818, VA; d 1894, KY.

88 TERRY, William Morris, b 1786, VA; d 1859, KY; m (?):
89 CRANK, Elizabeth McGehee, b 1793, VA; d ca 1827, KY.

176 TERRY, Stephen, b ca 1758, VA; d 1821, KY; m 14 Dec 1782, Louisa
Co. VA:
177 BAGBY, Mildred, b ca 1761, VA; d 1832, KY.

352 TERRY, James, b ca 1730, VA; d 11 Aug 1783, Louisa Co. VA; m (?):

353 _ __ _, Henrietta, b (?); d 1814, Louisa Co. VA.

704 TERRY, Stephen, b ca 1700, VA; d — 1762.


Page 201


Still searching for the identity of the parents of Elizabeth MCGEHEE CRANK b.
Louisa Co. VA 1793 d. Todd Co. KY 1827, who m. William Morris TERRY Louisa Co.
VA 1786 d. Todd Co. KY 1859, son of Stephen TERRY b. VA 1758 d. KY 1821 and
Mildred BAGBY b. VA 1761 d. KY 1832. El izabeth’s father was George CRANK b. VA
d. ca. 1800 Louisa Co. VA; was he the son of Henry CRANK and Mildred CHOWNING?
Was her mother a MCGEHEE? (Died apparently before 1800). Elizabeth’s guardian as
per George CRANK’s will was David Hall who married Sarah MCGEHEE. Elizabeth and
brothers and sisters: Lipscomb CRANK m. Mary _____?, Frankey CRANK m. Wm. PETTIT,
Sally "Sarah" CRANK m. 1794 William TERRY (Uncle of William Morris TERRY), Nancy
CRANK m. John OMOHUNDER, John CRANK m. Elizabeth ______?, Stephen CRANK, George
CRANK (Jr.?) m. Margaret ______?. I will answer all letters and exchange info.

My 6th g—grandparents are James TERRY (ca. 1730 VA — 1783 Louisa Co., VA) and
Henrietta ______? I believe they ware married ca. 1754 in either Caroline Co. or
Hanover Co. VA. Their twelve children were all probably born in Louisa Co. So far
I have no clues as to Henrietta’s identity, parentage, etc. Please Help! James
TERRY was the son of Stephen TERRY and ??? James had a brother Rowland TERRY.
Stephen TERRY left land in Granville Co. NC to his two sons but I don’t believe
he ever lived there. Nor was Stephen the same Stephen TERRY (d. 1769 Craven Co.
SC). Who was Stephen. his parents, and who was his wife(s)? I will send copies of
any family charts I have to anyone interested.

Corrected Terry Line of Ethiel Bernice /Terry/ Johnson
15834 Drysdale, Southgate MI 48195


TERRY, Ethiel Bernice, b 19 Jun 1950, Wayne Co. MI;.


TERRY, Herbert, b 21 Jun 1929, Wayne Co. MI;; m. (?); BARTLETT,
Oma, b 6 Sep 1932, Ohio Co. KY;.


TERRY, Lonnie Thomas, b 5 Apr 1900, Lawrence Co. IN;; m 4 May
1920, Poinsett Co. AR:


DICK, Ethel, b 22 Nov 1900, Pulaski Co. IL; d 11 Feb 1974,
Wayne Co. MI.


TERRY, Elias Albert, b 28 Nov 1865, Martin Co. IN; d 17 Jun
1931, Poinsett Co. AR; m 04 Nov 1888, Lawrence Co. IN:
9 SMITH, Sarah Jane, b Jun 1865, Lawrence Co. IN; d 11 Sep 1915,
Cross Co. AR.
16 TERRY, John Wiley, b 26 Jun 1842, VA; d 14 Oct 1911, Lawrence Co. IN; m 31 Jan 1864, Martin Co. IN.
17 FLETCHER, Martha Ann, b 18 Mar 1846, IN; d 14 Feb 1923,
Lawrence Co. IN.
32 TERRY, James R., b 1799, VA; d 23 Oct 1889, Martin Co. IN; m 7
Nov 1817, Bedford Co. VA:
33 RAKES, Stashey, b 1801, VA; d 22 Nov 1871, Martin Co. IN.
66 RAKES, HENRY, b (?); d (?).


Page 202


Address Change Martin A. Morris Jr. formerly of Dhran Saudia Arabia to 716
Edgewood Ave. Madison WI 53711.

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genealogical columns located in twenty—two states that welcomes queries. Order
from Miss Ganier at the above address, cost is $4.50 plus 23 cents tax for

TRAILS WEST published by Evlyn Broumley. Publication of the Parker Co. Texas
Genealogical Society. $7. 50 individual and $10.00 a family. She praised the TFH
in the latest edition. —Editor.

Donald R. Schultz, Editor. Armchair Publications Rt. 2, Box 895 Hampton GA
36628. $15.00 per calendar year. This, is a good publication.

TIE GEORGIA ARMCHAIR RESEARCHER. Joel Dixon Wells Excec. Ed. & Publisher.
Donald R. Schultz, Editor. Armchair Publications: Rt. 2, Box 895 Hampton GA
30228 $15.00 per calendar year. Excellent Georgia coverage.

THE ARKANSAS FAMILY HISTORIAN P. O. Box 908, Hot Springs AR 71902-0906. $12.00
per calendar year. Excellent data on Arkansas and an old standard in Genealogy.

TROUP COWITY, GEORGIA AND HER PEOPLE. Editor, Martha S. Anderson, 109 Bull St.,
LaGrange GA 30240. Yearly subscription $16.00. This is a very good quarterly.

STRICKLAND SCENE Published by Strickland Research INC., 1661 Lauranceae Way,
Riverdale GA 30296. $10.00 per year. Nancy Cornell, Editor.

GENEALOGY TOMMORRO Published monthly. 2815 Clearview Place #400 Atlanta GA
30340. $18.00 annually. [Formerly Genealogy Today, has had some problems
with publication deadlines but is an excellent monthly and has had many
reviews on the TFH—Editor.]


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ROOTS AND BRANCHES Garfield Co. Oklahoma Genealogical Society.
P. 0. Box 427 Enid OK 73702.. $5.00 per year. Publishes very
good primary records on the





Bi-monthly --- 32 pages


FREE Queries — News —

ST. LOUIS, MO 6315

Book Reviews — Genealogical

Mrs. Ingmire is the publisherof

Tips --- Historical Data the TFH and has many books of
$15.00/Yr. — Sample $2.50 | genealogical value for sale. For
Published by publishing your work or for a list
Charles D. Townsend of publications she offers please
5721 Antietam Dr. write to the above address.
Sarasota FL 33581 Editor







ONE INCH - - - $2.50



ONE HALF PAGE - - - $15.00

FULL PAGE --- $25.00


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