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          VOL. VI, NO. 4            DECEMBER                      1987
                          EDITOR:  Robert "Mike" Terry
          Interest In TFH from Contemporary Englishman ........... 114
          Terry Relations of Granville County, North Carolina..... 114
          Terry family of Robert J. Terry ........................ 121
          Who Was Joseph Terry That Died In Mississippi 1847? .... 123
          Notes on the Line of Martha Ann Terry .................. 126
          Ontario Terry's ........................................ 127
          Chester/Fairfield County South Carolina ................ 127
          Possible Connection? ................................... 128
          Taliaferro Family ...................................... 128
          Dearborn County Indiana ................................ 128
          Solomon Beach in Dearborn County Indiana ............... 129
          PARSHALL-TERRY ......................................... 130
          Muscatine County Iowa Death Records .................... 130
          Enos Terry of Ohio ..................................... 131
          Sketch of John Pease Terry ............................. 131
          Sketch of Louis Waller Terry ........................... 133
          Virginia Notes ......................................... 134
          Danny and the Juniors Includes a Terry ................. 135
          What's Your Name? ...................................... 135
          Callie Terry Reunion [1985] ............................ 136
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                          FROM CONTEMPORARY ENGLISHMAN 
               Just though I would share a letter with all that 
          excites me greatly. -- The Editor.
                                89 Moredon Road,
                              Wiltshire,   SN2  2JG
                               7th November 1987 
          Dear Sir/Madam,
               At a recent meeting of the Wiltshire Family History 
          Society, of which I am a member, I came across a back issue* 
          of the Journal of the Florida Genealogical Society which 
          contained a reference to a publication called 'THE TERRY 
               Being a TERRY I am very interested to know if it still 
          exists and if back numbers are available. 
               In fact I would be pleased know anything about the 
          group or society that publishes it.
                                        Yours faithfully, 
                                        Peter Terry
          *Vol. 21, #1, 1985 
                                 O o o O o o O
                                Some Conclusions
                                  by Jay Terry
                                224 Woodland Dr.
                                 Orem UT 84058 
          *** DISCLAIMER ***
               Mike, as I undertake to start the project we discussed, 
          I feel a need to make some preliminary comments for 
          publication with this submission.
               First, as one researches in Granville County, North 
          Carolina, it becomes apparent that the records are not 
          complete and much of what is there has been recopied. Thus 

          the clarification of errors and deletions will probably 
          remain lost to the researcher as the originals are not 
               Second, as one who has read and used various private 
          publications referencing the Granville County records, I 
          have experienced many mistakes in such publications and long 
          ago decided to review quotes I was interested in. This has 
          paid off many times in corrected quotes and the discovery of 
          missing and/or additional names and information. Especially 
          one needs to read the original when an author abridges the 
          information. Many times what was important to me was ignored 
          by the one doing the compiling. 
               Third, I have been reluctant to publish my research on
          Granville County because of the "gospel truth" people tend 
          to place on publications. "If one sees it in print, then it 
          has to be true," is an attitude that prevails with too many 
          searchers. Far too many lineages are constructed of wrong 
          information extracted from second-hand source records. My 
          advise is, seek to review the original source yourself if 
          the source does not provide a complete reproduction of the 
          quoted document.
               Thus Mike, I begin this project with reservations. For 
          fear the reader will take what follows as "gospel" -- 
          search and view the records for yourself is my admonition. 
          True, I have spent years going over and over many of these 
          same documents hoping to tie things together in a more 
          positive way. However, I have finally come to the conclusion 
          that positive ties are not possible at this time. The only 
          usable conclusion now will be based on the mutual agreement 
          of all those who have researched, studied, and compared 
          Granville County records. 
               To date I know only a few individuals who have been 
          able to seriously research Granville County records. Of 
          those, none have strongly disagreed with what I have 
          concluded and those who differ with minor points have not 
          changed the major ideas.
               The problem in Granville is, too many sons -- James`, 
          Johns, Williams, Stephens, and not enough proof to establish 
          who the father/s are. Records exist that clearly reveal 
          father and son relationships. However, because there are so 
          many children with the above given names, and with little 
          recorded to define exact family relationships, this has 
          caused much guess work in the past and has generated some 
          differing family definitions by researchers. 
               Granville County was established in 1749 from Edgecombe 
          County and the earliest document listing persons is a 1755 

          tax list. No Terrys are included on that list. There are 
          early deeds that refer to Terrys in the 1760s.
               The next tax list to survive is the 1767. This list 
          reveals the presence of (assuming they lived there), James 
          Terry and son William, Joseph Mintor (Mintors married 
          Terrys), and Rowland Terry as searcher. A deed in book N, 
          page 63, dated 3 May 1791 refers to the fact that a James 
          Terry lived on land in Granville as early as 1766. "...land 
          to James Terry and Nicholas Burch...where on they (Terry and 
          Burch) have lived more than twenty-five years." This deed 
          was written in 1791 and if one subtracts the 25 years from 
          that date, the result is 1766.
               This is important because in 1832 James Terry (born 
          1758) of Tar River District submits his Revolutionary War 
          Pension Application and states his father (not named) came 
          to Granville County in 1765 from King William County, 
          Virginia. Thus  one can conclude that the James of Tar River 
          was in Granville in 1765 and his father settled (bought) 
          land with Nicholas Burch in 1766.
               The tax lists for Granville are fairly complete from 
          around 1780 on. Years are missing here and there and names 
          are not consistently enumerated every year. Yet, there is 
          enough consistency to tell what families were in the area on 
          an ongoing basis and some speculation is possible with 
          respect to older sons. (Note: It is necessary that one 
          understands the taxing procedure in North Carolina at this 
          time and is aware of the age changes occurring every so 
          HISTORY by Leary and Stirewalt, 1980.) If one does not 
          understand such, the use of tax records will just "muddy the 
          water" more.
               There is sufficient evidence from the tax lists to 
          define the families that stayed in the county when another 
          source is confusing. For example, in 1800 the U.S. census 
          reveals a duplication of the James Terry and Gideon Gooch 
          families. There is a James Terry family, a Mary Gooch and a 
          Gideon Gooch family in both the Island Creek and Abram 
          Plains districts. Yet in checking the tax list for 1800 one 
          clearly sees there was only one James Terry, one Mary Gooch 
          and one Gideon Gooch families. The problem?  Abram Plains 
          district had a boundary change and obviously different 
          enumerators at different times, took the count for these 
          families. There is a slight variation in the head counts 
          which causes one to believe the visits were probably months 
          apart. The writer has experienced this problem of 
          enumerators straying out of their district boundaries many 
          times in later U.S. census filings and double counts of 
          households is not uncommon.
               It has been the experience of this writer that when a 

          deed, census, etc., does not make sense, a check of the tax 
          lists, if available, will provide a clearer picture. It 
          seems that much more attention was provided tax collecting 
          and the need to keep track of all tax collecting potentials 
          -- not much different from today.
               The August 9, 1786  State Census for Granville lists 
          the following Terrys:  Roland, James Sr., James Jr. and two 
          Stephens. There is a listing for a John Tery. This John 
          married a Mary Gomen (Gomer) in 1784. The bondsmen were 
          William Gomen and John Gomen. In 1786 John and Mary sell 
          land that belonged to John's father William. If one reads 
          this deed carefully, it will be noted that the name is 
          Ferry. Likewise, when the father, William purchased the land 
          in July of 1761 it is clearly Ferry in the deed and in the 
          index. Even later in Caswell County, North Carolina, John 
          and Mary are clearly recorded as Ferry and the above two 
          bondsmen, William Gomer and John Gomer too are located in 
          those records. It is true that there are persons who claim 
          this name was in error from Virginia to North Carolina, yet 
          the interaction that was usual with families was not 
          evidenced with this John Ferry (Tery). The writer became 
          suspicious of this 1786 census entry when the name was 
          spelled Tery, showing a distinct difference from the other 
          Terrys. It is believed by him that the spelling was Fery and 
          was transcribed incorrectly by those compiling the forms for 
          printing. Many later publications have miss-quoted this name 
          due to the lack of reading the original records.
               Back to others of the 1786 census:  We know that James 
          Terry and Roland (Rowland) Terry received land from their 
          father Stephen Terry of St. Martins Parish, Hanover County, 
          Virginia. This is clearly recorded in Deed Bk F, pages 222-
          223, in Granville County.
               A Granville deed in 1769 (Deed Bk K, page 112) shows 
          that the son James sold the land he bought from his father 
          for $1, and it appears he never lived in Granville, but 
          stayed on his land in Louisa County, Virginia. This fact is 
          accepted by all researchers this writer has worked with who 
          descend from this James Terry of Louisa County, Virginia. 
          Therefore, the James Terry who bought land in Granville 
          County in 1766 (see above) is not a brother to Rowland. Deed 
          records also reveal that Rowland did come to Granville and 
          settled the land his father sold him and James. Shortly 
          Rowland sold his acreage to the same person his brother 
          James of Virginia had sold his parcel to and bought other 
          land in the area. The point is this, the writer sees, in 
          1786, James Terry Sr., from King William County, Virginia, 
          James Terry Jr. who had married Sarah Thorp in 1780 and 
          moved to the Tar River area with the Thorps (this is the 
          James Terry who submitted the Rev. War Pension request 
          above), thus making James Sr. and James Jr. father and son, 
          and Rowland Terry, probably some relation, but not a son to 

          James Sr. The will of James Sr, probated in 1799 bears this 
          out. Later I will discuss that will and the two Stephens 
          listed in the state 1786 and U.S. 1790 censuses.
               A look at the Granville marriage bonds shows:  James 
          married Sarah Thorp, 05 April 1780; Stephen married Anny 
          Clement 04 Feb 1783 and; Stephen married Elizabeth Barnett 
          07 Mar 1785. Note that all the marriages are before the 1786 
          State Census. In the 1790 tax list (the 1790 census is 
          lost), these individuals remain the same with James Sr. and 
          Rowland and one Stephen in Island Creek District, James Jr. 
          in Tar River District and one Stephen in Knap of Leeds 
          (Reeds) District among the Clements. The writer feels this 
          Stephen of the Knap of Reeds District is the one that 
          married Ann Clement. Stephen Terry and Obediah Clement 
          apparently were very close, at least the two families were. 
          Obediah Clement appears to have married Sarah Terry, sister 
          to Stephen and both families moved in late 1790s to 
          Edgefield County, South Carolina.
               James Terry Sr., (it is believed by many that this 
          James married an Elizabeth Gooch; see the will of John 
          Gooch, Granville County, Nov. Court, 1793),  left a will 
          written 1797 and proved in the Feb. Court, 1799. He lists 
          his children (no wife mentioned, probably deceased), as 
          follows:  William (some researchers believe this is the 
          "son" William listed on the 1767 tax list (see above) who 
          appears to have married Sarah Minter; Stephen (who the 
          writer believes married Ann Clement); James (Jr.) who 
          married Sarah Thorp; John who appears to have married Anna 
          Maria Minter; Sarah Clement (mentioned above); Mary Strom 
          who married 1st, John Mintor and 2nd, William Strom; 
          Elizabeth Childs (who married Nathan Childs and died before 
          1799) and; Joseph Gooch Minter, a grandson, son of Mary 
               There has much discussion and lack of agreement 
          regarding this family and where they all ended up. But for 
          those who have spent time in the Edgefield County, South 
          Carolina records, it strongly appears that William, Stephen, 
          John, Sarah (Clement) and Mary (Strom) went to that area as 
          deed records, wills, probates, tax records, etc., have many 
          references to all these respective given names and surnames. 
          In addition, Clement researchers have never denied the fact 
          that the Terrys and Clements in this South Carolina county 
          are from Granville county.
               The point here is that one can account for all of James 
          Sr.'s family. As his son James stayed in Tar River area and 
          died there in 1849, the rest of the children listed in the 
          will appear to be relocated in the Edgefield County, South 
          Carolina area.
               This brings us to the question of the 1786 State Census

          again. If all of James Sr.'s children were married by the 
          census date, then who are those enumerated in the household?  
          This question has plagued the writer for years. It has been 
          the question that has caused him to hesitate placing his 
          James Terry with a father. However, it has become necessary 
          to assume that the head count in James Senior's family must 
          include a married child and family -- anyone else have 
          another idea?
               Back to the 1790 census (tax list) and the two 
          Stephens. You will remember from above that two Stephens 
          married before 1786. One the author labels as the son of 
          James Sr. and married Ann Clement. The other should be the 
          son of Rowland and married Elizabeth Barnett. However, the 
          writer has tried to track this Stephen and has had little 
          success -- anyone have a suggestion?
               Rowland Terry left a will written in 1819 and was  
          proved in the Granville County Feb. Court of 1824. This will 
          is strangely written. Read it carefully to see what is meant 
          by that comment. He claims to have given his son Stephen 100 
          acres of land previous to the will -- Rowland sold the land 
          Stephen lived on in 1805 -- did he give him a new plot?  
          Curtis is said to "come in" for his child's share. All 
          researchers know Curtis was in Central Tennessee by 1819 and 
          most likely was in Giles County, Tennessee. It is also 
          interesting that at the sale of the estate, only a Thomas 
          Terry, Rowland Terry Jr. and Godfrey Aiken bought items. It 
          being the usual thing to see all family members involved in 
          such an event, one asks, where was Curtis, James, John, 
          William and Henry Johnson?  Was the Thomas Terry, executor, 
          a "friend" only as stated or was he a distant relative?  
          Also, where was the son Stephen at this time?  Then to 
          compound the problem, one of the two executors, Joseph G. 
          Norwood, apparently did not register the papers relating to 
          the disbursement of the monies to the heirs and in 1832 when 
          Norwood died, the court appointed a committee to audit his 
          records to satisfy the closing of the Terry probate and the 
          committee did not bring in the papers (if they existed), and 
          the settlement record is only the sworn statement by the 
          committee that the act of settlement was accomplished -- no 
          proof documents!  Thus, where Rowland's children were living 
          at that time has been the key to many researchers trying to 
          place father to son.
               One at this point may ask, what is the writer trying to 
          prove?  Simply this -- he descends from the James Terry who 
          married Mary Gooch and removed about 1814/15 to Jackson 
          County, Tennessee from Granville County. The father of Mary, 
          Gideon Gooch is well documented in Granville records, but 
          too many possibilities exist for James' father. Researchers 
          believe James was born about 1770, thus on the 1786 State 
          Census, he could be the son of Rowland, James Sr., or of one 
          of James Sr.'s sons if such is enumerated in the household 

          with James Sr.
               Nothing has ever been located naming his father. The
          courthouse burned at Jackson County, Tennessee and if any 
          settlement records referring to North Carolina were there 
          they were lost. So a monumental effort has been made to 
          track the sons of each father to try to eliminate or prove 
          the possibilities. Extensive reading and comparing has been 
          done to make use of all that can be located in Granville. 
          This has included comparing of signature marks (see book by 
          Woodford Terry), bondsman/men on marriage bonds, location of 
          land by deeds, etc., etc. 
               The writer has had to conclude the following:  If 
          Rowland's sons followed the norm prior to the father's 
          writing his will, then Stephen who lived in Island Creek in 
          the early census' was his first son and stayed close to his 
          father in the early years of marriage. Curtis stayed until 
          he received a part of his father-in-law's estate, then he 
          headed west. Thomas has not been tracked well enough to make 
          comment. James stayed too until he received a portion of his 
          father-in-laws estate and shortly followed his brother 
          Curtis, or they may have gone together. John, who the 
          writer's James was bondsman for his marriage, also received 
          part of his father-in-law's estate and shortly there-after 
          removed west. Rowland Jr., by 1840 too was in Jackson 
          County, Tennessee and by 1850 has his brother William living 
          with him. 
               Now the "norm" is this -- brothers tended to move 
          either together or to the same areas. They were bondsmen for 
          each other (i.e., James for Curtis and John), and brothers 
          tended to marry sisters from another family. Usually, 
          marriages were between families that lived in close 
          proximity and generally those who had been around for a 
          time. Thus, four of Rowland's children married children of 
          Gideon Gooch who was a close neighbor for at least two and a 
          half decades before marrying age. In addition, it appears 
          that five and maybe more of the children were together or 
          very close in Tennessee at some time.
               The writer's conclusion, at this time, places his James 
          as the son of Rowland. This is however, open to proof that 
          may in time change such a belief. Sitting beside the writer, 
          as this is concluded, rests a file cabinet filled with 
          Granville County records. All are copies of originals, or 
          hand copied. None-the-less, with all this he remains open to 
          the fact that somewhere, sometime, a researcher may come 
          upon an item that will disprove all this theory. If so, well 
          and good!  He welcomes the day when all doubt is erased!  
          And he is sure that others would also welcome such a find. 
               Only a very small portion of the documents searched 
          have been quoted in the foregoing. The writer is aware that 

          there are some who will read this and take opposition to the 
          conclusions. I would be interested in different views and 
          conclusions. Assured at this time that a totally correct 
          answer is not possible, I feel the sharing of thoughts and 
          bits of documentation, etc., will in time probably piece 
          this thing together. 
               Thanks to Mike, the TFH editor for the opportunity to 
          submit these thoughts. How about articles from other readers 
          to establish an on-going "readers submit" section each 
                                 O o o O o o O
                                Robert J. Terry 
                         P. O. Box 859 Leland MS 38756
               Joseph Minter Terry (b. 1799 - d. 1862 came to 
          Mississippi in 1836 from Edgefield Courthouse South 
          Carolina, today known as Edgefield, South Carolina. In a 
          letter to two of his daughters in Edgefield he wrote of his 
          trip to Mississippi and the purchase of lands in Hinds 
          County. He bought 17,000 acres at a cost of 50 cents an acre 
          and set about developing a large farming operation and 
          establishment of a store named Line Store. The store also 
          became a stage coach stop. The original Line Store ledger 
          and the Terry Family Bible are still in the possession of a 
          family member. 
               Joseph M. Terry's son; William David Terry, had the 
          honor of having the town of Terry named for him. It was 
          incorporated in 1867. The plantation of one of Mississippi's 
          most outstanding governors, Albert Gallatin Brown, was near 
          Terry and the families were life long friends. 
               One of William David's sons, William Dodd Terry, joined 
          a number of former Terry residents in the swamplands of the 
          Delta in about 1895. The Dossett and Tribbett Cassity 
          families had moved to the Beulah area of Bolivar County 
          earlier and developed farmlands, mercantile businesses and 
          Mr. Cassity organized the Bank of Beulah in 1907. The bank 
          premises were moved several years ago to Rosedale and 
          renamed First National Bank of Rosedale. W. D. Terry went 
          into the mercantile business at Beulah. His home is one  of 
          the few still standing there. Beulah was once a thriving 
          little community boasting the afternoon train called the 
          "Peavine." Today, like so many little Delta towns of 
          yesterday, it is nearly deserted -- a very sad thing indeed. 
               William Dodd Terry was married twice. His first wife 
          was Virginia Lee Boswell of Brookhaven, Mississippi, who 

          died young. Their only surviving child was Carrie Burnet 
          Terry, who married Thomas Caleb Hannah of Hattiesburg, 
          Mississippi. She was very active in all worthwhile civic 
          projects for over 40 years. She was known for her interest 
          in historical societies and was one of the state organizers 
          of the "Daughters of the American Colonists" (1607-1776). 
               His second wife was the younger sister of Virginia Lee. 
          Her name was "Leo" Lightner Boswell. The had one son, Robert 
          Cunningham Terry. Carrie and Robert's maternal grandparents 
          were Dr. and Mrs. John Jay Boswell, she being the former 
          Amanda Swepson Sims of Athens, Georgia. They moved to 
          Mississippi from Columbus, Georgia following the Civil War. 
          He practiced medicine in Brookhaven until his death in 1870. 
          Mrs. Boswell lived on for 50 years after his death reaching 
          the age of 102. She died in 1920. 
               Robert Cunningham Terry entered the cotton business in 
          Greenwood, Mississippi as a buyer for Newburger Cotton 
          Company of Memphis, Tennessee. While in Greenwood, he 
          married Miss Mary Katherine (Katie) Schweikert of "Silent 
          Shade Plantation" near Cruger, Mississippi in Holmes County. 
          He moved his cotton business to Ruleville about 1910. 
               "Katie" Schweikert was the daughter of Joseph 
          Schweikert and his wife, Carrie Mae Barkhau. The Barkhau 
          family had moved to Mississippi Delta from St. Joseph, 
          Louisiana in the latter half of the 1800's. They purchased 
          lands on the Yazoo River near Cruger, Mississippi and farmed 
          for many years. Joseph Schweikert continued to farm "Silent 
          Shade" during his lifetime and added several plantations to 
          the original land. The Yazoo River was then navigable and 
          steamboats passed in the front of the old Barkhau home. They 
          brought mail, supplies and often visitors -- and lots of 
          happiness for the many children in the family. 
               Robert and Katie Terry had three children, "Leo" 
          Carolyn, Mary Amanda and Robert Joseph. Mary Amanda died at 
          the age of 19 months in 1913 due to the dread Delta disease, 
               R. C. Terry of Ruleville moved to Leland in 1932 where 
          he established the Terry Cotton Company. He enjoyed a large 
          business connection and over the years his company grew to 
          be one of the successful firms in this area. His untimely 
          death at the age of 54 in 1939 brought an end to this well 
          known local business.
               "Leo" Carolyn Terry married John W. Weilenman, Sr. in 
          1933. They farmed large holdings at Stoneville for many 
          years. He passed away in 1962 and she in 1985. They have one 
          son, John W. Weilenman, Jr., known to friends and family as 
          "Johnny." He married Le'Laine Smith of Leland and they have  
          children, Mary Amanda and John, III. "Johnny" is well known 

          for his interest in competitive pistol shooting and has won 
          the State Championship in 1984 and 1985. He is a Registered 
          Surveyor and land owner. 
               Robert Terry, also known to friends as "Bob" graduated 
          from Leland High School in 1934. He was active in student 
          organizations and won the Rotary Award. In the fall of 1934, 
          he entered Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina. He 
          graduated June, 1938 with a BS Degree in Economics. He 
          entered the life insurance business with Jefferson Standard 
          at High Point, North Carolina. He was active in the Life 
          Underwriters' movement in North Carolina and helped 
          organized the High Point life Underwriters's Association of 
          that city. He was elected president of the association in 
          1941. He was also very active in civic, religious and social 
          life of High Point. 
               In March of 1942, he entered the Army and was sent to 
          Camp Chaffee, Arkansas where he was assigned to the 6th 
          Armored Division. In 1944, he was sent with a group to 
          Italy, joined the 755 Tk. Bn. and spent the rest of his 
          overseas duty in Italy. He received a Battlefield Citation 
          from 755 Tk. Bn. and later awarded the Bronze Star Medal. 
               After World War II, "Bob" returned to his native State 
          and opened his own office with Jefferson Standard in the 
          same office that his dad had used in his cotton business, 
          116 East Third Street. He has been active in all 
          organizations that have been a part of the development and 
          growth of Washington county and Leland since World War II. 
          He is proud of his 40 years as a Lion's Club member in 
          Leland and Greenville. Bob believes in the possibilities of 
          this fine little Delta community and in the spirit of its 
          citizens. He lives at 609 East Third Street, the Terry home 
          since 1932. 
          Source: Leland Mississippi: From Hellhole to Beauty Spot. 
          Dorothy Love Turk. pp. 173-174. 
                                 O o o O o o O
                                  Marge Brown
                              3005 Phyllmar Place
                                Oakton VA 22124 
               In the September issue, 1982 of the Terry Family 
          Historian page 96, appeared the following query (which I 
          enclose a copy). In the body of the query is this note: 
          Joseph R. Terry b. 1792, son of Nathaniel and Ann Thompson 
          Terry was father of my grandmother Martha Ann Terry b. 1834 

          who married Lampkin S. Terry b. 1828 Virginia. This Joseph 
          R. died in 1847, as recorded in our family Bible. 
               I do not know the querist descent but I submit proof 
          that it was not through Joseph R. son of Nathaniel and Ann 
          Thompson Terry, for their son Joseph is found throughout the 
          records of Todd and Logan Counties, Kentucky. He is executor 
          of his father's will in 1837, I find other instruments of 
          deeds, promissory notes etc., continually in the 1830's to 
          the 1870's until Joseph R. Terry's death in 1877. He married 
          2nd Bethenia Phelps in Cumberland County Kentucky 1 Jul 
          1850. He is found in Kentucky censuses 1850, 1860 and 1870.
               In 1871, he applied for a pension for the War of 1812. 
          It was granted. At his death in 1877, his widow Bethenia 
          applied for a widows pension, it too was granted after 
          submission of a deposition from a provable sister of Joseph 
          R. Terry, Mrs. Lucy Terry Terry Chastain and her husband 
          John Chastain. At her death, Mrs. Ann Thompson Terry was 
          residing with Lucy and John Chastain. 
          1)   Todd County Chancery Court papers 2199-EC86- 6-17 
               dated Jan 14, 1837 for Nathaniel Terry names wife Ann      
               Terry and the following children: James H. Terry,      
               Joseph R. Terry, Robert J. Terry, Nathaniel D. Terry,      
               Ann Martin Hall, William Terry, Lucy H. C. Terry.           
          2)   Marriage bond in Cumberland County Kentucky, between      
               Joseph R. Terry and Mrs. Batheny E. Phelps dated 1 Jul      
          3)   Will of Ann Thompson Terry names, among others, a      
               daughter Lucy H. C. Chastain. Logan County Kentucky      
               Will Book J., page 178 Dated 7 Dec. 1855 probated 27      
               Jun 1860. 
          4)   1860 Census Cumberland County Kentucky, page 63, family      
               435, Dwelling 435. Dist. 1, P.O. Amandaville. 10 day of      
               July 1860.
               J. R. TERRY    68   M    farmer    VA
               B. E. "        52   F    Housewife "
               J. F. Phelps   15   F              KY
               A.J.L. Terry    6   F              KY
          5)   War of 1812 pension papers from National Archives. On           
               April 10th, 1871 Joseph R. Terry "age 79" appeared      
               before J. P. Nuchols clerk and declared he "married      
               Sarah D. Smith in 1816". He indicated he enlisted in      
               John H. Wimbish company 3rd regiment, 2nd brigade at      
               Halifax County Virginia 1814 and discharged at           
               Ellicot's Mill Maryland in 1814. Joseph R. Terry signed           

               the papers and indicated his domicile was "four miles           
               north of Glascow...." 
          6)   On April 22, 1878 Bethena E. Terry age 69 appeared in      
               Cumberland County and gave information for pension      
               application that indicated she was the widow of Joseph      
               R. Terry who served under Col. Leftwick in the Virginia      
               militia. She also indicated she was married July 1,      
               1850 in Cumberland County Kentucky and her name before      
               marriage was Bethena E. Phelps. She gave as her post      
               office address Albany Landing, Kentucky. 
          7)   State of Kentucky
               Logan County Ct. 
               On January 7, 1880 John Chastain and Lucy Chastain his           
               wife "...a sister of the late Joseph R. Terry Decd.,           
               who died two or three years ago, that said Joseph R.           
               Terry was married sometime previous to the year 1825           
               and that the wife who he was then married, is dead and           
               has been dead, for many years, and that said Joseph R.           
               Terry afterward married to a second wife who now           
               survives him.... we have no interest direct or indirect           
               in the preparation of the claim of his last wife for a           
               pension as his surviving widow." 
          8)   Nathaniel Terry died on 8 Feb 1837 in Todd Co.                          
               Kentucky and married Halifax Co. VA 7 Dec 1784 Ann           
               Thompson the daughter of William Thompson. Their           
               children were as follows: 
          a)   TERRY, William T. b. Halifax Co. VA 1786; m. Halifax      
                    Co. VA 1 Jul 1806 Elizabeth M. Watlington. 
          b)   TERRY, Elizabeth b. 1788; m. 4 Jan 1804 Archer Boyd.
          c)   TERRY, Joseph R. b. 17 May 1792; m. (1) 12 Apr 1816      
                    Sarah David Smith; m. (2) Cumberland County KY 1 
                    Jul 1850 Bethenia Phelps. 
          d)   TERRY, Nathaniel Dickerson b. 10 Nov 1794; m. (1)                
                    Halifax Co. VA 21 Mar 1814 Elizabeth W. Ligon; m           
                    (2) Davidson Co. TN 16 Mar 1836 Malvina Ann Hayes.
          e)   TERRY, Robert J. b. 1800; m. Todd Co. KY 28 Apr 1824           
                    Rebecca Keesee.
          f)   TERRY, James H. Terry b. 1803
          g)   TERRY, Lucy H. C. b. 1806; m. (1) 17 Jan 1825 Powhatan           
                    TERRY; m. (2) 1847 Dr. John Chastain. 
          h)   TERRY, Mary Ann Martha; m. (1) 4 Nov 1817 John Martin 
                    m. (2) 1832 Lawrence H. Hall
                                 O o o O o o O


                               Mike Terry, Editor
                                    Box 1661
                                Sapulpa OK 74067
          by Lina Terry McIlwain published by Lina Terry McIlwain, 33 
          Village Green Cir., Jackson MS 39211, page 22, the following 
          is stated:
               "Martha Ann Terry b. 28 Sep 1834 AL d. 11 Sep 1897 
          Attala Co. MS (Dau. of Joseph R. Terry b. 17 May 1792 and 
          Sarah David Smith) m. 13 Jun 1849 Lampkin Straughn Terry, 
          her cousin b. 23 Jan 1828 King William Co. VA d. 12 Aug 1893 
               Further research indicates: 
               Lampkin S. Terry received a pension for the Mexican War 
          #14471. Lampkin S. Terry died the "12th day of August 1893" 
          and his widow [Martha A. Terry] filed an application for 
          accrued pension (widows) the 26th Day of October 1893. 
               She says in her application "she was married to the 
          said Lampkin S. Terry the 13th day of June 1849 at her 
          parents home in the state of Mississippi". Her residence was 
          given as Attala Co. Mississippi and her post office as 
               In a declaration of widow for pension the 29th of 
          December 1893, Mrs. Martha A. Terry indicated ...."she 
          married under my name of Martha A. Terry to my said husband, 
          by Paul Engle a justice of the Peace on or about the 13th 
          day of June, A.D. 1849 at the residence of Mrs. Lavina Terry 
          in the state of Mississippi." Martha A. Terry further stated 
          "I am 59 years of age, and that I was born on or about the 
          28th day of Sept., A.D. 1834, at my fathers house in the 
          State of Alabama." 
               Other researchers note Joseph Royal Terry was not a 
          resident of Alabama, as he has many records in Kentucky at 
          that time, and he never married a Lavina. 
               It appears from the review of documentation received in 
          this article and noted in the former article, the lines of 
          Martha Ann Terry and Joseph R. Terry and particularly the 
          line of descent from Nathaniel and Ann Thompson Terry is 
          incorrectly stated by several members. 
               If you wish to receive evidence of the above one can 
          send to the National Archives, Washington DC for the 
          complete pension file # 14471.


                                  O o o O o o O
                                   Ted Marmo 
                                ONTARIO TERRY'S 
               Mike, Are you interested in Terry's from Ontario? I 
          noticed a John Terry b.179?, d. 18?? who married into the 
          Silverthorn family and lived in Oakville, Ontario. John 
          Terry and Elizabeth (Silverthorn) had : 1) John H. Terry; 
          Charles Terry; Elizabeth Terry, m. Robert Balmer; Esther 
          Louisa Terry, m. Melancthon Simpson; William Frederick 
          Terry; Ann Terry; and Joseph S. Terry. John Terry made 
          regular trips to England. 
          --- v1.36 * Origin: The COMMSOFT BBS (415) 967-6730 -- 
          Mountain View, CA (143/26) 
                                 O o o O o o O
                                  Larry McGee 
                                ONTARIO TERRY'S 
               Larry, I am interested in any Terry's, the ones I am 
          most familiar with are the descendants of Parshall Terry. 
          The Loyalist part of the family ended up in Canada. [This is 
          Larry McGee's line at 150/190 Chemist's Comport.] Later 
          descendants were early elders in LDS church in Utah. Would 
          like to link up with Terry researchers in Canada. 
               Mike, I'm interested in the part about the loyalists. 
          The tradition we have in the family is that the Terry's were 
          in Palmyra NY area around 1810-1818. Dates are just guesses, 
          but it was after the Joseph Smith family moved to the area. 
          Then they moved to Canada, but well before the Book of 
          Mormon was published in Palmyra and before the Mormon church 
          was organized near there. So some time between 1818 and 
          about 1825. I would have thought if they were loyalists, 
          they would have moved to Canada long before then. Ah here it 
          is. Parshall Terry III b 30 Sep 1778 in Ft. Niagara, New 
          York. First child born 19 Aug 1803 in Palmyra New York. 
          Eighth child born 21 May 1819 in Palmyra. Ninth child born 5 
          June 1821 in Ontario Canada. So if they were loyalists, they 
          would have left at least by the War of 1812? 
          --- Sirius 0.50 * Origin: Chemist's ComPort 302-479-0302 
          Trailblazer to 9600 bps 
                                 O o o O o o O
                               Sonia Hetherington 
                            CHESTER/FAIRFIELD CO. SC 
               Mike, I have been doing a little research on the 
          Pilcher and Taliaferro families from Fairfield Dist., SC. In 

          fact my husband's great grandmother was Isabel Taliaferro 
          Pilcher the daughter of Dixon Green Pilcher and Jane Hope 
          Carothers. The Pilchers moved to Mississippi c1850. 
          --- * Origin: The Southern Crossroads [9600 HST] 214-418-
          9679 (Opus 1:124/115) 
                                 O o o O o o O
                                 Jim Younglove 
                              POSSIBLE CONNECTION 
               Mike, I have a Terry in my family tree and was 
          wondering if we connect way back when... Joseph YOUNGLOVE m. 
          Anna TERRY Feb. 1710 in Springfield MA. Joseph b. 26 Nov 
          1682 in Suffield CT Anna b. 1692 in Springfield MA, 
          daughter. of Thomas TERRY & Mary COOLEY. 
          --- * Origin: OZ Houston TX (713) 747-2850 (Opus 1:106/750) 
                                 O o o O o o O
                                   Bob Coker 
               Mike, I have a TALIAFERRO line running from an 
          Elizabeth TALIAFERRO who married Thomas STRIBLING in 1715 in 
          Virginia and from there the line runs back to Bartholomew 
          TALIAFERRO d. 1602 in England. Allied line are SMITH, 
          GRYMES, and STRIBLING. Your S.C. TALIAFERRO's probably came 
          [from] this Virginia line some where so keep me in mind and 
          let me know if you need more info or find a connection. Bob 
          Coker, 5763 Marview Ln., Dallas, Tx 75227. 
          --- * Origin: Magnum Opus - Carrollton, TX (Opus 1:124/104) 
                                 O o o O o o O
                                  Yvonne Weber 
                             DEARBORN COUNTY, IND. 
               Mike, I checked the book I have and found nothing on 
          the BEACH family. On another reference, "Marriages of Early 
          Dearborn County, Indiana Residents not Found in Marriage 
          Records" by Chris McHenry, I found the following names. 
          Don't know if they'll help you but here goes:
               Asa BEACH to Ann PARDUN  
          Source: Dearborn Co. Death Record of Pardun BEACH 27 feb 
          1901. [I think this is a typo and probably should read 
               George BEACH to Polly DARLING heir of John DARLING. 

          Source: Dearborn Co. Probate Order Book 1 p. 235)
               Milton BEACH to Rebecca MCLEISTER daughter of James 
          Source: Dearborn Co. Probate Order Book 1840-1844, p. 83)
               Henry COLLINS to Deborah BEACH  married prior to 1819. 
          Sorry there wasn't anything on Solomon Beach but if there 
          are other families you know of I would be glad to look them 
          Source: Ohio Co. Death Record p.24)
          Yvonne Weber --- * Origin: NGS/CIG (Opus 1:109/650) 
                                 O o o O o o O
                                   Don Wilson 
               Mike, I noted your message to Yvonne Weber about 
          Solomon BEACH in Dearborn Co, IN. I also have several lines 
          that have moved from NJ and PA to OH and on to IN. The NGS 
          Library has a book "Early Ohio Settlers: Purchasers of Land 
          in Southwestern Ohio, 1800-1840" compiled by Ellen T. Berry, 
          published by Genealogical Publishing Co, of Baltimore, 1986 
          (NGS Call Number F490.B48). This book lists individuals who 
          bought land in SW Ohio and SE Indiana from the government. 
               Solomon BEACH has two entries for land purchased in the 
          area described as follows: 
               "Indiana Survey: Land lying West of a meridian drawn 
          West of the Great Miami River (known as the "GORE"). 
          Switzerland, Dearborn, Franklin, Ohio, Union & Randolph 
          Counties (all or only a part of each county) - all in 
          Indiana." The entries are as follows: 
               BEACH, Solomon 2 Sep 1814 resident of Hamilton 2-11-36 
               BEACH, Solomon 22 Oct 1816 resident of So. Carolina 
               The three numbers are the Range, Township, and Section 
          in which the land is located. This book is available at the 
          NGS Library and through their Library Loan Program however 
          the above is the entire entry for Solomon BEACH. I hope this 
          will be of assistance to you. Don 
          --- * Origin: NGS/CIG (Opus 1:109/650) 
                                 O o o O o o O

                                  Larry McGee 
               Larry, Rec'd info regarding 'Hudson Valley Heros'. It 
          was a lot of PARSHALL and some TERRY. However, the families 
          are so inter-related it is relevant. 
               Mike, glad some of it may be of use to you. When I 
          first heard of your board I was sure you'd already have 
          everything that I have. Glad I could help. It will probably 
          be ok to reprint if you give credit to the source. I hope 
          you'll be able to make a connection with them. I haven't but 
          then I haven't tried very hard yet either. About 
          documentation with deeds etc. 
               Larry, I have very few counties on marriages in your 
          family. Lots of dates though. I would like to re-print the 
          Joshua Terry information from religious material. 
               Mike, the article on Joshua Terry is reprinted from the 
          "Church News" of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day 
          Saints. The particular series was prepared by the Church 
          Historical department. You could ask for permission there. I 
          doubt there will be a problem. I think the same stories are 
          in the Nora Lund book that you sent me a copy of. 
               Larry, are any of the original officers of the 
          publication still active or alive? 
               Mike, I don't know if any are still active. The last I 
          was able to find around home was 1973 but that could have 
          been because my parents stopped subscribing rather than that 
          they stopped publishing. If you find out about them please 
          let me know. 
          --- Sirius 0.50 * Origin: Chemist's ComPort 302-479-0302 
          Trailblazer to 9600 bps 
                                 O o o O o o O
          NAME                    AGE   DATE OF DEATH
          ---------------------  ---  ------------- 
          TERRY, CHARLES H.        46   05 JAN 1909               
          TERRY, EB.               60   17 DEC 1897              
          TERRY, ELIZABETH         58   07 FEB 1889              
          TERRY, EMILY E.          75   20 DEC 1898              
          TERRY, JANE              77   01 MAR 1909              
          TERRY, LYDIA             60   04 MAR 1910              
          TERRY, MARY EDNA         07   13 JUL 1890              
          TERRY, MARY M.           48   04 DEC 1893              
          TERRY, WILLIAM H.        56   11 MAY 1888         

          Source: Muscatine County Iowa Death Records 1880 - 1910.
          Compiled by Marlin W. Brossart. Found in the DAR Library, 
          Washington DC -- 9/28/87. Submitted by Janet Reid 13863 
          Kinbrook St., Sylmar CA 91342.
                                 O o o O o o O
                               ENOS TERRY OF OHIO 
               In the March issue, Bob Terry wrote about one of his 
          Terrys-- Enos Terry of Ohio. He wrote that he had the 
          unusual occupation of being a potter. That really excited 
          me, because our Terry, who was from Ohio, was also a potter. 
          I immediately wrote Bob a letter. He sent a very nice reply 
          stating he really didn't know very much about Enos' family, 
          but he gave me the information he had. I was very sorry to 
          hear of his death. -- Janet Reid.
                                 O o o O o o O
                                JOHN PEASE TERRY 
          John Pease Terry was born in Coos County, New Hampshire, 
          February 16, 1807. His parents, Charles Terry and Huldah 
          Pease, were from New Haven Connecticut, subsequently 
          removing to New Hampshire, where our subject was born. When 
          he was three years of age, the family removed to Oneida 
          County, New York, and one year later to Ontario, now Wayne 
          County, where his father purchased a farm in the wilderness, 
          and began clearing it, assisted by his eldest sons. His 
          father was a soldier in the war of 1812, and died in 1814 
          from the effects of a gunshot wound received in the defense 
          of Sodus Point, on Lake Ontario, against the attacks of the 
               Shortly after this event, young Terry was bound out to 
          a farmer, where he remained until he was about 19 years of 
          age. Not liking his master, he left, and after visiting his 
          sister some thirty miles distant; started on foot for the 
          west, with but one dollar in his pocket, which he had 
          borrowed from his mother. He had at this time no definite 
          destination, but made his way to the mouth of the Genesee 
          river, walking a distance of some forty miles. Then, by 
          boat, he reached the mouth of the Niagara river, where, 
          having spent his dollar, he stoped a short time, and cut 
          wood to earn some money to enable him to pursue his journey 
          by water. Reaching Buffalo, he again stopped, and worked a 
          month carrying brick and mortar, for which he received ten 
          dollars, half in cash and half in dry goods. He then boarded 
          a sailing vessel bound for Cleveland, and was some seven 
          days on the way, the vessel being stormbound. From 
          Cleveland, he walked to Akron, Ohio, where he found 
          employment for six months as a clerk in the store of the 

          contractors on the Ohio canal. This was in 1825. For 
          something over a year subsequent he worked for his brother-
          in-law, William Lake, at Newburg, near Cleveland, in he 
          manufacture of fanning mills. From 1828 to 1832, he was 
          connected with the engineering corps on the Ohio canal, 
          being for a part of the time assistant engineer. He was also 
          subsequently engaged in contracting on the Cincinnati and 
          Harrison Turnpike. On November 14, 1832, he married Susan 
          Waller, daughter of Doctor Thomas Waller. He then purchased 
          an interest in Clinton Furnace, Scioto County, and had 
          management of it until the spring of 1834, when he was 
          compelled to sell out and pay a large sum of money on an 
          endorsement for Jacob Clingman, cashier of the old 
          Commercial bank of Scioto. This misfortune left him worse 
          off than nothing. 
               For several years following he was employed on the 
          public works of Ohio and Indiana. In the fall of 1837, he 
          embarked in the wholesale boot and shoe business in 
          Portsmouth, and so continued for some four years. For the 
          two subsequent years, he was engaged in freighting products 
          to New Orleans, and for two years later in farming in the 
          vicinity of Portsmouth, and still later in the milling 
          business. In 1853, in connection with others, he built the 
          Madison furnace, in Jackson County, Ohio, and he had the 
          general management and supervision of it until 1864. In 1866  
          he purchased Buckeye furnace, in the same county, conducted 
          it two years and then sold it. He was subsequently 
          interested in a farm in Pettis County, Missouri, and also 
          superintended the building of a furnace in Washington 
          County, in the same state. After 1847, he was variously 
          engaged in business in Portsmouth; was a while president of 
          the First National bank. 
               He was town surveyor of Portsmouth from 1838 to 1844. 
          In 1839, he received $50 per year for his services. In 1842, 
          he and C. McCoy were fence viewers of Wayne Township. In the 
          same year, he was a director in the Portsmouth Insurance 
          Company. He was a school trustee in 1857. In 1864 to 1867, 
          1875, and 1880, he was a member of the City Board of 
          Equalization. He was a member of the council in 1877. In 
          1880, he was a candidate for the State Board of Equalization 
          for the Seventh Senatorial District, but was defeated by W. 
          T. Washam. He was a director in the Portsmouth Iron and 
          Steel Works until June 1, 1881, when he became president and 
          general superintendent; and was also interested in a large 
          tract of woodland near Portsmouth, working up the timber 
          into lumber. 
               He always manifested a large degree of public spirit; 
          and has been prominently active in advancing the efforts of 
          his adopted city. He was a member of the county military 
          committee, during the Civil War, appointed by Governor 
          Dennison. In the discharge of the duties of this office, he 

          was independent, conscientious, and true to the interest of 
          his country. Politically, Mr. Terry was a staunch, 
          uncompromising Republican. He was very successful in this 
          business, and always maintained first class credit. He was a 
          fine specimen of a self-made man, and, as his record shows, 
          worked his way from a poor, fatherless boy to a leading 
          position among the business characters of his community. 
          Retiring in manners, strictly honorable and conscientious in 
          all his dealings, he was greatly respected in the community 
          for his sterling qualities, both as a man and a citizen. 
               Mr. Terry had four sons and two daughters: Charles 
          Terry, Louis Terry, deceased, who has a sketch herein, 
          George Terry, Thomas Waller Terry, who died in the Civil War 
          and has a portrait and sketch herein, Mary I. Terry and 
          Alice B. Terry, who died November 25, 1890. Mr. Terry gave 
          three sons to the cause of the Union, all three of them 
          entering the army while yet under age. Mr. Terry died May 
          17, 1886. 
          Source: A History of Scioto County Ohio Together with a 
          Pioneer Record of Southern Ohio, by Nelson W. Evans, A.M. 
          Volume 2, Parts III, IV, V. Portsmouth Ohio. Published by 
          Nelson W. Evans. 1903. Pages 840-841. Submitted by Janet 
                                 O o o O o o O
                               LOUIS WALLER TERRY 
               Louis Waller Terry was born September 1, 1843, at 
          Portsmouth, Ohio on the lot where Irvin Drew now lives. His 
          father was John Pease Terry and his mother was Susannah 
          Waller. He went through the Portsmouth schools before the 
          age of sixteen and was in the first graduating class from 
          the Portsmouth High School. He entered college in the fall 
          of 1859. He remained in Kenyon College until December 1, 
          1861, when he enlisted in Company A, 33rd O. V. I. He was 
          promoted form Private to Sergeant of his company January 1, 
          1862. He was made Quartermaster Sergeant of the Regiment on 
          the same day, a double honor. He was mustered out December 
          4, 1864. He went into the County Treasurer's office as a 
          clerk and was there until he was married December 17, 1866. 
               His wife was Florence Tillow, daughter of John Tillow, 
          a former merchant of Portsmouth. After his marriage he was 
          book-keeper at Buckey furnace, Jackson county, for three 
          months. He then went to Hamilton furnace Missouri and was 
          book-keeper there for a year. From there he went to La 
          Grange and Clark furnaces, Tennessee, where he was book-
          keeper. He was there one year and after that spent three 
          years as book-keeper at Talladega furnace, Alabama. He 
          returned to Portsmouth, in 1880, and became book-keeper in 
          the First National Bank of Portsmouth and were there in that 

          capacity and as Cashier until 1897, when he went to Seattle, 
               May 1, 1889, he was appointed City Collector of 
          Portsmouth and was reappointed on April 17, 1890. At 
          Seattle, he engaged in the wholesale cigar business and 
          continued in it till his death. He died November 15, 1899, 
          of paralysis. He was interred in Greenlawn and his widow 
          resides in Portsmouth, Ohio. He was an Odd Fellow, an Elk 
          and a member of the Grand Army. He was a communicant of 
          Christ Episcopal church. Mr. Terry was one of the best 
          business men of his time. As a book-keeper, he had no 
          superior. Wherever his father was interested, he kept the 
          books. He was not a man to make acquaintances readily, but 
          when he once made a friend, he retained him. 
          Source: A History of Scioto County Ohio Together with a 
          Pioneer Record of Southern Ohio, by Nelson W. Evans, A.M. 
          Volume 2, Parts III, IV, V. Portsmouth Ohio. Published by 
          Nelson W. Evans. 1903. Biographical Sketches page 1159. 
          Submitted by Janet Reid.
                                 O o o O o o O
                           Notes from Waunita Powell
                            407 Elm, Paris IL 61944
               Virkus gives Henry BIBB son of Benjamin [BIBB] d. 1720 
          son of Benjamin d. 1702 wife Mary. 
               [Brother] Henry BIBB b. ca. 1690 d. 1750. Also Benjamin 
          [BIBB] d. 1757 md. probably Temperance Walker.
               1734 -- Champness Terry adjoining land of Mrs. Barbara 
          Winston and Capt. Wm. Fleming. 
               Capt. William Fleming's will dated September 13, 1742 
          and probated October 4, 1744 Hanover Co. VA says: Henry BIBB 
          m. to his daughter Eleanor and names children of Henry BIBB:
          1.   [BIBB] Benjamin
          2.   [BIBB] Robert Fleming 
          3.   [BIBB] Charles
          4.   [BIBB] John
          5.   [BIBB] Thomas 
          6.   [BIBB] Elizabeth ? m. Anthony Thomason
          7.   [BIBB] Christian (? m. Champ Terry I think so!)
               Deposition of Champness Terry, one of his Majesties 
          Justices, __________ Bibb being sick - Bro. Benjamin BIBB 
          and brothers and sister not named, but of whole Blood - - -
          Source: Will Book 1, pg. 21 Noncupative will Hanover Co. 
          Records Nov. 27, 1750. Some sources indicate Louisa Co. VA

                                 O o o O o o O
                                 DID YOU KNOW?
               I received a newspaper clipping from Ernest Fricks with 
          a picture of a group called Danny and the Juniors which 
          indicated the group members were Bill Carlucci, Joe Terry 
          and Frank Maffei. The article went on to say they recorded 
          the smash hit "At the Hop" about 30 years ago. They have a 
          new release on the Topaz label "Some Kind of Wonderful". 
          Information in the article said the group just finished a 
          stint at the Sands in Atlantic City and were just picked to 
          present an award at the Monday night's Philadelphia Music 
          Foundation Awards. "At the Hop" has sold over 10 million 
          records since it was released in 1957. Terry pointed out 
          that "At the Hop" was listed as No. 24 on the list of the 
          top 100 rock 'n' roll songs from the last 30 years, which 
          was compiled by Billboard magazine. "Imagine, we beat out 
          (placed higher) Michael Jackson,", says Terry. More than a 
          few folks also remember their hit "Rock and Roll Is Here 
          Stay." -- Just thought you would like to know and the editor 
          is showing his age!
          Source: In The Clubs by Stewart Ettinger, the Courier-Post 
          [Cherry Hill NJ], Friday October 30, 1987 section 5D. 
                                 O o o O o o O
                               WHAT'S YOUR NAME?
               The surname Terry is distinct in origin from the 
          forename Terry. The surname is from the Germanic Theodoric; 
          the forename from the Latin Terentius or Terence. 
               As a family name, Terry, which is rated Irish and 
          English, had a circuitous development. 
               The source Theodoric (people-rule) was picked up by the 
          French, turned into Thierry and passed along to the British 
          in the 11th century.
               In Britain it underwent the usual changes. In 1086 it 
          was Tedric, in 1200 Tericus, in the 1400's Terrick and in 
          the 1600s Terye. By the 18th century it has settled on 
               The name turned up in Ireland about the 12th-13th 
          century as Therry, Tyrry and Tirry, especially around 
          Kilkenny and Cork. For the last several centuries it has 

          been spelled Terry.  John Foley
          Source: Newspaper clipping Wednesday, Feb 11, 1959 Sec 2, 
          page 6. Newspaper name or place not given. Submitted by 
          Pauline T. Carrington, 8297 Tamarisk Ave., Yucca Valley CA 
                                 O o o O o o O
                       CALLIE TERRY REUNION HELD RECENTLY [1985]
                  The Terry Reunion was held at the Groveton Community 
          Center June 16, 1985. It is held on the third Sunday of June 
          each year.
                  Sarah Caroline (Callie) Magee was the fifth child of 
          Evan Jasper Magee Sr. and Malenda Pruitt Magee. 
                  Evan Jasper Magee Sr. was the son of Nathan Magee 
          and Caroline Mangum. The Magee Bend Community was named for 
          the Magee's.
                  Sarah Caroline Magee, known as Callie Terry in later 
          life, married Bill Lester on March 6, 1889.
                  The first child born to this union died as an 
          infant. her children were Katie Caroline (Kate) Lester, 
          Nellie Blie (Nell) Lester and Earl Atmar Lester. 
                  After Bill's death Callie was married to Joseph 
          Rainey Terry on June 17, 1897 by J. F. Johnson, Minister of 
          the Gospel. A. H. Kenley, County Clerk issued the license 
          and also filed them. 
                  To this union was born Albert Sullivan on March 17, 
          1898, Oda Mae on April 11, 1900, Earnest Wright on July 5, 
          1o902, Vada on December 22, 1904, William Rainey January 5, 
          1909 and Winnie Lee on December 16, 1913. All of which to my 
          knowledge were born in Magee Bend, Trinity County Texas 
          except Winnie Lee who was born in Groveton. 
                  Joseph Rainey Terry was the son of Stanford Terry 
          and Mary Elizabeth Sullivan Terry.[1] Born after the Civil 
          War, around 1865, Stanford and his wife Mary Elizabeth left 
          their home near Baton Rouge, La. Because of the war's 
          destruction they started west settling in Trinity County. 
                  While living in the Crecy Community, Uncle Jeff Kee 
          came by our home selling Bibles. He was traveling by horse 
          and buggy. Joseph Rainey, known as Joe, bought each of his 
          children a New Testament and he also bought a Family bible 
          at that time. 
                  The Family Bible and some of the New Testaments are 

          still in the family. 
                  Joe Terry planted some of the Elm Trees on the 
          Trinity Court House Lawn and on west 3rd street. 
                  Before the first telephones were installed in 
          Groveton, Joe Terry brought the first telephone poles into 
                  Joe's grandmother [2] Mary Ann Elizabeth Sullivan 
          Terry assisted in the early organization of some of the 
          early Baptist Churches. His father was Stanford Terry. [3]
                  Joe's brothers were Warrne, Marshall, Frank, Albert, 
          Joseph Rainey, Wright and William. His sisters were Mattie 
          (Mrs. Richard Heath) and Mary Ann Eugenna (Mrs. Justus Hurd 
                  Sarah Caroline Terry's sisters were Mollie (Mrs. 
          Mark Browder), Tisshie (Mrs. Sug Bennett) and Tallie (Mrs. 
          Will Kendrick). Her brothers were Walter N., Willie and Evan 
          Jasper Jr. 
                  Those registering were Bill and Lee Terry, Clayton 
          Terry, David W. Terry, Layneigha Chapman, Vada Chapman, 
          Lanier and Lyndel Gibson, Earl Lester, Nina Collins, Bill 
          and Diane Terry, B. J. and Jeffery Terry, Jimmy Taylor, 
          Marilyn Taylor, Barbara Glaze, Michelle Glaze, Lonnie and 
          Winnie Kendrick, Jana Plocheck, Peggy and Cortney Terry, 
          Gerald and Linda Terry, Louise and Bill Terry, Mr. and Ms. 
          bob Taylor, Clifton and Vernice Parrott, Jack and Willie Fay 
          Williams, Renita Gibson, Wade Ray, Marcia Gibson, Sallie 
          Westover, Doxie Mills, David E. Lester, Douglass Terry, 
          Ronnie and Kay Price and daughter and Terry and Gay Kendrick 
          and children. 
                                          Layneigha Chapman [4]
          [1]  Should read Sandford Terry and Mary Ann Sullivan Terry. 
          [2]  Should read mother instead of grandmother.
          [3]  His father was Sandford Rainey Terry. Children were:      
               William b. 1846; M.O. Eugenia b. 1848; Sandford Warren 
               b. 1852; Mattie b. 1855; Albert b. 1857; James Marshall 
               b. 1860; Joseph Rainey b. 1864; Frank H. b. 1866 and 
               Wright N. b. 1873.
          [4]  This 1985 newspaper clipping from a Texas paper unnamed 
               was submitted by Pauline Terry Carrington. She notes 
               Layneigha Chapman is a granddaughter of Joseph Rainey 
               Terry. Joe was son of Sandford Rainey and Mary Ann 
               Sullivan Terry.
                                 O o o O o o O


                      S. N. TERRY FAMILY HAS REUNION HERE [1954]
               A family reunion was held Friday at the home of Mr. and 
          Mrs. S. N. Terry, 2024 West Seventh Street [1].
               Seven of Mr. Terry's eight children were present and 
          enjoyed a picnic supper. Ensign Dan G. W. Terry of 
          Pensacola, Fla., was unable to attend.
               Those present were: Mrs. Dewey Keel of Tyler, Texas; 
          Mrs. Lillis Koran, Wichita, Kan., Mrs. Kelley Warren, 
          Arcola, Ill., Mrs. Ted Carrington, Redondo Beach, Calif., E. 
          A. Terry, Ft. Smith, Ark., Milton Terry, Cicero, Ill., and 
          Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Terry of LaMesa, Calif. There were also 
          three grandchildren present. 
               Mr. Terry, who will be 78 this year [in 1954], had his 
          family at home together for the first time since 1920. 
          [1]  This 1954 clipping from a newspaper unnamed was 
               submitted by Pauline Terry Carrington. S. N. Terry was 
               Silas Nettle Terry who was residing in Texarkana, 
               Arkansas May 6, 1959. His daughter Alta Loma Terry m. 
               Kelly Warren and she died May 5, 1969 and is buried in 
               Arcola Cemetery, Arcola Illinois. 
                                 O o o O o o O
                             SKETCH BY W. F. SURBER   
               My father, Adam Surber, was born in Virginia in 1804, 
          and when he was about 18 years old he emigrated to Kentucky 
          with his parents where they bought land in Pulaski county at 
          fifty cents per acre. My grandfather's name was Jacob 
          Surber, and he lived many years after moving to Kentucky. 
          There were eight children in our family, but I am the only 
          one now living. I was born January 13, 1835, and am 
          therefore 87 years old. My wife and I have raised 11 
          children, all now married except one girl and she is living 
          with us. We have 34 grandchildren and 26 great 
               I left Kentucky January 10, 1870, and landed at Center 
          Point, Texas, one month later. This was in Indian times, and 
          raids frequently occurred. One time while I was away from 
          home, up on the Verde threshing, my wife had a severe 
          toothache and got up during the night to get fresh air, and 
          when she opened the door someone jumped over the fence and 
          ran away. The next morning there were two horses about 300 
          yards from the house that had been killed by the Indians. 
          Not long after that the redskins came in again and stole two 
          fine Kentucky horses from my cousin, Munroe Surber, near 
          Comfort. The last and most brutal raid occurred in 1876. A 

          family named Terry lived about a mile and half south of 
          Center Point. When the Indians came in on this raid they 
          found Mr. Terry and his four little children some distance 
          from the house and killed him and two of the children, badly 
          wounded a third child and carried a little girl, nine years 
          old, off with them. A negro boy named Jack Hardy had been 
          captured in this raid and witnessed the killing of Terry and 
          his children. At the time of the attack Terry was sitting 
          down on the ground riving boards from cypress blocks and his 
          children were playing about. As he had his head down he did 
          not see the Indians approach, and was unaware of their 
          presence until one of them shot him with a rifle. He sprang 
          to his feet, ran a short distance and fell and was lanced to 
          death by the Indians. Mrs. Terry, at the house, heard the 
          commotion and seeing the danger, made her escape, ran to the 
          settlement and gave the alarm. A party of men took the trail 
          of the Indians and followed it to the Frio where they ran 
          into the savages and captured the little girl. The negro boy 
          got away from the Indians and was picked up by the pursuing 
          party. I helped to wash and prepare the body of Terry for 
          burial the next day. He was horribly butchered. Besides 
          being shot he had been pierced through the body with lances 
          and was bloody from head to foot. 
          Source: Pioneer History of Bandera County, pages 188-199. 
          Other information not known. The information was sent to 
          Pauline Carrington by Lee Mayfield, granddaughter of William 
          Franklin Surber. Editor's note: Can anyone identify the 
          Terry's involved? These are not Mrs. Carrington's line.
          Surber, Charles              
               Everet McKnight
                    William Franklin
                                   Adam, 1751
                                        Henry, 1710
          Surber, Charles              
               Martha Ellen
                                   Adam, 1751
                                        Henry, 1710
          The above names were typed at the bottom of the copy. 
                                 O o o O o o O


            I N D E X E S  T E R R Y  F A M I L Y  H I S T O R I A N
                           VOL. III, NO. 1 MARCH 1984
          Editor's Notes by Robert Mike Terry -- Covering the Terry- 
          Tory by Robert W. Terry -- Terry Family Reunion by Spurgeon 
          D. Terry Jr. -- SNAFU in Enid, Oklahoma by Ray Ward -- 
          William Morris 1755 -- 1830 & Sarah Terry by Mrs. E. H. 
          LeVert -- Notes on Lamar County, Texas by Ethel McGill -- 
          Notes on Family of Moses Green Berry Hill Terry by Cordie 
          Folsom -- Notes on Campbell County Georgia Terry Families by 
          Nancy Cornell -- Texas Terry Marriages -- Notes on Michigan 
          and Iowa Terry Families by Jerry L. Peters -- Notes on 
          Family of Stephen Terry born 1781 by Pauline Carrington -- 
          Notes on Kentucky Terry Families by Cynthia S. Becker -- 
          Kentucky Terry Marriages -- Terry Families in the Arkansas 
          1880 Soundex by Robert Mike Terry -- Queries -- Line of W. 
          A. Terry -- Line of Lillie R. Crawford -- Line of Darrell R. 
          Hooker -- Line of Jay Terry -- Line of Donna L. Fowler -- 
          Line of Nancy Roehl -- Line of Florence M. Bowe -- Line of 
          Helen Terry Vance -- Line of Jane Parker Brown -- Line of 
          Ruth Terry Preston -- Line of Mrs. E. J. Niedermaier -- Line 
          of W. E. Terry -- Line of Mrs. Mary Murray Terry -- Line of 
          Mrs. Warren L. Faller -- Line of Ethiel B. Johnson -- Line 
          of Fredericka Raymond -- Line of Cecelia "Pat" (Gibson) 
          Terry -- Line of Lee Terry -- Needed information -- Items 
          for sale.
          [Note: The This and That: Terry Miscellaneous contains much 
          more information but it is not in the form that covers an 
          entire area; therefore, the titles only show complete 
                           VOL. III, NO. 2 JUNE 1984
          Editor's Notes by Robert Mike Terry -- Covering the Terry- 
          Tory by Robert W. Terry -- Notes on Thomas Terry of Block 
          Island, RI -- Record of James Lawrence Terry -- Terry-Gilham 
          Family Records by Gui L. Flynt -- Terry Records Erath County 
          Texas -- Terry Records Red River County Texas -- Terry 
          Records San Saba County Texas -- St. Clair County Missouri 
          Terry Family Records by Genevieve Mitchell -- Tennessee 
          Terry Marriages -- Early Tennessee Tax  Lists -- Queries -- 
          Line of Dorothy E. (Hoyt) Terry -- Line of Nancy R.  
          McKenzie -- Line of Marion K. Daggett -- Line of Murphy B. 
          Winn -- Line of W.  Sanford Terry Jr. -- Line of Francis 
          (Terry) Ingmire -- Line  of Gui (Gilham) Flynt -- Line of 
          Susan C. Terry -- Line of Fay McClure Miller -- Line of JUNE  
          (Roper) Walton -- Line of Vivian (Trammel) Hester -- Line of 
          Alice (Ward) Hughes.  


                         VOL. III, NO. 3 SEPTEMBER 1984
          United Terry's Club -- Notes on Phillip Terry Family by  
          Francis Kaskin -- The TERRY FAMILY NEWSLETTER by Ralph Terry 
          -- Covering the  Terry-Tory by Robert W. Terry -- Notes by 
          Grover Cleveland Terry -- Terry Notes by  Mrs. J. Malcom 
          "Kay" Terry -- Notes on Descendants of Samuel Terry of  
          Enfield by Mrs. E. D. McCraw -- Champ B. Terry Bible Record 
          -- Robert Terry Bible  Record -- Joseph Terry Bible Record 
          -- South Carolina Terry Records -- Notes  on John Terry, an 
          Irishman by Debbie Miller Cameron -- Smith County, Texas  
          Pioneer Family by Mrs. Porter (Ola Terry) -- Line of Dwight 
          L. D. Terry -- Line of Evora Mae "Jean" Smith -- Line of 
          Barbara Louise Fryer Price -- Line  of Nancy R. Maclean 
          McKenzie -- Line of Helen Elizabeth Harger -- Line of  
          Barbara Irene Phillips Steed -- Line of Louis Edith Terry 
          Auguston -- Line of  Harley Dillon Anders Sr. -- Line of 
          Mrs. Janet Reid -- Line of Mrs. J. Malcom  McGee Terry -- 
          Line of Martin "Marty" Azelle Morris Jr. -- Line of Donna 
          Fowler  -- Present members, former members and interested 
                         VOL. III, NO. 4 DECEMBER 1984
          I am typing as fast as I can by the Editor -- Covering the  
          Terry-Tory by Robert W. Terry -- Garland County Arkansas 
          Records by  Madelyn Terry Payne & Editor -- Hot Springs 
          County Arkansas Records -- Elisha  Terry of Hot Springs 
          Arkansas -- Shooting at Church: Jealousy Costs One Life  
          During Services -- Terry Family of Robert "Bob" Rowan -- 
          Terry Family of George A. Terry of Goodlettsville, TN -- 
          Notes on Oklahoma Terrys -- Notes on  Jack County Texas 
          Terrys by Kaye Vernon -- Notes on Curtis Terry Family of  
          Yalabusha Co. MS by Blanche Craft -- New York Terry Records 
          from several  researchers -- MOSES GREEN BERRY HILL TERRY: 
          Give that boy a real name! -- Notes  on Benjamin Terry of 
          Guilford NC and Abbeville Dist. -- Will and Estate  Records 
          of Priscilla Stokes Terry of Chester SC -- Albert Terry born 
          1817 Livingston Co. NY -- Terrytown, Bradford County, 
          Pennsylvania -- Oakland County, Michigan Terry Records -- 
          Terry Family of Lea Bousman (Webster Co. Missouri) -- Line 
          of Whitman N. Till -- Line of Anita Kay /Terry/ Battle -- 
          Line of Lois Edith/Terry/ Augustson -- Line of Jerris Ann 
          /Terry/ Oberbeck -- Line of Linda Rae /Terry/ Holcomb -- 
          Line of Mrs. Ann K. Silva -- Line of Marie /Davis/Wiles -- 
          Line of George A. Terry -- Line of Betty /Young/ Martin -- 
          Line of Valerie/Whitlow/ Terry -- Line of Vicki McCarron -- 
          Line of Darrell R. Hooker -- Line of Ethiel B. /Terry/ 
          Johnson -- Exchange Advertising.
                           VOL. IV, NO. 1 MARCH 1985
          Editor's Notes -- Jasper Terry of Montgomery Co. Virginia -- 
          Covering the Terry-Tory -- Byrd Terry Family -- James Terrys 

          of Virginia  -- Obituary of Carl Beach Terry -- Eliphalet 
          Terry -- Terry  Quips -- Scouts Give Cemetery Facelift -- 
          John Terry of Norwich, England 1563 -- Notes on  a Terry 
          Family of Michigan -- Terry's of Virginia Past and Present 
          -- Washington Co. Arkansas Terrys -- Some South Carolina 
          Terry Marriages -- Troubles of  a Baptist Minister - 1776 -- 
          Missing Terry Obituary of William Martin  Terry -- Notes on 
          Descendants of Curtis Terry -- Pension Application of James  
          B. -- Line of Joan Crawford -- Parshall Terry: Father and 
          Son -- Queries: -- Line of Mrs. Fay Ray McMurray -- Line of 
          Susan T. Blevins -- Line of Joanna Baker  -- Line of Ann 
          (Gibson) Moore -- Line of Sheila (Terry) Spiess -- Line of  
          Virginia (McDaniel) Weede -- Line of Jeff L. Carr -- Line of 
          Lelia (Terry)  Morrow -- Line of Rhoena Frances (Brown) 
          Landers -- Line of Jack R. Terry -- Line of Mary Sue Inman.                     
                            VOL. IV, NO. 2 JUNE 1985
          Iowa Terry Families -- Physician who warned cigarettes are  
          dangerous -- Covering the Terry-Tory -- Obituary Clippings  
          -- Consumer Alert -- Beware of Beatrice -- Confederate 
          Research -- Tampa Florida Terry  Families -- Arkansas 
          Records -- Queries -- Line of William Burton Davis -- Line  
          of of Ray Hixson -- Line of Sandy Terry Shipman -- What  
          Folks are saying about the TFH -- Indexes to Terry Family 
          Historian -- Fire Blazing Prices.  
                         VOL. IV, NO. 3 SEPTEMBER 1985
          Covering the Terry-Tory -- Terry Family Record J. C. Terry  
          -- J. C. Terry of Chattanooga, TN -- Obituary of J. C. Terry 
          -- Obituary of  James Earl "Jack" Terry -- Obituary of 
          Temple F. Terry -- Obituary of Isaac  Terry -- Exchange 
          Advertising -- 1860 Census Scott County TN -- The Terry's of  
          Scott County Tennessee by George A. Terry -- 1985 Members 
          and Friends of  the TFH -- Queries -- Line of Robert L. 
          Stockton -- Line of Dennis R. Terry -- Line of Daniel E. 
          Terry -- Line of Margie (Stewart) George -- Line of Arnold  
          Clifford Funderburk -- Line of Louise (Pullen) Niedermaier 
          -- Sale Items.  
                          VOL. IV, NO. 4 DECEMBER 1985
          Editor's Note -- Covering the Terry-Tory -- Miscellaneous  
          Notes -- Notes on the Terry - Priddy Connection -- The 
          Enfield Street Cemetery  -- Notes on Terry Families in 
          Mississippi -- Stephen Terry of Hadley,  Massachusetts -- 
          Notes on Descendants of Richard Terry of Southold -- Queries 
          -- Terry  Line of David Carlton Terry -- Terry Line of 
          Rosalie Milam -- Terry Line  of Frederick Sawyer III -- 
          Terry Line of Jean Terry Eddleman -- Terry Line of  Majorie 
          Louise Baxter -- Terry Line of Bob Rowan -- Terry Line of 
          Ray Ward  -- Terry Line of Mrs. Lorraine White -- Terry Line 
          of Audeane Cottrill  Phillips -- JUNE 1983 TFH Surnames -- 
          SEPTEMBER 1983 TFH Surnames -- DECEMBER 1983  TFH Surnames 

          -- MARCH 1984 TFH Surnames -- JUNE 1984 TFH  Surnames -- 
          SEPTEMBER 1984 TFH Surnames -- DECEMBER 1984 TFH Surnames -- 
          MARCH 1985 TFH  Surnames -- JUNE 1985 TFH Surnames -- 
          SEPTEMBER 1985 TFH Surnames -- Sale Items.  
                            VOL. V, NO. 1 MARCH 1986
            Editor's Note -- Covering the Terry-Tory -- South Carolina  
          Miscellaneous Terry Records -- Tennessee Miscellaneous Terry 
          Records -- Kentucky  Terry Records -- Virginia Miscellaneous 
          Terry Records -- Georgia Terry Records -- How a Woman Put 
          Two Robbers to Flight -- Ohio Miscellaneous Terry  Records 
          -- Queries -- Terry Line of Herman W. Terry -- Terry  Line 
          of Mrs. Janet Paine Reid -- Terry Line of Dorothy Hoyt Terry 
          -- Terry Line of Mrs. Lorraine  Nudell White -- Terry Line 
          of Everett Ray Moss -- Terry Line  of Barbara Terry Hagan -- 
          Terry Line of the Editor -- Terry Line of Mrs. T. A. 
          Stallworth -- Sale Items -- 
                            VOL. V, NO. 2 JUNE 1986
          Editor's Note -- Covering the Terry-Tory -- Will of Solomon  
          Beach -- Will of Elizabeth Joyce -- Records concerning 
          Elizabeth (Brunskill)  Terry -- Terrys of Pittsylvania 
          County Virginia -- Point of interest -- First  Warrant 
          issued in Breathitt County Kentucky -- Paulding Co. Ohio 
          Common Pleas  County Record -- A note concerning member Mr. 
          Earl Lincoln -- Thomas Terry of  Pittsylvania Co. Virginia 
          -- Jonathan Terry, son of William, of Short Hills,  NJ -- 
          Notes on South Carolina District Changes -- South Carolina 
          Censuses  1790-1860: 1790 Census - Abbeville -- 1800 Census 
          - Abbeville Dist -- 1810  Census - Abbeville Dist -- 1820 
          Census - Abbeville Dist -- 1850 Census -  Abbeville Dist -- 
          1860 Census - Abbeville Dist -- 1830 Census - Anderson Dist 
          -- 1850 Census - Anderson Dist -- 1860 Census - Anderson 
          Dist  -- 1810 Census - Barnwell Dist -- 1790 Census - 
          Beaufort  Dist -- 1810 Census - Beaufort Dist -- 1820 Census 
          -  Beaufort Dist -- 1830 Census - Beaufort Dist -- 1840 
          Census  - Beaufort Dist -- 1850 Census - Beaufort Dist -- 
          1860  Census - Beaufort Dist -- 1810 Census - Charleston 
          Dist -- 1830 Census - Charleston Dist -- 1840 Census - 
          Charleston Dist -- 1850 Census - Charleston Dist -- 1860 
          Census -  Charleston Dist -- 1800 Census - Chester Dist -- 
          1810 Census - Chester Dist -- 1820  Census - Chester Dist -- 
          1830 Census - Chester Dist -- 1840 Census - Chester  Dist -- 
          1810 Census - Chesterfield Dist -- 1830 Census - 
          Chesterfield  Dist -- 1840 Census - Chesterfield Dist -- 
          1850 Census -  Chesterfield Dist -- 1860 Census - 
          Chesterfield Dist -- 1790  Census - Camden Dist: Claremont 
          -- 1790 Census - Camden  Dist: Clarendon -- 1860 Census - 
          Darlington Dist -- 1790  Census - Edgefield -- 1800 Census - 
          Edgefield Dist -- 1810  Census - Edgefield Dist   -- 1820 
          Census - Edgefield Dist -- 1830 Census - Edgefield Dist -- 
          1840 Census - Edgefield Dist  -- 1850 Census - Edgefield 

          Dist -- 1860 Census - Edgefield  Dist -- 1790 Census - 
          Camden Dist: Fairfield -- 1800 Census -  Fairfield Dist -- 
          1810 Census - Fairfield Dist -- 1820  Census - Fairfield 
          Dist -- 1830 Census - Fairfield Dist -- 1790 Census - 
          Greenville -- 1800 Census - Greenville Dist -- 1810 Census - 
          Greenville Dist -- 1820 Census - Greenville  Dist -- 1830 
          Census - Greenville Dist -- 1840 Census - Greenville Dist -- 
          1850  Census - Greenville Dist -- 1860 Census - Greenville 
          Dist -- 1820 Census -  Lancaster Dist -- 1830 Census - 
          Lancaster Dist -- 1840 Census - Lancaster Dist -- 1790 
          Census - Newberry -- 1830 Census - Pickens Dist -- 1860  
          Census - Pickens Dist -- 1810 Census - Kershaw Dist -- 1820 
          Census - Kershaw Dist -- 1860  Census - Kershaw Dist -- 1800 
          Census - Laurens Dist -- 1810 Census - Laurens  Dist -- 1820 
          Census - Laurens Dist -- 1830 Census - Laurens Dist -- 1840  
          Census - Laurens Dist -- 1850 Census - Laurens Dist -- 1860 
          Census - Laurens  Dist -- 1810 Census - Pendleton Dist -- 
          1820 Census - Pendleton Dist -- 1820 Census - Richland Dist 
          -- 1830 Census - Richland Dist  -- 1850 Census - Richland 
          Dist -- 1860 Census - Richland  Dist -- 1810 Census - 
          Spartanburg Dist -- 1820 Census -  Spartanburg Dist -- 1830 
          Census - Spartanburg Dist -- 1840  Census - Spartanburg Dist 
          -- 1860 Census - Spartanburg Dist  -- 1810 Census - Sumter 
          Dist -- 1820 Census - Sumter Dist -- 1830 Census - Sumter  
          Dist -- 1840 Census - Sumter Dist -- 1850 Census - Sumter 
          Dist -- 1860 Census -  Sumter Dist -- 1800 Census - 
          Williamsburg Dist -- 1810  Census - Williamsburg Dist -- 
          1820 Census - Williamsburg Dist -- 1830 Census - 
          Williamsburg  Dist -- 1840 Census - Williamsburg Dist -- 
          1850 Census -  Williamsburg Dist -- 1860 Census - 
          Williamsburg Dist -- Exchange Advertisement -- Queries -- 
          Items for Sale.   
                          VOL. V, NO. 3 SEPTEMBER 1986
          Editor's Note -- Covering The Terry-Tory -- Index 1850  
          Census Of California -- On Conversations with Dr. Luther 
          Terry -- Notes on  Stephen Terry Family of Chester South 
          Carolina -- Benjamin Terry of Abbeville, South  Carolina -- 
          Alabama Censuses Part I -- 1810 Census Index of Alabama -- 
          1820 Census Index of Alabama -- Autauga Co. Alabama 1830 
          Census -- Autauga Co.  Alabama 1840 Census -- Autauga Co. 
          Alabama 1850 Census -- Autauga Co.  Alabama 1860 Census -- 
          Baldwin Co. Alabama 1850 Census -- Barbour Co. Alabama  1850 
          Census -- Barbour Co. Alabama 1860 Census -- Benton Co. 
          Alabama 1850  Census -- Bibb Co. Alabama 1830 Census -- Bibb 
          Co. Alabama 1840 Census -- Bibb  Co. Alabama 1850 Census  
          103 -- Bibb Co. Alabama 1860 Census -- Blount Co.  Alabama 
          1840 Census -- Blount Co. Alabama 1850 Census -- Blount Co. 
          Alabama 1860  Census -- Butler Co. Alabama 1840 Census -- 
          Butler Co. Alabama 1850 Census -- Butler Co. Alabama 1860 
          Census -- Calhoun Co. Alabama 1860 Census -- Chambers Co. 
          Alabama 1840 Census -- Chambers Co. Alabama 1850 Census -- 
          Chambers  Co. Alabama 1860 Census -- Cherokee Co. Alabama 

          1850 Census -- Cherokee Co.  Alabama 1860 Census -- Choctaw 
          Co. Alabama 1850 Census -- Coffee Co. Alabama  1860 Census 
          -- Coosa Co. Alabama 1840 Census -- Covington Co. Alabama 
          1860 Census  -- Dallas Co. Alabama 1860 Census -- Fayette 
          Co. Alabama 1860 Census -- Franklin Co. Alabama 1830 Census 
          -- Greene Co. Alabama 1850 Census -- Greene Co.  Alabama 
          1860 Census -- Henry Co. Alabama 1860 Census -- Jackson Co.  
          Alabama 1840 Census -- Jackson Co. Alabama 1850 Census -- 
          Jackson Co. Alabama 1860  Census -- Lauderdale Co. Alabama 
          1840 Census -- Lauderdale Co. Alabama  1850 Census -- 
          Lauderdale Co. Alabama 1860 Census -- Lawrence Co. Alabama  
          1830 Census -- Lawrence Co. Alabama 1840 Census -- Lawrence 
          Co. Alabama  1850 Census -- Lawrence Co. Alabama 1860 Census 
          -- Terry Data From  Virginia, Kentucky And Indiana by Ethiel 
          B. Johnson -- Franklin And Henry County  Virginia Terry 
          Records -- Queries -- Items For Sale.  
                          VOL. V, NO. 4 DECEMBER 1986
          Covering the Terry-Tory by Robert W. Terry -- Note on  
          Jonathan Terry of Short Hills -- Jessee Terry of Roane 
          County, Tennessee -- Alabama  Censuses Part II by Jay Terry 
          -- 1820 Census Limestone Co. Alabama -- 1830  Census 
          Limestone Co. Alabama -- 1840 Census Limestone Co. Alabama 
          -- 1850 Census  Limestone Co. Alabama -- 1860 Census 
          Limestone Co. Alabama -- 1830 Census  Lowndes Co. Alabama -- 
          1840 Census Macon Co. Alabama -- 1850 Census  Macon Co. 
          Alabama -- 1830 Census Madison Co. Alabama -- 1840 Census 
          Madison Co.  Alabama -- 1850 Census Madison Co. Alabama -- 
          1860 Census Madison Co.  Alabama -- 1850 Census Marengo Co. 
          Alabama -- 1830 Census Marion Co. Alabama -- 1840 Census 
          Marion Co. Alabama -- 1850 Census Marion Co. Alabama -- 1860 
          Census  Marion Co. Alabama -- 1860 Census Marshall Co. 
          Alabama -- 1830 Census  Mobile Co. Alabama -- 1850 Census 
          Mobile Co. Alabama -- 1860 Census Mobile Co.  Alabama -- 
          1850 Census Montgomery Co. Alabama -- 1860 Census Montgomery 
          Co.  Alabama -- 1840 Census Morgan Co. Alabama -- 1850 
          Census Morgan Co. Alabama  -- 1860 Census Morgan Co. Alabama 
          -- 1840 Census Perry Co. Alabama -- 1850  Census Perry Co. 
          Alabama -- 1860 Census Perry Co. Alabama -- 1840 Census  
          Pickens Co. Alabama -- 1850 Census Pickens Co. Alabama -- 
          1860 Census Pickens Co.  Alabama -- 1830 Census Pike Co. 
          Alabama -- 1850 Census Pike Co. Alabama -- 1860 Census Pike 
          Co. Alabama -- 1860 Census Russell Co. Alabama -- 1850  
          Census St. Clair Co. Alabama -- 1860 Census St. Clair Co. 
          Alabama -- 1840 Census  Sumpter Co. Alabama -- 1850 Census 
          Sumpter Co. Alabama -- 1840 Census  Talladega Co. Alabama -- 
          1850 Census Talladega Co. Alabama -- 1860 Census  Talladega 
          Co. Alabama -- 1850 Census Washington Co. Alabama -- 1860 
          Census  Washington Co. Alabama -- 1830 Census Wilcox Co. 
          Alabama -- 1860 Census  Wilcox Co. Alabama -- Alabama Terry 
          Marriages up to 1865 -- 1860 Census of Texas  Terry Families 
          -- Anderson -- Austin -- Brazoria -- Burleson -- Cherokee -- 
          Colorado -- Cooke -- Collin -- Denton -- Dewitte -- El Paso 

          -- Fannin -- Fayette  County Texas -- Fort Bend -- Freestone 
          -- Grayson County Texas -- Grimes -- Harris -- Harrison -- 
          Hidalgo -- Hill -- Hopkins -- Hunt -- Johnson -- Karnes  -- 
          Lampasas County Texas -- Lavaca -- Leon -- Marion -- 
          Matagorda -- Mclennan  -- Milam -- Montgomery -- Panola -- 
          Parker -- Red River -- Rusk -- Sabine -- Shelby -- Newton -- 
          Orange -- Smith County Texas -- Titus -- Travis -- Victoria 
          -- Washington -- Texas Terry Marriages up to 1865 -- Items 
          for  Sale. 
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