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Editor's note: I'm still thinking about what to write by Mike Terry

The Terry's of My Past  by Clifford Leroy Terry


Keeble Terry Family  by Fran West

Greenville SC Terry Family by Larry Hamblen

Stephen Terry of Todd County Kentucky  by Edna Bushnell

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Editor's note: I'm still thinking about what to write

I noted with interest a post to Genforum on February 17, 1999 from  Wm Frank Skidmore. He gave his mailing address as   267 Golf Course Lane, Winchester, TN 37398. His Telephone is  931-967-2589 and his Email address as skid@edge.net . He was answering a  question about a book the late Woodford Terry had published and it's availability. The text of that conversation follows:

I asked: "Would you be so kind as to copy the message to me you put in the Genforum concerning Woodford. They have a policy about copying information directly. I have talked to Jay  Terry and am trying to coax him into getting on the internet. I think he is  bending. Would like to put your message on the Electronic TFH about ordering  Woodford's book and the Re-union. "

He responded:

"Thanks Mike,

I am sorry for the delay in responding to your message. I have been in a computer exchange situation and just now have everything up and going. Jay told me a couple of weeks ago that you are now back up with your Terry clearing house on the net. It is certainly better than using the postal service. True, some folks do not have access to the net but enough do so that the word gets generally spread ... 

Warren Skidmore and I have put our seven books and some 220 pages of genealogical articles on a CD. We are now in the process of getting out a second edition.  Following is the message from GENFORUM re: Lou Terry and the Terry group:

"In 1986 I helped Woodford Terry put together his book "James Terry of Tennessee."  Woodford was a lifelong Terry family historian. He died a couple of years ago. His widow, Lou Terry, lives at 90 North Claymore Lane,Oak Fidget 37830. Her telephone number is 423-483-4217. She had a few books left when I last talked with her a couple of months ago. I don't know of any plans to reprint it.

"The 737 page book is $65. You might enquire at the Cookeville [Jackson County] library as to the utility of the book." Woodford was a member of the large Cookeville Terry family and he has them well documented.

"This group also has a reunion near Cookeville near Labor Day Weekend. You can contact Jean Ann Norris, 1146 Viking Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee 37932 about getting on the mailing list. Her telephone # is 423-966-2972."


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Edna Bushnell 

2919 Fairway Dr., Birmingham, AL 35213

Dear Mike:

Please inform the descendants of Stephen Terry & Mildred (Bagby) Terry of Todd County Kentucky  that I have spent $1500 last year having the Stephen Terry Family Graveyard cleaned & cleared. Now I plan to try to get the D.A.R.'s to put a highway marker out on U.S. Hwy 79 just north of Guthrie, Kentucky  along the Clarksville-Russellville Road to mark the grave of Stephen Terry born 1756 in Louisa County Virginia  and died in 1820 in Todd County, Kentucky.  I have unraveled the original Stephen Terry land in Todd County and can prove every "inch" of his original tract. The homeplace was torn down when the new highway was built through the farm. Have marked the land owned by his sons and sons-in-laws. Plan to have a tombstone placed in the cemetery sometime this spring. If anyone can prove their descent, would be happy to have their names inscribed for a fee.

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Stephen Terry b. 1818 Lawrence Co. AL and Harriet L.  Barns Hill b. abt 1825 SC.

The old photos were found at my father and mother's some many years ago. They had not been kept in a safe place and consequently they were torn off in places.  Part of Stephen's chin was  torn off and I used a photo  program to restore it before  scanning.

Earnest Terry's Census records for 1860, Harrison Co. TX indicate they were married July 1, 1854 -- Editor

"The Terry's of My Past"

by  Clifford Leroy Terry

I have written this story to try to piece together with facts, hearsay, documents and other information, the story of where my line of Terry's came from and how they crossed the land to eventually settle in my home town, Shreveport, Louisiana.

The information that is passed on to you in this document has been gathered over many years by many people. Many of these people I have never met.

I have tried to be as accurate as possible in bringing this to you, but much of the information is from family bibles, writings of other Terry researchers and other such information. This makes it almost impossible to document. I do not intend to site sources for the information herein as I have entered that information in other genealogy documents and it would only tend to clutter this one.

This journey that my people took, will only take a few days to write about using the computer, but started in the late seventeen hundreds and spans over 200 years in time.

The Terry's of my past were Scot-Irish according to what my Father told me. Some researchers say they were Irish, some say they were Scottish and at least one said they were from England and moved to Ireland before coming to America. I cannot say with proof where they were from, or when and where they came to America.

Although pure speculation on my part, I believe they were Scot-Irish and sailed to America in the late sixteen hundreds. I believe they landed in the Baltimore Maryland region. From there they moved on to Rowan Co. North Carolina and settled for a while. There we began to get a little documented information from the research of others and myself.

The first account I found of my people was my great -great -great- grandfather whose given name is yet unknown. We think he was born in North Carolina around the year 1775. He was probably a farmer as were most all of my Terry ancestors. He married Nancy, whose sir name is unknown, around the year 1792 and they had seven children.

Henderson b.1793
Stephen b. abt. 1794
Nancy b.1797
Elisha b. 1800
William b.1802
George W. b. 1804
Joseph b. 1806

Three of their children were born in North Carolina The others were born in Tennessee, the next stop for my people.

Not much is known about these first Terry's except the names of their children. The date or place of their death is unknown. One of the children was my great-great-grandfather, Stephen Terry. His given name has yet to be proven but I am 99% sure it was Stephen.

Some documents speak of a "Star" Terry and a "Blank" Terry. As Stephen and his father's given names were unknown, these names were given to them by early researchers to distinguish the two apart in researching them. Unfortunately the reason the names were given to them became left out of the research over time and the names were used as their real names. Wherever Star Terry is used, it is referring to Stephen and Blank is referring to his father.

Stephen was born around 1794 in North Carolina, probably in Rowan Co. I don't know how long the family stayed in North Carolina or if all of the family moved on later. Some research shows that Stephen married Martha Brackin, my great-great-grandmother, in Warren Co. Tenn. about 1810. I have yet to prove this.

After settling in Warren Co. Tennessee, five of the brothers including Stephen left Tennessee and went to claim new land in Alabama. They left their wives and families in Tennessee and came down into what is now Lawrence Co. Alabama around Courtland to settle the land.

Back then that part of the country was the Missouri Territory and the land was there  for the asking. Only problem being there were no white people there, only Creek Indians.

The five brothers came to Alabama, split up and settled separately with the Creeks. Some settled in what is known as "The Bluffs" in the mountains around Courtland.

After the five brothers staked and mapped their land in Alabama, they went back to Tennessee for their families.

Some researchers say Stephen died before going back to Tennessee for his family, and the other brothers brought Martha, his wife, back to Alabama with them. I  believe this to be untrue because four of Stephen's and Martha's children were born in Alabama. Also there is a Stephen Terry shown in the 1820 Alabama state  census with a family that matches his.

We do know Stephen died before 1830 because Martha is listed as a widow with her family in the 1830 Alabama State census.

One of the children of Stephen and Martha was also named Stephen. He was born in 1822 in Lawrence Co. Alabama and was my great-grandfather. This Stephen was married in Lawrence Co.  Alabama to Adeline B. Mays in 1839.

John F b. 1814
Edward Ned "Red"
William b. 1812
Stephen b. 1822
James H. b. 1830

Stephen with his wife Adeline left Alabama with three of his brothers, Thomas, Edward and James and went west to Texas. The date they arrived in Texas is unknown, but I estimate the date to be around 1841. They settled in Powellton Texas, which later became known as Waskom Texas. Their first child was born in 1842 in Texas. Also from a Harrison Co. Texas document, I know Stephen was in Harrison Co. in Dec. 1845.

Stephen and Adeline had six children born in Texas. Three are shown in the 1850 census and three others in the 1860 census. In 1851 they had a set of twins.

Desdemona b. 1843
L.  b. 1845
Luther b.1847
Frank b. 1850
Martha b. 1851
Rebecca b. 1851

In 1854 Stephen married Harriet L. Barnes Hill, my great-grandmother. She appears to have been a neighbor of his. By this I suspect that Adeline may have died giving birth to the twins.

I have found several land deeds in Harrison Co. Texas showing that Stephen and his  brother Thomas bought and sold a great deal of land in and around Waskom Texas.

From a will and Confederate war records I found that Stephen's brother, Thomas Terry, my great-uncle, fought for the Confederacy, was captured and died in a Union prison in Chicago in 1862.

Stephen and Harriet had three children including Edward Terry, my grandfather.

Mary E.
Edward W. b. 12 Jul. 1855

Stephen married his third wife, Nancy Malinda McCarkle in 1869. They appeared to have had two children.

Mary A.
Joseph Tilden b. 20 Oct. 1876

I have not been able to learn when Stephen died or where he or his wives are buried. I suspect they may have been buried in a family cemetery on the family farm. If this is true, I probably will never know the location.

My grandfather, Edward W. Terry, grew up on the farm in Waskom Texas. He married Louise Gardner Slater, my grandmother, in 1879 in Marshall Texas. My grandmother  was born in Scottsville Texas, a small community a few miles East of Waskom Texas. My grandparents eventually moved from the farm to Marshall Texas. They had six children. One of the children, Elmer, died as an infant.

Katherine May b. 12 Oct. 1880
Bertha b. 1891
Howard Leroy b. 24 Feb. 1894
Elmer S. b. 13 Mar. 1897
Clifford Ray b. 1903

My father, Howard Leroy Terry was born on the farm just outside Marshall Texas. He eventually went to work at the Texas & Pacific railroad shops, where his father Edward Terry was employed.

Howard married my mother, Vera Leola Moxley, from Scottsville Texas. They moved to a farm close to Marshall. They had a daughter Lura Edna before moving to Shreveport, Louisiana, where I was born.

My father only had one brother, Clifford Ray Terry who I was named after. He had one daughter and also a son that died as an infant, so that leaves me as the last of the line.

I have lived in Shreveport, all my life. I was married in 1956 to Mary Jane Lamont. She is from Lufkin Texas and was working with the Telephone Co. as was I when we met. We have three daughters that are all married and have eight grand-children at this time.

I worked for the Bell System for 35 years and retired with AT&T in 1986. I am proud to be the last of my line of Terry's

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I am looking for the parents of JANE ELIZABETH TERRY (or ELIZABETH JANE TERRY) was born ca 1777 possibly in Anson Co., North Carolina. I believe her mother's name was Elizabeth LEAKE/LAKE and that Jane was named for her and that Jane went by her middle name. Jane married NICHOLAS GILLENTINE born ca 1775 in Halifax, VA. (Bible records of his and JANE'S son TERRY GILLENTINE).

Several records show JANE near or in the same town or mention her in the
same paragraph as JOSEPH TERRY and JESSE TERRY in Tennessee (The
Records of Pittsylvania County), but they do not state their relationship, if any.

JANE ELIZABETH TERRY died 1 May 1859 in McNairy Co., Tennessee.
NICHOLAS GILLENTINE died 8 May 1834 in McNairy Co., TN. Nicholas fought in the War of 1812. His parents were WILLIAM G. GILLENTINE and MARGARET HURT. (William Albert Gillentine's Bible) JANE ELIZABETH TERRY AND NICHOLAS GILLENTINE had the following children:

1. JOHN GILLENTINE, Squire b. 16 Nov 1797, Grainger Co., TN m. MARY"POLLY" MARTIN.
2. TERRY GILLENTINE b. 17 Apr 1799 in Van Buren Co., TN m. SARAH "SALLY" LEWIS.
5. MARY "POLLY" GILLENTINE b. 21 Feb 1805 in Spencer, TN m. BARKLEY M.
6. RICHARD LEAK GILLENTINE (LEAK is a family name, but I haven't been able to connect with it yet.) b. 29 Jan 1806 in White Co., TN m. SIDNEY LIANA STOVALL.
9. JANSEE (JANE) GILLENTINE b. 22 Dec 1811 d. 8 Jan 1812.
10. ANNA GILLENTINE b. 9 Sept 1813, TN m. WILLIAM Y. LEE.

I've searched for JANES's parents for 40 years (since I was 12 years old).
Some researchers have "suggested" JOSEPH TERRY and JUDITH CRAWFORD,
JAMES TERRY m. to ELIZABETH LEAK, RICHARD LEAK TERRY, and JOHN TERRY who died in White Co., TN in 1831 as parents for JANE.

I know the family has to be one who married into the LEAKS as that is a given name for several generations that follow Jane Elizabeth TERRY. Every given name in the family of JAMES TERRY and ELIZABETH LEAKE'S family is found in JANE ELIZABETH and NICHOLAS GILLENTINE's family. If you have any information that would help me connect my grandmother to her parents, I would be most appreciative. Also the NATHANIEL TERRY line that is married into the LEAKE line is possible.

The information I have on JANE ELIZABETH is quite documented. Mr. EUGENE WISEMAN and his chief researcher, MARY ELIZABETH BARNES, GILLENTINE cousins to me, are very conscientous about their data.

"NICHOLAS GILLENTINE, born 1776 in Halifax Co, died 8 May 1834 in
NcNairy Co., TN. He married on 20 Oct 1796 to ELIZABETH JANE TERRY. (She was born ca 1777 and died 5 Jan 1839 in McNairy County, TN). The migration of this family can be documented by use of census and tax list records. In the 1799 tax list of Grainger Co, TN we find NICHOLAS, along with his CHISUM cousins. In 1804 NICHOLAS is in Knox Co., TN and by 1807 he, along with JESSE TERRY (kin to his wife?) and ELIJAH CHISUM is in White County, TN. The following account is from Memorable Historical Accounts of White County (TN) and Area, by E. G. Rogers (page 3) "The first court was held in the house of JOSEPH TERRY who also provided the convenience of a small log jail. In 1809, however, the Legislature passed as act establishing Sparta and providing that it should be the county seat of White County. Commissioners were elected to lay off the town. These were .... and NICHOLAS GILLENTINE."

The 1820 Census of White Co., TN lists NICHOLAS GILLENTINE with 2 males 10 to 16, 1 male 16 to 26, 1 female 16 to 18, 1 female 26 to 45, and one female over 45. By 1825 the Hopewell Baptist Church near Danville, Alabama membership lists includes NICHOLAS GILLENTINE, SR., JANE GILLENTINE, RICHARD LEAK GILLENTINE, NICHOLAS GILLENTINE, JR., MARTHA GILLENTINE, and ANNE GILLENTINE.

The 1830 Census of McNairy Co., TN gives NICHOLAS GILLENTINE 1 male 5 to 10, 1 male 20 to 30, and 1 male 50 to 60, 2 females 10 to 15, 1 female 50 to 60 and 1 female 60 to 70 (this last probably his mother MARGARET who did not die until 1834). The records of the Bethel Church of Christ in White Co., TN indicate that part of NICHOLAS's family remained in that area, since JOHN GILLENTINE, NICHOLAS's oldest son, and John's wife MARY are members of that church in 1825. 


The Bible also shows births, marriages, and death dates. NICHOLAS's
grandfather NICHOLAS GILLINGTON died testate leaving two wills and naming his children and some of his grandchildren. I have a transcript of his Will written and registered in Halifax County, VA, dated October 21, 1772.
From the court records of Van Buren County (6 Apr 1840 to 3 Aug 1840) it is
learned that the General Assembly of the United States established the County of Van Buren, and authorized Justices of the peace. JOHN GILLENTINE was appointed commissioner for the town of Spencer. He was chairman of the county Court for a long period, helped establish Burrett College and was president of its board of trustees. (from Burrett, our Alma Mater, by EFFIE GILLENTINE, pg. 22)

Another cousin has access to the Bible Records of JOHN GILLENTINE, son of JANE and NICHOLAS and their children are again given. In King William County, VA NICHOLAS GILLENTINE (NICHOLAS GILLENTINE m. to ELIAZBETH JANE TERRY'S grandfather), Capt. THOMAS TERRY, Capt. JAMES TERRY, JOHN HURT, POWELL'S ford adj Maulden and Norment's line. NICHOLAS is again mentiond in Caroline Co., VA 1733/34 with THOMAS TERRY, JOSEPH TERRY AND JUDITH (CRAWFORD) TERRY.


Halifax Co, VA 1752 JOHN GUILLINTINE, RICHARD ECHOLLS, JAMES TERRY, Antrim Parish records; 1753 NATHANIEL TERRY, in 1754 JOHN GILLINGTON resigns his vestrymanship (page 124 of Vestry Book of Antrim Parish of Halifax Co., VA.
Then part of a page is missing--it goes on JOSEPH COLLINS, SPILLSBEE, then

Amelia Co, VA 1754 JOEL HURT came into court and chose GEORGE BOOKER for guardian, together with NICHOLAS GILLINGTINE, his security record bond
(Order book 3 p. 176). WILLIAM HILLSMAN, JANE HENDRICK. 1755 at a court held Mar 27, 1755 JOHN HURT, orphan of JOHN HURT chose NICHOLAS GUILLINTON as his guardian (order book 4 p. I) WILLIAM HILLSMAN, WILLIAM ECHOLES. 

Halifax Co., VA 1775 William and Susanna Gillentine to Moza Hurt of Bedford

1743 Amelia Co., VA Deed of land, from NICHOLAS GUILLINTINE to JOHN
GUILLINTINE, ABRAHAM ECHOLLES. 1771 Amelia Co, VA Will book I, page 71 first will for NICHOLAS GILLINGTON Nov 2, 1771.

These are court records researched by Mary Elizabeth Barnes. Perhaps this information sheds some light on JANE's parents. It certainly establishes a long relationship of the GILLENTINES with the TERRY family. I know the family has to be one who married into the Leaks as that is a given name. Every given name in James Terry and Elizabeth Leake's family is found in Jane Elizabeth and Nicholas Gillentine's family. If you have any information that would help me connect my grandmother to her parents, I would be most appreciative if you would share it with me. Also the Nathaniel Terry line that is married into the Leak line is possible.

Do you have any TERRYS in your files? I would like to receive them because
once I find Jane's parents, I'll probably need them! Any help? Ideas?
It's all appreciated!

Thanks, SueTiffany@AOL.com

Keeble Terry Family

by Fran West

Fran West  SwftOtter@aol.com Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 10:21:05 EDT

I keep forgetting to put that .net on my e-mails. Still fairly new to computers, sorry about that.

Ok you offered so here is what I am looking for:

1.    Julia H. Terry( my great grandmother) b. Sept 1860 Decatur Co. TN to ? Terry and birth father Lud Davis( very much married)

2.   Julia H. Terry granddaughter to Kibble Terry b. 1799 VA & Rebecca b. 1800 KY of 1832 Bedford Co. TN. 1850 Marshall Co TN. 1860 Decatur Co. TN. Based on the family history that Julia is cousin to Samuel Alexander Terry who is son of Kibble's dau. Nancy Terry m. to Benjamin Cherry of Dist. 9 Decatur Co TN in 1860

3.   Kibble Terry son of ? and brother to Robert Henry Terry m. to Elizabeth
Bobo,living in Bedford Co. TN , John Terry who died in Lauderdale Co. Al
somewhere between 1840-1850 ( John's surviving orphaned children are Dolly Ann & Daniel who is deaf and living with the Morrison family in Lauderdale Co. AL in 1850) Kibble aka Keeble, John's children and Robert's children all named in the will of James M. Proby written in 1861 proven 1867 Bedford Co TN. James refer's to the 3 brothers as "brothers" Must be that James is married to their sister name unknown.

Trying to prove that their father is a Thomas Terry b 1760-1770 who is in the
Bedford Co,. TN census in 1830 living near Keeble Terry b. 1759/m. 1789 to
Sarah Terry dau. of Nathaniel Terry & Sarah Ann Royall. Because Robert Henry Terry is signing the bonds with Sarah Terry to set her slaves free would
indicate they are family. More than likely they are nephews of Keeble
Terry & Sarah. Chauncery Court records Bedford Co. TN in 1837 states that
Keeble Terry "had no children" Chauncery Court records in Bedford Co TN in
1851 states that Sarah Terry "Had no children"

The John Terry m. to Sarah Moore that is in AL and has a son Kibble Terry b.
1812 TN is most likely another nephew to the Keeble Terry b. 1759 that m.

This is my dead end. Any clues as to the family line would be greatly

Fran West  SwftOtter@aol.com  Date: Tue, 3 Nov 1998 20:24:12 EST

Thanks loads for putting them online. I see many questions about John Terry & Sarah Moore who I believe is connected to my Kibble/Keeble Terry of Bedford Co. TN b. 1799 VA but not the Keeble Terry b 1759 m. to Sarah Terry 1787. The 1880 Ark. census listed answers a question I had about Thomas W. Terry m. to Elizabeth McGill who have a son also named Keeble Terry b. 1859 Looks like he is my missing 4th brother of, my Kibble Terry, Robert Henry Terry (Robert Jr. m. Sallie McGill) & John Terry.

It looks like after 15 years no one has come up with the family lineage of
John & Sarah . Many have Keeble Terry with Sarah having children but I have 2 Chauncery Court records of Bedford Co. TN that state they were childless,
unless of course Keeble was m. to more than one wife . No records of a
previous marriage so far. So many people keep connecting their Kibble / Keeble to this pair and it just is not so. I will keep looking. At least I know they are all coming out of Daniel Terry m. to Christain Evans. Moses Terry that d. 1797 in Wilkes Co. GA is his only "documented" son so far.

Hi, Mike, after scanning all your old issues of Terry Family. Historian it has
occured to me that you must have one giant Terry database. After all these
years has anyone ever come up with the parents of John Terry & Sarah Moore? Heard it was another John & Sarah. It is the Kibble name in their line that keeps me searching this Terry line for a clue to mine.

I have my line of Kibble/Keeble Terry b 1799 VA m. to Rebecca and he d. after
1860 Decatur Co,. TN. He is listed in the will of James M. Proby written in 1861 with brothers Robert Henry Terry m. to Elizabeth Bobo & John Terry d. between 1840-1850 in Lauderdale Co. AL leaving 2 orphans Elizabeth Ann Terry & Daniel Terry ( deaf child). Robert Henry Terry & James Proby were the exec's to Peter Proby's estate in Bedford Co. TN. James appears to be married to a Terry sister but I have not been able to find her name. My Kibble descendants repeat the name Kibble in 3 more generations and there is also in ARK. a Thomas Terry ( who I believe to be another Terry brother) m. to Elizabeth McGill with a son Keeble b 1858 that is listed as having Bedford Co. TN family ties. Robert Henry Terry has a son also m. to a McGill in Bedford Co. TN and then there is the original Keeble m. to Sarah that are listed as childless in Chauncery court records. Have found a death date of another Keeble d. 1782 in VA vital records but that is all it said.

It has been suggested that any Terry line using the name Kibble or Keeble is
coming out of Daniel Terry b. abt 1700 VA & Christain Evans in VA.. Can you
take a stab at that info? It has also been suggested that my Terry line is
also from Ireland but I have not found anything to prove it.

It is recorded in Bedford Co, TN that Robert Henry Terry helped with the
posting of the bonds ( or what ever) with Keeble's widow Sarah that set her
slaves free. I would doubt that stranger would be willing to do that so I am
taking a wild guess that Robert Henry Terry & Keeble/Sarah are related which
would mean that my Kibble & Keeble are related.

Is there anyone out there researching the lines of these 4 brothers? I believe
(undocumented) that a Thomas Terry b between 1760-1770 is their father.

Just thought I would ask. This line is driving me nuts. So much info pointing
to their line but NO DOCUMENTATION to prove it.

Hi, Here is some more info to file away, the last time I was in TN ( actually
last Sept) I talked to other desc.'s of Kibble Terry trying to prove the birth
father of my Julia Terry b 1860 , grandaughter. of Kibble & Rebecca . Figured my family knew nothing so I got on the phone, when I was there, and started
calling every Terry in the book. They in turn gave me others to call. My Julia
was part Cherokee and born out of wedlock and her death certif. stated her
father was a Lud Davis. He is white, has always been listed as white, so has
his family line. . She was raised "by an Indian" and that was James D. Akin.
He is listed in 1880 census as her Uncle. James's children were listed as
mulatto in 1870 and later changed to white. James's father Lott Akin has
been listed as "black". I believe this to be the right set of poss. ancestors
for my Julia. Kibble has 2 dau. that had children but never married. Nancy S.
Terry is mother of a Elizabeth Terry who some how connects to the Sisco line
in Benton/Decatur Co. TN. Nancy's son is Samuel Alexander Terry. My Julia's
mother was Elizabeth Terry dau. of Kibble & Rebecca and it is said that my
Julia has a half brother out there some where. I believe him to be the W.
Terry that m. a Christenberry in Decatur Co. TN. He is the only Terry I have
not been able to place to a Terry family yet. Took me 7 years just to get the
mothers name. No records before 1869 in Decatur to search and of course not
much in Bedford Co. TN either and family never talked about it because she
was born out of wedlock and part Indian.

The other Terry line told me that 4 brothers came into TN and 2 stayed and 2
left for the west. John was in Lauderdale Co. AL and his desc. show up in
Texas. They also said we were Irish, this I can't find any proof of. I have
also been told that a Scott Terry who played baseball for the Cardinals was a
desc. of one of these 4 brothers. Makes for interesting history.

I just figured if I could find info on John Terry & Sarah Moore , because they
also use the Kibble name, that I might find a clue for my Kibble. I figured ,
"nothing ventured nothing gained."

Fran West  SwftOtter@aol.com Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 16:48:41 EST

Ok here is another poss. connection to think about that you can add to you
paper file. My Kibble/Keeble's brother Robert Henry Terry is the exec. to
Peter Proby's estate (James M. Proby is his brother and brother in law to my
Kibble. James names the 3 brothers as his "brothers" in his will proven 1867
Bedford Co. TN) . Peter Proby is m. to Ann Sarah Bomar dau. of Bibby Bomar
and they married in Halifax Co. VA.. Her cousin Rev. William Johnson Bomar son of Spencer Bomar ( brother to Bibby Bomar) m. Elizabeth"Bettie" Terry dau. of David Terry b. 1765 Jamestown, VA d. 1840 Smith Co. TN & Miss Reed. Bettie's sister Jane m. William MOORE and moved to Texas about 1851.

These families are being connected by marriage, Bomar to Proby, Proby to Terry and Bomar to Terry and along comes a m. to a Moore. And then there is John Terry b. 1774 NC m. to Sarah Moore. Am I crazy or is this another "poss." connection between my Terry and John/Sarah?

Has anyone ever come up with a father for David? Is was not uncommon for
cousins in one family grouping to marry cousins connected to another. Fuel
for thought.

I have looked at all the issues you have posted. I am so thankful that you
posted them. I have heard the 7 brothers story before from the cousins to my
Julia Terry. Maybe in another 25 years someone just might come up with an

Thank you for putting" The Terry Family Historian " online. The Michigan
State library does not carry a lot of books on the TN area so I only get to do
research once a year when I go to TN to visit family.

Fran West  SwftOtter@aol.com Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 13:30:24 EST

Nancy S. Terry dau. to Kibble Terry was never married to Benjamin Cherry only lived in the same household. She was listed in the census as his wife but that is not true. She was never married to anyone. She is buried in a Cem. in
Benton Co. TN. Samuel Alexander Terry ( her son) desc's in Camden, TN know where the unmarked grave is at.

                                                                    Thanks for listening.
                                                                     Fran in MI

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Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999
From: Larry Hamblen Mythots@pacbell.net>

Hello Mike,Appreciate all your work. 
I'm attaching a photo. The old  lady sitting
was Sarah Ann (Lock) Terry, b. Feb 15, 1833,
Greenville, SC, dau. of  Dickerson
Lock(e). She married Francis Marion  Terry,
son of Thomas and Malinda (Priddy) Terry. 
Francis b. ca. 1829, d. ca.  1868-70. The man
was John Henry Terry, son of Francis  (there is
a question about  this), b. Sept 3, 1870. Little  girl
standing was my Mom,  Franky Terry, b. Dec 7,
1907,  dau. of John Henry&  Lucelia; d. April 4,
1996.  John  Henry's wife, Lucelia Shelton,
b. 1874. Baby is  John Lloyd Terry, brother
to  my mother.

Larry Hamblen

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to queries so I can include your comments.

This is a good way to get solid responses and has worked in the Terry Family 
Historian.  Just post your Terry line from yourself  to the last known Terry. You
 will notice 1 is me, 2 is my father  4 is my grandfather. Only list your Terry line 
which  starts with you whether  you are named Terry or not. I always list the 
county if known as this is where most records  will  be located. At a glance,  
folks will know where you are in the Terry groupings. I include  my address
 because  there are still a lot of Terry researchers who are not networked 
yet. I have received mail responding to queries I wrote 17 years ago in 


Terry Line of Mike Terry, Box 50976, Tulsa OK 74150. 
Email:               dterry@ionet.net
Home Page: http://www.ionet.net/~dterry
1 TERRY, Robert Mike, b 27 Sep 1946, Orange Co. CA; r  Creek Co. OK. 
2 TERRY, G. W. "Glen", b 23 Oct 1923, Okmulgee Co. OK;  d 11 Mar 1991, 
   Caddo Co. OK; m 3 Mar 1943, Yuma Co. AZ: 
3 CUNNINGHAM, Rebecca Isabel, b 28 Dec 1926, San Bernadino 
  Co. CA; r Caddo Co. OK.
4 TERRY, Francis Edward "Frank", b 18 Sep 1895, Yell  Co. AR; d 11 Apr 1958,
   Caddo Co. OK; m 9 Mar 1914, Yell  Co. AR: 
5 BOTTOMS, Ethel Modelle, b 10 Feb 1897, Yell Co. AR; d   24 May 1974, Custer
   Co. OK.
8 TERRY, George William, b 13 Aug 1866, Union Co. AR; d 
  22 Jul 1959, Lamar Co. TX; m 21 Jul 1889, Yell Co. AR:
9 HEFFNER, Francis E., b 5 Apr 1871, GA; d 30 Sep 1895,
  Yell Co. AR. 
16 TERRY, Hugh McClure, b 1 Mar 1832, DeKalb Co. GA; d 2  Jan 1919, Lamar 
     Co. TX; m 6 Dec 1855, Union Co. AR:
17 BENNETT, Mary, b 3 Jun 1838, AL; d 25 Oct 1875, TX?. 
32 TERRY, Green Berry Hill, b 8 Nov 1810, Chester Co.  SC; d 22 Mar 1848, 
     Union Co. AR; m ca 1830, SC/GA: 
33 GILL, Eleanor "Ellen, b 20 Jan 1811, Chester Co. SC;  d 5 Oct 1861, Union 
     Co. AR. 
64 TERRY, Stephen Maj., b 10 Aug 1788, Chester Co. SC; d 15 Nov 1866, Fulton 
     Co. GA; m 4 Jul 1809, Fairfield Co.  SC: 
65 HILL, Elizabeth Harrison, b 29 Jan 1793, Fairfield Co. SC; d 3 Dec 1838, 
     DeKalb Co. GA.
128 TERRY, John W., b 27 Apr 1752, VA/SC; d 12 Apr 1834, Chester Co. SC;
        m 21 Dec 1779, VA/SC: 
129 STOKES, Pricilla, b Nov 1763, SC?; d ca 1849, Chester Co. SC. 
256 TERRY, Stephen, b ca 1700, VA; d 19 Dec 1769, Craven Co. SC; m ca 1751, 
257 ______, Sarah, b (?), VA; d 4 May 1765, Craven Co. 
Terry Line of Jerry Terry  terrjerr@cooke.net

1   Terry, Jerry L   b 26 Jan 1946 Cooke Co TX
2   Terry, William Malvin   b 6 Dec 1894 Ellis Co TX  d 1 May 1968 Cooke Co TX   
     m 21 Oct 1926 Wichita Co TX:
3   Fry, Edith Evelyn   b 29 Dec 1906 Denton Co TX d 25 Sept 1979 Cooke Co TX
4   Terry, Henry Monroe [Bud] b 3 Feb 1866 Elbert Co GA d 23 Feb 1953 Cooke
      Co TX   m 14 Mar 1893 Ellis Co TX:
5   Gamble, Arie Corinne b 12 June 1876 AL d 7 July 1964 Cooke Co TX
8 Terry, William W   b 1 Jan 1840 Lancaster Dist SC d 3 Mar 1927 Carter Co OK
    m 16 Dec 1858  Hart Co GA:
9  Fleming, Jane C   b 8 Oct 1842 GA d 12 July 1923 Carter Co OK
16   Terry, James R   b 1813   d abt 1870 SC
17   Johnson,_______   b 1817   d abt 1845
32   Terry, John   b ? d 1820 Lancaster Dist SC m 22 June 1811 Wake Co NC
33   Mobley, Hannah Harrison b 13 Nov 1777 Wake Co NC d aft 1830 Lancaster 
       Dist SC

Jerry Terry

Terry Line of Sue Tiffany-Web  SueTiffany@aol.com
Sue Tiffany-Webb, 25320 144th Place S. E., Kent, WA 98042-3404
1. TIFFANY, SUE b. 24 Aug 1945, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ m.1) FREDERICK
    1966 Provo, Utah, Utah.) Married 2) WILLIAM A. WEBB (children JESSE 
    CHRISTOPHER WEBB b. 29 Jun 1978 in Fontana, San Bernardino Co., CA, and 
    LYLE WILLIAM WEBB b. 24 Dec 1979 in Bend, Des Chutes Co., OR.)
2.  TIFFANY, LESLIE ELMER  b. 4 May, 1921 in Scottsdale, Maricopa Co., AZ.
3.  TURNER, ROBERTA ROSE  b. 21 Apr 1918 in Heber, Navajo, AZ m. 27 Oct 
     1944 in El Centro, CA 
6.  TURNER, THACKER MILLARD  b. 16 Nov 1890 in Paducah, Cottle Co., TX m.
    on 25 Nov 1914 in Holbrook, AZ: 
7.  BUNGER, GRACE HELEN b. 21 Aug 1888 in Graham, Young, TX.
12.  TURNER, THOMAS ELLIOTT  b. 27 Oct 1857 in McMinville, Warren Co., TN
       m. on 22 May 1879 in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN : 
13.  GILLENTINE, NANCY ELIZABETH  b. 4 Jul 1857 in Nashville, Davidson Co., 
26.  GILLENTINE, MACAJAH TERRY  b. 2 Mar 1822 in White Co., TN  m. on 3 Feb 
        1845 in TN to 27.  HENNESSEE, NANCY AMANDA b. 1 Oct 1825 in TN.
52.  GILLENTINE, JOHN , Squire b. 16 Nov 1797 in Grainger Co., TN m. 2
       May 1816 in White Co., TN; 
53.  MARTIN, MARY "POLLY"b. 15 Mar 1790 (died in TN. Don't know 
104.  GILLENTINE, NICHOLAS  b. ca 1776 in Halifax Co., VA m. on 20 Oct   	
         1796 in Halifax Co, VA to 
          possibly in Anson Co., North Carolina.
 I need JANE's parents. Her father has been supposed to be JOHN TERRY or the
JOSEPH TERRY who built the first courthouse in White Co., TN.
Terry Line of  Harold E Terry haroldterry@juno.com
Harold Terry, 3515 Golf Rd, Turlock CA 95380-9713		
1 TERRY, Harold Elmer, b 11 Mar. 1932, Stanislaus Co, CA 
2 TERRY, Henry Elton, b 23 Feb. 1911, Vivian, OK
   d 24 June 1970, Stanislaus Co, CA, m 11 July 1931, Stanislaus Co., CA
3 RUDE Naomia Iona, b 24 Feb. 1915,  d 6 Jan. 1989,  Stanislaus Co., CA
4 TERRY, Sherzer Knox, b 11 Mar. 1874, ?Marion Co.? AL	
   d 12 June 1962, Stanislaus Co, CA, m ? 
5 GRANDSTAFF, Nannie Lovina, b 17 Dec. 1881, Wise Co. TX, d	
   12 Mar. 1947, Stanislaus Co. CA
8 TERRY, Ruben Fleming , b 3 April 1832,  NC, d 1916, LeFlore Co., OK, m
9 HAWKINS, Margaret Adline
16 TERRY, John Samuel (Shon), b abt 1776, NC, d ?, m 26 Sept. 1798,
     Granville, NC
17 TERRY, Sarah Anne, b ?, d ?dt

Terry Line of Rae Davis-Smith <raedavissm@mindspring.com>
1. Willa Rae Davis b..Oct. 8, 1949 Fulton County Georgia; m March 4, 1967 to
    Danny Eugene Smith b. April 28, 1944 Hall County Georgia; Div Aug. 21,
2. Ernest Ray Davis..b..Aug. 13, 1916 Macon County NC m June 10, 1945;
3. Betty Elizabeth Sexton b.. Sept. 7, 1921 Campbell County Tennessee
6.  James Harvey Sexton b..Feb. 29, 1886 Campbell County Tennessee m Sept.
     29, 1917:
7.  Nannie Bell Lay b.Jan. 22, 1893 Tennessee
12.  Ewell Sexton b Campbell County TN m March 27, 1881:
13.  Mary Rachel Terry b. 1860 Tennessee
26. Edmund Terry  m. 
27. Elizabeth Hicks ? 
Line number 27 hasn't been documented yet and we are not sure if these are
Mary's parents or not. Hi, I have line 27 documented now and found that they 
are Mary's parents...I also have more...Edmund Terry and Elizabeth "Betty" Ann 
Hicks are Mary's parents...Edmund is the son of Josiah Terry 1780-1868 , and 
Nancy Stevens...Josiah is the son of John Terry and Esther Brown both from
Botetourt County Virginia...My sources were Robert Bailey, Sexton Historian, 
for Mary's parents and Edmund's parents and grandparents was 
submitted by George Alvin Terry in Scott County And Its Families, SCHS, 1988.
Terry Line of Leroy Terry <leroy.terry@worldnet.att.net>
Clifford Leroy Terry  742 Lincoln Dr. Shreveport, La. 71107-3210
1 TERRY, Clifford Leroy, b 27 Oct. 1933, Caddo Parish La..
m 15 Jun. 1956, Caddo Parish La.
2  TERRY, Howard Leroy, b 24 Feb1894, Harrison Co. Tex d 12 Feb 1980 Caddo 
    Parish La. m 26 Jun 1915 Harrison Co. Tex:
3  MOXLEY Vera Leola b 20 Feb 1897 Harrison Co Tex. d 4 Aug 1971 Caddo 
    Parish La.
4 TERRY, Edward W, b 12 Jul 1855, Harrison Co. Tex.  d 6 Mar. 1943 Caddo 
   Parish La. m 31 Dec. 1879 Harrison Co Tex:
5 SLATER, Louisa Gardner, b 16 Jun 1861, Harrison Co Tex. d 16 Mar 1946
   Harrison Co Tex.
8 TERRY, Stephen, b 1822, Lawrence Co Al.; d aft. 1880 prob. Harrison  Co. TX; 
   m 17 Jan 1854, Harrison Co Tex:
9 HILL Harriet L. b S.C; d  (?) prob. Harrison Co Tex.
16 TERRY,” Stephen”, b ca. 1794,  d bef. 1830 m 1810 Warren Co Tenn:
17 BRACKIN, Martha, b ca. 1795 d (?) prob. Al.
32 TERRY, --------, b ca. 1777 d (?)
33 --------, Nancy, b 1770-1780 d (?)
From: Harold E Terry <haroldterry@juno.com>
Mike:  I believe Sarah Anne maiden name was TERRY.  In your TFH June1982
pg 26, under North Carolina marriage Record , it has:
09/26/1798  Terry, John   	Terry, Sarah	Granville	34044	
I believe this to be my great great grandfather John Samuel (Shon) and
Sarah Anne. If he was born abt. 1776 that would make him abt. 22 years old.
I don't know who Sarah's parents were, so I can't give you 34 & 35.
I know that in your TFH Dec 1983, there is a Sarah Anne TERRY b 21 Apr.
1796 in Caldw Dist. SC Rensaw.  Now I don't think he married a 2 1/2 year
old girl and if he married her when she was 18, That would make him 42
give or that a couple years in marriage dates.  I know its not
impossible, but find it hard to believe. Could there be a mistake in
birth date.
Question is Caldw Dist. In South Carolina, if so what's Rensaw?
Also in my family line under #3 Rude, Naomia Iona, put d 6 Jan. 1989.
Thank you so much for your web site.  I search it regularly.  Continue
the good work.  If you can give me any help on the matters above, 
I would really appreciate it.
Power to the TERRY clan

									Harold Terry

Terry Line of Nancy Wilkison EYEGUY39@aol.com

Hi Mike,

1  NANCY LYNN BARBER WILKISON b. 3 June 1939  Memphis, Shelby, 
   Tennessee m. 22 June 1963 Memphis, Shelby, TN  Thomas Anthony WILKISON
2   John Brooks BARBER  b. 20 June 1908  Nicholasville, Jessamine, KY
      m. 2 July 1930  Memphis, Shelby, TN:
3   Juanita HICKMAN d.  13 October 1988  Memphis, Shelby, TN
6    John Brooks BARBER, SR.  b. 27 September 1864  Hopkins County, KY;
      m.  24 January 1889  Saline County, IL:
 7    Lilly Elmore Deal BIXLER  d. 8 July 1910  Berea, Madison, KY
12    Burrell  BARBER  b. 8 May 1830  Pittsylvania Co, VA; 
        m.  29 December 1853  Hopkins Co, KY:          
 13   Nancy Caroline TERRY  b. 21 August 1831; KY d. 11 December 1911,  
        Memphis, Shelby,TN
26   Dabney P.  TERRY  b. 1801   South Carolina;d. 12 January 1871  Princeton,
        Caldwell, KY; m  30 April 1819  Hopkins County, KY:       
27   Nancy JACKSON

Dabney P. Terry and Nancy also had a son Milton.  Nancy and Dabney at one 
time ran a boarding house in Princeton, Ky.. 


From: Tim Mattingly <gtm.3@insightbb.com>

Robert "Mike" Terry,
	Just came across your Terry web-page, and must say you have the most
 data on the name that I have ever seen.  Looking through all your old issues, 
there was very little on Ohio where I have traced "my" Terry line back to.  In an 
old family letter that I have, Washington Terry (sometimes call George Washington 
Terry) was born Oct.12,1829 in the Price Hill area of Cincinnati, OH.  He had a brother,
 Thomas Jefferson, and 2 sisters Alisa Kerpatric and Mary Fitzpatrick.  He married 
Sarah Sheppard on Dec.27,1853 in Warren Co., OH.  He was in the Civil War and his 
pension # is 44815.  It tells nothing of his past.  Sarah died Oct.3,1863 in Indianapolis.
 After the war, he married Amy Ann Gravatte on Aug.3,1869 in Warren Co.  George 
Washington Terry died Apr.18,1 918 They raised their family and are both buried at 
Centerville, IN.  Amy died May 30,1937 in Muncie, IN.  Some family member 
said some time back, G.W.Terrys father was Robert and his dates were, Feb. 6,1809-
Jun. 6,1891.  I can not find any thing concrete before G.W.Terry, so I'm asking you,
will you check your records. Thank you


From Becky Terry Parks William683@aol.com


I just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed reading your old newsletters. I only started researching my Terry line (John W. Terry m. Julia Covington of Richmond Co., NC) in 1995. Please post to the web page if you ever decide to start up again.


1102-1999 TERRY MALONE

From: Sue Terry Malone [wcsmith@iamerica.net]

My name is Linda Sue Terry Malone. My dad was Dana "Mike" Terry who had
brothers one of which was William Brunson "Bill" Terry who married
Louellma, a lady from Oklahoma and had two sons one name Billy Terry and
one Wilburn Terry. Are we related? The Terry family is from Evergreen, LA
and Crystal Springs, Miss.


From: Wayne Richardson [WAY713@prodigy.net]

I enjoyed your web page.  The first in my Terry line started in Miss. in 1850.  Matthew Terry. 4 sons John Washington, Hamp, Robert and Charles.  Miss. to Ark. then Texas.


From: Sandy Watkins [aka valkyria])

My name is Sandra Marie TERRY Watkins.  All of the known TERRY's in my family are dead and have not left any information for me about my ancestry.  My father was JAMES WILLIAM RAIFORD TERRY (b. 1/9/29 in Durham, Durham County, NC; d. 11/27/96 in Durham).  My grandfather was ROBERT EARL TERRY (married to Elsie Rowena Lynn in Durham, Durham County, NC).  My great grandfather was WILLIAM RAIFORD TERRY, JR. (who married Annie Bell Jarred from somewhere in Kentucky).  WILLIAM and Annie were married somewhere unknown in South Carolina and must have settled near Charlotte, NC (as they are both buried there).  There must have been other children besides William Jr. because one of my grandfather's cousins was JOHN SKALLY TERRY, PH.D., who was a close friend and confidant of Thomas Wolfe, the author.  Have you run across any of these people in your research?  I am stumped...I have no where to go.  Both of my older brothers are deceased.  My oldest brother died just 2 years ago at age 43, leaving behind a son and a daughter to carry on the TERRY name.  For their sakes, I need to find out who we are and where we come from, or my niece and nephew will never know anything about their heritage.  My father died from lung cancer 3 years ago in my brother's arms and there are no TERRY family members who can tell me anything about who we were and where we came from.  Any help you can offer would be GREATLY appreciated.

Also, I would like to know how many Terry Family History newsletters /papers/magazines have been printed, and how much would it cost me to receive copies via snail mail?

Thank you for your help.
Sandy Watkins (aka Valkyria)

From: Johnie D. Kemp

Comments: Looking for descendants of William Hamilton TERRY who m. Evaline Tabitha TAYLOR, 1843, Limestone Co., AL

From: Barbara Moon (Batmoon1@aol.com)

I have just recently started in earnest to unravel the Terry family and find the
connection to the Moons. Elizabeth Terry married Jesse Moon on February 14, 1794 in Wallingford, Vermont. They lived in the area until they divorced in 1825. The census puts the household at about 8 children--I know of 3 sons and the rest are not recorded in vital records of Pittsford, Vermont. There was a Terry family in the area but I have not been able to make a connection. Do you know of anyone working on the Terry's of Vermont or possibley even New Hampshire? Elizabeth Terry was probably born about 1774/75 but no bonds were posted so she may have been over 21 years of age at the time. Jesse Moon was born May 29, 1774 in Vermont or New Hampshire.  His parents were Asa Moon and Deborah Babcock. Thank you.

From: Betty Austin baustin@freewwweb.com 2008 email change --> Boops baustin12@satx.rr.com


Hi Mike:

My fifth great grandmother was Ann Terry b. 1725 - d. 1815. She married my fifth great grandfather George Guy b. 1725 - d. 1803. He was a member of the Committee of Safety and justice of the peace of Caroline co., VA 1774. They lived in Caroline Co., VA were their children were born. Many of records were burned in that county so it has been difficult to gain information from government sources. I have found  some information in library sources and the internet. I found your web site showing your ancestor 256 Stephen Terry b. ca 1700 d 19 Dec. 1769 and married Sarah. Did this Stephen Terry have a child named Ann who married George Guy? Do have any links that would connect Ann to the Guy family. I found another web site who are Terry Researchers. Attached is that site. Does your family connect with them? They had some relatives in Surry Co., NC.

Please let me know if you have any information or leads that would help me find the names of George and Ann's children.


Editor's note: Please see my
Terry Line above

From: Norlan Biller Biller@concentric.net


Am desperately seeking info on my grandparents, great-grandparents,
g-g-grandparents. Marvin R. Terry b. Dec 05 1912 - m. 31 Oct 1936 to Alta
Hartman his father John Ervin Terry b. 19 Feb 1884, d. Sep 1971 - m. ? to Mary Rachel Biby his father John Terry b. ?, d. 1892 - m. Esteline(sp) Wilson They're all from Augusta Co, VA. all the deceased are buried there.  Can you help?

Love your site ! Just found it. Will certainly join.


Norlan Biller

From: Boyd E McClure [mclureb@ibm.net]

Ref: Jasper terry of Montgomery County VA, article in the Terry Family Historian, Vol 4, March 1985 Number 01. Jasper Terry cited is an ancestor of mine thru his son William. I would  very much appreciate a copy of the article in the Dec 1984 issue of the TFH referred to by Mrs Valery Terry.  My brother, Dale McClure of St Charles,  IA have been trying since 1982 to find Jasper's parents, siblings, 1st wife and other pedigree. Any assistance will be appreciated.

Terry Line of Darryl Terry DTerry909@aol.com

Quite a impressive Terry homepage. Look forward to reviewing Darryl

I have sent message before:

1     Darryl Terry 1956 (me)
2     Cornelius Terry born 1933
4     Morton Terry born 1890 married;
5     Ida Hall
8     William Kinnard Terry - married
9    Jane Barrett
16   Elisha Terry-born Pike county KY 1818 married
17   Elizabeth Vires
32   Thomas Miles terry-born 1797-married;
33   Patsy Johnson
64    Miles Terry born 1762-married
65    Hannah Horton
128  William Terry - married;
129  Rachel Terry

What info do you have on this line? Looking for history as much as lines. Any
info on Thomas Miles Terry? Appears to be some misinformation out there on
him. Excited to hear back

Darryl Terry / KY

From: Elaine Sheldon elainea@teleport.com

Dear Mike.

I still don't know were I fit in with the Terry or where he came from. This is all I know and have, I might add you gave me this bit of information, but before all I had was Wilton Terry, and ever that was wrong. Wilton, Oliver Weldon Terry m Mary Ann Blailock ? had 5 children Bertha, Charles, Joe, Jill, and a younger boy ? I have a picture of that.

(Grandfather) Charles P Terry b. 4-1-1909 in Lee City MS. m.? Alice Marie Malone b. 6-14-1914, in Kosciusko MS. They had one child; Charles L Terry b. 9-24-1928 in Drew, Sunflower Co. MS. Her Parents are Pinkney T. Malone b, ??? m Ludie Lizzy Allen b.???? Charles L Terry m. 11-28-1948 Kosciusko MS m. Rosie Christine Allen b. 6-9-31 Thomastown, MS. Her parents are Nealy Elijah Allen b. 3-3-1903 Thomastown, MS m. ??? Burdell Marie Collins b. 1911.

WiltonOrWeldonTerry.jpg (19504 bytes)

Terry's family left to right Weldon or Wilton Terry,
Joe Terry, Mary Ann Blailock , Charles Terry and Bertha  Terry.
Bottom is  Jill next to dad and baby on Mother's lap.

Children as Follows:

Charlie Roger Terry b. 12-23-1949 in Kosciusko MS m. 7-75 Kosciusko MS. Glenda Ann Carroll b.4-8-1956 Kosciusko MS. They had one child, Jennifer Ann Terry b. 6-22-1976 Kosciusko MS. m ??? Baby b.1998 ???. Alice Elaine Terry b. 7-12-51 in New Orleans, LA., 2nd m. 7-12-95 in Kelso, WA., Marvin Jack Sheldon b. 9-15-1937 in Oakland Calif.- children by first marriage 5-24-87, Robert Joseph Olsen Sr. b. 7-15-1937 in Portland Ore. Lonnie Brent Olsen b.1-9-1974 in Astoria Ore. m. 1-7-1997 in Kelso WA., Amy Lee Arvenson b. 12-30-1978 in Longview WA. One Child, Brent Traviss Olsen b. 2-21-1998 in Longview WA. Deliverance Roxie Valerie Olsen b. 6-5-1975 in Astoria Ore. Delores Christine Olsen b. 6-21-77 in Tacoma WA.  Ronnie Lee Terry 4-12-1953 in New Orleans,   LA m.  5-26-1978 in Longview, WA. Sandy Mae Hahn b. 11-4-1961 in Astoria Ore. Children as follows  Donna Elaine Terry b 4-30-1979 in Longview WA. m ???? in Kosciusko MS. ?????? unborn child at this time

Ronnie Lee Terry II b. 7-1-1980 in Astoria Ore. not married at present time O'Pete Terry b .9-2-1954 in New Orleans LA., first marriage ???Laural MS. , Patrica Lynn Philips One Child, James Russell Terry b. 3-12-1978 in Chehailis, WA.  2nd marriages 6-26-1987 in Longview WA. Kathy Lynn Richardson b. 5-10-1961 in Pampa, Texas Children as Follows: Christina Elizabeth Terry b. 2-10-1984 in Longview WA. Joyce LeeAnn Terry b. 12 16-1985 in Longview WA.

I have the Rawson Family Tree, also, the Blailock Family Tree The rest as follow Allen, Collins, Malone, McMillen, Terry's. Anyway I Have a Web Page with Weldon Terry and family on it. You can go down and copy the picture if you want to. Will Close for now and God Bless and take care. Please let me know if you got my web page. Could you help me out a little more.

Thank you

From: Lane Hash  of Denham Springs, LA

I enjoyed reading your newsletters! I'm searching for a Terry connection among my ancestors. "Ellen" Terry, daughter of "Joe Champion" Terry, married William Hash in Virginia (apparently in Buckingham County) about 1836-1838, forming our line of descent. Your newsletters have yielded several valuable clues! In fact, I passed along the address for this, and the Terry Forum, to Charles Davis in Roanoke, VA, who is searching for his Terry ancestors. Keep up the good work!

From: Bonnie Oakland, CA


I looked through the index of the volumes you had posted at your impressive
web site, but was unable to come up with anything substantial on Terry in
1700s in Enfield CT. Did I miss them? Is there any chance you have info which could lead me to the parentage of  Submit Terry [parents not given] b 18 Jan 1740, Enfield CT m 15 Nov 1764, Enfield CT to Lothrop (6) SHURTLEFF d18 Dec 1815, Compton, Quebec. All is from the 1976 revised edition of The Descendants of William Shurtleff.

If you have any hints, please email (I have emailed to Kathleen Callanan who
is posting a query). This is extremely important as the Shurtleff Genealogy is again being updated and I am trying to find out the Terry ancestry to include.

Many thanks for whatever help you can give.


Terry Line of  Teresa Underhill [teresau@psci.net]

Here is my Terry line:

1 Teresa Kay HARTLOFF b  18 Sept 1963 Dubois Co., IN
2 Roy Elmer HARTLOFF b  8 Nov 1942 Spencer Co., IN m 16 Sept 1961 Tell
   City, Perry Co., IN;
3 Lois Margaret SMITH b  30 Jan 1944 Rome, Perry Co., IN
6 Robert David SMITH b  31 Jan 1917 Derby, Perry Co., IN
   Perry Co., IN d  28 Nov 1988 Dubois Co., IN  m  8 Jan 1941;
7 Lydia Margaret HANKS b  24 July 1919 Rome, Perry Co., IN
12 Roscoe Verlee SMITH b   29 Oct 1889 Hardin Co., KY d   5 Dec 1964
      Derby, Perry Co., IN
13 Addie Ann CASH b  5 May 1892 IN d  5 Nov 1967 Derby, Perry Co., IN
26 William Sherman CASH b  July 1865 Monroe, Noble Co., IN d  July 1923
      Perry Co., IN m  27 Oct 1889 Perry Co., IN;
27 Indiana TERRY b- Feb 1864 d   July 1939 Perry Co., IN
55 Lousianna TERRY d  Perry Co., IN
110 Elias TERRY b  15 Sept 1807 Boutecourt Co., VA m  5 Oct 1826 Perry Co., IN;
111 Eleanore SANDAGE b- Union Co., SC d- 12 March 1850 Perry Co., IN
220 John TERRY b VA
221 Esther BROWN



Terry Line of  Sherry Livingston [SLivingston@webtv.net]

1.   LIVINGSTON, WRAY, Sherry Ann, b. 7 Sept 1942, Detroit, Wayne Co, MI,
      r. Dickson Co, TN.
2. WRAY, Howard Nelson b. 4 Jul 1920, Paducah, McCracken Co, KY, m. 24
    Jan 1942, Jackson, Jackson Co, MI d. 5 Feb 1991.
3. SHARP, Norma Marie b. 28 Jul 1923, Jackson, Jackson Co, MI d. 2 Dec 1976
    Dupage Co, IL.
4. WRAY, Guy Vernon b. 6 Jul 1899 Kevil, Ballard Co, KY m. (1) 1 Jun 1919
     McCracken Co, KY d. 26 Feb 1965 McCracken Co, KY.
5. TERRY, Cledie (or Cleda) b. 17 Jun 1903 Ballard Co, KY d. 3 Oct 1975
    Jackson Co, MI.
10. TERRY, John Dallas b. 9 Sep 1876 Ballard Co, KY m. 18 Dec 1895 Ballard
       Co, KY div. @ 1919 McCracken Co, KY d. 18 Nov 1926 Christian Co, KY.
11. HODGES, Anna Jeanette (Etta) b. 9 Dec 1878 Ballard Co, KY d. 1959 Jackson
      Co, MI.
20. TERRY, John Benjamin b. @ 1840 McCracken Co, KY m. @ 186- KY d. 16
       Nov 1885 Ballard Co, KY.
21. TRICE, Mary Jane b. @ 1845 KY d. Jan 1880 Ballard Co, KY.
40. TERRY, Archibald b. @1799 VA d. after 1850
41. THOMAS (Thomes?) Nancy b. @ 1800 d. about 184?.

I have been searching this Terry Line for many years, off and on, only
to hit dead ends. I have never run across anyone searching this Terry
line. Archibald Terry was last seen in the Logan Co, KY census and tax
list in 1830. Can't find a marriage. Could he be using a middle name?
Is he from a Terry line that is also living in Logan Co, KY, in 1830's.
I can't seem to find anything that would prove this? Any help would
be much appreciated.



Carolyn Terry Williams From: New Mexico

I sure do enjoy your Web site I am using it to try and trace my Terry line
so far no luck but I will keep on looking. If you should run across any of
the names in my line I would sure appreciate hearing from you, my parents
were divorced about 45 years ago so we don't know a lot about the Terry
family, my dad died in 1974. My line is Carolyn Jean Terry b 1-22-47, Lonzo
Bailey "Buster" Terry 1-18-1921 Matthew Carl Terry abt 1880. They lived in
Quay Co, NM in 1920.


From:  Mickey Paulson Aranki 
7315 Foxmont ,Humble, Texas,77338

Very nice site, especially like being able to view the pedigree. I am trying
to trace the ancestors of my ggg-grandmother Nancy Jane Terry ca 1828
in McNairy Co. TN. Her parents were William & Permelia Terry. William was
born ca 1804 in TN, died in Pontotoc Co. MS. Permelia was born 14 May
1808 in S.C. died 4 Aug 1862 in either Lafayette or Pontotoc Co. MS. They
had children named Jesse born ca 1830 who married Sarah A. Sledge,
Ezekial born ca 1832 who married Martha Ann Clements, John born ca 1834
who married Matilda L. Lyen, James born ca 1836 and Lewis P. born ca 1838
who married Ester (?). It seems that William & Permelia moved to Pontotoc
County in the early 1840's. Nancy Jane married Lemuel Merry Sledge abt
1847, they had 11 children that we're aware of. I would like to hear from
descendants of any of the family to compare notes. I hope someone has
gone back further than William.

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