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Editor's note: I'm still thinking about what to write  by Mike Terry
Parshall Terry Family by Carol Swaderer Dickinson
Family of William Terry and Mary Raiford by Jay Terry
Family of Phillip Terry of Beaufort District SC by Raymond D. Terry

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I'm still thinking about what to write

by Mike Terry

Well, we made to the big one. Hope this is a very "Terry'fing" 2000 for you all.

Jay Terry who contributed much of the early documentation in the form of census information and notes on NC/SC Terry Families in the early Terry Family Historian is now on line at: jaydtmusic@yahoo.com I have published information on his Terry line beginning with himself to the last proven Terry in his line from Granville, NC. It is in an Adobe Acrobat PDF file called: Jay Terry Genealogy Report.PDF Please note the caveat concerning the unproven aspects of Jay Terry's line by Frank Skidmore in the Terry Genforum at:


I will be publishing notes about Granville Co. NC Terry Families and connections as I receive them from Jay.

While going through boxes in the garage looking for tax receipts I instead discovered two disks I had received several years ago with GEDCOM information. One was from Don Pierce don@US1.net who was/is working on the Stephen Woodson Terry line of San Saba County, Texas. The other line was the Edgefield County Terry Families which I recieved from Terry Lawson. He had taken the research of Jay Terry on Edgefield Dist. SC and created a GEDCOM for me. I would like to contact Terry if someone knows his email addrress? Jay jaydtmusic@yahoo.com indicates he is looking at this and may update it at some point.

Additionally, I received a GEDCOM on the Parshall Terry family from Jenny Kernan-Cienfuegos  jkernan@xpressweb.com  which she admitts is not documented; however, I would like to have comments and possibly add documentation as we go along. Carol Schwaderer Dickinson  ddced@alaska.net who is of the line of Parshall Terry has also recieved this GEDCOM and may be making some comments and/or suggestions about it.

All of the above referenced data is found on this page at the bottom right hand side of the page:


I know there may be some omissions and lack of documentation in some cases; however, I decided the more people we have looking at these the better. Would like your comments.  

This is the beginning of what I have labeled as group research. Will add these as time permits.

As we update the information in the GEDCOM's I will re-publish the information. Please treat them as drafts in progress -- educated/uneducated guesses. They will change -- always, always check primary documentation and the original documents. Don't accept it just because it shows up here in the TFH. 

My thanks to the keen eye of Stephen Terry of Raleigh, NC for noting my serious problems with the North Carolina Census information in the Terry Family Historian issue June 1988 TERRY FAMILY HISTORIAN JUNE 1988. Jay Terry who contributed the information confirmed I had incorrectly listed the 1850 Censuses as 1860 in all of the counties after Richmond County in the NC censuses. The corrections have been made are quite prominent in that issue now.:

Hello. I have been perusing your site for the last couple of days and love it!. I am working on the history of the Terry family in Raleigh (Wake County), NC. I have accumulated some information from census data - which I noticed later that you had already compiled! I do have some information on the Terry's from 1850 to present. I am the gr gr grandson of William Terry (b. Sep 1828) and Andrew D Terry (b. Feb 1867). Yes, I have two Terry gr gr grandfathers!! That is a story I am trying to pursue. Other than census data, do you know of any other info on Terry's in Raleigh? Let me know what you may be interested in about Terry's in late 1800's, early 1900's and I'll be happy to send it. Also, I live in Raleigh and would be happy to find things in the Raleigh area for your research (State Archives, Library, etc) if that would help.

I noticed that you reported (TFH 1988) the 1850 Wake census as the 1860 census. I haven't looked at the 1860 census but it lists the same names and ages as the 1850 census.

Stephen Terry sdterry@eos.ncsu.edu
Industrial Assessment Center
Dept of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Box 7910, Broughton Hall
Raleigh, NC 27695

It's February 26th, 2000 and this will be a wrap for this issue. I will publish the e-mails I have recieved privately as time permits; however, I have to clean up some of the Terry cussin' and discussin'.

Mike Terry, Editor


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Parshall Terry Family
by Carol Swaderer Dickinson


Assuming that Barbara is correct that Dency is the Dency daughter of Parshall Jr. the Terry ancestry as recorded in William Zimmerman Terry's "Descendants of Richard Terry of Southold".

Dency b July 20, 1807 at Ontario, N.Y.; d Dec. 10 1884, at North Freedom, Sank Co. Wisconsin, married Samuel Hacet b Apr 13, 1805 in New Jersey, d Feb. 18, 1873, in Wis. daughter of Parshall Terry #190 (son of Parshall #91 Terry and Amy Stevens family).

Parshall - Born at Fort Niagara, N.Y. September 30, 1778; died at Draper, Utah, October 8, 1861 Moved to Canada in early life; moved to Missouri in 1838, and later to Nauvoo, Illinois. Came to Utah in 1849.

Married in New York March 16, 1802 Hannah Terry daughter of Josh Terry and  Elizabeth Parshall, born at Goshen, New York October 8, 1786; died at Rockville, Utah, October 4, 1877.

Parshall Terry #91 (Son of Parshall Terry #38 and Deborah Clark) Baptized Mattituck, L. I. (Long Island) February 22, 1756; drowned in the Don or Credit River, Canada, July 20, 1808.

Was in Washington's Army, deserted and joined the British. After the close of the Revolutionary War, he moved to Canada where he was a highly respected citizen, judge, member of parliament, exporter of lumber, holder of extensive land grants. Married (1) Amy Stevens of Wyoming Valley, Pa. Married (2) Rhoda Skinner of Ontario, Canada. After the death of Parshall Terry, Rhoda married William Cornell.

There are some unsolved problems connected with this family.

Parshall Terry #38 (son of Jonathan Terry #19 and Jemima Parshall) Born on Long Island, August 8, 1734; died at East Palmyra, New York, May 15, 1811, probably 1810) Settled in the Wyoming Valley, Pa. Land speculator. Elder in the Presbyterian Church at Wyalusing and at Terrytown. Married (1) at Mattituck, L.I. May 15, 17755 Deborah Clark, daughter of William Clark and Mary Reeves (Widow Benjamin), born June 7, 1736 at Mattituck, died at Stroudsburgh,  Pa. in July 1778. Married (2) in 1782 Sarah Lee Horton, widow of Israel Horton. Their combined family number twenty two. They had a private school in their home. Married (3) Bethia Wells. (This is probably correct, although Stuart T. Terry crossed this name out and in place of it added Joana Moore (widow) Parshall. 

I (Carol Dickinson not WZT) have other information on this family. Its interesting but written by an elderly lady who did not include sources. She claimed she had them but never sent them. She is undoubtedly dead or no longer able to correspond. Letters to her address are neither returned nor replied to. But truly interesting probably oral history of this family.

Jonathan Terry #19 (son of Nathaniel #8 and wife unknown) Born in Southold about 1707: died November 18, 1753, age 46 years. Some believe that Jonathan   was the son of Nathaniel Terry, Sen., and Mary Horton, but the reasoning is so indefinite that we prefer to follow the traditional view that he was the son of Nathaniel, Jr., (handwritten correction - Jonathan was) Tailor in Southold Married May 17, 1730 Jemima Parshall, daughter of Isreal Parshall and Joanna Swezy, born at Southold about 1708/10. After the death of Jonathan,  she married October 4, 1755, Daniel Wells, son of justice Joshua Wells.

Nathaniel Terry (8) (son of Nathaniel #3 and Mary Horton) Born at Southold, Long Island, November 16, 1683; died December 17, 1722/23. On December31, 1707, both Nathaniel Terry, Sen. and Nathaniel Terry Junr. signed as witnesses to a deed from William Wells, yeoman, to John Goldsmith, taylor, conveying land at Fresh Meadow bounded by land of Richard Terry and  Nathaniel Terry. Marriage and name of wife unknown, probably the parents of Jonathan Terry #19 Nathaniel Terry #3 ( son of Richard Terry #l and Abigail Lines) Born at Southold, Long Island in the beginning of January 1656; died at Southold, October 23, 1723, age 67 years. Married November 31, 1682, Mary Horton, daughter of Caleb Horton and Abigail hallock. The date of her birth is in question, she died September 266, 1728. 

Richard Terry, the immigrant

Born in England about 1618,  may have been August 17, 1618. Died on his farm "Quashaneck" near Southold, Long Island, about May 1676. His will dated July 6, 1675 was proved at Southold May 13, 1676. Came to America in 1635 sailing from London on the ship James on July 13th. The three Terry's on the ship, Thomas age 28, Robert age 25 and Richard age 17, are supposed to have been brothers. They landed at Salem, Massachusetts. Richard remained there a short time, then removed to Springfield, thence to Lynn, and finally in 1640 to Southold, being one of the original thirteen settlers. Thomas Terry afterwards settled at Southold. Robert Terry settled at Flushing, Long Island.

Richard Terry was recorder of the Southold Town and clerk of the court from 1664 to 1673. He recorded the names and births of his children on the Town records married May 22, 1649/50 Abigail Lines, name variously spelled Loines, Line, Lyune, Lind, etc. She was probable the daughter of Ralph Lines who died in New Haven in 1640. She was living with her son John in Quashaneck farm in 1683.

The manuscript by WZ Terry was typewritten. The copy I have is a very very very faded photocopy of the manuscript I collected from the LDS library in Salt Lake. WZ Terry quotes as his sources

a. Manuscript prepared by James P. Terry of Rockville, Utah

b. Material prepared from various printed books (citations given) by Addie Bell Baggerly Chase, of Washington, D. C. for Nellie Terry Garlock, of Port Gibson, N.Y.

c. Material furnished by Nellie Terry Garlock of Port Gibson, N.Y. and by her sister Alice Terry Throope of Montclair,N. J.

d. Microfilm copy of the manuscript prepared by Stuart T. Terry of Southold, Long Island. Original in the Historical Library of Suffolk County at Riverhead, Long Island

e. Various family records and letters

Additional information from other sources is in my collection. A couple of more possible generations of Terry's in England. The Parshall ancestry published in the Parshall book 1906 going back to the ancient Kings of England, a few generations of Abigail Lines ancestry. Misc. stuff. A few generations of Hortons.

I am descended from William NATHAN Terry (son of Parshall Sr. and Deborah Clark) died Pontiac Michigan.

Carol Dickinson
PO Box 110872
Anchorage, Alaska 99501


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The Terry Family of William and Mary Raiford
of VA and Anson Co. North Carolina - Six generations

submitted by Jay Terry jaydtmusic@yahoo.com

The file(s) wmraif.rtf and wmraif.pdf, includes the family of Rev'd William Terry and wife Sarah Childs (Leak) Terry. There has been a lot of guessing and wondering on this family because when Rev'd Wm. died at the home of his brother, either no probate was done, or it was done in a county where the records were destroyed.  Thus, I'm sure a lot of people will question this.  But I have great documentation from AR, TX, MS and AL.  From different persons in the family yet all showing the same story. 

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Family of Phillip Terry of Beaufort District SC 
by Raymond D. Terry

My name is Raymond Donald Terry, son of Jacob Miles Terry III. I received your e-mail and I would like to thank you for the info. I thought you might be interested in what I have on my family line. Jacob Miles Terry Sr. and Jr. are buried in the Crocketsville cemetery as are many more of the Terry's that married others (Hiers, Bowers, and Gooding). My Grandmother, Mary Lutitia Brunson Terry and a lot of her relatives are buried in the cemetery at Beech Branch Baptist Church, just outside Hampton S.C. My father and mother, Maudie Elizabeth Covington Terry, are buried just north of Statesboro, Ga. at Upper Mill Creek Cemetery. 

I know very little about this Genealogy business but I am trying. I am retired now and have more time. 

My son is the last of our line of Terrys. He has two girls and they can have no more. 

Raymond D. Terry
334 Riverview Drive
Savannah, Ga. 31404

Philip Terry (Irishman) Married Delphia Woods ( English ) in 1790. They lived in Beaufort District S.C., now Hampton County.

They had three children, Michael, Philip ;and Sarah 

Philip Terry Jr. married Mary Rivers

They had nine children - John, Philip, Jacob Miles, William, Wyman, Selena, Caroline, Permelia and Rebecca Ann. Philipís second wife was Rebecca Rivers, first cousin to first wife. They had four children - Dave, George, Deborah and Christine. 

Jacob Miles Terry Sr., born January 19, 1826, between Prince William Baptist Church and the town of Hampton, now known as the Tom Miley Place, Hampton County, S.C. While he was growing up he got enough education to carry him through, he wrote a beautiful old fashioned hand. When he was about 20 years old he was taken very ill and lost his sense of hearing partially. When he was 25 years old he married Elizabeth Ann Branch, January 2, 1850. She was also 25 years old. 

His father gave him a home of about 150 acres of land. He worked hard and improved it. He had field workers and worked in his own black-smith shop. He made plows and worked on wagons and buggies. He invented the Sweeper Plow and gave the pattern away and it is now known as the Orangeburg Sweep. He did not know the value of it. He gave each of his children a hove of about 125 acres of land, except his oldest son, Dan, who inherited some of his fatherís talent of working with machinery and did not want land. 

Jacob Miles Terry Sr. and Elizabeth Ann Branch had ten children: 

Eugenia Terry (Bowers) born Feb. 18, 1851
Curtis Terry born Apr. 30, 1852, died in infancy
Philip Ret Terry born July 12, 1853, died in infancy
Daniel Webb Terry born June 5, 1855
Mary Jane Terry (Branch) (Markey) born June 5, 1857, Nick-named Mollie
Amanda Terry (Hiers) born July 13, 1859
Anna Rebecca Terry (DeWitt) (Anderson) born July 22, 1861
Jacob Miles Terry Jr. born July 19, 1863, died July 19, 1923
Elizabeth Caroline Terry born Jam 25, 1867
Martha Permelia Terry (Filers) born March 17, 1871

 Below---Written by Pattie Terry Hiers

 My motherís father and mother both died while she was quite young, at the age of 16. She had one brother. William Branch and two sisters Rebecca and Martha Branch.

In those days there were no sewing machines, and she lived around with her neighbors and sewed with her fingers, whipping, gathering, and hemming frills for the young girls dresses, making beautiful stitches until she was married to my father Jan. 2, 1850. 

My husband John Hiers and I moved in with my father, as I inherited the home place. He lived about six years after my mother's death, passing on Jan. 7, 1902. They were both faithful members of the Whipey Swamp Primitive Baptist Church and were laid to rest in the Crocketville Cemetery. 

Jacob Miles Terry Jr. - married Mary Lutitia Brunson (born May 6, 1865, died Sept 18, 1945) married Aug., 1885, they had seven children: 

Sallie Terry (Smith) born Jan. 8, 1886 died Dec. 21, 1952
R.  Arby Terry born June20, 1889 died June 29, 1927
Willie R. Terry born Aug. 27, 1891 died Nov. 17, 1892
Robert Leroy Terry (Roy) born Aug. 8, 1894 died March 19, 1989
Mack Iver Terry born ?? Died Sept, 17, 1940
Eleanor Tillie Terry (Gibson) born March 23, 1901 died March 6, 1989
Jacob Miles Terry III born Sept 15, 1905 died Nov 18, 1988 

Jacob Miles Terry III Married Maudie Elizabeth Covington Dec. 31, 1931. They had one son, Raymond Donald Terry Nov. 23, 1932 

Raymond Donald Terry Married Patricia Ann Hodge July 26, 1932

They had two children

Sandra Gail Terry Born Aug. 28, 1954
Donald Alan Terry born Oct 21, 1956

Sandra Gail Terry married William Danial Durden

They had three children

Amanda Nicole Durden born Feb. 26, 1983
Michael Daniel Durden born Feb. 26, 1983
Raymond Miles Durden born Oct. 9, 1989

 Donald Alan Terry Married Lynda Jean (Paul) Terry November 10, 1981


They had two children:

Jason Dean Paul (stepson) born April 29, 1975
Amber Marie Terry born Aug 16, 1982
Kristen Michelle born Dec 31, 1984

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Queries Queries Queries Queries Queries

From: Tom Thompson from Wilmington, NC
Email: SVTHOMPTTT@aol.com

Hello Mike,

Today I learned that the father of Rosemond Terry (m. Benjamin Henry) was Thomas Terry of Pittsylvania County, VA. This information is contained in an Indenture dated 19 December 1816 which states briefly:

"This indenture made this 19th day of December 1816 between Thomas Terry, Walker Terry, Benjamin Henry and Rosa Henry his wife all of whom are legatees of the late Thos Terry dec'd of Pittsylvania County and State of Virginia of the first part and ????? Smith of Pittsylvania County and State of Virginia on the other part. Witness whereas (?Champess) Terry, Nathaniel Terry, Joseph Terry, Susannah Beasley, (?Solomon) Dalton and his wife Mary Dalton ..."

Rosemon Terry was born c. 1778 per 1850 census. Married Benjamin Henry 1812. Died 1850-1860, probably 1850-1853.

Is the Thomas Terry mentioned above the same Thomas Terry Son of Benjamin Terry/Elizabeth Parker.

Would appreciate any help.


Tom Thompson Wilmington, NC

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