VOLUME II                   JUNE 1983                 NUMBER 02

Editor's Notes......................................... Page   51
Covering the Terry-Tory by Robert W. Terry............. Page   52
William Terry of Savannah Creek and William Terry of
  Hitchcock's Creek.................................... Page   53 
Notes of North Carolina Terry Families by Mrs. James J.
  Bushnell............................................. Page   54
The Terry Family of Comanche County Texas by Ralph
  Terry................................................ Page   57
Short History of the Terry Family  by Ralph Terry...... Page   58
Terry Families of Richmond County North Carolina        
  by Michael Pafford................................... Page   59
Richmond County North Carolina Cemeteries.............. Page   62
Richmond County North Carolina Censuses (1790, 1800,
  1810, 1820, 1830, 1840 and 1850)..................... Page   63
Marriages of Richmond Co. NC........................... Page   67
Crawford-Terry Bible................................... Page   68
Canadian/New York Terry Families....................... Page   69
Terry Family of Selby Bryant Stratton.................. Page   71
Terry Lines of Members................................. Page   73
Queries................................................ Page   81
This and That: Terry Miscellaneous..................... Page   89
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[Note:  The cover picture was submitted by Selby Bryant  Stratton 
of 3913 Watson Place, NW, Washington DC 20016. It is a picture of 
Helinda  Terry Besley 1814-1890 (a sister of Constant Terry 1806-
1872)  who related in 1890 The Terry Family History to Lucy  Anna 
Selby Terry Lombard (1858-1928).  See articles from Mrs. Stratton 
in  this issue.  She also sent several other articles  concerning 
descendents of Long Island Terry Families but I just will have to 
save it for another issue.--Editor.]
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                     COVERING THE TERRY-TORY
                       by Robert W. Terry
                      "The Carolina Trace"
     There  was at least one Terry family that came to  southeas-
tern Indiana from South Carolina in the 1830's,  along with other 
families  whose route to their new location became known as  "The 
Carolina Trace."
     Just  why those South Carolina residents banded together for 
a  specific area in the Midwest I have been unable to  determine, 
but pack up and move they did.  Presumably, some families dropped 
off  along the route to locate in a spot that they  favored,  but 
many  of  them settled in new neighborhoods of  western  Hamilton 
County,  Ohio,  and in Dearborn,  Franklin and Wayne counties  of 
southeastern Indiana.
     Today,  a county road named "Carolina Trace" still exists in 
the Harrison,  Ohio community, a memorial to those South Carolin-
ians who came west about 150 years ago.
     Head  of  the  Terry family that  migrated  to  southeastern 
Indiana was a GEORGE TERRY. He and his descendants sidetracked my 
search  for ancestors in Franklin County,  Indiana but I  finally 
decided that there was no connection between George and my tribe.
     George  Terry and his family apparently arrived in  Franklin 
County,  Indiana  in  or before 1836.  Indiana Land  Entries,  by 
Waters,  show that the U.S. Government sold land to him on Feb. 8 
and Feb 12 of that year, 37.20 acres on each date.
     The land is described as the NW 1/4 and the SW 1/4 of the NE 
1/4 Section 20,  Township 8,  Range 1 West. It is located in pre- 
sent  Whitewater  Township,  Franklin County,  Indiana,  east  of 
Brookville,  the  county seat,  and north of the village  of  New 
     Because Franklin County, Indiana was formed from Wayne Coun-
ty,  I believe that George Terry may have been in Indiana several 
years earlier than his 1836 acquisition. A George Terry sold land 
to George Sutton in March, 1834, the land entered in Wayne County 
but located in present Franklin County.  
     George  Terry died in 1841 and his will is recorded in  Book 
4,  of  Probate Court records of Franklin County.  John Wynn  was 
named executor of his will.
     Bequests  included  $80 to George Terry Jr.;  $5 to  Eleanor 
Terry,  widow of Thomas Terry, dec'd., he the son of George Terry 
Sr.  and Mary Terry, and $20 each to three children of Thomas and 
Eleanor Terry, when they come of age.
     George Sr.  left 1/3 of his estate to his  wife,  Mary.  The 
remaining two-thirds was to be divided equally among his children 
after  his youngest daughter became of age.  (That youngest  dau-
ghter,   Sarah Taylor Terry, was 18 years old on Nov. 21, 1843.)
     Will  records  indicate that the family did not  wait  until 
1843 to settle the estate.  Instead,  an agreement was reached by 
all beneficiaries,  some in Indiana and some still in South Caro-
     George's widow,  Mary;  the son,  George Terry Jr., and dau-
ghters  Jane Soper,  Ann Eldon,  Ella Miller,  Margaret and Sarah 
Taylor Terry. All signed with their mark, except the last two.
Page (52)
Sons-in-law  Isaac  Soper,  Joseph Eldon,  and Harmon  L.  Miller 
affixed signatures.

     On the separate agreement with heirs in Greenville District, 
S. C., are the names of William Alexander Terry, Elizabeth Thomp-
son,  Harris Thompson, Mary Terry and Gaston Terry. William Alex-
ander and Gaston are presumably sons: Elizabeth Thompson and Mary 
Terry  are  presumably daughters.  Date of the signing  by  South 
Carolina heirs is given as Feb. 12, 1841.

     Disposition of the estate occurred after July 31, 1841, when 
daughters  Margaret and Sarah Taylor Terry purchased the property 
for $200.  After payment of the bequests and costs of settlement, 
less than $200 remained for distribution to the heirs. 

     This  information is furnished in the hope that it will  aid 
those tracing South Carolina Terrys -- possibly George was a lost 
son or ancestor, or just a name on a family chart.

     (Note:  Looking back in March issue,  Page 28,  my enclosure 
may be of help to Joyce Thompson, of North Augusta, S.C. who said 
that "Little is known of George Terry." RWT
                             * * * *
       WILLIAM TERRY OF SAVANNAH CREEK: West of the Peedee
From  Footnotes  concerning the Terry Families of  Anson  County, 
North  Carolina  submitted by Ralph Terry,  Box 958,  Coleman  TX 
76834 taken from Anson County, North Carolina: Abstracts of Early 
Records by May Wilson McBee...originally published in  1950;  re-
printed  1980  by Genealogical Publishing Co.,  Inc.,  111  Water 
Street, Baltimore, MD 21202.
Page  20...1756..."To distinguish the two William Terrys who came 
to Anson County abt. the same time, one may be called 'Wm. Terry, 
of  Savannah  Creek' or 'William,  west of the Peedee,'  and  the 
other 'William Terry of Hitchcock's Cr.' or William,  east of the 
Peedee.' The latter,  however, began to be called 'William Terry, 
Jr.'  in  the latter half of the 1750's to distinguish  him  from 
William Terry, of Savannah Creek, who was occasionally called Wm. 
Terry, Sr. If the two families were related there is no record of 
Note:  Remember  when  you begin to look at deeds and wills  from 
these counties that the following should be kept in  mind.  There 
is  a good possibility that families did not move at all but that 
the counties boundaries changed.-- Editor
    Richmond  County NC formed in 1779 from Anson  County NC
    Page (53)
  Anson County NC formed in 1750 from Bladen County NC
   Bladen County NC formed in 1734 from New Hanover County NC
   New Hanover County NC formed in 1729 from Craven County NC
    Craven County formed in 1712 from Precinct Bath County NC
      Bath County formed in 1696 and discontinued in 1739.
Note: You should check all of these counties if think your ances-
tors may have been there when boundaries changed.
                     NOTES OF NORTH CAROLINA 
                         TERRY FAMILIES
                    by Mrs. James J. Bushnell
             2919 Fairway Drive, Birmingham AL 35213
(The  following are excerpts from a letter written by Mrs.  Bush-
nell to Mr.  Andrew B. Van Hooser dated July 9, 1981. It contains 
several references to early North Carolina Terry families and  is 
fitting  as  a  lead-in  to the  Richmond  County  information.-- 
Orange Co., NC, Will Bk.?, p.? --Will of Richard Leake
Dated: 7 Feb 1784                         Proven: May Court 1784
Wife: ?
1.  to daughter,  Elizabeth Terry,  wife James Terry--to have six 
negroes "Ralph",  "Easter",  "Jean", "Phillis", "Devy" during her 
lifetime and my will is that said negroes,  after the death of my 
said  daughter,  shall  be equally divided amongst  her  children 
which  she hath by James Terry,  but Richard Terry and John Terry 
excepted,  and she shall have the use of one negro "Dick"  during 
her  lifetime,  which  said negro shall descend to  my  grandson, 
Richard  Leake  Terry.  To grandson John Terry,  son of  daughter 
Elizabeth Terry,  to have a negro boy "Phil",  who is now in  the 
care of my daughter, Mary Moor.
2. to dau., Mary Moor
3. to gr-son, Richard Leake Moor and to John Moor
4. to dau., Jean Harley
5.  to  dau.,  Susannah  Campbell--200  acres of  land  named  in 
(Samuel)  Davis's patent and another 100 acres adjoining it and 5 
6. to gr. son, Walter Slaughter
7. etc.
(Ref. Kinfolks by William Harlee, p. 309-313)
(Ref.   Orange  Co.,   NC  Wills  (1753-1819),  Vol.2,p.70-71. 
Historical Commission, Raleigh, NC.)
Anson Co., NC, Deed Bk.3,p.64--22 Jan 1763
     Samuel Davis of Anson Co., NC, Planter, to George Terry for 
5 pounds Virginia money conveys 200 acres on north side of PeeDee 
River  at  the  mouth of Lake (Leake?)  Creek  (Thicketty  Creek) 
patented to Samuel Davis on24 Dec 1754
Wit: John Terry, James Terry, Elizabeth Terry
Page (54)
1763--Tax  List  of  Anson  Co.,   NC  (Ref:   p.297--"The  North 
Carolinian", Vol.3, No.2)
     William Terry--1 poll
     James Terry--  1 poll and negro "Ned"
     James Terry--  1 poll and negroes "Jim", "Sue", "Easter"
     John Terry--   1 poll
Anson Co., NC, Deed Bk.K, p.247--3 Apr 1773
     James Terry of Anson Co.  NC in consideration of a Judgement 
recovered at Salisbury (NC) for F 97 and the cost and for Charles 
Medlock  for  F 2:7:0 paid by Richard Leake,  I do  hereby  sell, 
deliver,  etc.  to said Richard Leake my five  negroes:  "Ralph", 
"Easter", "Rod", "Ben", "Jude".
Wit: Robert Webb, John Cole

     In  1770,  William Pickett was Sheriff of Anson Co.,  NC and 
James  Terry  was Deputy-Sheriff and they had  trouble  with  the 
people  while  executing the duties of their  office.  (They  had 
trouble with the Regulators). 
(Ref: p.307--"The North Carolina State Records", by Clark. Vol.8)
Anson Co., NC, Deed Bk. H#1, p.135--11 Mar 1778
     William Coleman and Patience,  his wife,  of Anson Co. NC to 
John Coleman of Anson Co., NC conveys 200 acres on the north side 
of  PeeDee River beginning at "Bear Island",  near the upper  end 
thereof,  granted  to  John Clark on 20 June 1740 and  deeded  to 
William Coleman on 30 May 1771.
Wit: James Terry, Hardy Hooker, Mary Vick
Anson Co., NC, Deed Bk. 4, p.320--14 May 1782
     Mrs.  Mourning Coleman of Anson Co.,  NC to Mrs. Mary Terry, 
widow,  of Anson Co.,  NC for F 50 conveys a negro boy "Sharper", 
aged  13  yrs.,  which said negro was given to me by  my  father, 
William  Terry,  dec'd and all the rest of my part of the goods & 
chattels in the hands of my father's executors.
Wit: John Everett, Benjamin Ingram
Anson Co., NC, Deed Bk.H, p.235--20 Apr 1786
     Covington Cox of Anson Co.,  NC to James Terry of Anson Co., 
NC  for  F 50 conveys 130 acres on the southwest side  of  PeeDee 
River on Jones Creek,  it being land granted Wm. Hollisfield on 3 
Sept 1779
Wit: John Smith, Hugh Ross
Anson Co. NC, Deed Bk.H, p.236--26 Apr 1787
     James  Terry  of Anson Co.,  NC to John Phillips  for  F  50 
conveys  130  acres on the southwest side of the PeeDee River  on 
Jones  Creek,  it  being  a part of a tract of  land  granted  Wm 
Hollisfield on3 Sept 1779.
Wit: Joseph Ingram, Andrew Ross
Page (55)
Anson Co., NC, Deed Bk.H, p.236--4 Mar 1786
     William Hunter of Richmond Co.,  NC to Hardy Hooker of Anson 
Co.,  NC  conveys land on the southwest side of the PeeDee  River 
adjoining James Morgan above Joseph White's survey.
Wit: James Terry, William Williams
     On 20 May 1746, Margaret Terry, Administratrix of the Estate 
of James Terry dec'd exhibited an inventory of the estate and was 
granted leave to sell the estate.  (Ref.: p.5, Abstracts of Court 
Minutes of Edgecombe County.,  NC 1744-1746, 1757-1794, by Marvin 
K. Dorman)
Halifax Co., NC, Deed Bk.5, p.483--19 May 1746
     James Terry of Edgecombe Co.,  NC to William Terry of  Edge-
combe  Co.,  NC  for 10 shillings conveys 100 acres in  Edgecombe 
County on the  north side of the Tarr River,  beginning at a  red 
oak at Matthew Rayford's corner, thence along his line N 88 poles 
to  a pin in said Rayford's line,  thence S 2 W 1 pole to a maple 
in Mc Coultrie's line on Corn Branch,  thence down the branch  to 
William  Cotten's line to a branch on Beach Swamp,  thence  along 
the swamp to the first station,  it being a tract of land granted 
to James Terry by patent bearing date 25 Sept 1741.
Recorded: May Court 1746               James Terry (Seal)
Halifax Co., NC, Deed Bk.4, p.38--6 Sept 1750
     William  Terry of Edgecombe Co.,  NC to John Morris for F 20 
conveys 100 acres on the north side of Tarr River, beginning at a 
red  oak at Matthew Rayford's corner tree,  etc.  (same as  above 
description) as appears by patent bearing date of 25 Sept 1741, a 
lawful  inheritance in fee simple,  in witness whereof  the  said 
William Terry and his mother,  Margaret Terry,  have hereunto set 
their  hands  jointly in testimony that the said  Margaret  Terry 
relinquishes her dower rights and power of thirds in said land.
Wit: Peter Crocker, Thomas (X) Howell       William Terry
Recorded:  May Court 1751                   Margaret Terry,  his 
Anson Co., NC, Deed Bk.C-1, p.332--24 Aug 1750
     Samuel Wilkins of Anson Co.,  NC,  Planter, to William Terry 
of Anson Co.,  NC for F 20 conveys 300 acres on the south side of 
PeeDee  River  at  the mouth of Savannah  Creek,  it  being  land 
granted to Joseph White on 22 Nov 1746.
Wit: Richard Downs, Richard Yarbrough, John Freeman
Anson Co., NC, Deed Bk.B-1, p.226--20 Jan 1751
     Jacob  Paul of Anson Co.,  NC,  Planter,  to James Terry  of 
Anson Co.,  NC,  Planter, for F 30 conveys 300 acres on the north 
side of PeeDee River above Hitchcock Creek,  it being a tract  of 
land  granted Jacob Paul in 1748,  beginning at a red oak in the 
bank of said river, etc.
Wit: William Terry, Henry Bedingfield
Anson Co., NC, Deed Bk.5, p.318--1758
     William  Terry of Anson Co.,  NC for love & affection to  my 
well beloved and dutiful son, James Terry, conveys 300 acres on
Page (56)
the  south  side  of the PeeDee River at the  mouth  of  Savannah 
Creek, it being land granted to Joseph White on 22 Nov 1746.
Wit: Nicholas Bond, James Alley, James Culcaster
Anson Co., NC, Will Bk.1, p.37--Will of William Terry
Dated: 6 Sept 1775                  Proven: December 1782
Wife: Mary (Rayford)
1. dau., Martha Pickett--one negro "Tom"
2. son, James Terry--all my lands and my negro man "Bob"
3. dau., Mourning Coleman--one negro boy "Sharper"
4. dau., Margaret Smith--one negro girl "Jude"
5.  to  Elizabeth  Hellams--one  cow & calf,  one feather  bed  & 
Wit: John Coleman, William Roberts
                             * * * *
                         by Ralph Terry
     The  story of the Terry family of Comanche County and DeLeon 
should  begin with Tod Robinson Terry born in 1811 in Anson Coun-
ty,  North Carolina. He married Mary Eliza Hill on 2 July 1837 in 
Madison Parish,  Louisiana.  Their first child,  John  Williamson 
Terry,  was born there 6 February 1840.  The family moved back to 
Alabama (as Tod's father, Eli, had owned large amounts of land in 
Autauga County before 1843).  The second child, William Cornelius 
"Bruce"  Terry,  was born there 17 April 1843.  The third  child, 
James  Tod Terry was born in Alabama 8 September 1844.  The  last 
child,  Mary  Eliza  Terry was born in Alabama 1  May  1846.  Tod 
Robinson  joined  the military service to fight in the  war  with 
Mexico.  He died from sickness near Mobile,  Alabama 14  December 
1847 as his company was enroute to embark to Mexico. His wife and 
four  children moved to Rusk County,  Texas in 1859 with a number 
of her Terry in-laws.  Each of Tod Robinson's sons served in  the 
Civil  War  with  the Confederacy.  All four children  and  their 
families moved to Comanche County (after having gone to  Missouri 
for a year or two) in the early 1870s.
     John  Williamson married Rebecca Alice Nelson in Rusk County 
in 1865.  They had a large family of 14 children,  12 growing  to 
adulthood.  They are: George Washington Terry, Mary Terry, Andrew 
Jackson Terry,  James Todd Terry, John Williamson Terry Jr., Burl 
Nelson Terry, Ernest Bruce Terry, Oscar Hill Terry, Rebecca Alice 
Terry, Lillie Mae Terry, Grace Lee Terry and Florence Terry. John 
Williamson Terry died in 1902 and is buried at DeLeon.

     James  Todd  Terry also had a large family of  11  children: 
Sarah E. Terry, William Cornelius Terry, John M. Terry, Mary Edna 
Terry,  James  Pickett Terry,  Florence Terry,  Maggie C.  Terry, 
Katie Leona Terry, Pearl E. Terry, Clara M. Terry, and Robert Lee 
Terry. James Terry died in 1910 and is buried at DeLeon.

    William Cornelius "Bruce" Terry had no children...one  adop-
ted. Bruce Terry died in 1924 and is buried at DeLeon.
     Quite  a  few  of the descendents still live in  the  DeLeon 
area.  Reunions were held every few years until the 1950s.  There 
had not been a reunion for several years but reunions were held
Page (57)
in 1981 and 1982 and one is planned for the summer of 1983 and is 
usually held at Promontory Park at Lake Proctor. For information, 
contact Ralph Terry, Box 958, Coleman Texas.
                            * * * * *
                 by Ralph Terry of Coleman Texas
     Our  oldest proven ancestor was James Terry -- born  between 
1680  and 1689,  in either King William or King and Queen County, 
Virginia. One historian calls him Captain James Terry. He died in 
Edgecombe County,  North Carolina in 1746.  His wife was Margaret. 
His only known son was William Terry.
     William  Terry...was born about 1715 in King William or King 
and Queen County,  Virginia. They later moved to Caroline County, 
Virginia.  It  is possible,  however,  that they did not move  to 
Caroline County,  as it was originally part of these other  coun-
ties and was not set up as a separate county until 1727.  William 
Terry moved to North Carolina with his family in about 1740. They 
owned  land  in what was Halifax and  Edgecombe  Counties,  North 
Carolina. William's father deeded him land which bordered on that 
of  Mathew  Raiford.  William Terry married  his  daughter,  Mary 
Raiford,  about  1745.  He  served as an early Justice  of  Anson 
County,  North  Carolina  (1755-1756)  and was a Captain  in  the 
militia (1758-61),  commanding a company of rangers in the Chero-
kee Campaign of 1760.  He did not fight in the Revolutionary War, 
but was recognized for his material aid...this service is  recog-
nized by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).  He died 
about 1780,  and his wife died about 1790. His known children are 
l) James Terry,  2) Martha Terry, 3) Mourning Terry and 4) Marga-
ret Terry.

     James Terry...was born 19 November 1746 in Edgecombe County, 
North Carolina. He was Married in Anson County, North Carolina to 
Anne Robards,  24 May 1771, having moved with his family to Anson 
County  about 1750 and his father willing his farm or  plantation 
to  him at age 13.  He moved to Richmond County,  North  Carolina 
about 1790, buying lots 26 and 27 when the town of Rockingham was 
laid  out.  His wife died in 180l.  James Terry died in  Richmond 
County,  North Carolina 27 May 1816. Their known children are: 1) 
Eli Terry, 2) William Terry, 3) Martha Ann Terry.
     Eli Terry was born about 1772 in Anson County, North Caroli-
na.  He moved with his family to Richmond County,  North Carolina 
about  1790.  He married Mary Ann "Polly" Pickett who was related 
to  him through the Raiford line,  17 December 1799  in  Richmond 
County,  North  Carolina.  In 1818 he moved from here to  Autauga 
County,  Alabama,  with his brother-in-law,  Tod Robinson and his 
cousin,  William  Raiford Pickett and their families.  Due to the 
War of 1812,  a large number of soldiers had seen these lands and 
returned to settle here after the war.  Alabama was made a state  
in 1819. Eli Terry owned land, slaves, was state solicitor, and a 
local  preacher in the Methodist Church...He was instrumental  in 
dividing  the Methodist Church in Alabama in the late  1820s.  He 
died in 1836 and is buried near Autaugaville.   His wife,  Polly, 
died sometime after 1860 in Rusk County, Texas, having migrated
Page (58)
there about 1859 with several of her children and their families. 
Known  children  of Eli and Polly Terry  are:  1)  James  Pickett 
Terry, 2) Eli Terry, 3) Sarah Terry, 4) William Robards Terry, 5) 
Tod  Robinson  Terry,  6) John Kinbrough Terry,  7)  Walter  Leak 
Terry,  8) Eli Albert Terry, 9) Mary C. Terry, 10) Ann Terry, 11) 
Appia C. Terry,  and three unnamed infants. 

     Tod  Robinson  Terry...was born about 1811 in Anson  County, 
North Carolina. He came with his family to Autauga County, Alaba-
ma in 1818.  For a reason I have not yet established,  he married 
in Concordia Parish Louisiana on 2 July 1837 to Mary Eliza  Hill. 
Their  first child,  John Williamson Terry,  was born in  Madison 
Parish, Louisiana 6 February 1840. I do not believe that they had 
moved as Madison Parish was created out of Concordia in 1838. The 
family  moved  back  to Alabama before 1843,  as the  second  son 
William Cornelius "Bruce" Terry was born there 17 April 1843. The 
third  child,  James Terry (as he was later known by his  descen-
dents;  all  the  early census records list him as  Tod  Robinson 
Terry) was born in Alabama 8 September 1844. The last child, Mary 
Eliza  Terry was born in Alabama 1 May 1846.  Tod Robinson  Terry 
then joined the military service to fight in the war with Mexico. 
He  died from sickness near Mobile,  Alabama 14 December 1847  as 
his company was enroute to embark for Mexico.  His wife and  four 
children moved to Rusk County, Texas in 1859 with a number of her 
in-laws.  Each  of Tod Robinson Terry's sons served in the  Civil 
War  with the Confederacy.  All four children and their  families 
moved  to Comanche County,  Texas (either as a group or separate-
ly,I am not sure) in the early 1870s.  All homesteaded land  that 
adjoined,  being located north of the Sabana River, just south of 
DeLeon. With the exception of Bruce Terry, all married and raised 
large  families.  John  Williamson died in 1902,  Bruce in  1924, 
James in 1910,  and Mary Eliza (Chambers) in 1907. All are buried 
at the DeLeon Cemetery.  Many of their descendants still live  in 
this area, as well as many others who have scattered to all parts 
of the United States.
     Note:  For more detailed info on these Terry Families or the 
Terry Newsletter, contact Ralph.
                            * * * * *
                       by Michael Pafford 
            Route 3, Box 3165 A, Blackshear, GA 31516
     The  subject will require separation since there appears  to 
be  more  than one family or perhaps numerous connections of  the 
same  family.  Little of what is known has  proven  substantiated 
fact at this point to back it up.
     WILLIAM TERRY:  A lack of established dates makes it hard to 
say  just  when  he lived.  He was English settling  in  Richmond 
County  prior to 1790 where he married Sarah Childs Leake  (1784-
1852),  daughter  of  Walter Leake and  Hannah  Pickett,  pioneer 
settlers of Anson and Richmond Counties.  William Terry was gran-
ted  a  land  grant of 200 acres of land on  Hitchcock  Creek  in 
Anson, present Richmond County. This grant was registered in the
Page (59)
Governor's  office  in  New Bern on 31 Dec  1770  containing  the 
original  signature  of Governor Tyron and the wax  seal  of  the 
Crown  of England.  This document and an old family Bible are  in 
possession of descendants today.

     This  William Terry had a son,  Samuel Terry (1800-1875) who 
held public office at one time and who married Ann Eliza Crawford 
(1813-1882) daughter of Col.  Thomas Crawford and Rebecca Coving-
ton.  While  descendents  who have done some  research  say  that 
Samuel  Terry had no brothers or sisters they know of,  the  1790 
census  of Richmond County shows that William Terry in that  year 
(1790)  had 2 males over the age of 16 and 1 male under  16.  The 
author at this point has not surveyed the 1800 census for compar-

     A  cousin  of  mine who has Terry in both his  paternal  and 
maternal ancestry tells me that he does not believe his two Terry 
families to be related. A Terry by birth, this cousin and I share 
the  same lineage on his paternal side,  his mother was a  grand-
daughter of the above Samuel Terry (1800-1875).
     Samuel  Terry and Eliza Crawford Terry had the  following  6 
children:  1) Caroline Terry 1843-1911 never married; 2)Elizabeth 
Jane  Terry 1845-1872 m.  John W.  Bennett;  3) William C.  Terry 
1846-1870 never married;  4)  Rachel Clark Terry 1849-1912  never 
married;  5)  Martha H.  Terry 1849-1917 never married; 6) Joanna 
Terry 1851-1916 m.  Robert LeRoy Phillips. Members of this family 
are buried in the  Samuel Terry Cemetery in Richmond County.

     JAMES  TERRY,  SR.   The  above discussion of William  Terry 
mentions the existence of a Terry Bible in possession of  descen-
dents  of Samuel Terry which appears to date back at least to the 
early  1800s.  The  Bible which is known by  descendents  as  the 
Crawford-Terry  Bible  would  indicate a stronger  connection  to 
Samuel Terry than to his father. 

     James Terry, Sr. bought land in 1789 in Rockingham when that 
town was laid out. He served one term as a state senator in 1792-
1793.  He is also one of 2 overseers along with Eli Terry to keep 
Hitchcock  Creek clear.  The old William Terry homeplace  was  on 
Hitchcock Creek near Terry Bridge -- Hitchcock Creek is mentioned 
prominently in connection with all Terrys of Richmond County. 

     Richmond  Terry and Jane Terry (1774-1852) were both  living 
in  the home of Samuel Terry (1800-1875) when the 1850 census  of 
Richmond County was taken.  The daughter, Nancy Terry (1806-1854) 
was  shown  as head of household with 5  apparently  illegitimate 
children. For these people to be recorded in Samuel Terry's Bible 
and  to  have lived with him in their last years at  least  would 
indicate a close relationship.

     JOHN C.  TERRY:   John C. Terry, my great-great grandfather, 
was born in Richmond County on June 16,  1830,  a son of John and 
Nancy  Terry.  He married Frances "Fannie" Gibson,  a daughter of 
John K.  Gibson and Elizabeth Watson. Fannie was born in Richmond 
County on January 20,  1837 and died there on February 28,  1925. 
John C. Terry had preceded her in death on May 30, 1891 and was a 
mason.  They  are buried in the cemetery at Green Lake  Methodist 
Church in Richmond County.  They had the following  children:  1) 
Elizabeth  Terry 1861-1948 m.  Joseph Gibson 8 Jan 1880 (my great 
grandparents);  2) Ella Terry 1864-1940 m. Thomas Joshua Fletcher 
21 Feb 1883; 3) Lillie Terry 1866-??   m. Starling F. Gibson 22
Page (60)
Jan 1888;  4) Lawrence Thomas Terry 1867-1951 m. Martha Ann Welch 
28  Feb  1905;  5) George Grafton Terry  1870-1940  m.  Elizabeth 
Bennett 4 Jun 1891.

     John  C.  and Fannie Terry also had 2 infant  daughters  who 
died  at birth.  My g-g-g grandfather,  John Terry and his  wife, 
Nancy were both born in 1790, probably in Richmond County and had 
only one other child known to the author, a son named James Terry 
born 1833 and married Lydia ??.

     OTHER  TERRY'S:   The  1790 Richmond Census  shows:  Matthew 
Terry with 1 male over 16 and 3 under 16;  William Terry as  dis-
cussed above,  James Terry with 2 males under 16 and 2 males over 
16, James Terry (Jr.?) with 1 male under 16. For this discussion, 
only  those Terrys on the 1850 Richmond Census born prior to 1810 
will be covered. 

     1) Jane Terry b.  1773 -- apparent widow of James Terry, Sr. 
living in household of Samuel Terry.  2) Joanna Terry b.  1776 -- 
living in home of Eli Terry,  born 1799.  This Eli Terry was pro-
bably a son;  she likely to be the widow of Eli  Terry,  Sr.  Eli 
Terry  was  named on 19 Apr 1801 as one of Magistrates of  County 
Court  of  Pleas and Quarter Sessions.  He was also  one  of  two 
overseers  named with James Terry,  Sr.  to keep Hitchcock  Creek 
clear and is named with James Terry Sr. in both above references. 
In  1805,  he was named one of 3 commissioners to let repairs  on 
the courthouse.

     3)  John Terry b.  1790 my g-g-g grandfather -- probably the 
son  of  one of the Terrys in the 1790 census  married  Nancy  b. 

     4)  John Terry b.  1796 -- likely cousin to above John Terry 
m. Julia b. 1807.

     5) Eli Terry b.  1799 believed to be a Jr.  -- widower  with 
children in 1850.

     6)  James  Terry b.  1799 -- likely brother to one of  above 
John Terrys, cousin to the other, married Jane b. 1809.

     7) Champ Terry b. 1801/03 -- no speculation. He married Ruth 
Gibson b. 1810, daughter of Nelson Gibson, Jr. and Rutha Dawkins.

     8)  Samuel Terry b.  1800 -- son of William Terry and  Sarah 
Childs Leake,  married Ann Eliza Crawford b.  1813 and a daughter 
of Col. Thomas Crawford and Rebecca Covington. A possible connec-
tion  to  Eli and Joanna Terry exists in that  Samuel  named  his 
youngest  daughter  Joanna,  probably after above Joanna who  was 
alive when Samuel Terry's daughter was born and lived on into her 

     9) Stephen Terry b.  1802 -- likely brother/cousin to  above 
Terrys, married Sarah b. 1818.

     10)  Nancy  Terry b.  1806 -- daughter of James  Terry,  Sr. 
apparently never married with 5 illegitimate children.

     11)  Richmond Terry b.  1810 --never married,  son of  James 
Terry Sr. and he lived in home of Samuel Terry.
     CONCLUSION:   A close bond likely exists between the  Terrys 
of Richmond County,  North Carolina,  one of blood,  marriage and 
Page (61)
1) 1750 and 1850 Census,  Richmond Co.,NC; 2)"History of Richmond 
County,  NC" by Hunnicutt;  3)Crawford-Terry Family Bible; 4)Per-
sonal  correspondence  with John C.  Terry and Mary  E.  Phillips 
(Rockingham,  NC);  5)"Genealogical Record of Thomas Gibson  and 
Related Families" by Blanche Gibson Homer.
                            * * * * *
     Richmond  County cemeteries from courthouse records at Rock-
ingham in Richmond County NC by Mary R.  Olsen. Sent to editor by 
Jay Terry of Orem, Utah.
                Hamlet Cemetery in City of Hamlet
Mary J. Terry            17 Oct 1839-10 Jun 1912 born in New Port 
Walter J. Terry          27 Aug 1850- 4 Jul 1912 
Sally  J.  Terry         29 Dec 1862-13 Apr 1921 w.  of  W.  J. 
           Green Lake Church Cemetery in City of Hamlet
John C. Terry            16 Jun 1830-30 May 1891 "Mason"
Fannie A. Terry          20 Dec 1837-
John O. Terry             8 Sep 1845-15 Jul 1907
Sinah A. Terry           31 Aug 1851-29 Dec 1916
W. G. Terry              21 Jan 1849-28Nov 1915
Wm. Platt Terry                 1892-      1916
                Morrison-Terry Cemetery near GH 10
Elisha C. Terry          16 Jun 1843-17 Jul 1914
Emily Terry              28 Apr 1851-22 May 1882
Mary Elma Terry          27 Sep 1911-             w. of E. T. 
                Champ Terry Cemetery near Roberdel
Champ J. Terry         24 Jan 1866- 4 May 1926
Cora B. Terry          15 Feb 1872-22 Jun 1931 w. of C. J. Terry
Nelson G. Terry        12 Feb 1834-17 Apr 1901
Fannie Terry           18 Sep 1844-25 Sep 1907 w. of N. G. Terry
Harris G. Terry        29 Oct 1829-19 May 1882
Mary J. Terry          15 Nov 1844-10 Oct 1917 w. of H. G. Terry
Emma J. Terry          11 Apr 1872-19 Jan 1884 d. of H. G. & M. 
                       J. Terry  
Hattie A. Terry        16 Feb 1880-22 Nov 1888 d. of H. G. & M. 
                       J. Terry
Mary Alice Terry       16 Aug 1855- 8 Jan 1881
              Bear Branch Cemetery 5 mi. NE of Rham
James L. Terry            1 Mar 1800-20 Oct 1864
Page (62)
Jane  G.  Terry          19 Jan 1806- 9 Jan 1891 w.  of  J.  L. 
Frances  Terry           16 Mar 1866-31 Aug 1892  w.  of  G.  B. 
Elisha C. Terry          11 Oct 1834- 3 Nov 1911
Abigail  M.  D.  Terry    1 Oct 1837- 6 Apr 1891 w.  of E.  C. 
Emma J. Terry             6 Apr 1869-29 Aug 1888
Nora Terry                5 May 1884- 4 Aug 1906 d. of W. J. & S. 
                         G. Terry
  Old Bethel Church Grassy Is. Road near Ingrim Pl. Terry Bridge
Mary  Alice Terry        30 Mar 1853-11 Mar 1862 d.  of  J.B.  & 
                         Margaret Terry
                     Terry Cemetery Roberdel
Wm. A. Terry             19 Jun 1866-11 Jun 1868
Emma S. Terry            19 Jun 1866-
                   Old East Side Cemetery, Rham
Eddie B. Terry           20 Jan 1869-20 Jun 1919
Edgar B. J. Terry               1869-
Ida L.  Terry                   1857-31 Nov 1910 w.  of John  W. 
John C. Terry             1 Aug 1858-17 Dec 1909
                     South Hancock St., Rham
James B. Terry           21 Aug 1823- 7 Mar 1888
Margaret  Gay  Terry     19 Mar 1835- 7 Feb 1910 w.  of  J.  B. 
James Alford Terry        2 Jun 1866- 9 Jan 1904 s. of J. B. & M. 
                         G. Terry                 
Martin V. Terry           9 Nov 1828-   Nov 1871
Ralph S. Terry            5 Feb 1863-21 Apr 1870
David G. Terry           27 Apr 1822-24 Apr 1901
Harvey Terry              6 Nov 1833-14 Apr 1878
Sarah  B.  Terry         22 Sep 1833- 8 Aug 1902 w.  of  Harvey 
                            * * * * *
                   1790 Richmond Co. NC Census
Matthew Terry            1 male over 16; 1 male under 16; 
                         2 females
William Terry            2 males over 16; 1 male under 16; 
                         1 female; 5 slaves
James Terry Sr.          1 male over 16; 1 female
Page (63)
James Terry              2 males over 16;  2 males under 16; 
                         3 females 7 slaves
                   1800 Richmond Co. NC Census
Eli Terry                1 male 26 to 45; 1 female 16 to 26; 
                         7 slaves
James Terry Sr.........  2 males under 10; 1 male 26 to 45; 
                         1 female 26 to 45; 3 slaves
James Terry Jr.........  4 males under 10; 1 male 26 to 45; 
                         1 female 16 to 26
Matthew Terry .........  2 males 26 to 45; 1 male over 45; 
                         2 females 16 to 26; 1 female over 
                         45;1 slave
Abby Terry.............  1 male 26 to 45; 1 female under 10
William Terry Jr.......  2 males under 10; 1 male 26 to 45; 
                         2 females under 10; 1 female 16 to 26;
                         1 slave
William Terry Sr.......  1 male over 45; 1 female over 45
                   1810 Richmond Co. NC Census
Matthew Terry..........  1 male under 10; 1 male 16 to 26; 
                         1 male over  45;  1 female 16 to 26;  
                         1  female over 45
William  Terry.......... 3 males under 10;  1 male 10 to 16;  
                         1 male  26 to 45;  3 females under 10;
                         2 females 10 to 16; 1 female 26 to 45
James Terry............. 4 males under 10; 1 male 10 to 16; 
                         1 male 16 to 26; 1 male 26 to 45; 
                         2 females under 10; 1 female 26 to 45
William Terry........... 2 males under 10; 1 male 26 to 45; 
                         2 females under 10; 1 female 10 to 16;
                         1 female 26 to 45
Eli Terry............... 4 males under 10; 1 male 26 to 45; 
                         2 females 16 to 26
Champness Terry......... 5 males under 10; 1 male 26 to 45; 
                         2 females under 10; 1 female 10 to 16;
                         1 female 26 to 45
Page (64)
                   1820 Richmond Co. NC Census
John Terry.............. 2 males under 10; 1 male 26 to 45; 
                         3 females under 10; 1 female 10 to 16;
                         1 female 26 to 45
Matthew Terry........... 1 male under 10; 1 male over 45; 
                         1 female over 45
Matthew B. Terry........ 2 males under 10; 1 male 26 to 45; 
                         1 female 26 to 45
William Terry........... 1 male under 10; 1 male 16 to 18; 
                         3 males 18 to 26; 1 male over 45;
                         4 females under 10; 1 female 10 to 16; 
                         2 females 16 to 18; 1 female 18 to 26
James Terry............. 3 males under 10; 2 males 10 to 16; 
                         3 males 26 to 45; 1 female under 10;
                         1 female 10 to 16; 1 female over 45
William Terry........... 1 male 10 to 16; 1 male 18 to 26; 
                         2 males 26 to 45; no females
Eli Terry............... 3 males under 10; 1 male 10 to 16; 
                         1 male 16 to 18; 3 males 18 to 26;
                         2 females 10 to 16; 2 females 16 to 18;
                         1 female 26 to 45
     1830 Richmond Co. NC Index   1840 Richmond Co. NC Index
     Calvin Terry                  .    Champ Terry of James
     Champ Terry                   .    Eli Terry
     Eli Terry                     .    Holden W. Terry
     James Terry                   .    James L. Terry
     James Terry Sr.               .    Joanna Terry, Mrs.
     John Terry                    .    John Terry
     Johnannah Terry               .    John W. Terry
     Matthew B. Terry              .    Margery Terry, Mrs.
     Stephen Terry                 .    Mary Terry, Mrs.
     Washington Terry              .    Samuel Terry
     William Terry Jr.             .    Stephen Terry
     William R. Terry              .    Temple C. Terry
     William Terry Sr.             .    Walter L. Terry
                                   .    William R. Terry
                   1850 Richmond Co. NC Census
        James Terry.................  32 yrs.....b. 1818
        Nancy Terry.................  23 yrs.....b. 1827
        Eli Terry...................  51 yrs.....b. 1799
        Joanna Terry................  74 yrs.....b. 1776
        Joanna Terry................  11 yrs.....b. 1839
        Addison Terry...............   4 yrs.....b. 1846
        Champ Terry.................  24 yrs.....b. 1826
        Adison Terry................  26 yrs.....b. 1824
Page (65)
        Stephen Terry...............  48 yrs.....b. 1802
        Sarah Terry.................  32 yrs.....b. 1818
        Martin  Terry...............  21 yrs.....b. 1829 
        (married Mary A. Shortridge) 
        Wm. Terry...................  17 yrs.....b. 1833
        Stephen Terry...............  11 yrs.....b. 1839
        Sarah Terry.................   9 yrs.....b. 1841
        Mary Terry..................   7 yrs.....b. 1843
        Herrod Terry................   4 yrs.....b. 1846
        Franklin Terry..............   1 yr......b. 1849
        Champ Terry.................  29 yrs.....b. 1821
        Eliza Terry.................  28 yrs.....b. 1822
        Thomas Terry................   6 yrs.....b. 1844
        Nancy Terry.................   3 yrs.....b. 1847
        Mary Terry..................   1 yr......b. 1849
        Champ Terry.................  47 yrs.....b. 1803
        Rachel Terry................  40 yrs.....b. 1810
        (dau of Nelson Gibson and Rutha Dawkins, m.p.)
        Harrison Terry..............  20 yrs.....b. 1830
        Nelson Terry................  17 yrs.....b. 1833
        Thomas Terry................  11 yrs.....b. 1839
        Richmond Terry..............   8 yrs.....b. 1842
        Champ Terry.................   7 yrs.....b. 1843
        John Terry..................   5 yrs.....b. 1845
        Rachel Terry................   3 yrs.....b. 1847
        Wm. Terry...................   1 yr......b. 1849
        Samuel Terry................  50 yrs.....b. 1800
        (Son of Wm. Terry and Sarah Childs Leake, m.p.)
        Eliza Terry.................  25 yrs.....b. 1825
        (Dau of Thomas Crawford and Rebecca Covington, m.p.)
        Caroline Terry..............   7 yrs.....b. 1843
        Elizabeth Terry.............   5 yrs.....b. 1845
        William Terry...............   3 yrs.....b. 1847
        Martha Terry................   1 yr......b. 1849
        Rachel Terry................   1 yr......b. 1849
        Richmond Terry..............  40 yrs.....b. 1810
        (Son of James Terry Sr., m.p.)
        Jane Terry..................  77 yrs.....b. 1773
        (Widow of James Terry Sr., m.p.)
        (Note by m. p.: Caroline, Wm., Martha, and Rachel
        never md.)
        James Terry.................  51 yrs.....b. 1799
        Jane Terry..................  41 yrs.....b. 1809
        Pleasant Terry..............  20 yrs.....b. 1830
        Elisha Terry................  16 yrs.....b. 1834 
        (Married Abigail McDonald, m.p.)
Page (66)
        Emeline Terry...............  14 yrs.....b. 1836
        (Married John Oliver McDonald, m.p.)
        James Terry.................  10 yrs.....b. 1840
        Sarah Terry.................   9 yrs.....b. 1841
        Nancy Terry.................  44 yrs.....b. 1806
        (Apparently never married, dau of James Terry Sr. 
        and w. Jane)                      
        Caroline Terry..............  21 yrs.....b. 1829
        Harvey Terry................  16 yrs.....b. 1834
        Nancy Terry.................  14 yrs.....b. 1836
        Julia Terry.................  11 yrs.....b. 1839
        William Terry...............   9 yrs.....b. 1841
        John Terry..................  54 yrs.....b. 1796
        Julia Terry.................  43 yrs.....b. 1807
        John Terry..................  19 yrs.....b. 1831
        Elizabeth Terry.............  17 yrs.....b. 1833
        Hampton Terry...............  14 yrs.....b. 1836
        Mathis Terry................  12 yrs.....b. 1838
        James Terry ................  10 yrs.....b. 1840
        Juliann Terry...............   8 yrs.....b. 1842
        Frances Terry...............   6 yrs.....b. 1844
        Melinda Terry...............   1 yr......b. 1849
        James Terry.................  28 yrs.....b. 1822
        Nancy Terry.................  22 yrs.....b. 1828
        John Terry..................  60 yrs.....b. 1790
        Nancy Terry.................  60 yrs.....b. 1790
        John Terry..................  20 yrs.....b. 1830
        (married Francis Gibson dau. of John K. Gibson, m.p.)
        James Terry.................  17 yrs.....b. 1833
                    Marriages Richmond Co. NC
     Note  by  the editor:  It should be mentioned that  in  most 
cases  early marriages in NC reported are more than likely  bonds 
of  intent.  One had to get a witness and bondsman to post  bond. 
Often  the  witnesses and bondsmen were relatives or  near  rela-
tives.  Mr.  Pafford  asked that I mention something about  this. 
Afterwards later counties issued licenses.
17 Dec 1799 Eli Terry           Polley Pickett 
     (John Clark; J. Macalister noted as witnesses or bondsmen)
24 aug 1790 James Terry Jr.     Jean Jarmigan
     (John James Jun; William Love, clk. noted as witnesses)
14 Jan 1783 Drusillar Terry     Benjamin Ingram
     (Samuel Ingram; William Love, clk.)
06 May 1818 Nansey R. Terry     Samuel Gibson
     (no bondsman; no witness)
05 Dec 1867  Benjamin Terry     Martha Jane McKenzie
06 Feb 1853  Eli Terry          Ann Lovin
01 Jan 1868  Elisha Champ Terry Emily Smith
Page (67)
11 Nov 1854  Harris G. Terry    Sarah Jane Covington
18 Sep 1867  Harry Terry        Jane Graves
22 Oct 1850  John C. Terry      Jane Smith
01 Nov 1860  Martin V. B. Esqr. Mary Jane Shortridge
04 Feb 1868  Samuel Terry       Frances Ann Curry
                            * * * * *
     Contents  of the Crawford-Terry Bible in possession of  Mrs. 
Mary  H.  Phillips,  Rockingham,  NC.  This Bible is mentioned in 
Michael Pafford's discussion of Richmond County Terry's.  It  was 
contributed by Mr. Pafford.
1)Wm. B. Cole and Jane, his wife, married 20 Jan 1831
2)Samuel Terry and Eliza, his wife married 28 Feb 1842
3)Ann Eliza Crawford born 20 Nov 1813
4)Caroline M. Crawford born 1822 died 1887
5)Martha Hunter Crawford born 26 Nov 1826
6) William Crawford Phillips and Mariann Mann were  married
        2 Jun 1909 
7)John W. Bennett and Eliza Jane Terry (dau of Samuel)                 
        married 12 Feb 1871
8)Mary Eliza Phillips & Thos. P. Wood married 22 Jun 1910.
9)Jane E. Crawford born 6 Dec 1815
10)Rachel Crawford born 3 Jul 1820 died Dec 1881
11)William Crawford Phillips, Jr. born 20 Jan 1912
12)Thomas Phillips Wood born 6 Dec 1911
13)Marquis Lawrence Wood born 16 Sep 1914
14)Thomas Phillips Wood and Elizabeth Teague married 18 Oct
15)Marquis Lawrence Wood and Ella Rose Lackey married 30 Dec
16)Thomas Phillip Wood, Jr. born Feb 1949
17)Caroline Terry born 31 Jan 1843 died 11 Dec 1911
18)Elizabeth Jane Terry born 26 Mar 1845
19)William C. Terry born 9 Nov 1846 died 10 Feb 1870
20)Martha C. Terry born 15 May 1849 died 23 Oct 1917
21)Rachel C. Terry born 15 May 1849 died 4 Dec 1912
22)Joanna Terry born 9 Dec 1851
23)Elizabeth Jane Bennett died 31 Oct 1872
24)Mary Eliza Phillips born 28 Apr 1883
25)William C. Phillips born 10 Aug 1885
26)Kate Phillips born 10 Aug 1885
27)Robert Leroy Phillips born 18 Jul 1893
28)Joanna Terry Phillips died 7 May 1916
29)James Terry, Sr. born 25 Dec 1769 d. 8 Aug 1820
30)Jane Terry born 12 Jan 1774 died 30 Jan 1852
31)James Terry born 6 Oct 1813 died 2 Jul 1820
32)Richmond Terry born 10 Apr 1810 died 15 Jun 1855
33) Nancy Terry born 28 Dec 1805 died 28 May 1854
     1,2,3,4,5,9 & 10 are daughters of Thomas Crawford and Rebec-
ca Covington. 
     2  and  3  are  same  person.  7 and  23  are  same  person.      
     7,17,18,19,20,21,  & 22 are children of #2.      22  (Joanna 
Terry married Robert LeRoy Phillip Sr.) 24,25,26,27 are children
Page (68)
of #22.
     25 and 6 are same. 8 and 24 are same. 7,18, and 23 are same. 
11 is son of 25. 8 and 24 are same. 12, 13 are sons of 8.
     12 and 14 are same. 16 is son of 14.  14 is same as 11. 26's
marriage is not recorded--she married Gordon Fletcher.
     27 married Mary Holland and it is his widow who has Bible.
     28 through 33 is a separate family,  believed to be uncle of 
     The first entry was recorded in 1826 and the last in 1949  a 
span of 123 years!
                            * * * * *
                         By Donald Grant
     Ref:  The  Globe  and Mail,  Thursday,  November  28,  1974. 
Submitted by Selby Bryant Stratton.  (This is a  Toronto,  Canada 
     Nearly  discarded as a piece of junk six years ago,  a  rare 
piece  of embroidery,  owned jointly by two Clinton Street  fami-
lies, has been dated back to the American Revolution.
     Al  Dickinson  said yesterday a purchase slip has enabled  a 
genealogist to connect the well-preserved piece of early American 
art to the Lee, Davis, Terry and Strathy families, early settlers 
of Upper Canada and York, at least 175 years ago.

     Mr.  Dickinson said Mrs.  Olive Meredith found the  multico-
lored  embroidery  in  a book while they were  cleaning  out  her 
parents' belongings in a Tilbury house in 1968.

     "Sis (Mrs. Meridith) found it in a book, covered with papers 
for protection--it almost got thrown out,"said Mr. Dickson.

     "I  knew it was something special--...and we researched  the 
work  for  two years." The bill of sale,  written in  quill  pen, 
carries the names Mr. Anstey and Strathy of Toronto, Canada.

     On  the back,  in print by an early typewriter,  is a  brief 
history of the work,  noting that an "old lady in 1700 during the 
Colonial War" did the embroidery "after the Boston Tea Party."

     The  woman  and her family came to Canada as  United  Empire 
Loyalists, the story says but she gave the work to a daughter who 
stayed  in  the United States.  It was later sold to  an  antique 
dealer named Flatte or Flatou, and bought by the family in 1880."

     "We had to find out whose family," Mr. Dickinson said.

     The  embroidery,  showing a stage coach in front of  Windsor 
Castle,  followed by a troop of soldiers, and in the foreground a 
man  waving under a tree and a woman riding a horse  side-saddle, 
with  a soldier and groom,  had unusual tree shadows which seemed 
to spell either 1773 or Lee.

     "The search worked out to Lee," Mr. Dickinson said.

     A well-known Willowdale retired high school teacher and  his 
wife,  who  wish to remain anonymous traced the names Strathy and 
Anstey to a Dr.  Ebnezer Lee of Hartford,  Conn. who with his son 
came to Canada in 1796.

     The family tree then went to Dr. William Hooker Lee, who
Page (69)
married Phoebe Davis,  to Dr.  Hiram Davis Lee,  who married Anna 
Terry,  who had two children,  Elvira,  who married J. B. Strathy 
and Louisa who married Herbert Anstey.

     Anne  Terry was the daughter of Parshall Terry,  one of  150 
settlers  who  had a track of land in York just east of  the  Don 
River.  He was one of the first parliamentarians in Upper  Canada 
in 1793, said Mr. Dickinson.

     The  Embroidery has been authenticated by Mrs.  Betty Brett, 
associate curator of textiles at the Royal Ontario  Museum,  said 
Mr. Dickinson.

     "It's  unique," said Mr Dickinson.  "It's really fine needle 
work,  not the fish hook type needles, but the finer needles that 
only the upper crust had in those days. Then it's silk on linen."

     A  Victoria and Albert Museum official  in  London,  England 
said  the embroidered pictures were worked in silks or wools on a 
silk ground around 1780 to 1820.

     "By  this time the silk grounds have decayed...but yours  is 
in a fine state of preservation," wrote the museum official.

     Mrs. Meredith and Mr. Dickinson are not sure what they'll do 
with their artwork, but they're taking precautions to preserve it 
in an aluminum casing.
                      THE PLUM ISLAND DEED
                 Southold, The 22nd of May, 1666
     Sent to the Editor by Selby Bryant Stratton.  Ref:  The  New 
York  Genealogical  and Biographical Record - The  Southold  Town 
Records.  Plum  Island Deed I 160 F 218 F,  Southold,  22nd  May, 
     "We  whose names are under doe by these prest sell and  make 
over  all our rights and shares of PLUME ISLAND,  and our  shares 
and rights of all the meadows lying and being at the Wading Creek 
called by the Indians, PAUQUACONSUCK, unto John Youngs, his heirs 
and  assigns  forever to have and to hould the said  Island   and 
meadowe  with all their appertnances,  against us and our  heires 
forever  for valuable consideration already received,  the receit 
whereof we doe owne by these present wrighting.  With the  number 
of  rights acquired  by John Youngs from each,  in two columns as 
they  apper in the Town Records:  by these prest sell  and   make 
over  all  our  rights and shares of PLUME ISLAND,  and  all  our 
shares  and rights of all the meadowe lying and being  at  Wading 
creek called by the Indians, PAUQUACONSUCK, unto John Youngs, his 
heirs  and  assigns forever to have to hould the said Island  and 
meadowe  with all their appertnances,  against us and our  heires 
forever for valuable consideration already received,  the  receit 
whereof we doe owne by these present wrighting."

     This  1666  deed signed by twenty one  persons...Two  months 
earlier,  on March 19,  1665-66,  it was agreed at a town meeting 
"that  every man shall have a share in Plum Island and the Wading 
Creek  meadow according to every man's particular payment of  the 
Confirmation  of our lands -- is to the Confirmation Deed  signed 
by  43  Indians  on December 1665,  1:249-51  which  granted  and 
confirmed to Captain John Youngs, Barnabas Horton and Thomas
Page (70)
Mapes,  for  and in behalf of the inhabitants of Southold  as  it 
then  existed,  including  Plum Island and Wading Creek  meadowe.          
Below  is a list of the signers,  with the number of  rights  ac-
quired by John Youngs from each, in two columns as they appear in 
the Town Records:
                        PLUM ISLAND DEED
                         Caleb (x his mark) Horton - 1
                         Barnabas Horton - only sold Plum Island
                         John Conkline Jr. - only sold Plum
                         Joshua Horton - 3
                         Benjamin Horton - 2
                         John Booth - 2
                         Samuel Glover - 2
                         John Curwin - 3
                         Widow (x) Hutchson - 1
                         John Budd - 4
                         Abigail (x) Terry - 2
                         Mary Mapes - 6
                         Thomas Moor - 4
                         John Youngs - 4 3/4      
                         John Youngs mariner - 4
                         Barnabas Wines - 3
                         Richard W. Benjamin - 2
                         William Purrier - 4
                         Mary (x) Reeve - 2
                         Jeremiah (x) Vail
                         Thomas Terry - 2
                         John Swazey - 4
                         Robert (x) Smyth - 1
                         Thomas Mapes - 3
                         Samuel King - 2
                         Joseph Youngs - 1 1/2
                         John Elton - 3
                         Christopher Youngs - 2
                         William (x) Hallock - 4
                         Thomas Moor Jun. - 2
                         Margaret (x) Cooper - 5
                         Gideon Youngs - 2
                         Joseph Youngs - 2
                         Robert Tustene - 2
                     3913 Watson Place, N.W. 
                     Washington, D. C. 20016
     Sometime  after the publication of Alex Haley's book  ROOTS, 
my  grandson,  Chris  Flagg,  had a school assignment to draw  up 
family trees.  He phoned to ask that I help -- which I was  happy 
to  do.  At the same time,  his grandfather put together what  he 
knew of his families -- STRATTONS and SYMINGTONS.
Page (71)
I  remembered  that I had a few typewritten pages  on  TERRY 
genealogy which my maternal grand-mother,  Lucy Terry Lombard had 
written  in 1924.  This was given to her by Hilinda Terry Besley, 
sister of her father,  Constant Terry when she visited  relatives 
in  New York in 1890.  I found the paper,  copied it,  added what 
else I could recall and sent it off to Chris. 

     After  reading  my grandmother's paper,  I realized  I  knew 
little  or nothing of our ancestors - was curious and  interested 
so  decided  to  do as complete a genealogy as I  could  for  our 
children  and  grandchildren and other members of the  family  -- 
this is it!

     First,  I wrote to the few living relatives on both sides of 
my  family and both sides of the Stratton family.  All  responded 
and helped as much as they were able.  Didn't get too much.  Next 
wrote to City,  County, and State Historians and Historical Soci-
eties-- after  a  number of months had quite an  accumulation  of 
copies of paper from these assorted sources that documented names, 
places,  dates of births, marriages and deaths, wills, deeds, and 
other data.  Tried for a long time to sort out the data to estab-
lish the bloodline of "our" TERRY family.

     There were many gaps - had to start writing to more and more 
sources for added information.

     There  follows copy of some lines from the paper written  by 
Lucy Terry Lombard in 1924, Eagle Pass, Texas.

     "Genealogical  tree of TERRY family line as far as given  me 
by Hilinda Terry Besley in Palmyra,  New York, recorded 23 of May 

     "Barnabas  Horton  and Richard Terry,  two of  the  thirteen 
original proprietor of Southold, Long Island 1640 A.D."

     "Parshall  Terry - Born to Richard Terry sons among whom was 
Parshall the third or fourth child (Note:  found in my search  he 
was fifth generation). He was one of the first forty to enter the 
Valley of Wyoming -- settled at Kingston, PA with his family. All 
were  in the famed Forty Fort at time of the battle and massacre, 
July  2,  1778.  This same Parshall Terry's sons  and  daughters: 
Ephraim;  Parshall; Jonathon; Joshua; Nathaniel; (Note: He proved 
to  be the father of Constant Terry,  in turn the father of  Lucy 
Anna Selby Terry) Deborah; Deliverance; Lydia; Mitta."

     "Constant  Terry  married Maria Hannah Selby Moore in  1845. 
Father  and  Mother of L.A.S.T.  (Lucy Anna Selby  Terry)  Father 
often called me his 'Little Last'."

     "Constant  Terry born October 28,  1806.  Married Miss  Lucy 
Brown.  She  died leaving two sons - Nathaniel and  Theodore.  He 
died on June 22, 1872."   
     So,  from the paper I had the names RICHARD TERRY,  PARSHALL 
with  some dates and places.  Without this information,  I  could 
never  have  compiled twelve generations of "our"  TERRY  family. 
Even so,  it has been a long, slow process, begun in 1976. As the 
families were large in numbers and passed on to succeeding gener-
ations the same given names.

     Seeing  the TERRY lineage unfold was of such interest to  me 
that  I  worked  simultaneously on  our  other  families:  SELBY, 
extent  on  the spouses of our  children:  BARFIELD,  FLAGG,  and
Page (72)
WERNICK. And, on the HORTON family as they had started with TERRY 
in Southold, Long Island, New York in 1640 and for several gener-
ations their children had intermarried. 
Note: The above was written for Will, Terry, Julie Stratton; Lisa 
and Ellen Stratton; Chris, Debbie, and Julie Flagg.
     In  order  to  conserve space I am only listing  the  direct 
Terry  line  of each member as they are submitted  and  as  space 
Line of Carlene Peacock Brown, Rt 1, Box 318, Gilmer TX 75644.
1.   Jackie Oneal Brown b. Kilgore, Gregg Co. TX 28 Nov 1956.
     m.  28  Nov 1956 Ethel Carlene Peacock b.  Lamesa TX 25  Oct 
2.   Choice Victor Brown b. Troupe, Smith Co. TX 12 Dec 1912 m. 31 
     May 1933.
3.   Isabell Rebecca Smith b. Donie, Freestone Co. TX 15 Sep 1914
4.   George Woodard Brown b. Vaiden, Carroll Co. MS 10 Jan 1868 d. 
     Jacksonville, Cherokee Co. TX 26 Apr 1957 m. 21 Oct 1889.
5.   Mary Elizabeth Terry b. Vaiden, Carroll Co. MS 27 Mar 1871 d.     
     Kilgore, Gregg Co. TX 30 Nov 1936.
10.  John W. Terry b. AL 1830 d.?? m. ca 1852
11.  Emily ?? b. AL 1835 d. ??
20.  John Terry b. SC 1796 d. ??
21.  Sarah ??   b. SC 1800 d. ??
40.  John Terry b. NC 1776 d. ??
41.  Sarah ??   b. NC 1780 d. ??
80.  Keeble Terry b. VA 22 Apr 1759 d.??
81.  ??
160. Moses Terry b.?? d.??
161. ??
Line of Lela Harrison 303 East 5th St., McCook NE 69001
1.   Stephen Jacob Harrison b.  McCook, Red Willow Co. NE 24 Mar 
     1916 d. Stratton, Hitchcock Co. NE 8 Aug 1955 m. 12 Apr 1940
     Lela Fay Degele Harrison b. McCook NE 1916
2.   John Henry Harrison b. McCook, Red Willow Co. NE 6 Sep 1888 
     d. McCook, Red Willow Co. NE  29 Sep 1922 m. 30 Dec 1914.
3.   Frances Alice Nelson b. Creston, Union Co. Iowa 31 Jan 1888 
     d. Spokane, WA 28 Oct 1957.
4.   Reason Homer Harrison b. Cadiz, Harrison Co. OH 15 Aug 1853 
     d. McCook, Red Willow Co. NE 10 Apr 1928 m. 6 Apr 1876.
Page (73)
5.   Martha Jane Tipsword b.  Moccasin,  Effingham Co. IL 27 Jan 
     1856 d. McCook NE 14 Nov 1916.
8.   George W. Harrison b. Cadiz, Harrison Co. OH 12 Oct 1818 d. 
     Moccasin, IL 11 Jun 1880 m. ??
9.   Huldah Scamp b. NJ 29 Jan 1816 d. McCook, NE 18 Nov 1891
16.  Peter Harrison b. Frederick Co. MD 1766 d. Cadiz, OH 1854 m. 
     14 Apr 1792 (14 D 4 M 1792).
17.  Sarah Bunting b. Crosswicks, Burlington Co., NJ 22 Mar 1774 
     d. Mt. Pleasant OH 25 Apr 1825.
34.  John Bunting b. Crosswicks, NJ ca 1742 d. Aldenville, PA Jan 
     1811 m. 4 Mar 1768.
35.  Patience Tilton b. ca 1750 d. ??
70.  Abraham Tilton b.?? d.Nottingham, Burl. Co. NJ 1761/2 m. Dec 
71.  Elizabeth Thorne b. 3D 5 M 1724 d. ??
140. Samuel Tilton b.  Gravesend, LI, NY 1 Mar 1678 d. 1745 m. 5 
     D. 4 M. 1705
141tience Allen b. Sandwich MA 8 May 1683 d. Nottingham Twp. 
     NJ 1748.
280. John Tilton Jr.  b.  Essex MA 1640 d. 1700-1704 m.Flushing, 
     LI, NY 1674
281. Rebecca Terry  b. ?? d.Middleton, Monmouth Co. NJ 1715.
Line of Debbie Miller Cameron 1818 Lauri St. El Dorado, AR 71730
1.   Deborah Louise Miller b. El Dorado Union Co. AR 11 Mar 1954      
     m.  15 Aug 1970 James Vandy Cameron Sr.  b. El Dorado, Union 
     Co. AR 25 Oct 1950.
2.   Julian Thomas Miller Jr.  b. El Dorado, Union Co. AR 14 Jan
     1929 m. Union Co. AR 8 Nov 1947.
3.   Ella Louise Mitchell b. El Dorado, Union Co. AR 6 Jul 1928.
6.   John Wilmar Mitchell b. El Dorado, Union Co. AR 20 Sep 1907 
     d. Norphlet, Union Co. AR m. Union Co. AR 4 Feb 1928
7.   Leona Nisbit b. Texarkana, Miller Co. AR 21 Jun 1909.
14.  Onlee Leon Nisbit b.  Smith Co.  TX 17 Oct 1875 d. Lindale, 
     Smith Co. TX 9 Mar 1948 m. Smith Co. TX 8 Feb 1903
15.  Emma Ella Terry b. AL 16 Jan 1880 d. 11 Jul 1913
30.  George Washington Terry b. AL Dec 1850 d. TX m. ca 1874
31.  Cynthia Ann Alabama Ratliff b. AL apr 1852 d. TX
Line of Robert M. Terry Editor of the Terry Family Historian
1.   Robert "Mike" Terry b.  Orange, Orange Co. CA 27 Sep 1946 m.      
     (3)  Enid,  Garfield  Co.  OK 14 May 1982  Deborah  (Glaser) 
Page (74)
2.   G. W. "Glen" Terry b. Henryetta, Okmulgee Co. OK 23 Oct 1923 
     m.Yuma, Yuma Co. AZ 3 Mar 1943.
3.   Rebecca Isabel Cunningham b. Redlands, San Bernadino Co., CA 
     28 Dec 1926.
4.   Frances Edward "Frank" Terry b.  Macedonia?, Yell Co. AR 18 
     Sep 1895 d.  Hinton,  Caddo Co.  OK 11 Apr 1958 m. Danville, 
     Yell Co. AR 29 Mar 1914.
5.   Ethel Modelle Bottoms b.  Macedonia, Yell Co AR 10 Feb 1897 
     d. Weatherford, Custer Co. OK 24 May 1974.
8.   George William Terry b.  Pigeon Hill,  Union Co.  Ar 13 Aug 
     1866 d.  Paris,  Lamar Co.  TX 22 Jul 1959 m.  (1) Danville, 
     Yell Co. AR 21 Jul 1889.
9.   Francis E. Heffner b. GA 5 Apr 1871 d. Yell Co. AR?? 30 Sep 
16.  Hugh McClure Terry b. DeKalb Co. GA 1 Mar 1832 d. Blossom, 
     Lamar Co.  TX 2 Jan 1919 m.(1) El Dorado, Union Co. AR 6 Dec 
17.  Mary Bennett b. AL 3 Jun 1838 d. TX/AR 25 Oct 1875.
32.  Green Berry Hill Terry b. Chester Dist. SC 8 Nov 1810 d. New 
     London, Union Co. AR 22 Mar 1848 m. SC/GA ca 1829/30.
33.  Eleanor "Ellen" Gill b. Chester Dist. SC 20 Jan 1811 d. New 
     London, Union Co. AR 5 Oct 1861.
64.  Maj.  Stephen  Terry  b.  Chester Dist.  SC 10 Aug 1788  d. 
     Atlanta, Fulton Co. GA 15 Nov 1866 m. (1) Fairfield Dist. SC 
     4 Jul 1809
65.  Elizabeth H. Hill b. SC ca 1790 d. DeKalb Co. GA 3 Dec 1838.
128. John W.  Terry b.  VA? 27 Apr 1752 d. Chesterville, Chester 
     Dist. SC 12 Apr 1834 m. (2) VA or NC 21 Dec 1779
129. Priscilla  Stokes b.  VA?  Nov 1763  d.  Chester  Dist.  SC 
356. Stephen Terry b.  VA ca 1700 d. Craven Co. (now Chester) SC 
     19 Dec 1769 m. (2?) VA? ca 1751
357. Sarah ?? b.?? d. SC 4 May 1765
712. ???  Terry (I wish I had conclusive evidence here.  I agree 
     with  Mrs.  Bushnell  that we may have to look in NC for  VA 
     connections.   Early   Virginia  Records  are   scarce   and 
        Line of Ruby E. Hartelt Box 44, Roswell NM 88201
1.   Ruby Evelyn Cantrell Hartelt b. Barstow, Ward Co. TX 29 Dec 
     1921 m.  (1) 3 May 1946 Thomas Allison Peacock div.  30  Apr 
     1956 m.(2) Alamogordo NM 29 Feb 1968 August Ernst Hartelt.
2.   Claude Emanuel Cantrell b. ?? d. ?? m. Pecos, Reeves Co. TX 
     11 Feb 1917 
3.   Mary Agnes Basham b.  Morgan Co. AL 19 Aug 1899 d. El Paso,
Page (75)
     El Paso Co. TX 12 Jan 1976.
6.   James William Ellen? Basham b.?? d.?? m. 21 Dec 1884
7.   Annie Pauline Terry b. Ladonia, Fannin Co. TX 15 aug 1868 d. 
     Carlsbad, Eddy Co., NM 17 Jan 1934.
14.  Jasper Newton Terry b.  Jersey Co. IL 20 Sep 1834 d.Mineral 
     Wells, TX 16 Nov 1908 m. Fannin Co. TX 2 Oct 1862
15.  Mary Ann "Molly" James b. ?? d.??
28.  Ansolem L.  Terry b. VA 25 May 1800 d. Fannin Co. TX 12 Jul 
     1877 m. ??
29.  Rebecca Waggoner b.?? d.??
56.  Jasper Terry b.?? d.?? m. Montgomery Co. VA 1 Aug 1797
57.  Sarah Fuller b.?? d.??
112. Eliah Terry b.?? d.??
113. Mary Loyd b.?? d.??
The following information was also among my mother's papers:
    "Origins".The Terry family,  as well as the Waggoners, origi-
nated  in Virginia.  The Terry brother's parents were Jasper  and 
Sarah Fuller Terry who were married in 1797 in Montgomery County, 
Virginia.  This  Jasper Terry's parents were Eliah and Mary  Loyd 
Terry.  Eiliah  fought  in the American  Revolution.  The  Fuller 
family  came from New York to Virginia.  Sarah Fuller was born in 
New  York.  Ansolem Terry and Rebecca Waggoner were both born  in 
Virginia. The Jasper Terry family moved to Kentucky where several 
of the children were born. Then they moved to Illinois."
Brothers who came to Texas
Ansolem L. Terry              ) From Illinois to Texas 1842
Rebecca Waggoner Terry        )
Robert Norman Terry           ) From Illinois to Texas 1855
Telitha Bethel Terry          )
James F. Terry                ) From Illinois to Texas 1842
Katherine (Kit) Boiles Terry  )
Andrew B. Terry                )From Illinois to Texas ca 1850
Margaret "Peggy Waggoner Terry )
Jasper  Newton  Terry came to Texas but returned to  Illinois  to 

Note:  This  is a partial list of the Terry brothers who came  to 
Texas  from  Illinois before the Civil War.  There  was  a  sixth 
brother,  name  unknown.  Also,  one sone of Robert Norman Terry, 
Cyrus Terry,  married Virginia Waggoner.  Virginia was a niece of 
Rebecca  (wife of Ansolem Terry) and Margaret (wife of Andrew  B. 
Terry). Virginia's father is David Waggoner; so all I know is
Page (76)
that David, Rebecca and Margaret are siblings--I don't know their 
parent's names. Any help appreciated.
                   Line of Allie Wilson Oldham
          Star Rt 3, Box 58-A-5 Pagosa Springs CO 81147
1.   Allie Annie Bell Wilson b. Portales, Roosevelt Co. NM 31 Oct 
2.   Fredie Murt "Bud" Wilson b.  Snyder,  Scurry Co.  TX 17 Aug 
4.   John  William Wilson b.  Williamson Co.  TX 30 Nov 1886  d. 
     Portales Roosevelt Co. NM 21 Jun 1971.
5.   Annie Mae Wilson b.  Big Springs, Howard Co. TX 15 Aug 1886 
     d. Tatum, Lea Co. NM 7 Jul 1958.
8.   James  Jefferson Davis (Dave) Wilson b.  AR 9 Mar  1859  d. 
     Belton, Bell Co. TX
9.   Sarrah  Clementine  "Sallie" Stephens b.  TX 5 Jan 1863  d. 
     Snyder, Scurry Co., TX 24 Feb 1943
10.  William  Henry Wilson b.  McCulloch Co.  TX 31 Jul 1862  d. 
     Caprock, Lea Co., NM 30 Jun 1932 bur Tatum, Lea Co. NM.
11.  Sarah Jane Terry b.  Anderson Co. TX 26 Aug 1847 d. Caprock 
     Lea Co. NM 23 May 1931 bur Tatum cemetery.
22.  Jesse Terry b. TN ca 1800 d. TX
23.  Elizabeth Lindsey b. TN 1807-1809 TN d. TX
44.  Moses Terry b.  1770-1780 ??  d. aft 1830 Franklin Co. AL 
     (assumed need more proof).
45.  Elizabeth Cowan b. 1780-1790 d. ?? bel to be m. 2.
88.  ??? Terry
89.  ???
                     FAMILY REUNION PLANNED
     A  Terry  family reunion for the Grover Milton Terry  family 
will be held in Warden,  Washington by Harold Ray Terry, Box 517, 
Warden,   Washington  98857,  in  August  1983,  probably  August 
27,28,29.  See  family sheet enclosed.  Also find my  own  family 
sheet--mother  Cora Ova Terry,  m.  John Calvin Thompson.  Grover 
Milton Terry and Cora Ova Terry were brothers and sisters.
  Line of Paul T. Thompson 6116 Herndon Place Stockton CA 95209
Cora Ova (Terry) 1879 m. John Calvin Thompson, Sherman TX
Elijah Washington Terry 1855/Elizabeth Jane Maddox 1859 TN, TX, OK
Vincent Terry 1824/Sarah Dowell 1829 TN (Jackson & Putnam Co's)
Curtis Terry 1803/Elizabeth Kuykendall 1805 NC, Overton Co. TN
James Terry/ Mary Gooch, Granville Co. NC and Jackson Co. TN
Page (77)
Rowland Terry of VA and Granville Co. NC
Stephen Terry of Hanover Co. VA and St Martin's Parish
(Editor's Note:  I also believe this is Stephen d.  1769  Craven 
Co. SC.)
1762- Stephen  Terry,  Hanover  Co.  VA deeded 400 acres to  sons 
James and Rowland Terry,  in Granville Co. NC (Mr. Thompson has a 
copy of this deed.)
1736- Stephen  Terry,  named  executor of the  estate  of  Thomas 
Terry,  Caroline Co.  VA. Mr. Thompson and myself plus many other 
would like to know if these are the same Terry's?
Passenger & Immigration lists Index, Filby & Meyer, Vol. 2, lists 
Thomas  Terry  a immigrating from England to  Virginia,  age  25, 
1635. Is this the Thomas Terry who will is dated 1736 above?
Information on Hanover,  Caroline,  King William Counties of Vir-
ginia, which overlap due to dates of formation, have been hard to 
get.  I  have corresponded with Ame D.  Crute,  Registrar of King 
William County Historical Society (VA) who advises that a set  of 
books  is available by Dr.  Malcolm Harris,  "Old New Kent County 
History" which has information on the Terry families. The cost is 
$30.00  plus $2.50 postage & handling.  Are you  familiar?  ---In 
this case a large map is available showing old homes and  planta-
tions  of  early families,  @ 2.50 postage  and  handling.  (This 
information from Paul T. Thompson.)
                    Line of Ethiel B. Johnson
              15834 Drysdale St. Southgate MI 48195
1.   Ethiel Bernice Terry b. Hamtramck, Wayne Co. MI 19 Jun 1950 
     m.  3 Feb 1973 Edward Melvin Johnson b. Detroit, Wayne Co MI 
     13 Jul 1940.
2.   Herbert Terry b. River Rouge, Wayne Co. MI 21 Jun 1929 m.
3.   Oma Bartlett b. Taffy, Ohio Co. KY 6 Sep 1932
4.   Lonnie Thomas Terry b. Huron, Lawrence Co. IN 5 Apr 1900 d. 
     Standish Arenac Co.  MI 3 Dec 1963 m.  Lepanto, Poinsett Co. 
     AR 4 May 1920
5.   Eithel Dick b.Olmstead, Pulaski Co. IL 22 Nov 1900 d. Wayne, 
     Wayne Co. MI 11 Feb 1974.
8.   Elias Albert Terry b. Martin Co. IN 28 Nov 1865 d. Trumann, 
     Poinsett Co.  AR 17 Jun 1931 bur small country cem  unk?  m.      
     Lawrence Co. IN 24 Nov 1888
9.   Sarah  Jane Smith b.  Lawrence Co.  IN Jun 1869 d.  Parkin, 
     Cross Co. AR 11 Sep 1915
10.  John Wylie Terry b. VA 26 Jun 1842 d. Huron, Lawrence Co. IN 
     14 Oct 1911 m. Martin Co. IN 31 Jan 1864
11.  Martha Ann Fletcher b. IN 18 Mar 1846 d. Huron, Lawrence Co. 
     IN 14 Feb 1923.
Page (78)
Note:Mrs. Johnson believes her Terry's are related in some way to 
Henry  Thomas  Terry 1818-1903 and James R.  Terry 1799-1889  but 
cannot prove connection.
                 Line  of  Bess Rickman Mitchell 
             2403 Inca Lane  New  Brighton  MN 55112
1.   Genevieve Bess Rickman b. Maryville MO 30 Oct 1933 m. 18 Jun
     1955 Harold Thomas Mitchell Jr. b. Louisville KY 20 Apr 1932
2.   Clement Walton Rickman b. St. Clair Co. MO 17 Mar 1906 m.(1) 
     12 Jan 1929 
3.   Genevieve Walton Todd b. Maryville MO 16 Jul 1906 d. Johnson 
     Co. MO 3 Oct 1961.
4.   Walter Willis Rickman b. St. Clair Co. MO 11 Jan 1882 d. St. 
     Joseph MO 21 Jul 1957 m. 2 Apr 1905 
5.   Stella Ellena Reasoner b.  St.  Clair Co. MO 15 Mar 1877 d. 
     St. Joseph MO 30 Oct 1953
8.   James  Marcus Rickman b.  St.  Clair MO 20 Jan 1848 d.  St. 
     Clair Co. MO 17 Jul 1909 m. 24 Dec 1879 
9.   Ellen Allas Walton b.  St.  Clair Co. MO 19 Sep 1856 d. St. 
     Joseph MO 10 Nov 1925 bur. Oyer, MO.
16.  Joshua Rickman b. 9 Aug 180l d. St. Clair MO 28 Apr 1879 m. 
     Sumner Co. TN 
17.  Mary Barnett Terry b. 4 Nov 1819 d. Nov 1893.
                Line of Carol Elizabeth Dickinson
        Box 110872 South Station, Anchorage AK 99511-0872
1.   Carol Elizabeth Schwaderer Dickinson b.  Caro MI 15 Jan 1948 
     m. 30 Aug 1969
2.   George Cornell Schwaderer b.  Saginaw MI 19 Aug 1923 m.  27 
     Jan 1947
3.   Geraldine Anna Montague b. Caro MI 27 Oct 1927
6.   Clarence H.  Montague b.  Almer MI 23 Dec 1887 d. Caro MI 
     8 Aug 1971 m. 5 Mar 1914
7.   Parnell Bell Terry b. Fairgrove Mi 30 May 1891 d. Caro MI  
     4 Sep 1979.
14.  Elias Samuel Terry b. Fairgrove MI 14 Jul1862 d. Caro MI 18 
     Jul 1931 m. 5 Apr 1883/4
15.  Mary Lydelia (Delia) Heath b.  Fairgrove MI 22 Sep 1862  d. 
     Sep 1916.
28.  Samual Terry b.?? d.??
29.  Austa Allen
Page (79)
             Line of Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Sedenquist 
             12010 Greenleaf Dr. Huntsville AL 35803
1.   Mary Wann Terry Sedenquist b.  10 Sep 1942 m. (1) 8 Aug 1961 
     Dan Stanford div Aug 1964 m. 2 May 1966 Fred Sedenquist.
2.   Wann Terry b.  26 May 1915 m. Lawrence Co. AL Oct 1935 
3.   Alma Roberts b. 9 Nov 1915
4.   John Q.  Terry b. 8 Jun 1883 d. Lawrence Co. AL 28 Nov 1973 
     Lawrence Co. AL m. 16 Dec 1901             
5.   Tiller Owen b. ?? d.??
8.   Elias Terry b. 22 Sep 1861 d. Lawrence Co. AL 6 Mar 1918 m. 
     Lawrence Co. AL 15 Jan 1879
9.   Molly Linton b. Jan 1865 d. 1935.
16.  George W.  Terry b.  1834 d.  1904 m. Lawrence Co. AL 3 Aug 
     1854 (This is my g-g-grandather.  He enlisted in Co.  I 16th 
     AL Infantry on Jul 1861.  Dishcarged Apr 1865.  His  pension 
     application approved My 29, 1901.)
17.  Matilda Rogers b. 1835 d.??
32.  William Terry b. 1806 d. 1853/4 m. ??
33.  Nancy ?? b. TN 1812
64.  ??? Terry b.?? d. ca 1830 
65.  Nancy?? or Martha?? b. TN 1795.
    Line of Barbara C. Griffey RD 1 Box 63 Harriman TN 37748
1.   Barbara Ann Clark Griffey b. Jellico, Campbell Co. TN 01 Mar 
     1930 m. Richard Pollard Griffey
2.   Terry Fritz Clark b. Jellico Campbell Co. TN d. Venice FL 13 
     Dec 1973 m. 29 May 1929
3.   Myrtle Imogene Baird b. Jellico Campbell Co. TN 07 Mar 1910 
     d. Venice FL 19 May 1975.
4.   Leondadus Clark(e) b. Kingston, Roane Co. TN 23 Jan 1872 d. 
     Jellico Campbell Co. TN 23 Apr 1924 m. 26 Oct 1898
5.   Rose E. Terry b. Kingston, Roane Co. TN d. Jellico, Campbell 
     Co. TN 30 Dec 1930.
10.  Jesse Terry b. 1822 d.?? m. 18 Apr 1869
11.  Ellen  (Irons)  Fritts  b.  Roane Co.  TN 13  Oct  1844  d. 
     Knoxville, Knox Co. TN 17 Jul 1919.
20.  Jessee Terry??
21.  Hannah Horton??
Page (80)
   Line of Mrs. R. L. Coffman (Elizabeth Porterfield Coffman)
               1326 Canary Lane, Seguin, TX 78155
1.   Beula  Maud  Terry b.  Tangipahoa Parish LA 14 Nov  1875  d.      
     Austin TX 5 Feb 1961 m.  New Orleans LA 31 Jan 1898  William
     Reeder Porterfield b.  Hardin Co. TN 13 Jul 1870 d. Bryan TX
     10 Oct 1947.
2.   Thomas Marriner Terry b.  St.  Tammany Parish LA 24 Nov 1835      
     d.  New Orleans LA 17 Aug 1895 bur Ponchatoula, LA m. 29 Apr           
3.   Mary  Elizabeth  Tucker b.  Ponchatoula LA 18 Aug  1843  d.      
     Ponchatoula LA Oct 1879.
4.   John Orrin Terry b.  Southold Suffolk Co.  NY 30 May 1807 d.      
     New Orleans LA 23 Apr 1895 m. 26 Nov 1832 
5.   Fruza  Ann  Marriner b.  New Bern NC 30/31 Jan 1815  d.  St.      
     Tammany Parish LA 13 Jul 1849.
8.   Thomas  Conklin  Terry b.  Southold NY 14 Jun  1781  d.  St.      
     Tammany Parish LA 27 Aug 1853 m. 24 Dec 1803 
9.   Betsy Dimon b.  Mattituck, LI, NY 12 Aug 1783 d. St. Tammany      
     Parish LA 14 Sep 1853.
16.  John Cleves Terry b. Suffolk Co. NY 8 Feb 1744 d. 6 Sep 1823 
     m. Southold NY 24 Nov 1763
17.  Temperance Conklin b. Southold Suffolk Co NY 1747 d. Southold 
     Suffolk Co. NY Dec 1783.
32.  William Terry b.  Suffolk Co. NY ca 1715/16 d. Essex Co. NJ 
     will proven 24 Jun 1802 m. 17 Sep 1741
33.  Elizabeth Cleves (Cleaves) b. Suffolk Co. NY 1722/23 d. prob 
     Suffolk Co. NY 1 Mar 1755.
64.  Thomas Terry b. Suffolk Co. NY d. Suffolk Co. NY 17 Oct 1723
65.  ??
128. Thomas Terry b. ?? d. Southold 24 Mar 1724 m.??
129. Eliza ?? b.?? d.??
256. Thomas Terry b. England 1607 d. Will proved Jul 1672 m.??
257. Marie ??
TFH  members or non-members may submit queries for publication by 
mailing  to Robert M.  Terry,  Editor Terry Family Historian  Box 
1531,  Enid  OK  73702.  Please type or print double  spaced  and 
underline  surnames.  All queries must pretain to TERRY  families 
and contain dates. Queries are $l.00 for members and non-members. 
This helps to defray the mounting costs of publication, xeroxing, 
postage, etc., etc.-- The Editor.
Page (81)
Need  any info on Joseph Terry Sr.  born VA in 1777  m.  to  Mary 
Lloyd?, came to Jefferson Co. KY 1810. Thier children were: James 
W.,  Joseph,  Sarah,  Louia,  Mahala,  John, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, 
William.  Joseph Jr. b. 24 Aug 1799 m. Sarah McCawley 1827. Thier 
son George  Washington b 1845 m.  America Snawder (father Peter). 
Will exchange.  Barbara Terry Hagan 1514 Brentwood,  Owensboro KY 
Wann Terry (age 67),  Ervin Terry (age 73), and W. L. "Son" Terry 
(age 79) are the only three remaining children of Johnny Q. Terry 
and Tiller Owen Terry. Johnny Q. was the son of Elias Terry b. 22 
Sep 1861 d.  6 Mar 1918,  and Molly Linton Terry b. 1865 d. 1935. 
Elias  Terry was the son of George Terry b.  1834  d.  1901,  and 
Matilda Rogers Terry b. 1835 d. ??. George was the son of William 
Terry b. 1806 d. 1853 and Nancy ?? b. 1812 in TN. William was the 
son  of "Star" and Nancy??  Terry,  probably from NC or SC via TN 
before moving to Lawrence Co. AL. Anyone with any info concerning 
this "Star" Terry,  please contact Mrs.  Fred  Sedenquist,  12010 
Greenleaf Dr.  SE,  Huntsville, AL 35803. She is the dau. of Wann 
Terry.  Wann,  Ervin  & "Son" all live within a half mile of each 
other  at Rt.  1 Hillsboro AL 35643 and would love to  hear  from 
other Terrys.
Researching  Mary Terry Wall b.  1830 d.  1921 m.  1848 to L.  W. 
Wall.  Lived in GA bur.  Bronwood, GA. John Terry father of above 
Mary Terry lived in GA.--No other info. Carolyn S. Crawley, Rt. 6 
Box 95 A, Aiken, SC 29801.
040683 TERRY
My  Terry  connection is Edgefield SC and  Miss.  Mrs.  Irene  D. 
Walker 222 East Social Row Rd., Dayton, OH 45459.
050683 TERRY 
Researching  James Lewis Terry 10 Aug 193l-4 Jan 1976 who was  my 
husband.  His father was Ervin Q. Terry and his father was Johnny 
Q.  Terry. Mary Wann sent her family to you. Her father, Wann, is 
a brother to my father-in-law,  Ervin.  Faye Hendrix Terry,  1713 
Dianne St. SW, Decatur AL 35601.
Matilda,  eldest surviving child of James M. and Frances Standley 
Cavender,  m. 2 James M. Terry 26 Sep 1877. A son-- Walter Lafay-
ette Terry b.  20 Jul 1878.  Matilda was b.  MS 26 May 1842 d. 24 
Oct 1887.  The family was in Pulaski Co. AR 1850; 1860 and later. 
Matilda m.  (1) 14 Jul 1858 John L.  Robinson b. 7 Jan 1826 d. 31 
Mar  1875.  I have nothing on Walter Terry but would be happy  to 
know something of his family and will share Cavender info.  Elbin 
H. Cavender, Rt 70, Box 182 Mountain View AR 72560.
My Great Grandfather came to AL ca 1890. Chistopher Colombus
Page (82)
Terry b.  9 Aug 1849 m. Johseyphine Daniels and I have no date or 
Co.  Children: Dora Elmina b. 31 Mar 1872 my Grandma; Harriett b. 
2 Apr 1877; Mindy b. 8 Apr 1875; Fratis F. b. 15 Feb 1883; Alfred 
Frasure b.  13 Feb 1886 and Lov.  All are deceased. Had half bro. 
James Tilman Terry b. SC. He served with Co. "B" 3rd Mich Calv. I 
believe  they came from Hart Co.  GA or Anderson  Co.  SC.  Lorie 
Terry Lindsey Rt 6, Box 191, Hamilton Co. AL 35570.
I  have  learned  a bit more about my  grandmother's  (Dicie  Ann 
Terry) family.  Her father was Morgan George Terry b.  VA (age 46 
in 1880 Cen.) Her mother was Eliza Sanger deceased by 1880.  Bro. 
and sis in 1880 census:  Mary (17), John W. (16), Thomas W. (14), 
George (13),  Elizabeth J.  (11), Dicie (8). Rita Rainville, 5012 
Stevely, Lakewood CA 90713.
Seeking  proof of death of Martin Delona Terry,  son of Green  C. 
and Elizabeth Childers Terry. Martin died ?? Nov 1880 in Crocker, 
Pulaskie Co.  MO.  Wife, Marth Susan Wenzell?? Wendell??, married 
30  May  1874 in possibly Lanes Parrie MO.  Would like  proof  of 
marriage. Virginia Plass, Rt. 1, box 201, Tulelake, CA 96134
I am looking for parents of Nathaniel Green Terry b.  4 Sep  1841 
m.  Sarah  Jane McGill 12 Sep 1865 d.  15 Oct 1933 in Bedford Co. 
TN.  Tradition has brothers:  Frank B.,  Syme,  Jimmy, Willie and 
sisters:  Mary "Mollie" and Lucy. Ann Yarbrough, 229 Willow Bend, 
Huntsville, TX 77340. Tele: 713-295-3434.
Need parents,  birth, death and marriage dates for Benjamin Terry 
(Will  proven  28 Sep 1771 Pittsylvania Co.  VA)  wife  Elizabeth 
Irby,  and  daughter,  Keziah Terry.  Keziah was mar 1st to James 
Scott,  where?  when?  He died in 1757, was he killed by Indians? 
They had children John (m. Chloe Riggs), Sarah (b. 1755, m. Zadoc 
Riggs) and possibly Benjamin Scott. Keziah m. 2nd Richard Murphy, 
when?  Moved to Surry Co.  NC. I have little information on these 
families  and  quite  a  lot  on  the  Riggs.  Will  be  glad  to 
exchange.Recently  received  Terry info from the  VA-NC  Piedmont 
Gen.  Soc.  in Danville,  VA and they included your name and  ad-
dress.  My Terry line begins with Keziah Terry,  dau. of Benjamin 
Sr.  and  Elizabeth  Irby of Halifax and Pittsylvania  Co.'s  VA. 
Keziah was first married to James Scott who died about 1757 and I 
descend  from this line.  Her 2nd marriage was to Richard  Murphy 
and they migrated to Surrey Co.,  NC and I believe probably  died 
there.  I  do  not know too much about the Terrys other than  re-
search  that was done about 15 years ago....It seems at  that  at 
the  time  we were trying to prove that the parents  of  Benjamin 
Terry Sr. were James and Diana (Royal) Terry. I am also trying to 
determine  if Nathaniel Terry who was so prominent was the son or 
brother of Benjamin Terry Sr. Mrs.  Lawrence G.  Bowe,  7849  S.E. 
Johnson Creek Blvd. Portland, OR 97206.
Page (83)
(NOTE:  Several of the questions posed by Mrs. Bowe are important 
to me also. I have seen all of this in print concerning Nathaniel 
the Indian fighter etc.,  etc.  and the Terry-Royal connection. I 
believe  that  Benjamin Terry m.  Elizabeth Irby had a son  named 
Nathaniel  Terry.  However,  I have also seen it noted that  this 
same Benjamin had a brother named Nathaniel.  However,  there are 
no  Nathaniels the same age group with this Benjamin (I)  that  I 
have found. Would like some feed-back.  THE EDITOR
James R.  Terry b.  1799 VA d.  1889 in Martin Co.  IN m.  Stasha 
Ritchie??  b.  1801 d.  1871 in Martin Co.  IN.  Children:  Henry 
Thomas b.  1818 VA;  Joseph P.  b. 1820 VA; Wilson W. b. 1826 VA; 
Wyatt Jackson b. 1833 VA; Elkanah Floyd b. 1838 VA; Minerva Adams 
b.  1844  KY.  Others??  Family migrated into KY by early 1840's. 
Into Martin/Lawrence/Orange Co's IN by 1870. Does anyone know how 
John  Wylie Terry b.  1842 VA fits into this family?  Said to  be 
close kin.  John W.  Terry m. Martha Fletcher 1864 Martin Co. IN. 
Lived Huron,  Lawrence Co.,  Indiana from 1870 on.  Need help  on 
these families.  Ethiel B.  Johnson, 15834 Drysdale. Southgate MI 
In  re-reading  the  Sep 82 issue of the TFH page 70  I  noted  a 
reference  to the descendants of George Washington.  It should be 
noted  that  President Washington had no children.  (I  may  have 
given  that impression but the Terry family mentioned have  fore-
bears in common with Geo. Washington. EDITOR.)
I have a question for the readers of the TFH.  What is the origin 
of  the name "Green" which I see so much of in the Terry records? 
I have a Joseph Green Terry (my great grandfather) b. 18 Feb 1837 
Patrick  Co.  VA,  and  have often wondered if he was  named  for 
Berryman Green who married Nancy Terry 6 Nov 1789 in Halifax  Co. 
VA.  Any help would be appreciated.   Would also like to exchange 
info on the twins Joseph and Thomas Terry b. 27 Jul 1761 Chester-
field Co.  VA and their brothers Benjamin, John, Stephen, William 
and James and sister Sarah m. John Oakes b. in Buckingham Co. VA. 
These  were the children of John Terry of Chesterfield and  Buck-
ingham Co.'s VA.  I don't know who John's wife was. Vera B. Seig-
ler 2955 Fairlee Dr., Fairfax. VA 22031.
Who  was  mother of William Terry (Thomas,  Thomas,  Thomas,)  of 
Southold,  Suffolk Co. NY, died 1802 Essex Co. NJ; married Eliza-
beth Cleves??  Cleaves?? 17 Oct 1723. Children were: John Cleves, 
Thomas, Elizabeth, Ruth, and Mary. Some say Mary Gardiner but not 
proven.  Was she a Havens?  Mrs. R. L. Coffman, 1326 Canary Lane, 
Sequin, TX 78155.
Page (84)
Need  to now the parents of George Terry who was born OH  married 
Hocking  Co.  OH Pattie Ann "Martha"  Leonard.  Children:  Polly, 
Lydia,  Robert moved to Daviess Co. MO. Rhonda Wilhite 1131 South 
Pope, Independence MO 64050.
I am a descendant of James R.  Terry and Stasha Ritchie and  have 
lots  of data on the Terry line.  Have not been able to trace the 
Terrys any farther back than Jams R. (1799-1889). I have exchang-
ed much info with Mrs.  Inez Martin of CA.  Pauline T. Montgomery 
Rt 2, Box 14, Shoals IN 47581.
W.  A. Terry of Box 376 Henderson NC 27536 noted that I have been 
spelling Miss Catharine Bass's first name wrong.  I stand correc-
I  am  researching James Spark Farley Terry  m.  Elizabeth  Abbot 
Hughes  b.  VA ca 1795??.  My great-great grandmother  was  their 
daughter  Mary Barnett Terry.  Genevieve Bess Mitchell 2403  Inca 
Lane, New Brighton, MN 55112.
Need info on my Great grandfather James Y.  Terry who m.  his 1st 
cousin Mary Ann Stodder??.  Also grandfather John C. Terry and my 
father Edgar A.  Terry. My great-great grandfather was also James 
Y.  Terry  and  he was m.  to Sophia Mary Stoddard.  Any help  on 
earlier  descendants would be welcome.  Helen M.  (Terry)  Vance, 
2395 Newhall St., San Jose, CA 95128.
No Terry line in the South but did get as far as KY and  possibly 
VA  enroute from somewhere in the East,  possibly Long Island and 
New Jersey. Will help on these lines. Mrs. Fred Dickinson, Box 37 
Glen Arbor, MI 49636
I have just completed your December,  1982 issue of the  TFH....I 
am  truly  expecting  help from your  excellent  publication.  My 
wife's line is St.  Clair Co. MO-- Thomas Terry and his wife Mary 
Jane Walser.  Paul M.  Landers,  18611 East Truman Road, Indepen-
dence MO 74056.
My  Jesse  Terry is the only Terry found in the First  Census  of 
Texas.  And are found on the 1850 Census of Anderson Co., TX. But 
from  there  on they are very hard to  locate.  Is  Sarah  Terry, 
widow, and Moses Terry both found on the 1796 Tax lists of Carter 
Co.  TN the same ones later found in Franklin Co. AL about 1830s? 
Who was husband of Sarah Terry? Moses Terry was married (probably 
2nd  wife)  to Elizabeth Cowan,  29 Jul 1824,  Lawrence  Co.  TN, 
bondsman  wa Elliot Lindsey.  His son Jesse Terry was married  21 
Apr 1825 to Elizabeth Lindsey in Lawrence Co.  TN,  bondsman  was 
James Kelly. I have assumed from census records that Sarah is the
Page (85)
mother  of Moses and that Moses and the first wife are parents of 
my Jesse Terry, need more proof. Allie Wilson Oldham, Star Rt. 3, 
Box 58-A-5, Pagosa Springs CO 81147.
In  the book Notes of Terry Families by Stephen Terry there is  a 
chapter "Terrys  Unclassified".  Has there ever been a work  done 
since this book was published to tie in these Terrys?  Is there a 
more  recent  Terry Genealogy since this one published  in  1887? 
(Note:  You  bettcha!!!!--And we are working on  it!!!!  Editor.) 
Eileen E. Carr, RFD #1, Route 109 A, Wolfeboro, NH 03894.
I am not sure about my Terry line. Let me explain. My maiden name 
is Sledge.  My g-g-g grandfather was Lemuel/Limuel Sledge. He was 
married  twice.  First wife was Abigail Huld/Hulda Terry.  Second 
wife  was Nancy Jane Freeman.  A woman tracing the Sledge  family 
sent me information stating that Nancy Jane Freeman was  Lemuel's 
first wife and that was my line.  This summer I was able to get a 
copy of the 1890 census and it stated tht Nancy was Lemuel's wife 
and  was six years younger than Eldredge Sledge,  my g-g-grandfa-
ther  (Lemuel's son).  Therefore Abigail Terry must be my  g-g-g-
grandmother.  What  little information I have on Abigail is  that 
she  was part Indian;  she might have been b.  in VA  or  TN,  as 
Lemuel was born about 1800 in VA and Eldredge was born in 1822 in 
TN?  and some children were burned to death in a fire.  Maybe she 
died at the same time? Any help would be appreciated as CT libra-
ries  do not carry many southern records.  My father Orien Sledge 
was born and raised in Mississippi, so my interet does indeed lie 
with  the southern Terry family.  Marilyn S.  Whittlesey 70  Iron 
Works Hill Road, Brookfield, CT 06804.
I  am the dau of Leslie Terry Holman and Wade Hampton Holman.  My 
mother,  b.  11 Aug 1884 was the dau of John William Terry (1845-
1926 and Mary Jane Elizabeth Brown Terry (1850-1935). My grandfa-
ther,  J. W. Terry became a minister (Methodist) about the age of 
50. He had 8 girls and one son (Thomas Edward Terry). Do not know 
where J.  W. Terry was born but he resided in NW Louisiana around 
Vivian and Rodessa N.  of Shreveport near where TX,  AR,  LA con-
nect.  My  grandad was in the Civil War ....He is buried here  at 
Mt.  Nebo Cemetery near Downsville,  LA.  He had brothers Jim and 
Rob that died in NW LA.  My Grandad was postmaster at a small  AR 
town which he named late 1800s.--Era Arkansas.  I think there are 
no  signs of the little place now.  Any help would be appreciated 
on this family.  Mrs.  Florence Kelley, Rt. 2 Box 224, Downsville 
LA 71234.
260683 TERRY 
All  I have to start with was my husband's Grandfather was  James 
Terry,  born in MS moved as an infant to Texas and lived and died 
there.  (Please send more info,  Editor) Mrs. Richard Terry Rt 1, 
Box 85 D, Bay St. Louis MS 39520.
Page (86)
According  to a column in the New Orleans newspaper,  you have  a 
publication  entitled "The Terry Family Historian".  I am curious 
to  know if this includes the Terrier family (probably  Hugenots) 
which were in NY in the later quarter of the 1600s.  I am descen-
ded  from Anne Terrier who married Jacques Sicard  (b.  1675).  I 
have  not been able to find anything concerning this  family  and 
wonder if the name could have been changed to Terry at some time. 
Frank W. Gurney Rt 1, 2925 Farmsite Road, Violet, LA 70092.
Just  read  about  the TFH in a gen.  column in the  New  Orleans 
Times-Picayune  yeterday....I am not a Terry descendant,  but  my 
first cousin is, and I am trying to help with her line which we 
have back through a certain John Terry, who appeared from Virgin-
ia  in the Natchez District (MS) in 1775,  and applied for a Bri-
tish land patent at that time.  He named one son Stephen,  and he 
certainly must be connected with the Terrys of Virginia who  were 
also using the name Stephen. Owen Roberts, Box 677, Brookhaven MS 
I am a descendant of David Terry b.  Bucks Co. PA 15 Oct 1817 son 
of  Thomas Terry b.  17 Jul 1789 also in Bucks Co.  Bensalom Twp. 
and married to a Mary Ann Merkins or Murkins in 1815. Do you have 
any  info on this branch of Terrys?  Mrs.  J.  C.  Eddleman  5146 
Carita St. Long Beach CA 90808.
Researching Rebecca Terry m.  1674 Flushing,  LI, NY res. NJ. 
Dr. Dorothy Branson 797 S. James Road Apt 14 Columbus OH 43227.
George Washington Terry b. poss Perry Co. AL 20 Dec 1850 d. 4 May 
1916  Smith Co.  TX mar Cynthnia Ann Alabama Ratliff b AL 29  Apr 
1852 d. 16 Feb 1915 Smith Co. TX. Need info on parents, brothers, 
sisters and other family.  Debbie Miller Cameron 1818  Lauri,  El 
Dorado AR 71730
My   connection  with  the  TERRY  family  is  thru  my  maternal 
grandmother,  Lydia Ora Terry the second dau of Benjamin Franklin 
Terry  and  Susan  Ann  Janette  Bedell.  My  Terry's  came  from 
Zanesville  OH.  Susan L.  Husted,  % ARAMCO Box  5868,  Dhahran, 
Saudia Arabia. (Note: We are now INTERNATIONAL!!!!!!!)
Samuel Terry 1632-1730/1;  Samuel Terry 1661-1730; Benjamin Terry 
1698-1795;   Shadrack  Terry  1741-1799;   Shadrack  Terry  1772-
1832; Alvaha  Shadrack Terry 1825-1907; Frank Granger Terry 1853-
1933;  Ada  Lena  Terry 1886-1972.  J.  Gordon Meier 915  Gallery 
Court, San Diego CA 92114.
Page (87)
340683 TERRY
Researching James Terry m.  1792 Granville Co.NC/William Terry d. 
Caswell  Co.  NC 1809/ William Terry m.  1793 Granville  Co.  NC/ 
James  Terry d ca 1828 Jackson Co.  TN and all Granville  Co.  NC 
Terrys. Jay Terry 224 Woodland, Orem UT 84057.
350683 TERRY      
Earnest  Terry  of 5010 37th Ave Meridian MS 39301  has  a  large 
collection of Terry Family Sheets.  He has been very good to help 
several  members  find their "missing links".  If you  are  stuck 
please  contact  him.  He has helped several members.  THANK  YOU 
My  Grandfather was William Terry who was the last  Commander  of 
the "Stonewall Brigade". He was baptized William Robinson but due 
to the confusion between him and Gen. William Richard Terry, also 
from Virginia,  he dropped the "R" in his name.  The "Generals in 
Gray" by Ezra J.  Warner has a write up on William Richard Terry. 
Mrs.  Mary  Terry Thompson sent an article entitled "GENERAL WIL-
LIAM  TERRY 1824-1888 by James S.  Presgraves in response  to  my 
call for info in the Confederate Veteran.  Mrs. O'Ferral Thompson 
118  E.  Clay  Street Box 907 Whiteville NC 28472.  Will try  and 
print in a later edition.
Seeking parents Aaron Jones b. 23 Oct 1812 Abbeville Dist SC m. 1 
to Elizabeth Jones,  said to be no relation,  dtr of Rev.  Robert 
Frazier Jones and Sarah Roberts. Elizabeth  b. 17 Feb 1815 Atlan-
ta GA m.  5 Dec 1833, Atlanta GA d 9 Jun 1835, 1 mo. after child-
birth of son Daniel Frazier Jones.  Aaron Jones m. 2nd to Harriet 
Terry  b.  13  Aug  1840 Atlanta GA d.  4 Feb 1888  Meridian  MS. 
Harriet  Elizabeth  Terry b.  14 Mar 1818 Atlanta GA dtr of  Maj. 
Steven Terry and she died 9 Dec 1890 Meridian MS.  Will  exchange 
with  all  who answer.  Have other Terry info other  lines.  Also 
looking for parents of Sarah Elizabeth Whittington 1857-1931. Her 
mother  was Katherine Kelly Whittington.  She lived  with  Grand-
mother  Jones in Meridian MS and d.  in 1931.  She had a son John 
Kirkland.  Jane Parker Brown Rt 1,  Box 32,  Genoa IL 60135.(Also 
see editor's line this edition.)
Page (88)
                         THIS AND THAT: 
                       Terry Miscellaneous
Enclosed  is  a copy of a letter to my Grandfather Lonnie  Thomas 
Terry  from  his Mother.  I found the letter in the attic  of  my 
Grandparents  home  10  years after my  Grandfather's  death  and 
several  months  after my Grandmother's death.  I was looking for 
something else,  but located a small blue box that contained this 
letter,  an ancient pair of "spectacles" very mall and  delicate, 
and  a  pair of very tiny high top black baby boots.  And a  hair 
comb  which  had broken into many pieces....My  Grandfather  died 
when I was 13 years old, and I hadn't thought to ask him anything 
about the family before that. I feel that this letter is a gem of 
the  Terry family history and would like to see it  published  so 
that it will be preserved. Ethiel Bernice Johnson 15834 Drysdale, 
Southgate MI 48195.
Below  is  the text of a letter to Lonnie Thomas Terry  from  his 
mother, Sarah Jane (Smith) Terry. She was the daughter of William 
and Nancy (Bohord) Smith, born June 1869 in Lawrence Co. Indiana. 
She  was the wife of Elias Albert Terry,  son of John  Wylie  and 
Martha  Ann (Fletcher) Terry.  Sarah Jane Terry died 11 September 
1915 in Parkin, Cross Co., Arkansas.
     Dear  Son as I am (w)riting to ....I want to (w)rite you  to 
and let you (k)no(w) that I haven't forgot you yet and I want you 
to  take my advice and not ride them old trains and if you  don't 
you will get killed.  You don't (k)no(w) the danger they are  are 
you  would  keep  of(f) of them.  We would like to see  you  ofel 
(awful)  Well  the  boys talk about you all  the.  We  sent  your 
cloth(e)s  to  Washington  and a letter but  you  diden  (didn't) 
(w)rite whether you got them or not.  Now Lonnie I want you to be 
honest and a good boy till we meet again and I hope that won't be 
long. Thir (there) are lots of pretty girls out here. They have a 
time with Walter.  Little spinle (?)  Walter has a time out here. 
He is as sportie as you please Lonnie. Be a good boy and keep off 
of  trains  and  out of other trouble and you will  be  all  rite 
(right).  Now take my word and (w)rite to me.  Good by from  your 
Mother  and family so answer it one (son?) and let me here (hear) 
whether you got your clothes are (or) not.
(This was written at the bottom of the letter--Editor)
Vernie Terry was born Sept. 20, 1889
Roy Terry was born March 5, 1891
Maudie Terry was born feb.8, 1894
Flossie Terry was born Jan. 6, 1896
Cora Terry was born Jan. 6., 1898
Lonnie Terry was born April 5, 1900
Walter Terry was born Feb. 10, 1901
Evert Terry was born Dec. 15, 1903
Claud Terry was born April 10, 1906
Victorine Terry was born April 19, 1909
 (b. Poinsett Co. AR)
Page (89)
 Note: All the children except Victorine Terry were born in Huron, 
Lawrence  County,  Indiana.  The family moved to Arkansas  during 
1906.-- Mrs.  Johnson  also sent quite a bit on  Lawrence  County 
Terrys  and  I  will try and publish more on this  county  later. 
    from Mrs. R. L. Coffman 1326 Canary Lane, Seguin TX 78155
     The  Terry family of St.  Tammany and Tangiapahoa  Parishes, 
Louisiana,  trace their ancestry back to Thomas Terry,  who  with 
two  brothers,  Richard and Robert,  came from England in 1635 on 
the ship "James" to New England.  They stayed in Massachusetts  a 
few years but few records can be found on them until they settled 
in Southold,  Suffolk County,  Long Island,  NY.  Richard was the 
first  of  the  brothers to come to  Southold,  which  was  about 
1650/55,  and Thomas followed a few years later.  Nothing more is 
known  of  Robert.  Thomas  and Richard Terry each  reared  large 
families  and lived the remainder of their lives in areas  around 
Southold and left many descendants,  many living in those vicini-
ties today.

     Seven  generations of our Terrys lived in Suffolk  Co.  Long 
Island. Thomas Conklin Terry and his wife, Elizabeth Dimon Terry, 
were the first of our Terrys to come to  Louisiana.  They,  along 
with  their children,  left Southold about 1819 and travelled  to 
Ohio  where they lived about twelve years.  They are found on the 
Richmond County,  Ohio, census for 1820 and 1830. By 1832 we find 
them in St.  Tammany Parish,  LA.  It is said they travelled down 
the Mississippi in their own flat boat,  carrying a boat load  of 
flour which they sold to other settlers in the St.  Tammany area. 
They soon settled in Pine Grove, St. Tammany Parish, where Thomas 
C.  Terry  and his son John Orrin,  engaged in farming and timber 
cutting.  The timber cutting grew into a thriving lumber business 
which  continued until the Civil War.  Thomas C.  Terry  and  his 
wife, Betsy, had nine children, although only five were living to 
make the move to Louisiana.  Their children were: Emily Ann, John 
Orrin,  Thomas Lodiwick,  Theodore Hackstaff, and Elizabeth Dimon 
(Betsey).  Thomas  Conklin Terry was appointed postmaster of  St. 
Tammany  Parish  in 1836 and held that office until his death  in 
1853,  although by then the parish was called Livingston. He died 
August 27,  1853, and his wife, Betsy, died two weeks later, both 
from yellow fever.

     John  Orrin Terry,  son of Thomas Conklin Terry  and   Betsy 
Terry,  continued  in  the timber business and also  had  various 
businesses  in  New Orleans where he had  considerable  property, 
although he continued to live in St.  Tammany Parish, (later that 
section  was Livingston,  then Tangipahoa) until after the  Civil 
War.  He married Fruza Ann Marriner Nov.  16,  1832, and six sons 
were  born to them.  They were Theodore,  Thomas Marriner,  Orrin 
Finley,  Vetruvius,  Jerome Tuthill, and Julius Dimon Terry. Four 
of  these sons served in the Civil War.  Vetruvius was killed  in 
1863  at  the  Battle of Winchester;  Orrin Finley  lived  to  be 
seventy-six  years of age but suffered all his life  from  wounds 
received in the war;  Thomas Marriner was captured at Fredericks-
burg but was immediately exchanged and resumed fighting and was
Page (90)
subsequently  promoted to the office of  lieutenant-colonel.  His 
wife,  Fruza Ann,  died in 1849,  and in 1852,  John Orrin  Terry 
married  Mary Jane Simpson Collins,  a young widow.  Six children 
were born to them:  William Simpson,  Elizabeth  Dimon,  Augustus 
Theodore,  Mary Kate,  John Whittaker, and Carrie Earle. In their 
latter years, John Orrin Terry and Mary Jane made their home with 
their son,  William,  in New Orleans. John Orrin Terry died April 
23, 1895, in New Orleans, and is buried in Metairie Cemetery.

     Thomas Marriner Terry, son of John Orrin Terry and Fruza Ann 
Marriner Terry, was born Nov. 24, 1835, in St. TAmmany Parish. He 
married  Mary  Elizabeth Tucker,  daughter of Zelotes Tucker  and 
Nancy Wells Tucker.  Five children were born to them:  Orrin Fin-
ley,  Fruza  Marriner,  Clifford Penn,  Beula  Maud,  and  Julius 
Jerome.  Mary  Elizabeth Tucker Terry died in 1879,  and in 1881, 
Thomas  Terry  married  Elinor  Florence  Tucker,   daughter   of 
Nathaniel Warren Tucker and Nancy Marchbank, and who was a cousin 
of  his first wife.  Thomas M.  Terry was in the timber  business 
with  his father,  and also served as mayor of Ponchatoula for  a 
number  of years.  Children by his second marriage  were:  Elinor 
Florence, Bertie Errol, Thomas Marriner, and Wessie Ione.

     Theodore Terry died young. Orrin Finley Terry married Alcina 
Davis.  They lived in New Orleans. Jerome Terry moved to Beaumont 
where  he taught school.  Julius Dimon Terry married Elmira Nancy 
Gosselin.  He  was a farmer and a Methodist minister in  Artesia, 
NM. He and his wife, Nancy, reared eight children.

     Thomas Conklin Terry and Betsy Dimon Terry of  Southold,  NY 
have many descendants living in all parts of the country.SOURCES: 
1)  Will of Thomas Terry,  proved 1672;  2) Will of Thomas Terry, 
proved March 22,  1739/40;  3) Town of Southold,  L.I.  Index  of 
1698,  by Charles B.  Moore; 4) Southold Town Records, Vol. I, by 
J.  Wickham Case;  5) Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Conn., 
by  Frederick  Mather;  6) Mattituck Parish  Records;  7)  Salmon 
                         THOMAS M. TERRY
           Death of a Gallant Veteran of the Civil War
  (From a clipping from the New Orleans Time Picayune--no date)
     Thomas M.  Terry, a veteran of the Civil War and a gentleman 
well  known to a large part of the community,  died of congestion 
of the lungs yesterday afternoon,  August 19,  1895, at his resi-
dence on Thalia and Baronne Streets. 
     He was born on the 24th of November.  1835,  and was  conse-
quently  but  60 years of age.  His early life was passed in  St. 
Tammany Parish,  in which Pine Grove,  his native place is  situ-
ated.  He  engaged  in farming mainly until the beginning of  the 
Civil War,  when he promptly enlisted. He was mustered in at Camp 
Moore  by Lieutenant A.W.  Pope,  June 7,  1861,  and soon  after 
became  captain of a company attached to the Seventh Regiment  of 
Louisiana  Volunteers.  His  first duty was to guard the  baggage 
trains at Manassas and he occupied Camp Pickens for that purpose. 
He was subsequently stationed at Camp Winfall and Bienville, near 
the  Battlefield of Bull Run.  His regiment was then attached  to 
General Early's division,  and participated in all the campaigns
Page (91)
in which that prominent officer took part.

     Captain  Terry  was  promoted to be  Lieutenant  Colonel  on 
October 16,  1862,  and served in a regiment commanded by Colonel 
Penn.  He  was subsequently detailed with General  H.T.  Hays  to 
arrest fugitives from certain commands of the Army.  In 1864,  he 
was  promoted to be Colonel,  but in the tragic events that year, 
never received his commission, though exercising the functions of 
that office.

     After the war, he resumed farming in Tangipahoa and remained 
there till within the past ten years. Governor L.A. Wirtz appoin-
ted  him a Lieutenant Colonel of the militia and attached him  to 
his staff in December 1876.

     In 1881 Governor McEnery appointed him mayor of the town  of 
Ponchatoula,  whither  he had removed some time previously.  This 
office he filled for some years.  He then engaged in contracting, 
and  not meeting with success,  removed to the city.  His  recent 
life  has been passed in retirement and his death  occurred  very 

     Mr.  Terry  was twice married,  his wife surviving  him.  He 
leaves several children,  among whom are Clifford Terry, an elec-
trician,  Mr.  Julius  Terry,  Miss Beula Terry and Mrs.  Malcolm 

     The  remains  will be removed at 8:30 this  morning  to  the 
Illinois Central Depot,  and sent to Ponchatoula, where they will 
be interred.
                           *  *  *  *
                          John W. Terry
     John W. Terry, engaged in the real estate business in Socor-
ro,  is a native of Illinois,  born in Jersey County, on the 12th 
of  October,  1836,  his  parents being Jasper M.  and  Mary  Ann 
(Waggoner)  Terry.  He supplemented his early educational  privi-
leges  by  study in Shurtleff College at  Alton,  Illinois,  from 
which  he graduated in 1861 with the degree of bachelor of  arts. 
Later he became a student in Colgate University at Hamilton,  New 
York, from which he won the Master of Arts degree in 1865, but in 
the  meantime he had rendered active service to his country as  a 
soldier  in the Civil War,  enlisting in  August,  1862.  He  was 
largely  instrumental in raising Company C of the One Hundred and 
Twenty-fourth Illinois Infantry, of which he became first lieute-
nant.  He was with Grant in Tennessee,  Louisiana and Mississippi 
until after the capitulation of Vicksburg, having participated in 
the  entire siege of the city,  his brigade in the center of  the 
line which took formal possession.
     Following his graduation from Shurtleff College,  Mr.  Terry 
was ordained to the Baptist ministry, and subsequent to the close 
of the war he continued his studies in the theological department 
of Colgate University.  He engaged in preaching at Madison, Indi-
ana,  and at Centralia,  Illinois, and for six months was associ-
ated  in church work with Professor William I.  Knapp in  Madrid, 
Spain.  This was in 1871.  In the meantime he had spent one year, 
1869-70,  in travel in Europe. In 1873 he went to Trinidad, Colo-
rado, and having retired from active work of the ministry he
Page (92)
formed  a partnership in the banking business with Colonel George 
R. Swallow. In the fall of 1879 he went to Kansas City, Missouri, 
where he conducted a real estate office,  and in December,  1881, 
he came to Socorro.  In the spring of 1882 he established a  bank 
here,  which  he conducted for three  and a half years,  and  has 
since  given  his  attention to the real estate business  and  to 
dealing  in live stock and alfalfa farms.  He organized  a  large 
stock  ranch in connection with the firm of Liggitt & Meyers,  of 
St.  Louis,  Missouri,  under  the name of the Magdalena  Land  & 
Cattle  Company,  but after about a year,  disposed of his inter-
ests,  in 1887.  His attention is now given to real estate opera-

     In 1874 Mr. Terry was married to Mary A. Bascom, a native of 
Rock Island,  Illinois.  Their children are :  Paul J., agent for 
Wells-Fargo  Express  Company at Ciudad Juarez;  John  Bascom,  a 
graduate  of the University of California of the class  of  1905, 
and  now chemist for the Standard Oil Company at Point  Richmond, 
and Helen, who is attending school in Painesville, Ohio.

     Mr.  Terry  has been prominent in community and  territorial 
interests  in  New Mexico.  He has served as county treasurer  of 
Socorro  County and a member of the city council of  Socorro.  He 
was a Lincoln Republican in earlier days,  stanchly upholding the 
administration  during the period of the Civil war,  and  he  now 
entertains liberal political views,  but has never been an active 
partisan.  He has,  however, served as chairman of the Republican 
county  central committee and of the county executive  committee. 
For  one  year  he served as justice of the peace  and  has  been 
president  of the board of regents of the School of Mines of  New 
Mexico.  He  was made a Mason in Trinidad,  Colorado,  but it not 
affiliated with the craft at the present time.
(Source: New Mexico History, Vol. II, pub. 1907; pg. 616-617)
Submitted by Mrs. Ruby Hartelt, P.O. Box 44, Roswell, NM 88201
                           *  *  *  *
The following article was submitted by Mrs.  Fred W.  Sedenquist, 
12010 Greenleaf Dr.,Huntsville, AL 35803. The article appeared in 
the Decatur (AL) Daily, ca 1976.
   Thousands of Terrys Claim Ties to Pioneer Ancestor and Sons
               by Russ Roberts DAILY Staff Writer.
     The  two party system flourishes in  Lawrence  County--there 
are the Democrats and the Terrys.
     And  if most of the Terrys are also Democrats,  that is  all 
right. The political party is less important than the last name.
     Terrys populate Lawrence County thicker than cotton.  Every-
one  in  the  county knows that because most of them  are  either 
Terrys themselves or are related to one.
     But where did they all come from?
Page (93)


      Records  of  the family's early  history  are  scarce.  Mrs. 
Pauline  Terry,  who knew probably more about the family  history 
than  any other Terry in recent history,  died just a few  months 
ago. Shortly before her death, her extensive collection of family 
records  was destroyed when the Big Nance Creek flooded her  home 
in Courtland.
     That leaves telling the Terry tale in the hands of a Moulton 
barber,  Tennis Terry, who says he is the great-great-grandson of 
John F. Terry, the first Terry to set foot in Lawrence County.
     By  combining information gathered from Mrs.  Pauline  Terry 
before her death and from Tennis Terry, a sometimes contradictory 
but  always fascinating sketch emerges of how a widow brought her 
young  sons to northern Alabama and laid the foundation  of  what 
was to become the institution in the country--the Terry clan.
     The  first  American  members of the Terry  family  came  to 
America from Ireland,  according to Mrs.  Pauline Terry--Scotland 
says Tennis. They settled first in North Carolina.
     One of these early Terrys,  Mrs.  Nancy Terry, gave birth to 
John  F.  Terry in 1805.  Following his birth,  she had at  least 
three other children.
     In the early part of the century,  Mrs.  Nancy Terry and her 
four  sons came to what is now Lawrence County.  Perhaps when the 
family  left  their home somewhere east the woman still  had  her 
husband,  but no one really knows what happened to  him.  Perhaps 
there were other children in the family. But the trip through the 
wilderness  was  not easy.  Possibly she had to bury her  husband 
along the way.
     Whether  there  were  four or five  brothers  is  uncertain. 
Before her death,  Mrs. Pauline Terry counted five brothers--John 
F.,  William,  George, Elijah and Star.No one actually knows what 
Star's real name was. His ancestors gave him the nickname because 
on Mrs.  Terry's documents,  every time there was a space for his 
signature, he drew a star.
     Tennis Terry said he believes there were only four brothers. 
He names John F. and Joseph but has no record of the names of the 
     Tennis  Terry  said he has no idea what  brought  the  first 
Terrys to the Missouri Territory,  which this part of the country 
belonged to.
     "It  was mostly wooded so it would have been hard to  farm." 
Tennis  said.  "They  spent most of their  hunting,  fishing  and 
fighting  Indians.  That's why today you'll find a lot of us hunt 
and fish. We got it from them."
Page (94)
     The grave of John F.  Terry can be found found at the  Terry 
family  cemetery  on  the grounds of the United Terry  Club  near 
Loosiers Community.
     A.  Guy Terry,  Mrs.  Pauline Terry's husband, organized the 
club in 1950 and served as the first club president.
     The club is a dues paying group with as many as 1000 members 
paying dues of $5 annually. The only requirements for entrance is 
that  you either be a Terry or married to one.  The club  grounds 
are on 37 scenic acres where the Terrys first settled.
     Although some Terrys may say they are not related to another 
family  of  Terrys,  Tennis Terry said that every  Terry  in  the 
county is a descendent of one of the original five Terrys.
     Is being a Terry a political asset?
     Presently,  members  of  the Terry family control  a  county 
commission seat,  the sheriff's office, Hillsboro mayor and three 
Hillsboro  city  councilmen.  But more important is the block  of 
votes the family represents to persons outside the family.
     "If  a  candidate  gets half the Terry vote  that's  a  good 
start.  As  long  as he's a pretty good fellow,  if he's  a  good 
Christian, then he can count on the Terry vote."
     State and local politicians regularly attempt to woo Terry's 
at the annual Labor Day Terry club reunion.
     Tennis Terry says he can usually tell a Terry by the way  he 
looks, although he counts some 5,000 in the county.
     "Take old Dale Terry from Texas for example.  He didn't know 
there  were any Terry's around here,  but he found an old address 
that said Lawrence County,  Alabama. He called the courthouse and 
asked if there were any other Terry's around.  After he found out 
this is where most of us are, he decided to come see us."
     "I was in here cutting hair one day when in walks this  man. 
I'd  never  seen him before but here was something about  him,  I 
said, 'Mister, I don't know who you are but you're a Terry.' Sure 
enough it was Dale Terry."
                             * * * *
Submitted  by Ethiel Bernice Johnson 15834  Drysdale,  Southgate, 
Michigan 48195. From the Archives division, Indiana Commission on 
Public Records...We have the following John Terrys. None was born 
in  Virginia and only one would be approximately the  right  age. 
(These men served in Indiana during the Civil War).
TERRY, John Pvt. Co. D. 51st Regt. Enrolled October 10, 1861 at 
Indianapolis   age: 28 eyes: grey   Hair: brown   height: 5'7"   
complexion: dark  nativity: Cincinnati, Ohio   ocp'n: carpenter.
Page (95)
TERRY,  John  Substitute 28th U.S. Colored Troops  enrolled Sept. 
9,  1864 at Evansville  age:19  eyes: black  hair: black  Height: 
5'3" complexion:  black  nativity:  Tennessee   No record of dis-
TERRY, John J.  Pvt. Co. F, 97th Regt.  Enrolled Aug. 13, 1862 at 
Owen Co.   age:  37  mustered out at Washington,  D.  C., June 9, 
TERRY,  John N.  Pvt.  Co.  K,  81st Regt.   Enr. Aug 11, 1862 at 
Cannelton  age:  23  Nativity:  Perry Co.,  Ind.  Killed December 
15, 1864
TERRY,  Jno. W.   Pvt. Co. H 131st Regt. Enrolled Nov. 9, 1863 at 
New Albany,  Inc.   Age:  18 Eyes:  hazel Hair: Dark  Complexion: 
dark  Nativity: Floyd Co., Ind.  Mustered out November 18, 1865.
Additional information may be obtained about these men by writing 
to the National Archives in Washington. D. C.
                             * * * *
The  following appeared in a  "DEAR ABBY" column.  It was sent to 
me by a GILL researcher named Flo Lovette.
     DEAR ABBY:  I was trying to tell my cousin that the children 
of  one's  first cousin are not second cousins,  they  are  first 
cousins  once removed,  and she said I was crazy.  I read this in      
your column not long ago, but unfortunately, I didn't clip it.
     Will you please explain the cousin relationship  again?  And 
this time go into the grandnephew, grandniece, and great-aunt and 
great-uncle  as  well as great-grand-aunt  and  great-grand-uncle 
relationship. Thank You
                                             NEEDS PROOF
     DEAR NEEDS:  The child of your parent's brother or sister is 
your first cousin. However, your first cousin's child is not your 
second cousin,  but your first cousin once removed.  The child of 
your first cousin once removed is your first cousin twice removed 
and his child is your first cousin three times removed.
     Your  second cousin is your grandparent's brother's (or sis-
ter's)  grandchild.  That  second cousin's child is  your  second 
cousin once removed,  his child your second cousin twice removed, 
and so on.
     And  your third cousin?  It's your great-grandparent's  bro-
ther's (or sister's) great-grandchild.  The third cousin's  child 
is your third cousin once removed, his child is your third cousin 
twice removed.
     The grandchild of your brother or sister is your grandnephew 
or grandniece.
     The sister or brother of your grandparent is your great-aunt 
or great-uncle.
     The  sister  or  brother of your great-grandparent  is  your 
great-grand-aunt or great-grand-uncle.
     Whew! Isn't this grand? Or is it great?
Page (96)
                    by Jason G. Terry age 11
     On January 17, 1983 we went to Hatteras (NC) for an environ-
mental studies class. Our teacher was Bonnie Strawser, a Fish and 
Wildlife ranger.  We saw a film about different animals and a lot 
of  neat exhibits.  When we were done,  we ate a super lunch  and 
then the action began.

     Basketball?  We  played  the fourth and  fifth  grades  from 
Hattaras School.  The girls won their game;  Ocracoke 17 and Hat-
teras 6.  The Ocracoke boys also won their games; Ocracoke 13 and 
Hattaras 7.

     We  are  going  back February 22 and are going to  have  the 
class again.  This session will be about reptiles.  And,  we  are 
going to play them again and hope to beat them again.
(Note: This is the Editor's No. 2 son.)
                             * * * *
Lori  Terry (Editor's sister) and Lisa Tackett of Fort Cobb  (OK) 
recently  served as pages at the state capitol for State  Senator 
Ray Giles.  Miss Terry is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Terry 
and Miss Tackett is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Tackett.
                             * * * *
                Notes on Stephen Terry 1700-1769
                          by the Editor
1)   Deed from Richard Mauldin of St. Margaret's Parish, Caroline 
Co.  VA to Stephen Terry of St.  Margaret's Parish,  Caroline Co. 
VA. Orange Co., VA Deed Bk. 3, p. 158 23 May 1739.
2)   Deed from Richard Mauldin of St. Margaret's Parish, Caroline 
Co., VA. to Stephen Terry of St. Margaret's Parish, Caroline Co., 
VA. Orange Co. VA Deed bk. 3, p. 166 23 may 1739.
3)   Stephen Terry of St.  Mark's Parish,  Orange Co.,  VA adver-
tises  the land of a plantation on Double Top Mountain in  Orange 
Co  VA  11 Sep 1745.  VA Gazette Index (1736-1780 by  Cappon  and 
Duff. Vol. 3, p. 1176.
4)   Deed from Stephen Terry and wife Jeriah of St.  Mark's  Par-
ish,  Orange Co.  VA to Phillip Rootes.  Orange Co., VA Order Bk. 
10, p. 302--21 My 1746.
5)    Deed from Richard Harris of Granville Co.,  NC  to  Stephen 
Terry of St. Martin's Parish, Hanover Co. VA" Granville Co., NC., 
Deed Bk B. p. 162--8 Dec 1752.
6)   Deed from Stephen Terry of St. Martin's Parish, Hanover Co., 
VA to James and Roland Terry,  his sons,  of St. Martin's Parish, 
Hanover Co. VA. Granville Co., NC., Deed Bk F, p. 222-8 Feb 1762.
Page (97)
7)    Royal  grant from Lord Charles Montague to  Stephen  Terry. 
Granted  200 A on the Caney Fork of a Creek called Sandy River on 
the  Saluda Road between Broad and Catawba Rivers in  Craven  Co. 
SC--10  Jul 1762.  Note:  Fifty-two acres of this land granted to 
William Morris by son of Stephen:  John W. Terry 1752-1834).--Jan 
8)   Oath by John Richmond and Jane Martin of Fairfield Dist,. SC 
indicating Sarah Terry wife of Stephen Terry,  died Wateree Creek 
SC.  Noted she regretted leaving her children in VA.  In  Hanover 
Co.,  VA Court Records 1783-1792 (Part 2), p. 396. Oath presented 
Fairfield Co.,  SC 24 Dec 1788 and presented in Hanover Co. Ct. 6 
May 1790.  (Stephen d. 1769's estate was finally being settled at 
this time--Editor)
9)    Stephen Terry and wife,  formerly Susannah Glover,  both of 
St.  Mark's Parish, Craven Co., SC sell to James McClure of same, 
150  acres  on S.  fork of  Fishing  Creek.  Charleston  Co.  SC, 
Miscellaneous Records, M-3, p. 498--17 Feb 1769.
10)   Letters of administration to Susannah Glover wife of George 
Glover,  late of Fishing Creek.  Probate Records of SC Vol. 3, p. 
26-- compiled by Brent Holcomb.
11)  Susannah Glover Terry granted letters of administration  for 
Stephen Terry,  late of St. David's Parish, Craven Co., SC. South 
Carolina Historical & Genealogical Magazine.  Vol.  44, p. 48--14 
Mar 1770.
12)   Letter of attorney from Daniel Gaines of Wilkes Co.,  GA to 
William Goode to transact business in SC, especially to collect a 
debt from Stephen Terry dec'd formerly of Craven Co.., SC. Wilkes 
Co., GA Deed Bk DD, p. 91--17 Jul 1788.
13)   Stephen Terry of Fairfield Co.,  SC to Micajah  Pickett  of 
Fairfield Co.,  SC 100 A land formerly granted to Richard Griffen 
to Stephen Terry,  now deceased. Bounded by Samuel Griffin on the 
north  of Wateree Creek and Nathaniel Latham,on the West by lands 
of Susannah Stark, and also all that tract of land containing 150 
acres formerly belonging to Stephen Terry,now deceased.  Witness: 
John Dick, Reuben Stark, Signed: Stephen Terry and Mary Terry his 
wife.  Fairfield Co.,  SC Deed Bk M, p.63--10 Mar 1796.(QUESTION: 
14)  Will of Ruben Starke,  wife Susannah.  Will dated 22 October 
1805 proved 21 November 1805 FAirfield Dist. SC.
Note:  Some  of the notes were taken from Mrs.  Bushnell's  TERRY 
RECORDS OF VIRGINIA. I would be most interested in any references 
to any Stephen Terrys in SC prior to 1800.--Editor.
Page (98)
                Recorded the 29th .. August 1814
     To all people to whom these presents Shall Come I Moses Hill 
Send Greeting
     Know  ye  that I the Said Moses Hill of the State  of  South 
Carolina  and  District of Fairfield for and in Consideration  of 
the  good will and affection which I have and do bear towards  my 
son in Law Stephen Terry of the State and District aforesaid Have 
given  and  granted by these presents doth freely give and  grant 
unto the Said Stephen Terry his Heirs Executors or Administrators 
a Certain Negro Girl Sarah about fifteen years of age To have and 
to  hold Said Negro Girl above mentioned to his the Said  Stephen 
Terry  his Heirs Executors or administrators from  henceforth  as 
his  proper  Right absolutely without any Manner of condition  In 
Witness  Whereof  I  have hereunto Set My  hand  and  Seale  this 
21th..day  of  September  in the Year# of our Lord  one  thousand 
Eight hundred and thirteen
Signed Sealed and delivered in presents of
Thomas Hill                                  Moses Hill (Seal)
Enoch  Grubbs 
Note: Submitted by Peggy Thomas 1118 Horizon Trail, Richardson TX 
                             * * * *
                     JOHN TERRY OF VIRGINIA
                         by Francis Wynn
                  Box 6, Rt 3, Leander TX 78641
To the Terry Family Historian,
     I  am  very intrigued with one John Terry of the  Colony  of 
Virginia.  Though  I am mostly overruled by Terry  researchers  I 
think  that he is a good possibility for the immigrant and ances-
tor of the Caroline County, Virginia, Terrys.
     No.  I do not believe the following are of one John Terry. I 
only think there is a possibility that they might be one and  the 
Aboard Abigale      1 July 1635    Jo Terry  32 years
Index to Land Patents
John Terry          2
     August 20,  1642 John Terry 300 acres due him for his  tran-
sportation  of six persons.  The location is not entirely distin-
guishable (to me) but apparently on Cany Creek in later  Glouces-
ter  County  derived from abstracts of other patents  using  John 
Terry's  land as a marking point.  (At that particular time there 
was an act prohibiting the settlement of land across the  Charles 
River. This felony act was revoked in 1649 and was then open to
Page (99)
settlement by John's heirs and others.)
     On  18  July 1646 Mary Terry of New  Pawquoson  appeared  in 
court  declaring  herself widow of John Terry.-----"have given  & 
sett  over & doe by theise presents give & sett over unto  Thomas 
Terry John Terry James Terry and Edw Terry wch fower sonnes I had 
by my husband John Terry late deceaed one old cow blacks &  white 
with  a  white Starr in the fore head with a bull calfe  collared 
redd  and  one blacke heifer of the age of a year & a  halfe  old 
Crop  X  on the right eare & twoe slitts in the  croppe  and  one 
----- of the same ear ---------- ------- ---I do hereby give unto 
my  fower  children  afforesd to be  equally  divided--- ---- --- 
----- as they shall come to the yeares of one & twenty----- ----- 
---- that then shall be whene they shall sevrally attayne to  the 
age  of  one & twenty yeares --- ---- --- and when  the  youngest 
save  one  named  James  Terry shall come to the  age  of  one  & 
     In  a  report  there is record of a  report  of  the  cattle 
belonging to the orphans of John Terry.
     Eleven  July 1666 abstract of land patent shows Thomas Terry 
now ownes land of John in Gloucester, County.
     The  fower  sonnes of Mary Terry would be of the proper  age 
and were certainly in a good location for one,  possibly  Thomas, 
to  have been the father of the earliest Terrys in Caroline Coun-
     Does anyone have other records on this John Terry? The fower 
     The  above  was found in abstracts  of  several  books.  The 
original  records  were  requested to be copied for me  from  the 
Virginia Archives.
     I  think  the Terry Family Historian is a  great  thing.  As 
above  I have pondered over a great deal and would like the opin-
ion of some other interested Terrys.
                             * * * *
Records  of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers Compiled by Andrew  B. 
Booth 1920 and submitted by Elizabeth P. Coffman. Thomas M. Terry 
was her grandfather.
C.             Residence:  New Orleans
J.             Enlisted:   New Orleans
J. N.          Res.        Henry Co. Texas
J. W.          Res.        Lafayette Co. Ark.
Jerome         En.         Pointe Coupee, La
John H.        -
Joseph         En.         Monroe, La.
Michael        -
Nat            -
Orrin F.       Res.        Livingston Parish, La.
S. W.          En.         Camp Moore, La.
Stephen W.     En.         New Orleans, La.
Page (100)
Thomas M.      En.         Camp Moore, La. June 7, 1861
Vitrivius P.   En.         Camp Moore, La. June 7, 1861
(Sergt. 2nd Lt. Co. K, 7th La. Inf. Killed at Winchester, Va. age 
when enlisted 21, single.
                             * * * *
                     GREENE COUNTY, ILLINOIS
                    TERRY FAMILY INFORMATION
                    by Frances Terry Ingmire
     Mt.  Pisgah Cemetery,  located on the Lester Bell farm, near 
Kane,  Greene County.  Land originally ownd by the Rev. John Ste-
vens. Son-in-law of Jasper M. Terry, Sr.
     Mary Terry, wife of Josiah Terry, d. 22 April 1844, 87 years 
6 months 11 days.  The oldest grave in the cemetery.  This is the 
wife  of  Josiah Terry,  Rev.  War Soldier and mother  of  Jasper 
     Jasper Terry, son of J. & M. Terry, d. 11 Nov 1851, 74 years 
5 mo.  11 days.  (Jasper Terry was born in Botetourt County,  VA. 
1777,  moved to Hardin County, Kentucky between 1803 & 1805. Then 
to Greene (now Jersey) County, Illinois in 1828.
     Sarah Terry,  wife of Jasper Terry,  d.  17 Sept.  1850,  72 
     Elizabeth  Stevens,  wife of Rev.  John Stevens,  & dau.  of 
Jasper & Sarah (Fuller) Terry, b. May 12, 1798 d. 1881.
     John Stevens d. 12 Mar. 1853, age 61 years, 1 month, 7 days.
(Other  members  of the Stevens family are also  buried  in  this 
James C. Terry b. 11 Oct. 1834 d. 10 Sep 1909
Mary E. Terry b. 20 Sep 1841 d. 11 Feb 1912
Thomas M. Terry d. June 10, 1935 age 72 years
Charles H. Terry d. July 30, 1947 age 73 years 9 mo., 2 days
Mary G. Terry d. April 17, 1868, age 86 years
Henry C. Terry, 1845-1907
Mary A. Cadwallder wife of H. C. Terry, 1850-1929
Ada M. Terry, 1871-1953, dau. of H.C. & M. A. Terry
Jacob W.  Terry,  d.  28 Nov 1903,  Will, names wife Martha Price 
Terry son Charles Willis Terry.
Herman R.  Terry, d. 26 Jun 1937, will, names wife Mary E. Terry, 
son Vincent K.  Terry,  son Carl C.  Terry, son Albert Terry, son 
Clyde Terry,  son Russell B.  Terry,  dau. Catherine T. Coulter & 
dau. Henrietta P. Terry.
   MAY 1827    TERRY, ANDREW            STICE, NANCY
08 JAN 1852    TERRY, JOHN              DAWSON, HARRIET A.
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29 NOV 1855    TERRY, WILLIAM           HANDLAN, ELLEN
12 JUL 1879    TERRY, DUNCAN            GRIFFIN, MARY ANN
(Note:  Duncan  Terry son of William and Millie Carpenter  Terry, 
Mary Ann dau. of John Griffin. fti)
                     JERSEY COUNTY ILLINOIS
Early  records  were destroyed by fire,  or recorded in  (mother) 
county of Greene.
Early Terry Births--Recorded
Ada Terry, Aug. 18, 1871, dau of Mary A. & Henry C. Terry
Chas. H. Terry, Oct 28, 1873, son of Mary A. & Henry C. Terry.
Laura F. Terry, Oct. 23, 1876, dau of Mary A. & Henry C. Terry.
(Note: Henry C. Terry, Henry Clay Terry, son of Jasper M. Terry 
Jr. and Mary Ann Waggoner Terry. Wife of Henry C. Terry was Mary 
A. Cadwalder.)
                          Register "A"
22 JUN 1847    TERRY, MILES        JUDD, ELIZABETH   
     by Joseph Lane, J.P.
     by Jasper M. Terry J.P.
     by Geo. C. Wood M.G.
     by B.B. Hamilton J.P.
     by Wm. M. Getter J.P.
     by B.B. Hamilton J.P.
21 NOV 1867    TERRY, SARAH        HALL, JOHN H.
     by Jona Burton J.P.
02 JUN 1870    TERRY, SARAH E.     NALLY, WM. G.
     by A. F. Hutchison M.G.
     by L. C. Carr, M.G.
14 OCT 1863    TERRY, WM. P.       MCGILL, ESTHER
     by C. G. Good M. G.
16 JUL 1867    TERRY, JAMES C.     YOUNG, MARY E.
     by D. H. Stubberfield M. G.
04 FEB 1867    TERRY, JOHN L.      JANNEY, SARAH M.
     by Wm. W. Titter J.P.
     by Wm. W. West J.P.
     by Rev. S. Walker
     by Morris Thomas J. P.
     by W. H. Reed M. G.
20 JUL 1871    TERRY, JOHN L.      JONES, MRS. SARAH E.
     by T.T. Voorhees J.P.
Page (102)
     by E. R. Brigham J. P.
     by J. S. Stark (Presby. Ch.)
02 SEP 1855    TERRY, MARY         WHITE, DANIEL P.
     by B.B. Hamilton J.P.
                          Register "B"
02 APR 1899    TERRY, WM. H. (37)  TUCKER, MAHALA J. (30)
13 APR 1904    TERRY, MAHALA J.(36)TERRY, WM. C. (42)
21 FEB 1912    TERRY, JESSE R.(25) PARSELL, RENA B. 
14 JUL 1898    TERRY, LARA F. (21) EDWARDS, FREDERICK M. (24)
                       MISC. DEATH RECORDS
William Terry  d. 1888   Reg. #1   Page 127
William A. Terry d. 1888 Reg # 1   Page 128
Mary E. Terry d. 1911    Reg # 4   Page 52
Chas. H. Terry d. 1946   Reg # 9   Page 866
FUNERAL CARD.  Henry C.  Terry & wife Mary Caldwalder (1850-1929) 
Bur.  Oak  Grove.  Died at his home near  Otterville,  Illlinois, 
Tuesday,  Feb.  12,  1907,  at 8:50 AM,  HENRY C.  TERRY, aged 61 
years,  4 months and 18 days.  Funeral services will be held form 
the First Baptist Church,  Jerseyville on Friday,  Feb.  15, at 2 
PM.  Rev.  W. W. Hicks officiating. Friends and acquaintences are 
invited. Members of Jerseyville Lodge #394 A.F. & A.M. are reqes-
ted to meet at their hall Friday,  Feb.  15, 1907 at 1 PM for the 
purpose of attending the funeral of our deceased brother,  J.  G. 
Erwin. Sect. H.W. Rich W. M.
(Note by Mrs.  Ingmire:  Henry Clay Terry, had been driving stock 
all  day  in  the heat,  took a bath  and  went  to  Jerseyville, 
Illinois,  to  attend a political meeting where he had a  stroke, 
and died a few days later.
     Albert O.  Terry, moved to Montgomery Co., IL for a time and 
later to MO.
     Jasper Morrison Terry,  Jr.  received a land grant in Greene 
County, IL which was signed by Andrew Jackson, 1835, Cert. # 7614 
for 80 acres.
     The old Dr.  Weir home in Madison Co.,  IL (Edwardsville) is 
now a museum,  Dr. Weir, married Fannie (Frances) Terry, daughter 
of Jasper M. and Mary A. (Waggoner) Terry.
     Jasper Morrison Terry,  Jr. was 3rd Judge Elected for Jersey 
County, IL. His picture is in the hall way of the courthouse.
     The  old  school house in Otterville,  IL,  has had a  Terry 
connected with it from the founding,  (while a log building), and 
still today (1982).
                             * * * *


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