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                                 EDITOR'S NOTES
     In  a  recent telephone conversation with  Mrs.  James  J.  Bushnell,  she
indicated she had 10 copies of TERRY RECORDS OF VIRGINIA left.  They are $25.00
each and may be ordered from Mrs. Bushnell at 2919 Fairway Drive, Birmingham AL
     Mrs.  Lina  Terry McIlwain,  5310 River Thames Rd.,  Jackson MS 39211  has
indicated  she  has  exhausted  her supply of TERRY FAMILIES  OF  VIRGINIA  AND
ELSEWHERE. {The Editor would be happy to look up names for you if you like.}
     There  is a new book containing some TERRY  information  entitled:  George
Allen Wadsworth--Pilley to Panca.  1983. By Helen Free Vanderbeek, Route 5, Box
151,  Idaho Falls,  ID 83402.  Hardcover,  6x9 inches,  434 pages, illustrated,
indexed,  $30.00.  I  have  not  personally seen it.  Names  mentioned  include
EDWARDS,  WALKER,  BOND,  BLAZZARD. George Allen's son Nephi John Allen married
Eliza Jane Terry and George William Allen married Sarah Mariah Terry and second
Josephine Rebecca Terry.  I believe these were Pennsylvania Terry families  who
removed  to Utah.  Parshall Terry Family History compiled and distributed  1956
Reprinted - 1963 by Mr.  and Mrs.  Terry Lund,  2490 South 5th East,  Salt Lake
City, Utah from notes on page 5:
     There  were five distinct families of Terry's among the pioneers of  Utah.
Our  family  consisting  of Parshall Terry,  his four sons,  and  two  nephews,
arrived as follows:
     Parshall Peter Terry          1847 (First Company)
     Joshua Terry                  1847 (Second Company)
     Parshall Terry                1849
     James Parshall Terry          1849
     Joel Terry                    1848-1851
     Jacob Er Terry                1852
     George Thompson Terry         1898-1901
     The four other families who came as pioneers were:
     Thomas  Sirls Terry,  who came in 1847,  and later went to Southern  Utah,
settling in Enterprise. (This is the grandfather of Terry Lund, husband of Nora
Lund, your historian.)
     Ottis L. Terry arrived in 1850. He settled in San Pete.
     Charles A. Terry came in 1850 and later settled in St. George.
     One branch of his family headed by William A. Terry, settled in Alpine.
     William R.  Terry came in 1852.  He was captain of the Company. He settled
     at Draper.
     (Note:  I  believe Thomas Sirls Terry is the descendant with whom the book
is  connected.  I  am not certain if there is an earlier  connection  with  the
family of Parshall Terry. --Editor.)
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the 1700's and his son, Samuel Terry, settled in what is now Putnam County.
Notice sent to me by Claudette Maerz, Box 37010, Bloomington MN 55431.
     Lori Lanette Terry graduated from Oney High School,  Albert,  Oklahoma May
11,  1984. Ms. Terry was listed in the 1984 "Who's Who" of American High School
Graduates.  She  plans to attend Southwestern Oklahoma State University in  the
Fall. -- Congratulations Sis!
     I am very busy with the quarterly and am planning to publish a new  refer-
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                                                  The Editor
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                            COVERING THE TERRY-TORY
                      by Robert W. Terry of Cincinnati OH
     Gray's "Elegy in a Country Churchyard" contains a couplet,  that, trusting
to memory, goes like this:
               "Full many a gem of purest ray serene,
               The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear;
               Full many a flower is born to blush unseen
               And waste its fragrance on the desert air."
     Running  a little late with my quarterly contribution to the Terry  Family
Historian, I just wondered whether the many readers of this publication realize
the enormous amount of time-consuming effort that goes into the task.
     There were,  are,  and will be countless members of the Terry clan born to
blush  unseen  but that will not be said of the editor and associate editor  of
the TFH, "Mike" and Debbie Terry. All of us who bear the name or connected with
it owe great thanks to them for the publication now in its third volume.  Their
effort  has  to  be a "labor of love" from which the accrued  rewards  are  not
measured in dollars and cents.
     If Mike and Debbie were paid at the minimum hourly wage for their work  on
the  TFH,  we  readers would be paying a sizable multiple of  the  subscription
     This  is just my way of offering "congratulations" to them with the pledge
that  I shall be more alert to correspond with members of the Terry clan  whose
lineage may link with mine.
     My  circle  of friends has been enlarged over the years  with  persons  of
Terry  descent,  many  of them regular correspondents and others  whose  mutual
interest has involved traveling to see whether the other person fit the "Terry"
mold  -- we all agree  that hard-headedness runs in the family,  but match  the
criticism with virtues of intelligence and wit.
     Be  glad that we are not trying to trace any of the more common  surnames,
such as Smith,  Jones, Brown, Johnson. Mike and Debbie have furnished us with a
sounding  board  through which we can concentrate on a surname not  as  common,
although  the  Terrys among the colonials in this country accounted for a  much
higher percentage of the population.
     Readers of the TFH are members of an exclusive group, and I, for one, want
to continue searching each issue for new connections to my own line.
     Join me in thanking Mike and Debbie for making the search possible.
EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for all the kind words Bob. I should like to mention that
Bob  has not missed sending in an article for each issue since the  first.-- We
                                   * * * * *
                         BRIEF SKETCH OF THOMAS TERRY
                      Compiled by Francis Richmond Sears
              Submitted by Susan C. Terry of Brattleboro VT 05301
     It  is  not  known when or where he was born,  and his  parents  are  also
unknown. That he is not Thomas Terry who came from England in the JAMES in 1635
is certainly clear since that individual was a founder of Southold,  L.  I., in
1640,  a freeman of Connecticut in 1662,  and died in 1672. The Thomas Terry of
this paper was residing on Block Island in 1662, and was living as late as 1691
at least.  The Thomas Terry of the JAMES was born in 1607, but our Thomas Terry
had  children  born from 1678 on for several  years when the passenger  on  the
JAMES  would  have been seventy odd years of age.  These facts  are  conclusive
proof that these two individuals are not the same man.
     Our  Thomas Terry is first mentioned when,  called "of Braintree",  he was
present at the home of Dr.  John Alcock in Roxbury, Massachusetts on August 17,
1660 at a conference concerning the purchase of Block Island. He was one of the
six  men  who built a barque for the transporting of cattle to the  said  Block
Island. In April, 1661 he left Braintree with others for Block Island, stopping
at Taunton, Massachusetts. It was probably in the spring of 1662 that this band
of persons left Taunton and took up their residence at Block Island.  In  1662,
the  population  of  Block  Island is stated to have been  30  whites  and  400
Indians.   In  1665  Thomas Terry was representative from Block Island  in  the
Rhode  Island  General  Assembly.  He received the 10th and 11th  lots  in  the
northern part of the island and the 4th and 5th lots in the western part of the
island. (See Rev. S. T. Livermore's HISTORY OF BLOCK ISLAND, pages 296-306.
     From  Jan.  13,  1662/3 to June 13,  1678 he continued to reside on  Block
Island.  (See  Rhode Island Land Evidence-Printed-I/161-162-23 and New Shoreham
Records I/463-69)
     As early as May 20, 1679 he was of Taunton, Massachusetts on which date he
deeded 420 acres of Block Island land. (New Shoreham Records I/69).
     On Jan. 25, 1683 his wife Anne Terry signed a deed with him. (Rhode Island
Land Enidence-Printed-I/183)
     From May 20,  1679 to July 15,  1691 we find several deeds showing that he
lived  at  Tauton and Freetown during this period.  (See Bristol  County  Deeds
2/358;  1/221;  2/360;  1/209;  2/359) July 15,  1691 is the last known date on
which  we  find him alive.  [Please see my note next page re:  Will  of  Thomas
     He died probably shortly after July 15,  1691 and probably before 1693. He
was selectman of Freetown in 1685-1689-1690.  He was commissioned Lieutenant on
June 4, 1686 and was a representative to the General Court in 1689.
     Thomas  Terry  married Anne (Rogers) Tisdale about 1678.  Anne Rogers  was
born about 1642,  the daughter of John2Rogers (Thomas1 Rogers of the MAYFLOWER)
and Ann2 Churchman (Hugh1 Churchman).  On Nov.  23, 1664 Ann Rogers married (1)
John Tisdale who was born in 1642,  the son of John and Sarah (Walker) Tisdale.
John  Tisdale  died  "about  the last  of  December",  1677.  (See  MAYFLOWER
DESCENDANTS V/205; Mayflower Index II/619; Bristol County Deeds IV/404).
     There  is no settlement of the estate of Thomas Terry in  Bristol  County.
His wife survived him and married (3) Samuel Williams of Taunton,  who was born
in  1637/38,  the  son  of Richard and Frances (Dighton) Williams  of  Taunton.
Samuel Williams died in August,  1697 leaving his wife, Anna (Rogers) (Tisdale)
(Terry) Williams surviving him. And she was living as late as July 4, 1710.
     Anne  Rogers had four children by her first  husband,  John  Tisdale;  and
three children by her second husband,  Thomas Terry; she had no children by her
third  husband,  Samuel Williams.  All seven children of Anne Rogers are  great
grandchildren  of  THOMAS  ROGERS  OF  THE  MAYFLOWER.   Anne  Rogers  was  the
grandaughter  of Thomas Rogers through his son,  John  Rogers.  Thus,  all  the
descendants  of  Thomas Terry are MAYFLOWER descendants.  [I also descend  from
three other lines.]
     Children of Thomas and Anne Terry:
1.   Thomas Terry  b. 14 Jul 1681 d. ca. Jun 1757 m. 4 Jan 1700 Abigail Dean b.
Taunton MA 16 Nov 1680 ,  dau. of Isaac2 Dean (John1 Dean) and his wife, Hannah
Leonard (James1). Children: Thomas Terry (died unm.), Abiel Terry.
2.   John Terry b. bf. 14 Jul 1681 d. bf. 1716 m. 3 Apr 1705 Remember Farrow b.
Hingham MA 3 Feb 1682/83 d.  1719,  She remarried before 1716. She was the dau.
of John2 Farrow (John1) and his wife,  Mary Hilliard.  Children: John Terry and
Silas Terry.
3.   Benjamin Terry b.  aft.  1683 d. ca Mar 1773. m. (1) 1710/11 Joanna Spurr,
dau.  of John2 Spurr (Robert1) and his wife Mary Hoar. Children of first wife:
Robert Terry,  Benjamin Terry,  John Terry and Mary Terry. He m. (2) ca 1722/23
Margaret Holloway,  the daughter of Nathaniel3 Holloway (Samuel2, William1) and
Deliverance2 Babbitt (Edward1 Bobet).  Children by second wife:  George  Terry,
Joanna Terry,  Lydia Terry, Phebe Terry, William Terry, Margaret Terry, Solomon
Terry, Merriam Terry, Sarah Terry and Dinah Terry.
Note:  There is no record of any other children except these three sons, Thomas
Terry,  John Terry and Benjamin Terry.  Bristol County Deeds IV/104 gives proof
of  these  three children when their father's land is divided.  Since no  other
children are mentioned in this deed, it appears that there were no others.
Added Comments by Susan C. Terry: I have to agree with Mr. Sears that my Thomas
is  not the one who came over with brothers Richard Terry and Robert  Terry  on
the JAMES, although there are sources who assume they are one in the same e.g.,
Thomas  Terry did leave a Will dated 10 Aug 1691 but it was refused probate  30
Oct  1691  for lack of his signature.  The document mentions land at  Lyne  and
Quinelbarg?,  Connecticutt  and Long Island and Rye,  New York as well  as  his
Freetown, Massachusetts property....I have some interesting stories handed down
about Thomas1 Terry on Block Island. [See next story--Editor.]
                                   * * * * *
                                 THOMAS TERRY
[Taken from the History of Block Island,  Rhode Island,  from Its Discovery  in
1514 to 1876, by Rev. S. T. Livermore, A. M. Published 1877.
     No  one,  perhaps,  took  a  more  active part than Thomas  Terry  in  the
settlement  and improving of Block Island during his short residence  here.  He
seems  to  have  been  a man of very  different  bearing  from  the  high-toned
statesman-like Capt.  James Sands,  and more quiet,  even-tempered, moral Simon
Ray.  Mr.  Terry  had great self-possession,  shrewdness,  and withal a  daring
unexcelled  by  the bravest.  Thus in these three men we find the little  Block
Island  colony of sixteen families favored with the three important  characters
of statesman,  moralist,  and  hero.  That Thomas Terry was the latter none can
doubt  who properly estimate the few incidents of his life that we are able  to
     He was present at the house of Dr. John Alcock in Roxbury, Mass., the 17th
of August 1660,  "then and there to confer about" the purchase of Block Island.
He  was from Braintree,  Mass.,  and was one of the six who built a "barque for
the transporting of cattle to said island for the settlement thereof",  and  in
April, 1661, left Braintree with others for Block Island, stopping on their way
at Taunton.
     In May,  1664,  he, with James Sands. Petitioned the Court of Rhode Island
for  the admission of the Islanders as freemen of the colony,  and in  response
was  appointed by said court to proceed with Mr.  Sands to inaugurate the first
steps of civil government on the Island,  and they did accordingly. At the same
time Mr.  Terry was admitted freeman of the colony.  In 1665, as representative
from  Block  Island in the Rhode Island General  Assembly,  he  was  intimately
associated  with Roger Williams,  John Clark,  and other distinguished persons.
During the year he petitioned the Assembly for assistance in building a  harbor
on the Island,  and thus secured a visit of inspection from a committee consis-
ting of Governor Benedict Arnold, Deputy-Governor William Brenton, and Mr. John
Clark.  In 1670 Mr.  Terry presented a similar petition. In 1672, he was one of
the foremost in obtaining a charter for the Island to become a township.
     His  one-sixteenth  of  the land here purchased was located  in  different
parcels,  the  largest two of which were the extreme south end of  the  Island,
extending  from the east to the west shore,  and the narrowest part of the Neck
embracing Indian Head Neck.  On the northerly part of the latter his house  was
located.  He  seems to have been quite forward in making slaves of the Indians,
for  as  early  as  1669,  six of Indian slaves escaped  from  him  and  caused
considerable trouble in the colony.  Mr.  Terry wrote to Francis Lovelace, then
governor of New York,  concerning these six Indians, and said governor wrote to
Governor Arnold,  of Rhode Island,  about the matter as  follows:  "Mr.  Thomas
Terry  of Block Island,  informs mee that hee hath had six Indyans servants run
away  from  him,  which  Ninicraft (Chief of the  Narragansetts)  protects  and
keepes, though none of his Indians. I think you may do well to  admonish him of
it,  and that hee ought not to doe the least injury to the English under  whose
protection  he  lives,  without giving satisfaction for it.  It may be  by  his
answer you may judge of his intent."
     The  substance  of  the  above  the  governor  of  Rhode  Island,   by  an
interpreter,  communicated to Ninicraft, a very artful chief, who replied "that
he  had  had  a great deal of trouble about these servants,  and  that  he  did
receive an order about them from Mr.  Benton in the winter time,  when the snow
was knee-deep;  and that then he did send out to look, but could not find them,
and that he did order them often-times to return to their master;  but they did
run  away,  some to Connecticott,  and some to the Massachusetts.  That  Thomas
Terry had done very badly with him in the business, and caused him a great deal
of trouble;  that once an old man, one of his Indians, did complain to him that
Thomas  Terry had taken two children out of his house by force,  which were now
grown young men,  and were two of the six that Thomas Terry did now demand; and
that  he  did advise the said Indian to complain to the Governor  against  him;
that he might hear them both;  further,  he saith that yesterday he met one  of
the  four Indians that were brought to Thomas Terry upon Quononicutt,  and  did
intend  to have brought him over with him,  and did bring him some part of  the
way;  but he run from him, and that he would have had the English there to have
got  on horse-back and rid after him,  but they said it was no matter.  He also
said if Thomas Terry had not intended to have taken away my life,  he might  as
well have informed you that I,  being at a dance on Block Island about three or
four years since, I seeing a servant of his there, sent him home to him, to his
house;  but the next morning the said servant came again, and I sent him to his
house  again;  and he returning,  I sent him back again the third time.  This I
believe he did not acquaint you with, although there are several witnesses that
can testify to the truth thereof."
     The above transactions not only give us a glimpse of personal  characters,
and  of  those  peculiar times,  but they also point to the cause and  mode  of
exterminating the Indians of Block Island.  Slavery was the cause,  and running
away was the mode,  evidently.  Mr. Terry seems to have been more familiar than
any  of  his fellow citizens with the language and habits of  the  Indians.  He
conversed with them in their own tongue, and knew well how to take advantage of
their ignorance,  and how to manage their passions.  Amidst the greatest perils
he was master of the situation. The following incident given by his friend Rev.
Samuel Niles is in point.  At the time referred to,  the Indians on the  Island
were but about twenty to one of the settlers,  and they had become so turbulent
that  the  women  and  children  of the latter were  collected  at  the  Sands'
Garrison,  and a close eye was kept upon the savages.  Says  Mr.  Niles:  "They
therefore  kept  a very watchful eye on them,  especially when they had  got  a
considerable  quantity  of  rum among them and they got  drunk,  as  is  common
with them, and then they are ready for mischief. Once when they had a large keg
of  rum,  and it was feared by the English what might be the  consequence,  Mr.
Thomas Terry, then an inhabitant there, the father of the present Colonel Terry,
Esq., of Freetown, who had gained the Indian tongue, went to treat with them as
they  were  gathered together on a hill that had a long descent to the  bottom;
(Beacon Hill?) where he found their keg or cask of rum,  with the bung out, and
began  to  inquire of them who had supplied them with it.  They  told  him  Mr.
Arnold,  who  was  a  trader  on Block Island.  Upon  which  he  endeavored  to
undervalue  him and prejudice their minds against him;  and in their cups  they
soon pretended that they cared as little for Mr. Arnold as he did. He told them
that  if they spake the truth they should prove it,  (which is customary  among
them)  and  the  proof he directed was,  to kick their keg  of  rum,  and  say,
Tuckisha Mr.  Arnold!  The English is, 'I don't care for you Mr. Arnold': which
one of them presently did,  and with his kick rolled it down the hill, the bung
being open,  as was said, and by the time it came to the bottom the rum had all
run out. By this stratagem the English were made easy for this time."
     Another  account of Mr.  Terry's tact and bravery is given by  Mr.  Niles,
which helps us also to understand some of the trials of the first settlers.  He
     "Another  instance  of the remarkable interposition of Providence  in  the
preservation  of  these few English people in the midst of a great  company  of
Indians.  The attempt was strange,  and not easily to be accounted for, and the
event was as strange."
     "The  Indians  renewing  their insults,  with  threatening  speeches,  and
offering smaller abuses,  the English fearing the consequences, resolved, these
sixteen men and one boy, to make a formal challenge to fight this great company
of  Indians,  near,  or full out three hundred,  in open  pitched  battle,  and
appointed the day for this effort.  Accordingly,  when the day came,  the fore-
mentioned  Mr.  Terry,  living on a neck of land remote from the other  English
inhabitants,  just as he was coming out of his house in order to meet them, saw
thirty Indians,  with their guns,  very bright,  as though they were fitted for
war.  He inquired from whence they came.  They replied,  from Narragansett, and
that  they were Ninicraft's men.  He  asked their business.  They said,  to see
their relations and friends.  And for what reason they brought their guns? They
replied, because they  knew not what game they might meet with in their way. He
told them that they must not carry their guns any farther,  but deliver them to
him;  and  when they returned,  he would deliver them back to them  safely.  To
which they consented,  and he secured them in house,  and withal told them they
must  stay there until he had got past the fort;  as he was to go by it  within
gunshot over a narrow beach between two ponds.  The Indians accordingly all sat
down very quietly,  but stayed not long after him;  for he had no sooner passed
the  fort but the Indians made their appearance on a hill,  in a small neck  of
land  called by the English Indian-head-neck.  And the reason of its  being  so
called  was,  because when the English came there they found two Indian's heads
stuck upon poles standing there.  Whether they were traitors,  or  captives,  I
know  not.  When  they at the fort saw those thirty Indians that  followed  Mr.
Terry,  they made a mighty shout;  but Mr.  Terry had,  as I observed, but just
passed by it.
     "However,  the  English,  as  few as they were,  resolved to pursue  their
design,  and accordingly marched with their drum beating up a challenge  (their
drummer was Mr.  Kent, after of Swansey), and advanced within gunshot of it, as
far  as the water would admit them,  as it was on an island in a pond near  to,
and  in plain sight of the place of my nativity.  Thither they came with utmost
resolution,  and  warlike courage,  and magnanimity,  standing the  Indians  to
answer  their challenge.  Their drummer being a very active and sprightly  man,
and  skillful  in  the business,  that drum,  under the  over-ruling  power  of
Providence,  was the best piece of their armor.  The Indians were dispirited to
that degree that they made no motions against them.  The English after inquired
of  them  the  reason of their refusing to fight with them,  when they  had  so
openly and near their fort made them such a challenge;  they declared that  the
sound  of the drum terrified them to that degree that they were afraid to  come
against  them.  From this time the Indians became friendly to the English,  and
ever after."
     The  above occurrence passed entirely from the knowledge of the Islanders,
so  that  it was news to every one of them when related by the  writer  in  his
centennial  address  to  them on the Fourth of  July,  1876.  So  imperfect  is
tradition, without a written record.
     That  Mr.  Terry was more than an ordinary man it is easy to see from  the
foregoing.  His  coolness  and nerve were exhibited in starting from his  house
alone to walk within arrow-shot of the enemy's fort to join his  comrades.  His
presence  of  mind and wonderful courage were demonstrated in  boldly,  single-
handed, facing thirty strange Indians armed with new guns. His daring and magic
power were unexcelled by Ethan Allen at Fort Ticonderoga.  See him,  in an open
field  commanding  thirty  strange  savages  armed  for  battle!   Behold   him
confronting  the whole band,  and disarming them one by one,  and before  their
faces  carrying their guns into his house!  Hear him then ordering them to stay
just where they were until he had passed the fort and joined his  comrades!  By
this strategy he kept them out of the sight of the Indians in the fort until he
was  beyond the reach of their guns and arrows.  At the same time his mind must
have been upon the battle of himself and sixteen companions, with three hundred
Indians  now  reenforced  by  thirty more.  His  heroism  that  day  will  bear
comparison  with any upon the pages of history,  and he and his few  associates
were  no less tried and daring than were Leonidas and his followers.  The story
of Mr.  Terry to his fellow-Islanders,  acquainting them of his power over  the
thirty whom he had just disarmed, infused, doubtless, his own spirit into them.
We can imagine him in consultation with Mr.  Sands,  Mr. Ray, Mr. Rathbone, and
others,  and  as  he was familiar with the Indian language he understood  their
temper  better than others,  and they probably agreed with him that a  show  of
courage was their greatest weapon.  "Drum for your life" was probably the  only
music that inspired Mr.  Kent,  the drummer, and the beating of his drum helped
the little isolated band to march the more boldly within "gunshot" of the enemy
whose barbarity was striking terror to the English throughout the country.
     A  short  distance  form  this fort was another scene  which  no  pen  has
described, and none could portray. There in the Sands' Garrison, at the foot of
the hill just below the mill-pond, and on the easterly side of the outlet, were
hearts of wives,  mothers,  and children throbbing with anxiety over the issues
of  the day.  Prayers,  sighs,  tears,  and crying were there sadly commingled,
until they were exchanged for rejoicing over the friendly hand shaken by Thomas
Terry and others with the Indians of Block Island.
     It  is not so probable that the Indians told a true story when they  said:
"The  sound of the drum terrified them to that degree that they were afraid  to
come against" the white men,  as it is that the thirty new comers,  direct from
Ninicraft their chief, informed them of the punishments inflicted by the whites
upon  the hostile tribes on the main-land.  Moreover,  Ninicraft may have  sent
them word to be at peace with the Islanders lest he should become involved in a
war  with  the  colonies,  a  disaster which he studiously  avoided  while  his
neighboring tribes were being exterminated.
     The  locality of Thomas Terry's heroism is easily identified.  The  Indian
fort was on Fort Island,  an elevated plat about five acres,  now belonging  to
Mr.  Samuel   Mott,  and in a pond a little south of the Great Pond.  These two
ponds  are separated by a narrow neck of sand over which the road  now  passes,
and  that  neck is the "narrow beach between two ponds" in Mr.  Niles'  account
quoted above.  From this "beach" the road passes up the hill upon  Indian-Head-
Neck,  on  the northerly part of which was Mr.  Terry's residence,  said by Mr.
Niles  to be "remote from the other English inhabitants",  as none  then  lived
upon   the Corn Neck,  but about the central and westerly parts of the  Island.
The  place of rendezvous for the heroic sixteen and a boy,  was probably in the
vicinity of Mr.  Samuel Mott's residence,  as Mr. Terry had to go there to join
his comrades.  The earthworks of the fort have all been leveled down,  and  the
writer  has been able to find no relics of it except some small pieces of  rude
pottery,  although  in former years the plow frequently brought to light  there
various evidences of Indian warfare.
     Lieutenant Terry did not remain many years upon Block Island,  but removed
to Freetown, Mass., near Fall River, and there spent the remainder of his days.
His military abilities were there appreciated.  He was elected selectman of the
town in 1685-6-9-70,  and 1700;  "was made a deputy to the court at Plymouth in
1689,  and  1690;  and  to  the Council of War in 1690;" and in  proof  of  the
confidence  in his bravery he was honored in 1686 "with the rank and commission
of a Lieutenant,  empowered to command all the militia of the town.".  (Gen. E.
W. Peirce.)
     It is evident from the traits of character seen in him that he was a  born
hero,  and  only needed the occasion and circumstances to have taken rank  with
the ed near his house on Bryant's Neck. As long as Block Island has descendants
from  the first settlers,  so long will memory owe a debt of gratitude  to  the
name of Lieut. Thomas Terry for his tactics and heroism in subduing the hostile
Indians  that  threatened  to exterminate the little pilgrim  colony  of  early
     Mr.  Terry's descendants are still living in Freetown. He left there three
sons,  Thomas,  John and Benjamin. Thomas, like his father, became a lieutenant
of  the town militia,  in 1715;  representative to the General Court  in  1725;
assessor,  selectman more than twenty years,  and in 1757 was the first justice
of the peace elected in Freetown,  and was known as "Justice Terry". The maiden
name of his widow was Anna Williams.*
*Note:  Excerpts from Mayflower Families Through Five Generations,  Vol. 2, pp.
165-166.  Anna3 Rogers (John2,  Thomas1) m.  (1) John Tisdale;  m.  (2) between
March 1677/8 and 25 Jan 1683 Thomas Terry b. ca. 1631 d. Freetown Oct 1691.
*Note: The Will of Thomas Terrey of Freetown, aged 60 years or thereabouts, was
...refused probate 30 Oct 1691 for lack of his signature.  Anna m.  (3) between
Oct 1691 and Aug 1697 Samuel Williams. Thus whether the writer was referring to
Thomas1  or  Thomas2 with respect to Anna Williams,  he was  mistaken.  Thomas2
married  Abigail  Dean.  The 1704 date is also obviously an  error.-- Susan  C.
                                   * * * * *
                               OUR FAMILY RECORD:
                        WHO WAS A SON OF STEPHEN TERRY
Introduction - Explanatory
     The fact that your mother and I came to this country,   Iowa,  forty years
ago,  leaving all our relatives behind us,  and have to this day been separated
from them,  so that our children could learn nothing of their family history by
association with them,  makes it necessary for me to give them such information
as I have on that subject,  and just here I will state that I feel myself  very
inadequate to the task I have assumed.
     The  Terry  Family originally emigrated from England about the year  1635,
and  settled  in the colony of Virginia;  and from thence  scattered  into  the
various colonies then being settled.
     My  grandmother  on my father's side gave me about all the  information  I
have about her husbands people. She said there were seven brothers of them that
came  from England together and that all of the name that she had known  traced
their ancestry back to them.
     The  family  were quite numerous in Virginia,  and she used to speak  with
pride and say, that she never heard of one of the name that was hung, or in the
penitentiary,  or  of  being  a thief.  They were loyal to the  flag  of  their
country, and fought gallantly in the Revolution and War of 1812.
     My  Grandfather Terry's name was Stephen.  He was born in  Louisa  County,
Virginia,  about the year of 1758,  and enlisted as a soldier in the Revolution
when  about  seventeen years old.  Was shot through the body at the  battle  of
Brandywine,  August 11th, 1777, when about eighteen years old. He lived however
until  he was about sixty years old.  He died August 1820.  I can just remember
seeing him.  He acquired considerable property, and was considered a well-to-do
farmer.  He  was a very fine looking old gentleman.  He moved from Virginia  to
Kentucky  in  1809,  or  10,  and settled in Todd  County,  about  three  miles
northwest from Nashville. Here he lived until his death.
     He married a lady by the name of Mildred Bagby,  about the year of 1781 or
     Of  her family I know but little,  only that she told me that all  of  her
brothers  but  one were in the Revolutionary War.  Her youngest  brother,  John
Bagby moved to Barren County,  Ky.  I was at his house at various times  during
the  years 1836 and 37,  first in 1831.  He was a fine looking old man.  Had  a
large farm and a good many slaves. The family were originally from England, and
settled in the colony of Virginia, but at what period I do not know.
     My  fathers mother gave birth to twelve children;  three dying in infancy.
The male members of the family were William M.,  James (my father), Stephen and
Nathaniel.  My  uncle William raised a very large family,  all now dead  except
three,  as I have heard very lately from one of his sons,  now a District Judge
in  the County he was raised in.  He has one brother,  Stephen,  living in  Ft.
Worth, Texas, and one a retired merchant in or near Louisville, Ky.
     My  Uncle Stephen settled near Paducah,  Ky.,  about 1824 or  25.  Of  his
family I know but little. He was the most perfect giant of a man I ever saw. He
was  six feet five inches tall,  and looked to me to be about three feet across
the  shoulders.  I saw him once take an ordinary sized horse by the fore  legs,
and place his shoulders against the horses breast,  and lift him clear off  the
ground several times. My father was still two inches taller than him, and was a
regular giant in strength; but I have no recollection of seeing him.
     My  Uncle  Nathaniel  moved  to Missouri in 1830.  Of his  family  I  know
nothing,  only that I heard he was killed by the rebels in our late war because
he would not take the oath of allegiance to the Confederate Government.
     Of my fathers sisters,  I remember to have seen them all.  The oldest  one
married Daniel Duvall,  who moved to Missouri in 1825,  or about that time.  Of
her family I know nothing.  His second sister,  Martha, married John Byars, who
started  in the world with as fair prospects s any man I ever knew;  but became
very intemperate,  and died a miserable drunkard. Of her family I know nothing.
His  third  sister,   Eliza,   married  a  Schotchman  whose  name  was  Thomas
Rutherford,  a very wealthy man.  He settled in Clark County, Missouri, a short
distance  from Keokuk in 1829.  I received a letter from his oldest  son,  Ben,
in the summer of 1883.  He said the family were all dead but  himself.  Fathers
fourth sister,  Amanda, married John Hill, who prospered finely for a few years
and  became dissipated,  and lost all he had;  but reformed again and prospered
well.  I well remember her.  She was a very handsome woman. The youngest sister
was Mildred,  named after her mother. She married Walter Bowland. She lived but
a short time after her marriage.  Both of the families of Terry and Bagby  were
large healthy people.
     My  grandmother Terry was said to be one of the best informed women of her
time.  She  had  the  whole of the Revolutionary War by  heart.  There  was  no
campaign or battle, but she knew all about it.
     The oldest of her children were well educated;  but after leaving Virginia
and  going  to  the  then new country of  Kentucky;  schools  were  scarce  and
indifferent,  and  as a consequence the younger portion of the family  received
but little schooling.
     Of  my  mother's  family,  I have but little knowledge.  I  know  that  my
mother's  father,  Henry Gorin,  was the youngest of three brothers,  John  and
Gladden were their names.  All three of them were in the Revolutionary War.  My
grandfather enlisting when fourteen years old, and serving seven years. I  have
often heard him say that he never went to school but three months,  and yet  he
was thought to be one of the best Judges of Law in his time. I remember that he
had a very large library,  and that he was a great lover of good books.  In his
early  life,  he was a great lover of horses,  and prided himself in owning the
best  and  fastest stock.  But about 1808 or 09,  he was broken up  by  General
Andrew Jackson.  He then moved from Warren County, Ky., where he then lived, to
Todd  County in the same State,  where he continued to raise fine horses;   but
would  never run any more races.  He succeeded in accumulating  property  quite
fast,  and ws wealthy when I could first remember. I think I have heard him say
that  his ancestors came from England;  but he had more of the physiognommy  of
the  Welsh than English.  He was a highly esteemed in the community in which he
lived.  Of my grandmothers family on my mothers side I know nothing.  Not  even
her maiden name.
     She was a hard working,  frugal woman. To make and save was her motto, and
I  think to her industry and frugality grandfather owed much of his success  in
accumulating property.  So far as learning was concerned,  she had none. I have
heard  them  say her people opposed her marrying grandfather,  because  he  was
pretty wild;  and that they ran away from home,  and were married in the woods;
she being adorned in a home made cotton gown made by her own hands.  She  lived
some   years  after  grandfathers  death,   which  occurred  in  August   1831.
Grandmother, I think died in 1838 or 39. They lived on a large farm on the road
leading from Clarksville,  Tennessee,  on the Cumberland River to Elkton,  Ky.,
the  County Seat of Todd County,  sixteen miles North of the former place,  and
right South of the latter.
     My father,  James Terry, was a brick mason by trade. He was born in Louisa
County,  Virginia,  in 1790.  He built the house my grandparents on my  mothers
side  lived in,  and made the acquaintance of my mother while so engaged.  They
were married in 1815,  and commenced life in Hopkinsville, in Christian County,
Ky.,  the name of the County in which the renowned Jeff Davis was born in. Here
my father succeeded well in his trade, and built for himself a large hotel; but
he  unfortunately  engaged in buying and driving horses over the  mountains  to
Virginia,  and Maryland. I said unfortunately for about this time every bank in
the Country collapsed,  as a result of the bad financial system adopted in  the
time of the late war of 1812,  and which by the way was adopted by the Democra-
tic party;  their blunders go back to their birth as a party.  My father with a
large majority of business men at that time was financially ruined.  He surren-
dered everything he had,  even to his table ware. He then resolved to go South,
and try his fortune anew, and took the common method of his time of moving, and
fitted out a flat boat, and in it, floated down the Cumberland to the Ohio, and
thence down to the Mississippi.  His first stop was at Natchez.  I was only two
years old. This was in 1819. One day a steamboat went up the river, which was a
rare thing at that time. I ran away from the house to the river, which was some
distance,  and going too near the water,  a big wave took me in, and but for an
Indian  squaw,  the only living person that saw me,  I should never  have  been
heard  of  again.  She carried me to the top of the hill,  and  enquired  whose
Pappoose I was. My mother was almost frightened to death when she saw me in her
possession,  and almost drowned. After staying here some time father went still
farther down river. Went up Red river as far as Natchatoches, and then returned
to Alexandria in Louisiana,  and there remained until his death,  which occured
in July 1819.
     At  his  death,  my mother was left penniless in  a  strange  land,  among
strangers;  herself  sick and two little children both sick.  She wrote home to
her father,  who advised her to go home by water,  but the yellow fever was bad
on  the  river,  and it took three weeks to make a trip  at  that  time,  which
made  her afraid to undertake to go home that way.  Her father then hired a man
to go for her. The distance was five hundred and fifty miles. Five hundred of it
through the Indian Nations. This man went about one hundred miles and got sick,
or  pretended to,  and returned home.  Her father then hired another  man,  who
after a tedious trip got through,  and they were not long in starting on  their
return trip.  One day while traveling through the Indian Nation,  the man spoke
to mother, and said, "Katy, you must drive for I am very sick." He laid down in
the wagon and after driving some distance,  she turned to ask how he felt,  and
what  was her horror to find the man dead.  I have often wondered how a  young,
frail  woman  as she was,  got through with such trials as she endured;  but  I
suppose it is true, that none of us know what we can do, until we are compelled
to.  In this trying case she made signs of distress to the Indians who came  to
her assistance,  took the man and buried him after their manner.  They then led
her horses to a trading post, called Collins Station, which happily was not far
off.  There  nine  families  of white people lived at this  station.  Here  she
remained until further arrangements could be made for her, and after some delay
she  again resumed her journey which was a long tedious one;  but at  last  she
reached  home worn out with fatigue,  sick with two children,  Napoleon B.  and
myself.  Poor mother, after her excitement was over, and she felt safe at home,
sank down in utter prostration from which it seemed almost impossible to arouse
her.  In fact,  she never did entirely recover from it.  She lived just  twenty
years after fathers death, and died in Barren County, Ky., in August 1841. Such
is  only  an  outline of a very remarkable woman.  One who was  lovely  in  her
character, modest and unassuming, an angelic singer, an humble Christian; dying
in full confidence of a blessed life beyond.  Peace to her sacred dust,  is the
prayer of a loving son.
     I  ought also to add,  that in 1827,  mother married a second time to  one
Nathaniel D.  Terry, a third cousin of my fathers. My step-father was very good
to  her,  and had plenty of this Worlds goods.  The result of this marriage was
one son.  He was well educated, graduating at the head of his class at Danville
College,  Ky.,  and  is a celebrated Minister in the Baptist  Denomination.  He
still lives on the farm owned by his father, he being the only heir.
     Since writing the foregoing, I have learned something more of our ancestry
through Judge John C.  Bagby of Rushville,  Illinois.  He says the Bagby family
were  originally  from  Scotland.  That part bordering on Wales.  I  also  have
learned that three distinct families of Terrys have come to America at  differ-
ent times.  The first settled in Charleston,  Mass.  the second on Long Island,
New  York,  and the third in Virginia.  There being no relation between them as
far as known. We are of the Virginia family.
     I  have  also  learned that the wound my grandfather received was  at  the
battle  of Brandywine,  on the 11th of August 1777.  I have also  learned  more
about  my mothers people.  They are descendants of the Hugenots and settled  in
South  Carolina in 1685,  and afterwards removed to Virginia in the days of the
     Below  I  give  you the family record on my mothers side,  as kept  by  my
grandfather Gorin,  which I obtained from Jerome R.  Gorin, my cousin, of Deca-
tur, Illinois. The record on my fathers side, I have not been able to get.
Written for the Information of My Son,  William M.  Terry, June 1885.
[This  was submitted by Lina Terry McIlwain and is on file in the DAR  Library,
Washington DC. Note: The Editor did not receive the Gorin information.]
                                   * * * * *
James Terry b.  Caroline Co.  VA ca. 1730 d. Louisa Co. VA Aug 1783 m. ca. 1755
Henrietta ______ b. ca 1738 d. Louisa Co. VA 1814.
     Jane Terry b.  Louisa Co. VA ca. 1756 d. aft. 1840 m. Louisa Co. VA 12 Feb
     1782 David Bullock.
     Stephen Terry b.  Louisa Co. VA ca. 1758 d. Todd Co. KY Jan 1821 m. Louisa
     Co. VA 14 Dec 1782 Mildred Bagby.
     Henrietta Terry b.  Louisa Co.  VA ca. 1760 d. ?? m. Louisa Co. VA William
     Mary Terry b.  Louisa Co.  VA ca.  1762 d. ?? m. Louisa Co. VA 25 Nov 1788
     William Gibson.
     Anne Terry b.  Louisa Co.  VA ca.  1764 d.  ?? m. Louisa Co. VA 4 Mar 1785
     Thomas Nuckolls.
     Sarah Terry b.  Louisa Co.  VA ca 1766 d.  ?? m. Louisa Co. VA 23 Apr 1786
     Richard Thomason.
     Elizabeth Terry b.  Louisa Co.  VA ca.  1768 d.  ?? m. Louisa Co. VA 8 Dec
     1788 Thomas Smith.
     Frances Terry b. Louisa Co. VA ca. 1770 d. ?? m. Louisa Co. VA 13 Nov 1786
     John Smith.
     James Terry Jr.  b.  Louisa Co.  VA ca 1772 d.  Louisa Co.  VA May 1792 m.
     Louisa Co. VA 25 Jan 1790 Anna Smith.
     William Terry b. Louisa Co. VA ca. 1774 d. ?? m. Louisa Co. VA 15 Jun 1794
     Sarah Crank.
     Joseph Terry b.  Louisa Co. VA ca. 1778 d. ?? m. Louisa Co. VA 25 Jan 1790
     Mary Smith.
                                   * * * * *
     TODD  CO.,  KY.  was formed from Christian Co.,  KY in 1819.  By the  1820
Census of Todd Co.,  KY.  Stephen Terry had died and his widow,  Mildred  Terry
appears alone with family on that Census.
     On  motion of William M.  Terry,  ordered that William Harlan,  John Gray,
Gabriel Roach,  and Robert Ellis, or any three of them after first being sworn,
divide  and  lay off the lands of Stephen Terry dec'd.  after  laying  off  the
Widow's dower, into nine equal parts and alot one part to each:
     1. to William M. Terry
     2. to John S. Byars
     3. to Stephen Terry
     4. to Daniel Duvall
     5. to Nathaniel D. Terry
     6. to Elizabeth Ann Terry
     7. to Amanda Malvina Terry
     8. to Mildred Terry
     9. and the ninth part equally divided between James Lawrence Terry and
        Napoleon Terry, infant heirs of James Terry dec'd.
Source: Todd Co., KY., Order Bk. 1, pg. 83 -- Feb. Term 1821
Notations  submitted  by Jay Terry from Terry Records of North Carolina  by  by
Mrs. James J. Bushnell, page 22 and 23.
                                   * * * * *
                         TERRY - GILHAM FAMILY RECORDS
                           by Gui L. (Gilham) Flynt
                              7865 Can. Hwy. # 53
                               Amarillo TX 79110
     The  first TERRY name appearing in my family search is in the Bible of  my
Grandfather,  Geo.  W.  Gilham. The Bible was presented to him from his Father,
Thomas Sanford Gilham Dec.  25,  1900.  So the entrys would have been made just
after that. The second Bible has birth of Ezekiel Gilham, so I do not know when
they were entered. I will only list necessary ones to establish TERRY name.
First entry made 1777.
#1   Bible of;      George Williamson Gilham and Mary L. Look
     Marriages;     T. S. Gilham and Matilda TERRY      21 Dec 1854
     Birth;         R. L. Gilham                         7 May 1800
                    Jane Gilham                          3 Mar 1804
                    John TERRY                          22 Mar 1800
                    Julia TERRY                         16 Aug 1807
                    T. S. Gilham                        19 Jun 1834
                    Matilda Gilham                      11 Apr 1836
     Deaths;        Matilda TERRY Gilham                14 Mar 1906
                    T. S. Gilham                         5 Dec 1912
#2   Bible of;      Robert Logan Gilham and Jane R. Nicholson
     Marriages;     T. S. Gilham and Matilda TERRY      21 Dec 1854
     Births;        Thomas S. Gilham                    19 Jun 1834
                    Matilda TERRY Gilham                11 Apr 1836
     Deaths:        Thomas TERRY                        31 Oct 1855
                    Julia TERRY                         10 Apr 1863
                    Matilda Gilham                      14 Mar 1906
                    T. S. Gilham                         3 Dec 1912
    I believe the copys of the two Gilham family Bible's speak for  themselves,
along with the family sheet of Thomas Sanford Gilham and Matilda Jane TERRY.
    As  to  John Thomas TERRY and Julia Gaulding;  you will notice there is  no
mention of Julia being a Gaulding.  In the #1 Bible,  he is called John  TERRY.
Bible #2 he is Thomas TERRY.
    A grandaughter of T. S. Gilham gave me her information, writing his name as
J.  Thomas.  This  grandaughter was born 18 Nov 1885.  She insisted Julia was a
Gaulding. Also another grandaughter born 1900, she also remembers that her name
was Julia Gaulding. So I will continue seeking Gaulding for now.
    I  have  found nothing to prove this,  that is why I  need  their  marriage
liscense, ca. 1824.
    I believe I sent the list of the children's birth dates,  this list is on a
single sheet of paper in the Geo. W. Gilham Bible.
Children of John and Julia TERRY:
William TERRY            11 Apr 1825
Sarah TERRY              10 May 1827
John TERRY               10 Oct 1828
Thomas TERRY             25 Dec 1830
Nancy TERRY              17 Nov 1832
Alonzo TERRY             16 Oct 1834
Matilda TERRY            11 Apr 1836
Martha TERRY             11 Apr 1838
George W. TERRY          13 Nov 1839   -  18 Dec 1861
Williamson H. TERRY      23 Aug 1841   -  22 Jul 1861
Larance TERRY            24 May 1843
Zachary T. TERRY         13 May 1847
This  is believed to be written by Matilda as at the top of the page was  birth
and death dates of John & Julie TERRY.
I know nothing of any of this family except of course Matilda, except for a bit
on  Thomas  TERRY born 1830.  That will follow on a separate page and you  will
understand why.
Did I ever get a rude awakening, when I started to sort out the cemetery record
and just sent the TERRY, I found Julia, wife of John TERRY not buried there, at
least no stone. As I told you I have not worked on this line, just pick up data
and file it way until just the past couple of months.  And it was assumption on
my part that she was buried there. So now I will try checking that out. I guess
Julia  was testing me,  her marriage and now this.  She died some  eight  years
after her husband, so she will likely be with some of her children.
Note:  As  of March,  1984 both of the above Bibles are in my possession.  They
will in time go to my oldest daughter,  Marie Erwin,  3816 Danbury, Amarillo TX
79109.-- Gui Flynt.
                                   * * * * *
1860 Census Schedules -- Troup Co. GA
446/410 : 17 Jun 1860 : Enum. Dist #735
P.O. Whites Hill : Enumerator D. W. Spear
Thos. S. Gilham          M  25  1835  GA   Farmer     $1500  $4000
Matilda Gilham           F  24  1836  GA
John T. Gilham           M   4  1856  GA
R. L. Gilham             M   2  1858  GA
Thos. Gilham             M  3/4 1860  GA
R. L. Gilham             M  60  1800  GA   Farmer     $1200  $5000
N.  Gilham               F  50  1810  GA
W. T.? Gilham            M  55  1805  GA   Farmer     $500
E. ? Gilham              F  50  1810  GA
Cora? Gilham             F  30  1830  GA   (Idiot)
A. TERRY                 M  26  1834  GA              $100   $15.00
Leon? TERRY              F  20  1840  GA
Note:  At  this time I do not know who W.  T.  Gilham is,  but they were listed
together,  thought they might be kin.  A.  TERRY is Alonzo TERRY,  6th child of
John and Julia TERRY.
                                   * * * * *
1880 Census Troup Co. GA
15 Jun 1880 :  Page 36 - 16 :  Enumeration Dist.  125 :  Enumerator- Herndon W.
Thomas Gilham            W M  45  1835     Farmer         GA  GA  GA
Matilda Gilham           W F  40  1840     Wife K. house  GA  GA  GA
Robert Gilham            W M  21  1859     Son laborer    GA  GA  GA
Thomas Gilham            W M  20  1860     Son laborer    GA  GA  GA
George Gilham            W M  19  1861     Son laborer    GA  GA  GA
Anna Gilham              W F  14  1866     Dau. at school GA  GA  GA
Willie Gilham            W M  10  1850     Son  at school GA  GA  GA
Rebecca Gilham           W F   7  1873     Dau.           GA  GA  GA
Tip. Gilham              W M   6  1874     Son            GA  GA  GA
                                   * * * * *
20 Dec 1854 TERRY, Matilda               Gilham, Thos. S.         Bk D pg 55
25 May 1859 TERRY, John                  Garrett, Clementine      Bk D pg 212
28 Nov 1868 TERRY, Joe                   Nichols, Mariah          Bk E pg 256
25 Dec 1909 TERRY, John                  Fant, Ruby               Bk L pg 116
29 Nov 1859 TERRY, Thomas                Winn, Nancy E.           Bk E pg 231
07 Dec 1880 TERRY, John Thomas           Burch, Georgia B.        Bk G pg 381
13 Dec 1884 TERRY, Sarah (Sallie) M.     Young, Robt. S.          Bk I pg 154
20 Jul 1882 TERRY, Jane (Jennie)         Waller, John D.          Bk H pg 168
-- --- ---- TERRY, Geo. Williamson       Williams, Alice          -----------
The death certificate of my  Grandfather Geo. W. Gilham:
Geo. W. Gilham      Born: 22 Jan 1862  Georgia
                    Age: 62 Y 2 M 11 D
                    Burial: 4 Apr 1924
                    Father: T. S. Gilham                b. Georgia
                    Mother: Jane TERRY                  b. Georgia
                                   * * * * *
     In 1975 a Lady from La Grange, GA found this cemetery for me. She said the
cemetery was in bad shape. Grown up with trees and vines, a lot of rock stacked
graves,  no markers. She states there were 57 graves. She sent me only the ones
of names I was searching.
                         Birdsong -- Freeman -- TERRY
Located from Roanoke Road, from La Grange, turn right on 701 to Glenn. Go about
three miles,  turn left. It is on a hillside in a heavy wooded area. This is of
course in Troup Co. GA.
Thomas S. Gilham         19 Jun 1834   -  03 Dec 1912
Matilda Gilham           11 Apr 1836   -  14 Mar 1908
Geo. W. TERRY            13 Nov 1839   -  13 Dec 1861
  Centerville, VA. while in service of his country
Williamson H. TERRY      23 Aug 1841   -  22 Jul 1861
  Norfolk, VA. while in service of his country
John TERRY               22 Mar 1800   -  31 Oct 1855
Georgia Ann TERRY         5 Jul 1860   -  30 Dec 1861
Maggie Lee TERRY         20 Jun 1902   -  11 Sep 1904
Wm. G. TERRY              4 Sep 1874   -   8 Jan 1903
The other names she sent were Gilham, Freeman.
William Terry (born 1825) son of John Terry
1860 Census Sabine Co. Texas
1500/3180 : P.O. Milam TX
William Terry            M  35  1825  GA   Farmer
Sarah Terry              F  35  1825  GA
Mary Terry               F  14  1846  AL
John Terry               M  16  1844  AL
Julia Terry              F  12  1848  AL
Matilda Terry            F   8  1852  TX
William Terry            M  10  1850  AL
Nancy Terry              F   4  1856  TX
Corah Terry              F   1  1859  TX
                                   * * * * *
Thomas TERRY, son of John Terry
     The lady that sent this to me said it was copied from their Bible. She did
not know who had the Bible.  She didn't send it as from a Bible,  but each name
of child, birth, marriage, death and etc. So I will send it as I received it.
Thomas TERRY b. 30 Dec 1830 d. 8 Jun 1895 m. 29 Nov 1854 Nancy E. Winn b. 7 Oct
1843 d. 22 May 1903.
            John Thomas Terry b. Sep 1860 m. 7 Dec 1880  Georgia B. Burch
            Sarah M.  " Sallie" Terry b.  12 Jul 1862 m.  13 Dec 1884 Robt.  S.
            Jane (Jennie) Terry b.  9 Jan 1866 m. 20 Jul 1882 John A. Waller.
            George Williamson Terry b.  20 Mar 1867 d.  Standing Rock, AL 8 Jun
            1951 m.  Alice Williams b.  17 Feb 1874 d.  Standing Rock, AL 7 May
            Julia E. Terry b. 27 May 1869 d. Chambers Co. AL m. William (Billy)
            Nancy  Eleanor  Terry b.  7 May 1872 d.  8 Jun 1919 m.  John  James
            Sutherlin b. 7 Aug 1873 d. 23 Aug 1927, bur Standing Rock, AL.
            William Terry b. 4 Sep 1874 m. Ida Lancaster
            Martha (Mattie) Terry b.  5 Feb 1876 d.  29 Jun 1952 m. James Mabry
            Durham b. 26 Jan 1878 d. 29 Aug 1953, bur Standing Rock, AL.
            Corrie Ethel Terry b.  17 Dec 1877 d. 4 Oct 1969 m. Fletcher Bonner
            b. 8 Feb 1870 d. 29 Sep 1948, bur Standing Rock AL.
            Luther Terry b. 12 Jul 1879 m. Lera Strange.
            Lilla Terry b. 27 Jul 1882 m. John Dodger.
Daughter of John and Georgia Terry
            Bonnie Terry  b. 9 Jan 1886 d. 31 Oct 1951 m. James Edward Gay b. 3
            Mar 1887 d. 12 Feb 1958, bur Standing Rock, AL.
                                   * * * * *
Death of Another Member of the L. L. Guards
We  are again called upon to record the death of another member of  the  L.  L.
Guards.  Private Williamson H. TERRY died on Monday night, the 22nd instant, of
camp fever. His remains reached here on Friday morning last, in charge of W. B.
Jones and Lieutenant J.  B. Morgan, and were carried and committed to the grave
beside  the  dust of his father.  We sympathize with the  widowed  mother,  and
sisters and brothers.  [Williamson H. Terry, son of John Thomas Terry and Julia
Gaulding-- Gui Flynt.]
Tribute of Respect
Camp Jackson,  Near Portsmouth, Va., Headquarters 4th Reg't. Geo. Vol. July 28,
At a meeting of the LaGrange Light Guards,  held today,  the following preamble
and resolutions were unanimously adopted:
Our  hearts  have  been saddened,  and the cheerfulness of our camp  turned  to
mourning,  by the death of two of our brother soldiers--Samuel G. Swindall, and
Williamson H. Terry.
When  the  tocsin  of  war was first heard upon our  borders,  and  before  the
invader's  foot had polluted our soil,  with patriotic ardor they responded  to
their country's first call for volunteers, and marched forth to defend Southern
honor and secure Southern Independence.  Full of hope, buoyed up by infaltering
courage, confident of the success of our arms, they were firmly resolved "to do
their duty." Often did their eyes glisten and the fire of their hearts brighten
up their faces, as seated around our camp, we talked of the prospect of battle,
and the chance of making the northern hirelings bite the dust.  Willingly would
they  have  sacrificed their_______ often said _________ and  establishing  our
But alas!  none of us know what fate awaits us.--Stricken down by disease,  our
brave comrades were denied the glorious death of the battlefield.  Quietly they
breathed  out their lives upon their bed surrounded by their  brother-soldiers,
ere  yet they had been permitted to meet and strike down the insolent  invader.
In  soft,  calm voice,  Swindall said,  "I would not change places with any  of
you."  Terry as calmly and resignedly said,  "Boys,  if I die.  carry me home."
Thus two gallant souls passed away in the stillness of midnight.  Though theirs
was not the soldier's coveted death,  yet their young lives were given to their
country. Therefore--
Resolved, 1st. That in the death of Samuel G. Swindall and Williamson H. Terry,
the  LaGrange  Light Guards,  have deeply to deplore the loss of two  of  their
bravest and worthiest members.
Resolved,  2nd.  That  we tender to the families of the deceased,our  heartfelt
sympathy in this, their sad bereavement.
Resolved,  3rd.  That a copy of above preamble and resolutions be furnished the
families  of  the deceased,  and also a copy to the  "LaGrange  Reporter,"  for
            Serg't   A. H. HERRING,)
                     H. O. STANLEY,) Committee
                     R. C. HUMBER, )
#12348               TERRY, CLEMENTINE        ERATH CO. TX     Book 1
1.  P. O. Box Stephenville.
2.  Wife of John Terry.
3.  Her age 69 in 1906.
4.  Resided 14 years in Erath Co. TX.
5.  Md to John Terry at Troup Co. GA - 12 Jun 1859.
6.  Date of death - Spring of 1874.
7.  John Terry served 4 years, opening to closing of war in the
    21st GA Co. I, Infantry.
8.  Witnesses: E. M. Henderson of Troup Co., GA age 67;
               L. B. Rowland of Troup Co., GA age 77.
9.  Wits both claimed John Terry enlisted in July, 1861 at
    LaGrange, Troup Co., GA - Served through entire war.
Reference: Index to Applications for Texas Confederate Pensions, Revised
Edition,  Archives Division, Texas State Library. Page 253. Additional notes by
Jay Terry, of Orem Utah.
1900 SOUNDEX CENSUS OF ERATH COUNTY TEXAS - Transcribed by Faye McClure Miller.
TERRY, CLEMINTINE        W *    AUG 1836  64 AL  ERATH         36/67/2/1
*Enumerated with John W. Braswell. Relationship: Mother-in-law.
TERRY, WILLIAM           W H    MAY 1866  34 GA  ERATH         36/69/17/2
TERRY, CORA              - W    FEB 1877  23 TX  ERATH         36/69/17/2
TERRY, LOUISA            - M    MAY 1844  56 SC  ERATH         36/69/17/2
Note: City of Dublin.
TERRY, SAM               B *    APR 1873  27 GA  ERATH         36/76/17/92
*Enumerated with Anderson Martin. Relationship: Boarder.
TERRY, J.                W H    APR 1844  56 AL  ERATH         36/79/5/32
TERRY, S. J.             - W    JUL 1856  43 TX  ERATH         36/79/5/32
TERRY, W. D.             - S    MAR 1882  18 TX  ERATH         36/79/5/32
TERRY, W. E.             - S    MAY 1885  15 TX  ERATH         36/79/5/32
TERRY, L. E.             - D    AUG 1894  05 TX  ERATH         36/79/5/32
                                   * * * * *
                             1840  Census of Texas
                      1850 CENSUS RED RIVER COUNTY TEXAS
TERRY, JOHN              32   (1818)    IN   Farmer
TERRY, LUCINDA           20   (1830)    AR
TERRY, WILLIAM           08   (1842)    TX
TERRY, JOSEPH            07   (1843)    TX
TERRY, SARAH             05   (1845)    TX
TERRY, MARY              04   (1846)    TX
TERRY, MARGARET          01   (1849)    TX
REED, JOSEPH             66   (1784)    KY   None
TERRY, ELIJAH            32   (1818)    TN
TERRY, MARY ANNE         23   (1827)    TN
TERRY, MARTHA           3/12  (1850)    TX
TERRY, ELIJAH            66   (1784)    VA   Farmer
TERRY, SARAH             43   (1807)    KY
TERRY, CHARLOTTE         20   (1830)    KY
TERRY, JESSIE            12   (1838)    KY
TERRY, JENNE             15   (1835)    KY
TERRY, BENJAMIN          13   (1837)    KY
TERRY, HIS               10   (1840)    KY
TERRY, JAMES             09   (1841)    KY
[Above submitted by Allie Wilson Oldham.]
                                   * * * * *
                      TERRY SURNAMES IN THE 1900 SOUNDEX*
                            RED RIVER COUNTY TEXAS
TERRY, WILLIAM F.        W H    SEP 1846  53 AL  RED RIVER     91/101/3/43
TERRY, LUCINDY C.        - W    DEC 1856  43 AL  RED RIVER     91/101/3/43
TERRY, WM. T.            - S    JAN 1871  29 AL  RED RIVER     91/101/3/43
TERRY, JUDSON W. T.      - S    OCT 1886  13 AL  RED RIVER     91/101/3/43
Note: Also 3 boarders.
TERRY, BEN M.            W *    JUN 1856  43 AL  RED RIVER     91/101/3/47
*Enumerated with Wm. F. Terry. Relationship: Boarder.
TERRY, MARTIN            W H    SEP 1856  42 AL  RED RIVER     91/101/8/89
TERRY, LUCY L.           - W    MAY 1870  30 KY  RED RIVER     91/101/8/89
TERRY, BERT T.           - S    DEC 1891  08 TX  RED RIVER     91/101/8/89
TERRY, VICTOR H.         - S    NOV 1894  05 TX  RED RIVER     91/101/8/89
TERRY, THELMA            - D    DEC 1897  02 TX  RED RIVER     91/101/8/89
TERRY, BOB               B H    N/R 1865  34 TX  RED RIVER     91/101/13/90
TERRY, MINNIE            - W    FEB 1868  32 TX  RED RIVER     91/101/13/90
TERRY, OTIS              - S    JAN 1888  12 TX  RED RIVER     91/101/13/90
TERRY, ROBERT            - S    JAN 1891  09 TX  RED RIVER     91/101/13/90
TERRY, HENRY             - S    MAR 1892  08 TX  RED RIVER     91/101/13/90
TERRY, CLIFTON           - S    MAR 1895  05 TX  RED RIVER     91/101/13/90
TERRY, GEORGE W.         - S    DEC 1897  02 TX  RED RIVER     91/101/13/90
TERRY, ARA H.            - D    FEB 1900 3/12 TX RED RIVER     91/101/13/90
JORDAN, SILAS            - Bo   N/R 1850  50 TX  RED RIVER     91/101/13/90
JORDAN, ANN              - Bo   N/R 1850  50 TX  RED RIVER     91/101/13/90
TERRY, BELLE             B H    N/R 1880  20 TX  RED RIVER     91/101/19/43
TERRY, LENA              - D    N/R 1897  03 TX  RED RIVER     91/101/19/43
TERRY, NUNA              - D    MAR 1899  01 TX  RED RIVER     91/101/19/43
TERRY, W. B.             W H    MAY 1835  65 GA  RED RIVER     91/101/21/53
TERRY, LIDDIE            - W    JUL 1831  68 GA  RED RIVER     91/101/21/53
TERRY, JOHN W.           W H    OCT 1861  38 AL  RED RIVER     91/101/21/55
TERRY, MAUDE             - W    MAR 1870  30 TX  RED RIVER     91/101/21/55
TERRY, MARINA            - D    JUL 1888  11 TX  RED RIVER     91/101/21/55
TERRY, DUMAS W.          - S    AUG 1891  08 TX  RED RIVER     91/101/21/55
TERRY, MELVILL           - S    JAN 1897  03 TX  RED RIVER     91/101/21/55
TERRY, JOE               W H    MAY 1862  38 AR  RED RIVER     91/102/18/30
TERRY, FANNIE            - W    SEP 1874  25 TX  RED RIVER     91/102/18/30
TERRY, ERVIN             - S    AUG 1896  03 TX  RED RIVER     91/102/18/30
TERRY, JODIE             - S    MAY 1899  01 TX  RED RIVER     91/102/18/30
MCCLURE, GEORGIE         - SL   JUL 1892  07 TX  RED RIVER     91/102/18/30
TERRY, EUGENE            W H    JAN 1871  29 AR  RED RIVER     91/102/18/35
TERRY, SPHRONIA          - W    FEB 1868  32 TX  RED RIVER     91/102/18/35
TERRY, ROSHELL           - S    OCT 1893  06 TX  RED RIVER     91/102/18/35
TERRY, OLIVIA            - D    OCT 1897  02 TX  RED RIVER     91/102/18/35
TERRY, C. E.             W H    AUG 1867  33 TX  RED RIVER     91/103/22/57
TERRY, EMMA              - W    NOV 1869  31 AL  RED RIVER     91/103/22/57
TERRY, GILBERT           - S    DEC 1888  12 TX  RED RIVER     91/103/22/57
TERRY, BERTHA            - D    MAR 1891  09 TX  RED RIVER     91/103/22/57
TERRY, HARVEY            - S    DEC 1898  02 TX  RED RIVER     91/103/22/57
BALDWIN, (MRS.)          - ML   JAN 1845  55 AL  RED RIVER     91/103/22/57
Note: City of Clarksville, Locust St.
TERRY, NELLIE            W *    JAN 1900 6/12 TX RED RIVER     91/104/7/10
*Enumerated with J. P. Carroll. Relationship: Grandaughter.
TERRY, H. R.             W H    FEB 1862  38 VA  RED RIVER     91/104/18/48
TERRY, NANNE L.          - W    MAY 1875  25 VA  RED RIVER     91/104/18/48
TERRY, LEUEL E.          - S    JAN 1895  05 TX  RED RIVER     91/104/18/48
TERRY, MABEL E.          - D    FEB 1897  03 TX  RED RIVER     91/104/18/48
TERRY, MILDRED           - D    NOV 1899 7/12 TX RED RIVER     91/104/18/48
TERRY, WILLIAM E.        W *    DEC 1880  20 TX  RED RIVER     91/107/12/56
*Enumerated with U. H. Chapman. Relationship: Brother-in-law.
TERRY, JOSEPH            W H    JUL 1847  52 AL  RED RIVER     91/108/12/87
TERRY, L. BELLE          - D    SEP 1870  29 AL  RED RIVER     91/108/12/87
TERRY, CALVIN W.         - S    AUG 1875  24 AL  RED RIVER     91/108/12/87
TERRY, THOMAS            - S    FEB 1879  21 AL  RED RIVER     91/108/12/87
TERRY, EDGAR B.          - S    FEB 1883  17 AL  RED RIVER     91/108/12/87
TERRY, WILLIE C.         - S    AUG 1885  14 AL  RED RIVER     91/108/12/87
SMITH, JOANA             - GD   FEB 1898  02 TX  RED RIVER     91/108/12/87
MOORE, ROBERT            - Bo   N/R N/R   NR NR  RED RIVER     91/108/12/87
TERRY, G. L.             W H    JUN 1868  31 GA  RED RIVER     91/111/13/17
TERRY, ANNIE             - W    APR 1877  23 IN  RED RIVER     91/111/13/17
BUCKNER, DIXIE           - Bo   MAY 1895  05 TX  RED RIVER     91/111/13/17
TERRY, FRANCIS           - D    OCT 1899 8/12 TX RED RIVER     91/111/13/17
TERRY, I. L.             W H    SEP 1877  22 TX  RED RIVER     91/111/6/72
TERRY, M. A.             - W    MAR 1878  21 AR  RED RIVER     91/111/6/72
TERRY, CLARENCE          - S    DEC 1897  02 TX  RED RIVER     91/111/6/72
TERRY, JOSEPH            W H    JAN 1843  57 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/4/47
TERRY, MARTHA J.         - W    JUL 1855  44 AL  RED RIVER     91/112/4/47
TERRY, IKE C.            - S    APR 1875  25 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/4/47
TERRY, MARK P.           - S    JUL 1879  20 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/4/47
TERRY, JOSEPH E.         - S    NOV 1882  17 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/4/47
TERRY, TIMOTHY T.        - S    SEP 1885  14 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/4/47
TERRY, MARY E.           - D    AUG 1887  12 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/4/47
TERRY, NANNIE M.         - D    MAY 1890  10 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/4/47
TERRY, HENRY M.          - S    SEP 1892  07 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/4/47
TERRY, ROLAND REED       - S    JUN 1894  05 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/4/47
TERRY, LADY G.           - D    FEB 1900 4/12 TX RED RIVER     91/112/4/47
TERRY, WILLIAM           W H    JAN 1842  58 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/4/86
TERRY, SARARAH J.        - W    FEB 1843  57 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/4/86
TERRY, WILLIAM H.        - S    JUN 1872  27 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/4/86
TERRY, SIMEON R.         - S    AUG 1879  20 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/4/86
TERRY, W.                - S    NOV 1883  16 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/4/86
TERRY, JAMES             W H    AUG 1874  25 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/4/91
TERRY, NELLIE D.         - W    APR 1878  22 MO  RED RIVER     91/112/4/91
TERRY, JOHN R.           W H    MAY 1855  45 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/5/47
TERRY, HELLEN R.         - W    JL1 1859  40 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/5/47
TERRY, ROBERT L.         - S    JAN 1883  17 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/5/47
TERRY, LOUIS R.          - S    SEP 1884  15 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/5/47
TERRY, BETTIE            - D    JUL 1886  13 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/5/47
TERRY, MAGGIE            - D    JUL 1888  11 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/5/47
TERRY, OSCAR C.          - S    JAN 1890  10 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/5/47
TERRY, GENNIE C.         - D    JAN 1892  08 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/5/47
TERRY, NELLIE B.         - D    DEC 1893  06 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/5/47
TERRY, MAOLA             - D [Missed Copying] TX RED RIVER     91/112/5/47
TERRY, HENRY C.          W H    OCT 1852  47 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/9/94
TERRY, MAY B.            - D    FEB 1880  20 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/9/94
TERRY, HENRY A.          - S    JAN 1882  18 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/9/94
TERRY, LUCY A.           - W    N/R N/R   55 MS  RED RIVER     91/112/9/94
TERRY, NAPOLEN E         W H    AUG 1843  56 GA  RED RIVER     91/112/17/18
TERRY, MATILDA           - W    JUL 1865  34 IN  RED RIVER     91/112/17/18
TERRY, CLAUD E.          - S    MAR 1882  18 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/17/18
TERRY, MARY F.           - D    JUL 1884  15 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/17/18
TERRY, DORA              - D    JUL 1887  13 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/17/18
TERRY, HERMAN            - S    JAN 1893  07 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/17/18
TERRY, NAPOLEON E. JR.   - S    AUG 1894  05 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/17/18
TERRY, EMRY R.           - S    JAN 1896  04 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/17/18
TERRY, ANNA R.           - D    NOV 1897  02 TX  RED RIVER     91/112/17/18
TERRY, NAOMA M.          - D    MAY 1900 4/365 TX RED RIVER    91/112/17/18
[*Note: See also Red River County Texas Terry Marriages in TFH Volume 03 Number
01,  page 18 and notes concerning family of Mrs.  Raymond Wray in TFH Volume 02
Number 03 page 128.]
                                   * * * * *
                                        {date = day-month-year}
TERRY, JOHN                         09-0l-1818 - 13-09-1898    "Father"
TERRY, LUCINDA REED                 30-04-1823 - 16-07-1897    "Mother"
TERRY, WILLIAM                      25-01-1842 - 23-10-1917    "Father"
                 "M 15-11-1865"
TERRY, SARAH JANE BRYANT            11-02-1843 - 26-10-1903    "Mother"
TERRY, MOLLIE                       02-06-1872 - 19-09-1895
     "Daughter of Wm. & S. J. Terry."
TERRY, ROBBIE                       31-05-1876 - 25-02-1877
     "Son of Wm. & S. J. Terry."
TERRY, SUSIE                        18-11-1877 - 13-10-1878
     "Daughter of W. & S. J. Terry."
TERRY, LUCY L.                      21-12-1881 - 31-12-1897
     "Daughter of Wm. & S. J. Terry."
TERRY, MARGARET                           1867 - 1882
TERRY, CLARA                        29-04-1869 - 08-08-1872
TERRY, MARTHA CATHERINE             19-03-1845 - 31-10-1870
     "Wife of Joseph Terry"
TERRY, JOHN REED                          1855 - 1933
TERRY, HELEN SMITH                        1859 - 1943
TERRY, LOVIE                        11-07-1898 - 14-05-1899
     "Daughter of John R. and Helen Terry."
TERRY, HEHRY CLAY                   03-10-1853 - 03-03-1922
     "Age 69 yrs. 5 mos."
TITTLE, LUCY A.     {One Marker}    TITTLE, NANCY E.
m. 29-04-1879 to                    m. 07-08-1873 to
TERRY, H. C.                        TERRY, H. C.
d. 30-06-1917                       d. 14-07-1876
TERRY, MOLLIE J.                    17-03-1855 - 05-01-1932
     "Wife of H. C. Terry."
TERRY, JESSIE M.                    31-03-1888 - 10-03-1916
TERRY, JOE                          23-11-1882 - 16-01-1967
TERRY, LENARD M.                    11-12-1911 - 06-06-1913
     "Son of J. and J. M. Terry."
TERRY, ELBINA LEALA                       1898 - 1899
TERRY, MAGGIE BELL                        1872 - 1876
TERRY, NANNIE MAE                         1890 - 1914
TERRY, IDA E.                       18-12-1886 - 02-08-1922
TERRY, MARK (PETE)                  16-07-1879 - 30-10-1956
TERRY, ROLAND REED                  13-06-1895 - 07-03-1965
     "Texas Pvt. Co. E. 56 Inf., WW I  P. H."
TERRY INFANT                        No dates
TERRY, LOUIS REED                   23-07-1884 - 02-09-1946
     "M. 26-12-1905 to Esther Connell."
TERRY, ALBY                         24-01-1882 - 13-01-1967
TERRY, MINNIE AVERITT                     1883 - 1942
TERRY, INFANT                                  - 30-08-1917
     "Son of H. A. and Minnie Terry."
MARTIN, BEULAH TERRY                      1880 - 1954
MARTIN, LT. PAT M.                        1914 - 1942
      "Lost in Caribbean Sea, WW II."
                                   * * * * *
TERRY, WM. B.                       28-05-1835 - 30-10-1917
     , LYDIA                        17-01-1831 - 17-01-1916
     "Wife of Wm. B. Terry."
TERRY, JOHN C.                      18-09-1842 - 13-12-1929
TERRY, ALVINA C.                    26-09-1861 - 30-08-1948
TERRY, GILBERT B. [Bryant]                1887 - 1960
     [Leslie Bryant Terry, a son, indicated Gilbert Bryant Terry was b. Dec 27,
1887 and died 31 Jan 1960.]
TERRY, AMY B. [Bauske]                    1890 - 1977
                                   * * * * *
John  Terry came to Red River County March 6,  1846.  His father before him was
William Terry of Tennessee.  They first moved to Indiana, then to the territory
of Arkansas.  John Terry was the fifth of eleven children born to his  parents.
He was reared chiefly in Indiana and Arkansas.  He first came to Texas in 1839,
and since that time has been living in Red River County. John Terry was married
September 8,  1839, to Miss Lucindy Reed, the daughter of Mary and Joseph Reed.
To  this  union  were born fourteen children,  five of whom  died  in  infancy.
William,  Joseph,  Sarah E., and Mary F., Henry C., Margaret E., John R., James
M.,  and  Elbina grew to manhood and womanhood.  Mr.  Terry was an ardent  Free
Mason.  He was a member of the Methodist Church all of his life,  a very highly
respected man, and was prominent in farmer's organizations.
[Source:  The History of Clarksville and Old Red River County by Pat B. Clark.
Published 1937 by Mathis, Van Nort & Co. Dallas TX., page 235. This information
as well as cemeteries in Red River County was submitted by Ethel McGill.]
                                   * * * * *
John Terry was born in Gibson County, Indiana, May 9, 1818. His father, William
Terry,  was a native of Tennessee,  moved to Indiana when a young man,  and  in
April,  1832,  removed to Arkansas,  and in 1858 to Barry county, Missouri, and
then  to Greene county,  where he died about 1880 in the neighborhood of ninety
years  of  age.  Barbara  (Ennis) Terry,  wife of  William,  was  a  native  of
Tennessee,  was the mother of eleven children, and was ninety-five years of age
at her death, about 1885.
John Terry is the fifth of eleven children born to his parents,  and was reared
in Indiana and Arkansas. In 1839 he came to Texas, and has been most successful
asa farmer since his arrival here.  Since March 6,  1846, he has been living on
his present farm in Red River county. He was married September 8, 1839, to Miss
Luinda,  daughter  of  Joseph  and Mary (King) Reed,  and has had born  to  him
fourteen children;  five died in infancy, and the living are-- William, Joseph,
Sarah E.,  Mary F.,  Henry C., Margaret E., John R., James M. and Elbina L. Mr.
Terry  is an ardent Free Mason,  has been a member of the  Methodist  Episcopal
Church South forty-nine years,  is highly respected by his fellow-citizens, and
by them has been entrusted with many public offices of trust.
[Source:  Biographical Souvenir of the State of Texas.  Chicago.  1889.  F.  A.
Bailey & Co., page 817. Submitted by Faye McClure Miller.]
                                   * * * * *
                          BARRY COUNTY MO 1880 CENSUS
TERRY, JOHN K.           M 42   (1838)    AR IN (TEX)  farmer
TERRY, MARY A.           F 40   (1840)    TN TN TN     wife
TERRY, JOSEPH K.         M 16   (1864)    MO AR TN     son, works
TERRY, JOSIAH            M 16   (1864)    MO AR TN     son, works on farm
TERRY, SAMANTHA M.       F 14   (1866)    MO AR TN     dau, at home
TERRY, MORGAN G.         M 12   (1868)    MO AR TN
TERRY, ELI C.            M 10   (1870)    MO AR TN
TERRY, ROBERT S.         M 08   (1872)    MO AR TN
TERRY, ALFRED            M 06   (1874)    MO AR TN
TERRY, CLAEDONIA C.      F 04   (1876)    MO AR TN     dau
TERRY, GRANVILLE H.      M 02   (1878)    MO AR TN
TERRY, MARTHA E.         F 01   (1879)    MO AR TN     dau
Note: Page 301, McDonald Twsp., June 21, 1880.
TERRY, MILLARD F.        M 25   (1855)    AR IN TEX    farmer
TERRY, SARAH E.          F 24   (1856)    MO (KY) (KY) keeping house
Note: Page 302.
TERRY, MILBURN M.        M 25   (1855)    AR IN   TEX  farmer
TERRY, RACHAEL L.        F 25   (1855)    MO (TN) (TN) wife
TERRY, LYDIA A.          F 11/12 (1880)   MO AR   MO   dau
Note: Page 376.
TERRY, BARKY             F 92   (1788)    NC NC VA     Pauper (Widow)
TERRY, WILLIAM           M 72   (1808)    TN NC NC     Pauper dead palsy
Note: Page 338, Flat Creek Twsp., 1880.
The above notes submitted by Betty Martin.
                                   * * * * *
04 MAR 1920  ADAR, MRS.                11756 RED RIVER
04 AUG 1918  BRICE NAPOLIAN            32460 RED RIVER
03 AUG 1928  CHARLES EDWARD            36842 RED RIVER
06 FEB 1941  CLAUDE E.                  9741 RED RIVER
04 JAN 1935  CYNDRELLA HARVEY           4322 RED RIVER
16 JUN 1919  EBBIE ALINE               19664 RED RIVER
10 JAN 1942  ELIZABETH                  4382 RED RIVER
29 JUN 1917  GRETCHEN                  23161 RED RIVER
29 AUG 1917  H. A.                     23161 RED RIVER
22 JUN 1943  HELLEN RAY                29062 RED RIVER
07 FEB 1924  HENRY AUSTIN               6534 RED RIVER
02 AUG 1922  IDA E.                    24424 RED RIVER
15 SEP 1940  JOHN HARDEE               43198 RED RIVER
14 NOV 1933  JOHN R.                   52197 RED RIVER
15 MAR 1922  LESS                       9382 RED RIVER
23 JUL 1920  LUCINDY                   23779 RED RIVER
18 SEP 1937  LUCY                      47444 RED RIVER
07 JAN 1916  MAMIE E.                   2490 RED RIVER
10 FEB 1929  MATILDA A.                12294 RED RIVER
24 SEP 1942  MINNIE MAE                41806 RED RIVER
06 JAN 1932  MOLLIE                     3767 RED RIVER
12 SEP 1904  NAPOLEON B.               48246 RED RIVER
26 AUG 1922  PAT                       24434 RED RIVER
26 OCT 1903  WILL MRS.                 47818 RED RIVER
18 JUN 1919  WILLIAM F.                19666 RED RIVER
                                   * * * * *
                      TERRY SURNAMES IN THE 1900 SOUNDEX
                             SAN SABA COUNTY TEXAS
TERRY, STEVE             W H    APR 1862  38 TX  SAN SABA      95/129/9/29
TERRY, ALBERTA           - W    JAN 1867  33 TX  SAN SABA      95/129/9/29
TERRY, MAUD              - D    JUL 1884  15 TX  SAN SABA      95/129/9/29
TERRY, WILLIAM           - S    JAN 1886  14 TX  SAN SABA      95/129/9/29
TERRY, ALBERT            - S    NOV 1888  11 TX  SAN SABA      95/129/9/29
TERRY, LEE R             - S    DEC 1890  09 TX  SAN SABA      95/129/9/29
TERRY, STEPHEN           - S    JUL 1892  07 TX  SAN SABA      95/129/9/29
TERRY, LUTHER            - S    SEP 1894  NR TX  SAN SABA      95/129/9/29
TERRY, CORDELIA          - D    MAY 1896  NR TX  SAN SABA      95/129/9/29
TERRY, WESLEY            - S    OCT 1898  NR TX  SAN SABA      95/129/9/29
TERRY, THOM              W H    SEP 1879  20 TX  SAN SABA      95/129/10/67
TERRY, FRANKIE           - W    OCT 1877  22 TX  SAN SABA      95/129/10/67
TERRY, HENRY             W H    AUG 1871  28 TX  SAN SABA      95/129/10/92
TERRY, JOSIE             - W    APR 1874  26 TX  SAN SABA      95/129/10/92
TERRY, BRYAN             - S    OCT 1895  04 TX  SAN SABA      95/129/10/92
TERRY, J. W.             W H    DEC 1874  25 TX  SAN SABA      95/130/16/70
TERRY, EMMA              - W    DEC 1872  27 TX  SAN SABA      95/130/16/70
TERRY, EMIT              - S    MAY 1900 1/12 TX SAN SABA      95/130/16/70
TERRY, S. W.             W H    NOV 1828  71 TN  SAN SABA      95/130/17/94
TERRY, V. JANE           - W    OCT 1830  70 TN  SAN SABA      95/130/17/94
TERRY, JAMES A.          - S    DEC 1876  23 TX  SAN SABA      95/130/17/94
TERRY, MAMIE             - DL   JUN 1881  18 AL  SAN SABA      95/130/17/94
TERRY, IMA               - GD   MAY 1899  01 TX  SAN SABA      95/130/17/94
TERRY, J. T.             W H    JAN 1850  50 TX  SAN SABA      95/130/18/4
TERRY, JULIA A.          - W    DEC 1874  45 TX  SAN SABA      95/130/18/4
TERRY, ARMOUR            - D    DEC 1877  22 TX  SAN SABA      95/130/18/4
TERRY, VEACH             - S    SEP 1885  16 TX  SAN SABA      95/130/18/4
TERRY, CLYDE             - D    SEP 1885  14 TX  SAN SABA      95/130/18/4
TERRY, WILLIAM           - S    NOV 1886  13 TX  SAN SABA      95/130/18/4
TERRY, WALTER            - S    JAN 1889  11 TX  SAN SABA      95/130/18/4
TERRY, RILEY             - S    JUN 1890  09 TX  SAN SABA      95/130/18/4
TERRY, REESLY            - S    MAR 1892  08 TX  SAN SABA      95/130/18/4
TERRY, LULA              - D    MAR 1894  06 TX  SAN SABA      95/130/18/4
TERRY, BELLE             - D    SEP 1896  03 TX  SAN SABA      95/130/18/4
TERRY, W. J.             W H    SEP 1864  35 TX  SAN SABA      95/130/25/52
TERRY, MARTHA W.         - W    OCT 1865  34 TX  SAN SABA      95/130/25/52
TERRY, EFFIE J.          - D    APR 1890  10 TX  SAN SABA      95/130/25/52
TERRY, DOUGLAS           - S    MAR 1892  08 TX  SAN SABA      95/130/25/52
TERRY, CORBIN U.         - S    AUG 1894  05 TX  SAN SABA      95/130/25/52
TERRY, MODE              W H    MAR 1869  31   KY SAN SABA     95/131/4/50
TERRY, SALLIE            - W    JAN 1871  29   AR SAN SABA     95/131/4/50
CLARY, LUTHER E.         - Se   N/R 1883  17   TX SAN SABA     95/131/4/50
TERRY, JAMES O.          - S    JUL 1899 11/12 TX SAN SABA     95/131/4/50
TERRY, JAY C.            W H    JAN 1841  59 IL  SAN SABA      95/131/13/86
TERRY, ROSA              - W    JAN 1862  38 AL  SAN SABA      95/131/13/86
TERRY, AGNES             - D    AUG 1880  19 TX  SAN SABA      95/131/13/86
TERRY, REUBEN P.         - S    AUG 1882  17 TX  SAN SABA      95/131/13/86
TERRY, ADDIE             - D    JAN 1892  08 TX  SAN SABA      95/131/13/86
TERRY, ROSA              - D    JAN 1896  04 TX  SAN SABA      95/131/13/86
TERRY, ROBERT LEE        - S    JAN 1887  12 TX  SAN SABA      95/131/13/86
ELMORE, WILL             - Bo   N/R 1871  29 MS  SAN SABA      95/131/13/86
[Note:  See  San Saba County Texas Terry Marriages in TFH Volume 03 Number  01,
page 19. *The 1900 Census is courtesy of Faye McClure Miller.]
                                   * * * * *
                                TERRY CEMETERY
                            SAN SABA COUNTY, TEXAS
TERRY, DOUGLAS O.                   21 MAR 1892  -  27 DEC 1959
TERRY, ETHEL E.                     21 NOV 1985  -
TERRY, VOLUMNIA nee ADAMS           01 OCT 1830  -  29 AUG 1901
     Born in Tennessee
TERRY, S. W.                        17 NOV 1828  -  07 DEC 1913
     Born in Tennessee
TERRY, CORDILIA F.                  29 JAN 1854  -  31 MAY 1938
TERRY, ARBETTY C.                   06 MAR 1858  -  03 AUG 1887
     Married 1878 to H. P. Austin, Mother and Child.
TERRY, JOHN THOS.                   14 JAN 1860  -  13 JAN 1929
TERRY, JULIA ANN                    28 DEC 1864  -  07 JUL 1934
TERRY, LULA                                1894  -  1931
     Sanderson and her babies.
TERRY, BELLE                        09 SEP 1896  -  03 JUN 1978
TERRY, JOSEPH W.                    11 DEC 1874  -  07 JAN 1943
TERRY, EMMA                         23 DEC 1872  -  21 OCT 1953
TERRY, EMMETT D.                    01 MAY 1900  -  03 FEB 1949
                       RILEY R.               WALTER R.
                      14 JUN 1890            18 JAN 1889
                      03 AUG 1964            18 NOV 1957
TERRY, EMILY MUNCELL                28 JUN 1891  -  13 AUG 1979
BROWN, ERNEST BRADLEY               17 FEB 1923  -  03 DEC 1944
                         J. ERNEST           DORA TAFF
                        06 JAN 1889         17 AUG 1894
                        11 SEP 1976         29 NOV 1969
Source for San Saba County,  Texas Cemetery information: Carlene Peacock Brown,
Rt.  1,  Box 318,  Gilmer TX 75644.  See query # 030384 for Mrs. Brown in March
1984 TFH, page 43. I inadvertantly left off her address on the query--Editor.
                                   * * * * *
23 NOV 1908  ARCHIE O.                 50558 SAN SABA
10 DEC 1921  CORBIN C.                 34826 SAN SABA
13 JAN 1929  J. T.                      6498 SAN SABA
07 JUL 1934  J. T., MRS.               34101 SAN SABA
07 JAN 1943  JOE W.                     4526 SAN SABA
16 JUL 1934  JOHNNIE HAZEL             34099 SAN SABA
21 OCT 1943  M. D.                     48502 SAN SABA
06 JUN 1922  MABEL C.                  18502 SAN SABA
30 AUG 1936  SOPHIA ANN                71582 SAN SABA
18 APR 1920  THOMAS BENTON             14855 SAN SABA
08 MAY 1926  VIRGINIA                  19314 SAN SABA
02 FEB 1944  W. J.                     10291 SAN SABA
                                   * * * * *
         Submitted by Genevieve Bess Mitchell of New Brighton MN 55112
Grave  Stones in the Terry Cemetery:  St.  Clair County Missouri located 2  1/2
miles south of Ohio, Missouri.
These names and dates were copied by Mr. and Mrs. Clement W. Rickman in 1980 at
the  time the cemetery was being refenced and repaired.  There were many people
buried  here in unmarked graves.  We know where some of them are but  if  there
ever was a drawing or record of the cemetery we do not know where it is. We are
sorry  that there will be some errors in dates and spelling in this report  due
to  the weathering of the stones.  Some corrections might be made during a  dry
period using chalk dust and strong focusing flash light.
Susanna Boots       11 Feb 1794 -  5 Dec 1881
James Boots                     - 14 Oct 1858    S. of N. G. & Julia Boots
                                                 Age 2 yrs. 11 mo. 24 da.
Elizabeth D. Gillam             No dates
Mary E. Gillam                  No dates
Sarah P. Gillam                 No dates
Sarah F. Gillam                 No dates
Anne Ledbetter      01 Jun 1834 -  17 Jun 1875   Wife of J. Mc H. Ledbetter
Susan  Ledbetter    09 Mar 1873 -  10 Oct 1873   Dau of A.  E.  &  J.  McHenry
Susanna Lewellen    05 Feb 1828 -  24 Jan 1871
Catharine Lewellen              -  07 Feb 1871   Age 24 yrs. 10 mo.
Ermine Lewis        04 Oct 1890 -  08 Feb 1893   Dau. of W. O. & M. A. Lewis
Raymond Lewis       23 Sep 1884 -         1885   S. of W. O. & M. A. Lewis
Martha                          -  18 Aug 1880?  Wife of M. M. Locke
                                                 Age 37 yrs. 1 Mo. 11 da.
Matthew             27?Aug?1870?-  30?Jun?1886?  S. of M. M. & M. A. Locke
George Newman       08 Feb 1797 -  21 Apr 1875
Ann Newman          20 Feb 1800 -  24 Oct 1876
Powhatan B. Newman  06 Oct 1831 -  30 Dec 1895
Elizabeth Pleasant  08     1835 -  06 Jun 1859   Age 24 years
Epitaph from above Elizabeth:  "Beloved stranger passing by,  As you are now so
once was I. As I am now so must you be, Prepare for death and follow me."
B. N. & A. F. Prier             -  17?Sep 1875?  Our daughter Florence
                                                 Age 7 yrs. 2 Mo. 29 da.
Joshua Rickman      09 Aug 1801 -  28 Apr 1879
".........deeply feel .........Tho hath bereft us, Can all our sorrows heal."
Louis Rickman                                    Son of J. M. & E. A. Rickman
Jessie              11 Jun 1887 -  23 Jun 1887   Son of P. C. & Anne Rickman
Maud                            -         1880   Dau. of S. H.? & S. G. ? Row?
William B. Shoemaker 11 Nov 1801-  01 Apr 1883
Elizabeth Shoemaker             -  16 Jun 1865   Age 56 yrs.
Eliza J. Shoemaker              -  20 Aug 1868  (Former wife of Clement Walton
                                                Aged abt. 46 yrs.--Should be 41
Natural rock next to Eliza                      (Marker of Margaret Olivia
Natural  rock  next  grave                      (Grave  of  Clement  Marion
Natural rock next marked J. W. W.                (James Wyatt Walton)
Lydia                           -  11 Sep 1869   Wife of P. G. Terry
                                                 Aged 43 yrs. 9 mo. 11 da.
Thomas                     1869 -         1869   S. of P. G. & Lydia Terry
Viola Terry         05 Jun 1861 -  18 Sep 1880
Nancy G. Terry                              (buried with the Gillam Family)
Murry Wilson                    -  14 Nov 1855   Age 44 yrs. 6 mo. 28 da.
Milton Yeoman       09 Nov 1820 -  13 Nov 1886
Rachel Yeoman       27 May 1822 -  29 Mar 1896
Wesley N. Yeoman    07 Dec 1859 -  18 Aug 1890
Florence Yeoman     30 Sep 1889 -  12 Aug 1891
Note: James S. Terry and Elizabeth Terry are among the unmarked graves.
                               CEMETERY RESTORED
              From St. Clair Courier, February 26, 1981, Page 4.
     The  historic Terry Cemetery,  two and one half miles south of  Ohio,  has
been refenced, cleared of brush and dead trees and branches. Some families have
reset the leaning and fallen stones of their family.  At least one new stone is
being  erected  for  Peter  Garland  Terry,  son  of  the  pioneer  Terry.  The
restoration  project was initiated and followed through by the  descendants  of
Terry,  Shoemaker,  Walton,  and Rickman. The sponsors are all third generation
cousins. They were assisted by other heirs of the cemetery, with labor and help
with  expenses.  Ted  Noakes  of  Lowry  City whose  wife  Wanda  is  a  Terry,
contributed most in time and labor to the project.
     The  project  was  started with the urge that it is a sin  to  permit  the
graves  of our ancestors to be destroyed and second that this is a now or never
     When James and Elizabeth Terry in 1840 came by covered wagon train to  St.
Clair  County,  no sooner had they arrived than two of their sons died with the
fever. They were buried just a shor distance from the family homne and this was
the  beginning of Terry Cemetery.  In that day the cemetery was on the  pioneer
road and was accessable to the people of the area.  When the section lines were
established with county roads, the Terry Cemetery was caught near the center of
the section.  The heirs of the cemetery apparently did not petition the  County
Court for an access road. Recently the old road has been fenced off, the houses
along  it are empty,  and the old road closed.  About four acres were set aside
for cemetery and the heirs could without doubt still petition the County  Court
for an access road if they ever deemed it necessary.
     The  cemetery is a beautiful spot in the woods and is covered with  myrtle
in  summer.  It  is hoped that other families will restore the grave stones  of
their  ancestors.  The  pioneer ancestors of the sponsors  of  the  restoration
project  were:  James  Sparkfarley Terry and his wife Elizabeth  Abbot  Hughes,
William  B.  Shoemaker  and  his first wife Elizabeth Kincheloe  (who  had  156
relatives  in St.  Clair County in 1922),  County Judge Joshua Richman and wife
Mary Barnett Terry,  and Minister of the Gospel Clement Stubblefield Walton and
wife Eliza Jane Reid. William B. Shoemaker came from Pennsylvania but supported
the Confederacy. All of the others of Tennessee.
                                           C. W. Rickman
                                   * * * * *
                           TENNESSEE TERRY MARRIAGES
**   S/O Robert Terry and Elizabeth Newsom Pate. rdl.
03 OCT 1797 TERRY, SAMUEL                HAIL, SARAH
31 OCT 1842 TERRY, JAMES                 ABERNATHY, MARGARET
11 JUL 1829 TERRY, JANE                  SHAW, GEO
25 JAN 1847 TERRY, MARY C                SYMOND, HENRY
05 FEB 1838 TERRY, NANCY                 GRAY, JOHN G
**   S/O Col. Nathaniel Terry and Anne Thompson. rmt.
12 JAN 1843 TERRY, OLIVER D              ALFORD, ELIZA ANN
08 --- 1849 TEARY, E. A.               JOHNSON, NEWTON
**    D/O Francis "Frank" Terry and Elizabeth Rash. jdt.
07 DEC 1876 TERRY, WM. DABNEY            ------, ------
**   S/O James Milton Terry and Mary Ann Rebekah Stone.
30 NOV 1843 TERRY, MARY A                EDWARDS, IRA T
29 JUN 1839 TERRY, NANCY                 GOOLSBY, ELVIN A
19 JUN 1818 TERRY, JOSEPH               TERRY, ELIZABETH
**    D/O James Terry and Mary Gooch. jdt.
21 FEB 1803 TERRY, AGNES                 STEEL, JOHN
22 FEB 1899 TERRY, EFFIE                 PRITCHARD, ROY A
31 MAR 1797 TERRY, JESSE                 MCNAIRE, HANNAH
01 JAN 1890 TERRY, JESSE M               BROGDEN, CERILLA C
03 DEC 1800 TERRY, JOHN                  CRAIN, ELIZABETH
**   D/O Jessee Terry and Ellen Jane (Fritts) Irons. rmt.
30 NOV 1881 TERRY, MARY                  ERVEN, GEORGE
22 JUL 1893 TERRY, MARY                  CARTER, WM
21 FEB 1899 TERRY, MINNIE                #JOEL L
26 OCT 1899 TERRY, ROSA ELLEN            CLARK, LEE
**   D/O Jessee Terry and Ellen Jane (Fritts) Irons. rmt.
07 DEC 1801 TERRY, SALLY                 CRAWFORD, WILLIAM
28 JAN 1869 TERRY, SARAH                 BYRD, HENRY
31 MAR 1797 TERRY, TIP                   MCNAIN, HANNAH
20 FEB 1868 TERRY, WILEY C               MASTERSON, LOUISA
14 DEC 1899 TERRY, WM C                  MCCROSKEY, NINA VIOLA
24 DEC 1896 TERRY, WM I                  COURTNEY, MINNIE A
**   William Issac, S/O Jessee Terry and Ellen Jane (Fritts) Irons. rmt.
21 APR 1825 TERRY, JESSE                LINDSEY, ELIZABETH
**   Bondsman, James Kelley.
29 JUL 1824 TERRY, MOSES                COWEN, ELIZABETH
**   Bondsman, Elliot Lindsey.
04 OCT 1877 TERRY, JOHN                 MARSHALL, MAGGIE
31 MAY 1885 TERRY, JOSEPH               LAKE, ELIZABETH
11 DEC 1871 TERRY, JOHN C.              CASSIDY, MARY JANE
**   J. C. Terry b. 1846, S/O Benjamin Terry b. 1812 and Esther Dorsett. rmt.
16 DEC 1852 TERRY, WILLIAM H.           SCOTT, SARAH E.
**   Dr.  Benjamin Terry b.  NC 1816,  S/O David Terry b.  NC 1765-75 m.  Nancy
**   Belcher Jordan. wtw.
**   Isabella Terry b.  TN 1829,  D/O William Terry b.  NC 1792, m. 05 Jan 1822
**   and Jane Ramsey. wt.
28 NOV 1867 TERRY, JAMES                 MAGUR?, MYRAN
08 OCT 1843 TERRY, MARY                  SHELTON, DAVID F
**   Mary Terry b.  TN 1824,  D/O William Terry b.  NC 1792, m. 05 Jan 1822 and
**   Jane Ramsey. wt.
04 OCT 1866 TERRY, P T MISS              RICE, A H
**   Prudence Terry b.  TN 1844,  D/O William Terry b.  NC 1792, m. 05 Jan 1822
**   and Jane Ramsey. wt.
**   Sarah Terry b.  TN 1826,  D/O William Terry b. NC 1792, m. 05 Jan 1822 and
**   Jane Ramsey. wt.
15 OCT 1848 TERRY, ABNER S               HARRIS, LOUISA
22 JUN 1813 TERRY, STEPHEN               MOORE, DEMARIUS
27 APR 1853 TERRY, JAMES                 POWELL, MARTHA
**   Alvin J. Irons m. Ellen Jane Fritts 7 Mar 1863 div. 1867.
**   S/O Jessee Terry ?? rmt.
05 NOV 1835 TERRY, JOHN C                CHRISTIAN, MATILDA
15 NOV 1849 TERRY, LOUISA                FERGUSON, JOHN A
27 OCT 1825 TERRY, MARRY                 CHRISTIAN, GILBERT
27 OCT 1825 TERRY, MOLY                  CHRISTIAN, GILBERT
09 SEP 1820 TERRY, MARTHA                LOVE, HEZEKIAH
**   By Wm.  C.  Mehaney,  J.P.,  Jesse Terry Security, Philip  Roberts & Nancy
**   Smith, witnesses.
26 NOV 1840 TERRY, PRICE                 GILBERT, ELIZABETH
**   By Alexander Nesmith J.P. and Jesse Terry, Security.
29 SEP 1844 TERRY, SUSAN                 PHILLIPS, ISAAC R
**   S/O David Terry and ______ Reed. rmt.
05 JAN 1822 TERRY, WILLIAM               RAMSEY, JANE
**    S/O James Terry and Mary Gooch. jdt.
09 DEC 1817 TERRY, CHAMPIAN              PITT, NANCY
16 DEC 1824 TERRY, ELENER                RUSSELL, ROBERT
16 MAR 1819 TERRY, POLLY                 WALTON, GEORGE
16 DEC 1824 TERRY, ELENER                RUSSELL, ROBERT
-- --- ---- TERRY,  GEORGE M             WINSTON, ALBERTINE MISS
**   S/O James Terry and Mildred Bailey. rmt.
11 JUN 1844 TERRY, ANN                   WILLIAMS, JAMES
24 MAY 1849 TERRY, ANNA                  THOMPSON, SOLOMON K K
23 FEB 1837 TERRY, DAVID                 LAVENDAR, CATHERINE
14 AUG 1816 TERRY, ELIZABETH             BONNER, WM I
01 JUL 1830 TERRY, HENRY B               ALLEN, URSEY
01 FEB 1813 TERRY, JEREMIAH              SLOAN, POLLY
06 DEC 1825 TERRY, LUCY                  PATTON, ROBERT
27 DEC 1846 TERRY, NANCY                 CLAY, JAMES S
31 DEC 1829 TERRY, ROBERT                PATE, ELIZABETH N
**   S/O Reuben Terry. rmt.
**   S/O Robert Terry and Elizabeth Newsom Pate. rmt
**   S/O Robert Terry and Elizabeth Newsom Pate. rmt.
**   S/O Dr. Alexander Watson Terry and Nancy Justin Wilson. rmt.
29 JAN 1812 TERRY, WILLIAM               MARTON, BETSEY
                                   * * * * *
                           EARLY TENNESSEE TAX LISTS
By  Byron  Sistler,  1977 submitted by Allie Wilson Oldham of  Pagosa  Springs,
TERRY, CARLIN            1811           SUMNER CO.
TERRY, CLEMENT           1799           CAMPBELL CO.
TERRY, ELIJAH            1818, 1823     CAMPBELL CO.
TERRY, GARLAND           1816           SUMNER CO.
TERRY, JASPER            1796           CARTER CO.
TERRY, JESSE             1796           KNOX CO.
TERRY, JOHN              1805 (2)       ANDERSON CO.
"         "              1811           WHITE CO.
"         "              1812           GILES CO.
"         "              1818           CAMPBELL CO.
"         "              1825           WHITE CO.
TERRY, JOSEPH            1799           KNOX CO.
"           "            1825           WHITE CO.
TERRY, JOSIAH            1805           ANDERSON CO.
TERRY, JOSIAH            1818, 1823     CAMPBELL CO.
TERRY, KIBBLE            1804           WILSON CO.
"           "            1812           BEDFORD CO.
TERRY, MOSES             1796           CARTER CO.
"          "             1811           MAURY CO.
TERRY, RICHARD           1799           GRAINGER CO.
TERRY, SAM               1799           KNOX CO.
TERRY, SARAH             1796           CARTER CO. (Note: a widow.)
TERRY, THOMPSON          1812           BEDFORD CO.
TERRY, WILLIAM           1812           GILES CO.
"            "           1819           WASHINGTON CO.
Need  info  on Elizabeth TERRY Ferguson Holcomb,  wife of Thomas  Holcomb,  who
arrived  as the "widow Ferguson" in 1630,  on the "Mary and John".  Is she  the
sister of Stephen TERRY?  Mrs.  Norman Howard Miller, 8715 Woolworth Ave. Omaha
NE 68124.
                      TERRY LINE OF DOROTHY E. HOYT TERRY
                    2484 Columbia Blvd. St. Helens OR 97051
1.   Edgar D. TERRY b. Wolback, NE 18 Dec 1906 m. 16 Apr 1960
     Dorothy E. Hoyt b. St. Helens OR 26 Jul 1924.
2.   Edward Riley TERRY b. IA 28 Feb 1873 d. ?? m. 06 Sep 1899
3.   Laura Isabell Campbell b. Palmer, NE 15 Nov 1881 d. St. Helens OR
     11 Sep 1961.
4.   Don P. TERRY b. IL 13 Sep 1850 d. NE 25 Jun 1915  m. IA 04 Aug 1871
5.   Anabel Sanborn b. IN 24 Sep 1854 d. NE 13 Jan 1912
Edward Riley TERRY was last seen by his children in 1937.  He is probably  dead
by now. Does anyone know where he might be buried?
030684  TERRY
Researching Robert Drexal TERRY,  Henry Freeman TERRY,  James David TERRY,  and
James D.  TERRY.  Member of Lincoln Co.  MO, Shelby Co. IL and Fairfield Co. OH
Gen. Societies. No dates given. Marie TERRY RR# 1, Box 211 Silex MO 63377.
Looking  for  info on Joshua Stone TERRY m.  Hester Ann Jackson.  They were  in
Milam Co.  TX 1857 when their dau.  Melissa Day TERRY was born.  Have no  other
info on them. Jan Cutsinger 3804 Opal Dr., St. Charles MO 63301.
                           LINE OF NANCY R. MCKENZIE
                   5011 Caire Circle, Santa Barbara CA 93111
1.   George TERRY McKenzie b. AZ 1922 d. Thailand 1970 m. ca 1956
     Nancy R. MacLean.
2.   Thomas E. McKenzie b. ??   m. TN 1918.
3.   A. Louise Barber b. MS 1885 d. OK 1967.
6.   Wm. T. Barber b. ??  d. ??  m. MS 1869.
7.   Miranda J. TERRY b. MS 1853 d. MS 1939.
14.  Dabney S. TERRY b. VA 1830 d. LA 1862 m. MS 1850
15.  Matilda Ashley  b.??  d.??
28.  Sterling TERRY b.  VA 1805 d. MS 1873 m. VA 1828.
29.  Elizabeth ______ b. ?? d. ??
56.  Dabney TERRY b. VA 1765 d. ?? 1841 m. VA 1791
57.  Frances Hailey b. ??  d. ??
112. George TERRY b. VA ?? d. VA 1802 m. VA ??
113. Fanny ______ b. ??  d. ??
Need  date and location of marriage of Sterling TERRY.  Was Elizabeth his first
I have homestead papers for a Joseph F.  TERRY Co. 4, US Artillery. His address
was listed Grace E. TERRY 603 Bell Ave. Davenport IA. This was in Jul 10, 1913.
This address was from the Bureau of Pensions.  Seems this land was in Lewiston,
Montana. Says Joseph F. TERRY was b. Troy, NY age 21. He was discharged Nov. 3,
1861.  The file is 44 pages. Anyone of this family may have for xeroxing costs.
This is not my family;  my line is Ansel TERRY.  Mrs.  V. H. Rutledge, 946 17th
Ave., Longview WA 98632.
While going thru the #2, Vol. II of The Seventeen Seventy Six publication, page
114,  I  read that you are Historian,  so to speak,  of the TERRY  surname.  My
father's brother,  John Millwater married a Amanda TERRY, about 1912, at Plain-
field or Fanwood,  NJ. No other info given. Charles N. Millwater Sr., Watermill
Associates, 272 Mantoloking Rd., Bricktown NJ.
I am 88 1/2 yrs old married L.  D.  TERRY, son of Cliff TERRY in Okla. a friend
sent  me  a clipping that you were interested in the family tree...My  daughter
Geraldine was born in Okla.  City.  Her father was Lee D. TERRY - she has a son
Richard  Lee  Siler and a daughter Sharon Siler  McCloullar.  Floyd  Ray  TERRY
passed  away  last year - a Driller lived at Riverton,  WY.  -- Edna  H.  TERRY
Smith. If anyone has information on this family contact the Editor.
I am interested in the location of Samuel D. TERRY b. AL 1838; William H. TERRY
b.  AL 1840;  Edward TERRY b.  AL 1844 and Charley TERRY b. AL 1850. These have
been  long lost and are in need of being found.  They are the sons  of  William
Robards TERRY and Sarah Dawson of Autaugaville Co.  AL.  W.  R.  born in NC and
Sarah b.  in KY.  William R.  TERRY was a Justice of the Peace in Van Zandt Co.
and  married several of his children--the records for those years have not been
found. Editor's note-- I checked the 1900 TX Census and did not find them. Mrs.
Frances Wynn, Rt. #7, Box 6, Leander TX 78641.
Read  about TFH publication in the OKC Times.  My grandmother was a  TERRY  who
came  to OK with her parents about 1895 from San Saba Co.  TX.  They settled in
Glenn, OK near Ardmore....Her father was Stephen Woodson TERRY, Jr., his father
was S.  W.  T. Sr., and his father was John TERRY b. NC and lived mostly in TN.
Stephen TERRY Sr.  came to TX about 1859.  My research has hit a dead end  with
John TERRY of TN and all my other research follows his wife's family....  To my
knowledge,  only Stephen W.  TERRY Jr.  and one other brother, Joseph Henderson
TERRY came to Indian Territory from San Saba Co.  TX. The other children stayed
in TX. Leslie E. Ott, 5604 N.W. 110, Oklahoma City OK 73132.
Researching  Jessee  TERRY  and Hannah McNair of Roane  Co.,  TN.  Marjorie  G.
Barkley, 1732 Crabtree Rd. Hixson TN 37343.
Researching Mary Jane TERRY b. Patrick Co. VA 26 May 1837 d. Rush Co. IN 23 Jul
1915 m.  William Warren Wallace [lived Robertson and Scott Co.'s KY];  Benjamin
TERRY b.  Patrick Co.  VA 1805 d.  ??  m.  Patrick Co.  VA 1834 Sarah Foley  b.
Patrick Co.  VA 1807 d.  ??  [ lived Patrick Co. VA until about 1840 to Russell
Co.  VA to KY about 1852]; Benjamin TERRY b. ?? d. Patrick Co. VA 1816 m. about
1796 Mary "Polly" _______ b.  1770-1780.  She m.  (2) Patrick Co. VA 1 Mar 1817
Obediah Burnett. Nancy Cowan, 8333 N.W. 33rd, Bethany OK 73008.
Searching  for info on James TERRY b.  VA d.  Louisa Co.  VA 1783 and his  wife
Henrietta,  my 6th g-grandparents.  Their son Stephen TERRY b.  VA 1758 d. Todd
Co. KY 1821 m. 1782 Mildred Bagby b. Louisa Co. VA 1761 d. Todd Co. KY 1832 the
daughter of John Bagby and Theodocia Morris.  Was James TERRY brother of Champ-
ness  TERRY?  Did Stephen have siblings?  William Morris TERRY (S/O Stephen and
Mildred) m.  Louisa Co.  VA 1806 Elizabeth McGehee Crank daughter of George and
______ Crank.  Her guardian was David Hall of Louisa Co. VA. Will exchange info
and answer all letters.  Darrell R.  Hooker,  2051-55 Geneva St.  Oceanside  CA
Editor's note: This is the line of Mrs. Edna Harris Bushnell of Birmingham, AL.
Circumstantial evidence indicates that James d.  1783 may be connected with the
family of Stephen TERRY of Hanover Co.  VA and Chester Co.  SC (d. 1769 in then
Craven  Co.  SC.)  We presently have research pending to try and sort  out  the
different Stephen TERRYs in NC, SC and VA 1750-1820.
                       255 E. 36th Ave., Eugene OR 97405
1.   Lawrence Luce Daggett  b. ?? m.  ?? MA
     Marien I. Kendrick b. ??
2.   Frank A. Daggett b. ?? m. ?? MA
3.   Charlotte May Allen b. 1876 d. 1939
6.   Charles D. Allen  b. ??   d. ??  m. ?? Worcester, MA
7.   Emily Genella Luce b. 1854 d. ??
14.  Thomas Wendell Luce b. 1824 d. 1862  m. ?? ME
15.  Mary Ann Staples b. ??   d. ??
28.  John Tilton Luce b. 1793 d. 1877 m.  ?? Farmington, ME
29.  Betsey Wendell  b. ??   d. ??
56.  Solomon Luce b. Martha's Vineyard MA 1762 d. ??  m. ??
57.  Celia/Martha Tilton b. 1761  d. aft 1795.
114. John Tilton b. 1723  d. ??  m. (1) ?? Middletown, NJ
     m. (2) Jane Tilton.
115. Martha Young  b. ?? d. ??
228. Daniel Tilton b. 1682 d. 1749 m. ?? poss. Gravesand, NY
229. Elizabeth Powell b. ?? d. ??
456. John Tilton Jr. b. 1640 d. 1704 m. (2) 1674/5? Flushing, NY
457. Rebecca TERRY b. ??  d. ?? of Flushing, NY.
912. John Tilton b. ?? d. 1688
913. Mary ______ b. ??  d. ??
Read  about  the  TFH in the Tri-State Trader this  week.  My  husband's  great
grandmother was Katherine TERRY who m.  Angus MacDonald,  probably near Tupelo,
MS about 1870.  Her father's name was Baylus TERRY. Need info about this family
and  will exchange info on MacDonald descendants.  Martha Miller  Willett,  206
Kane St., Brooklyn NY 11231.
Need  info  about John Thomas Temples C.  TERRY and Frances (Elizabeth) whom  I
know from Mississippi Census Records to have been husband and wife;  I  believe
they are my great-grandparents.  Juanita T.  Spencer, Rt 2 Box 122, Huntingburg
IN 47542.
My  great-grandfather (James D.  TERRY) moved from TN to Cuero,  TX.  I do have
considerable info,  but not located his parents. At one time there was a TERRY-
ville,  TX -- now part of a farm.  I have a tax receipt dated  1877,  pictures,
etc.  Any  info appreciated.  Dorothy Jean Peach (Mrs.  W.  N.) 523 Chautauqua,
Norman OK 73069.
In Mary Goddard's Column in todays Oklahoman & Times I learned of the  TFH.  My
grandmother,  Martha Ann TERRY McCubbin,  was the daughter of John B. and Sarah
Mason TERRY,  born in Platte City,  MO.  In a History of Clay & Platte Counties
MO,  I found John B.  TERRY's name on assignment roll of personal property made
in  Spring of 1839.  I understand that they came to MO from TN.  Any info on my
family would be appreciated.  Martha Jeanette Embry (Mrs. John), 216 N.W.  33rd
St., Oklahoma City OK 73118.
I am a cousin of Darrell Hooker (See #140684). I'd like to know more about your
quarterly. Margaret A. Hudson, Box 30327 Dallas TX 75230.
Researching Martin TERRY b. NY 1820. Family moved to WI and then MN and also to
elsewhere. Bradley Castle. NEED ADDRESS?
My gg grandfather was William TERRY b.  SC 1811.  He was the son of James TERRY
d.  about 1833 in Bibb Co.  AL.  William TERRY m.  Emeline Williams in AL about
1840.  Lived  in  Bibb  Co.  AL until about 1870.  Need  parentage  on  Emiline
Williams;  anything will help. Mrs. Linda Holcomb, 107 Franklin Way, Cumming GA
Read about your TFH in "1776".  I,  too,  have a TERRY line,  which I have just
recently  begun  to work on.  Have purchased Edna Bushnell's TERRY FAMILIES  OF
VIRGINIA and have been able to determine that my line descends from Champness &
Christian  TERRY (he dec'd 1758 Louisa Co.) thru Joseph & Susannah  Bibb  TERRY
(he  dec'd  1815  Pittsylvania Co.) thru their daughter Elizabeth  who  married
Obadiah Echols. Jo Laffranchini, 71-624 Biskra Rd., Rancho Mirage CA 92270.
Long  time  researchers  of the family of John W.  TERRY and  Priscilla  Stokes
probably have at some time corresponded with Ray Beeman whose wife is a descen-
dant  of Elizabeth TERRY and Aaron Jones.  He has removed from Memphis  to  the
present address:  701 D.  Street Space B #8,  Chula Vista CA 92010.  Drop him a
line and say hello.
Saw  your copies of family sheets at the Department of Archives and History  in
Jackson  MS.  We made copies of your family group sheets on the TERRY and Jones
families.  The  line  my wife and I are working on is Aaron Jones  through  his
daughter Mary Florence.  She was the second wife of John Oliver  Houston.  John
Oliver's first wife was Ida Louella - sister to Mary Florence.  John Oliver was
the son of Joseph L.  Houston.  Need the parents of both Aaron L.  P. Jones and
Joseph L. Houston. Whatever do the "L." and "P." stand for? Richard S. Medding,
6102 Amherst Ave.,  Springfield VA 22150.  EDITOR'S NOTES:  Mr.  Beeman did not
know  the  name  of Aaron Jones' parents on the last family  sheet  I  received
several years ago. The "L. P." came from notes of Earnest TERRY of Meridian MS.
Need  parents  (and siblings) of Frank TERRY b.   1880 d.  1923,  buried  Pauls
Valley OK m.  Willie Ring b.  1881,  dau.  of William B. (Britt) Ring and Susie
Smithson.  Daughter Pearl Ora TERRY m.  William Henry Thompson. Any info appre-
ciated.  Will exchange.  Mrs.  Frances Jordan-Jerrie,  Rt 2 Box 507,  Zwolle LA
Want ancestors/descendants of great-grandfather, Alexander R. TERRY b. 1815/16.
Lived East Gwillimbury,  Ontario and Lexington, MI. Married Louisa Warner (dau.
Oliver and Levisa Warner).  Children: Charles TERRY, Vanrensalier TERRY, Sylve-
nus  TERRY,  Embery  TERRY,  Mariah Louisa TERRY  and  Benjamin  TERRY.  Mariam
MacDonald 309 Westwood Dr. Wheaton IL 60187.
                         TERRY LINE OF MURPHY B. WINN
                      31 Held Circle, Charleston SC 29412
1.   Murphy Barrett Winn b. 4 Jan 1947 m. ??
     Iris Rose Bowen b. Ft. Knox, KY 30 Oct 1952.
2.   Barney Elliott Winn Jr. b. Horsegall, Hampton Co. SC 15 May 1918 m. ??
3.   Martha Elizabeth Sides b. Carbon Hill, AL 29 Sep 1922.
4.   Barney Elliott Winn b. 9 Sep 1888 d. 16 Aug 1958 m. (1)
5.   Marie Ginn b. 31 Mar 1893 d. 7 Apr 1934. [m. (2) Lucille Wooten.]
8.   Barney Brantley Winn b. 10 Mar 1840 d. 6 Jan 1908 m. ??
9.   Rosa Clara TERRY b. 12 Mar 1850 d. 6 Aug 1910.
18.  John Michael TERRY b. 13 Apr 1821 d. 23 Jan 1904 m. ??
19.  Ellen A. Bowers b. Apr 1826 d. 3 Dec 1896.
36.  Phillip TERRY jr. b. ?? m. (1)
37.  Mary Rivers b.   d. ?? [m. (2) Rebecca Rivers b. 1794  d. ??]
72.  Phillip TERRY Sr. b. 1764 d. 1839, poss. bur. at Prince William Church
     Cemetery in Beaufort Dist. SC (now Hampton Co.) m. 1792.
73.  Delphia S. Wood b. ?? d. ??
144. Michael THERRY b. before 1749 d. before 1793.
145. _____ _____
                      TERRY LINE OF W. SANFORD TERRY JR.
                         Box 13032, Richmond VA 23225
1.   W. Sanford TERRY Jr. b. 31 Dec 1950 m. 1976
     Vernona Hope Mitchell b. ??
2.   Charles Vaden TERRY b. ??   m. ??
3.   Susan Whitney Pitt  b. ??
4.   William S. TERRY b. 3 Jul 1920
5.   Dolly Easley Vaden b. ??
8.   Charles E. TERRY b. Pittsy. Co. VA 27 Jul 1879 m. 19 Dec 1908.
9.   Minnie Turner b. 6 Aug 1890.
16.  William W. TERRY b. Pittsy. Co. VA ca 1849 d. 15 Apr 1915 m. Pittsy. Co.
     VA 30 Jan 1872.
17.  Harriett A. (Lovelace) Yeatts b. Pittsy. Co. VA ca. 1845 d. 10 Jul 1928
     [A widow age 27, dau. of Adkerson and Charity Lovelace.]
32.  Edward W. TERRY b. ?? d. ?? m. Pittsy. Co. VA 10 Jan 1848
33.  Mary Jane Giles   b. ?? d. ??
64.  David TERRY b. ca. 1770 d. 12 Nov 1865 m. 5 Jun 1799
65.  Lettice Nash b. ?? d. ??
128. Barton TERRY b. ?? d. Pittsy. Co. VA ca. 1821-22 m. ??
129. Susannah ______ b. ?? d. ??
256. Henry TERRY b. ?? d. Pittsy. Co. VA ca. 1783-84 m. ??
257. Margaret ______ b. ?? d. ??
                    10166 Clairmont Dr., St. Louis MO 63136
1.   Mary Frances TERRY b. Fannin Co. TX 13 Nov 1926 m. (2) Ft. Worth, TX
     30 Jun 1955 Robert Lewis Ingmire b. Hamilton Co. IN 16 Dec 1922.
2.   William Thomas TERRY Sr. b. Fannin Co. TX 6 Dec 1898 m. 14 Aug 1921
3.   Charlotte "Lottie" Burns b. Fannin Co. TX 16 Jul 1902.
4.   William Robert "Bob" TERRY Jr. b. Fannin Co. TX 12 Dec 1854 d. Fannin Co.
     TX 28 Oct 1931 m. (3) 4 Aug 1892.
5.   Alice Missouri Beddingfield b. Cherokee Co. AL 25 Sep 1868 d. Fannin Co.
     TX 19 Oct 1929.
[William Robert TERRY Jr.  m.  (1) Fannin Co.  TX 3 May 1874,  R.  A.  "Agness"
Wilson m.  (2) Fannin Co.  TX 27 Jun 1882, Sallie F. Jones. W. R. TERRY Jr. was
originally  named  Andrew Jackson TERRY;  Andrew in honor of  his  grandfather,
Andrew B.  TERRY and Jackson in honor of his uncle, Jackson McFarland, but when
his  father died at an early age and before Bob was six months old,  his mother
renamed him in honor of his father William R. (Will) TERRY, Sr.]
8.   William Robert "Will" TERRY Sr. b. Hardin Co. KY 1828 d. Fannin Co.  TX
     1855 m. 1852.
9.   Mary Jane McFarland b. St. Francois Co. MO 30 May 1836 d. Fannin Co. TX
     14 Feb 1878.
16.  Andrew B. TERRY  b. Montgomery Co. VA 1 Jun 1802 d. Hunt Co. TX 2 Jul
     1867 m. 11 Feb 1823
17.  Margaret D. Waggoner b. 19 Aug 1804.
32.  Jasper Morrison TERRY Sr. b. Botetourt Co. VA 6 Jan 1777 d. Montgomery Co.
     IL 14 Nov 1851 m.  Montgomery Co. VA 1 Aug 1797. [m. (2) Montgomery Co. IL
     6 Mar 1851 Mrs. Susannah McKey.]
33.  Sarah "Sallie" Fuller b. Peekskill, NY 6 Sep 1778 d. Green Co. IL 17 Sep
     1850, dau of Northrup and Mary (Winters) Fuller.
64.  Josiah TERRY b. Botetourt Co. VA 2 Apr 1755 d. ca 1839/40.
65.  Mary Lloyd b. VA ca. 1755 d. Green Co. IL 27 Apr 1844.
128. Jasper TERRY      m. (1)
129. Mary Morrison   b.??   d. ??
[Note:  Jasper TERRY m.  (2) Ruth or Mary Ruth ______;  he was a  Revolutionary
Soldier with Captain Eason's regiment.
256. William TERRY  b. ??   d. ??
257. Rachiel ______  b. ?? d. ??
Note:  According to the early deed records of Botetourt Co.  VA,  William TERRY
Sr.  m.  a women by the name of Rachel and they had eight children according to
the  oath of Thomas Brown.  Six children are as follows:  Jasper TERRY m.  Mary
Morrison;  John TERRY m.  Esther Brown;  William TERRY Jr.  m. Patience ______;
Susannah TERRY m.  Thomas Brown;  Miles TERRY m. Hannah Horton; Jemima TERRY m.
Ezekial Boucher.
This information was contained in TERRY AND ALLIED FAMILIES VOL.  I. by Frances
TERRY Ingmire.  St. Louis MO. 1981. Second edition 1983.
                       TERRY LINE OF GUI (GILHAM) FLYNT
                     7865 Can. Hwy. #53, Amarillo TX 79110
1.   Gui L. Gilham b. Curry Co. NM 4 Jun 1919 m. (2) C. A. Flynt.
2.   Geo. B. Gilham b. Baylor Co. TX 16 Mar 1895 d. Curry Co. NM 17 Sep 1957 m.
     14 Apr 1917.
3.   Corda R. Davenport b. Buchanan Co. MO 8 Jun 1879 d. Potter Co. TX 1 Apr
4.   George W. Gilham b. Troup Co. GA 22 Jan 1862 d. Curry Co. NM 3 Apr 1924 m.
     7 Nov 1886.
5.   Mary L. Look b. Lake Co. IL 9 Sep 1866 d. Curry Co. NM 4 Aug 1940.
8.   Thomas Sanford Gilham b. Troup Co. GA 19 Jun 1834 d. Troup Co. GA 3 Dec
     1912 m. 21 Dec 1854.
9.   Matilda Jane TERRY b. 11 Apr 1836 d. Troup Co. GA 14 Mar 1906.
18.  John Thomas TERRY b. 22 Mar 1800 d. GA 31 Oct 1855 m. ??
19.  Julia Gaulding b. 16 Aug 1807 d. GA 10 Apr 1863.
Note:  I  have a marriage liscense of a John Thomas TERRY & Miss Elizabeth Hart
from Warren Co. GA. They got the liscense 31 Dec 1828 & were married 7 Jan 1829
by Adkins,  J.  P., Book 1824-35, page 108. The liscense was made to John TERRY
and signed Thomas TERRY.
                         TERRY LINE OF SUSAN C. TERRY
                      87 Green St., Brattleboro VT 05301
1.   Susan C. TERRY b. Fall River, MA 1945.
2.   Lawrence E. TERRY b. Freetown, MA 1909 m. 1932.
3.   Edythe V. French b. 1909.
4.   Charles P. TERRY b. Freetown, MA 1880 d. Freetown, MA 1943 m. 1899.
5.   Grace E. Macomber b. 1882 d. 1955.
8.   Job TERRY b. Freetown MA 1849 d. Freetown, MA 1884 m. 1872
9.   Josephine A. Pierce b. 1855 d. 1947.
16.  David TERRY b. Freetown, MA 1814 d. Freetown, MA 1901 m. 1844
17.  Mary A. Edminster b. 1812 d. 1860.
32.  Captain Job TERRY Jr. b. Freetown, MA 1783 d. New Bedford, MA 1861 m. 1808
33.  Ruth Strange b. 1786 d. 1840.
64.  Job TERRY Sr. b. Freetown, MA 1752 d. Freetown, MA 1837 m. 1781
65.  Rebecca Winslow b. 1764 d. 1848.
128. John TERRY b. Freetown, MA 1708 d. Freetown, MA Will proved Sep 1776 m.
129. Lydia Williams b. 1710 d. ??
256. John TERRY b. before 1684 d. Freetown, MA before Nov 1711 m. 1705
257. Remember Farrow b. 1682 d. 1719.
512. Thomas TERRY b. ca 1631 d. Freetown, MA Oct 1691 m. ??
513. Anna Rogers b. ?? d. ??
As  I  noted  to  you  in my previous  letter,  Thomas  of  Freetown  had  many
descendants.  I  have  or  can find information on the lines  through  the  mid
1800's,  as most stayed in southeastern Mass. through that time. My line is the
only  one  I have much on from the mid 1800's to the present.  If anyone  wants
information  on  a particular TERRY I will try to help.  They  can  contact  me
directly  or through you,  whichever is best for you....I may have a lead o the
arrival of Thomas to this country, but I need to confirm (if I can). --Sue.
                       TERRY LINE OF FAYE MCCLURE MILLER
                      P. O. Box 484 Weatherford TX 76086
1.   Louisa Faye McClure b. Bell Co. TX 29 Sep 1918 m. ______ Miller
2.   Andrew J. McClure b. Bell Co. TX 7 Jul 1881 d. Milam Co. TX 18 May 1970 m.
     Tom Green Co. TX 15 Dec 1907.
3.   Hallie B. Rector b. Warren Co. KY 15 Dec 1888 d. Bell Co. TX 07 Jun 1944,
     bur. Rosebud Cemetery.
4.   William H. McClure b. Jefferson Co. AR 1 Oct 1858 d. Bell Co. TX 3 Sep
     1950 m. Milam Co. TX 08 Aug 1880.
5.   America Catherine TERRY b. Austin or Washington Co. TX 10 Dec 1862 d. Tom
     Green Co. TX 30 Sep 1942, bur Wall Cemetery.
10.  William R. A. TERRY b. Perry Co.?? AL 29 Nov 1825 d. Tom Green Co. TX 08
     Mar 1916 m. 1850/1851.
11.  Louisa L. (Lunda) Elliott b. NC 18 Feb 1830 d. Tom Green Co. TX 29 Nov
     1910, bur Wall Cemetery.
20.  Micajah (Mike) TERRY b. near Columbia, SC 3 Mar 1800 d. Milam Co. TX 26
     Oct 1888 m. ca. 1822.
21.  Mary Bethany b. SC 1798 d. Austin Co. TX 1857.
Micajah TERRY is possibly the son of Micajah TERRY and Winefred Dees.  Any help
on  this line would be appreciated.  Children of Micajah TERRY and Mary Bethany
were:  Hillyard  TERRY  m.  Mary Jane Radford;  Jane A.  TERRY  m.  William  L.
Shelburn; and Margaret Ann TERRY m. George French.
Researching Rena Shelton b. 1949; Robert Shelton b. 1928; Fred Shelton b. 1906
Charles Shelton b. 1884; Dorthula TERRY b. 1862 m. William Shelton; James TERRY
b.  1834 m.  Mary Shelton;  Benjamin TERRY b.  1805 m. Sarah Foley. These early
families  lived in Patrick and Russell Co.'s VA.  Dorthula came to Oklahoma  in
1904. Rena Shelton Kuberski, 6121 Hoyt St., Arvada CO 80004.
                        TERRY LINE OF JUNE ROPER WALTON
                          Box 427 A, Ruffin NC 27326
    1 June Lovesta Roper, b 1 Jun 1917, Fulton Co. GA; r NC.
    2 Tyre Lee Roper, b 24 May 1898, Paulding Co. GA; d 13 Nov 1976,
      Jasper Co. GA; m 24 Jun 1916:
    3 Nora Pierce Stradley, b 20 Mar 1899, Fulton Co. GA; d 24 Dec 1960,
    4 James Oscar Roper, b 3 Sep 1874, Paulding Co. GA; d 30 May 1961,
      Pinellas Co. FL; m 27 Sep 1891:
    5 Garon Lovesta Story, b 15 Nov 1874, Cobb Co. GA; d 1 Feb 1958, El
      Cajon, CA.
    8 Tyree Louis Roper, b 14 Nov 1849, Forsythe Co. GA; d 8 Mar 1910,
      Paulding Co. GA; m 26 Dec 1869:
    9 Susan Elizabeth "Lizzie" Elliott, b 27 Jul 1849, DeKalb Co. GA; d
      2 Feb 1932, Cobb Co. GA.
   16 Beverly Roper, b 1824, Pickens Co. SC; d (?).
   17 Susan Phillips, b 12 Jun 1828?; d 11 Nov 1894.
   18 Marshall Milton Elliott, b 5 Oct 1820, Jackson Co. GA; d 22 Sep
      1888, Cobb Co. GA; m 1843, DeKalb Co. GA:
   19 Rebecca DeGraffenreid TERRY, b 2 Feb 1829, DeKalb Co. GA; d 8 Oct
      1905, Cobb Co. GA.
   38 Maj. Stephen TERRY, b 10 Aug 1788, Chester Co. SC; d 15 Nov 1866,
      Fulton Co. GA; m 4 Jul 1809, Fairfield Co. SC:
   39 Elizabeth H. Hill, b ca 1790, SC; d 31 Dec 1838, DeKalb Co. GA.
   76 John W. TERRY, b 27 Apr 1752, VA/SC; d 12 Apr 1834, Chester Co.
      SC; m 21 Dec 1779, VA/SC:
   77 Priscilla Stokes, b Nov 1763, SC?; d ca 1849, Chester Co. SC.
   78 Moses Hill, b 1758; d 1 Jul 1821, Fairfield Co. SC; m ca 1779:
   79 Savilla Roden, b 1759; d 23 Jul 1844, Green Co. AL.
  152 Stephen TERRY, b ca 1700, VA; d 19 Dec 1769, Craven Co. SC; m ca
      1751, VA?:
  153 Sarah ______, b (?), VA; d 4 May 1765, Craven Co. SC.
  158 Thomas Roden, b 1733; d 1809.
  159, b (?); d (?).
Note:  This  output is from Michael LeFleur's TAFEL 1.0 Utility used  with  the
computer  program ROOTS M by Commsoft.-- I highly recommend both if you run CPM
and have an 8 bit computer. -- Editor.
                            Box 364 Vienna IL 62995
1.   Mrs. Vivian Trammel m. _______ Hester.
2.   Ora Burton Tramel b. Pope Co. IL 11 Oct 1894 d. Pope Co. IL 27 Jun 1956 m.
     Eddyville, IL 13 May 1916.
3.   Inez TERRY b. Pope Co. IL 30 Oct 1894 d. Santa Rosa, CA 17 Jan 1980, bur.
     New Liberty Cem. Pope Co. IL.
6.   Collin Schuchardt TERRY b. Carrsville, KY 11 Aug 1865 d. Pope Co. IL
     27 Apr 1903, bur. Old Home Cem. m. Galconda, IL 8 Apr 1888.
7.   Almeda Gilbert b. Pope Co. IL 22 May 1869 d. Pope Co. IL 13 Oct 1921, bur.
     Old Home Cem.
12.  James Harvey TERRY b. Crittenden Co. KY 13 Nov 1826 d. Carrsville, KY.
     8 May 1870 m. 9 Jun 1856.
13.  Martha A. Threldkeld b. Golconda IL 26 Jul 1835 d. Carrsville, KY
     28 Oct 1883.
24.  John TERRY b. NC 1795 d. Crittenden Co. KY m.
25.  Margaret F. Davis b. SC 1797 d. Crittenden Co. KY.
48.  Thomas TERRY b. VA/NC 1756 d. Livingston Co. KY 1823 m. 1782
49.  Nancy Champian b. Edgecomb Co. NC d. ??
                   3417 Devonshire Dr., Birmingham AL 35209
1.   Alice Ward m. Frank Edward Hughes.
2.   David Solomon Ward b. Sumter Co. AL 22 Aug 1897 d. Sumter Co. AL 24 Jun
     1945 m. 21 Jul 1920.
3.   Alice Cora Hughes b. Copiah Co. MS 21 Jan 1900 d. Sumter Co. AL 19 Apr
6.   Stephen TERRY Hughes b. Copiah Co. MS 5 Feb 1865 d. Hinds Co. MS 6 Nov
     1912 m. Jul 1885.
7.   Tollie Frances Lindsey b. Copiah Co. MS 29 May 1865 d. Hinds Co. MS 4 May
12.  William P. D. Hughes b. MS 1846 d. Copiah Co. MS ca. 1908 m. 14 Dec 1864.
13.  Aranica V. Harper b. MS 1845 d. MS ca. 1877/78.
14.  Toliver Frances Lindsey b. MS 1834 d. near Atlanta, GA 7 Aug 1864 m.
     6 Feb 1855.
15.  Frances E. T. TERRY b. MS 1836 d. Copiah Co. MS Summer, 1878.
24.  Henry Oliver Hughes, Jr. b. GA 7 Feb 1808 d. Copiah Co. MS 8 May 1858 m.
     2 Jun 1831.
25.  Sarah Ann TERRY b. SC 23 Jul 1814 d. Copiah Co. MS 18 May 1863.
30.  John (Jack) TERRY b. Edgefield Co. SC 15 Sep 1813 d. Copiah Co. MS ca.
     1894 m. ??
31.  Susanna Haley b. Hickman Co. TN 20 Mar 1813 d. MS 1878.
50.  Stephen D. or C. Minter TERRY b. Edgefield Co. SC 22 Apr 1789 d. Hinds Co.
     MS 27 Jun 1871 m. 1813.
51.  Jane "Jancey" Buckhalter b. SC 15 Sep 1795 d. Copiah Co. MS 15 Oct 1862.
60.  John TERRY b. Edgefield Co. SC 11 Mar 1776 d. Copiah Co. MS Feb 1836 m.
61.  Mary Minter b. NC 1776 d. Copiah Co. MS Oct 1857.
100. William S. TERRY b. prob. VA 8 Aug 1750 d. Edgefield Co. SC 6 Jan 1816 m.
     23 Jun 1775.
101. Sarah "Sally" Minter b. 7 Feb 1761 d. Copiah Co. MS 11 Jun 1834.
120. Same as 100. William S. TERRY.
121. Same as 101. Sarah "Sally" Minter.
200. James G.?? TERRY Sr. b. ??  d. Will probated 1793 Granville Co. NC
201. Elizabeth Gooch b. ?? d. ??
240. Same as 200. James G.?? TERRY Sr.
241. Same as 201. Elizabeth Gooch


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