Published quarterly in March,June, September, and December
VOLUME 01            MARCH 1983             NUMBER  01
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The first few issues of the TFH were developed using a Smith-Corona® Typewriter with all the white 
out and strike-overs. I have scanned this issue into an Adobe Acrobat PDF File. It is rather large so 
I broke it up into 5 files. 

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see it. You may be required to order the CD with the files 
due to download time.


--   Editor's Notes  
--   Covering the Terry-Tory by Robert W. Terry  
--   Terry Families of Suffolk County Long Island  
--   Terry Families of Kentucky by Mrs. James J. Bushnell  
--   Terry Marriages and Deaths in Laurens and Greenville Districts  
     South Carolina  
--   Terry Deeds from Greenville South Carolina abstracted by John W.  
--   Partial listing of Terry's buried in Pisgah Cemetery, South  
--   Terry Deeds in Laurens County South Carolina  
--   Terry Notes from Montgomery and Botetourt Counties Virginia by  
     Frances Terry Ingmire  
--   This and That: Terry Miscellaneous from Members  
--   Queries  
--   Things for Sale. 
If you need this issue contact Mike Terry the Editor.


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