VOLUME 04                MARCH 1985                 NUMBER 01
Editor's Notes ..................................... Page 01
Jasper Terry of Montgomery Co. Virginia ............ Page 04
Covering the Terry-Tory ............................ Page 05
Byrd Terry Family .................................. Page 07
James Terrys of Virginia ........................... Page 08
Obituary of Carl Beach Terry ....................... Page 08
Eliphalet Terry .................................... Page 09
Terry Quips ........................................ Page 10
Scouts Give Cemetery Facelift ...................... Page 10
John Terry of Norwich, England 1563 ................ Page 11
Notes on a Terry Family of Michigan ................ Page 12
Terry's of Virginia Past and Present ............... Page 12
Washington Co. Arkansas Terrys ..................... Page 13
Some South Carolina Terry Marriages ................ Page 13
Troubles of a Baptist Minister - 1776 .............. Page 14
Missing Terry ...................................... Page 17
Obituary of William Martin Terry ................... Page 17
Notes on Descendants of Curtis Terry ............... Page 18
Pension Application of James B. Terry .............. Page 19
Terry Line of Joan Crawford ........................ Page 20
Parshall Terry: Father and Son ..................... Page 21
Queries ............................................ Page 22
     Terry Line of Mrs. Fay Ray McMurray ........... Page 23
     Terry Line of Susan T. Blevins ................ Page 25
     Terry Line of Joanna Baker .................... Page 25
     Terry Line of Ann (Gibson) Moore .............. Page 26
     Terry Line of Sheila (Terry) Spiess ........... Page 29
     Terry Line of Virginia (McDaniel) Weede ....... Page 31
     Terry Line of Jeff L. Carr .................... Page 33
     Terry Line of Lelia (Terry) Morrow ............ Page 34
     Terry Line of Rhoena Frances (Brown) Landers .. Page 37
     Terry Line of Jack R. Terry ................... Page 39
     Terry Line of Mary Sue Inman .................. Page 40

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                       EDITOR'S NOTES
The Beginning
     The TFH was a big idea with a small beginning as I noted
in the first few issues. It began as a chain letter which
circulated between eight present TFH  members who were
researching Major Stephen Terry of Atlanta. I became
frustrated at the length of time it took the letter to get
back  and also because it took so long for my queries to come
out in the `Roots Cellar' of the Genealogical Helper. [I
still take the GH as it is a necessity if you are serious
about publishing or researching.]
     We are beginning the fourth year of the Terry Family
Historian and I think we have made some progress. I say we,
because I certainly could not have begun to do all of this
TERRY research single-handed. I believe we could safely say
we have the largest concentration of Terry data in the U.S.
     I wore out one typewriter and outgrew the computer that
I had in the third year and just purchased one with more
memory to handle the data I have been receiving. I still have
four file drawers full of bits and scraps of paper and a
growing inventory of TERRY publications.  Some time ago I
read a pamphlet by a genealogist who discouraged the use of
computers because 'nobody wanted to sit around the Christmas
tree with the family and look at computer print outs'. We do
have some listings such as these and they do have their place
in our research efforts; however, I also love to read those
humorous stories like Bob Terry's continuing article
"Covering the Terry-Tory". I always know it is forthcoming
and can't wait to see the next one. [If I only had his gift
for writing.]


The Goals
     The goals I set originally were to be entertaining and
also to provide documentation for what was printed.  I have
always been in awe of Mrs.  Bushnell's scholarly style and
was influenced greatly by her Terry Records of Virginia.  I
also am not ashamed to say I modeled the TFH after the
Arkansas Family Historian which is an old genealogical
publication and I always found it quite entertaining.
[Genealogical Publications come and go rather frequently.]
     In later years I have tried to appeal to those Terry
researchers outside of the South to share their research with
us but have not been as successful as I would like. [I have
not given up!] There is a small core of members who actually
do the library and courthouse research required.  Others, not
unlike my own parents, are more passively interested and are
enjoy reading the history of the different Terry Clans.  We
need both kinds of subscribers to make the publication
successful, but the editor would like to see an increase in
the "hard core" researchers.
     I also wanted the TFH to be a place where Terry
researchers could meet, in a fashion, and discuss what they
have done and ask questions of others. I am so glad I asked
questions of the senior members of the family, because some
of them are no longer with us.--That information would have
been lost. Even though I have increased the original price to
cover costs, I think you can agree that the TFH is the best
buy for the bucks. [You have a money back guarantee; and if
not satisfied I will return your money plus postage for the
return of the article in question.]  I have been less than
pleased with research paid for and done by other researchers
on several occasions myself and vowed to give the members a
publication they could relate to and feel that it was
worthwhile. [I have had one subscription returned in three
years so I guess the record speaks for itself.]
Problems &  Advice
     At the present time, we have about 200 members. I should
note that I do the researching, ordering, typing, advertising
and mailing chores myself. And this is just my "part time"
duties.  I also have family duties and a "full time job."  [I
should note that Emma helped me lick stamps on the recent
postcard mail-outs--she's 4 going on 5.  This explains why
some of the stamps were upside down and folded over the back
of the card.  Good help is hard to find!]
     While I have the paid membership, I also have questions
from others about their research problems and am now getting

questions about computers and genealogy as well. My time is
getting to be very limited and I cannot begin to answer the
mail in a timely fashion. I am trying to develop a system
that will at least print out names and addresses of those who
have made inquiries about your particular Terry Clan.  The
bottom line is--I will try and get your questions in the TFH
Query section and will try and answer eventually.  When I get
enough information to make an article that might help several
people, I usually make a short out of it. If I am short on
articles, I print what I have about my own family and this
explains some of the South Carolina TERRY information.
However, I do not want to give the impression that our
publication is only for Southerners. My personal interest
lies there as well as a majority of the members it seems.
     My advice is to do your homework first. Get the census
information, talk to senior Terry's relatives, go to the
court house or library and copy what there is on TERRY's.
Then share it with the membership in the TFH.
     The Ahnentafel charts in the Query section which are
preceded by "Terry Line of ...."  will get you more responses
I can assure you.  But you need dates and places, and par-
ticularly counties.
Future plans  & Possible Solutions
     If you would like to be a corresponding secretary for
one of the Terry Clans please let me know. I would like to
farm out some of the correspondence.
     Should you want to write a regular feature on your
particular family, please call or write. If you don't like
writing please line up one of the senior members of family
and do a tape recording and send that. If you still use a pen
and pencil I will accept this as well.
     If you have a computer, I notice your mailing labels and
letters with the little dots, send a disk with your informa-
tion and I'll return it.  I have access to a machine to read
most CPM formats and I work at a Computer store and have
access to Big Blue formats and Fruit type computers.
     If you have a telephone modem hooked to your computer
I plan to put all of the Terry data on line for TFH members.
The program should be able to run unattended when I get all
of the equipment.--Another wonder of the Computer Age. I will
have to continue charging for paper copies and will gladly
continue to provide what I have.  However, I should note I am
in the process of changing my text files to another disk

     I'm now getting off of my soapbox and returning to the
typing mode and the TFH for March 1985.
                                Mike Terry, Editor N' Chief
                          * * * * *
     I was notified prior to the December 1984 issue that
Mrs. William Still Morris had lost her husband February 18,
of last year [1984].  The editor has for several years been
exchanging Morris-Terry information with Bill and Corrie re:
Stephen Terry d.  1769 and his daughter Sarah Terry who m.
William Morris of Turkey Creek SC. Most recently, I received
a note from Corrie and she indicated she is working on the
Morris-Terry genealogy again and may have some leads on the
Thomas Morris family. Mrs. William Still Morris, 2580 Utah
St., Napa CA 94558.
                          * * * * *
        Notes submitted by Mrs. Valerie Whitlow Terry
             Rt. 3, Box 154, Princeton WV 24740
     I was quite pleased to see my Terry lineage published in
the December 1984 issue of the Terry Family Historian. Thanks
also for your editor's note. However, I was aware of the
Jasper Terry will in Montgomery County, Virginia. The problem
there is that the wife mentioned is not the mother of the
children;, but a widow Jasper married sometime after their
births. Jasper was married three or possibly four times and
it hasn't been proven which wife or wives were the mothers to
the children. Maybe someone else has some information that
will bear on this, but so far everyone I have contacted seems
to be unsure. I am enclosing a copy of the Jasper Terry will,
transcribed to the best of my ability from my copy. You will
notice that the third daughter mentioned is not Karen
Happuck, but Karon Happuck Rose. She was married to Joseph
Rose 21 Dec 1813 in Montgomery County, VA. The unusual first
name, Karonhappuch, is probably what caused the confusion.
Jasper named his three daughters after Job's three daughters
in the Bible (see Job 42:14). I obtained much of this
information from Mrs. Jean Deweese Cordts, so I'm not sure
exactly how the mix-up came about on the name of Karonhappuch
Rose. This may or may not be of help, but I thought you'd
want to keep your records straight.


                    PROBATED JULY 6, 1819
                    WILL BOOK 3, PAGE 121
     In the name of God Amen; I Jasper Terry of Montgomery
County and State of Virginia being low in health, and of
perfect mind do make this my last will and Testament. That
is, I resign my soul to God that gave it and first of all I
give to my loving wife Margaret Terry the plantation I now
live on during her life to enjoy it peaceably and freely and
one cow and one two year heifer, one serviceable horse the
price not to exceed sixty dollars, twenty dollars in bank
notes and eight dollars in specie, one barrow, one sow and
two shoats, one kettle, one pot, one ewe and lamb, one flax
wheel, and all the property that she possesed of that she
brought with her here, and an equal part of ______ the crop
of small grain that is now growing. The cow, heifer, hogs,
ewe lamb and wheel is her own property to dispose of as she
pleases; he pot and kettle no to ______ carried from the
house and to be returned to my heirs after her decease; if
she dies possesed of a horse that is to be returned to my
heirs also; I desire that my wife shall give my stepdaughter
Susannah Snido the privileges on the plantation that she
formerly has had. The land I now live is to be sold as soon
possible after the decease of my wife Margaret Terry and the
money to be equally divided amongst my three daughters; Kezia
Grayham, Jemima Deweese and Karon Happuck Rose. My land going
James Banks; and my land in Franklin County on Snow Creek to
be sold also and divided equally amongst William Terry,
Jonathon Terry and my three daughters above mentioned; my
perishable property of all kind to be sold the last of
November 1819 any part of my household furniture that my wife
stands in need of she keep it untill her decease then to be
divided between William Terry and Jonathan Terry; I give
Silas one dollar. I give Elijah Terry one dollar. I do
nominate, and appoint my trusty friends Daniel Shelor and
Joshua Young my Executors of my last Will and Testament in
witness whereof I Jasper Terry doth hereunto set my hand and
seal the seventh day of May in the year of our Lord one
Thousand Eight hundred and nineteen. The 43rd year of
Independence. Sealed signed and acknowledge in presence of
Will Barton, William Shelor, John Hill.
                                      Jasper Terry
Will proved 6 July 1819 by Oaths of William Shelor and John
[Note: Words underlined were not clear in original. Also,
errors in mechanics found in the original have been re-

                          * * * * *
                   COVERING THE TERRY-TORY
                       Robert W. Terry
          4900 Springdale Rd., Cincinnati OH 45247
     Most of us go through life "unsung", and that includes
     Yet, I have evidence that a composer once wrote a song
and dedicated it to Captain Robert W. Terry, pilot and later
captain of Ohio River steamboats about the time of the War
Between the States, or Civil War.
     The evidence came to me from a thoughtful friend, who
saw the song in a current publication for riverboat buffs,
persons who treasure accounts of "rollin" down the river" on
ornate passenger craft.
     Title of the song is "Down the River We Swiftly Glide,"
a melody reminiscent of "Over the River and Through the Woods
To Grandmother's House We Go." It is safe to say that it
never made whatever "charts" existed in the 1860's.
     Composer was one Nelson Kneass and the song was
published either in Cincinnati by A. C. Peters & Bro. or in
St. Louis, MO by J. L. Peters & Bro.
     Capt. Robt. W., according to an accompanying article
with the song, had been a pilot and mate on Ohio River
steamboats prior to 1864. Late in that year, he and J. A.
Stonebreaker, purser on river craft, bought the side-wheeler
Robert Burns, built in Cincinnati at Eversoll's Yard for the
original owners, Capt. George W. Ebert and purser Standish
Peppard, both of Georgetown, PA.
     The Robert Burns ran up and down the rivers as an
independent, competing with the regularly established
Cincinnati & Memphis Packet Co., which operated several
boats. In fact, the latter firm acquired the Robert Burns in
1866 and Capt. Robert W. may have retired or found other
     I have been unable to determine additional information,
and I still wonder at the composer`s tribute to Capt. Robert
W., who apparently ran the boat for two years or less.


     Composer Nelson Kneass may not rank with the Bachs,
Strauss family, Leroy Anderson or John Williams, but I'll say
this for him -- he wrote a piano score that would tax the
right hand dexterity of any pianist, living or dead.
     This incident was one of those blind alleys that
sidetrack one's genealogical pursuits. In reply to my request
for any additional information on my namesake, the publisher
of the riverboat magazine informed me:
     "Absolutely no information."
     Since my distant ancestors appear to have tilled the
soil as farmers, I see no personal connection to the
riverboat captain. I'm still working on their possible
employment as fishermen and whalers along the East Coast of
the colonies.
     Yet, each time I cross the Ohio River here in Cincinnati
and see the immense tows and other craft, I wonder whether
Captain Robert W. might have run away from the farm as a boy,
and instead of joining the circus, took to the river.
                          * * * * *
                      BYRD TERRY FAMILY
               Submitted by Mrs. A. J. Morgan
               Rt. 2, Box 61 B, Bruce MS 38915
     I do not know much about Terry in Texas but have learned
some this year. The earliest is of William Terry 1809-1888
who is buried at Prairie Lea, Texas beside Mittie Terry, who
was his grandson, Byrd Terry's wife.
     Byrd was my husband's grandfather and Mittie his
grandmother. This William had a son William also, who was
Byrd's father.
     According to information in the 1900 Yalabusha Co., MS
Census, Byrd's father was born in NC and mother in SC. Byrd
was born in AL as was 1st Mittie King and his 2nd wife
Pathenia Chadwick. Byrd came to MS around 1900 and lived near
relatives of his 2nd wife. Mittie and "Thenia" were cousins,
and I believe 1st cousins. I think Thenia was born in Russell
Co. AL....
     Byrd had a son William Gary who lived in Yalobusha Co.
MS and had a large family. Some of Wm. G.'s grandsons &
families still live in Yalabusha Co. MS near Water Valley.
Byrd Terry gave Census taker information in 1900 Census that

his father was born in NC and mother in SC. Much later he
said his father was born in GA (he was old and sick then)....
Byrd had a cousin Walter or Uncle. My husband's mother
visited cousins in Texas in 1950. She had a cousin Ves Terry
who lived in Sudan, TX. He came to MS in 1969 to visit him.
Ves & wife Gladys have two sons, Bill & Bob. They live in AR
& NM. Cousins here say Texas is full of Terrys....We went to
the Cemetery at Prairie Lea and saw the tombs of Wm. Terry
1809-1888 and Mittie Terry 1857-1893.
     I have finally learned for sure that census info is not
always correct but I've had to start with that and many times
it is correct. I suspect that Byrd Terry's name may be
something other than Byrd. He is "BY" in some church records.
Pathenia had four names, I've learned recently. Uncle Wm.
(Will) Gary Terry m. Johnny Porter and they had 9 children
that lived to be grown & married and had children. His oldest
lives near Water Valley about 17 miles from us. She was born
in 1900. Others live in Memphis, TN....I hope to hear from
                          * * * * *
                  JAMES TERRY'S IN VIRGINIA
Submitted by Mrs. Inez Martin, 833 Avocado Ave., El Cajon CA
     I paid Amy A. Sabin of Staten Island, NY $10.00 last
summer to do Virginia research on the Terry name. I don't
know if it is permissible or not to print them in the
Historian. She didn't find much, but I will send you what she
James Terry mentioned in Virginia Council Land Grants 1745-
1769, Nov 9, 1753. Source: Colonial Soldiers of the South
1732-1774 by Clark.
James Terry and Thomas Terry, 1707, received land in King
William Co. VA.
James Terry is named in 1779 as receiving land in Louisa Co.,
William Terry, James Terry, John Terry, Charles Terry, Mary
Terry, had land taxed in 1782 in King William Co. VA.
Capt. James Terry had 200 acres of land in King William Co.,
James M. Terry m. Mrs. Ann Gerald April 26, 1815, Norfolk

Co. Marriage Bonds.
James Terry, Pvt., served in the Rev. War. Source:
Virginians in the Rev., by Gwathmey.
(As you can tell, I asked her to research James Terry.)
                          * * * * *
     I was notified by Mr. Robert R. Hill of 631 S. Echo
Drive, Brandon FL 33511 that Mr. Carl Beach Terry of Tampa
who furnished information about his Terry family in the
December 1984 issue of the TFH passed away.  His obituary
from the Tampa Tribune (January 15th, 1985) follows:
     Mr. Carl B. Terry, Sr., 73, widower of Edenia Delaney
Terry, of Tampa, passed away Sunday. Funeral services will be
held Wednesday morning at 11:30 from the Chapel of the F. T.
Blount Company Funeral Home, 5101 Nebraska Avenue, with The
Rev. Timothy C. Trively, Rector of St.  Andrew's Episcopal
Church, officiating. Interment will follow in Myrtle Hill
Memorial Park. The family will receive friends at the funeral
home Tuesday night from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. Mr. Terry was a
native and lifetime resident of Tampa. He was a lifetime
member of St.  Andrew's Church and had retired from Tom's
Peanut Company. Survivors include two sons, Carl B. Terry,
Jr., Newport News, Va. and Richard D.  Terry, Tampa; two
grand children Danielle Terry, Tampa and Michael Terry,
Newport News, Va.; one brother, Clyde Terry, of Tampa.
                      F. T. BLOUNT CO.
                        Tampa Chapel
     Note: Mr. Terry's age was given as 73 in the above obit-
uary, but he told me he was 75 (that was on October 16th,
1984).  Mr. Carl Beach Terry, was the son of Franklin Lanier
Terry and wife Katherine Land.  He was the grandson of George
Washington Terry and his wife Elizabeth Lanier, from Atlanta,
Georgia. He was the great grandson of Stephen Terry and
Elizabeth Harrison Hill, both of South Carolina.... I am en-
closing a copy of the obituary of Mr. Carl B. Terry with some
notes for your file...as you say "Get Terryfied..but DON'T GO
OVER THE HILL." ....Regards from Robert Hill.
                          * * * * *
                       ELIPHALET TERRY
     Have you seen a copy of the 1985 "The Hartford"

calendar?  There is a picture of Eliphalet Terry.  The date
is Dec 16, 1835, New York City.
     Paragraph at the bottom reads: "On December 16, 1835, a
raging fire destroyed half of New York City. Hartford
President Eliphalet Terry set out from Hartford, Ct., in
a horse-drawn sleigh to personally pay claims at the scene of
the disaster. As a result of the pace-setting performance of
President Terry, agent William Walker & others, public
confidence in The Hartford blossomed."
     On June 4, 1835 Eliphalet Terry was elected Hartford
     At the bottom of the page of June 1985 reads: "On June
27, 1810, the first stockholders' meeting of The Hartford
Fire Insurance Company was held at Ransom's Inn on the banks
of the Connecticut River. Nathaniel Terry was elected presi-
dent and Walter Mitchell was elected secretary." Nathaniel's
signature is also on page for June.
     You may have seen the calendar, but just in case you
haven't I thought I'd let you know about it. Quite interes-
ting to me to see the name TERRY anywhere...Betty Martin.
                          * * * * *
                         TERRY QUIPS
     ....I intended to send the check for 6 months or more.
Like everything else, I wait till I have to make a special
trip, so to speak...."Forgetfulness is one of those signs of
getting old.  I forgot what the other two are".  [Picked out
from a letter from Earl T.  Terry, 888 Nadine Ave., Eugene OR
     I have a computer to check spelling but not grammar. It
also does not check words typed twice, words missing, or
nonsensical words. It does everything but type itself which
still largely involves me, the editor.--Case in point--George
A.  Terry of Goodlettsville TN has a street address on page
163 of the Dec 84 TFH which should be 304 Highland Heights,
Goodlettsville TN 37092.  Nothing misspelled, but he won't
get the mail.  Mr.  Harold Sears, 8104 Jefferson, Kansas City
MO 66114 was kind enough to point out that his mail was
returned in a phone call.  Thanks for pointing out my glaring
[literally] errors.  --The Editor.
                          * * * * *
     Enclosed is a copy of an article which appeared quite

some time ago in the Dallas Morning News (Monday, June 13,
1983).  Dorene Blaylock Philen, 3017 Brookview Dr., Plano TX
              Vandals, weeds had spoiled site.
      by Elizabeth Eckstein, staff writer of The News.
     MESQUITE -- The old Aunt Abby Frost Cemetery has been
given new life.
     The century-old cemetery, covered for years by bramble
and trash, has been cleared and cleaned.
     Cub Scout Pack 149 has been working since April, when
pack leader Barbara Howell noticed the sun glinting off a
tombstone obscured by overgrowth and stopped her car to
     In the weeks since, the 27 Wolves, Bears and Bobcats in
the pack -- with the help of Mrs. Howell, her husband Ben and
several concerned residents -- have cleared brush and
bramble, pulled down dead trees and righted and repaired the
tombstones marking the graves of a dozen Mesquite Pioneers,
including a veteran of the Civil War.
     "We thought, when we first came out here, it'd be just a
spooky old cemetery," Tim Duke, 9, said.
     Behind him, 11-year-old Carl Bowen pantomimed a hand
reaching from a grave to clasp Tim's ankle. Both shrieked and
     "But we had the courage to clean it up, and it's
beautiful now," Charles Jackson, 8, said.
     Mrs. Howell said some Eastfield College students
cleaned up the cemetery eight or nine years ago but that the
bramble had retaken the cemetery. Most of the wooden crosses
the students placed on the graves rotted, she said.
     Vandals were responsible for most of the trash and
damage to the tombstones, she said, and the Mesquite police
have been asked to watch the cemetery more closely.
     The Scouts ages 8 to 11, found the tombstone of Rachel
Beckner --born April 20, 1824; died Aug 28, 1862 broken into
two pieces and lying a few feet from the foot marker. It was
repaired by Ben Howell, righted and replaced.


     As part of the cemetery tour, Scouts pointed out the
grave of the Civil War veteran: "Isaac Newton Terry -- born
Jan 29, 1836; died Oct 12, 1889."
     Mrs. Howell discovered through genealogy and census
records that he fought in the Civil War.
     Records also showed that those buried in the cemetery
were neighbors in what would become the City of Mesquite, and
Mrs. Howell likes to speculate that they arrived together in
a wagon train from Tennessee or Kentucky.
     As finishing touches for he cemetery, rose bushes and
irises were planted, a fence erected and curb,  concrete
steps and flagpole base poured.
     A bare pole stands ready for a historical marker that
the pack has requested from the state.
     During a ceremony at 7 p. m. Tuesday, U.S. and Texas
flags will be raised over the cemetery on Belt Line Road near
Bruton Road.
     Old Aunt Abby would be proud.
                          * * * * *
     Peggy Thomas of 1118 Horizon Trail, Richardson TX 75081
wrote: Finally found the information sheet on the brass I
copied from Westminister in London. It caught my eye because
of my husband's name "John Terry Thomas". He's actually the
"cousin" to you. My relation is by marriage only but I feel
I'm a "Terry" too. Fondest regards, Peggy.
St. John Maddermarket, Norwich
A description of the brass indicates that John and Lettys
Terry and their two sons and daughters are on the face. It
was done in 1524 for John who was the mayor of the City of
Norwich in 1523.  The plaque shows the coat of arms of the
city and of the Mercers of London and the initials I. T. The
article indicates that he was not a member of the Mercers
Company and had no right to use the arms in the way he did.
                          * * * * *


              by Frances Evelyn (Terry) Kelley
              306 W. West St., Sturgis MI 49091
     I haven't taken the time before this to write about the
Terry side of my family. My fathers name was Edwin Frank
Terry, born in Coopersville, Michigan May 30, 1875. His
father's name was Lyman Terry. His mother's name was Armenia
Minerva Mapes or Bostick or both. My mother said she had been
married to an Indian before she married Lyman. Lyman had a
brother Harvey Terry, he lived in Coopersville too. My father
had a sister Etta and a brother Elmer. My father married my
mother Sarah Amanda Nayant about 1900. My brother Clarence
was born March 4, 1902, my sister Esther October 28, 1904 and
my birth date is February 6, 1914. My brother Edwin L. Terry
was born Jun 15, 1918. Clarence is deceased. Elmer Terry was
married to Margaret, they had a daughter Mable who was
married and living in Grand Rapids, but I don't know if she
is still alive. Her married name is Merron.
     I was 16 years old when my mother died and we lost touch
with our relatives. I think the Terry's came from the eastern
states;, perhaps New York. I had joined a genealogy class
recently at our High School, but had to give it up because my
husband became ill and is in a hospital. I hope I can get
back to it before it ends. We were gong to the Fort Wayne, IN
Library where they have many records. I have enjoyed reading
the Terry F. Historian, it seems there are lots of Terrys in
the Southern States.
                          * * * * *
                  By W. Sanford Terry, Jr.,
             P. O. Box 13032, Richmond VA 23225.
     We are anxiously expecting our second child in February
and if a boy will name him Barton Harrison Terry. This name
may be the key to my line and missing records. Barton Terry
was the grandson of Champness Terry of Louisa, VA. but 100
years earlier in 1699, the name appeared on a petition to the
Governor of Virginia.
     Also, the ancestor immigrant 1635 was Andrew Terry (VA)
and living one generation after him was Andrew Barton Terry.
The Harrison name comes from my wife's family, the James
River Harrison's including two Presidents of our country.
     I have more updated information for you but haven't had
the time to write it up properly. In addition, have a lead
and contact with individuals with access to Terry research

never organized or published.
     My most interesting recent study has been that of the
legendary Col. B. F. (Frank) Terry, C. S. A. organizer and
leader of the 8th Texas Cavalry, C. S. A. known as Terry's
Texas Rangers! Please find the enclosed renewal for the TFH,
which I have thoroughly devoured and enjoyed.
                          * * * * *
               Mrs. Bob L. Cook, 306 Butts St.
                    Holdenville, OK 74848
     I have a TERRY in my family tree, but am having
difficulty trying top find a place to start on her.
     She was Nancy Terry who married William T. Harp. The
first account I find of her is in Fayetteville, Washington
Co. AR in 1862 where they owned land. A deed was witnessed by
William Terry. Nancy was the mother of my great-grandmother
Angelina (Harp) Boyd. [She was married to John B. Boyd in
Cedar Vale, Chant? Co. Kansas.]
     I also have a postal card from Purdy, MO 1880 signed M.
M. (Terry) Martin -- mentions her father's dying (Terry?)
and her mother still alive. I thought maybe you've run into
this name?
                          * * * * *
     I received the following items from Marguerite Stegall,
Rt.  2, Box 24, Strong AR 71765 who is researching
Williams/McClure families. She has sent several items on
Terry's as well and resides near the vicinity where my
Terry's are buried at New London, Union Co. AR.
11 Nov 1866  TERRY, Benjamin m. MADDEN, Frances Laurens Dist
04 Sep 1856  TERRY, Elizabeth m. GOODING, Wm James Beaufort
Dist SC.
30 Oct 1855  TERRY, Roland  m. SUMMERALL, Jane Edgefield Dist
-- --- ----  TERRY, Wm. m. SUMMERALL, Elizabeth Edgefield
Dist. SC
20 Feb 1793  MCCLURE, Robert m. WALLACE, Margaret Mecklenberg

Co. NC.
30 Oct 1856  TERRY, James N. m. EVANS, Lydia Jane
Chesterfield Dist. SC.
05 DEC 1869  TERRY, J. m. WILLIAMS, Eleanor Union Co. SC by
Esq. J. Trull.
Do you have any information on this couple? We are working on
a Williams History--and can't place her in any of our family.
                          * * * * *
     Anson County in 1776 was a scene of turmoil. With most
of the Tory leaders in jail in Virginia or Philadelphia as a
result of the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge and Whig extrem-
ists exhorting their views to all who would listen, it was
not safe to utter any words or perform any act that would
even imply Tory sympathies. In such an atmosphere it was not
difficult for one to twist the meaning of another's utter-
ances and cause great trouble. Such is what happened to James
Terry, Jr.
     James Terry, Jr., was a Newlight Baptist preacher in
Anson County. Terry was an ardent Whig, but he also felt
himself a realist. On 1 Sep 1776, while riding through the
woods with John Allen, he told Allen the inhabitants of
Quebec and Florida were all Tories, that the King had
possession of these and had a right to do with them as he
felt and that we had to fight it out in the middle between
them. He added, "If the King cannot subdue us, he may sell
claim to us to some other Nation".
     Terry thought no more of the conversation until the 14th
of October, when he was at the house of William Pickett.
There was a gathering of people at the house and sometime in
the evening Terry asked Pickett, Capt. Walton Harris, Burwell
Lanier and James Allen to go with him to one of the upper
rooms. There they met John Allen, who turned on Terry and
said he was very prejudiced against Terry, for Terry's
comments of September. Terry told John Allen he was sorry
Allen was dissatisfied with him on that account. Terry said
further, "I did not speak those words out of any disaffection
to the American Cause, but that it was the truth. We have
gone from the King and not the King from us, our going from
the King did not disannul his right to us. For if we had a
Negro that runs away, his running away does not disannul our
Right to him. WE should have a right to sell the same Negro
to any Person that would buy him". Terry continued, "The King

has a Right to sell us to the Turks or any other nation, on
half for conquering the whole. He has a Right to sell us to
the Turks or any other nation for Servants or Slaves".  John
Allen and Lanier discussed this concept further with Terry.
Finally Burwell Lanier acknowledged himself satisfied that
there was nothing really hurtful to the American Cause in
these statements.
     John Allen was apparently not satisfied and went to
Samuel Spencer who was chairman of the Anson County Committee
of Surety, Intelligence and Observation. Concerned that
Terry's remarks might cause some people to become disaffected
with the American Cause, Spencer held a hearing before the
Committee on 26 October. At this hearing they questioned
Terry and Capt. Walton Harris as to what had been said.
Feeling additional testimony was needed, Spencer adjourned
the hearing until the 6th November. At the second hearing
Burwell Lanier gave his testimony as to the conversation.
Even under intense cross-examination Terry would not change
his opinion.  At the conclusion of the hearing, which lasted
until dark, Spencer felt action in the matter should be
handled by the Provincial Congress which was to convene in
Halifax, North Carolina, the 10th of November. It is very
likely Terry was confined to jail because he obstinately
refused to provide any surety that would guarantee his
appearance before the Provincial Congress.
     Being fully cognizant that, with the tenor of the times
he would be caused a great deal of injury, James Terry, Jr.,
procured affidavits from a number of individuals stressing
his devotion to the American Cause. Both Shd. Hogan and D.
Smith pointed out that in February 1775 John Colson,
accompanied by Governor Martin's waiting man, got up before a
large crowd in Anson County and read a letter from the
Governor applauding Colson's loyalty and protesting the
actions of the Provincial Congress and the Committees of
Safety. Following this action Colson proceeded to urge the
people to sign the protest. At this point, Terry stepped up
to Colson and told him, "I think the King and Parliament are
both wrong and they are about to open the door to oppress-
ion."  Terry continued along the same vein emphasizing the
justness of the American Cause. Because of his arguments,
Terry dissuaded a large number of people from signing the
protest.  Terry continued to argue on behalf of the cause of
Liberty both publicly and privately.
     In July 1775 a gathering was held at Anson County
Courthouse to have a day of Fasting and Prayer at the request
of the Committee of South Carolina to implore the Almighty's
blessings on the American Cause. In a conversation between
Terry and William Moody, Moody stated he was sorry that the

present distress of American had happened in this day. Terry
immediately rejoined, "I'm glad it happened in my day that I
might see what my Posterity has to depend upon". Then, at the
request of the people, Terry offered prayer before the
gathering praying for the success of America and gave God
thanks that the dispute between our Mother Country and
America happened in his day. Following the prayer Terry then
began to talk to the gathering about the nature of the cause
by proving the difficulties and hardships their forebears
underwent to obtain the Freedom of America.
     In early 1776 the Tories began to assemble, prior to
their planned march to Wilmington, at Dry Creek. One Sunday
while the Tories were encamped at Dry Creek James Terry Jr.,
was preaching at Little River Meeting House. During the
course of the sermon several armed Tories rode up to the
Meeting House. After the sermon they asked Terry to ride with
them a little way because they wanted his advice concerning
the then present disturbances. Terry, in company with James
Auldman, rode a short way and advised the Tories not to go to
the Scottish camps for Terry believed they were in the wrong.
The Tories were not convinced and Terry went on his way.
Auldman rode with the Tories a little further when one of the
Tories stopped and turning to the others said, "I've a good
mind to go back and take Terry and carry him to the King's
camp". The Tory finally decided that maybe Terry advised them
for their own good and left him alone.
     On the 23rd November 1776 the Provincial Congress
received the signed oath of James Terry, Jr., stating: "I
will bear faith and true Allegiance to the Independent State
of North Carolina and I will to the Utmost of my Powers
maintain, support & defend the same against the forces of
Great Britain and all other Enemies of the Independent States
of America and this I do most solemnly swear without any
Equivocation, mental Evasion or secret Reservation
whatsoever". With this Terry was allowed to return to his
peaceful ministrations to the people of Anson County.
(I should mention that Terry later represented Anson County
in the General Assembly, but that is another Story.)
Source: The three pages on James Terry was in the Bulletin
from the Union Co. Genealogical Society. This Mr. Bennett may
have other information--made these copies for you to keep.
Compiled and submitted by: William D. Bennett, 415 Bickett
Blvd., Raleigh, NC 27608 - Source: NC State Archives,
Secretary of State Papers, General Records, Box 302,
Provincial Congress 1774-1776, Loose Papers.


                          * * * * *
                        MISSING TERRY
     Your address was in the Kansas City paper recently,
concerning your research into families with the last name
     I am looking for the records of a VIRGINIA TERRY who
owned property in LaPorte, TX (Harris CO.) in 1923. That is
when she bought it. She died, but I don't know when, leaving
the property to her child, Ellery Terry, a minor. When Ellery
was about 17 years old (1937), the property was sold to my
father, Dr. D. R. Aves. Ellery's guardian handled the sale.
     My father and mother both died more than 30 years ago
and now my sisters and I have a chance to sell the property.
However, the title company will not issue a guaranteed title
unless we can come up with a copy of Virginia Terry's will,
leaving the land to Ellery Terry.
     With the above sketchy information,how can I find out
more about Virginia Terry? The Harris County Court house
could not help without a date of death. Do you have
information that would be useful, such as:
     1. Date and place of death of Virginia Terry, born
somewhere around 1900, and/or
     2. Married name of Ellery Terry, born about 1920, and
her present address if still living.
[She noted]....I am willing to pay a reasonable fee. Thank
you for your time. Laura M. Curry, 4229 Campbell, Kansas City
MO 64110.
                          * * * * *
The following obituary, of William Martin Terry was submitted
by Helen Hobbs, 409 Memorial Dr., Abingdon IL 61410.
W. M. TERRY Dies in S. F.
     Owner of Terry The Cleaner, William Martin Terry, 65, of
2504 South Center Ave., died at a local hospital Thursday
evening following a brief Illness. Mr. Terry had resided in
Sioux Falls for the past 31 years.
     Born in Courtland, Ala. August 22, 1885, Mr. Terry moved
with his parents to Paris, Tex. at the age of 7. He took his
tailoring apprenticeship as a young man in Chicago and Kansas

City, MO., and was able to start his own shop while he was in
his early 20s in Childress, Tex.
     Mr. Terry also operated tailor firms in Denver, from
1913 until 1914; in Creston, IA from 1914 until 1919, and in
Sidney, NE, from 1919 until 1920, when he came to Sioux Falls
and established his shop here.
     Funeral services will be held at the Miller Funeral home
at 11 a.m. Monday with the Rev. Clarence Adams officiating.
Mrs. S. S. Steiber will be organist. Interment will be in Mt.
Pleasant cemetery.
     He is survived by five sons, Cleo M., Thomas J., Charles
E., Dewey M. and Clyde R., all of Sioux Falls, and four
     His sons will act as pallbearers.
     The Rev. Clarence Adams officiated at services at the
Miller Funeral home today for William Martin Terry, 65, of
2504 South Center Ave. Owner of Terry the Cleaner, Mr. Terry
succumbed at a local hospital Thursday, after a brief
illness. He had resided here since 1920. Organist was Mrs. S.
S. Steiber. Pallbearers were his five sons, Cleo, Thomas,
Charles, Dewey and Clyde. Interment was in Mt. Pleasant
                          * * * * *
    By Colleen Belk, P. O. Box 25, Duenweg, MO 64841-0025
     My great grandmother Eliza Jane Terry was the daughter
of Jesse K. Terry. Jesse was killed when she was 9 years old.
She witnessed his death---. He was accused of being a
Southern sympathizer [which he was!]
     Eliza spoke of her "Uncle Brazewell"in her late years
telling that he was the one in the family that [was] Yankee
minded in his talk--and it caused hard feelings. After the
War Uncle Brazewell and his wife came to Jasper Co. MO--and
stopped briefly--after he learned of Jesse's tragic death he
just "went away on to Texas."--
     It took some time to find any record of Brazewell and I
firmly believe this James B. Terry is that man. Do you think
the initials in the corner of the page are V. M. or N. M.?
James Brazewell Terry b. 1831 was the son of Curtis Terry and

Elizabeth Kuykendall. James married Amanda Pearson. The
family story I'd heard was that he had "gone to Texas." I am
interested in the record mostly because it gives his
description. He was the brother to my great-great grandfather
Jesse K. Terry. Eliza Jane Terry Webb Bigger lived in North
Enid, OK in the years of the 1930's--with her older son Jesse
Thomas Webb and his family. He lived on the Biggs place.
                           * * * *
So Division Inv.  6 No.  1100848 DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR,
James B.  Terry                  BUREAU OF PENSIONS
Co. C, 8 Reg't Tenn Vol. Mtd. Infty
                         Washington, D. C., Dec. 17, 1901
     Sir: To aid this Bureau in preventing any one falsely
personating you, or otherwise committing fraud in your name,
or on account of your service, you are required to answer
fully the questions enumerated below:
     You will please return this circular under cover of the
inclosed envelope which requires no postage.
                                  Very respectfully
                                  H. Clay Evands
James B. Terry
Choctaw Nat.-Ind. Ter.
1.   When were you born?  Answer. Nov 7 - 1831
2.   Where were you born? Answer. Close to Cookvill, Putnam
     Co. Tenn.
3.   When did you enlist? Answer. Fore Part of 1865.
4.   Where did you enlist? Answer. At Nashville, Tenn.
5.   Where had you lived before that? Answer. Cookville,
6.   What was your post-office address at enlistment? Answer.
     Cookville Tenn.
7.   What was your occupation at enlistment? Answer. Farmer.
8.   When were you discharged? Answer. Nashville [Crossed
     out] Tenn Latter Part of 1862.
9.   Where were you discharged? Answer. Nashville Tenn.
10.  Where have you lived since discharge? Give dates, as
     nearly as possible of any changes of residence. Basin
     Springs Tex -1870 Oakland I.T. 1889. Coalgate I.T. 1893.
     Bokchito 1901.
11.  What is your present occupation? Answer. Nothing

12.  What is your height? Answer. 5 feet 7 inches. Your
weight? 150. The color of your eyes? Dark Brown. The color of
your hair? Dark Brown. Your complexion? fair. Are there any
permanent marks or scars on your person? If so, describe
them. 2 scars in Right Leg. between Ancle & knee.
13.  What is your full name? Please write it on the line
below, in ink, in the manner in which you are accustomed to
sign it,in the presence of two witnesses who can write.
                                         James B. Terry
Witnesses: 1. T. A. Macleer?     Date: Jan 20, 1902
           2. N. M. Terry
                          * * * * *
Borrowed from Terry and Allied Families, Vol. I, by Frances
Terry Ingmire. Second edition. 1983. Page 34.
     The youthful symbol of Hollywood, was born in San
Antonio, Texas, March 23, 1908. Her first marriage was to
actor, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. This marriage lasted four
years. Her second marriage was to actor, Franchot Tone. This
marriage lasted about four years. She then married husband
number three, actor Phillip Terry (relationship, if any,
unknown). This marriage ended in about four years. Joan
married husband four, on May 10, 1955, the love of her life,
Mr. Alfred N. Steel, President of Pepsi-Cola Company. He
passed away in 1959, four years after they were married. She
is superstitious about the number four from incidents
involving the 4's above. Can anyone blame her?
     Joan quit school at the age of eleven; later, having her
high school records forged, so she could attend college,
after which, she entered show business, a career which spans
some 47 years plus, having made in excess of eighty
outstanding films.
     Joan had four adopted children. Her will left her estate
to two twin daughters, the other two children were
disinherited. Her will states reason as, "Known only to
     Joan Crawford, was one of our greatest movie actresses
and one we can be very proud of.
     Her great-grandfather and great-grandmother, are buried
in the Camp Creek Cemetery, located on Route #615, about 6.5
miles northeast of the town of Floyd, Virginia, on what is

known as the Old Christianburg Road. The cemetery is on a
hilltop and on the left side of the road. The oldest grave in
this cemetery is dated 1887.
     Joan Crawford, alias, Lucille LeSueur, great-
grandparents lived in this neighborhood. Her great-
grandfather, Martell LeSueur's son, Bert LeSueur, was Joan
Crawford's grandfather. Bert LeSueur, moved to Crawford,
Nebraska. He had two children, one son and one daughter. His
son, Thomas, is Joan Crawford's father.
1.   LESUEUR, Lucille b. San Antonio TX 23 Mar 1908 d. CA 10
     May 1977.
2.   LESUEUR, Thomas E. b. 21 Jan 1868 d. 1 Jan 1938 m. ??
3.   JOHNSON, Anna Belle b. 29 Nov 1884 d. 18 Aug 1958.
6.   JOHNSON, Sylvester
7.   SEARLES, Mary Ellen b. 1863 d. 1950
14.  SEARLES, Joseph Allen b. Medera IL 1 Nov 1838 d. Medera
     IL 5 Jan 1913 m. Macoupin Co. IL 3 Feb 1857.
15.  RHOADS, Harriet b. IL 2 Apr 1838 d. Medera, IL 6 Jan
28.  SEARLES, William b. KY 10 Mar 1811 d. IL 13 Nov 1888 m.
     Greene Co. IL 29 Nov 1836.
29.  STEVENS, Sarah Ann b. MO 1816 d. ca. 1844.
58.  STEVENS, Rev. John b. VA 5 Feb 1792 d. Greene Co. IL 12
     Mar 1853 m. Hardin Co. KY 2 Dec 1811.
59.  TERRY, Elizabeth b. Montgomery Co. VA 12 May 1798 d.
     Greene Co. IL 28 Feb 1881.
118. TERRY, Jasper Morrison, Sr. b. Botetourt Co. VA 6 Jan
     1777 d. Montgomery Co. IL 14 Nov 1851 m. Montgomery Co.
     VA 1 Aug 1797.
119. FULLER, Sarah "Sallie" b.  Peeksill, NY 6 Sep 1788 d.
     Greene Co. IL 17 Sep 1850.
236. TERRY, Josiah b. Botetourt Co. VA 2 Apr 1755 d. aft.
     1839 m. VA ca. 1775
237. LLOYD, Mary  b. ??  d. Greene Co. IL 27 Apr 1844
474. TERRY, Jasper
475. MORRISON, Mary
948. TERRY, William Sr. d. bf. 1776?
949. _____, Rachiel
Sources: Terry and Allied Families, Vol. I, by Frances Terry

Ingmire. Second edition. 1983. Pages 24,25,27,32-35.
                          * * * * *
               PARSHALL TERRY: Father and Son
     I have always been intrigued by the story of one
Parshall Terry Jr. and his father Parshall Terry Sr. Both of
whom found themselves on different sides of the fence during
the Revolutionary War.
     Parshall Terry Jr., baptized 22 Feb 1756, was the son of
Parshall Terry Sr.  and Deborah Clark. He was noted to have
been at the battle of Wyoming, known as the Wyoming Massacre,
in July, 1778.
     He is said to have been a member of the First
Westmoreland Independent Company in 1776 and served with
Washington's army for some time.
     The story, as it goes, is he stopped to tie his shoe and
was reprimanded by an officer.  He was struck with a sword by
the officer and as a result knocked the officer down and
fled. It was noted he deserted January 11, 1777.
     Later he joined the British Army and became a Lieutenant
in Butler's Rangers, Royal Greens.
     The story further indicates that Parshall Terry, Sr. and
his other sons were on the side of the Colonials in the same
battle; reports were later generated that he had killed his
father, mother and brothers and sisters during the battle.
Captain Jonathan Terry, his brother, later testified that
these reports were false and his brother, Parshall Jr., had
come to the Fort to save their lives..."My father, has
survived many years, and died among his friends in this place
[Terrytown, PA?] in good old age."
     His sister, Deborah Terry Horton, spoke of him in less
kind words and noted she saw her "Tory" brother stand by
while Indians cut her father's shoes off his feet.
     A more moderate view of the family differences was noted
in 1914 by a J. Washington Ingham, a great grandson of
Parshall, Jr. who opined: "In justice to him it ought to be
said that between him and the rest of the family, there were
only political differences."
     At the close of the Revolutionary War [1783 or 1789 by
some accounts] Parshall Terry Jr. moved to Upper Canada, now
Ontario, where he was given some large holdings by the Crown.

Tradition is, he was a member of the First Parliament for
upper Canada, but this has not been verified.
     Later descendants of this particular Terry Family
clan migrated to Michigan, Illinois, and Utah.  Several were
prominent early members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the
Latter Day Saints.
Source: Parshall Terry Family History.  Reprint 1963.  Mr.
and Mrs.  Terry Lund.  Salt Lake City Utah.  Page 12-13.
Queries  Queries Queries  Queries
     My husband Ben Muir, had a grandmother named Cornelia
Gilmo TERRY Redford and she was the descendant of James M.
TERRY and Grandfather William Morris TERRY from Virginia and
Kentucky. I have access to James M. TERRY bible. In fact,
Ben's nephew has the bible which he inherited. I have a copy
of that bible. I would be glad to share any information that
I have with anyone else if it helps. Normaleene M. Muir Rt.
1, Box 408, Decatur TX 76234.
     I am hoping to find the names of the children of Henry
Womack who married Mary TERRY in Louisa County, VA. I will be
looking forward to receiving your quarterly. Mrs. Virginia
Kiser Womacks, 4428 Randall Dr. Springfield OH 45503.
     Since I have an ancestor, Rebecca TERRY, daughter of
Stephen TERRY who married William Mason in St. Clair Co. IL I
am more than slightly interested in your projections for 1985
in the "TERRY Family Historian". Dr. Ray M. Mason, 5412
Drover Dr., San Diego CA 92115.
     My line goes back to the Samuel TERRY who came from
Barnet, England about 1650. I look forward to your publi-
cation. Mrs. Mary Sue (TERRY) Inman, RFD 3, box 36,
Chillicothe MO 64601.
             Terry Line of Mrs. Fay Ray McMurray

           2815 Bernadette Lane, Houston TX 77043
1. COTTON, Fay Ray b. Colbert Co. AL 22 Oct 1928 m.
   Tuscumbia, AL 29 Dec 1949. Keith Spencer McMurray.
2. COTTON, Thomas Haynes b. Williamson Co. TN 8 Nov 1898 d.
   Columbia, TN 31 Jan 1957 m. Tuscumbia, AL 6 Jul 1927.
3. SPINKS, Gladys Fay b. Maryville, TN 28 Jul 1902.
4. COTTON, John Alexander Jr. b. Davidson Co. TN 4 May 1870
   d. Williamon Co. TN 2 Mar 1957 m.  Davidson Co TN 5 May
5.   POLLARD, Martha Roberts b. Williamson Co. TN 29 Mar 1865
     d. Williamson Co. TN 26 Dec 1949.
10.  POLLARD, Malachi Whitehead b. Williamson Co. TN 18 Apr
     1822 d. Williamson Co. TN 20 May 1881 m.  Williamson Co.
     TN 5 Aug 1851;
11.  PATTON, Mary Catherine b. Williamson Co. TN ca. 1833 d.
     Williamson Co. TN Aug 1911.
22.  PATTON, Robert b.??  d. ?? m. Williamson Co. TN 6 Dec
23.  TERRY, Lucy b. VA ca. 1796 d. Williamson Co. TN ca. Mar
     Who was Lucy Terry's parents? I find a record of deeds
between Lucy (TERRY) Patton and Henry B. TERRY in 1836, in
that portion of Marshall Co. TN, that was formed from Bedford
Co. Who was Henry B. TERRY? Does anyone have a list of Keeble
and Sarah (TERRY) Terry's children? They lived in Bedford Co.
TN, from before 1810 until Keeble died ca. 1838. Keeble
(Kebble, Kibble, etc.) was the son of Moses TERRY. His wife
Sarah was the daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah (Royal) TERRY.
Sarah (TERRY) TERRY left a will in Bedford Co. ca. 1851, but
a fire and a tornado destroyed the will books. Will exchange
TERRY and other family information.
The children of Lucy TERRY and Robert Patton were:
     1. PATTON, John Dysart b. 7 Aug 1826.
     2. PATTON, Margaret Ann b. 7 Jun 1829 d. 30 Aug 1857 m.
        20 Mar 1849 William B. Morton.
     3. PATTON, Sarah Frances b. 14 Aug 1831 d. unmar 31 Oct
     4. PATTON, Mary Cartherine b. ca. 1833 (tombstone says
        1835, an error), d. Aug 1911, m. 5 Aug 1851 Malachi
        Whitehead Pollard.
     I am the great grandson of Henderson TERRY, he had some

his family came to Missouri in the 1830's, from Campbell Co.
TN.  His father was Elijah TERRY who had a brother Josiah.
Some Terrys went to Oklahoma Territory and one was a U. S.
Marshall. You may be one of the same family, one of the
family lives in Hugo, Oklahoma, some others migrated to
Texas. Harold R. Sears, 8104 Jefferson St., Kansas City, MO
     In case you're curious as to who I am, here is the way
it is: Margaret Anne (TERRY) Cummings; Frank Harmon TERRY m.
Lenore Lindsay; Nathan Liston Reed TERRY m. Louisa Ann Scott;
David Nelson TERRY m. Rachel Brown; Ansel TERRY m. Elizabeth
Foster. I don't know Ansel Terry's parents, etc. I have 5
ancestors that I know about who were Patriots in the American
Revolution, but I don't know of any named TERRY. Margaret A.
Cummings, 723 N. 6th St., Blue Springs MO 64015.
               Terry Line of Susan T. Blevins
                 510 Woodview Dr., Exton PA
1.   BLEVINS, Susan (TERRY)
2.   SMITH, James William  b. Paris, TX 28 Aug 1920 m. 22
     Jan 1944 .
3.   TERRY, Billie Joystal b.  Milford, TX 29 Sep 1924
6.   TERRY, James Dewitt b. Milford, TX 30 May 1897 d.
     Waxahachie, TX 8 Nov 1972 m. 22 Apr 1923
7.   PRESLEY, Melinda b. Bastrop, TX 11 Apr 1905
12.  TERRY, William Henry b. South Boston?, VA 23 Feb
     1860 d. TX 4 Jul 1929 m. 15 Feb 1896;
13.  FEAZELL, Jeffie Sona b. TX 31 Jul 1879 d. TX 27 Jan
24.  TERRY, Captain James E. b. Pittsylvania Co. VA 20
     Apr 1809 d. Brookneal, Campbell Co. VA 31 Mar 1895
     m. ??;
25.  BAILEY, Mary Margaret Clark from Campbell Co. VA.
     Seek parents and info on Capt. James E. TERRY b. April
20, 1809 in Pittsylvania Co. VA d. 31 Mar 1895 Brookneal,
Campbell Co. VA. also info regarding his marriage to Mary
Mildred Clark Bailey, from Campbell Co. and his children of
that marriage, who were raised in South Boston, VA (4 boys
and 1 girl).


     If you have the address of a Dr. TERRY in Jefferson, TX
or have information concerning Putnam Co.  TN re: Asbury
TERRY m.  Martha Marchbanke, please contact the Editor,
Robert M.  TERRY, Box 1531, Enid OK 73702.
100385 TERRY
     My husband's name is Dwayne Milo TERRY of Pulaski Co.
IN.  We are interested in your publication. Della T. TERRY,
RR4, Box 62, Winamar IN 46996.
              Terry Line of Joanna Ashley Baker
         15933 Wetherburn Rd., Chesterfield MO 63017
1.   ASHLEY, Joanna m. Harry R. Baker
2.   ASHLEY, Moreau Albert b. Jackson Co. AR 19 Feb 1902
     d. Pulaski Co. AR 29 Jun 1978 m. Jackson Co. AR 27
     Jan 1934;
3.   SELLERS, Ruth b. Lawrence Co. AR 19 Nov 1907 d. 24
     Feb 1963.
4.   ASHLEY, John Dewitt b. Phillips Co. AR 4 May 1863 d.
     Jackson Co. AR 1 Jun 1955 m. Jackson Co. AR 24 May
5.   FORSTER, Joanna Christina von b. Jackson Co. AR 30
     Mar 1867 d. Jackson Co. AR 25 Feb 1910.
10.  FORSTER, George Christopher von b. Nurnburg,
     Bavaria, Germany 6 Dec 1829 d. Jackson Co. AR 18 Aug
     1889 m.  Lawrence Co. AR 3 Mar 1865;
11.  TERRY, Sarah Ann b. Greenville Co. SC 6 Jul 1837 d.
     Jackson Co. AR 9 Mar 1893.
22.  TERRY, William Alexander b. Greenville Co. SC ca.
     1815 d. Lawrence Co. AR 23 Jun 1855 m. Greenville
     Co. SC ca. 1834.
23.  ______, ?? b. ?? d. bf. 1855.
44.  TERRY, George b. ?? Yorkshire, England d. Franklin
     Co. IN 1841.
45.  TAYLOR, Mary  b. ?? d. ??


              Terry Line of Ann (Gibson) Moore
             221 East North St., Owosso MI 48867
1.    GIBSON, Ann b. Greene Co. MO 24 Apr 1923
2.    GIBSON, Ralph Beckner b. Green Co. MO 24 Jan 1892
      d. Great Falls, MT 21 Mar 1982 m. 17 Apr 1919;
3.    MCCANN, Ruth b. Springfield, MO 31 Oct 1891.
6.    MCCANN, Charles A. b. Cincinnati, OH 29 Nov 1845
      d. Springfield, MO 1926 m. 9 Feb 1891;
7.    ASHWORTH, Katherine b. IN 28 Jul 1864 d. Greene
      Co. MO 1942.
12.   MCCANN, Michael Vincent b. MD 21 Nov 1819 d.
      Jeffersonville, IN 3 May 1896 m. 22 Feb 1843;
13.   COWAN, Mary Susanna b. Cincinnati, OH 27 Oct 1822
      d. Sea Breeze, FL 25 Apr 1904.
26.   COWAN, Abisha b. Hallowell, ME
27.   TERRY, Elizabeth b. York, Ontario, CAN 24 Oct 1792
      d. Henryville, IN 17 Apr 1861.
54.   TERRY, Parshall II b. Mattituck, NY 22 Feb 1756 d.
      York, Ontario, CAN 20 Jul 1808 m. PA 1777;
55.   STEVENS, Amy d. York, Ontario, CAN Dec 1792.
108.  TERRY, Parshall I b. New London, CT 8 Aug 1734 d.
      Palmyra, NY 15 May 1810 m. Mattituck, NY 15 May
109.  CLARK, Deborah b. Mattituck, NY 7 Jun 1736 d.
      Stroudsburgh, PA Jul 1778.
216.  TERRY, Jonathon b. 1707 d. Southold, NY 18 Nov
      1752 m. 17 May 1730;
217.  PARSHALL, Jemima b. 1709 d. ??
218.  CLARK, William b. Mattituck, NY ca. 1715 d. Middle
      Island, NY 12 Jan 1789 m. 17 Jun 1735;
219.  REEVE, Mary b. Mattituck, NY 1709 d. 6 Nov 1782
432.  TERRY, Nathaniel b. Southold, NY 16 Nov 1683 d. 17
      Dec 1723.
433.  ______, ______
438.  REEVE, James III b. Southold, NY 1672 d.
      Mattituck, NY 14 Mar 1732.
439.  SATTERLY, Deborah b. Brookhaven, NY 1676 d.
      Mattituck, NY 5 Dec 1754.
864.  TERRY, Nathaniel  b. Southold, NY Jan 1656 d.

      Southold, NY 23 Oct 1723 m. 31 Nov 1682;
865.  HORTON, Mary  b. ?? d. Southold, NY 26 Sep 1728.
876.  REEVE, James II b. ca. 1650 d. Suffolk Co. NY 6
      May 1698.
877.  TERRY, Mary b. ?? d. ??
1728. TERRY, Richard b. Eng 1618 d. Suffolk Co. NY 1675
      m. 22 May 1649;
1729. LINES, Abigail b. ?? d. post 1686.
1754. TERRY, Thomas I or II? b. 1607
1755. ______, ______  b. ?? d. ??.
1.   WILLIAMS, Betty Janet b. Valintine, NE 11 Nov 1932
     m. 7 Nov 1948 Peter Heil Jr.
2.   WILLIAMS, Mahlon Owen b. Johnstown, NE 23 Nov 1905
     m. 18 Apr 1931;
3.   SLATTERY, Dorothy Marie b. Chadron, NE 6 Jul 1910
     d. Riverton, WY 9 Dec 1962.
4.    WILLIAMS, George Hiram b.  Marion, IN 19 Sep 1881
      d. Valentine, NE 31 May 1954 m. 8 Aug 1903;
5.    MILLER, Norma Mae b. Waukon, IA 23 Sep 1884 d.
      Valentine NE 5 Sep 1960.
8.    WILLIAMS, John Roger b. Green Creek, OH d. St.
      Petersburg, FL m. 14 Dec 1869;
9.    STEVENSON, Mary Ann b. Clyde, OH 14 Nov 1850 d.
      Johnstown, NE 22 Jan 1903.
16.   WILLIAMS, Henry b. 16 May 1797 d. 26 Oct 1864 m.
      24 Jun 1841;
17.   TERRY, Zilpha or Zelphia b. Lima, NY ca. 1805 d.
      Palmyra, Otoe Co. NE 19 May 1891.
34.   TERRY, ______ b. MA?  d. ??
35.   _____, ______ b. VT?  d. ??
     Seneca County, OH; Huran Co. Records-Deeds 1834
     Ontario Co. Census, 1810 - Twp.of Livonia, NY
     Grantor deeds, Liber 48, pg 342, 29 Jun 1854; Liber 15,
     pg.  272 21 Nov 1835 Livingston Co. NY.
     Rutherford B. Hays Library; Freemont, OH
     Seneca Co. OH; Adams Twp.; 1850 Census

     Sandusky Co. Records-Deeds, OH; pg. 115, Vol. 24
     Afton, Union Co. IA; Cemetary Records
     Otoe Co. NE 1880 Census; Palmyra Cemetery Records
     New Paltz Reformed Dutch Church; Ulster Co. NY

     Regarding the story of Albert TERRY, Page 179, December
1984 TFH, are there any records relating to Albert and family
in New York listing the names of his brothers or the names of
his parents from Berkshire Co. MA or family related to
Albert's parents? My great-great grandmother, Zulpha / Zelpha
/ Zelphia TERRY was born at Lima, Livingston Co. NY ca.
1805. In my research, her name has been constantly linked
with Albert, Julius, Hiram, Cassina TERRY.  But, have not
made exact relationships. She has been listed in the Botsford
Genealogy as married to Elnathan Botsford ca.  1830-31.
Elnathan died 1 Mar 1837, Livonia NY. There were two children
born, William Hiram and George S. Zelphia moved to Ohio soon
after the death of Elnathan; remarried Henry Williams. From
this union were born six children, from which I am descended.
Zelphia died 19 May 1891 at Palmyra, Otoe Co. NE and is
buried at Rosewood Cemetery. The 1880 Census, Palmyra Co.
lists her father born MA and mother born VT. Mrs.  Betty J.
Heil, 2716 C Dubois Rt., Riverton WY 82501.
     Will trade info or provide copies TERRY for TRAYLOR per
your note in "Rote-Gene", Nov 84; Mrs. Harriet Laughlin TERRY
m.  William Edward TRAYLOR in IL.;  Johnson TERRY m. Louise
Ann TRAYLOR AL; Orie TERRY m. William T. or B.  TRAYLOR. Cal
Traylor, 1555 Candlelight Dr., Las Cruces NM 88001.
     Seek forebears of Nath'l TERRY res. Hillside NY
(Columbia Co.) 1785-1848. Info on his progeny: Chauncey b.
1813 Hillside d.  1853, Phobe m. James Richmond res.
Claverack, NY early 1800'Jesse's son Harvey E., res.
Claverack. Bradley Castle, 501 S. 2, Stillwater MN 55082.
     I hope there will more information forthcoming from
PA, MA and CT branches of the TERRY Family. Jean B. Eddleman,
5146 Carita Street, Long Beach CA 90808. [I do have some info
in the Stephen TERRY book published in 1887 but much of it is
outdated or incorrect, and it is available as a reprint. I
would welcome any serious primary data from these states as
well.  It seems that most of the research submitted pertains

to the South which is to say that it represents "supply side
patterns" in Mr. Reagon's terminology--Editor.]
     Saw your notice in the "Louisiana Time". My father was
John Arthur TERRY b.  MO.  His brother was Francis "Frank" M.
TERRY.  I do not know what the "M." stands for. Bernice
Mason, 9120 Gallatin Rd., Downey CA 90240.
             Terry Line of Sheila (TERRY) Spiess
             Rt. 1, Box 54 BA, Helotes TX 78023
1.    TERRY, Sheila b. Bexar Co. TX 22 Aug 1937
2.    TERRY, George Bernarr b. LeFlore Co. OK 1911 m.
3.    ANDERSON, Carolyn b. Bexar Co. TX 1913
4.    TERRY, George Washington b. 1866 d. ?? m.
5.    EVANS, Christine b. Jasper Co. TX 1887
8.    TERRY, Reuben Fleming b. ?? d. LeFlore Co. OK 1916
9.    HAWKINS, Margaret Adeline b. ?? d. ??
     Any info about George Washington, Reuben Fleming,
Margaret Adeline (Hawkins) TERRY -- birth dates, places,
parents--would be greatly appreciated.
     While in New Orleans in Oct I read your advertisement
concerning the TERRY Family in the "Times Picayune". My great
grandmother was Rebecca Jane TERRY (Haley) born in Lawrence
Co. AL, daughter of Joseph and Lucinda TERRY. The family
moved to East Texas around Clarksville and Paris. My great
grandfather died at Hugo, OK 1907....We attended the TERRY
family reunion near Moulton, AL last Labor Day. There were
over 1,000 people who were there--quite an experience. Didn't
know there were so many Terrys. Mrs. Helen Hobbs, 409
Memorial Dr., Abingdon IL 61410.
     I am a newcomer to both computers and Genealogy and the
account in our local paper [LA Times], of your publication
and the fact that you were doing it on a computer is very
interesting...I hope to learn a lot... I am following several
lines that seem to be primary in my Genealogy; Hilleary, Lee,

Martin, Perry, and White..I don't know of any Terry's in my
'group', but the opportunity to see how it's done, and put
together should give me some hints..Maurice S. Martim, 26125
Barkstone Dr., Rancho Palos Verdes CA 90274.
     Still looking for father of Joseph TERRY b. 1784 d. 1864
Brandon, MS. Daisy TERRY Holley, 203 Jackson St., McComb MS
     I want to tell you what a fine job you are doing. I've
taken other "Surname" publications and yours is by far the
best. Where others seem to run out of material you seem
to have more than enough. My line is George TERRY of Hanover
& Charlotte Counties VA d. 3 Jan 1803 is so well recorded
from George to me it is very strange that no one can find him
before 1761. That his first wife was a Pettus is proved by
John Pettus deeding George land "for love" but no guess his
been made to who his parents are. I anyone else working on
this branch of the TERRY family? Bartina Peoples, Rt. 3, Box
167, Walters OK 73572.
     I am doubly descended from Samuel TERRY (in Springfield,
MA in 1650) through Samuel, Ephraim, Eliphlet, Roderick,
Edward Wyllys and Edward Prentice. Also through Ephraim's son
Nathaniel, Elizabeth (m. John Taylor), Harriet Taylor (m.
Roderick). As I'm sure you are aware, I have been able to
join numerous genealogical organizations on this line. I
believe I have fairly complete information on the Terrys and
most of the families they have married into, but I'm also
sure that I would be interested in reading your publication.
Lucille (TERRY) Hobart, 1305 Woodstock Rd., San Marino CA
            Terry Line of Virginia McDaniel Weede
             3111 Melody Dr., LaMarque TX 77568
1.    MCDANIEL, Virginia Anne b. San Antonio, TX 8 Oct
      1930 m. Galveston, TX 9 Jul 1955 Marion Ashby
2.    MCDANIEL, George Edward Jr. b. Hill Co. TX 22 May
      1893 d. Galveston, TX 5 Jul 1951 m. Beaumont, TX 3
      Jun 1927

4.    MCDANIEL, George Edward b. Itawamba Co. MS 11 Oct
      1863 d. Arlington, TX 27 Nov 1953 m. Hill Co. TX
      30 Nov 1886;
8.    MCDANIEL, John Marion b. DeKalb Co. GA 11 Feb 1836
      d. Hill Co. TX 4 Jan 1922 m. Carroll Co. GA 16 Aug
16.   MCDANIEL, William TERRY b. SC 19 Jan 1811 d.
      Itawamba Co. MS 19 Oct 1884 m. GA? 3 Jul 1833;
32.   MCDANIEL, John b. ?? d. ??  m. SC? ca. 1804
33.   TERRY, Sarah Ira b. SC 17 Jan 1788 d. Carroll
      Co. GA 1864.
66.   TERRY, Henry b. ?? d. ?? m. Prince Edward Co. VA
      12 Sep 1785;
67.   BALDWIN, Mary Ann d. bf 1790 SC? dau of Thomas
     I am not having much luck on my TERRY ancestors.Henry
TERRY and Mary Ann Baldwin had a daughter Nancy Bibb TERRY,
who was born in VA ca. 1786 or 1787. Next was Sara Ira TERRY
who was b. in SC 1788. I have a photo of her tombstone. I
have heard there was a third child, Henry TERRY Jr., but I
have no proof of this. Henry TERRY Sr. apparently died prior
to 1790. His daughter, Sarah TERRY married John McDaniel and
his daughter, Nancy McDaniel married Phillip McDaniel, the
brother of John McDaniel. Wish I could find more proof of
this line re: Henry Terry's parents.
     I have made slight progress during the year [1984] in my
search, finally locating Strode's Station of early Kentucky,
at or near which my ancestors located about 1780. Hope to
give more time to the search in 1985. Robert W. TERRY, 4900
Springdale Rd., Cincinnati OH 45239. [Note: Bob is descends
from John TERRY early of Cincinnati, OH. Several of John's
descendants removed to Davies Co. MO. Juanita Dowell, Rt. 3,
Box 75, Strafford MO 65757 and Mrs. Arta Blonshine 7706
Maxwell Dr., Boise ID 83704 are also connected with this
line and have solid information on the family.--Editor.]
     Mayflower Families Through Five Generations was
published in 1983. It adds new information and confusion for
TERRY researchers. They show Mary TERRY who married James
Reeve (    -1698), as being descended from Thomas Rogers of

the Mayflower, via John Rogers, and Ann Rogers. Ann Rogers
being the wife of Thomas TERRY Freetown, MA. Could this
Thomas TERRY be the son of Thomas TERRY (1607-1672) of
Southold, LI? The will of Thomas TERRY of Southold refers to
" my daughter Mary Reeve", could he have been referring to a
granddaughter as daughter? Any help with the above problems
will be appreciated. Phillip J. Moore, 221 East North St.,
Owosso MI 48867.
     My grandfather TERRY was born in MS. I was born in Wood
Co.  TX 1906. May TERRY Nobles, 611 Warren St., Mesquite TX
     Recently finished a master's degree, and was all tied up
with that for the past several years. Hope to actively get
back to research on some of the SC TERRY Families in 1985.
Will share what I find. Enjoy the publication. Keep up the
good work! Alice L. Carter, P. O. Box 121, Waxhaw NC 28173.
[Congrats!!--The editor.]
                        SUMMERS HANNA
     I am descended from:
Richard and Ann Thomson (Thompson) of Natchez Dist. - 1767;
Sarah Thompson b. 1769 m. Solomon Hiram Wisdom; Margaret
Wisdom m. John Smith; John N. Smith m. Margaret Mattingly
Charles D. Smith m. Lula Mattingly; Russell Dempsey Smith (My
parents) m. Frankie Summers. A grandaughter (Nannie Roberts)
of John N. and Margaret Smith married Mark Ashby TERRY. I
have "Natchez Court Records" and "The Order of the first
families of MS"--and noticed that a John Smith was a witness
to the Will of John TERRY. I don't know if it was my John or
not. So far, we have found nothing about him--except he was
in Natchez & m. Margaret Wisdom & they moved to W. Feliciana
Parish LA. Margaret & her father had inherited a plantation
from William Cook (can't find if he was a relative or not). I
would like to order your book "MS TERRY Records." Mary Owen
Hanna, 1007 Hereford Street, College Station TX 77840.
     My TERRY ancestors were living in Leake Co. MS 1850-1860
before moving to Wood county, TX. Sally A. Robertson, P. O.
Box 211, Harrah OK 73045.


     As you  probably remember, we briefly corresponded on
the Gaston family of Chester Co. SC a year or so ago. In the
meantime, I have married, and my husband's mother was a
TERRY.  We would, therefore, like to purchase a copy of your
MS TERRY Records. Sarah Few Hallum, Box 592, Calhoun City MS
     Please send me the 1880 Soundex for Texas TERRY
Families...I do have a book on Terry's compiled by Beatrice
Bagley. Also we would like to find out about the TERRY Family
Reunion so that we may attend it next year....Our TERRY
family is located all around the East Texas area.  Barbara
TERRY 811 Kickapoo, Jacksonville TX 75766.
                 Terry Line of Jeff L. Carr
            8306 Republic, San Antonio TX 78216.
1.    CARR, Jeff Lyn b. Argentia, Nfld, CAN m. 1974
      Linda Sue Hale.
2.    CARR, Wayne Allen b. Burdett, KS 1930 m. 1949;
3.    DALY, Marilyn Margaret . Kansas City, MO 1930.
6.    DALY, John Neblett b. Clarksville, TN 1893 d.
      Pratt KS 1969 m. 1919;
7.    WALLACE, Jennie Naomi b. Medapolis, IA 1896 d.
      Pratt KS 1969.
12.   DALY, Samuel Richard b. Clarksville TN 1857 d.
      Brazos Co. TX 1895 m. 1887;
13.   GIBBS, Gazzelle b. Clarksville, TN 1861 d.
      Cherryvale, KS 1947.
26.   GIBBS, Abijah Bush b. Troy, NY 1830 d. Clarksville
      TN 1890 m. 1854;
27.   SHANNON, Evaline Margaret b. Clarksville, TN 1832
      d. Gage, OK 1916.
52.   GIBBS, Theodore H. b. Troy, NY 1805 d. ?? m. ??
53.   WOOD, Nancy b. 1806 d. ??
104.  GIBBS, Samuel E. b. Canaan, NY d. Troy, NY 1863 m.
105.  BUSH, Lydia b. Sheffield, MA 1783 d. Renslau Co.

      NY 1840.
210.  BUSH, Abijah b. Sheffield, MA 1755 d. Renslau Co.
      NY 1845 m. 1780;
211.  CALLENDER, Mary b. Berkshire Co. MA d. Renslau Co.
      NY 1846.
422.  CALLENDER, Joseph b. Sheffield?, MA d. ?? m. 1759;
423.  KELLOGG, Mercy/Marcy b. Sheffield, MA 1740 d. ??
846.  KELLOGG, Daniel b. Sheffield?, MA d. Westfield, MA
      1756 m. 1731;
847.  NOBLE, Hannah b. Sheffield, MA d. ??
1692. KELLOGG, Stephen b. Sheffield, MA 1668 d.
      Westfield, MA 1722 m. 1695;
1693. BELDING, Lydia b. CT 1675 d. CT 1759.
3384. KELLOGG, Joseph b.  Essex Co.  ENG 1626 d.
      Hampshire Co. MA 1708 m. 1667;
3385. TERRY, Abigail b.  Hartford Co.  CT 1646 d.
      Hampshire Co.  MA 1726.
6760. TERRY, Stephen b. 1608 Stockton, Essex Co. ENG
      d. ?? m. ??;
     Is there any information on Stephen TERRY who lived in
Hartford CT. in the 1600's.  See my information above for
what I have on him.  Sources: "Kelloggs of the Old World and
the New"; "Genealogical Dictionary of New England", Vol. 4,
Page 269; "New England Historical and Genealogical Register",
Vol 14, page 126; "Colonial Families of the United States",
page 337.  It is more on the Kelloggs than the Terry's.
             Terry Line of Lelia (TERRY) Morrow
           1536 Webster St., New Orleans LA 70118
1.    TERRY, Lelia Henry b. Laurel, MS 8 Jul 1917 m.
      Laurel, MS 8 Jul 1917 Robert Prosser Morrow Jr.
2.    TERRY, Thomas Boswell b. Meridian, MS 4 May 1895
      d. Clearwater, FL 9 Aug 1966 m. Laurel, MS 4 Mar
3.    HENRY, Lelia Gotseelig b. Starkville, MS 12 Jan
      1894 d. 26 Dec 1982.


4.    TERRY, Charles David b. Meridian, MS 12 Jul 1869
      d. Laurel, MS 9 Mar 1930 m. Meridian, MS 12 Feb
5.    HARDEE, Bessie Mischa b. Bolton, MS 12 Dec 1876 d.
      Laurel, MS 11 Nov 1953.
8.    TERRY, Thomas Jefferson b. Kemper Co. MS 6 Nov
      1833 d. Meridian, MS 1 Oct 1879 m. 1864;
9.    BARFIELD, Mary Elizabeth b. MS 16 Jan 1838.
16.   TERRY, James "Gideon" b. NC26 Nov 1799 d. Kemper
      Co. MS 16 Sep 1889 m. Limestone Co. AL 21 Dec
17.   PRIDDY, Celia b. TN 7 Dec 1806 d. Kemper Co. MS 10
      Aug 1867.
32.   TERRY, William b. SC 1761 d. ?? m. Sep 1787
33.   GIDEON, Mary Elizabeth b. GA 1767 d. ??
     * Desperately need Will for Thomas Jefferson TERRY, who
died Oct 1, 1879 in Meridian, MS.
     William TERRY served in Revolution under Gen.  Anderson
and lived in Abbeville Co. SC at the time. Book U-W, page 9,
Stubb Entries to Indents edited by A. S. Sally and published
by the S.C. Historical Commission. Wm. TERRY paid for
military duty as Private since the reduction in Charleston.
     Anderson Bible Records; Thomas TERRY m. Mary TERRY.
     Part of the information came from "Upper SC Families" by
Sara Schrin Article published in Greenville News, SC March 3,
     [Editor's Note: As a point of information the editor
would like to see some primary evidence that James Gideon
TERRY is the son of William TERRY; also some primary evidence
indicating Mary Elizabeth Gideon is the wife of William
TERRY. My interest stems from my research in SC.  While
Thomas TERRY is mentioned in the Anderson Bible Record
excerpts I have seen it seems to me that this is a reference
to Thomas TERRY and Mary McDowell of Greenville-Laurens
Counties, SC since the Anderson-Terry connection in that area
is proven by legal documents.  The other possibility could be
the Thomas TERRY of Wilkes Co.  GA?  Is there more to the
stubb indent for William TERRY than I have seen?  It mentions
no relationships as far as I can tell.]

     I do not know my grandfather's parents names. I believe
he was born around Clarksville, TX and had a brother named
Roland. I know this is very little to go on. Researching Ira
Luke TERRY b. 21 Sep 1877 d. 24 Jul 1941 m. Mattie Thornton
b. 22 Mar 188 d. 1 May 1960. Mrs. Otis D. Blackard, 4736
Dickens Dr., Baton Rouge LA 70812.
     Would you have any ideas about the pattern the Terry's
took when migrating to the different states? My husbands
Terry's first went to OH or IL. On his grandfather's death
certificate it gives OH where Don P.n TERRY was born; he d.
in NE. Don was b. 13 Nov 1850 however, the informant Chas.
TERRY his son did not know who grandfather Terry's father
was. Grandfather TERRY m. Annabell Sanborn or Sams. On her
death cert. it gives her father as John L. Sams. Annabell was
b.l 24 Sep 1854 d. 13 Jan 1913. Any ideas you can give me
will be greatly appreciated. We are also looking for Edgar
Riley TERRY, who would be dead by now and was last seen in
1937. We are trying to find his place of burial. Dorothy &
Edgar Donald TERRY, 2584 Columbia Blvd, Columbia blv., St.
Helens OR 97051.
     Henry TERRY died in Pittsylvania Co. VA 1783/4, wife
Marget. Children: Thomas, Barton, Charles, Henry, Patience
and Sarah. What happened to Henry TERRY Jr.? Did he marry
Mary Ann Baldwin in Prince Edward Co. in 1785? If not, who
was the father of Henry TERRY (m. M. A. Baldwin). In The Bibb
Family in America by Charles W. Bibb, 1941, he states that
Nancy, dau. of William Bibb (1665-1744) married Barton Key
(not documented). Was Marget, wife of Henry TERRY (d.
18783/4) a Key? Elaine Couch, 6848 Sarah St., Temperance, MI
370385 TERRY
     I saw your ad in the New Orleans paper Oct 21 and since
so many of my husbands people went to Texas, I would like
some information abut them if you will tell me how to get it.
My husband, who died in 1978 was an M.D. here for nearly 50
years. We have two sons who are physicians and grandchildren
interested in their families history. Mrs. J. Fred TERRY, 548
E. Broad St., Cookeville TN 38501.
     Please send copy of TERRY Family in MS; my wife's great-

grandfather, Robert Leroy Bingham, was married to Catherin
TERRY. K. P. Brown M. D., Box 649, Jeanerette LA 70544.
     The most important thing I want to tell you is my zip
has changed from 92343 to 92344. I would hate to miss an
issue of the TFH just because of the wrong zip. Robert TERRY
from Cincinnati OH is a distant cousin and his 5th great
grandfather William TERRY and my 5th great grandfather Robert
TERRY were brothers. The other brother Rueben? went south,
while mine stayed in OH or came west first to MO then to CO.
I'm still interested in the Indian strain also. My aunt Ollie
TERRY told me when I was half grown that we were part Indian.
She had almost Black eyes and wore her hair straight back in
a roll. Has anyone told or asked about the President of Peru
whose name is TERRY? Thankyou for listening. Rosanna Cooper,
25830 7th St., Hemet CA 92344.
        Terry Line of Rhoena Frances (Brown) Landers
         18611 East Truman Rd., Indpendence MO 64056
1.   BROWN, Rhoena Frances b. Kiowa Co. KS 3 Dec 1917 m.
     Columbia, SC 21 Oct 1944 Paul M. Landers.
2.   BROWN, Benjamin F. b. Barton Co. KS 25 Dec 1891 d.
     2 Apr 1966 m. Barton Co. KS 30 May 1913;
3.   BISHOP, Elsie Isetti b. St. Clair Co. MO 11 Jun
6.   BISHOP, Jeremiah b. Dallas Co. MO 22 Oct 1860 d.
     Kansas City, MO 31 May 1949 m. ??
7.   TERRY, Martha Agnes b. St. Clair Co. MO 14 Feb 1865
     d. 16 Mar 1908 St. Clair Co. MO.
14.  TERRY, Thomas b. King William Co. VA 25 Dec 1817 d.
     1911 m. 13 May 1847 Cole Co. MO
15.  WALSER, Mary Jane b. Oct 1830 d. aft. 1900
28.  TERRY, James b. King William Co. VA 1778 d. King
     William Co. VA ?? m. 1797
29.  _____, Nancy P. b. VA
     Can somebody help me? I am trying to find the parents of
Kebble or Keeble TERRY. He is supposed to have been b. in GA.
Novita Beaman Fussell, P. O. Box 279, Oakhurst TX 77359.


                       TERRY GENEALOGY
TERRY, ______
_____, Nancy b. 1770
     1.   TERRY, _____ m. bf. 1814 Martha ______
     2.   TERRY, Henderson b. NC m. Sarah Smith.
     3.   TERRY, Elisha
     4.   TERRY, William C. b. TN m. 25 Nov 1830 Nancy
     5.   TERRY, Nancy m. Joseph Hicks or Nicks.
     6.   TERRY, George m. 16 Jan 1833 Jackoline Harrison.
     7.   TERRY, Joseph b. TN/NC 1806/07 d. 18 Sep 1881 bur.
          Old TERRY Cemetery Laurence Co. AL m.  17 Sep 1832
          Rebecca Love b. 1817
          Children of Joseph TERRY and Rebecca Love:
     1.   TERRY, Mary b. AL 1834 m. 23 Apr 1867 Henry
     2.   TERRY, John William b. AL 1833 m. 17 Sep 1859
          Francis Camelia Cheatham.
     3.   TERRY, Henderson b. AL 1842 m. Sarah A. Philyou.
     4.   TERRY, Stephen b. 1 Jan 1844 m. 3 May 1865 Sarah
          Elliott Goodwin, bur. Old Liberty Cemetery.
     5.   TERRY, Joseph b. AL 1848 d. Hugo, OK 7 Sep 1905 m.
          23 Dec 1869 Lucinda Pettus, bur.  Old Liberty
     6.   TERRY, Roland b. AL 1850 d. age 9.
     7.   TERRY, James b. AL 1853 m. Jenny Norwood.
     8.   TERRY, Nancy b. 1855 d. AL 1885 m. 30 Dec 1871 John
     9.   TERRY, Thomas b. AL 1858 m. Chessie Barnes bur
          TERRY Cemetery.
     10.  TERRY, Elizabeth b. AL 1862  m. 4 Jul 1885 John
          TERRY, bur TERRY Cemetery.
     Reference: Laurence Co. AL Marriage Records.
     Children of Joseph TERRY and Lucinda Pettus:
     1.   TERRY, Lulu Belle b. Moulton, AL 16 Sep 1871 d.
          Sioux Falls, SD May 1945.
     2.   TERRY, Rebecca Jane b. 9 Dec 1872 d. 1905 m. 25 Dec
          1890 William N.  Haley.
     3.   TERRY, Johanna b. 1874

     4.   TERRY, Calvin b. 1877
     5.   TERRY, Thomas b. 1878
     6.   TERRY, Edward or Edmund b. ?? m. (1) 1903 Martha
          Hulsey m. (2) 1914 Belle Tanner.
     7.   TERRY, William Martin b. 22 Aug 1885 d. Sioux
          Falls, SD 1950? m. ??
     8.   TERRY, Lucy b. ?? m. Red River Co. TX 1919 Thomas
     9.   TERRY, Lillian b. ?? m. 16 Mar 1919 Jessie Bean.
     Sources: 1830-1840-1850-1860 Lawrence Co. AL Census.
Great granddaughter Vashti Smith. Name and address of person
who prepared this sheet: Information from Helen Hobbs, 409
Memorial Dr., Abingdon IL 61410 via Ima Zyeks Adcox, 1401 W.
Cedar, El Dorado AR 71730. (See also 190385 this issue.) I
have had this information for several years so I don't know
whether it is current.
                 Terry Line of Jack R. TERRY
       103 James River Road, Kimberling City MO 65686
1.   TERRY, Jack R.
2.   TERRY, Gifford C. b. Amo, IN 12 Oct 1895 d. Dixon,
     IL 5 May 1984 m. 11 Mar 1922.
3.   REINS, Romana Lillis
4.   TERRY, William Dolphus b. Chatham Co. NC 11 Feb
     1859 d. Rantoul, IL 8 May 1909 m. 4 Mar 1885.
5.   CLARK, Rhodusky b. Fayette Co. NC 25 Dec 1869 d.
     Virginia, MO 20 Mar 1918.
8.   TERRY, William Henry b. Chatham Co. NC 13 Jun 1828
     d. Chatham Co. NC 27 Mar 1878 m. 21 Oct 1847.
9.   NORWOOD, Jemima b. 18 Sep 1829 d. Chatham Co. NC 10
     Jul 1918.
16.  TERRY, John W. b. 3 Feb 1796 d. Snow Camp, NC 14
     Mar 1884 m. ??
17.  CRUTCHFIELD, Sarah b. 25 Feb 1802 d. Snow Camp, NC
     31 Dec 1862.
32.  TERRY, James b. bf. 1755 d. 14 Apr 1834 m.
33.  WHITEHEAD, Hanna b. ?? d. ??
     I am enclosing a 5 generation sheet for my father,
showing his North Carolina TERRY ancestors. He did a lot of
family genealogy while he was living and I am taking over for
him, but have hit a wall at James TERRY, 1755. I am wondering

if you have any information on this particular TERRY branch.
I would appreciate any help you can give me. [Editor's note:
The work that Jack R. TERRY is refers to is: Genealogy of the
James TERRY 1701 Branch of the Virginia-North Carolina TERRY
Family Tree: Compiled by Maude TERRY Moon, Silas City, NC and
Gifford Clark TERRY, Palo, IL printed in 1964 by James
William TERRY of Sandwich, IL.]
     Mary TERRY no birth date or place, married Richard
Goodman, no information known. Mary died before 29 Mar 1693
at Deerfield, Franklin Co. MA. They had a dau. Mary Goodman
b. 5 Nov 1665, who married John Noble, Sr. had a son, David
Noble b. 25 Jan 1696, etc. on Noble line. Does anyone have
any information on the parents of Mary TERRY who married
Richard Goodman. Carol (Jones) Wilson, Rt. 1, Box 139, Mason
WI 54856.
     I had a nice letter from Carol Dickinson 4100 O'Malley,
Anchorage AK 99507 with info on MI Terrys. I hope to do some
research for her as soon as I can travel to Pontiac on a
weekday. [I teach school.] I am researching Elvie TERRY, dau.
of Jacob and Rachel TERRY. Helen E. Harger, 614 North Dexter
Dr., Lansing MI 48910.
     To date I am still searching for parents of John Thomas
TERRY (1800-1855) and his wife, Julia Gaulding (1807-1863).
The TFH is great, & naturally, I keep hoping someone can help
me. Gui Flynt, 7865 Can. Hwy #53, Amarillo, TX 79110.
                Terry Line of Mary Sue Inman
             RFD #3, Box 36 Chillicothe MO 64601
1.   TERRY, Mary Sue b. Grundy Co. MO 3 Oct 1928 m. Liv.
     Co. MO 12 Jun 1949 Herman Dale Inman.
2.   TERRY, Webster b. Grundy Co. MO 18 Feb 1906  m.
     Grundy Co. MO 10 May 1924.
3.   BREWER, Myrtle Leona b. Grundy Co. MO 9 May 1908
4.   TERRY, Hugh Barnard b. Maries Co. MO 12 Oct 1875 d.
     Grundy Co. MO 21 May 1977 m. Grundy Co. MO 27 Feb
5.   BREIGEL, Anna Mary b. Grundy Co. MO 18 Oct 1876 d.
     Grundy Co. MO 26 Oct 1942.

8.   TERRY, John William b. Rutland Co. VT 12 May 1826
     d. Grundy Co. MO 27 Dec 1915 m. Peoria Co. IL 13
     Jun 1853.
9.   COOPER, Christina Goodrich b. OH 19 Feb 1835 d.
     Grundy Co. MO 12 Aug 1917.
16.  TERRY, David b. Rutland Co. VT 1783/85 d. Minonk,
     IL 1871 m. Rutland Co. VT 25 May 1823.
17.  CHATTERTON, Sallie b. Mt. Holly, VT 8 Dec 1799 d.
     Ft. Scott, KS 26 Oct 1882.
32.  TERRY, David b. 1750? d. Rutland Co. VT 1815 m. ??
33.  _____, Johanna  [Children: Gresham, Parshel,
     Johanna, Mary, Elizabeth, David.]
64.  TERRY, Samuell b. 1703 d. 1759 m. 30 Jan 1734/35
65.  CHAPIN, Sarah b. 18 Feb 1707 d. 25 Jan 1773.
128. TERRY, Thomas b. Springfield, MA 6 Mar 1664/65 d.
     25 Jan 1773 m. Springfield, MA 21 Apr 1687
129. COOLEY, Mary?
356. TERRY, Samuell b. Barnet, ENG 1633/34 d.
     Springfield, MA 1730/31 m. 3 Jan 1660.
357. LOBDELL, Ann b. Hereford, ENG 1634/35 d.
     Springfield, MA? 16 May 1684.
     Query: Need early 1700's record of birth & marriage of
Samuel TERRY & Sarah Chapin & birth & marriage record of son
David, possibly 1750's. David m. Johanna, according to
Rutland Co. VT Will of 1809. Will lists children: Gresham,
Parshall, Johanna (Willman), Mary (Mishell?), Elizabeth
(Moore) and David (m. Sallie Chatterton). Need last name and
birth record of Johanna. I am working on my Colonial Dames
papers on the TERRY family and if someone can tell me where
to find these records I will be grateful.
     I was glad to see the Bible record of my ancestor,
Joseph Terry in the Sep 1984 TFH, page 120. I have a Xerox
copy from the Bible and would like to make a couple of
     To begin "Chesterfield Co. Va." as appears after Joseph
and Thomas Terry's birth date does not appear in the Bible
record. However, it is in Joseph Terry's Rev. War pension
application, making it true fact.
     On page 121--first line: James E. Terry should be Samuel

     E.  Terry.
     Second line: May Delpric'e should be Mary Delphia.
     Seventh line: Edrea Ruth should be Edrie Ruth.
     Twelfth line: (H. B Gerries) should be (H. B. Terries)
     On page 122--first line: Elizabeth Harris should be
     Elizabeth B. Harris.
     Second line: E. Harris should be E. B. Harris.
     Line 17: James M. Viperman should be James M. Vipperman.
     Line 18: Ruth McGrady Terry was born Oct 19, 1876.
     Page 123--Line 4: Delshia should be Delphia.
     Oops! I missed one: Page 122, 4th line of marriages--
William M. Terry and Jane Pendleton were married Jan 18th
1867 should be 1857. (William died 1862--see page 121.) When
I have time, I will do a little more searching in the land of
my ancestors. If I learn anything new. I'll send it along.
Sincerely, Vera B. Seigler. Please note new address: Rt. 1,
Box 201, Meadows of Dan VA 24120.
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