Published quarterly in March, June, September, and December.
VOL. V, NO. 1              MARCH                        1986
                EDITOR:  Robert "Mike" Terry
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     Please get your articles and questions for insertion in 
the TFH to the editor at least 2 months prior to month of 
     If you can send your articles on computer disks in CPM 
format SS/DD [except Apple or Commodore] or IBM format DD/DD 
this would certainly speed up the editing process for me. 
Your disks will be returned. I can also copy information for 
you onto your disks in the former formats. If you have any 
questions on this call me.
     For those who wonder: I still hope to have a phone 
modem by the end of this year and possibly a hard disk 
depending on personal finances so we can start a TERRY 
BULLETIN BOARD. Just could not swing it in 1985. Editor.

                 * * * EDITOR'S NOTES * * *
     Well, off to another start for 1986. My goals for the 
coming year:
     1) I have personally been concentrating on South 
Carolina Terry Families and related lines and have made a 
commitment to unravel the Terrys in this state this year. I 
am also asking for volunteers to commit to do some census 
research or commit funds to have professional genealogists 
provide primary research in South Carolina. Hopefully, this 
will provide the links to several Terry families in the 
South. If you would like to be a part of the South Carolina 
task force please let me know. If you have any references to 
South Carolina Terrys or those that originated in South 
Carolina, please send them to the editor. You may contact me 
at 405-242-5158 in the evening. This includes: Bible 
records, census records, deeds, wills, inventories, 
marriages, family sheets, pedigree charts, cemetery records, 
old letters, narratives, etc.
     2) Concentration on publication of primary documents 
and records outside of the South.
     3) Updating and correcting Stephen Terry's Notes on 
Terry Families 1887.
     4) Publication of pedigree charts of members of the 
Terry Family Historian. An example is the editor's personal 
pedigree chart in this issue. WILL EVERYONE SEND A RECENT 
in the TFH by July 1, 1986! Also indicate your permission to 
print this chart with your address.
                         * * * * *
     My own personal attitude toward family sheets, pedigree 
charts, biographies, narratives, bible records is: They are 
useful for one purpose.-- To give us a road map to find 
primary records to prove relationships. Therefore, it is 
very important to include locations of particular date-
events i. e., parishes, counties, towns, and states on these 
sheets or other data. It is also important to identify very 
clearly what is the actual record and what is your personal 
comments in each case. This will allow others [at the 
present time or perhaps years from now] to pursue leads.
     If you send in a pedigree chart and someone challenges 
it, be prepared to back up your line with primary (legal) 
documentation, i. e., deeds, wills, estates, military birth 
and death records. Because the editor prints it in the TFH, 
does not necessarily indicate it is documented fact.

     What I do in the TFH is similar to putting together a 
puzzle. I am a collector of Terry Family "puzzle pieces". 
When I get a sufficient number of pieces and can see the 
outlines of a recognizable object in the puzzle, it becomes 
a short article in the TFH. The puzzle pieces isolated do 
not portray anything in themselves and the editor does have 
many single pieces to several incomplete Terry Family 
puzzles. These are all sizes, colors and shapes of little 
sheets of paper with and without documentation at times.
     I personally do not have a large library of primary 
records in Enid, Oklahoma. I do have access to a large 
collection of information sent by readers of the TFH over 
the years from across the United States. I try to print 
documents or articles in the TFH which give clues to 
relationships and heirs or relate to another geographical 
areas. These are most valuable to researchers.
     If you are not sure about your lineage, please use a 
generous number of the words "probably", "believed to be" in 
your records. Please do not be offended by myself or others 
should your assumptions be questioned. I personally will 
print a comment from time to time if I have evidence that 
casts doubt on your assumptions. This is particularly true 
in reference to Terry families in South Carolina, Georgia, 
Arkansas and Texas wherein lies my personal interest and 
     It is becoming impossible for me to answer mail on an 
individual or timely basis so I have tried to insure that 
your questions are published in the TFH and have tried to 
compensate with the December 1985 TFH issue which lists 
surnames that members have submitted in various queries over 
the last four years. In addition to this I have, from time 
to time, published indexes to the TFH which give some ideas 
to what was covered in that issue. There are particularly 
good notes on Edgefield, Chester, Laurens, Greenville, 
Fairfield Counties in South Carolina and Rockingham County, 
North Carolina in several issues. I WOULD ENCOURAGE YOU TO 
PURCHASE BACK ISSUES as many of the questions I receive 
are answered in articles in those particular issues or in 
queries from readers. Any suggestions concerning the 
correspondence problem and how we might handle it better 
would certainly be appreciated. I know there is a great deal 
of interaction between members and the editor would 
appreciate a carbon copy or notations.
     In any event, you are most likely to receive 
correspondence from the editor if you send information that 
has never been included, covers a new area or family in 
TERRY RESEARCH, or adds information to a line of interest to 
several TFH members.

     I would encourage you to sit down and begin writing 
about yourself and preceding generations of your family for 
others. If you do not write, a tape recording is a good way 
to do this as well. I welcome any narratives that you might 
submit.--   Mike Terry, The Editor
                        * * * * * *
                  COVERING THE TERRY-TORY
                     by Robert W. Terry
                     4900 Springdale Rd.
                    Cincinnati OH 45247
     I wonder how many of you TFH readers received an 
invitation last November to attend the "Historic Grand 
Reunion of the Terry's of Ireland."
     My invitation came from  Halbert's Inc. Heritage 
Travel, 3699 Ira Road, Bath, Ohio, U.S.A. 44210. It painted 
a rosy picture of the 10-day tour with such comments as 
     "You'll be feasted at medieval banquets and daily in 
country pubs rife with the tangy scent of peat fires and the 
eddy of Irish conversation and song."
     "You'll celebrate your Terry heritage when you meet 
privately with the Chief Herald of Ireland. He will present 
you with fascinating information about ancestor Terrys from 
the Irish side of the Atlantic."
     "You'll be an honored guest at a gala reunion banquet 
in Dublin, where the Terrys from the United States will 
celebrate their heritage with Terrys from Ireland."
     I failed to answer the invitations before the Dec. 11, 
1985 deadline for several reasons:
     1) Although the cost, $2195 per person, included 
everything but alcoholic beverages, it doesn't fit my 
     2) Like other Terry researchers, I lean to the belief 
that Terry may have been "Thierry" originally, of French or 
Norman origin.
     3) The reasoning presumes that Terrys went to England 
during or after the Norman Conquest in 1066, and that Terry 
migration to either Ireland, Scotland or Wales started in 


     4) Since my personal search for ancestors is bogged 
down in southern New Jersey, I don't know the overseas 
origin of my clan.
     Since the invitation said similar ones were going to 
"every Terry family in the United States that we can 
locate", I'm guessing that other TFH readers also received 
     Perhaps some of you will make the June 5-15 trip; if 
you do, take notes and send them to Mike Terry for 
publication here. We stay-at-homes realize that Mike is the 
"Grand Herald" of Terrys in the U. S. A.
     While I ponder the unkindness of the Ohio Lottery in 
not rewarding me with a sizable prize, I'm reminded of lines 
from a grammar school poem:
     "Of all sad words of tongue or pen,
     "The saddest are these: 'It Might Have Been.'"
                              ("Maude Muller")
                        * * * * * *
         South Carolina Miscellaneous Terry Records
     John Terry, James Towne, South Carolina 1672-1679
Source not given. Submitted by Betty Jo Terry, Atlanta GA.
     Lt. Jeremiah Terry in SC Journals of Indian Affairs. He 
was in Cherokee War under Col. Singleton. Submitted by Betty 
Jo Terry, Atlanta GA. [He may also have been the Jeremiah of 
the Carolinas who filed legal papers for land in Florida.--
He did not leave many tracks.--Editor.]
     Micajah Terry served in Cherokee War under Richard 
Richardson from Camden District of Craven County. Submitted 
by Betty Jo Terry, Atlanta GA. [A Micajah and David Terry 
along with a Stephen Terry were witnesses to several deeds 
in Fairfield District, SC late 1700's.--Editor]
     Power of attorney from Daniel Gaines (Gains) of Wilkes 
executor under will of Henry Gilbert, some time of Hanover 
Co., Virginia, but late of Amherst Co. Virginia, deceased, 
to Wm. Goode, to collect debt from estate of Stephen Terry, 
late of Craven Co., South Carolina deceased; John 
Crutchfield, J. P.
Witnessed: 7 July 1788. 
Source: Wilkes County, GA Deed Book DD, p. 91--17 Jul 1788.

[I had never seen all of this and it is possibly the same 
Stephen Terry below. However, it certainly suggests a 
possible connection between several of the Stephen Terrys in 
Fairfield/Chester SC to Hanover Co. Virginia at some point 
in time. --Editor.]
     William Terry of Lancaster Co. SC appoints Samuel Tines 
(Tynes) as my Attorney -at-law to receive all that part of 
the estate due me from my mother's estate in Virginia. Deed 
book B, page 167 dated 24 Aug 1790. Reported in Additional 
Terry Records of Virginia by Edna Harris Bushnell.
     William Terry of Lancaster Co. SC appoints Samuel Tines 
(Tynes) as my Attorney -at-law to receive all that part of 
the estate left to me by my father, Stephen Terry, dec'd 
late of Virginia. Lancaster Co. SC Deed book B, page 167 
dated 24 Aug 1790. Reported in Additional Terry Records of 
Virginia by Edna Harris Bushnell.
     William Terry of Lancaster Co., SC for L60 Sterling 
sells all that part of the estate left to me by my father, 
Stephen Terry, dec'd late of Virginia. Source: Lancaster SC 
Deed book B, page 168 dated 24 Aug 1790. Reported in 
Additional Terry Records of Virginia by Edna Harris Bushnell.
     John Edwards and James Fisher & others Vs. Ambrose 
Gayle and Mrs. Gayle, Administratrix of William Tynes dec'd 
and Hasten Terry dec'd. Source: SC Dept of Archives and 
History, Alphabetical Index--TERRY P.22232--Entry NBRS--
0151--002-165a--0272a--00. Charleston SC 1790. Reported in 
Additional Terry Records of Virginia by Edna Harris 
                        * * * * * *
TERRY, George, age 48, 4 years in U.S., from Great Britain,                
     11 in family, Greenville, farmer (10 Sept.-17                
     Oct. 1812). [Chapter heading, South Carolina                
     Page 355.]
TERRY, James, age 25, 4 years in U.S., from Great Britain,                
     Greenville, farmer (10 Sept. -17 Oct. 1812)                
     [Chapter heading, South Carolina Page 355.]
HARRISON, John, age 43, 20 years in U.S., Irishman, 5 in                 
     family, Greenville, farmer - married in U.S.                 
     1812. No page number given.
     Source: British Aliens in the United States During the 
War of 1812. Compiled by Kenneth Scott. Baltimore. 
Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1979.  Submitted by Joanna 
Ashley Baker, 15933 Wetherburn Rd., Chesterfield, MO 63017.

[Ms. Baker's Note: This pinpoints origin and time of 
immigration and also age of George Terry and adds a child 
                        * * * * * *
            Tennessee Miscellaneous Terry Records
Extracted from Ansearchin News, Tennessee Genealogical 
Society, Memphis TN, 1985
Petitions to the General Assembly of Tennessee-- Jackson Co. 
-- Jan 15, 1806 -- mentioned Will'm Terry, Saml Teddy or 
Petition to straighten the boundary of Davidson County 
boundary.-- Jan 02, 1806 dated Aug 05, 1806 -- Moses Terry.
Petition to establish county in the upper end of Anderson 
and Claiborn Counties in the Powell Valley.-- Sep 23, 1805 
-- John Terry and William Terry.
Petition to establish a new county (Overton?) from the 
extension of Jackson Co. -- 22 Jul 1806 -- J. Terry and 
Erhu? Terry.
Marion Co. TN Deed Book A. -- Oct 1819 - Dec 1826 pg. 219 1 
Mar 1825 State of TN #10620 to Scott Terry & Adam ?? [can't 
read writing last name] 640 acres in Southeast side 
Sequachee River, adj. W. Kelly, I.Nayo, G. B. Brumley.
*Above submitted by Mr. Fricks.
                       * Obituaries *
     NETTIE RUTH CLARK, daughter of  Lee and Rosa Ellen 
Terry Clark, and grand daughter of Jesse and Ellen Jane 
Fritts Irons Terry of Roane Co., TN.
     Born 29 Oct 1900, LaFollete, Campbell Co., TN, died 18 
Oct 1985 Knoxville, Knox Co. TN. Buried in family plot, 
Jellico Cemetery, Jellico, Campbell Co. TN.
     Long a secretary, then an office manager for a number 
of insurance firms in East Tennessee. Miss Clark was a woman 
of strong beliefs and convictions. During the desegregation 
crisis in Clinton, TN during the late 1950's she suffered 
dismissal from our firm for her forthright espousal of that 
cause, as being required by her Presbyterian beliefs.
*Submitted by Mr. Ernest Fricks, 26 Windmill, Dr., Clementon 
NJ 08021.

                        * * * * * *
                   KENTUCKY TERRY RECORDS
              Submitted by Barbara Terry Hagan
                      4 Beck's Landing
                     Owensboro KY 42301
Deaths taken from Vital Statistics Jefferson Co. KY 
1855- Dan Terry 18 m. s. residence Mud Creek, Jefferson Co. 
KY f. Jn. and Margaret April 11 suicide.
1855- Joseph Terry j. 26 m. s. McCrawley Mcrawley, Joseph 
and Sarah Terry June 25 Consumption.
1859- Francis G. Terry w. 21 m. July 5 teething Frank and 
Ann Terry.
10 May 1852    male      Wakefield Gentry and Sarah Terry.
Bullitt Co. KY Marriages
26 Nov 1837    William Terry       Susan H. Field 
by Rt. Gailbreath.
Spencer Co. IN, City of Rockport.
Marriages taken from Court House Files
James T. Terry      Amanda J. Bowen      8 Sep 1871
James T. Terry      Mary Osborn         21 Jan 1885
Cemetery Inscriptions Old Smyrna Baptist Church (Penn. Run 
Pres. Church) Jefferson Co. KY
Neal Terry                     9-4-1894        3-6-1896
Clara Terry                   3-26-1964      11-11-1968
W. T. Terry (S. E., wife)     9-21-1838        4-8-1881
South Jefferson Cemetery, Jefferson Co. KY.
Shirley Jane Terry            6-21-1928      11-7-1928
Leila B. Terry                                    1908


Hurricane Church Cemetery - Crittenden, KY
Maggie E. Terry wife of G. A.      2-25-1845      5-1-1925
Gus A. Terry                            1840          1904
Ellen Witherspoon Terry            5-13-1846     3-17-1907
     wife of Z. T. Terry 
Z. T. Terry                        6-24-1849      6-2-1925
L. C. Terry                        4-19-1855    10-29-1924
Nancy S. Terry                      3-5-1849     2-22-1924
Ada A. Terry                      11-12-1871     9-19-1919
Betty C. Terry wife of James       4-12-1862      1-3-1881
Donna Terry dau of J.T. & M.J.     6-28-1847      8-5-1876
James T. Terry                     3-17-1842      2-8-1927
Mary Terry wife of J. T.          12-29-1844    10-11-1905
Sally Terry wife of B. C.          6-25-1820     5-14-1869
Blake B. Terry                          1871          1939 
Marriages of Terry's in Jefferson Co. KY taken from 
Courthouse files.
Terry, John (x) bd. Wm. Webster, McConnell, Sarah wid. 
Walter McConnell m. 6-26-1839   Geo. W. Brush.
Terry, John Bd. Joseph Terry McCauly, Margaret f. Josua 
McCauley dec. m. 6-3-1830  Rt. Gailbreath.
McCawley, Jefferson m. 8-27-1829 Terry, Mahala f. Jos. f 
Terry by Rt. Gailbreath.
Terry, James bd. Josua McCawley wt. Rt. Tyler McCawley, 
Elizabeth f. sd. Josua McCawley c. in p m. 6-22-1823 by 
Moses Pierson.
Hutchins or Hutchinson, Samuel bd. s Terry wt. Rt. Tyler 
Terry, Louisa l.a.f. Jos. Terry m. 12-26-1824 Rt. 
McCawley, Thomas bd. Jos. Terry, Jr. st. Robert Tyler Terry, 
Sarah l.a.f. Jos. Terry Sr. 1-25-1824 Moses Pierson.
Terry, Elizabeth James Farish m. 2-15-1838 by Rt. 
Charles Langworthy - Elizabeth Terry widow of James Terry m. 
12-4-1842 by Rt. Failbreath.
John Pharis - Mary Ann Terry m. 8-23-1846 by Rt. Gailbreath.
Wm. M. Terry - Elizabeth Beeler m. 5-29-1848 by James H. 
Wakefield Gentry - Sarah Jane Terry step-fa. Charles

Langsworth m. 4-22-1849 by James G. Leach.
The following taken from vital statistics Jefferson Co. KY 
15 Sep 1855  Joseph Terry           Eliza Gentry 
             age 23, single         age 22, single
12 Aug 1855  Joseph Terry           Eliza Jane Gentry
             age 25, single         age 23, single          
                                    Fishpool Jeffl Co.
27 Nov 1856   Geo. Stinson         Mary E. Terry 
              age 37, single       age 25, single
13 Jul 1857   Daniel Terry 33      Mary O'Harran 30 
              age 33, single,      age 30, single, Ireland
07 Jul 1857   Joshua Terry         Jane Field 
              age 23, single       age 26, Louisville.
08 Nov 1859   Joshua Tarry 28      Nancy Hutchson  
              age 28, 1 mar Ill.   age 29, 1 mar.
25 Apr 1860   John Kennedy         Rebecca J. Terry
06 Jul 1860   Stephen Terry     US Margt. A. W. Cawley
                        * * * * * *
The following items submitted Mrs. James J. Bushnell.
Ziba Howard to William Terry (Did not copy this reference.) 
Source: Christian Co. KY Deed book K. p. 671.
John McCraw to William T. Terry a tract of land on 
Tradewater River. Source: Christian Co. KY Deed book N. page 
98. Dated 14 May 1822.
William T. Terry and Mary, his wife, of Morgan Co. IL to 
Francis White of Christian Co. KY conveys a tract of land on 
Tradewater River, it being the said land William T. Terry 
purchased of John McCraw on 14 May 1822. Witness: George 
Rearick, Thomas Barnett. Source: Christian Co. KY Deed book 
S. page 467. Dated 9 Apr 1831.
William T. Terry and Mary, his wife, of Morgan Co. IL, to 
John Saffarons of the town of Hopkinsville, Christian Co. KY 
for $200 conveys lot #8 on Bridge Alley including the Brick 
Shop which John Hanback lately worked. Source: Christian Co.

KY Deed book S. page 509. Dated 10 Mar 1831.
                        * * * * * *
             Virginia Miscellaneous Terry Notes
     Henrico County Virginia Wills etc. 1688-1697, page 443 
5 Oct 1693. Captain William Randolph declared that six or 
seven years hence, at his house in said County of Henrico 
that William Irby Jr. of Charles City County Virginia 
marryed Elizabeth Mascall, formerly the wife of Richard 
Mascall of ye same County,and the reputed daughter of John 
Maiden, late of this County, dec'd, according to the 
solemnity of the Church of England and have since continued 
in the station and notion of man and wife. Source: Henrico 
County Virginia Wills etc. 1688-1697, page 443, 5 Oct 
1693. Submitted by Mrs. Bushnell.
                        * * * * * *
                   GEORGIA TERRY RECORDS
                   Submitted by Betty Jo TERRY
                  1725 Bouldercrest Rd. SE
                      Atlanta GA 30316
     In my off-and-on years of research for my husband's 
TERRY ancestors, I have drawn the following conclusions. 
They cannot yet be authenticated, but one day the truth will 
be discovered.
     My father-in-law, Carlton Floyd TERRY, red-headed, with 
natural curl, and gray eyed, was the baby of twelve 
children. Therefore, he was the apple of his father's eye. 
(WILLIAM MARION TERRY) and gathered much oral history from 
     He related to me in the 1950's that his grandfather, 
PINCKNEY TERRY, came to Georgia from Texas -- a switch from 
the "goin' to Texas line. He had been in a war there. He had 
originally been from Virginia. All information I've been 
able to authenticate was that Pinckney TERRY was a farmer of 
48 in 1864 in Gwinnett County, Georgia, from Laurens County, 
     Mrs. Frances TERRY Hazelriggs (C. F. TERRY's sister) 
told me before her death that her grandfather's name was 
William Pinckney TERRY and that he had come originally from 
     In the "Shakerag" community of Forsyth/Gwinnett/Fulton 
Counties, GA, (right on the lines) is a monument to the old

cemetery to the soldiers who were with Fannin at Goliad 
during the war for Texan independence in 1836. In 
Lawrenceville, GA, (Gwinnett County) is a monument to two 
Gwinnett County men who fell at Goliad in 1836.
     In 1836 Pinckney TERRY would have been about 26 or 27 
years old, and the correct age to be a soldier.
     My surmise is that somehow he was in Fannin's troops, 
fought with them, and fortunately managed to escape the 
massacre, returning to Georgia where his family must have 
settled about the same time of the Gold Lottery. My further 
surmise is that his father was either Reverend Stephen 
TERRY, of Forsyth County, William TERRY, who owned a tavern 
license in Forsyth County, or Thomas TERRY. All three of 
these men were in Gwinnett County, GA, in 1820, and later 
were in Forsyth County after the 1832 Gold Lottery.
     There were many TERRY heads of households in this area 
in the 1830-1900 time span. Many of them were from Kentucky, 
some from SC, and some from Virginia. I believe, however, 
they were somehow related.
     On the following sheets, I am sending you all my 
research on the TERRY name, especially in Georgia. There is 
some little in other areas.
     I trust it will help you, or some other TERRY 
Name                     Other Males      Females    Slaves
TERRY, Thomas                 1              1         0
TERRY, William                5              1         1
Source: 1820 - Census Gwinnett County, GA.
     Prior to 1832 Forsyth County and all lands north of the 
Chatahoochee River belonged to the Cherokee Indians. 
Adjoining was Gwinnett County to the east of the river.
     The lands were opened up with a Gold Lottery in 1832. 
William I. TERRY and John TERRY, Jr., received lands in this 
     William received land in the 14th District, 2nd 
section, lots #311 and #323, right on the Chattahoochee

River and Gwinnett County line.
     John received lands in the 17th and 19th districts far 
to the west and north of the territory.
     Others with the TERRY surname to receive lottery lands 
NAME               DISTRICT    SECTION       LOT #
Champion              21          2          0514
Daniel                17          3          0043
G/B/ H                20          3          0539
Green B. H.           02          2          1166
Hannah W.             03          1          0091
James                 11          1          0487
Jeremiah              21          2          1128
John Jr.              01          3          0239
Judith W.             03          1          1006
Peter                 13          1          0065
Samuel                03          4          0390
Thomas J.             03          3          0025
Source: Gold Lottery 1832
TERRY, John           4 in household
     , Peter          7 in household
     , Seth           6 in household
     , Stephen        3 in household
     , William Sr.    4 in household
     , William T.     8 in household
     , Young          3 in household
     , William W.     2 in household
Source: 1840 Census - Forsyth County, GA.


1850, TERRY, J. J., 39th Sen. Dist., Forsyth Co., Dist 795.
1850, TERRY, John W., 10th Regt. GA State Troops, Forsyth       
1850, TERRY, Martin, 39th Sen. Dist., Forsyth Co., from       
1840, TERRY, Peter, 39th Sen. Dist., Forsyth Co., from       
1850, TERRY, Pinckney, 395th Sen. Dist., Forsyth Co., from       
Laurens Co., SC (also shown in Gwinnett Co., 1864,       
aged 48 with wife and one child.)
1850, TERRY, Cicero, Co., A. 11th GA Cavalry, Forsyth 
      County GA, married to Louisa Morgan TERRY from Hall 
      County, Georgia.
1850, TERRY, D. T., apprenticed to James T. Brown, Gwinnett 
      County, GA.
1840, TERRY, Stephen, C. H. 2nd GA Cav., Forsyth County, 
      pensioned to Mrs. V. A. TERRY.
Source: Voters in 1840 and 1850
Walton County, GA-- A William TERRY is mentioned on page 44 
in the book "Wayfarers in Walton, 1818-1967", in the 1820's. 
Graves of the following were written down from stones in 
Forsyth County, GA, -- Shady Grove (Shakerag) Cemetery, 
often called "Little" or "TERRY" cemetery by researcher Mrs. 
David C. TERRY in 1980.
James TERRY           b 5?/22/1871           d 1/28/1897
Young TERRY           b 1796                 d 5/1875
                      "husband of Peggy TERRY"
Peggy TERRY           b  ??                  d 1854
Elizabeth TERRY       b 3 Aug 1846           d 27 Nov 1851
                      "daughter of M & M"
John G. TERRY         b 3 Dec 1812           d 5 Oct 1880
Stephen TERRY         no dates
Note: On a rock wall around graves and on the iron gates to 
Stephen TERRY plot is written "Reverend S. TERRY". There

appear to be several more graves in the enclosure but no 
stones to verify. The parents of Pinckney TERRY are believed 
to be buried here, but have no proof. 
NANCY ISABELL TERRY are buried in Sweetwater Primitive 
Baptist Church Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Road, Lawrenceville, 
Gwinnett County, GA.
Carlton Floyd TERRY and his wife Elizabeth Helena Schafer 
TERRY are buried in Atlanta, GA, East view Cemetery just 
off Memorial Drive, in S. E. Atlanta, in what is known as 
the Kirkwood section.
     "Volunteer Co., of Light Infantry: April 8, 1836, John 
Terry, age 27, 3rd Sgt. (possibly PINCKNEY). Source: From 
History of Forsyth County -- Pg. 74
     June 18, 1836, voters for "officers to command the 
volunteer Co. of Rangers for the protection of the Cherokee 
Territory" were listed and included John Terry, 27, 3rd 
Sgt., and S. Terry. Source: From History of Forsyth County 
-- Pg. 74
     STEPHEN TERRY is shown as charter member of Shady Grove 
Baptist Church, organized June, 1838. In Jun 3 1845, Stephen 
Terry transferred deeds for this church's lot. Source: From 
History of Forsyth County -- Pg. 150
     Members of Shady Grove Church in 1860 were W./W. Terry, 
Joseph J. Terry, Mary Terry. Members in 1865 were: William 
Terry, Joseph Terry, Mary Terry. Source: From History of 
Forsyth County -- Pg. 151
     Sharon Baptist Church, constituted July 16, 1846, 
listed Martin Terry, Thomas Terry, Stephen Terry and John 
Terry as members. Source: From History of Forsyth County -- 
Pg. 154-155
     "Rec'd of William Terry, Sr., five dollars for Tavern 
License this 3rd October 1836." Source: From History of 
Forsyth County -- Pg. 55
     "Issued Retail license to William Terry, Sr., for the 
term of one year commencing 1st Sept. 1836." Source: From 
History of Forsyth County -- Pg. 55
     John Terry was witness in a murder trial on April 16, 
1859 against a man named Pettijohn. Source: From History of 
Forsyth County -- Pg. 108


     Savannah, GA, 2nd Oct 1778, Joseph Terry was court 
martialed and found innocent. Source: From Order Book of 
Samuel Elbert -- pg. 186
     Harris County GA ca. 1800 - Stephen Terry m. Sarah F. 
Patterson. Their children were Martha, Stephen (?) Jackson, 
Frederick, John.
     Jefferson County GA ca. 1800 - David Terry owned 450 
acres of land.
     Burke County GA 1789 - James Terry owned 200 acres of 
Source for above four items: Miscellaneous information from 
Georgia Archives
          Terry's receiving lottery lands in 1827
Terry, Champ  -  Orphan of William Sanders Terry - 38 acres,                     
   Warren Co. Georgia.
Terry, Nathan - 6 acres, Lincoln Co. Georgia.
Terry, N. T. & B. - Orphans - Woodroughs District received 3 
   acres - Gwinnett County.
Terry, Priscilla - 75 acres, Morgan Co. Georgia. [Editor's 
   note: In Leanardo Andrea's papers he indicates this is 
   Priscilla Stokes Terry. She was not a widow at this 
Terry, Samuel - 156 acres, Wilkes Co. Georgia.
Terry, William - 223 Acres, Newton Co. Georgia.
Source: 1827 land lottery records. 
              Siblings of Carlton Floyd Terry
1)  Marion Pinkney Terry b 1/11/1880  d. Macon, GA 1950's m.     
    11/19/1912 Jessie Baker
2)  William Byrd Terry b 1/11/1882 d. Atlanta, GA 1/8/1937     
    m. 7/24/1911 Dollie Martin
3)  Clarence Lindon Terry b 10/23/1883 d. Atlanta, GA m.     
    3/8/1908 Emma Corley


4)  Annie Terry b. 7/8/1885 d. Atlanta, GA 1950's m.     
    12/29/1909 W. C. Dyer
5)  Frances Terry b. 8/25/1887 m. d. Atlanta, GA 1970's m.     
    1913? Leonard Hazelriggs
6)  T. Luther Terry b. 7/27/1889 d. Atlanta, GA 1940's m.     
    6/4/1916 m. Ella Downs.
7)  C. H. Lee Terry b. 4/4/1891 d. ?? m. Aileen ______.
8)  Leila Terry b. 5/6/1893 d. Atlanta, GA 1950's m.     
    12/31/1916 Cleveland Covar m. 2 _______ Chapman.
9)  Lewis W. Terry b. 12/27/1894 d. ?? m. 8/25/1920 Eva     
10) Clara "Tad" Terry b. 11/29/1896 d. Atlanta, GA 1969     
    never married
11) Nell Terry b. 2/13/1899 d. Atlanta, GA 1960's m.     
    6/15/1926 Walter Teague
12) Carlton Floyd Terry b. 8/25/1901 d. Atlanta, GA     
    8/25/1961 m. 3/29/1930 Betty Schafer.
Note: All theses Terrys are deceased as of January, 1986. 
Terry, Pinckney          Nancy Kemp          1846
Terry, W. A.             Nancy McPherson     1850
Terry, W. H.             Mary Moore          1875
Terry, William Marion    Nancy Jordan        1878
Source: Gwinnett County, GA marriages recorded 1840-1900.
     A letter was left in post office in Chatham, Savannah 
GA, 10/22/1790, for Thomas Terry. It was listed in a 
newspaper list as unclaimed mail. 
     Thomas Terry served as a juror in the large county of 
Franklin Co. GA on Jan 5, 1795. 


Terry, John - Official of Frederica in 1742.
Terry, David - Glynn County 200 acres 1792.
Terry, David - Glynn County 550 acres 1792.
*Terry, David - Jefferson County 450 acres 1800.
*Shown as grand juror, Jefferson County, Apr 1797.
Terry, James - Burke County - 450 acres 1789.
Terry, David - Registered his stock marks and brands in 
Glynn County, 2/8/1793.
     In 1980 there is a tidal creek called Terry's Creek 
which divides St. Simons Island from the mainland near 
Brunswick, GA.
     The grant to David Terry was for land where Orange 
Plantation called Montpelier stood. Records show David Terry 
bought 3 slaves for $1,000.00, 10/10/1801 in Glynn County. 
He sold Montpelier to Daniel Sullivan 11/5/1804. Where did 
he go?
Source: Georgia Index to Headright and Bounty Grants 1756 -
TERRY, William J.          May 24, 1836
TERRY, Joseph*             May 24, 1836
 *4th Cpl. Reed's Co.
TERRY, John Young*         May 24, 1836
[No Pinckney here, unless William J. is really William P.]
Source: Georgia Mounted Volunteers who went to Texas.
1793 - Capt. Champness Terry. 
Source: Burke County, GA Records.
                        * * * * * *
     Stephen Terry, Foote's, DeKalb Co. GA #165.
Source:  Chapter heading, Eighth District, Fourth Section, 
Cherokee page 357. The Cherokee Land Lottery, containing 
numerical list of the names of the fortunate drawers in said 
lottery, with an engraved map of each district. By James F. 
Smith of Milledgeville, Geo. New York: Printed by Harper & 
brothers, No. 82 Cliff-Street. 1838. [They had to be

residents for 3 years prior and there were several of these 
types of drawings in Georgia.--Editor]
                      Terry's noted in
             Sylvester Cemetery, DeKalb Co. GA
Location: Flat Shoals Road, Land lot #147, 15th District, 
DeKalb County. East Atlanta District. Recorded April 15, 
1931 by Franklin Garrett, Atlanta Hist. Society.
TERRY, Ella Heath             Oct 14  1858  -  Sep 19, 1922
  "Wife of W. M. Terry"
TERRY, Ernest Leffel          Apr 20, 1898  -  Oct 09, 1917
TERRY, Howard Johnson                 1895  -          1919
TERRY, Jasper                 Jun 17, 1861  -  Jun 27, 1863
TERRY, John Newton            Sep 29, 1884  -  Jul 26, 1911
TERRY, Marietta W. Faith      Nov 02, 1863  -  Feb 16, 1903
  "Wife of Newton H. Terry"
TERRY, Mary J.                Nov 28, 1832  -  Sep 04, 1903
  "Wife of Thomas Terry"
TERRY, Newton Harrison        Dec 25, 1858  -  Mar 19, 1923
TERRY, Sylvester J.           Sep 23, 1856  -  Mar 27, 1872
TERRY, Thomas                 Aug 28, 1823  -  Aug 03, 1861
     [Thomas Terry was murdered by John and James Wilson. 
Loose notes from the editor indicate he m. Mary Jane 
Thurman. Attending physicians were Dr. Solomon Beach Jr. and 
a Dr. Joseph Gilbert? Thomas Terry, owner of Terry's grist 
and sawmill on Sugar Creek in 15th District, DeKalb 
County, had been born in 1823 near Lawrencevile, Gwinnett, 
County GA. He moved to DeKalb in 1841, and became owner of 
the mill through inheritance from his wife's family. The 
mill figured prominently in the Battle of Atlanta, but Terry 
was not alive to witness the great fight.]
TERRY, W. M.                  Sep 22, 1854  -  Jan 25, 1926
Editor's Note: Other surnames in the cemetery were: AKERS, 

not sure if this was a complete listing of tombstones as Mr. 
Garrett knew of my interest in TERRY's. James Littleton Hill 
Terry m. Martha Margaret Ann Medlock named one of their 
children Ruth Veal Terry, any connection?
                        * * * * * *
TERRY, William      1797  43  SC
     , Sarah        1799  41  SC
     , John J./S.   1817  33  SC
     , Pmelliia     1825  25  GA [Could be Pricilla]
     , June         1828  22  GA
     , George       1831  19  GA
     , William      1833  17  GA
     , Andrew,      1837  13  GA
     , Christopher, 1839  11  GA
THIS WILLIAM TERRY is the brother of Stephen TERRY shown 
TERRY, Stephen      1788  62  SC  
     , Rachel       1796  54  SC
     , Rosa         1817  33  SC
     , James        1832  18  GA
     , George       1834  16  GA
     , Priscilla    1838  12  SC
Source: 1850 Census - DeKalb County, Georgia
     NOTE: These two brothers did much to build Atlanta 
prior to the Civil War. Atlanta's first waterworks was built 
on Mr. Stephen TERRY's land. He suffered through the holo-
caust of the war and finally, being unable to stand any more 
it was reported he returned to South Carolina. [Editor's 
note: He may have returned at some time, but is buried in 
Lakewood Section of Atlanta near his home at the time.] The 
researcher has wondered a lot about this man and has won-
dered if he could possibly be the same Stephen TERRY buried 
in Forsyth County cemetery. [See note above, Editor.]
     The land upon which the Terry brothers farmed is in 
what is in 1986 is known as the Lakewood Section of Atlanta. 
The Southeastern fairs were held on this property for many, 
many years and now Bert Reynolds and other actors use the 
old exhibition buildings for making movies. Smoky and the 
Bandit and its sequel was filmed on the old Terry lands. 
Submitted by Betty Jo Terry, Atlanta GA.
                       * * * * * *


                      By S. C. Turnbo
     The writer has mentioned the Bull Bottom in these 
sketches on several occasions. As is well known in Marion 
County, Arkansas, this bottom is situated on the left bank 
of White River in Cedar Creek township. I am informed that 
George Weaver made the first settlement here. Weaver sold 
the improvements on this land to old man John Terry, the 
first settler on the Asa Yocum place and Mr. Terry gave the 
improvements to his sons Tom and Ron Terry. After Tom 
Terry's wife died and Wilshire Magness died Mr. Terry and 
Wilshire's widow were married in 1860 and lived in this 
bottom until ravages of cruel war forced them to abandon 
their home here. When Mr. Terry enlisted in the union army 
his wife whose name was Elizabeth was left alone with the 
children to contend against hardships, thieves and robbers. 
There were 6 children, Joe Magness and Bob Magness, children 
by her first man Wilshire Magness, and Joe Terry, Dump Terry 
and Mary Terry, which were Tom Terry's children by Mr. 
Terry's first wife who was a sister to Wilshire Magness, and 
Tom Terry an off spring of the marriage between Mr. Terry 
and Mrs. Magness the latter child was 6 months old. Mr. 
Terry's wife in describing the hardships she encountered in 
this bottom while her and the children were staying there 
alone said that one day two men who were horseback and well 
armed approached the house and rode up to the yard gate and 
stopped and demanded to know if she knew where any rebels 
were. She told them that she did not know anything about 
them. After they had repeated the inquiry a few times they 
reversed the questions put to her and they wanted to know if 
she knew where any feds were and she answered in the 
negative. The were very inquisitive and continued to ask her 
questions until they found that they could not obtain any 
information from her. They then backed their horses from the 
gate and reining them around as if they were going to ride 
off and stopped and held a whispered conversation and then 
they started off down toward the lower part of the bottom. I 
was convinced that they had gone off to procure help to rob 
the house and drive off the stock. I and Mr. Terry owned 
more than 100 head of cattle which Terry kept on the range 
in the hills of Music Creek. This was just after we were 
married, but in 1862 the land pirates taken all but a few of 
them and disposed of them. Mr. Isaiah Wilkerson who lived on 
Music Creek just above the mouth noticing that the principal 
part of the cattle had been stole he gathered up the 
remainder which included a few milk cows and drove them 
across the river where we could find them. The cows were 
giving milk and the milk from the cows kept the children 
from starving. After the two men had left I went to work 
with  a determination to save my stuff in the house and my

milk cows if I had to fight for the property and with the 
help of the children that was old enough to do anything I 
went to work and carried all our household stuff into the 
house that had only one door. I forgot to mention that there 
were two houses with a hall between them. Then I armed 
myself and the oldest children with something to fight with 
such as the chopping axe, hatchet, butcher knives, clubs and 
so on. Then I and the children sit down and waited for the 
return of the bandits and in a little while I saw the same 
two men coming  back driving the milk cows before them. I 
saw at once that it was their intention to steal all we had 
and I says, "Children, let us not let them scoundrels have 
an easy job taking our stuff from us." When they had reached 
near the cow lot gate with the cattle the calves began to 
bleat and the children began to cry for the little innocent 
and helpless children depended on the cows for a living and 
when they realized that the robbers intended to take the 
cattle from us we would all have to meet starvation and 
distress. My heart seemed to sink in despair for they had 
the power to drive them off but I had set a resolution that 
I would fight to the last moment to save the cows and my 
household. But what could I do to help myself, they would 
take all we had in sprite of all the efforts I could do to 
prevent it. The robbers were preparing to let the calves out 
to the cows to make ready to drive them off and about the 
moment I was ready to interfere with their theiveish plans a 
thought came into my mind that I might get rid of them 
before they had time to ride roughshod over me and the 
children and I put it into execution at once by snatching 
the dinner horn from where it was hanging on the wall in he 
hallway and blew a lout blast with it, then stopped a moment 
and blew it a second time then I hallooed at the top of my 
voice and used these words, "Here they are, come quick." 
Then I repeated the blowing of the horn and yelled out the 
same words. The two marauders seemed to be awfully surprised 
and remounted their horses and urging them into a gallop and 
run to the river bank and down it to the waters edge and 
plunged into the river and swam across to the opposite shore 
and up the bank they went beyond my view. As they were 
getting away I blew he horn and kept repeating he same words 
loud as he strength of my lungs would admit. I succeeded in 
bluffing them and saving my property from he rascals so far. 
No doubt they were fully convinced that a body of federal 
soldiers were nearby ready to pounce on them. I learned 
afterward that these men never stopped until they reached 
the John Knight cabin in the range of the Short Mountain 
which was used as a gathering place of a number of southern 
men in war days. In a short time after this I moved out into 
Missouri where I received better protection from the 
unwelcome bandits and guerrillas. Mrs. Elizabeth Terry, who 
after the death of Mr. Terry, married Henry Clark, died at 
her old home in the southeast part of Taney County,

Missouri, February 13, 1907, and was buried in the graveyard 
at Protem on the following day. 
     The first Tom Terry mentioned  in "How a Women Put Two 
Robbers To Flight" is a son of John Terry of Indiana. Tom 
first married Annie Magness and they had children: Joe, 
Thomas "Dump", and Mary. Annie died and he married Annies 
brothers', Wilshire Magness, widow, Nancy (Holt) Magness. 
Wilshire and Nancy had two sons,Joe and Robert "Bob" 
Magness. Then Tom and Nancy had one son, Thomas Terry. Tom 
was killed in the Civil War and Nancy later married Henry 
Clark.  Submitted by Betty Martin, 605 N. Robinson, Harrison 
AR 72601.
     S. C. Turnbo was born 1844 Forsyth, MO and died 1924 
Broken Arrow, OK. Most all his stories were written about 
happenings in the Ozark region. Notes by Betty Martin.
                        * * * * * *
              Ohio Miscellaneous Terry Records
                 JOHN PEASE TERRY 1807-1886
     John Pease Terry, late of Portsmouth, was born in Coos 
County, New Hampshire, February 16, 1807.  His father, 
Charles Terry, was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, 
November 14, 1744, and died there May 19, 1815. He married 
Hulda, daughter of Ebenezer and Hulda (Pease) Pease, of 
Hartford, Connecticut, January 9, 1772. The children of 
Charles and Hulda (Pease) Terry were Charles, born September 
25, 1792; Horace, Born November 11, 1794; Hulda, December 7, 
1796; Henry, Harriet, married Horace Perkins, and resided at 
Port Byron, New York; Esther, married a Mr. Lake, and lived 
in Ontario county, New York; John P. (subject of sketch); 
George, married Sarah Jenkins, and lived at Winamac, 
     Samuel Terry, father of Charles, and grandfather of our 
subject, was born April 28, 1703, and died about 1759. He 
was married January 30, 1734, in Springfield, Massachusetts, 
to Sarah, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Bridgman) Chapin, 
who was a native of Springfield, born February 18, 1707, and 
died January 25, 1773. Their children were Samuel, a 
shoemaker, born April 20, 1736, died April 1, 1802; Eli, 
born February 26, 1737, died at Locke, New York, in 1816; he 
married Elizabeth Olds, of Locke, New York, who died in 
1818; Sarah, born August 18, 1739; married Thomas Fairfield, 
of South Hadley, Massachusetts, May 3, 1759; Charles, Mary, 
born February 27, 1745, died November 4, 1804. She married, 
August 20, 1767, Preserved White, Jr., who was born November 
25, 1743, and died June 8, 1823. They lived in Springfield.

     Thomas Terry, great-grandfather of our subject, was 
born in Springfield, Massachusetts, March 6, 1664, and lived 
to be over eighty years old. His first marriage occurred at 
Springfield, Massachusetts, April 21, 1687, to Mary, 
daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Cooley. She was born June 29, 
1659, and died December 16, 1720. Their children were: Mary, 
married John Lombard; Ann, married Joseph Younglove; Bethia, 
married Henry Burt; Thomas, married Martha Miller; Rebecca, 
married John Brooks; and Samuel.
     Samuel Terry, the immigrant, was the father of Thomas, 
and the founder of the American branch of the family. He was 
born about the year 1633, in Barnet, England, which is 
eleven miles from London. The Hon. William Pynchon, of 
Springfield, Massachusetts, visited England in the early 
part of 1650, and there received as an apprentice the boy 
Samuel Terry, and brought him to New England. On the arrival 
in Massachusetts of Mr. Pynchon, he became involved with the 
Colonial authorities on account of his theological views, 
and for this reason left the country the next year. Young 
Terry was then (October 15, 1650) apprenticed to Benjamin 
Cooley, a weaver, of Springfield, Massachusetts. January 3, 
1660, he married Ann Lobdell. She died in May, 1684. 
November 19, 1690, he married Sarah, widow of John Scott, 
and daughter of Thomas and Margaret Bliss. There were no 
children by this marriage.  The children of Samuel and Ann 
(Lobdell) Terry were: Samuel. first married Hannah Morgan, 
and second, Margaret, widow of Benjamin Crane, Jr.; Ephraim, 
who was "drowned in ye great river at ye wharf," at 
Springfield, Massachusetts, when but seven years old; 
Thomas; Mary married Jeremiah Horton, Jr.; an infant 
daughter; Ephraim, married Hannah Eggleston; Rebecca, named 
for deceased sister, married Alex Wright; Elizabeth; and 
Ann, who married John Bliss.
     The European ancestry of our subject may be traced to 
John Terry, of England, who lived in the first half of the 
seventeenth century. Charles Terry, father of our subject, 
moved from Connecticut to New Hampshire, where he resided 
for three years. He then took his family to Oneida county, 
New York, where he remained for one year, and then moved to 
Ontario, now Wayne county, and purchased a farm in the 
wilderness. Assisted by his growing sons he cleared this 
tract. He died in 1814 from the effect of a gunshot wound 
received at the battle of Sodus Point, on Lake Ontario, 
having served two years as a soldier in the war of 1812.
     Shortly after his father's death the subject of this 
sketch was bound out to a farmer, and remained with him 
until nineteen years old. He then determined to go West, and 
with a single dollar in his pocket, given him by his mother, 
he started down the Genesee river, walking a distance of

forty miles to its mouth. He then proceeded by boat to the 
mouth of the Niagra river, and having spent the last penny 
of the dollar, he stopped and cut wood for a time in order 
to get some cash. He next proceeded to Buffalo, where he 
worked for a month as attendant on a brick-mason and 
received ten dollars for his services, half in cash and half 
in dry goods. He took passage in a sailing vessel for 
Cleveland, and the vessel having a storm to weather was just 
a week in making the trip. From Cleveland he proceeded on 
foot to Akron, where he was employed for six months as clerk 
in a dry-goods store. In 1825 he worked for his brother-in-
law, William Lake, at Newburg, Ohio, who was engaged in the 
manufacture of fanning mills. In 1828 he began work with the 
engineering corps on the Ohio canal, and later became 
assistant engineer. He was thus employed for four years. He 
did some contract work on the Cincinnati and Harrison 
turnpike during this time.
     Our subject had now acquired a small capital, and in 
1832 purchased an interest in the Clinton furnace, of Scioto 
county. Unfortunately he had indorsed heavily for friends 
who failed in their business ventures, an in 1834 Mr. Terry 
was obliged to dispose of all his property to meet these 
endorsements. The next few years were given to contract work 
in Ohio and Indiana, and in 1837 he opened a wholesale boot 
and shoe establishment at Portsmouth, Ohio, which he 
conducted for four years, and then for two years was engaged 
in running flatboats to New Orleans, carrying the products 
of the country. About this time he purchased considerable 
agricultural land near Portsmouth and farmed it; later he 
added a milling business to this. In 1853 he built the 
Madison furnace, in Jackson county, and was its active 
manager until 1864. He purchased the Buckeye furnace in 1866 
and two years later sold it. He had business interests in 
Pettis county, Missouri, and managed the building of a 
furnace in Washington county, Missouri. He was prominently 
identified with business affairs of Portsmouth from 1874 to 
the time of his death. He was a large stockholder in the 
First National Bank, and for a time acted as its president. 
He served as director in the Portsmouth Iron and Steel Works 
until June 1, 1881, when he was made president and general 
superintendent. Mr. Terry was married November 14, 1832, to 
Susan Waller, daughter of Dr. Thomas Waller (see sketch 
elsewhere). Of the children, Charles was born November 30, 
1839; he married Josephine Johnley, of Scioto. Thomas Waller 
was born February 9, 1841. He was taking a course at West 
Point when the war broke out. He left school and became a 
member of the staff of General S. S. Fry, and at Camp 
Burnsides, Kentucky, died March 3, 1864, having contracted 
typhoid fever. George was born March 10, 1846. During the 
war he was a member of the Union Light Guards, whose duty it 
was to act as a body guard for the president. At the death

of President Lincoln he was appointed Orderly on the staff 
of General Augur, and is now located in the town of Blaine, 
Washington; he was married in March, 1888, to Miss Flora 
Tice, of Cincinnati. Lewis W. was born September 16, 1843. 
He attended Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio, for a short time. 
In 1861 he enlisted in Company A, Thirty-third Ohio 
Volunteer Infantry and served through the entire war. After 
the war he was engaged in the furnace business for a time, 
later became cashier of the First National Bank, a position 
which he still fills. He was married December 17, 1866, to 
Miss Phoebe Tillow, daughter of John and Elizabeth (nee 
Williamson) Tillow. Of the daughters, Alice Bancroft was 
born April 16, 1852, and died November 25, 1890. Mary 
Indiana, the oldest child, was born February 4, 1837, and is 
living with her mother at the old home in Portsmouth.
     John Pease Terry died May 18, 1886, and is buried in 
the Portsmouth cemetery. He was a man of fair business 
success, and public spirited in a marked degree. Politically 
he was a straight, uncompromising Republican. During the war 
he was appointed a member of the Military Committee for the 
Eleventh District, by Governor Dennison. He was intensely 
patriotic, and, as will be seen above, sent three sons to 
the war. His credit has always remained unimpaired, and thus 
he was enabled to get a start in life again when every 
dollar was taken to pay surety money. The early struggles of 
the fatherless boy only fitted the man for the encounters of 
life. He was a fine specimen of the self-made man, and may 
be pointed to with pride by a loving relationship and an 
admiring posterity. Source: Biographical History of the 
Scioto Valley. Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Co. 1894. Pages 
348-350. Submitted by Elaine Couch.
                        * * * * * *
             Highland County Ohio Terry Records
     "To the Honorable the Judges of the Court of Common 
Pleas of Highland County - The Petition of the undersigned 
Humbly represent to your Honours that we conceive a public 
House of Entertainment in the Township of Madison on the 
College Township Road would conduce to the public convience, 
we therefore recommend Thomas White as a person calculated 
to accomondate the public and pray your Honours would grant 
him a license for that purpose, and your Petitioners as in 
duty bound will ever pray etc. August 8th 1815 Samuel 
Littler, William Capps, Cephas Fisher, Thomas Stout, Jacob 
Clearwaters, James Fisher, Abraham Marchant, Rees Morgan, 
Sampson Gray, Barton Terry, Baynard White, Thos Sutherland". 
Source: Common Pleas Court Records of Highland County, Ohio 
(1805-1860). Compiled by David N. McBride Jane N. McBride. 
Page 79.

     James D. Scott sued Thos. Terry for the State and 
Fairfield Township in Highland County, Ohio under an old law 
requiring a bond of $500 to insure the good behavior and 
support of negroes or mulatto persons. Those not doing so 
were liable to a fine. Filed Aug. 12, 1811 page 57. Source: 
Common Pleas Court Records of Highland County, Ohio (1805-
1860). Compiled by David N. McBride Jane N. McBride. Page 
     John Kirby vs. Peter Casey. (Filed March Term, 1817.) 
Partition. Plaintiff alleges that he has an interest in 100 
acres lying on Rattlesnake Fork of Paint Creek, for which a 
patent was issued to John Hardin and Peter Casey as tenants 
in common, on Mar. 5, 1803. Kirby claims that his interest 
is by deed dated May 17, 1817, from Martin Hardin and 
Elizabeth, his wife, of Franklin County, Mark Hardin and 
Elizabeth, his wife, of Shelby County, Curtis Field and 
Rosanna, his wife, of Madison County, all of the State of 
Kentucky, heirs of John Hardin, dec'd. He states that Peter 
Casey, if alive, is not a resident of Ohio "but of some part 
of Kentucky". The court found that Thomas Terry, one of 
three "persons appointed to make partition (is of kin to 
John Kirby the petitioner) be discharged".  Filed March 
Term, 1817. (Record B, Page 79.) Source: Common Pleas Court 
Records of Highland County, Ohio (1805-1860). Compiled by 
David N. McBride Jane N. McBride. Page 114.
     Noah Ensley, et. al. vs The widow and heirs of David 
Terry, dec'd. Partition. Plaintiffs Noah Ensley and Sally, 
his wife, formerly Terry, and William Terry, all of Indiana, 
and Robert Antrim and Rachel, his wife, formerly Terry, and 
John Terry, all of Highland County, allege that they have an 
interest in 346 acres in Teacle Survey 2298 and in Survey 
3579, the tract of land on which David Terry died. James, 
Elizabeth, Thomas, David and Mary Ann Terry, all minors and 
residents of Highland County, are coparceners with 
plantiffs. Elizabeth, widow of David Terry, dec'd., is 
entitled to dower. Filed March 5, 1838 (Record 5, Page 271.) 
Source: Common Pleas Court Records of Highland County, Ohio 
(1805-1860). Compiled by David N. McBride Jane N. McBride. 
Page 158.
     Elizabeth Ummensetter vs Paul B. Ummensetter. Divorce. 
Plaintiff alleges that she married defendant about 17 years 
ago in Highland County, and that he owns property in 
Rainsboro bought with money that she inherited from her 
father, David Terry, dec'd. Their children are Mary E. aged 
15 years, David H., 13 years, Thomas J., 12 years, Granville 
P., 9 years. She wishes to be restored to her maiden name of 
Terry. Grounds: Extreme cruelty. (Chancery Record 2, page 
555.) (Compilers' note: On May 29, 1852 Elizabeth sued Paul 
B. Ummensetter for divorce. This case was probably

dismissed. In her petition she alleges that she bought the 
Rainsboro property with money that she inherited "from the 
estate of her Father David Terry, dec'd, late of said 
County, and from the estate of her Grand Father dec. late of 
the State of Virginia". On the outside page of this case is 
the following: "I will be good for costs to the amount of 
fifteen dollars in this cause. Thos. J. Terry, May 29, 
1852". No record.) (Filed Dec. 26, 1856.)
                        * * * * * *
               RACHEL C. TERRY BRYANT 1855-??
     George W. Bryant, one of the representative farmers and 
highly respected citizens of Goshen township, Hardin county, 
Ohio, owns and occupies a fine farm of two hundred and 
twenty-four acres. Mr. Bryant was born at Fostoria, Ohio, 
January 22, 1852, a son of George W. and Isabelle (Kemp) 
Bryant, the former a native of New York state and the latter 
of Hancock county, Ohio. During the Civil war George W. 
Bryant, the father, first enlisted as a member of the 
Twenty-first Ohio Volunteer Infantry, for two years, at the 
end of which time he was honorably discharged. The he 
reenlisted for three years or during the war, and as a 
member of the Fifty-second Ohio Volunteer Infantry was in 
active duty until peace was declared. While awaiting his 
discharge at Louisville, Kentucky, he was stricken with 
smallpox and died. His widow still lives, and is now 
seventy-seven years of age. Of their four children two are 
living: Sarah J. and George W. Those deceased are William S. 
and one who died in infancy.
     George W. Bryant, the subject of this sketch, was 
reared and educated at Findlay, Hancock county, Ohio, and 
remained there until 1876. From that year until 1888 he made 
his home in Marion county, and since 1888 he has been a 
resident of Hardin county, engaged in farming. From time to 
time he has been the recipient of official honors and has 
served efficiently in various local offices. For a number of 
years he was township supervisor, for nine years he was a 
justice of the peace and ever since he came to the county he 
has been a member of the school board. He is a member of the 
Maple Grange, and religiously, he and his family are 
identified with the Presbyterian church.
     On August 20, 1874, Mr. Bryant married Miss Ruth C. 
Terry, daughter of Champness and Rebecca Terry, and nine 
children have been born to them, namely: An infant, 
deceased; George E.; William C., deceased; Charles T.; 
Nellie; Carl H.; Mabel; John; and another infant which died 
in infancy.


     Mrs. Bryant was born in Marion county, Ohio, August 27, 
1855. Her father, Champness Terry, a native of Virginia, 
emigrated to Ohio in 1831 and settled in Marion county, 
where he bought five hundred acres of land, a portion of 
which extended into Hardin county. On this land he built a 
log cabin and in true pioneer style set about the work of 
clearing his farm, which he accomplished in due time. The 
Terrys are of English origin. Thomas Terry, the grandfather 
of Champness, was born in England; in early life he came to 
America and settled in Virginia and later was a soldier in 
the Revolutionary war. His son Thomas, Champness Terry's 
father, was a slaveholder in Virginia; religiously, he was a 
Quaker, and, espousing the Abolition cause, he moved to Ohio 
and freed his slaves. Champness Terry was twice married. By 
his first wife, whose maiden name was Anne Thompson, he had 
six children, namely: Thomas J. (deceased), Joseph C., David 
D., John H., Sarah J. (deceased), and William P. (deceased). 
Three of the sons were veterans of the Civil war - James M., 
Luke A., and David D. The last named was killed in action. 
For his second wife he married Rebecca Peters, who bore him 
fourteen children, as follows: Mary A., James M., Luke A., 
George W., Ruth C., Elizabeth A., Zachariah, Catherine L., 
Hannah J., Magnolia, Mack C., Susan R., and two that died in 
infancy. The mother of these children died January 18, 1901, 
at the age of seventy-six years, and Champness Terry died 
January 13, 1887, at the age of eighty-six years. He was 
held in high respect by all who knew him. For eighteen 
successive years he filled the office of township 
supervisor, and for several terms he was school director. 
One of his sons by his first marriage, John H., has large 
mining interests in Colorado, where he resides, and where he 
has been honored by election first to the office of probate 
judge and later to the office of judge of common pleas. 
(deceased). Source: History of Hardin County (Ohio) by 
Minnie Ichler Kohler of Kenton. Published in 1910. Page 575.
                    * * * QUERIES * * *
010386 BOWE
     Florence M. Bowe has a new address: 12106 S. E. 31st 
Place, Apt. 45, Milwaukee OR 97222.
020386 WISE
     Susan E. Wise has a new address: 38543 Royal Anne 
Common, Fremont CA 94536.
030386 STEED
     Mrs. Barbara Steed has a new address: 113 S. Main St., 
Lake Elsinore CA 92330.

     Researching Laneer TERRY; Alvie F. TERRY; J. A. TERRY 
b. 1880 d. 1961 m. KY, Sarah Jane Cain; John Manuel TERRY m. 
Lizy Lawhorn? Collecting all info on TERRY's from Lincoln 
and Casey Counties, KY.   Laneer TERRY Wilkerson, P.O. Box 
134, Dunville KY 42528.
     Seeking info on Martin Delano TERRY b. May 19, 1855 
Franklin Co. MO m. May 30, 1874 where? Martha Susan (Matty) 
Wenzell (Wendell) b. Union, Franklin Co. MO Jan 25, 1955? 
[1855?]. Parents: Green C. TERRY and Elizabeth F. Childers 
and William Wenzell (Wendell) and Mahlia (Mlalila) Roy and 
members of these families. Virginia Plass Rt. 1 Box 201, 
Tulelake CA 96134.
060386 MUIR
     New address for Normaleene Muir is: Rt 5, Box 425, 
Decatur TX 76234.
070386 BAKER
     New address for Joanna A. Baker is: Old Town Hwy. #6, 
Shell Beach Condo, East Haven CT 06512.
080386 OLDHAM
     New address for Allie Oldham is HC60, Box A 5, Pagosa 
Springs CO 81147.
               TERRY Line of Herman W. TERRY
                      8306 Knurled Oak
                      Spring TX 77379.
    1 TERRY, Michael Wayne, b 18 Apr 1974, Jefferson, LA; r
      Spring, TX.
    2 TERRY, Herman Wayne, b 10 Nov 1945, Winkler Co. TX; r
      Spring, TX; m 13 Nov 1971:
    3 STYLES, Beverly Ann, b 30 Dec 1948, Tarrant Co. TX; r
      Spring, TX.
    4 TERRY, Herman Cline, b 23 Dec 1906, Eastland Co. TX; d
      30 Mar 1983, Howard Co. TX; m 20 Dec 1941:
    5 SWINNEY, Katy Bob, b 17 May 1919, Van Zant Co. TX;.

    8 TERRY, Hampton C., b Feb 1852, MS; d ca 1926, Wichita,
      TX; m (?):
    9 DOLLAR, Mary Elizabeth, b ca Mar 1868, MS; d ca 1953,
      Hutchinson Co. TX.
   16 TERRY, Robert, b (?); d (?); m (?):
   17 ______, Lula, b (?); d (?).
            TERRY Line of Mrs. Janet Paine Reid
                     13863 Kinbrook St.
                      Sylmar CA 91342
    1 REID, Donald Lee, b 4 Nov 1920, Sioux Co. IA; r
      Sylmar, CA.
    2 REID, Rodney Lee, b 2 Aug 1889, Crawford Co. IA; d 16
      Aug 1944, Minnehaha Co. SD; m 23 Mar 1915, Woodbury 
      Co. IA:
    3 PEEBLES, Ellen Loretta, b 14 Jul 1892, Sioux Co. IA;.
    4 REID, William Johnson, b 15 May 1864, Cedar Co. IA; d
      14 Jan 1937, Muscatine Co. IA; m 7 Mar 1877:
    5 TERRY, Minnie May, b 7 Mar 1863, Boone Co. IA; d 12
      Dec 1934, Sioux Co. IA.
   10 TERRY, Charles, b ca 1840, Hardin Co. OH/IA; d (?),
      Boone, IA?; m (?):
   11 RICHARDS, Sarah Melissa, b 20 Mar 1840, Madison Co.
      OH; d 1 Dec 1922, Boone Co. IA.
             TERRY Line of Dorothy (Hoyt) TERRY
          2584 Columbia Blvd. St. Helens OR 97051
    1 TERRY, Edgar Donald, b 18 Dec 1906; m. 16 Apr 1960       
      Dorothy Hoyt.
    2 TERRY, Edgar Riley, b 28 Feb 1873;; m 6 Sep 1899:
    3 CAMPBELL, Laura Isabel, b (?);.
    4 TERRY, Don P., b 13 Sep 1850; d (?); m 4 Aug 1871:
    5 SAMS, Anabel, b (?); d (?).
    8 TERRY, Aaron, b 5 Jan 1817; d (?); m 1 Jan 1846:
    9 BOSS, Mary Ann, b (?);.

   16 TERRY, Thomas, b 6 Oct 1759, CT; d 3 Feb 1842?,
      Edmeston, NY; m 1786:
   17 TANNER, Sarah, b (?); d (?).
   32 TERRY, Thomas, b 23 Aug 1729, Springfield, MA; d (?);
      m 15 Nov 1756, Enfield, CT:
   33 OSBORNE, Esther, b (?); d (?).
   64 TERRY, Thomas, b 18 Apr 1698; d ca 1743; m 19 Jan
      1720?, Springfield, MA:
   65 MILLER, Martha, b 16 Jun 1697, Springfield, MA; d (?).
  128 TERRY. Thomas, b 6 Mar 1665; d (?); m 21 Apr 1687:
  129 COOLEY, Mary, b (?); d (?).
  256 TERRY, Samuel, b 1633, ENG; d (?); m 3 Jan 1660,
      Boston, MA:
  257 LOBDELL, Ann, b 8 Mar 1634?, Northam, ENG; d (?).
         TERRY Line of Mrs. Lorraine (Nudell) White 
         10301 Coloma Rd., Rancho Cordova CA 95670.
    1 NUDELL, Lorraine, b (?); r Cordova, CA. 
    2 NUDELL, Fred Marcus, b (?);; m 11 Jun 1912, WA:
    3 TERRY, Marguerita Eva, b 31 Dec 1892, AR; d 31 Dec
      1979, Sacramento, CA.
    6 TERRY, Ancil Daniel, b 13 Mar 1872, KY; d 15 Jul 1960,
      Spokane, WA; m 10 Aug 1889, Johnson Co. AR:
    7 BROCK, Esther, b 24 Jun 1870, Breathett Co. KY; d
      1903, Stillwell, OK.
   12 TERRY, Ansal Sr., b ca 1847, KY; d 1872; m (?):
   13 HAM, Margaret, b ca 1849, Verona, KY; d (?), Joplin,
   14 BROCK, Aaron, b 30 Apr 1845, KY; d 3 Jan 1931,
      Stillwell, OK; m 17 Jul 1869:
   15 SHORT, Margarett, b 16 Feb 1852?, Breathett Co. KY; d
      8 Feb 1936, Stillwell, OK.
   24 TERRY, Miles, b 1821, KY; d (?), Carrol Co. AR; m (?):
   25 BRYANT, Rachel, b 1817, KY; d (?), Carroll Co. AR.
   30 SHORT, Andrew "Andy", b ca 1830; d (?); m (?):
   31 TERRY, Mary "Polly", b 25 Dec 1834, Breathett Co. KY;
      d 25 Dec 1909?, KY.
   48 TERRY, Thomas Miles, b (?); d (?); m 3 Dec 1817:
   49 JOHNSON, Amy or Patsy, b (?); d (?).

   62 TERRY, Thomas Miles, b (?); d (?); m 3 Dec 1817:
   63 JOHNSON, Amy or Patsy, b (?); d (?).
   96 TERRY, Miles, b (?), Botetourt Co. VA;; m 30 Jan 1782,
      Montgomery Co.VA:
   97 HORTON, Hannah, b (?);.
  124 TERRY, Miles, b (?), Botetourt Co. VA;; m 30 Jan 1782,
      Montgomery Co.VA:
  125 HORTON, Hannah, b (?);.
  192 TERRY, William, b ca 1724, VA; d ca 1803, Botetourt
      Co. VA; m 3 Feb 1759, Botetourt Co. VA:
  193 MANSON or MARSON, Rachel, b (?); d (?).
  248 TERRY, William, b ca 1724, VA; d ca 1803, Botetourt
      Co. VA; m 3 Feb 1759, Botetourt Co. VA:
  249 MANSON or MARSON, Rachel, b (?); d (?).
     [Editor's note: This differs somewhat from query 
#361285 and perhaps indicates the relationship between the 
Short and TERRY families. Alvin C. TERRY has indicated that 
the marriage for William TERRY is noted in a New Jersey 
record but have not seen citation [book, page no.] for this. 
Sometimes his wife is noted to be Rachel Martin also not 
documented. I don't think it has been proven conclusively 
that Rachel is the mother of all the children belonging to 
William. This needs to be documented!]
     In reference to query page 182, 441285 HILL-PURVIS, 
Moses Hill lived his entire married life in Fairfield Co. SC 
and died there in 1821. I wish also to say that Hiram Hill 
was not a son Of Moses Hill & Savilla Roden. Issac Hill, who 
Mrs. Purvis states lived in Alabama might be related to this 
family, but not as a son. Mrs. Purvis also refers to the 
name of Moses Hill in Warren County Georgia in a book by 
Maddox "Early Georgia Pioneers." The book indicates Moses 
Hill did participate in the land lottery, but we have no 
information to show he lived in Georgia. There is knowledge 
of a Moses Hill who served in the Revolution in Georgia, but 
he is not the Moses Hill that married Savilla Roden. Robert 
R. Hill, 631 S. Echo Dr., Brandon FL 33511.
TERRY, Curtis b. AL/NC? 1784 d. 1859 MS
TERRY, Lovinia Mae b. TN 26 May 1818 m. MS John P. Beene.
BEENE, Juda Ann b. Yalabusha Co. MS 08 Aug 1846 d. 
Cottonwood, TX 10 Mar 1928 m. Chas. J. Oglesby. 


OGLESBY, Lela Eliz. b. Coryell Co. TX 13 Sep 1871 d. Caddo 
Mills TX 13 Mar 1934.
MCDONEL, Katie Minniefee b. 23 Sep 1896 Cottonwood, TX d. 
Blackwell, OK 10 Aug 1963.
MOSS, Everett Ray b. Blackwell, OK 22 Jan 1930 d. Wichita, 
KS 02 Jan 1981.
MOSS, Everett Ray Moss b. 27 Jul 1951 m. 13 May 1978 Susan 
     Need ancestry Curtis TERRY b. 1784 AL or NC. Wife d. MS 
1849, he d. MS 1859. Children: John, Granderson, Lovinia, 
James, Emeline m. (1) Wm. M. Metcalfe m. (2) J. L. Eskridge, 
Willis, Sally. Lovinia b. TN 26 May 1818 m. John Beene MS 
lived Coryell Co., TX 1860 when John Beene killed by Indians 
in Hamilton Co., TX. Dau. Juda Beene m. Chas. J. Oglesby. 
Everett Ray Moss c/o Blanche E. Craft, 701 Rockford, Derby 
KS 67037.
     I am the grandaughter of Ira Luke TERRY b. Clarksville, 
TX area 2 Sep 1877 m. Mattie Thornton b. AR 22 Mar 1882. 
They moved to Valliant, OK about the time of state hood 
[1907?]. Ira Luke had several brothers and sisters, the only 
name I remember is Roland TERRY and he lived north of 
Clarksville, TX ca. 1937-1938. Jackie Blackard, 4736 Dickens 
Dr., Baton Rouge LA 70812.
     My great grandfather was Felix Washington Stokes. He 
was b. SC 28 May 1817. His father was David Stokes and his 
mother was Jensy Clark. David Stokes migrated to AL ca 1819 
or shortly afterwards. Felix Washington Stokes was in 
Fayette Co. AL by 1850 and m. Melinda Harris. Melinda d. ca. 
1862-63 and Felix m. my great-grandmother, Martha Jane 
Shackleford ca. 1862-63. The Fed. Cen. for 1880 shows Felix 
Stokes b. in SC. He also stated his father was b. in VA and 
his mother Jensy Clark was b. in NC. Joan W. BeBeau, 635 
East Colfax St., Hastings MI 49058. [These names appear 
quite often in TERRY research, Editor.]
     Researching George W. TERRY b. AR 01 Jan 1835 d. 11 Feb 
1906 bur. Weeks Cem., Scott, AR. m. (1) Arealy m. (?) Sarah 
Elizabeth ______ b. AR Apr 1843 d. 1914?. 


     Children of George W. TERRY: James TERRY age 5, 1880 AR 
Census; David Newton TERRY b. AR 1877 d. Poteau, LeFlore, 
Arkansas bur Monroe, Leflore, Arkansas m. Carrie Bell Bacom; 
Martha TERRY age 1, 1880 census; Arbell TERRY b. AR 03 Jul 
1881 d. 10 Mar 1906, bur. Weeks Cem., Scott, Arkansas; 
Johnie I. TERRY b. Apr 1885. Grace E. Helker, 185 N.W. 
Temple-711, Salt Lake City UT 84103.
               TERRY line of Everett Ray Moss 
                   c/o Blanche E. Craft, 
               701 Rockford, Derby KS 67037.
    1 MOSS, Everett Ray Jr., b 27 Jul 1951, Kay Co. OK;.
    2 MOSS, Everett Ray Sr., b 22 Jan 1930, Kay Co. OK; d 2
      Jan 1981, Sedgwick Co. KS; m 20 Oct 1948, Kay Co. OK:
    3 MOSES, Phyllis Elizabeth, b 14 Feb 1930, Grant Co.
    4 MOSS, Clarence Omen, b 15 Mar 1898, Greer Co. OK; d 9
      Dec 1974, Oklahoma Co. OK; m 16 Oct 1918, Washita Co.
    5 MCDONEL, Katie Menniefee, b 23 Sep 1896, Callahan Co.
      TX; d 10 Aug 1963, Kay Co. OK.
   10 MCDONEL, Wm. Green, b 15 Nov 1872, TX;; m 2 Jan 1895:
   11 OGLESBY, Lela Elizabeth, b 13 Sep 1871, Coryell Co.
      TX; d 13 Mar 1934, Caddo Mills, TX.
   22 OGLESBY, Charles Jasper, b 1852, LA; d (?); m 6 Dec
      1879, Coryell Co. TX:
   23 BEENE, Juda Ann, b 8 Aug 1846, Yalobusha Co. MS; d 10
      Mar 1928, Cottonwood, TX.
   46 BEENE, John P., b 16 Mar 1812, AL; d 1860, Hamilton
      Co. TX; m (?), MS:
   47 TERRY, Lovinia Mae, b 26 May 1818, TN; d (?).
   94 TERRY, Curtis, b 1784, AL/NC?; d 1859, MS; m (?):
   95 ______, ______, b (?); d 1849, MS?.


             TERRY Line of Barbara TERRY Hagan 
                      4 Beck's Landing
                     Owensboro KY 42301
    1 TERRY,  Barbara,  b 15 Feb 1937,  Daviess Co.  KY;  m. 
      Daviess Co. KY Thomas E. Hagan.
    2 TERRY, Lloyd Burton, b 15 Aug 1913, Daviess Co. KY; m
      29 Nov 1935, Daviess Co. KY:
    3 COONEY, Mackey Frances, b (?);.
    4 TERRY, Burton Ella, b 9 Dec 1870, Jefferson Co. KY; d
      18 Jun 1958, Daviess Co. KY; m 4 Oct 1893, Spencer Co.
    5 HEITMAN, Elizabeth, b (?);.
    8 TERRY, George Washington, b 16 Mar 1845, Jefferson Co.
      KY; d 14 Jun 1923, Davies Co. KY; m 23 Feb 1870,
      Jefferson Co. KY:
    9 SNAWDER, America Ann, b (?); d (?).
   16 TERRY, Joseph A. Jr., b 23 Aug 1799, Louisa Co. VA; d
      25 Jun 1885, Jefferson Co. KY; m 8 Oct 1826, Jefferson
      Co. KY:
   17 MCCAWLEY, Sarah, b (?); d (?).
   32 TERRY, Joseph Sr., b ca 1777, Louisa Co. VA; d aft. 
      1811, KY?; m 23 Mar 1797, Louisa Co. VA:
   33 SMITH, Mary, b (?);.
   64 TERRY, James, b ca 1730, Hanover Co. VA; d 11 Aug
      1783?, Louisa Co. VA; m ca 1754, Louisa Co. VA:
   65 ______, Henrietta, b (?); d 1814, Louisa Co. VA.
  128 TERRY, Stephen, b ca 1700, VA; d ca 1762; m (?):
  129 _______, Sarah, b (?); d (?).
  256 TERRY, Thomas, b ca 1610, Carolina Co. VA; d (?).
[I feel the urge to comment here! While a Stephen TERRY is 
the father of James TERRY #64 above and his brother Roland 
TERRY  as noted in Granville Co. NC and Louisa Co. VA 
records, I do not think there is documented proof that 
Stephen TERRY who d. 1769 Craven Co. SC is the same Stephen 
noted in #128. Further research in Lancaster and Fairfield 
Dist.'s SC needs to be done to unravel the several Stephen 
TERRY's who could possibly be THE STEPHEN we are looking 
for. Key allied family names in unraveling the mystery could 

SUTTON, and WALKER in SC, NC and VA. The Thomas 1610 is a 
new one. Is there something I have missed?--Editor.]
     Your listing as TERRY FAMILY HISTORIAN in the May/June 
1982 issue of the Genealogical Helper prompts me to enquire 
if you have information on my TERRY: Edward F. TERRY b. 24 
Mar 1857 in NH, possibly on a farm near Concord, NH, son of 
Exra and Esther (or Lydia) (Church) TERRY. His obituary 
appeared in the New York Times of May 13, 1924 (p. 21) 
stating that he died on May 12, leaving a wife Rebecca 
Allie, formerly of St. Paul MN and a son Ezra David TERRY. 
His home was given as Riverdale NY -- 217 W. 259th St., The 
Bronx. The obituary also says that he was the founder in 
1895 with Frederick Tench of TERRY & Tench Co., engineers 
and contractors. (The Manhattan Bridge and Grand Central 
Terminal among his enteprises.) Mrs. Walter O. Malick, 1924 
Main St., Stevens Point WI 54481.
     In reference to your letter of June 10, 1981 we were 
right about Moore's and TERRY's being connected. In corres-
ponding with Mrs. Sarah Parker, 2505 Savery Dr. Tupelo MS 
38801, she tells us that the father of Stephen T. Moore was 
David Moore who was married to Anna Mariah TERRY. After 
David's death, she married William D. Cooper and had four 
children by him: Agrippa Cooper , William Cooper , Joseph 
Cooper and Sarah Cooper. This info was found in Sarah 
TERRY's Will d. 1834 Copiah Co. MS. By David Moore, Anna had 
Stephen  T.  Moore,  John T.  Moore and according to Will of 
Elizabeth Moore.  Mrs.  John T.  Moore,  Box 145,  Elaine AR 
     Do you have info on Mary Terry, or her ancestors, who 
married a John French whose father's name was Anderson 
French? They had a son named Noah French b. 28 Feb 1754 
Elizabethtown, NJ, d. 14 Nov 1843, Hermon, Saint Lawrence 
Co., NY. David W. DeFrees, 1042 West 90th St., Los Angeles 
CA 90044.
     If any members can help me with any of the missing 
data, I would appreciate it. I have not worked on some of

these for several years since I began the TFH. Mike Terry, 
Editor TFH, Box 1531, Enid OK 73702.
    1 TERRY, Robert Mike, b 27 Sep 1946, Orange Co. CA; r
      Garfield Co. OK.
    2 TERRY, G. W. "Glen", b 23 Oct 1923, Okmulgee Co. OK;
      r Caddo Co. OK; m 3 Mar 1943, Yuma Co. AZ:
    3 CUNNINGHAM, Rebecca Isabel, b 28 Dec 1926, San Berna.
      Co.CA; r Caddo Co. OK.
    4 TERRY, Francis Edward "Frank", b 18 Sep 1895, Yell
      Co. AR; d 11 Apr 1958, Caddo Co. OK; m 9 Mar 1914, Yell
      Co. AR:
    5 BOTTOMS, Ethel Modelle, b 10 Feb 1897, Yell Co. AR; d
      24 May 1974, Custer Co. OK.
    6 CUNNINGHAM, Charles Curtis, b 8 Apr 1892, LeClede Co.
      MO; d 9 Sep 1973, Orange Co. CA; m 27 Feb 1918, Orange
      Co. CA:
    7 PATTERSON, Lavina Mae, b 28 Sep 1896, Rush Co. KS; d
      16 Jun 1963, Riverside Co. CA.
    8 TERRY, George William, b 13 Aug 1866, Union Co. AR; d
      22 Jul 1959, Lamar Co. TX; m 21 Jul 1889, Yell Co. AR:
    9 HEFFNER, Francis E., b 5 Apr 1871, GA; d 30 Sep 1895,
      Yell Co. AR.
   10 BOTTOMS, James Robert, b 25 Sep 1873, Shelby Co. TN;
      d 13 Aug 1956, Caddo Co. OK; m 10 Jul 1893, Yell Co.
   11 SMITH, Lula Estella, b 23 Feb 1875, Yell Co. AR; d 9
      Feb 1936, Stephens Co. OK.
   12 CUNNINGHAM, Charles Alvin, b 5 May 1857?, IA/IL; d 8
      Apr 1925, Los AngelesCo.CA; m 20 Dec 1891, LeClede Co.
   13 DEATHERAGE, Jennie Francis, b 2 Aug 1872, Dakota
      Terr. SD; d 5 Feb 1921, San Bern. Co. CA.
   14 PATTERSON, Joseph, b 16 Sep 1857, Champaign Co. IL; d
      9 Oct 1943, Los AngelesCo.CA; m 8 Dec 1890, Rush Co.
   15 TALBERT, Katie Mae, b 19 Sep 1874, Shelby Co. IN; d
      16 Sep 1945, Los AngelosCo.CA.
   16 TERRY, Hugh McClure, b 1 Mar 1832, DeKalb Co. GA; d 2
      Jan 1919, Lamar Co. TX; m 6 Dec 1855, Union Co. AR:
   17 BENNETT, Mary, b 3 Jun 1838, AL; d 25 Oct 1875, TX?.
   20 BOTTOMS, William, b ca Apr 1847, MS; d (?); m 1870:
   21 PEALE, Mary Frances, b Jun 1852, TN; d (?).
   23 WHITE, Fannie, b (?); d (?).
   24 CUNNINGHAM, Alfred, b (?); d (?).
   26 DEATHERAGE, John Lewis, b (?); d (?); m (?):
   27 TAYLOR, Malinda C., b ca 1857, TN; d (?).


   28 PATTERSON, Joseph, b 6 May 1838?, VA?; d 13 Apr 1879,
      Barton Co. KS; m 14 Nov 1860, OH:
   29 MILLIKIN, Isabel, b 23 Nov 1838, OH; d 6 Feb 1918,
      Orange Co. CA.
   30 TALBERT, Enos, b ca 1837, IN; d (?); m (?):
   31 CARTER, Martha Emily, b ca 1841, IN; d (?).
   32 TERRY, Green Berry Hill, b 8 Nov 1810, Chester Co.
      SC; d 22 Mar 1848, Union Co. AR; m ca 1830, SC/GA:
   33 GILL, Eleanor "Ellen, b 20 Jan 1811, Chester Co. SC;
      d 5 Oct 1861, Union Co. AR.
   40 BOTTOMS, Robert Lee, b 1820, SC; d 1907; m ca 1844:
   41 RITTER, Susan R., b 1824, AL; d (?).
   52 DEATHERAGE, Abner, b (?); d (?).
   53 ______, Mary A., b (?); d (?).
   54 TAYLOR, Benjamin, b ca 1832, TN; d (?); m (?):
   55 LAMBERT, Rhoda, b ca 1837, KY; d (?).
   56 PATTERSON, William, b (?), IRE; d (?).
   58 MILLIKIN, Daniel, b 3 Mar 1805, PA; d 12 Aug 1845,
      IA; m (?):
   59 MULLEN, Isabella, b 22 Jan 1807; d 3 Aug 1845, IA.
   64 TERRY, Stephen Maj., b 10 Aug 1788, Chester Co. SC; d
      15 Nov 1866, Fulton Co. GA; m 4 Jul 1809, Fairfield Co.
   65 HILL, Elizabeth Harrison, b 29 Jan 1793, Fairfield
      Co. SC; d 3 Dec 1838, DeKalb Co. GA.
   66 GILL, Samuel, b ca 1784; d 5 Feb 1840, Chester Co.
      SC; m (?):
   67 MCCLURE, Mary, b (?); d (?).
   80 BOTTOMS, John, b 1800, SC; d (?); m (?):
   81 ______ ______, b (?); d (?).
  116 MILLIKIN, James Col., b 24 Jul 1782, Washington
      Co.PA; d 30 Sep 1868, Madison Co. OH; m 20 Jan 1801,
      Washington Co PA:
  117 COOKE, Elizabeth, b 4 Mar 1777, Washington Co.PA; d
      26 Feb 1853, West JeffersonOH.
  128 TERRY, John W., b 27 Apr 1752, VA/SC; d 12 Apr 1834,
      Chester Co. SC; m 21 Dec 1779, VA/SC:
  129 STOKES, Pricilla, b Nov 1763, SC?; d ca 1849, Chester
      Co. SC.
  130 HILL, Moses, b ca 1758, Halifax Co. VA?; d 1 Jul
      1821, Fairfield Co. SC; m ca 1779:
  131 RODEN, Savilla N., b 1759; d 23 Jul 1844, Greene Co.
  132 GILL, John, b (?), PA?; d 1791, Chester Co. SC; m
  133 DICK, Agnes, b 1756; d (?).
  134 MCCLURE, Hugh, b 1759; d 3 Mar 1802, Chester Co. SC; m
  135 ______, Jane, b 1764; d 4 Oct 1838, Chester Co. SC.

  232 MILLIKIN, James, b 1752, Antrim Co. IRE; d ca 1817,
      Washington Co PA; m (?):
  233 MCFARLAND, Dorotha "Dolly", b (?), MA; d (?), PA.
  234 COOKE, Stephen, b 29 Mar 1751, Morris Co. NJ; d 7 Aug
      1820?, Knox Co. OH; m 27 Aug 1775, BurlingtonCo.NJ:
  235 MCFARLAND, Sarah, b 19 Nov 1760, Worcester Co. MA; d
      7 Dec 1851, Knox Co. OH.
  256 TERRY, Stephen, b ca 1700, VA; d 19 Dec 1769, Craven
      Co. SC; m ca 1751, VA?:
  257 ______, Sarah, b (?), VA; d 4 May 1765, Craven Co.
  260 HILL, Thomas, b (?); d (?); m (?):
  261 DOUTHITT, Rebecca, b (?); d (?).
  262 RODEN, Thomas, b 1733; d 1809; m (?):
  263 POTTS, Mary, b (?); d (?).
  264 GILL, Robert D., b ca 1720, Co. Armaugh IRE; d 30 Jun
      1804, Chester Co. SC; m (?):
  265 ______, Elinor, b 1721, IRE; d 13 Dec 1801, Chester
      Co. SC.
  268 MCCLUER, James, b (?); d 1771, Chester Co. SC.
  269 GASTON, Mary, b 1712, Co. Antrim IRE; d 1802, Chester
      Co. SC.
  464 MILLIKIN, James, b 1727, IRE; d (?).
  465 HEMPHILL, Martha, b 1729, IRE; d (?).
  468 COOKE, Jacob, b 10 Sep 1725, Plymouth Co. MA; d 12
      Apr 1808, Washington Co.PA; m 12 Feb 1750:
  469 LINDSLEY, Phebe, b ca 1729; d 16 Mar 1814?,
      Washington Co.PA.
  470 MCFARLAND, Daniel Col., b (?); d (?).
  471 BARBOUR, Sarah, b (?); d (?).
  936 COOKE, Jacob, b 16 Jun 1691, Plymouth Co. MA; d 20
      Nov 1753; m 3 Apr 1716:
  937 CARTER, Phoebe, b ca 1703, Plymouth Co. MA; d (?).
  938 LINDSLEY, John, b (?); d (?); m (?):
  939 PLUM, Sarah or Mary, b (?); d (?).
 1872 COOKE, Jacob, b 29 Mar 1653, Plymouth, MA; d 24 Apr
      1747, Kingston, MA; m 29 Dec 1681?, Plymouth, MA:
 1873 MILLER, Lydia, b 18 May 1661?, Yarmouth, MA; d 1 Mar
      1727, Kingston, MA.
 3744 COOKE, Jacob, b ca 1618, Plymouth Co. MA; d 1676; m
      10 Jun 1646?:
 3745 HOPKINS, Damaris, b 1627, ENG; d 18 Nov 1669?.
 3746 MILLER, John, b (?); d (?).
 3747 WINSLOW, Margaret, b (?); d (?).
 7488 COOKE, Francis, b ca 1577, Blyth, ENG; d (?); m 30
      Jun 1603:
 7489 MAHIEU/MAYHIEU, Hester  , b (?); d ca 1675.

 7490 HOPKINS, Stephen, b (?); d (?).
 7491 FISHER, Elizabeth, b (?); d (?).
     What information does anyone have regarding the old 
community of Pinckneyville, SC, on the Broad River in Union 
Co. SC in late 18th and early 19th Centuries? Did anyone 
ever hear that Eli Terry the clockmaker sold clocks in that 
area? I am very serious? Equity Court Districts in SC, in 
1808 included a Pinckney district in Spartan, Cherokee and 
Union Counties. Also, who oned Terry's Tan Yard in Chester 
Co. SC about 1820? The tan yard was south of Chesterville, 
and just east of Broad River. Also has anyone heard of Terry 
graves being moved from area of Ft. Jackson, SC when the 
government enlarged fort? Where interred? Did Stephen Terry, 
who owned land near Stovall, NC, just south of Virginia 
line, die there or move to Chester Co. SC ca. 1767? A 
Stephen Terry, James McClure and Robert Gill owned land near 
Fishing Creek Meeting House and Saluda Rd. in 1767 per old 
NC Land grants in SC. Has anyone ever heard that many 
Southern Terry's were "fighting Quakers?" Who knows anything 
about Thomas Terry who lived near H. Terry near Anderson SC 
in 1857? Thomas Terry's children were: Nancy Ann, Eliza 
Jane, Mary Catherine, Martha Missouri, Warren Jefferson, 
William Joseph, and Thomas Gideon. They lived near old 
Asberry Church. [These Paid for by Jo Terry, 1725 
Bouldercrest Rd. SE, Atlanta GA 30316.]
     Researching the following:
Stephen T. Moore b. SC 1812 d. 1894 m. Margaret Dees b. SC 
1814 d. Phillips Co. AR 1885.
David Moore m. Anna Maria Terry.
William Terry d. Edgefield SC m. Sarah Mirah Minter.
Joseph Minter m. Anna Mirah Gooch.
Stephen Terry m. Suzanne Glover.
Mrs. Jana Abacherli, 3126 St. Francis Dr., Lakeport CA 


                       Terry Line of 
            Mrs. T. A. Stallworth (Mary Jane G.)
                102 Sunset Dr. P.O. Box 766 
                      Chester SC 29706
1.   GATTEYS, Mary Jane
2.   GATTEYS, James V. b. Prentiss Co. MS 20 Oct 1907 d. 
     TN 1970. m. 23 Apr 1934; 
3.   JOHNSON, Sadie
4.   GATTEYS, Quint m. 12 May 1904
5.   MILLER, Mary E. b. MS 14 May 1884 d. TN 14 Jan 1969.
10.  MILLER, James Terry b. MS 23 Jul 1841 d. MS 22 Mar 1909 
     m. 18 Dec 1866.
11.  PERKINS, Sarah J. b. TN
20.  MILLER, Kedar b. TN 3 Aug 1806 d. MS 20 Jun 1876 m. 9 
     Oct 1838
21.  DALTON, Parthenia b. 5 May 1822 d. 19 Jul 1851
42.  DALTON, Terry b. SC 28 Oct 1797 d. 14 Jan 1879 md. GA 
43.  LOWE, Nancy
84.  DALTON, Solomon b. Pittsylvania Co. VA 14 Jun 1760 d. 
     SC 20 Nov 1845 m. VA Jan 1782.
85.  TERRY, Mary b. Pittsylvania Co. VA 10 May 1765 d. aft. 
     1860 (alive in 1860 in SC.)
170. TERRY, Thomas b. ca. 1735 d. bf. 1816 m. 
171. ______, Mary
     Am trying to locate the parents of Mary who married 
Thomas Terry. Could she be the daughter of David Watts who 
in 1758 deeded land to his son-in-law Thomas in 
Fredericksville Parish [VA]?
     Also could this Thomas be the son of Champness and 
Christian of Louisa Co. VA? Thomas' known children were: 
Mary, Susanna Beasley, wife of Richard Beasley, Thomas who 
married Nancy Dalton, Champness, Joseph & Nathaniel. There 
may have been 2 more--who were they? Would like to 
correspond with anyone working on this line. Will share info 
that I have.
                                   # # #


THE STRICKLAND SCENE -- Nancy J.  Cornell, Editor -- Inkwell
Publications -- 1661 Lauranceae Way -- Riverdale, GA 30296 -
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"Kinsearching", care of Marleta Childs, C.G., Box 93125, 
Lubbock TX 79493. [Genealogy Column, Jacksonville (Texas) 
Daily Progress, will print queries- -Editor.]
TFH member Lurene Terry Quick of Rt. 4, Box 279 Swainsboro 
GA 30401 is working on a history of the descendants of the 
family of Michael Therry and son Phillip Terry of Beaufort 
County South Carolina. Members of the family later removed 
to Georgia.
THE HOLCOMBS OF AMERICA -- Brent H. Holcomb, Editor & Nancy
J. Cornell, Executive Editor & Publisher.  -- Inkwell
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Woodford Terry of 111 Wiltshire Dr., Oak Ridge TN 37830 
indicated (in a recent phone conversation with the editor) 
that his manuscript of approximately 700 pages is not ready 
to publish as planned. He is of the Granville Co. NC line of 
Terrys; however, plans are to put out a book by the end of 
the year.
If you would like to be a corresponding secretary for your 
particular clan of Terrys, please let me know and I will 
publish your name and address. I would still appreciate 
being informed on your progress -- Editor.


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