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VOL. VI, NO. 1                      MARCH                                1987
                         EDITOR:  Robert "Mike" Terry
Covering the Terry-Tory ............................................. Page 02
Terry's in the 1860 Louisiana Census ................................ Page 04
Louisiana Marriages to 1880 ......................................... Page 07
Notes on Terry Families of Alleghany County Virginia and Greenbrier 
County West Virginia ................................................ Page 09
Notes on Terry Families of Warren and Butler Counties Kentucky ...... Page 12
Will of David Terry of Rutland County Vermont ....................... Page 13
Campbell County Tennessee Marriage Records 1891-1900 ................ Page 15
Notes concerning similar surnames in England and the Colonies ....... Page 15
Extracts from notes by Burton W. Spear .............................. Page 18
Miscellaneous Virginia Notes ........................................ Page 19
Pennsylvania Terry Marriages ........................................ Page 23
New Jersey Notes .................................................... Page 23
Notes Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts .......................... Page 29
Notes South Carolina ................................................ Page 29
Irish Notes ......................................................... Page 30
Thurston-Terry Connections .......................................... Page 30
Obituary for John D. Terry .......................................... Page 32
Early Maryland Terrys ............................................... Page 33
Reviews ............................................................. Page 34
Queries ............................................................. Page 37
Terry Line of Mrs. James (Carol) R. Wilson .......................... Page 37
Terry Line of Jane A. Harroun ....................................... Page 41
Terry Line of William Burton Davis .................................. Page 42
Terry Line of Florence Reeve Pawson ................................. Page 42
Terry line of Mrs. J. D. Nichols .................................... Page 43
Terry Line of John Baldwin Kraft .................................... Page 44
Items for Sale ...................................................... Page 47


                      MRS. J. S. MCILWAIN of JACKSON MS
                       MR. ROBERT ROWAN of KNOXVILLE TN
                      DR. ROBERT L. STOCKTON of WACO TX
                           MR. JAY TERRY of OREM UT
                        MR. RALPH TERRY of COLEMAN TX
                     MR. ROBERT W. TERRY of CINCINNATI OH
                     MS. SUSAN C. TERRY of BRATTLEBORO VT
                     MR. GEORGE W. TERRY JR. of DALLAS TX
                                  * * * * *
                           COVERING THE TERRY-TORY
                              by Robert W. Terry 
                   4900 Springdale Road Cincinnati OH 45247
     We family tree searchers are occasionally grateful for an unusual given 
name bestowed upon a male of the Terry tribe by his parents. These names pop 
out at the searcher much quicker than the more common given names and give 
rise to the question:
     "Is he the one in our ancestry?"
     That leads to a more detailed and thorough investigation of available 
facts and the ultimate conclusion that the person with the unusual name is, 
or is not, important to the search being conducted. 
     In my case, I'm grateful for one ENOS TERRY, probably the eldest of five 
sons of my g.g.g.grandparents, John and Ruth Terry. Their second son was named 
REUBEN, again unusual enough to make the searcher pause, but the last three 
sons in order were ROBERT (my ancestor), JOHN and WILLIAM; much more difficult 
for the searcher to trace.
     First mention of ENOS is in "Notes of the Terry Family in the U.S." which 
says he was a native of New Jersey, born about 1755. Based on other 

information, I feel that he was born some time later than that date.
     ENOS not only had an unusual name, he had an unusual occupation. A book, 
"The Trans-Appalachian Frontier," reveals that he was not a hunter or a 
trapper, as many pioneer men were, but a potter. He is said to have fashioned 
trenchers, dishes and bowls to trade with the hunters for meat and pelts, in 
1780 at Strode's Station, near present Winchester, Ky. He was listed as 
present at Strode's during the Indian attack of 1781. 
     In March, 1782 ENOS is listed as "AMOSS" Terry; in May, 1782 as "ENEAS" 
Terry, and in November, 1782 as "ENOUS" Terry, in the Lincoln County, Ky. 
militia. Also in the November was his father, JOHN, with both surnames spelled 
"TERREE" on that list. (I am curious as to the type of military duty performed 
by a potter not familiar with firearms -- could he have been a cook?)
     The Madison County, Ky. tax lists of 1787 show ENOS as the owner of one 
horse and two cattle. His father, JOHN, is much more affluent with three 
horses and 16 cattle. The same county's 1788 tax lists say that both Terrys 
had moved to Fayette County.
     My conjecture is that the families moved to a location near the Ohio 
River opposite Cincinnati in what later became Woodford County, Ky., extending 
north to the river at the time it was formed. 
     JOHN and son ENOS lived close enough to acquire lots in what is downtown 
Cincinnati in May, 1789. John received a gift lot from the developers and 
bought two other lots. ENOS made news by paying an unheard-of 80 shillings for 
a lot at Sixth and Main Streets. Even my ancestor, Robert, then a youth of 18, 
bought a lot.
     Prior to the Cincinnati move, the name "ENES" Terry appears on a Kentucky 
petition in 1785, asking that two additional counties be created from Lincoln 
County, the division occurring two months later.
     In Cincinnati proper, ENOS was listed with early settlers of the present 
Cumminsville community in 1790, but removed with others as the result of 
Indian threats. My guess is that he came back to Cincinnati and began to buy 
and sell real estate.
     In 1794, ENOS gave $2 toward a new Presbyterian church (his own parents 
were Baptists); he appraised the oxen and wagon of a man killed by Indians. 
Since 1790, ENOS had filed for forfeitures of land in sections whose owners had 
not provided for settlement; he received forfeitures in several cases, and 
either sold the land or absented himself for another location. On one 
occasion, he bought a 100-acre tract and sold it at a profit five weeks later.
     By 1803, ENOS was listed among organizing members of the South Bend 
Baptist Church formed west of Cincinnati. He had acquired in 1799 the 106-
acres originally forfeited to his father, JOHN, in that community.
     ENOS apparently left Cincinnati for Montgomery County, Ohio and by 1808 
or 1809, had settled in Darke County, where he afterward became an associate 
judge of Common Pleas Court. The "History of Darke County" says that ENOS and 
Billy Wilson connived to win designation of their settlement, called 

Greenville, as the county seat in 1810, but the Ohio Legislature reversed the 
selection and re-established the county seat at the old military fort site.
     As a judge, ENOS once inflicted unusual punishment on a man convicted of 
stealing a watch from a Fort Greenville soldier. ENOS gave him the choice of 
40 lashes, OR divesting his clothes and climbing a thorny locust tree at Enos' 
home. The outcome has not been recorded.
     In Darke County, Enos operated a mill near Greenville which the troops 
from the fort dismantled due to Indian dangers. He also operated a tavern. 
     There is no identification of his first wife, mother of his sons: Nathan, 
administrator of ENOS' estate, and John. His second wife was Elizabeth (Hole) 
Craig, widow of John Craig, of Montgomery County, and the mother of eleven 
children. They were married in 1816. 
     ENOS died May 1, 1826 at Greenville, Ohio. Because his parents gave him 
an unusual name and because he was a colorful character, I owe much of my 
success in researching Terrys to him. 
                                  * * * * *
                     TERRY'S IN THE 1860 LOUISIANA CENSUS
                            by Faye McClure Miller
                      P.O. Box 484, Weatherford TX 76086
**Transcribed December 4 & 5, 1986 at Weatherford Public Library**
573/597/205     JOHN LYONS          M    55 1805 LA  CALCASIEU PARISH
573/597/205     CHARLES TERRY       M    49 1811 VA  CALCASIEU PARISH
*Note: Post Office --  Ballous Ferry. Charles Terry listed as "School Teacher" 
was in household of Mr. Lyons. 
944/920/552     CALEB PORTER        M    47 1813 MS  CATAHOULA PARISH
944/920/552     JOANOT "            F    45 1815 LA  CATAHOULA PARISH
944/920/552     STEPHEN TERRY       M    11 1849 TX  CATAHOULA PARISH
944/920/552     ESTHERS MCCLENDON   F    84 1776 PA  CATAHOULA PARISH
*Note: Post Office --  Funny Louis.  
788/788/683     F. M. MULLINS       M    30 1830 AL  CLAIBORNE PARISH
788/788/683     JOHN TERRY          M    21 1839 AL  CLAIBORNE PARISH
*Note: Post Office --  Wiseville. John Terry was in household of Mr. Mullins.
1573/1529/671   WM. TERRY           M    35 1825 NY  JEFFERSON PARISH
1573/1529/671   H. "                F    29 1831 PA  JEFFERSON PARISH
1573/1529/671   GEORGE "            M    11 1849 TX  JEFFERSON PARISH
*Note: Post Office --  Carrolton.


590/590/256     ABRAHAM TERRY       M    35 1825 MS  LIVINGSTON PARISH
590/590/256     MARGARET "          F    35 1825 LA  LIVINGSTON PARISH
590/590/256     ELIZA               F    12 1848 "   LIVINGSTON PARISH
590/590/256     JOHN "              M    10 1850 "   LIVINGSTON PARISH
590/590/256     MARTIN "            M     7 1853 "   LIVINGSTON PARISH
590/590/256     LYDA "              F     5 1855 "   LIVINGSTON PARISH
590/590/256     WILLIAM "           M     4 1856 "   LIVINGSTON PARISH
590/590/256     ROBERT "            M     2 1858 "   LIVINGSTON PARISH
590/590/256     JAMES "             M     1 1859 "   LIVINGSTON PARISH
*Note: Post Office --  Springfield.
749/749/272     J. C. TERRY         M    48 1812 LA  LIVINGSTON PARISH
749/749/272     ?????????           F    38 1822 "   LIVINGSTON PARISH
749/749/272     WALTER              M    23 1837 "   LIVINGSTON PARISH
749/749/272     ?????????           ?    25 1835 "   LIVINGSTON PARISH
749/749/272     T????????           F    12 1848 "   LIVINGSTON PARISH
749/749/272     ?????????           ?    10 1850 "   LIVINGSTON PARISH
749/749/272     ROBERT              M     8 1852 "   LIVINGSTON PARISH
*Note: Post Office --  Springfield. Film was very faint.
033/033/284     B. TERRY            M    19 1841 AR  MADISON PARISH
033/033/284     MARY "              F    13 1847 "   MADISON PARISH
033/033/284     CYTHIA "            F    11 1849 "   MADISON PARISH
*Note: No post office.
364/364/662     A. MADDEN                        AR  QUACHITA PARISH
364/364/662     CHARLES TERRY       M    46 1814 NY  QUACHITA PARISH
364/364/662     MANHA "             F    25 1835 AL  QUACHITA PARISH
364/364/662     THEODORE H. "       M    11 1849 AR  QUACHITA PARISH
364/364/662     EUGENE "            M     9 1851 "   QUACHITA PARISH
364/364/662     LIZZIE "            F     6 1854 LA  QUACHITA PARISH
364/364/662     A. D. SIMS          M    21 1839 AL  QUACHITA PARISH
*Note: Post Office -- Monroe. 
317/317/492     MARTIN GUTHERIE     M    49 1811 KY  TENSAS PARISH
317/317/492     SALLIE "            F    27 1833 TN  TENSAS PARISH
317/317/492     KATE                F     1 1859 LA  TENSAS PARISH
317/317/492     M. GUTHERIE TERRY   M     4 1856 LA  TENSAS PARISH
317/317/492     SARAH TAYLOR        F    60 1800 KY  TENSAS PARISH
317/317/492     GEORGE DAVIDSON     M    37 1823 IRE TENSAS PARISH
*Note: No Post Office. 
787/787/628     J. M. TERRY         M    47 1813 GA  UNION PARISH
787/787/628     EMILY "             F    35 1825 TN  UNION PARISH
787/787/628     ROBT. "             M    11 1849 LA  UNION PARISH
787/787/628     ANN "               F     7 1853 "   UNION PARISH
787/787/628     JINNY "             F     5 1855 "   UNION PARISH
787/787/628     R. A. "             F     3 1857 "   UNION PARISH
787/787/628     LOUISIANA "         F    15 1845 "   UNION PARISH
787/787/628     CAROLINE "          F    13 1847 "   UNION PARISH
*Note: Post Office -- Farmerville.


805/805/630     P. DEES             F    32 1828 AL  UNION PARISH
805/805/630     W. M. "             M    10 1850 LA  UNION PARISH
805/805/630     S. A. E. "          F     6 1854 "   UNION PARISH
805/805/630     J. A. "             M     4 1856 "   UNION PARISH
805/805/630     V. E. "             F     3 1857 "   UNION PARISH
805/805/630     AGNES TERRY         F    19 1841 "   UNION PARISH
*Note: Post Office -- Farmerville.
940/940/650     J. W. TERRY         M    57 1803 SC  UNION PARISH
940/940/650     S. T. "             F    46 1814 GA  UNION PARISH
940/940/650     MARY "              F    18 1842 LA  UNION PARISH
940/940/650     JOSEPH "            M    17 1843 "   UNION PARISH
940/940/650     ELLEN "             F     4 1856 "   UNION PARISH
940/940/650     SPENCER PEEK        M    19 1841 AL  UNION PARISH
940/940/650     FRANCIS GRAVES      F     2 1858 LA  UNION PARISH
940/940/650     SIDNEY "            M  6/12 1860 "   UNION PARISH
*Note: Post Office -- Marion.
3105/4161/770   A. TERRY            M    29 1831 FRN ORLEANS PARISH
3105/4161/770   BRIDGET "           F    22 1838 IRE ORLEANS PARISH
3105/4161/770   GEORGE "            M     7 1853 N.O.ORLEANS PARISH
3105/4161/770   CHARLES "           M     2 1858 "   ORLEANS PARISH
3105/4161/770   PETER GASLER        M    30 1830 GER ORLEANS PARISH
3105/4161/770   MARGARET            F    28 1832 "   ORLEANS PARISH
*Note: Post Office -- New Orleans 9th Ward.
432/591/083     DAVID TERRY         M    38 1822 IRE ORLEANS PARISH
432/591/083     ANN "               F    35 1825 "   ORLEANS PARISH
432/591/083     JOHN "              M     3 1857 LA  ORLEANS PARISH
*Note: Post Office -- New Orleans 3rd Ward.
3931/4200/942   GEO. TERRY          M    40 1820 MS  ORLEANS PARISH
3931/4200/942   LUTHERY "           F    35 1825 "   ORLEANS PARISH
3931/4200/942   MACK "              M    20 1840 "   ORLEANS PARISH
3931/4200/942   GEORGIANA "         F    18 1842 "   ORLEANS PARISH
*Note: Post Office -- New Orleans.
1991/2361/299   JAMES TERRY         M    26 1834 IRE ORLEANS PARISH
1991/2361/299   MARGARET "          F    18 1842 LA  ORLEANS PARISH
*Note: Post Office -- New Orleans 1st Ward. IRE is "Ireland".
1339/1289/762   JOSEPH TERRY        M    37 1823 FRANCE ORLEANS PARISH
1339/1289/762   SARAH "             F    35 1825 LONDON ORLEANS PARISH
1339/1289/762   PAULINE "           F    13 1847 FRANCE ORLEANS PARISH
1339/1289/762   FANNY "             F    10 1850 N.O.   ORLEANS PARISH
1339/1289/762   JOHN "              M    10 1850 N.O.   ORLEANS PARISH
1339/1289/762   SAMUEL "            M     7 1853 N.O.   ORLEANS PARISH
1339/1289/762   JULIUS "            M     3 1857 N.O.   ORLEANS PARISH
1339/1289/762   MISS ANN            F    20 1840 GER    ORLEANS PARISH
*Note: Post Office -- New Orleans 5th Ward. N.O. is "New Orleans". GER is 
Germany. Miss Ann was a "servant".


???/???/233     M. TERRY            M    25 1835 IRE ORLEANS PARISH
*Note: Only page 233 given. Post Office -- New Orleans, City Hotel. 
1932/3147/713   PETER TERRY         M    27 1833 LA  ORLEANS PARISH
1932/3147/713   SARAH "             F    26 1834 "   ORLEANS PARISH
1932/3147/713   LOUIS "             M     8 1852 "   ORLEANS PARISH
1932/3147/713   MARY ANN "          F     6 1854 "   ORLEANS PARISH
1932/3147/713   PHILIP "            M     3 1857 "   ORLEANS PARISH
1932/3147/713   OLIVIA "            F  6/12 1860 "   ORLEANS PARISH
*Note: Post Office -- New Orleans. 
1083/1466/198   G. M. SCHETKE       M    45 1815 GER ORLEANS PARISH
1083/1466/198   HENRY BERGHANS      M    30 1830 "   ORLEANS PARISH
1083/1466/198   WM. TERRY           M    45 1815 LA  ORLEANS PARISH
1083/1466/198   JAMES SHELTON       M    15 1845 GER ORLEANS PARISH
*Note: Post Office -- New Orleans 3rd Ward.
3098/3965/527   HENRY MITCHELL      M    38 1822 LA  ORLEANS PARISH
3098/3965/527   JOSE TAREY          M    17 1843 SIC ORLEANS PARISH
3098/3965/527   WM. TERRY           M    20 1840 ITL ORLEANS PARISH
*Note: Post Office -- New Orleans. Henry Mitchell was listed as "Warden 
Workhouse". Many people listed. SIC is "Sicily" and ITL is "Italy".
                                  * * * * *
                        LOUISIANA MARRIAGES TO 1880
    ** Parish of: BOSSIER LA
     07  JAN  1875  TERRY, SUE W V                LARKIN, WM. BIRD
     31  DEC  1880  TERRY, WILLIAM                PHILLIPS, CALLIE
    ** Parish of: DESOTO LA
     11  OCT  1876  TERRY, DAN                    JONES, AGNES
     21  DEC  1874  TERRY, E A                    CHILDERS, M. IRENE
    ** Parish of: EAST CARROLL LA
     13  APR  1876  TERRY, MARY C                 HAMILTON, EDWARD
     05  JUL  1832  TERRY, SALLY                  DOWNS, AMBROSE D.
     18  MAR  1868  TERRY, WILLIAM A              SUTTON, AMELIA S.
    ** Parish of: EAST FELICIANA LA
     04  OCT  1827  TERRY, ELIZA L                SINGLETARY, ELISHA
    ** Parish of: MOREHOUSE LA
     12  MAY  1877  TERRY, BUCK                   BOYD, JENNIE
    ** Parish of: PONCHATOULA LA
    ** Parish of: QUACHITA LA
     26  DEC  1870  TERRY, AMANDA                 BLACK, JIM
     04  MAR  1816  TERRY, DIANA                  DEHART, JAMES
     20  JAN  1873  TERRY, IRA COLE               COPLEY, GEORGIA BENNEDETTE


    ** Parish of: RED RIVER LA
     20  OCT  1878  TERRY, LISSIE                 MCCOY, J. A.
     16  MAY  1877  TERRY, T H                    LOVE, MINNIE L.
    ** Parish of: ST. HELENA LA
     05  APR  1869  TERRY, I W                    MCCLENDON, J. C.
     18  MAR  1871  TERRY, JOSEPH                 CRIER, MARY ANN
     25  APR  1855  TERRY, LAURA S                RILEY, ARCHIBALD M.
     12  OCT  1865  TERRY, M A EUGENIA            TULL, J. H.
     25  OCT  1866  TERRY, MANERVA                WILSON, GEORGE
     23  DEC  1843  TERRY, SANDFORD               SULLIVAN, LENI
     23  DEC  1843  TERRY, SANDFORD               SULLIVAN, MARY
    ** Parish of: ST. JAMES LA
     03  JAN  1874  TERRY, CAROLINE               WASHINGTON, HENRY
     17  MAY  1873  TERRY, JESSIE                 JOHNSON, ESTELLA
     12  JUN  1869  TERRY, WILLIAM                CARTER, SARAH
    ** Parish of: ST. LANDRY LA
     26  MAY  1812  TERRY, JAMES                  COLE, POLLY
    ** Parish of: ST. MARTIN LA
     02  DEC  1865  TERRY, JAMES M                RODRIGUES, JOSEPHINE
    ** Parish of: ST. TAMMANY LA
     03  MAY  1848  TERRY, ELIZABETH              SHERMAN, CHARLES F.
     27  SEP  1852  TERRY, JOHN O                 COLLINS, MARY JANE (SIMPSON)
    ** Parish of: TANGIAPAHOA LA
     --  ---  1880  TERRY, THOMAS M               TUCKER, ELLA F.
     29  APR  1879  TERRY, WILLIAM S              EDWARDS, ELEANOR
    ** Parish of: TENSAS LA
     28  DEC  1866  TERRY, EDWARD                 COOPER, CELIA
     25  APR  1855  TERRY, RUPEL                  GUTHRIE, ALRINE
     26  APR  1855  TERRY, RUSSEL                 GUTHRIE, OLIVIA
     04  MAY  1872  TERRY, SARAH                  BATES, SANDY
     28  AUG  1879  TERRY, SUSIE B                HOOKER, JOHN
    ** Parish of: UNION LA
     05  DEC  1868  TERRY, LOUISIANA              SHIELDS, WILLIAM H.
     11  AUG  1842  TERRY, NANCY                  REPPOND, VINSON
     22  DEC  1873  TERRY, ROSA L                 LEE, JOHN A.
     28  DEC  1869  TERRY, TOMETIA                SELLERS, RILEY N.
    ** Parish of: WEST FELICIANA LA
     03  JAN  1880  TERRY, AARON                  NELSON, ELLA
     15  JAN  1874  TERRY, ADELINE                GROVER, NED
     20  JAN  1819  TERRY, HARRIETT               SHAW, WELCOMB
     31  JAN  1818  TERRY, NANCEY                 ROBERSON, WILLIAM


    ** Parish of: WEBSTER LA
     15  SEP  1880  TERRY, SARAH E                HILL, WILLIS J.
                                  * * * * *
                              MRS. D. E. Perkins
                          Box 103 Sunbury, NC 27979
TERRY, A. W. -- married, died 9/17/1880, Valley Peters Mountain of Bold Hives,
     parents J. A. and S. TERRY
TERRY, Henry -- died in prison in Civil War
TERRY, Elizabeth -- married 9/1/1851 to Skelton R. Harmon, Alleghany Co., VA.
TERRY, Elijah -- married 10/9/1795 Mary Right by Randolph Hall. Surety:
     Jonathon Graham, Fincastle, VA. [Botetourt Co. VA was formed in 
     1769/1770 from Augusta Co. VA and Fincastle, VA is county seat -- 
TERRY, William -- died 2/15/1813 Dartmoor Prison, from Known Military Dead
     during War of 1812 by Peterson.
TERRY, Champness B. -- born about 1778 (married Nancy Welch Dunn born about
     1790 in Louisa Co. VA, daughter of Martin Dunn and Mary ______. She died
     11/17/1853 in Monroe Co. VA, on Knobbs Creek of Paralysis). Children: M. 
     M. TERRY born 1/1/1813 in Monroe Co. VA, died 5/24/1877 in Monroe Co. VA 
     on Wolf Creek of unknown causes, age 64.4.23; Matilda TERRY born 1820 and 
     Nancy TERRY born 1825.
PERSINGER, Henry Pleasant -- born about 1840 died 1922 (son of John and
     Elizabeth Haynes Persinger) married Edith B. TERRY. Children: John Marion 
     PERSINGER; Buford H. PERSINGER (married Mary Humphries); Palmer D. 
     PERSINGER (married Jancie Fridley); Alva G. PERSINGER (married  Leonard 
     Jim Hepler). 
WOLF, Abraham -- (son of Jacob and Mary Elizabeth Wolf) born about 1796 
     married on 10/21/1849 in Alleghany Co. VA. Harriet TERRY born about 1825, 
     by Pennel. Children: King Abraham Wolf born about 1840 (married Cynthia 
     Arminda Kimberlain); Robert WOLF died 11/6/1853; Caroline WOLF (married 
     1/28/1870 E. Bowen); Sinia WOLF (married 9/8/1878 C. W. Wright). 
HUFFMAN, Alfred -- born about 1823 Craig Co. VA (married 9/23/1859 in Fort 
     Springs, Greenbrier Co. WV, son of A. and Betsy HUFFMAN) to Harriet TERRY 
     born 1834 (daughter of William TERRY and Elizabeth Thornton). She was 
     named in will of Joseph Pennell, Minister, who died in 1849. Children 
     were: Julia A. L. HUFFMAN  born about 1860; Lee HUFFMAN born about 1863; 
     Daniel M. HUFFMAN born about 1866.


TERRY, Jacob Osburn -- born 10/8/1837 in Alleghany Co. VA died 11/30/1921 in 
     Wright Co. MN, son of Joseph TERRY and Mahala Wolf, (married 7/25/1860 in 
     Alleghany Co. VA Sophronia W. Dew who was born 3/1840 in Alleghany Co. VA 
     to Absolem Dew and Sarah Stull Dew). She died on 9/21/1907 in Wright Co. 
     MN. Jacob was bound out as a youngster to be a tanner, and was raised by 
     his grandparents. He went to MN in 1875. Children: Leonard W. TERRY born 
     about 1866 in OH; Sally M. J. TERRY born 1863 in Alleghany Co. VA      
     (married 11/15/1883 to John S. Horn, Wright Co. MN); Sophia TERRY, born 
     in Alleghany Co. VA (married Albert Weese); Taylor Jacob TERRY born 1874
     Alleghany Co. VA died in Miles City, MT; Byron TERRY born 1880 in MN 
     died in Galesville, WI; Wm. Leonrad TERRY born 1866 Alleghany Co., VA; 
     Eugene O. TERRY born 5/9/1861 Alleghany Co. VA, died 2/16/1862 
     Petersbury, VA of Diptheria, age 9 mo 7 days; Estella TERRY born 1872 
     Alleghany Co. VA.
TERRY, Sarah M. -- married James W. Persinger on 8/2/1859. Her mother was
     Charlotte Myers. Sarah Persinger married Achilles Dew on 4/1/1862.
TERRY, James -- born about 1800 (married 5/20/1830 Alleghany Co. VA Tabetha
     Pinkley born about 1818 in Alleghany Co. VA). She died 3/3/1855 in Monroe 
     Co. VA Co., age 40, of consumption. Children: William  TERRY born about 
     1831; Nancy M. TERRY born about 1832; James Riley TERRY born about 1834; 
     John O. TERRY born about 1836; George A. TERRY born about 1838; Augusta 
     A. TERRY born  about  1839; Samuel W. TERRY born about 1842; Vincent T. 
     TERRY born about  1843; Elizabeth J. TERRY born  about  1846; Isaac R. 
     TERRY born 1847; Rebecca A. TERRY born about  1850; Joseph TERRY born 
     about  1836; Mahala TERRY born about  1832.
TERRY, Nancy born about 1820 in Floyd Co. VA died 6/20/1890 in Monroe Co., WV, 
     age 70 of heart disease. Had a son George.
TERRY, Erastus -- son of James and Nancy TERRY born 5/1860 in Greenbrier Co.      
     WV died 6/14/1860 in Monroe Co. WV on Greenbrier River of Whooping 
TERRY, John L. -- son of James and Nancy born about 1858 in Monroe Co. died 
     11/26/1883 in Monroe of an accident. He was married to M. I. ______ age 
     26 at time of death.
TERRY, John W. -- married on 12/22/1853 in Alleghany Co. VA Senetary Griffith, 
     daughter of Wesley and Nicy.
TERRY, Joseph R. -- born about 1820 to William TERRY and Elizabeth Thornton 
     (married on 8/29/1850 in Alleghany Co. VA to Mary Elizabeth Arritt born 
     about 1832 in Alleghany Co. VA, daughter of George Arritt and Mary 
     Armentrout). She died on 78?/1/1855 in Alleghany Co. VA. Joseph 
     enlisted in March 1862 in Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co. WV in the Rocky 
     Point Grays, Co. G. 22nd Regiment, as a private. His second wife was 
     Harriet Susan Hepler. Son John A. TERRY born 3/11/1854 in Alleghany Co. 
     VA. Married to Harriet Susan on 6/19/1856 in Alleghany Co. VA. He is 
     buried in Plymale Cemetery in Alleghany Co. VA, on Potts Creek. She was 
     daughter of John and Sarah Johnson Hepler. Children: Hezekiah TERRY 
     born 4/20/1857; Julian Ann Elizabeth Marie TERRY born  8/6/1859; Mary 
     E. TERRY born 11/28/1850 died 5/13/1853; Amenual M. R. TERRY; Lee TERRY 

     born 1863; Daniel M. TERRY born 1866.
TERRY, Joseph -- married on 11/1831 in Alleghany Co. VA Mahala Wolf (daughter 
     of Jacob Wolf Sr. and Mary Elizabeth ______) by Wm. Shumaker. Joseph died 
     before 1840. Mahala before 1850. Children: Mary Elizabeth TERRY born 
     about 1830 (married James Tucker); Phebe TERRY  born 11/22/1832 
     Alleghany Co. VA died 11/18/1915 Greenbrier Co. WV (married  10/1/1851 
     to John S. Arritt on 12/12/1866 to Moses G. Wright); Jacob Osburn born 
     TERRY 10/8/1837 Alleghany Co. VA (married 7/25/1860 Sophronia W. Dew); 
     Joseph P. TERRY born about  1840. 
Children of James Tucker and Mary Elizabeth TERRY:
Alfred TUCKER born about 1849 Craig Co. VA (married 3/25/1878 to Phoebe H. 
     Wolf); Josephine TUCKER born about 1851; Elvira A. TUCKER born about 
     1853; John W. TUCKER born 12/6/1854 Alleghany Co. VA; Elizabeth F. 
     TUCKER born 11/28/1856 Alleghany Co. VA; Sarah A. M. TUCKER born  
     12/1858 Alleghany Co. VA; James R. TUCKER born 4/18/1860; Delilah J. 
     TUCKER born 1863; Ann TUCKER born  4/18/1870 Alleghany Co. VA died 
     5/23/1870 Alleghany Co. VA; Mary E. TUCKER born  7/14/1870; Otis T. 
     TUCKER born 1867; Joseph U. S. G. TUCKER born 1865.
TERRY, Mary -- born about 1823 (married Anderson Persinger born 1827 died 
     4/1862, on 10/20/1846 in Alleghany Co. VA the son of Jacob Persinger and 
     Elizabeth Humphries.) Mary TERRY also married Andrew Persinger. Children: 
     Mary C. PERSINGER born about  1847; Wm. C. PERSINGER born about 1852; 
     Franklin P. PERSINGER born about 1854; Charlton PERSINGER born about 
     1856; Eliz. A. PERSINGER born about  1859.
TERRY, Mary -- married Andrew Arrington on 4/24/1862.
TERRY, Charles E. born 5/28/1863 to Louise Maria TERRY, daughter of Wm. TERRY
    and Elizabeth Thornton.
Children of Phoebe TERRY born 11/22/1832 (daughter of Joseph TERRY and       
     Mahala Wolf) married 12/10/1866 Alleghany Co. VA, Moses G. Wright born 
     11/7/1822 Monroe Co. died 3/18/1893 Greenbrier Co. WV, son of John 
     Wright and Catharine Persinger, previously married to Mary Armontrout
     Arritt (widow of John S. Arritt): Andrew Taylor WRIGHT born 4/25/1865
     Alleghany Co. VA, died 2/209?/1936 in Greenbrier Co. WV married 
     11/28/1894 to Sarah Elizabeth Morgan; 2/20/1936 Ida Wykle Morgan; Henry
     Bascom WRIGHT born 4/1/1867 Alleghany Co. VA died 12/16/1872 Alleghany 
     Co. VA; Perry Francis WRIGHT born 3/17/1869 Alleghany Co. VA died 
     8/19/1960 Alleghany Co. VA (married 10/26/1891 to Mary Ann Persinger 
     later to Naomi Simmons); William B. WRIGHT born 1868; Sally C. WRIGHT
     born 6/5/1875 Alleghany Co. VA and died 8/10/1925 Greenbrier Co. WV
     (married 11/27/1898 John W. Lipps in Greenbrier Co. WV).  
TERRY, Myrtle born 4/8/1888 Monroe Co. WV died 1/29/1890 in Monroe on Wolf     
     Creek, age 2yr 9mo 8days, daughter of W. S. and Rebecca TERRY.
PERSINGER, David, Anne, George Lee, Nora -- Children of James W. Persinger and
     Sarah TERRY. Sarah born 1/16/1836.


TERRY, William -- Children of William TERRY (thought to be brother of 
     Joseph TERRY ) and Elizabeth Thornton: Harriet TERRY born 1834 (married 
     9/23/1859 Alfred Huffman); Joseph TERRY born 1820 (married 8/29/1850 Mary 
     Eliz. Arritt); Maria Louise TERRY born 1842; Sarah M. TERRY born 1833 
     (married Joseph Persinger).
*** Not all Proven ***
                                  * * * * *
                          NOTES ON TERRY FAMILIES OF 
                               Matilda Adams
                             1481 Rainbrook Way
                              Corona CA 91720
     I have been to Salt Lake City twice to do research and hired a good 
researcher to help me and we could not find my George Washington Terry's 
parents. George was born June 1819 in KY and married in Warren Co. KY 1843 to 
Sarah Jane Sumpter.  He then appears on the 1850 to 1900 Census in Woodbury, 
Butler Co. KY. Earnest Terry [of Meridian MS] thinks his parents were William 
B. Terry b. 8 Sep 1785 VA and Mary Bean Carter. William was the son of Obadiah 
P. Terry and Sarah Day. William died in Harrison Co. KY 12 Mar 1860. We could 
not find a will for William or any deeds to tie him to my George. I have quite 
a bit on William's family back to Thomas Terry Sr. b. 1732 VA....If you have 
any suggestions or places that I should do research please let me know and any 
Terry information that I find will forward to you. 
1    TERRY, George Washington b. KY, Jun 1819 d. (?) m. Warren Co. KY 20 Aug 
     1843; Sarah Jane Sumpter b. Smith Grove, Warren Co. KY Jan 1827 d. (?) 
     [She was daughter of George Carter Sumpter and Nancy McFadin.]
     1.1  TERRY, John W. b. Woodbury, Butler Co. KY May 1847 d. 9 Dec 1882 
          m. Sarah A. Jenkins.
     1.2  TERRY, Sarah Amanda b. Butler Co. KY 18 Jul 1852 d. 20 Jun 1930 
          m. 2 Jun 1884 (div) Robert W. Shanon.
     1.3  TERRY, Martha E. b. Butler Co. KY May 1854 d. 8 Jun 1855.
     1.4  TERRY, George Carter b. Woodbury, Butler Co. KY 11 Oct 1856 d. 22 
          Jul 1943 Covington, Kenton Co. KY m. KY 22 Apr 1877 Mary Tom 
     1.5  TERRY, Nancy Mildred b. Woodbury, Butler Co. KY 27 Jan 1859 d. 10 
          Jul 1923 m. Thomas Jenkins.
     1.6  TERRY, David Thomas b. Woodbury, Butler Co. KY 31 Mar 1861 d. 22 
          Sep 1940 Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY. m. Fannie Hockersmith. 
     1.7  TERRY, Laura A. b. Woodbury, Butler Co. KY 10 Jun 1863 d. 10 Jun 
          1940 m. 6 Jan 1880 Butler Co. KY, Richard SMITH. 
     Marriage of George W. Terry and Sarah J. Sumpter, 16 Aug 1843 Consent 
of Parent; Sec. William J. Hobson, married 20 Aug 1843, H. C. Reed.

Source: Warren Co. KY Vital Record Book A, pg. 265.
TERRY, G. W. from J. H. Gravell 29 Dec 1854 G-627.
TERRY, G. W. from Robert Ferguson 19 Mar 1855 G-644
TERRY, G. W. from S. L. Jones 10 Nov 1856 H-315.
Source: Butler Co. KY Deed film 987923 
TERRY, G. W.-- no land, 1 Male over 21, 4 horses, 9 cattle, tax 135  
Source: Butler Co. KY Tax Records F-00793
Source: 1850 Census Butler Co. KY F-0007847
Source: 1860-1879 Woodbury, Butler Co. KY
Source: 1860 Butler Co. KY F-74406
Source: 1900 Butler Co. KY F-1240511
TERRY, John W.
Source: 1870-1880 Census Woodbury, Butler Co. KY 
Source: 1880 F-74406
Source: 1900 Census Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY F-528
TERRY, George Carter
Source: 1880 Census Woodbury, Butler Co. KY Film 74406
Source: 1900 Census Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY Film 1240528, pg. 10
Source: Death Certified, Family Bible of Mabel E. Koepke, Terry's Journal
TERRY, David Thomas
Source: 1900 Census Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY F-1240528, 1749 Charlton 
                                  * * * * *
                                 DAVID TERRY 
                            RUTLAND COUNTY VERMONT
                         Mrs. Mary Sue (Terry) Inman
                                RFD#3, Box 36
                             Chillicothe MO 64601
     You published my lineage #470385, March 1985 issue, TFH. Since that time 
I have been trying to prove into the line or disprove. So far I have not been 
able to go beyond David Terry b. 1740 d. 1814 Wallingford, VT.
     This David Terry's children: GRESHAM, PARSHEL, JOHANNA, MARY, ELIZABETH, 
DAVID...WIFE: JOHANNA. All of these names seem to point to the direction of 
the Richard Terry line....and not 1st SAMUEL. 
                    DAVID TERRY'S WILL DATED JULY 20, 1809
KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that I DAVID TERRY of Wallingford in the County 
of Rutland and State of Vermont being of Sound and disposing mind and Memory 
and good bodily Health for which I Desire to bless God yet Calling to mind the 
Mortality of my body I do make and publish the following as my Last Will and 
Testament in manner following to wit. 1st I Resine my body to Dust by a burial 

at the Descretion of my Executor hereafter named and my Soul to God Who gave 
it in hopes of a Glorious Resurrection to Eternal Life through the Merits of 
the Divine Redeemer and as to my worldly property it is my will that it be 
Disposed of in the following manner. 
1st       I give to my Son Gershorn [Gerhsam] Terry Five Dollars
2nd       I give to my beloved Son Parshel [Parshal] Terry Five Dollars
3ly       I give to my beloved Daughter Johanna Willman one Cow
4th       I give to my Daughter Mary Mishell [Mighel] one Cow
5th       I give to my daughter Elizabeth Moore [or Moon] one Cow
6th       I give to my Son David Terry one Feather bed and suitable bed 
          Clothes for it
7th       I give unto my beloved wife Johanna Terry all the Rest of my 
          household furniture to be at her absolute Disposal.
8th       I give to my wife aforesaid the use of one third part of my Real 
          Estate During her natural life. 
9th       I give unto my Son David Terry aforesaid all the rest and Residue of 
          my estate both Real and Personal Including the one third of the Real 
          Estate the use of which I is Given to my wife after the payment of 
          my Just debts and funeral Charges to be for his use and at his 
          Disposal it is my Desire that my wife and My Son David may live 
          together and Enjoy Said property so that She may be Comfortably 
          Supported while She lives. In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my 
          hand and Seal this twentieth Day of July A.D. 1809.
Signed, Sealed and Published by                DAVID TERRY (SEAL)
the said David Terry as his Last
Will and Testament in presence of us
Who have witnessed the same in his Presence
and in the presence of Such other
Joseph Randall
Labra Randall
Joseph Randall, Jun.
Gave Vaughn
State of Vermont)   by the Hon. Wm. Hunton [Huntoon?] Esqr. Judge
Rutland         )   of the Probate of Wills and for Granting Letters
District S. S.  )   of Administration on the Estate of Persons Deceased
                    having Goods Chattels Right or Credites in the District
                    of Rutland within the State of Vermont
TO ALL WHOM these Presents shall come - Greeting
Know Ye that the instrument hereunto annexed purporting to be the Last Will 
and Testament of David Terry, late of Wallingford in said District Deceased 
who had while he lived and at the time of his Decease Goods Chattels rights 
of Credit in the District aforesaid was presented before me and proved and 
also approved and allowed according to law.
In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal of office at Rutland 
this 14th Nov A. A. 1814.
Fees paid me $1=76           William Hunton [Huntoon],
                             Judge of Probate

Recorded March 4th, 1815 
Attest Wm. Fox Town Clerk 
I hereby certify that the above is a true copy (read to the best of my 
ability) as appears in Book 4, Pages 799 and 800 of the Town of Wallingford 
Land Records.
Attest: Mildred O. Lidstone, Town Clerk [her signature above]
Town Clerk's Office
Wallingford, Vermont
March 11, 1965
Note by Mrs. Inman: This (1st) David Terry b. 1740 d. Oct 31, 1814 age 74. 
                                  * * * * *
                           BY EDITH WILON HUTTON.
16 JUL 1891    TERRY, HENRY T.     ALEXANDER, MINERVA       
24 DEC 1900    TERRY, J. S.        GROSS, DORA JANE      N.R.
N.D.           TERRY, MARY         BOWLIN, W. L.
24 OCT 1896    TERRY, SAM          PETREE, ORPHA
                     CAMPBELL COUNTY TN MARRIAGES 1890
N.D.           TERRY, SALLIE       HUNEYCUT, CAL?
Submitted by E. E. Fricks, 26 Windmill Dr., Clementon NJ 08021.
                                 * * * * *
     For several years we have wished to make a connection between the Terry 
families of Virginia and those of Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. 
Notes submitted by Waunita Powell of 407 Elm, Paris IL 61944 have pointed 
out some of the similarities re: surnames and the locales that are 
associated with certain surnames. Perhaps others will help to put some of 
the puzzles together. 


     Samuel Terry in Massachusetts from Barnett near London
     Stephen Terry will 1606 Long Suton married Johanna Cooper daughter of 
     1. Rev. John married Mary White.
     2. John "The Younger" married Elizabeth Gale.
     3. James
     4. Thomas
     John, James and Thomas [TERRY] lived at Barnett near London. 
     A Thomas Symonds will 1619 will proven 1620 London mentions John Clark.
Clarks were also neighbors to John Terry (L. P. 1642 in VA) also names      
sons Thomas & Richard Symonds in London.
     William Terry son of John Terry of London md. Mary daughter of Xpofer 
     Elizabeth      Baptized Totteridge March 6, 1625
                    probably m. Jeremiah Richardson
     John           Baptised May 27, 1627
     William        (Eldest son)
     London, St. Margarite Parish. Moses Edward Terry m. 17 Jan 1630 
Elizabeth Bland.
     Also noted elsewhere as follows: Katherine Spencer Bland sister of 
Richard Spencer London had a daughter Elizab. Bland married January 17,      
1630 A Edward Terry -- (a wine merchant).
     The Rev. John Terry born 1555 Stockton, Wiltshire, England deed May 10, 
1625 [brothers John, James and Thomas] married ca. 1590 Mary White daughter 
of John and Isabel Rawles White.


     Mary's Will dated October 6, 1637 witness Thomas Symones. A Thomas Symons 
born 1607 to Virginia in 1634 land next to John Terry in Virginia 1643.
     Mary and John's Children:
     Stephen (To Massachusetts)
     By Kelloggs Supplement Rev. John Terry had a Brother John called John 
     "The Younger" -- Both Johns lived to maturity.
     Mary's sisters Martha Moore, Elizab Gardiner
     Brother John White's Children: John, Sam, Josiah, Nathaniel
     Nephews: Nathaniel Cook.
     Nieces: Elizab Walton, Susanah Cook, Mary Cook and Katherin Hopf (?Hobbs)
     John Terry "The Younger" had a daughter Susannah Cook.
     Peregrin Bland was good friend of John and Mary Terry (Land Patent 1642 
VA). John and Mary named their youngest son Edward....A Peregrin [Bland]      
also granted land August 10, 1642 VA. 
     York County Virginia Abstracts: New Poquoson Parrish in 1692 called 
Charles Parrish.
Abstracts 1646 pg. 162 Poquoson
     Mary Terry of New Poquoson widow gives to Thomas Terry, John Terry, James 
Terry, Edward Terry "which fower sonnes I had by my husband John Terry      
late deceased a Cow and heifer to be theirs with increase as they be 21      
years old to be divided equally when youngest save one James shall be 21.      
The remaining stock to be divided between him and youngest son Edward.      
The share of Edward to remain with trustees till he be 21. The trustees      
being my beloved friends Thomas Ray, Wm. Bannister and Frances Ceely
Mary (x) Terry
Witnesses: Perrygreen BLAND, Edward Welch, and Robert R C Coleman.
     Francis Ceely gives Account 1 cow, 1 cow calf and one bull calf 
belonging to orphans of John Terry.
Signed: F. Ceely.
Source: 1648 York Co. abstract No. 2, Page 401
Note: This is the John Terry of land patent 1642 as these men named in      

abstracts were neighbors of his.
     John Terry son of John [Terry] and Elizabeth Gale is listed as a 
Goldsmith in "Visitation of London" and he married Rachail Ironside      
daughter of Richard. If this is the same John Terry in VA land patent of      
1642 his wife Rachail must have died before 1642 because in 1646 his wife      
in Virginia is Mary. John and Rachael's children were Elizabeth, Sarah,      
John -- but his mother's will dated 1650 only mentioned daughter      
     A Power of attourney from Wm. Spencer of Martin's hundred, James City 
Co. Gent. Feb 1657 in the same Co. of York in 1658 Wm. Spencer Appointed      
guardian of his sons-in-law (Stepsons) Peregrin and Thomas Bland.
Place: Court of Westover Virginia
     Administration of Will of husband [William] of Hannah Duke dated 14 Feb 
1677. Witness: Dr. John Terry, Thomas Stoner.
     Will of Thomas Grendon of Dukes Place London. Citizen and Draper of 
London Deed dated 17 Nov 1678 names Thomas Grendon -- Grandson in Virginia, 
Thomas Jennings (grdson) son of Thomas Jennings dec'd. Grandson Thomas 
Symnds son of Granddaughter Rebbeca Symons (John) daughter Hannah Duke in 
                                 * * * * *
     STEPHEN TERRY - Born, 25 Aug. 1608 & baptized, 31 Aug. 1608, Stockton, 
Wilts, England. He possibly married (1) Joan Hardy, 19 Mar. 1633, Dorchester, 
Mass. sister of John Hardy. She was buried, 5 Jun3 1647., Windsor, Conn. He 
married (2) Elizabeth ______, who died about 1683, age 90. 
     Stephen Terry was the son of Rev. John Terry & Mary White. Rev. Terry was 
a distinguished clergyman, writer & Rector of Stockton, Wiltshire, England. He 
was born about 1555 in Long Sutton, Hampshire and he died, 10 May 1625. He 
attended Winchester School in 1572 and graduated from Oxford in 1578 and he 
died, 10 May 1625. He attended Winchester School in 1572 and graduated from 
Oxford in 1578 B.A. & 1582 M.A. He held strong anti-Roman Catholic opinions 
and wrote a number of books. Mary White was the sister of Rev. John White of 
Dorchester, Dorset, who formed the "Mary & John" group. 
     Stephen Terry came on the "Mary and John" in 1630 alone, at the age of 
21. He first settled in Dorchester, Mass. where he applied for freemanship on 

19 Oct 1630. About 1636 he moved to Windsor Conn. where he lived until about 
1660, when he became one of the first settlers of Hadley, Mass. He was the 
first Constable of Hadley. There he received 9 acres of land and was taxed on 
the basis of 200 pounds. He related, somehow to Nathaniel Cooke, of Windsor, 
who was named in the will of Stephen's mother, Mary (White) Terry, in England, 
who called him nephew. Nathaniel is sometimes mistakenly called the son of 
Aaron Cook, of the "Mary & John".
     Children of Stephen Terry & (Joan Hardy ?) (1) (Terry-248)
     Mary Terry b. 31 Dec 1635, Dorchester, Mass. m. Richard Goodman Jr., 8 
Dec 1659 of Hartford (b. 1609) s. of Richard Goodman. He was killed by Indians 
& bur. 3 Apr 1676. She died 1692, Deerfield, Mass. He was one of the first 
settlers of Hadley, Mass. Children: John Goodman (1661-1725); Richard Goodman 
Jr. (1663-1730); Stephen Goodman (1664-    ); Mary Goodman (1665-aft 1717); 
Thomas Goodman (1668-1670); Elizabeth Goodman (1671-    ); Thomas Goodman 
     John Terry b. 6 Mar 1637, Windsor, m. Elizabeth Wadsworth, 27 Nov 1662, 
dau. of William Wadsworth. She d. 12 Mar 1715, age 69. He d. 1691. Res: 
Simsbury, Conn. Lt. in militia. Children: Elizabeth Terry (1663-1699); Stephen 
Terry (1666-1753); Sarah Terry (1668-    ); John Terry (1669/70-1670); Rebecca 
Terry (1671/72-10 Dec 1673); Mary Terry (1673-    ); Solomon Terry (1675-
1677); Abigail Terry (1676-    ); Rebecca Terry (27 Feb 1676/77- year); Samuel 
Terry (1678-1724/1725); John Terry (1684-    )
     Elizabeth Terry b. (4 Jan 1641/1642-1677) Windsor, m. Philip Russell, 10 
Jan 1666, s. of John Russell & Dorothy Smith. He m. (1) Joanna Smith, who d. 
1664, dau. of Rev. Henry Smith. He m. (3) Mary Church, 1679, dau. of Edward 
Church. Elizabeth was killed by Indians, 19 Sept. 1677, in that famous raid on 
Hatfield. Children: Sgt. John Russell (1667-1740); Samuel Russell (1667-killed 
on the journey to Canada); Philip Russell Jr. (24 Jan 1671-    ); Stephen 
Russell (12 Oct 1674-He was killed with his mother in 1677 at age 2.)
     Abigail Terry b. 21 Sep 1646, Windsor. m. Joseph Kellogg, 9 May 1667 
(1628-1708). He m. (1) Joanna ______, who d. 14 Sept. 1666. Abigail d. aft 
1713. Joseph was a weaver of Farmington Conn. who moved to Boston by 1659 and 
to Hadley by 1662, where he was a Lieutenant and selectman. Children: Stephen 
Kellogg (1668-1772); Nathaniel Kellogg (1669-1750); Abigail Kellogg (1671-aft. 
1741); Elizabeth Kellogg (1673-4 Jul 1750); Prudence Kellogg (1675-21 Sep 
1747); Ebenezer Kellogg (22 Nov 1677-    ); Jonathan Kellogg (25 Dec 1679-8 
Aug 1771); Daniel Kellogg (22 Mar 1682-5 Jul 1686); Joseph Kellogg (1684-9 Sep 
1724); Daniel Kellogg (10 Jun 1686- year); Ephraim Kellogg (1687-year). 
                                  * * * * *
     Children of John White d. 1618 Wiltshire ENG. md. Isabel Rawle 
     1.   Mary White m. John Terry, Reverend
     2.   Rev. John White m. Ann Burgess
     3.   Josiah White Rector of Hornsbush 1614 to 1623
     4.   Martha Moore

     5.   Elizabeth Gardiner 
     6.   Others 
     A John White 1670 in Virginia a nephew of John White Vicar of Cherton, 
Cheirton (Churrington) Wiltshire. 
Source: Virginia Magazine XI pp. 367-368.
     John Terry above son of Stephen Terry and brother John Terry "the 
younger" that married Elizabeth Gale. Stephen Terry son of Robert and      
Alice. Source: Colonial and Revolutionary Lineages. Vol. 19. Indianapolis IN 
     Geo. White 20 acres land on Nansemond River June 3, 1635 head rights Geo. 
White, Wm. Moore, John Joyce, Thomas Catchman of 100 ac wife Blanch, Peter 
White, Zach. Taylor. Bk. 1, pg. 458.
     John White and John Richeson 50 acre New Norfolk Co. 
Source: Notes Submitted by Waunita Powell, 407 Elm, Paris IL 61944.
                                  * * * * *
     TERRY, William (VA). Lieutenant Colonel Virginia Militia. 1777-1778. 
Page 537.
Source: Heitman, Francis B.  Historical Register of Officers of the 
Continental Army During the War of the Revolution, April 1775 to December 
1783. (1914)
                                  * * * * *
     June Court 1763-- Deed with endorsements from Daniel Terry to Anthony 
Colquitt acknowledged and recorded. 
     Anthony Colquit b. 1710 Essex Co. VA d. 1774 m. 1752 King William Co. 
VA Christian Terry who d. 1801. A son, John Terry Colquitt b. 1757 d. after 
1813 in Hancock Co. GA m. 1786 as husband #2 Alice (Townes) Dickie. 
     Nathaniel Terry, one of examiners of said deceased informed us that 
there are two negroes in S. C. belonging to estate in possession of Joseph 
Terry which could not be got in time to be appraised, but they could be      
produced if required.
James Conway [Unsure of spelling]
Wm. King 
Source: Pittsylvania Co. VA Accounts, Book #1, Act 1770 to 6 Jan 1778, pp. 
4, 5, 6. 
     Editor's Note: What relation is above Joseph Terry to Benjamin Terry? 

Is he the son of William Terry or is he the son of Benjamin? Is this the 
Joseph Terry who married Lucy Hatcher found in Greenville-Laurens Dist. SC?      
[Benjamin Terry in his Will, left Joseph Terry 2 negroes.]  
Source: Notes Submitted by Waunita Powell, 407 Elm, Paris IL 61944.
                                 * * * * *
     Anthony Irby [will dated February 22, 1796 probated? October 22, 1797] 
married June 15, 1764 Catherine Hawkins (Hoskins?)
     Children of Anthony Irby and Catherine:
     1.   Charles Irby married Nov 18, 1774 Susannah Irby. Witness: Edmond and
          Mary Tunstall. Surety: Thomas Tunstall. 
          August 6, 1793 Deed of gift (1 negro) to his son Edmond Irby. 
          Witness: James Henry, Wm. J. Tunstall, David Fuqua (He married 
          Drucilla Terry, granddaughter to Elizabeth (Irby) Terry.
     2.   William Irby
     3.   Sarah Irby married James Turner
     4.   Chloe Irby married October 10, 1781 Rueban Moore. Witness: Henry 
          Goare. Surety: Wm. Irby. 
     5.   Wilmouth Irby married ______ Hall
     6.   Elizabeth Irby married 1782 Joseph Motley. Witness: Henry Goare.
     7.   Caty Irby
     8.   Ann (? Nancy married August 27, 1803 John Talbert. Surety: Joseph 
     9.   Harrison Irby married December 8, 1773 Mary Long. Witness: Thos. 
          Tunstall. Surety: Anthony Irby. (? married #2 June 11, 1795 Elizab. 
                                  * * * * *
Halifax Co. VA
     Joshua Stone married July 15, 1769 Mary Hoskins. Consent of father Wm.
Security: Anthony Irby.
     Daughter Mary Stone (Will probated July 21, 1823) married June 6, 1808 
Nathaniel Terry (Dec'd by June, 1817 Pittsylvania Co. VA). Nathaniel           
Terry was son of Benjamin Terry Jr and grandson of Benjamin Terry Sr. and 
Elizabeth Irby.


     Nathaniel Terry [son of Benjamin Terry and Elizabeth Parker Dec'd by June 
1817] married June 6, 1808 Mary "Polly" Stone. Surety: Clark Stone daughter 
of Joshua and Mary Stone.
Mary Terry's Will dated March 26, 1823 probated July 21, 1823.
Witness: Mary Stone, Dan'l Crowder, Elizab. Stone
Security on Bond: Wm. Holt, Wm. H. Stone, David C. Williams. 
Guardian of Nathaniel's children: Wm. Smith
     1. Joshua L. Terry born 1810 married Hester A. Jackson 1860 Milam Co. TX.
     2. Mary C. Terry
     3. Nathaniel Terry born ca. 1810-1815
     4. Elizabeth Terry
     Source: Book 1, page 47 Pittsylvania Co. VA
     a. To cash furnished Mary C. Terry, Nathaniel Terry and Elizabeth Terry.
     b. To Mrs. Henderson, as midwife to "Lucinda" and "Ester", "Milly" and 
     c. For the hire of "Peter" to Mr. Daniel Terry.
     d. For the hire of "Ester" to Ezekiel
     e. For the hire of "Nancy" to Mrs. Beverly Barksdale (Anna Terry)
     Source: Pittsylvania Account book 10 Page 368 Estate of Nathaniel Terry      
     dec'd recorded January 12, 1833. 
     January Court 1834 due orphans of Nathaniel Terry dec'd by their 
guardians: Joshua L. Terry, Wm. Smith, M. Tucker, John S. Lewis. 
Source: Notes Submitted by Waunita Powell, 407 Elm, Paris IL 61944.
                                 * * * * *
Source: Diary of John Blair February 13, 1751
Gave Mr. Palmer John Terry's bond also two Bonds of Lane Cookson for      
which Capt. Terry was security and John Terry assumed also Pemberton's      
acct. in all L 126. (*Is this James' son John?)
Source: Notes Submitted by Waunita Powell, 407 Elm, Paris IL 61944.
                                  * * * * *
Virginia Easton m. 1954 William Peterson
Bessie Jarrell m. 1907 James F. Easton
William Hansford Jarrell m. 1875 Mary Jane Snuffer
Anderson J. Jarrell m. Jane Carow
Gibson Jarrell m. Sarah ______
Daniel Jarrell m. Mary Terry


Cleopatra Alvertine Terry b. 1816 [She was sister of Gen. William Terry of      
     Amherst, Virginia] m. 1834 Owen W. Snuffer
Thomas R. Terry b. 1796 m. Amherst Co. VA 1816 Catherine Robinson b. ca. 
Thomas Terry b. 27 Jul 1761 d. 06 Mar 1833 m. Rockingham Co. VA 1786 Lucy 
Question: Who are the parents of Thomas Terry [above]?
     A letter from Bertha Guynne of California dated 14 Feb 1939 to Judge 
Riffe of Beckley WV states: 
     "His (Daniel's children were: Lemuel, Gibson, Elijah, John, Semion,
     Benjamin, Mary and Eliz. [JARRELL]. Their mother was Mary Terry from 
     'Eastern Shore of Virginia.' Letter further states that the children 
     were left with a sum of money (ample fortune a piece) on death of their
     Uncle William Terry. 'By the will they came into possession of land
     slaves and money.' Another source states that Mary Terry was a native
     of Essex County Virginia."
[Daniel's will was proven 17th day of April, 1804 in Monroe Co. Virginia?]
Source: Notes by Mrs. William M. Peterson, 9214 Christopher St. Fairfax VA 
                                 * * * * *
                         PENNSYLVANIA TERRY MARRIAGES 
TARRY, Ephraim of Cumberland,  m. 9 Sep 1761 Judith PLATT, Cumberland.
TERRY, Jasper, Falls Twp. PA, m. Mary HART, Falls Twp. PA 29 Jul 1735.
TERRY, William, Bucks Co. PA, m. Eleanor HOLMES 26 May 1756.
TERRY, Jane, Bucks Co. PA, m. Robert SMITH, Bucks PA 20 Jan 1745.
TERREY, Sarah, Burlington, m. William BUNTING, Burlington, 29 Feb 1743.
TERRY, Rhoda m. Samuel HEATON, Cumberland, 12 May 1783.
Source: New Jersey Archives, Vol XXII, Marriage Records 165-1800 edited by
William Nelson 1900. Submitted by Shirley Terry.
                                  * * * * *
                         JOHN TERRY OF PISCATAWAY, NJ
     04 Oct 1678 -- Inventory of the estate of John TERRY of Piscataway, 
carpenter, dec'd. page 42. Source: New Jersey Patents and Deeds 1664-1703 by 
William Nelson, Gen. Pub. Co. 1976, Baltimore. Republished from "Documents 
relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey" Vol XXI 1899.


                                  * * * * *
                               NEW JERSEY NOTES 
             Source: "New Jersey in 1793" by Norton
TERREY, Elizabeth       Ratables, Cape May, Co. Upper Twp. pg. 364
        John                                               pg.  99
TERRY, Caleb            Militia of Roxbury Twp.            pg. 262
       Jonathan         "The return of Levi HEATON, Esq.
                        Deputy for taking list of the
                        militia in Twp. of Downs.. a true
                        copy..." <Cumberland County>       pg.  72
       Jonathan         Essex Co. Militia                  pg. 136
       Prosper          Militia of Roxbury Twp.            pg. 262
       William          Essex Co. Militia                  pg. 136
       William          Bernards Twp., Somerset Co.        pg. 388
                        <lots of TUCKERS>
                                 * * * * *
     TERRY, William whose son, Jonathan TERRY,whose daughter Mary TERRY m. (1) 
______ MILLER; m. (2) Cornelius BROKAW who was b. 27 Sep 1772 son of Isaac and 
Betsy (MILLER) BROKAW (Isaac was a clock maker in Somerville, N.J.) Cornelius 
m. (1) Elizabeth Ann TUCKER, daughter of Daniel TUCKER. Source: "First 
Settlers of Passaic Valley" by Littell, page 511. 
                                  * * * * *
    Under "Applicants for Tavern Licenses in Morris Co. 1740-1781" compiled
from Book I to Book VII page 125 by Helen M. Wright -- 1781 Nathan TERRY. Page
    Poll List -- May 1776 for Delegates from Morris Co. to New Jersey First
Constitutional Convention. ______ TERRY voted for first five on list under
place of above, "R" probably Roxbury Twp. Page 92
    Rich'd TERRY "R" believe this place of voting to have been house of Cutler
SALMON on Thursday, May 30. Page 113.
    Morris Co. Freeholders 1793, Roxbury Twp.:
    Nath 1 TERRY, Esq.
    Caleb TERRY
Source: "Some Early Records of Morris Co. N.J." 1740-1799 by Harriet Stryker-

Rodda published 1975. 
                                   * * * * *
    Morris Co. Poll List 1776 (no place of abode give)
    Richd TERRY
    ______ TERRY
Source: "Col. & Rev. Morris Co." by Theodore Thayer
Submitted by Shirley Terry. 
                                  * * * * *
Revolutionary Soldiers of Morris Co.
    James TARE
    Capt. Nathaniel TERRY
                                  * * * * *
    At a general meeting of the inhabitants of the County of Cumberland, in
New Jersey held at Bridge-town, on Thursday, the 22nd day of December, 1774.
    The articles of the Association entered into by the American Continental
Congress being publickly read, were unanimously approved of; whereupon it was
resolved, that a committee of thirty-five persons be appointed to carry the
same into execution throughout the county; accordingly the following persons
were chosen: viz.: Abraham Jones, Thomas Maskell, Ephraim Harris, Silas
Newcomb, Ephraim Seely, Daniel Elmore, Jonathan Ayres, Elijah Hand, David
Bowen, and Josuah Brick, Esquires; Messieurs John Wheaton, Benjamin Mulford,
Abijah Holmes, Thomas Brown, Joel Fithian, Daniel Maskell, John Gibbon, Michael
Hoeshell, Thomas Daniel, Jonathan Smith, William Aul, Joseph Sheppard, Isaac
Preston, Samuel Leek, Mark Ryley, John Buck, Ezekiel Foster, Joseph Newcomb,
Jonathan Lore, John Terry, Gideon Heaton, Richard Wood, Joshua Ewing, John
Laning, and Thomas Ewing. 
                                 * * * * *
     According to Chambers the surname TERRY appears very early in ["Early 
Germans in New Jersey] Southold, Long Island which was named after a town of 
the same name in Suffolk County, England. Some of these early settlers removed 
to Elizabeth, New Jersey.... "The township of Roxbury was formed ... 
December 24th, 1740. From it, the present townships of Chester, Washington, 
Mt. Olive and also a part of Mendham, Randolph and Roxbury were probably 
     Chambers also notes that Richard Terry, from Southold, was the first of 
the name in Roxbury. He further states, Richard, of New Jersey, was probably 
the great-grandson of the first of the three brothers Richard, Thomas and 
Robert TERRY of 1635 fame. 


                                  * * * * *
            from New Jersey Index to Wills Volume I (by Counties)
Bergen County:
TERRY, William O.        8134 B         W. 1892   Inv. 1892
Camden County:
TERRY, Elizabeth         1228 D                   Inv. 1872
       Richard           3464 D         W. 1894
Cape May County:
     TERREY, Jeremiah     542E B.32, pg. 103 W. 1790   Inv. 1790
     TERREY, Elizabeth    666E B.36, pg. 276           Int. 1796
(Column of STITES pg. 267) including 4 Benjamin STITES W. 1792
                                                       W. 1823
                                                       W. 1867
                                                       W. 1733
Essex County:
     TERRY, Alvah        17447 G.       W. 1871        Inv. 1871
            Frazee M.    14288 G.       W. 1852        
            Harriet C.   19221 G.                      Inv. 1877
            Jonathan     11280 G.       W. 1820        Inv. 1820
            Louis        14441 ?        W. 1853        Inv. 1853
            Thomas       8790-8793 G. B.35, pg. 163    Grd. 1796
                                                       Pt.  1796
            Thomas       10255 G.  B.40, pg. 400       Grd. 1803
            Thomas       13667 G.                      Inv. 1847
            Thomas, Sr.  12365 G.       W. 1832        Inv. 1832
Gloucester County:
     TERRY, Arthur L.    7575 H.                       Inv. 1899
Hudson County:
     TERRY, Charles C.   6777 I.                       Inv. 1891
     TERRY, Jaspar F.    2993 I.                       Inv. 1878
Mercer County:
     TERRY, Louise       2884 K.        W. 1877        Inv. 1877
            Mary         5584 K.        W. 1895
            Sarah        6251 K.                       Inv. 1899


Monmoth County:
     TERRY, Isaac   2973-5978 M.   B.29, pg. 340 Int. 1787  Ren. 1787
                                  Volume III
Morris County:
     TERREY, Mary        1363 N.        W. 1808        Inv. 1808
             Nathaniel   2028 N.        W. 1824        Inv. 1824
             Richard     807 N. B.34, pg. 111   W. 1792   Inv. 1792
             Sarah       1342 N.                       Inv. 1807
     TERRY, Azubah       7163 N.        W. 1891        Inv. 1891
            Caleb        1203 N.                       Inv. 1804
            James M.     6547 N.        W. 1886        Inv. 1887
            John         4990 N.        W. 1872        Inv. 1872
            John R.      5849 N.        W. 1880
Union County:
     TERRY, Daniel H.    4078 T.                       Inv. 1896
            Jonathan      651 T.        W. 1868        Inv. 1868
            Michael      1181 T.                       Inv. 1874
            William      3247 T.        W. 1891        
Unrecorded Wills:
     TERRY, John Vol. 8, pg. 185, B. 3 of Deeds pg. 150. 
                 Middlesex. Int. 1678   Inv. 1678.
     Atlantic, Burlington, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Ocean, Passaic, Salem, 
Somerset, Sussex & Warren Counties had no TERRY surnames listed. 
                                  * * * * *
TARY, William       10163 G.       B.40  p. 78    W. 1802    Inv. 1802
Source: Index of Wills, Essex County, New Jersey (note to Photocopy pg. 487 
but do not have s.t.)
                                  * * * * *
(separate sheet of notes -- no notation about source....upper is town, lower 
is county s.t.)
TERRY, John et. ux to David WRIGHT      A-1  373  2-22  1751  Nottingham
TERRY, Rebecca from Rebeccah WRIGHT     E-F  375,286  3-5 1743 Burlington
                                                               Div. of Estate


                                  * * * * *
     When I lived in New Jersey about 1980, there was a TERRILL ROAD BAPTIST 
CHURCH At 1340 Terrill Road, Scotch Plains.
     "History of First Baptist Church of Piscataway." I found no Terrys. The 
fourth paster was Reune Runyon 1783-1811. A later note gave the first pastor 
as John GANO with a footnote that Mr. Gano married a daughter of John STITES, 
Esq., Mayor of Elizabethtown, and a ruling elder of the Scotch Plains 
Church...later pastor of New York City church for 25 years, retired to KY in 
     Index shows "an alphabetical list of all persons who have belonged to 
this church from 1747 (each person only shown once)" [Only TERRY surnames 
listed, Editor].
TERRY, Delias            1870 E (joined on dec. of Christian Exp.)
       Edward            1848 L (joined by letter)
       Edwin             1848 "         
       Emma V.           1872 B (Baptized)
       Hannah            1870 E
       Jonathan          1786 (no other notation)
       Kate Buckley      1894 B
       Mary Elith.       1851 (no other notation)
       Thomas W.         1870 E
       William           1851 L
       William           1864 L
                                  * * * * *
Notes from "History of Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland Counties, New Jersey" 
by Cushing and Sheppard, 1883.
                            NORTH SIDE OF COHANSEY
List of Freeholders 1716- 1732/33 .......... 22 men
List of Assessors   1701- 1733    .......... 14 men
List of Collectors  1701-1733     .......... 11 men
List of Constables  1706-1742     .......... 68 men
Including 1728 -- William Watson and Robert TERRY
          1740 -- Jonathan Steadam and Robert TERRY
List of Overseers of Roads 1707 - 1742  .... 52 men
                                  * * * * *
     Most of the former section of Terry notes on New Jersey were sent to the 
Editor by Mrs. S. Wayne Terry, 301 Almond Court, San Ramon CA 94583 who is a 
descendant of John Terry d. 1793 Cincinnati, OH. 


                                 * * * * *
TERRY, Richard -- Came on "James" 1635, Boston (Mass.), New Haven, 1650, 
evidently the Richard of Southold 1656 who d. there 1675. Recorder. Savage; 
Southold Town Records, 1:39; Jacobus, New Haven. Page 286.
TERRY, Samuel -- Boston (Mass.) 1650, Agawan (Springfield) 1650, Enfield, d. 
1730. Linden weaver. Terry Families in the United States 1887; Terry and 
related families 1957, #440. Page 286.
TERRY, Thomas -- Came on "James" 1635, Boston (Mass.) evidently the Thomas of 
Southold 1656 who d. there 1672. Savage; Southold Town Records 1:42. Page 286.
Source: Colket, Meridith B. J. Jr.  Founders of Early American Families; 
Emigrants from Europe 1607-1657. (1975) 
                                  * * * * *
TERRY, John b. ENG, 1603, came to Dorchester, Mass., 1635, removed to Windsor, 
TERRY, Richard, b. ENG., 1618, came from London, ENG., 1635. to N. E., removed 
Southold, L.I., 1662, and was accepted as freeman of Conn.
TERRY, Robert, brother of the preceding, b. ENG., 1610, came to N.E., 1635.
TERRY, Samuel, b. Barnet, ENG., about 1633, arrived N.E., 1650; at 
Springfield, Mass., 1654, removed to Enfield, Mass., and died 1731. 
TERRY, Stephen, brother of John, came Dorchester, Mass., 1630, removed 
Hartford, Conn., 1637. 
TERRY, Thomas, b. ENG., 1607, came to N.E. 1635, settled at Braintree, Mass., 
removed Southold, L.I., 1662. 
Source: Holmes, Frank R.  Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England 
Families, 1620-1700. Compiled by Frank R. Holmes. 
                                  * * * * *
TERRY, Jeremiah (SC).  Major South Carolina Militia, 1775. Page 537.
TERRY, Nathaniel (VA). 1st Lieutenant 14th Virginia, 2d December, 1776; 
regiment designated 10th Virginia, 14th September, 1778, Captain Lieutenant 
12th March, 1779; Regimental Quarter master, 31st March 1779; Captain, 15th 
December, 1779; taken prisoner at Charleston, 12th May, 1780, and was prisoner 
on parole to close of war. (Died 1834.) Page 537.


                                 * * * * * 
TERRY, Joseph.  1783.  Camden County.  1 time, Grand Juror.
TERRY, William.  1783.  Ninty-Six District.  2 times, Petit Juror. 
Source: Warren, Mary Bondurant.  South Carolina Jury Lists, 1718 through 1783. 
Compiled from extant Laws. Danielsville, GA. Heritage papers. (1977).
                                 * * * * *
                         MISCELLANEOUS IRISH NOTES 
TERRY, Catherine m. John Wilson 1798
TERRY, John m. Miss Saunders d. of late Henry, of Charleville, at Cork. Aug. 
Source: Farrar. Irish Marriages 1771 to 1812. (1972) Page 433. Hibernian 
                                  * * * * *
                         THURSTON-TERRY CONNECTIONS
                                Submitted by 
                                 Joel Terry 
                     7632 Topanga Canyon Blv. Apt. 219
                            Canoga Park CA 91304
     When my father, Carl Anthony Terry, Sr., died several years ago, he left 
for me a hard-bound copy of a very interesting book. It had belonged to his 
uncle, Edward Anthony Thurston (ref. page 594 copy).  As you can see from the 
copies, it has become quite fragile.... [The book was  published by Mr. Brown 
Thurston of Portland Maine in 1892.]
     In reference to the copy of page 594 of the Thurston Genealogy, Dr. 
Charles Church Terry was my grandfather.... I understand that his marriage to 
my grandmother, Cora Belle Thurston, was his second marriage and that he had a 
son by his first. He was 52 when my father was born. He died shortly after as 
a result of a fencing accident. He had remained agile and enjoyed the sport of 
fencing. When very young, I had heard my parents say that there was some 
questions as to it being an accident. The only details I remember are that the 
tip of his opponent's foil fell off and the foil pierced his mask, entered his 
eye and pierced his brain. 
Editor's note: This book on Thurston's is very similar to the book by Stephen 
Terry of 1887. It is interesting research because several of these TERRY-
THURMOND citations are not found in Stephen Terry's book on Terry Families in 
the U.S.


                                 * * * * * 
Sally Thurston b. 25 Nov 1782 m. John Terry, a farmer in Hanover, N. H.; d. 
leaving Caroline Terry m. and lives in Kansas. Julius Terry m. and lives in 
Claremont, N. H. (Page 58, Family  278)
                                 * * * * *
Elijah Noland Thurston b. 02 Feb 1813 m. 1st, at Mt. Upton, N.Y. 24 Jan 1836, 
Sally Maria Terry b. 4 Jul 1817, daughter of Isaac and Sally (Roberts) Terry 
of Butternut, N. Y. She d. 04 Dec 1875; 2d, 26 Dec 1876, Sarah Ann Haynes b. 7 
Feb 1826, daughter of Samuel and Olive Haynes of Morris, N.Y. He was a farmer 
in Morris d. 25 Oct 1890. (Page 398, Family 5840)
                                 * * * * *
Phebe Thurston, b. Feb, 1832 m. 1854, Lucius Terry, a farmer in Garden City, 
Minnesota. This was on page 451, heading "Posterity of John Thurston" and just 
before family 6183. 
                                 * * * * *
Edith Miriam (Bouton) b. 9 Aug 1860 m. 20 Oct 1881, George Terry, b. 
Binghamton N.Y., auditor of the D. & H.C. Co.  R.R. in Balston N.Y. They have 
George Francis Terry b. 7 May 1886 and Whitman Terry. b. 1889. This was on 
page 469, heading "Posterity of John Thurston" and just before family 6390.
                                 * * * * *
Mary Thurston b. 9 Mar 1740 m. 1st. 9 Oct 1774 Joseph Terry of Freetown; 2nd, 
Noah Edmister of Freetown. This was on page 527, heading "Posterity of Edward 
Thurston" and just before family 8260.
                                 * * * * *
Mary Thurston m. Benjamin Terry of Freetown, Mass and had: 
     Amy Terry m. Ephraim Winslow b. 18 Feb 1793; she d. and he m. 2nd Susan 
     Terry. he d. 14 Dec 1843.
     Louisa Terry m. George Lawton and had Job, Joanna and Mary.
     Susan Terry b. 25 Sep 1811 m. Ephraim Winslow as his 2d wife. she d. 20 
     May 1883. Four former entries were on page 536, heading "Thurston      
     Genealogies and just before family 8344.
                                 * * * * *
Mary Thurston b. 28 Jan 1816 m. John Terry, a steam fitter in Buffalo, N.Y.; 
she as burned to death Feb., 1886; no children. This was on page 553, heading 
"Posterity of Edward Thurston" family 8502.


                                 * * * * *
Gardner Thuston of Fall River, Mass b. there 15 Feb 1761; married 31 Mar 1796, 
Mary Terry of Freetown. Entry was on page 54, heading "Thurston Genealogies" 
family 8505.
                                 * * * * *
Joanna Thurston b. 02 Dec 1806 m. 04 Nov 1827 Brightman Terry, a clerk, watch 
repairer and farmer, near Fall River Mass. d.; she d. 26 Feb 1874. Had: 
     Henry James Terry b. 1830
     Nancy Elizabeth Terry b. 1834
     Silas Jerry Terry b. 1 Sep 1835, a laborer in Fall River
     Rhoda M. Terry b. 1839
     Joanna Jane Terry b. 1841
     Belinda Hally Terry b. 1843
     Eben Brightman Terry b. 1847
This was on page 555, heading "Posterity of Edward Thurston" family 8508.
                                 * * * * *
Cora Belle Thurston b. 17 Jul 1865 m. 24 Oct 1888 Dr. Charles Church Terry b. 
in Fall River, 26 Jun 1840, grad. from Harvard 1884, practicing in Fall River.
     Edward Anthony Terry b. 26 Jun 1871; in Brown University, Providence R.I. 
     Ralph Emery Terry b. 6 Aug 1877
 Above three entries were on page 594, heading "Thurston Genealogies" before 
family 8912.
                                  * * * * *
                          OBITUARY FOR JOHN D. TERRY 
Obituary, The Dallas Morning News
Thursday, November 27, 1986
     John D. TERRY, age 70 Corpus Christi died Wed. 11-26 at a Corpus 
Christi hospital after a long illness. He retired in 1982 from Valero Energy 
Corp as a superintendent. His survivors include wife Loretta R. Terry, 
Corpus Christi; daughters, Dr. Sharon Terry-Haag, Houston, Linda Park, 
Corpus Christi; sons, John David Terry, Jr. Dallas, Patrick Allen Terry, 
Corpus Christi; sisters, Everine Stringer; Loraine Stanford, both of Corpus 
Christi; brother, Zado Foy, Corpus Christi; 3 grand children. Funeral 
Services will be conducted at 3:30 p.m. Fri. 11-28 at the Cage-Mill Everhart 
Chapel. Mr. Gary Lowe officiating. Burial will follow at Seaside Memorial 
Park. Submitted by Sonia Hetherington, Richardson TX.


                                 * * * * *
                           EARLY MARYLAND TERRYS
Page 457:
Name                    Liber            Folio          Remarks
TERRY, Michael            9              38             Transported 1665
       Richard           18             174                         1674
       Thomas             5             409                         1661
Page 456:
TERRE, Betty            WC2             415            1666-1680 Servant
       Christian          8             131                 1664 Servant
Source: Skordas, Gust. The early settlers of Maryland. An index of names of 
immigrants compiled from records of land patents 1633-1680 in the Hall of 
Records Annapolis, MD. Submitted by Spurgeon Terry.
                                 * * * * *
State of Maryland Anne Arundel County
Cert # Name             P.O.            Cause     Rate    Date Orig Allow.
2979   TERRY, Marion    Annapolis       Widow     30.00   Aug 1882
State of Maryland Cecil County
Cert # Name               P.O.      Cause             Rate   Date Orig Allow.
172027 TERRY, Robert J.   Colora    Shell wd.r.should 8.00   Aug 1880
Source: Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883. Senate Resolution of December 
8, 1882. Volume V. Submitted by Spurgeon Terry. 
                                 * * * * *
Name                  Company                Regiment
TERRY, Edward G.         G                   36 NC
TERRY, Stephen           A                   5 KY Mtd. Inf.
TERRY, Thomas            A                   "          "
TERRY, W. B.             D                   61 NC 
Source: Beitzell, Edwin W. "Point Lookout Prison Camp for Confederates"
Confederate States Soldiers and Sailors Prisoners of War Deaths - who died 
at Point Lookout, Maryland.
                                 * * * * *
(Page 224) Talbott Co. MD from Mill Hundred Census of 1776 -- Denisha Terry 
(Page 486) Spedden Wilson m. Mary Terry Apr 29, 1815 Anne Arundel Co. MD

(Page 245) Oaths of Fidelity, Hanford Co. MD (March 1778) -- Patrick Terrey 
(Page 276) Oath of Fidelity and support Prince Georges Co. MD -- William 
(Page 475) William Terry Jr. m. Dorothy Brannock Jan 1, 1819 Ann Arundel Co. 
Source: Brambaugh, Gains Marcus. Maryland Records Colonial, Revolutionary, 
County and Church from Original Sources Volume II (Pub. 1928). Submitted by 
Spurgeon Terry. 
                                 * * * * *
                  REVIEWS ** REVIEWS ** REVIEWS ** REVIEWS
     The Winthrop College Archives in Rock Hill, South Carolina, has issued 
"A Guide to Family History Sources in the Winthrop College Archives", a 
comprehensive listing of 700 family surnames for which information is 
available. Also included in the guide are record groups containing family 
history information available in the Archives. The guide is available for 
$6.00, including postage. To order, please write to: Archives, Dacus 
Library, Winthrop College, Rock Hill, SC 29733 or call (803) 323-2131 (Ext. 
     W E ' V E  M O V E D ! ! !  After about 12 years in Enid, Oklahoma we 
have moved to Sapulpa, Oklahoma which is very close to Tulsa and right off of 
Interstate 40. Our new address is:  Terry Family Historian, Box 1661, Sapulpa 
OK 74067-1661. I am in the process of getting a data-line for the modem. 
Please be patient.  
     Mr. Alton T. Moran, editor of the STOKES FAMILY QUARTERLY, has just sent 
the editor his second copy of his quarterly.  The January 1987 issue has a 
short section on notes concerning STOKES AND ALLIED FAMILIES by none other 
than the Editor of the Terry Family Historian. Looks like a good start to me; 
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10451 Classique Ave., Baton Rouge LA 70815.


     If you have descendants who came to America on the "Mary & John" in 1630 
you are quite lucky. After six years of researching all the passengers on this 
ship, Mr. Burton W. Spear of 5602 305th St., Toledo OH 43611 has published two 
books on these descendants. They have pictures of early areas in England, plus 
Massachusetts and Connecticut in the United States. Of specific interest to 
TERRY-PHILES is Stephen Terry of Dorchester who is one of the few Colonial 
American Terry's with a "proven line" from England. 
     The books are: 
Vol. I  "Passengers and Their Children" is $13.50
Vol. II "Descendants' Return to Ancestral Homes" is $14.00. 
     They are very good books and I highly recommend them. Mr. Spears has 
indicated he is working on his next book which covers four generations for 
each of the passengers on the ship "Mary & John". 
     DESCENDANTS OF JOHN AND RUTH TERRY: Enos Terry; Reuben Terry; Robert 
Terry m. Chloe Worrel/Elizabeth Lyons; John Terry m. Osee Clark; William 
Terry; Elizabeth Terry m. Noah He(a)th; Mary Terry; Judah Terry; and Sarah 
     Mrs. Emily Hixson P.O. Box 7117, Loma Linda CA 92354 has exhausted her 
typed notes entitled "TERRY TRAILS" which is the record of JOHN TERRY, Jr. and 
his spouse RUTH, and some of their descendants. John Terry, Jr. died about 
1794, Hamilton Co., [Cincinnati area] OH. The Editor has been given permission 
to enter it in the computer for sale to interested researchers. However, it 
does contain some pictures WHICH CAN ONLY BE XEROXED. The manuscript is 74 
pages long and I can xerox it for $9.40 [10 cents per page plus $2.00 
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     The editor is pleased to announce Mr. Woodford Terry has published an 
excellent accounting of his TERRY descendants. The book, entitled JAMES TERRY 
OF TENNESSEE, is hard cover and contains 765 pages including pictures and an 
index with almost 13,000 names. There is one chapter on James Terry's 
background and other information in Granville County, North Carolina and 
Virginia and one chapter on each of his twelve children and their descendants. 
Other information includes stories, three old Terry cemeteries and 
memorabilia. My favorite story in the book is an account concerning "a barn 
door" which hangs in Woodford's den. The cost is $45.00 and the book can be 
ordered from Woodford Terry, 111 Wiltshire Drive, Oak Ridge TN 37830.
[Telephone 615-483-4217]. 


     The editor recently received a review copy of Nicholas R. Murray's BEAR 
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Mr. Murray at P.O. Box 204, North Salt Lake UT 84054. The name is misleading 
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     A note on page 2 of BEAR TRACKS includes information concerning the 
passing of Mr. Ray Beeman formerly of Memphis, Tennessee and a correspondent 
of several researchers of the Terry Family Historian. Since 1976, Mr. Beeman 
shared his information with the editor concerning TERRY-HILL-MORRIS-BEEMAN-
STOKES-JONES connections. Mr. Beeman left, as a legacy to us all, some 
splendid work. -- He will be missed.
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however, coming from Mr. Stevens, this is truly a compliment. 
issues of GC have included such interesting and informative articles as: 
exploration of the broad spectrum of preparing records for data entry, 
discussions of 'lineage-linked' filing systems, laserwriting, GEDCOM's meaning 
for genealogists, phone-linking, software evaluating systems; plus reviews and 
updates on such programs as PAF (version II), Roots II, My Roots, and 
Dollarhide's new software. All of this in addition to the software directory, 
interest group directory, announcements, and other regular columns. A slew of 
unique and helpful information." 1 year $25.00, 2 years $45, 3 years $60.  
Order Genealogical Computing from:  Ancestry, P.O. Box 476, Salt Lake City UT 


     Mrs. June Roper Walton, Box 748, Four Oaks NC 27524 has published a book 
HORNE FAMILIES. Portions of the book and index covers the family of Major 
Stephen Terry 1788-1866. Included are photographs, wills and other interesting 
documentation. The 80 page book may be ordered from Mrs. Walton at the above 
address. The price is $12.50 plus $1.00 postage. 
       Q U E R I E S    Q U E R I E S    Q U E R I E S    Q U E R I E S    
                      Terry Line of Mrs. James (Carol) R. Wilson
                                Rt. 1, Box 139
                                Mason WI 54856
1.   WILSON, James Richard b. Bayfield, Bayfield Co. WI 13 Jul 1943 m. Carol
     Ann Jones b. 21 Dec 1943
2.   GREENE, (WILSON) /adopted/ Richard H. b. Springer, Colfax Co. NM 16 Sep 
     1918 m. Ashland, Ashland Co. WI 21 Apr 1942; 
3.   GOLDMAN, Zilpha b. Dickenson Co. VA 28 May 1902.
4.   GREENE, Henry Clare b. Springfield, Sangamon Co. IL 19 Jan 1891 d. 
     Chicago, Cook Co. IL 29 Jan 1920 m. (?)
5.   OMSTED, Ailee Marie b. Stoughton, Dane Co. WI 21 Sep 1888 d. Ashland, 
     Ashland Co. WI 8 Feb 1983.
8.   GREENE, Walter H. b. Springfield, Sangamon Co. IL 31 Dec 1866 d. 
     Chicago, Cook Co. IL  7 Apr 1920 m. (?);
9.   HALBERT, Harriet Noble b. Morris, Grundy Co. IL? 10 Sep 1871 d. 
     Chicago, Cook Co. IL 28 Jan 1921.
18.  HALBERT, Charles Enos b. South New Berlin, Chenengo Co. NY 28 Nov 1838 
     d. Morrison, IL m. 18 Aug 1864;
19.  NOBLE, Marion Rowena b. Franklin, Deleware Co. NY 21 Mar 1843 d. prob 
     Morrison, IL.
38.  NOBLE, William Stilson b. Franklin, Delaware Co. NY 16 Oct 1805 d. 
     Franklin, Delaware Co. NY 1 Jun 1875  m. 30 Oct 1833;
39.  HURD, Mary b. Roxbury, Litchfield Co. CT 7 Apr 1812 d. Franklin, 
     Delaware Co. NY 20 Jul 1862.
76.  NOBLE, Zadoc Jr. b. New Milford, Litchfield Co. CT 20 Dec 1772/1773 d. 
     Franklin, Delaware Co. NY 30 Mar 1826 m. (?);
77.  STILSON, Sally b. New Milford, Litchfield Co. CT 15 Apr 1776 d. 8 Apr 


152. NOBLE, Zadock Sr. b. New Milford, Litchfield Co. CT 17 Sep 1723 d. New 
     Milford, Litchfield Co. CT 13 Jan 1786 m. 27 Oct 1747;
153. DIBBLE, Freelove b. Danbury, Fairfield Co. CT ca. 1728 d. 6 May 1791.
304. NOBLE, David b. Westfield, Hampden Co. MA 25 Jan 1696 d. New Milford, 
     Litchfield Co. CT ca. 1760 m. 1 Jun 1722;
305. SHERMAN, Susanna b. CT 1 Nov 1693 d. 2 Apr 1750
608. NOBLE, John Sr. b. Springfield, Hampden Co. MA 6 Mar 1662 d. New 
     Milford, Litchfield Co. CT 17 Aug 1714 m. Westfield, Hampden Co. MA 
609. GOODMAN, Mary b. 5 Nov 1665 d. aft. 15 Mar 1717.
1218. GOODMAN, Richard Jr. [of Hartford] b. 1609 bur. 3 Apr 1676 m. 8 Dec 
1219. TERRY, Mary b. Dorchester, (Boston), MA 31 Dec 1635 d. Deerfield, 
      Franklin Co. MA before 29 Mar 1693.
2438. TERRY, Stephen b. Stockton, Wilts, ENG 25 Aug 1608 d. Sep 1668 possibly 
      m. (1) Dorchester, MA 19 Mar 1633; 
2439. HARDY, Joan b. (?) bur. 5 Jun 1647 [a sister of John Hardy]. He m. (2) 
      ______, Elizabeth who d. ca. 1683, age 90. 
4876. TERRY, John b. Long Sutton, Hampshire, ENG ca. 1555 d. 10 May 1625 m. 
4877. WHITE, Mary b. 1570 d. aft. 1625. 
     Note: According to Burton W. Spear, Stephen Terry came on ship "Mary & 
John" in 1630. His mother, Mary White was a sister of Rev. John White of 
Dorchester, Dorset, ENG who formed the "Mary & John" group. 
     My grandfather was Eli Terry, well known in the West. Do you have info 
about Eli Terry who had something to do with early clocks? Mr. G. R. Parker 
Sr., 6335 Essex Court, New Orleans LA 70114. 
     Interested in Epaphroditus Hightower b. NC ca. 1775 d. Henderson Co. NC 
1853; m. Lucy Terry, daughter of Joseph Terry and Lucy _______ of Greenville 
Dist. SC. Any connection to Jrad (Ired) S. Hightower b. NC 1796 d. Grayson Co. 
TX 12 Nov 1867; m. Buncomb Co. NC 4 Nov 1819 Nancy Anne Murray b. Newberry 
Dist. SC 30 Apr 1801 d. Grayson Co. TX ca. 1855. Sonia Hetherington, 1202 
Hillsdale, Richardson TX 75081.
     My grandfather was Homer Terry, my father was Clevie Terry. Do you have 
any info on this family? Mrs. Annie Mae Addison, Rt. #2 Cole Creek Rd., Dallas 
GA 30132.


     Mrs. Ray Hixson formerly of 26491 New Bedford Rd., Sun City CA 92381 and 
now of P.O. Box 7117 Loma Linda CA 92354 has compiled data into a 77 page 
document entitled "Terry Trails". This deals with the descendants of John and 
Ruth Terry of Ohio and is the line of Robert W. Terry, Arta Blonshine and 
Betty Lawrence. With Mrs. Hixson's permission, The editor is re-typing it so 
it can be produced for other members who are interested. 
     Who were the parents of Benjamin Terry (m. Elizabeth Irby) and are they 
descendants of John d. 1646 York Co. VA whose wife was Mary? Four sons were 
Thomas, John, James and Edward? Waunita Powell, 407 Elm, Paris IL 61949.
     I have been researching the GOFF family for four years and am a member of 
the GOFF/GOUGHS Family association. We did find the following: Mary Jane Terry 
b. Nov 15, 1869 d. Sept. 1, 1949 m. Dallas Martin. These people lived in 
Kershaw Co., SC. 
Patricia Cothran m. Larry Goff
John Cothran m. Helen Nicholson Bussey -- Edgefield SC
Hattie Virginia McGee m. Strom Cothran
John McGee m. (1) Hattie Terry and (2) Virginia Terry
John Terry m. Mary Ann DeLaughter
John Terry m. Anna Maria _______  Granville Co. NC
Patricia Cothran Goff, Rt 3, Box 145 Highway Church Rd., Elgin SC 29045. 
     I understand you are the editor of the quarterly on the Terry families. 
The past six years I have been studying the passengers of the ship, "Mary & 
John" of 1630, including Stephen Terry of Dorchester, Mass., Windsor, Conn. & 
Hadley, Mass. I have written two books on the subject and am now preparing a 
520 page book, plus index, on the first four generations of the passenger's 
descendants. In 1985 over 80 descendants spent 16 days in England and New 
England visiting the home towns of the passengers. During the trip I learned 
that Stephen Terry married Joan Hardy in 1633 and he returned to New England 
on the ship, "Recovery of London".... Burton W. Spear, 5602 305th St., Toledo 
OH 43611. 
Editor's Note: The two books are: 
Volume I, "Passengers and their Children" -- $13.50 
Vol. II, "Descendants' Return to the Ancestral Homes"-- $14.00.] 
Please address queries to Mr. Spear.


090387 TERRY 
     My son and wife in Gonzales, LA sent me an article about the Terry Family 
History. Our Terrys go back to a Josiah Terry that went from VA to Scott Co. 
TN ca. 1815. We still have Terry's in TN but some have scattered all over. My 
husband & I met & married in Tuttle, OK in 1914. Mrs. Gertrude Terry, 1051 E. 
Kyle, Clute TX 77531. 
     Tracing lineage of Betty (Terry) Horne b. in Marion Co. SC ca. 1850's. 
Married William Horne of Chesterfield Co. SC ca. 1878. Died 1892 of measles on 
arrival in Union Co. AR. Buried Rhodes Chapel Cemetery, Lawson AR. Children: 
Dessie Viola Horne b. 1879; William "Bub" Robert Horne b. 1881; James Clayton 
Horne b. 1882; Cleveland Lafayette Horne b. 1884; R. Tom Horne b. 1886. Terry 
Michael Horne, 3 Yellow Locust, Littleton CO 80127. 
     "....Went to the 300th celebration of the 'Oldest House' on Nantucket end 
of September and first of October. This is the house which was given to Mary 
Gardener and Joshua Coffin as a wedding present by their parents. Their 
daughter, Margaret Coffin, married Reverend Samuel Terry whom I believe to be 
my ancestor." 
     "I also visited Mendon, Mass. where Margaret Coffin Wilson and Samuel 
Terry were married. The house of her parents in Mendon is still being lived in 
and was built around 1701. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the hoe 
which was a thrilling experience. I also visited the site where Samuel Terry 
built the first saw mill and iron works in Mendon, Mass. which is now the site 
of a larger iron works and cotton mills. I am still working on the compilation 
of Margaret Coffin Wilson and Reverend Samuel Terry and hope to finish it 
before the end of this year. I will send a copy to you when it is completed. I 
wish I could find another descendant of this couple, but have not to date...." 
Mrs. Eugene D. McCraw, 546 Mckinley Ave., Woodland CA 95695.
     I am a descendant of James Terry of Bibb Co. AL, but I have indications 
that he migrated there from Edgefield Co. SC and possibly NC. His sons and 
grandsons then came to Texas after the Civil War. Terry B. O'Neill, 3814 
Wimbleton Ct., Bedford TX 76021.
     Annie Elizabeth Terry, born 1861 in Pine Bluff or Ft. Smith, Arkansas her 
parents were probably James Terry and Sarah James who were married in August, 
1850 in Saline Co. AR. There was a brother, Willie Terry. Annie married James 
Martimer Danciler Turner 1 Dec 1884 in Palestine, TX. Sarah Terry lived in 
Houston or Harrisburg TX late in life. Willis Terry lived in the West End of 
Houston in the early 1900's. Annie Terry Turner died 13 April 1930 in Houston, 
TX. Beverly Turner Smith, 1807 Cooper Lake Rd., Smyrna GA 30080.


                        Terry Line of Jane A. Harroun
                        P.O. Box 181, Baldwin KS 66006
1.   HARROUN, Franklin Chas. b. Millersburg, Mercer Co. IL 15 May 1911
     m. 21 Nov 1936 Elizabeth Roberta McAtee b. Mercer Co. IL, 15 Nov 1918 
     d. Rock Island, IL 4 Feb 1985
2.   HARROUN, Lowell Stephen b. Mercer Co. IL 24 Nov 1875 d. Rock Island, IL 
     7 Jan 1957 m. 28 Apr 1904;
3.   ROSS, Edna E. b. Keithsburg, Mercer Co. IL 23 Jul 1886 d. Millersburg, 
     Mercer Co. IL 27 Nov 1924. 
4.   HARROUN, John Warren b. Meadville PA 1841 d. Millersburg, Mercer Co. IL 
     27 Dec 1878 m. 5 Feb 1869;    
5.   TERRY, Anna Britton b. Stocksville, Chester Co. PA 10 Sep 1846 d. 
     Mercer Co. IL 19 Sep 1933.
10.  TERRY, William I. b. PA ca. 1815/1816 d. Mercer Co. IL 1857 m. Chester
     Co. PA __ Mar 1839;
11.  WILSON, Mary Ann b. Cecil Co. MD 17 May 1819 d. Mercer Co. IL 23 Mar 
22.  WILSON, James K.
23.  PHILLIPS, Mary Ann
*Believe that William I. Terry may have had a brother, David Terry b. ca. 1813 
who married Hannah Laer in Chester Co. PA and also moved to Mercer Co. IL 
ca. 1848-1849.
     A Painton family Directory listing addresses, phone numbers, immediate 
ancestors, children of head of the household is available from Robert H. 
Painton Ph.d., P.O. Box 2254 University Station, Enid OK 73702. Associated 
Cost of each directory is $5.00 with funds going to finance the Painton Family 
Reunion held in Orion, Oklahoma semi-annually. The directory lists Paintons 
and associated family lines descended from William H. Painton and Anna Poe. An 
effort is being initiated to develop a genealogy of the Painton's (rank 
amateur). Any information, enquiries, discouraging words etc. are welcome. 


                     Terry Line of William Burton Davis
                            9706 Alabama Avenue
                             Sun City AZ 85351
1    DAVIS, William Burton b. Cuba, Fulton Co. IL 17 Sep 1914 m 10 Jun 1950 
     Josephine Rose REICHEL b. Chicago, Cook Co. IL.
2    DAVIS, William Rollin b. Gifford, Champaign Co. IL 10 Nov 1886 d. 
     Evanston, Cook Co. IL 24 Sep 1968 m. 16 Mar 1911;
3    SPARKS, Bessie Leah b. Bourbon, Douglas Co. IL 27 Mar 1866 d. Niles, 
     Cook Co. IL 22 Feb 1975.
6    SPARKS, Zachory Taylor b. Terre Haute, Vigo Co. IN d. Villa Grove,     
     Douglas Co. IL 1 Nov 1933 m. 28 Sep 1878;
7    MOORE, Rosetta b. Atwood, IL 8 May 1860 d. Bourbon, Douglas Co. IL 31 Dec 
14   MOORE, John Herbert b. 4 Mar 1832 d. 16 Mar 1892 m. (?);
15   TERRY, Lucy J. b. 23 Feb 1835 d. 7 Aug 1918.
30   TERRY, William b. 20 Jun 1812 d. 14 Aug 1883 m. (?);
31   ______, Mary b. 13 Mar 1816 d. 3 May 1894.
60   TERRY, Barnett b. ca 1794 d. 23 Jan 1854 at age near 90 years; buried 
     Taylor Cemetery in Douglas Co. IL. 
61   ______, ______
     Researching my great, great grandmother who was America Terry on down 
through Ann Cozart and then my grandma Ruby Mae (Gwin) Reagan. With Mrs. Faye 
McClure Miller I have records back to Micajah Terry b. March 3, 1800 [near 
Columbia SC]. Steve M. Reagan Minchow Box 33, Terre Haute IN 80866-011.
                    Terry Line of Florence Reeve Pawson
                         329 Schrafft Dr. Apt. 104
                             Waterbury CT 06705
My grandfather:
4.   REEVE, John Edgar b. Port Jefferson, L.I., NY 10 Jun 1851 d. Bridgeport, 
     CT 3 Mar 1925.
8.   REEVE, John b. 29 Sep 1821 Port Jefferson, L.I., NY d. ca 1854 - Lost at 
9.   STILL, Louisa b. Coram, L.I., NY 1825 d. Port Jefferson, L.I., NY 3 Dec 


16.  REEVE, Solomon b. Wading River, L.I., NY 25 Jul 1782 d. Wading River, 
     L.I., NY 13 Aug 1860.
17.  TERRY, Abigail b. Southold, L.I., NY 1 May 1788 d. Wading River, L.I., NY 
     13 Aug 1860.
Note: I do not have the parents of Abigail Terry #17. frp
My great-great grandfather
1.   TUTHILL, John b. Wading River, L.I., NY 7 Jan 1757 d. James Port, L.I., 
     NY 15 Jan 1844 m. Aqueboque, L.I., NY Feb 1785 Abigail Moger
2.   TUTHILL, John b. Wading River, L.I., NY 1730 d. Cutchoque, L.I., NY 1750 
     m. Cutchoque L.I. NY 1750;
3.   TERRY, Abigail b. (?) d. Cutchoque, L.I., NY 8 Jun 1791
4.   TUTHILL, Daniel b. Wading River, L.I., NY ca. 1700 d. Wading River, L.I., 
     NY 19 Oct 1785 m (?)
5.   ______, ______
6.   TERRY, Richard b. Southold, L.I. NY 25 mar 1661 d. Southold, L.I., NY 2 
     Feb 1724 m. ( )
7.   BENJAMIN, Martha (a widow) b. (?) d. 10 Jun 1772
12.   TERRY, Richard b. ENG, ca. 1612 d. Southold, L.I., NY 1676 m. 
13.   ______, Abigail b. (?) d. Southold, L.I., NY aft. 1886.
     Note: I think there must be a generation between Abigail and Richard 
Terry. There is also too great a distance between Richard and Martha's death. 
     Seeking ancestors of Samantha E. Terry b. Feb 1858 in Iowa; m. C. H. 
Cooper 17 Nov 187t at Walnut Township, Iowa (Polk Co.). Children: Carle b. mar 
1891; Ora b. Jan 1894; Edna b. Jan 1897. Possibly earlier children, Bert, 
Earl, Anna. I am willing to share the information that I have on the 
descendants of the above. Send replies to Aldon C. Burlison, 1701 N. Prospect, 
Tacoma WA 98406. 
                      Terry line of Mrs. J. D. Nichols
                         C/O Alcoa Sao Luis Brazil
                            1501 Alcoa Building
                            Pittsburgh PA 15219
1.   GLASSCOCK, Virginia Lea b. Garland Co. AR 1932 m. Saline Co. AR 1953      
     John Decator Nichols b. Yell Co. AR 1930.
2.   GLASCOCK, Ralph b. Randolph Co. AR 1901 m. Garland Co. AR 1925
3.   GRAVES, Allie Cora Graves b. Garland Co. AR 1907 d. Pulaski Co. AR 


6.   GRAVES, Abraham Nicholas b. Garland Co. AR 1874 d. Garland Co. AR 1943 
     m. Garland Co. AR 1894;
7.   TERRY, Martha Elizabeth b. Garland Co. AR 1875 d. Garland Co. AR 1932.
14.  TERRY, Joseph b. AR 1831 d. Garland Co. AR 1903 m. (1) 1849 Amanda 
     Grant; m. (2) 1862 
15.  NOBLES, Penelope b. 1838 TN d. Garland Co. AR 1910.
28.  TERRY, George L. (S.?) b. VA (or KY) 1805 m. (2) Mary Avants b. TN.
29.  m. (1) _____________
56.  TERRY, John Self b. ca 1760 d. ca 1837 Hot Springs Co. AR m. Madison 
     Co. KY 1797; 
57.  GADDY, Frances b. ca. 1780 Bedford Co. VA d. ca. 1840 Hot Springs Co. 
* I think I have found our George Terry on pg. 175 of your December 1986 
issue with his second wife in Texas, but I really want to find out who, 
first, Joseph's mother was (it was not Mary Avants) and secondly, who John's 
mother was and his father. Mrs. Nichols states she has further information 
on the GADDY family. 
     Researching the following: Nathaniel Terry b. 1766 d. 1838 VA m. Lucy C. 
Beck b. 1807; David W. Terry b. 1802 d. Elizabeth Ann Terry; b. 1842 Campbell 
Co. VA; Minnie Tucker b. 1877 WV; Leonard Yowell b. 1898 WV; Audrey Stadler b. 
1927 MO. Mrs. Robert Stadler, 8454 Hampstead Dr., St. Louis MO 63123.
                       Terry Line of John Baldwin Kraft
                   Rt. 1, Box 150, Chidester AR 71726-0150 
     1.   KRAFT, John Baldwin b. Standwood, WA 02 Mar 1923; m. 26 Dec 1944
     2.   KRAFT, John b. Austria-Hungary 22 Apr 1888 d. Cleveland, OH 25 Jul 
          1933; m. 22 Apr 1918;
     3.   BARGER, Dovie Z. b. TX 29 Nov 1902 d. Paragould, AR 12 Feb 1959.
     6.   BARGER, Abraham Lincoln b. IN 1865 d. Lanesport, AR; m. 1889;
     7.   SEVERN, Mollie b. IN 10 Jan 1873 d. Wenatchee, WA 26 May 1918.
     12.  BARGER, Harvey b. Breckenridge, KY 01 Mar 1820 d. Pemiscot Co. MO 21 
          Feb 1901; m. Perry Co. IN 01 Dec 1848;
     13.  TERRY, Esther b. Perry Co. IN 28 Nov 1828 d. Pemiscot Co. MO 23 Apr 
     26.  TERRY, Elias b. Botetourt Co. VA 15 Sep 1807 d. IN 1894; m. IN 05 Oct 
     27.  SANDAGE, Eleanor Ann b. Union Co. SC 1809 d. Perry Co. IN 12 Mar 
     52.  TERRY, John b. Botetourt Co. VA ca. 1760 d. Perry Co. IN 12 Jul 

          1842; m. Botetourt Co. VA 02 Feb 1781; 
     53.  BROWN, Esther b. Augusta Co. VA ca. 1765 
     104. TERRY, William b. ca. 1724 d. Botetourt Co. VA 1803; m. 03 Feb 1759;
     105. MARSON, Rachel b. (?) d. (?)
     106. BROWN, Thomas 
     107. TERRY, Mary
     New member, Mr. Bob Cox of 1071 S.E. Fairview, Olympia WA 98501 is 
working on the above surnames. 
     TERRY, Chas. H. b. AL 1849 d. 11 AUG 1928 m. 10 MAR 1878; Laura E. 
          Harrison, b. TX 05 APR 1859 d. 13 MAY 1924
     TERRY, Ola May b. 10 JAN 1879 d. 16 MAR 1880
     TERRY, Mary Ann b. 24 JAN 1881 d. 22 APR 1947
     TERRY, Minnie Bell b. 06 JAN 1883 d. 30 SEP 1944
     TERRY, Albert Felt b. 22 NOV 1884 d. 27 JAN 1937
     TERRY, William Eargle b. 06 JUL 1887 d. 27 AUG 1968
     TERRY, James Frederick b. 03 JUN 1889 d. 1970
     TERRY, Laura b. 30 JAN 1892 d. Infancy
     TERRY, Samuel Cary b. 02 FEB 1896 d. 03 MAY 1982 [my father]
     Note: All of the children were born in and around Goldthwaite, TX. Our 
family reunion is at Lake Palestine (Near Tyler) this year. There are usually 
around 30-35 people. Dorothy Terry Jones, 1418 Ridgecrest, Denton TX 76205. 
Phone: 817-382-2005. 
     I am seeking information on Mary Terry b. ca. 1782 NC d. 05 Jul 1868 
Trenton, SC married Francis "Frank" Posey b. ca. 1776 NC d. 11 Jan 1870 
Trenton, SC. Also, proof that they had a daughter Barbara b. ca. 1803 SC that 
married James Cook b. ca. 1796. James Cook and wife, Barbara, were in 
Lexington Co. SC in 1850 Census. Mrs. Marcia Phillips Gorman, P.O. Box 1764, 
La Grange GA 30241. Phone: 404-882-5140.
     Am working on the genealogy of my grandfather, Thomas Ethridge 
Terry....He was b. 9 Mar 1887 in the Indian Territory [OK]. Family sources 
give Tecumseh or Chickasha area as his birthplace. His parents were Aaron? and 
Anna Elizabeth (Chisum) Terry. Am uncertain what happened to Aaron Terry 
because Anna remarried a man named Chapman and never mentioned her first 
husband. She remained in the Oklahoma City area until her death April 16, 
1948. Mark K. Terry, 1311 Rolling Hills Dr., Graham TX 76046. 

     I obtained your name from Ethel R. McGill of Paris, TX. I am also tring 
to find Watson family. My Great-Grandfather was Finis Marshall Watson, my 
Grandfather was Thomas Edgar Watson, my Father was Jesse Elliott Watson. You 
are somehow related to Mary E. Terry who married James E. Watson. James was 
the son of Mary Watson. Mary was born about 1799 in KY and died in 1863 in 
Union Co. AR. Who was the husband of Mary Watson? Donald J. Watson, 7611 NW 
26, Bethany OK 73008.
     Need information on Benjamin Gill b. ca. 1787 [tradition says Chester, 
SC] and he married Oglethorpe Co. GA 22 Nov 1808 to Mary "Polly" Smith . They 
removed to Perry Co. AL after 1813 where Benjamin d. in 1826. His widow 
married C. H. Findlay in 1829. The moved to MS where Benjamin and Mary's son 
William Mitchell Gill married in 1841. The family moved to LA soon after 1841 
to Claiborne Parish. Verlie H. Brothers, 809 N. 3rd St., West Monroe LA 71291. 


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