Published quarterly in March, June, September, and December.
VOL. VII, NO. 1            MARCH                        1988
                EDITOR:  Robert "Mike" Terry
Memorial to Robert Terry of Cincinnati 1913-1987.......  001
Terry, Morgan, Moore Family Bible......................  002
Will of Sarah Minter Terry.............................. 004
Notes on Nathaniel Terry................................ 005
Virginia Notes.......................................... 007
Notes From Arlene Terry................................. 010
Vigo County Indiana Terry Marriages..................... 011
Vigo County Indiana Death Records....................... 011
1860 Clark County Indiana Census........................ 012
Hempstead County Arkansas Marriages 1875-1900........... 012
Virginia Genealogical BBS............................... 012
Queries................................................. 014
Terry line of Peggy Thomas.............................. 014
Terry line of Charles David Terry....................... 015
Terry line of Adrian Adams Ricks........................ 018
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{Editor's note: Bob Terry wrote "Covering the Terry-Tory"
which appeared in the TFH until his death in 1987. He may
have helped several others working on other than Terry
lines. I am in favor of this project and it would be a
special tribute to Bob.}
     The stone for Robert Terry 1770-1862 is in the Pipe
Creek Baptist cemetery in Penntown, Indiana. The stone is
broken and is being held in place for the photo [not shown].
We have also been informed that the base of the stone has
crumbled and no longer supports the stone, which now lays on
the ground. If something is not done to repair or replace
this stone, eventually it will be removed from the cemetery
and the grave will be lost to future generations.


     This project was started as a memorial to Robert Ward
(Bob) Terry of Cincinnati (1913-1987), who aided so many in
their search for their Terry ancestors. Joan Terry, Bob's
wife has volunteered to locate someone to do the work on
this stone, but nothing can take place until funds for the
job are available.
     We would appreciate your donation for this project, we
have a possible way it can be repaired and hope it can be
carried out, if not then it would probably have to be
replaced with a smaller stone. Preserving the original is what
we hope can be done.
     If you will donate to this project please make your
check payable to Arta Blonshine and I will be responsible
for all donations received by me. I will also acknowledge
every one and when the job is done each donor will receive a
copy of the paid bill.
     If for any reason this project fails, then all
donations will be returned with an explanation. Please make
your donations as soon as possible so work can start as soon
as weather permits.
     This stone was very special to R. W. "Bob" Terry and I
am sure having it repaired would be the most fitting
memorial we could give Bob.
                                       Arta Blonshine
                                       7706 Maxwell Drive
                                       Boise, ID 83704
                       O o o O o o O
                     TERRY MOORE MORGAN
                        BIBLE RECORD
             Submitted by Mrs. Sarah H. Parker
              2505 Savery Dr., Tupelo MS 38801
Original owner: Unknown
Present owner:  Descendants of TERRY-LINDSAY family
Bible Printed:  Philadelphia by Mathew Carey, No. 122 Market
                St., MDCCCVI. Binding, Old Testament Title
                page missing.
Copied by:      Sarah H. Parker and Jana Abacherli, 1986.
William Terry married to his wife Sarah Minter June 23, 1775
John Terry son of William Terry born March 11, 1776
Polly Terry born July 15, 1778
Annamariah Terry born March 7, 1781
Elizabeth Terry born July 23, 1783

James Terry born January 15, 1786
Stephen Terry born April 22, 1789
Sarah Terry born December 8, 1791
Joseph M. Terry born April 7, 1799
Rolen Terry born November 2, 1802
William T. Moore son of Anderson Moore born November 2, 1807
Sarah Terry wife of William Terry born February 27, 1761
William Terry born August 8, 1750
William D. Cooper born May 17, 1785
Sarah Ann Terry daughter of Stephen and Jancey Terry born
     Thursday June 23, 1814
Agrippa Cooper born December 18, 1814
W. T. Cooper born January 28, 1817
R. T. Cooper born January 23, 1820
Sally M. Cooper born June 12, 1822
Sarah Ann Morgan born June 9, 1822
David Moore married to his wife Annamariah Terry January 27,
William P. Moore son of David Moore born November 9, 1802
John T. Moore born February 1, 1804
Elizabeth Moore born September 19, 1806
James A. Moore born October 9, 1809
Stephen T. Moore born March 13, 1812
Lydia I. Mims born December 7, 1800 married J. M. Terry
        August 19, 1819
Sarah S. Terry born December 30, 1820
William Terry their 2nd child born November 8, 1822
Joseph M. Terry died August 22, 1862
Lydia I. Terry died August 5, 1824
Jane Terry born September 15, 1795 died October 15, 1864
Stephen Terry died June 27, 1871, aged 82 yrs. 2 mo. 5 days
William Terry born August 8, 1750 died January 6, 1816
Sarah Terry wife of William Terry died June 11, 1834 aged 73
Rowland G. Terry died December 13, 1836
David Moore born June 4, 1775 died June 3, 1813
W. D. Morgan born May 4, 1824
Elizabeth R. Morgan born November 13, 1825
Ann M. Morgan born February 7, 1828
Stephen T. Morgan born January 12, 1830
James A. Morgan born February 29, 1832


                       O o o O o o O
           WILL OF SARAH [MINTER] TERRY 1761-1834
              WIFE OF WILLIAM TERRY 1750-1816
        I Sarah Terry of Edgefield District South Carolina
Being in a low state of health but of sound reasonable
memory do constitute and appoint this my last will and
testament and dispose of my estate as follows. After my
just debts are paid
        1st it is my will that all my estate which I leave
behind at my death that is Negroes land stock of all kinds
house hold and kitchen furniture and should be equally
divided between my children after giving my Nephew William
T. More the sum of fifty dollars to him and his heirs
forever for his part of my estate the balance of my Estate
to be Divided as follows
        2nd I give and bequeath to my son John Terry one
fifth part of my Estate to him and his heirs forever
        3rd I give and bequeath to my Daughter Annnamariah
Cooper one fifth part of my Estate to her and her heirs
forever it is my will that John T. More and Elizabeth Morgan
and Stephen More Do take their Equal Parts with the Balance
of her Children at my death and then for her to keep the
rest of her Childrens Parts until her Death and at her
Death to be equally divided between Agrippa Cooper William
Cooper Joseph R. Cooper and Sarah Cooper and all or as many
younger as may be of her heirs
        4th I give to my Son Stephen Terry one fifth part of
my estate To be left in the hand of my son Roland G. Terry
for the use of Stephen Terry my son as long as he lives and
at his death to Be Returned to his Daughter Sarah Terry it
is my will if she die leaving no issue then in that Case
his or her part should be equally Divided  between the
surviving Brotheren
        5th I give and Bequeath to my son Joseph M. Terry
one fifth part of my estate to him and his heirs forever
        6th I give and bequeath to my son Roland G. Terry
one fifth Parte of my estate to him and his heirs forever
        7th It is my will that my estate should be equally
divided between my five children That is if they see cause
to see it do so or they can divide it between themselves do
so lastly I constitute and appoint John Terry, Sen. and
Joseph M. Terry my Executors as witness my hand and seal
this 4 day of June in the year of our Lord 1831.


Signed Sealed and Delivered in Presents of
Joseph Hough                      her        ///////
Joseph Minter             Sarah    X  Terry  / Seal/
James Clement                     mark       ///////
The State of Mississippi        In the Probate Court
    Copiah County               of Said County
                                Special Term Nov. 26th 1834
        Personally appeared in open court Joseph Minter one
of the witness of the within last will and testament who
upon oath says that he saw the within named Sarah Terry
sign and seal the same in her life time and acknowledges the
same to be her last will and testament and that at the
request of the said Sarah Terry he attested the same as one
of the subscribing witnesses in the presence of the said
Terry and believed the said Terry then to have been of sound
and desposing mind and memory on the day and the date of the
said will and testament
Sworn and subscribed in open court this 26th Nov 1834
                               Joseph Minter
                       O o o O o o O
                  NOTES ON NATHANIEL TERRY
                        Margie Brown
                       3005 Phyllmar
                      Oakton VA 22124
     I had originally planned to do an article, proving all
of the children of Nathaniel TERRY and Sarah ROYALL, and the
children of their children, but now I feel we must correct
Nathaniel TERRY Jr.'s descent first.
     Nathaniel TERRY was born 3 Dec 1755 in Halifax County,
Virginia the third son of Nathaniel TERRY and Sarah ROYALL.
He married Ann THOMPSON, daughter of William THOMPSON and
Rachel COLEMAN. She was born about 1767, as in her pension
application she says she is 84 years old in 1859. They
married 7 Dec 1784. Nathaniel TERRY died 8 Feb 1837 and his
obituary is printed in the National Banner and Nashville
Whig 3 Mar 1837.
     Ann (Thompson) TERRY died between Feb and Jun 1860. She
was 93 years of age at her death. Their children were:
     William Thompson TERRY m. Elizabeth WATLINGTON 2 Jul
1806 in Halifax County, Virginia. This couple left 10
provable children. He was born about 1786 and died 22 Nov
1854 in Kentucky. Elizabeth (Watlington) TERRY who was born
about 1786 was still alive in the 1870 census in the
household of my ancestor Coleman and Lucy H. Jordon TERRY.

(Tradition says she was the first burial in the Jordan
Cemetery 1879.)
     James H. TERRY born about 1802 and died unmarried, 7
Nov 1854. His will is in book H & G, page 350 Logan County,
     * Benjamin TERRY born about 1790 married Rebecca
STANLEY in Person County, North Carolina, 13 Jun 1813. He
was probably the father of the grandchild of James H. S.
TERRY who was mentioned in Nathaniel's Will. His mother
remarried Robert SHANKLIN in Todd County, Kentucky in 1827.
[Proof is in Deed Book E, page 213 Todd County, Kentucky, 19
Nov 1827].
     Joseph R. TERRY which we covered in the last issue
{December 1987 TFH} b. 17 May 1792 m (1) 12 Apr 1816 Sarah
David Smith m (2) Cumberland Co. KY 1 Jul 1850 Bethenia
Phelps. I can document four of his children.
     Nathaniel Dickerson TERRY born 10 Nov 1794 and died 8
Feb 1861. He married first in Virginia, 23 Mar 1814,
Elizabeth LIGON. He married second in Kentucky, 16 Mar 1836,
Malvina Ann HAYES. I have this bible record and can prove
his children.
     Robert Jefferson TERRY born 23 Apr 1800 died 27 Nov
1859 married in Kentucky, 29 Apr 1824, Rebecca Mumford
KEESEE. Have his bible, can prove his children.
     *  Sarah B. TERRY born about 1804,  deceased at the
time of her father's will, married in Halifax County,
Virginia 15 Feb 1819. She was the mother of Walter and Ann
T. BOYD mentioned as grandchildren in Nathaniel's will.
(Have enclosed proof.]
     Lucy H. C. TERRY born about 1807 married first Powhatan
TERRY. She had four daughters of this marriage. [Can prove
this]. She married second Dr. John CHASTAIN in Logan County,
Kentucky, 1847. They had no children. She died after 1880.
     *  Mary Ann Martha TERRY born about 1810 married only
once in 1832 to Lawrence Hall. The other marriage picked up
by Edna Bushnell in TERRY RECORDS OF VIRGINIA was a daughter
of Johns and Sarah Neal TERRY. A different family. The 1850
Census of Todd County, Kentucky lists four children.
     Hope you can figure this out okay. The proof is to show
that there was no daughter Elizabeth and that there was a
deceased son Benjamin. Also, not a previous marriage for
Mary Ann Martha Hall.
* This is correcting earlier mistakes.


                       O o o O o o O
                       VIRGINIA NOTES
     The following was published in the Virginia Genealogist
by J. F. Dorman and was submitted by Elaine Couch, 6848
Sarah St., Temperance MI 48182. It is interesting because it
names several Terrys and allied families. --- Editor.
                       O o o O o o O
THOMAS TERRY. 31.15.5, 1775, Petersburg Store. He lives in
Pittsylvania. His circumstances are rather doubtful but it
is believed his estate is sufficient for the payment of his
debts. No steps have been taken to compel payment and the
justice is not admitted. Source: British Mercantile Claims _
1775 to 1803 noted in Vol. 25, #1, Jan-March 1981 The
Virginia Genealogist page 34 by John Frederick Dorman.
JOSEPH TERRY. 0.13.10, Pittsylvania Store. There is one
Joseph TERRY who lives in Pittsylvania and who is very able
but he not the debtor. Another man of that name died many
years since and left estate sufficient and Beverly Barksdale
administered on his estate and gave good security. The
estate is now divided but still the executor and his
security would be liable for any debt which could be
properly ascertained. The justice of the debt is not
admitted. British Mercantile Claims _ 1775 to 1803 noted in
Vol. 25, #1, Jan-March 1981 The Virginia Genealogist page 42
by John Frederick Dorman.
WILLIAM TERRY. 6.11.7, 16 April 1774, Pittsylvania Store. He
removed many years since to South Carolina and is said to be
insolvent. His circumstances were doubtful at the conclusion
of the war. British Mercantile Claims _ 1775 to 1803 noted
in Vol. 25, #1, Jan-March 1981 The Virginia Genealogist page
46 by John Frederick Dorman.
JOSEPH TERRY. 1.1.8, Halifax Store. British Mercantile
Claims _ 1775 to 1803 noted in Vol. 25, #1, Jan-March 1981
The Virginia Genealogist page 116 by John Frederick Dorman.
                       O o o O o o O
WILLIAM TERRY. He denies the account is just. His estate is
fully sufficient to satisfy.
OLIVER TERRY. He died in North Carolina with estate
sufficient to satisfy all creditors. It is unknown in what
North Carolina county he lived, but probably Caswell.
PETER TERRY. He is able to discharge the claim against him.


MOSES TERRY. He died in Georgia insolvent. Whether he was
insolvent at the close of the war is unknown.
NATHANIEL TERRY. He is solvent.
COL. NATHANIEL TERRY. He died in March 1780 possessed of
sufficient estate to satisfy the debt. His son WILLIAM TERRY
qualified as executor on the state and it is now sufficient
to discharge the claim. The store was kept by John Calder,
factor for Alexr. Spiers, John Bowman & Co., and special
contract was made by Calder and Nathaniel TERRY relative to
the store houses &c where the debt was contracted. TERRY was
to build the store houses and board the store keepers seven
years, for which he was to receive L100 per annum. A
considerable part of the claim was for articles used in
building the houses. The Company had the use of the houses
as long as they continued in that country but the store
keepers did not continue to board with Terry more than two
years. The houses since the departure of Alexr. Spiers, John
Bowman & Co. have been of little or no use to Terry or his
family. Terry always claimed a credit on account of the
contract which has not been allowed him. The executor lives
in Halifax County. British Mercantile Claims _ 1775 to 1803
noted in Vol. 26, #3, July - September 1982 The Virginia
Genealogist page 202 by John Frederick Dorman.
MOSES TERRY. 32.0.0 1/4. Halifax Store. He was insolvent at
the conclusion of the war and has been so ever since.
British Mercantile Claims _ 1775 to 1803 noted in Vol. 26,
#3, July - September 1982 The Virginia Genealogist page 202
by John Frederick Dorman.
DAVID TERRY. 2.16.10 1/2. He died solvent in Pittsylvania.
His estate is very sufficient to pay all his debts. British
Mercantile Claims _ 1775 to 1803 noted in Vol. 26, #3, July
- September 1982 The Virginia Genealogist page 204 by John
Frederick Dorman.
THOMAS BUCKINGHAM. 2.12.9. Died in Tennessee in very good
Circumstances. British Mercantile Claims _ 1775 to 1803
noted in Vol. 26, #4, Oct - Dec 1982 The Virginia
Genealogist page 288 by John Frederick Dorman.
JAMES DANIEL SENR. 0.15.5. Dead. He was always insolvent and
died so.
JAMES DANIEL (son of Richard and Agness (TERRY?) d/o Daniel
and Christian?) 68.11.7 1/2. Died before the conclusion of
the war. He was possessed of a small estate but not
sufficient to satisfy the debt.
WILLIAM DANIEL. 3.0.8. Was insolvent in 1783. Since that he
has removed from Halifax, unknown where.


TERRY DANIEL. 12.5.4 1/2. Lately died solvent. He was always
so to the time of his death. David Daniel is his executor
and is possessed of sufficient estate to satisfy the debt.
WILLIAM DANIEL. 40.4.8 1/4. Is now and always has been
solvent. He lives in Rockingham Co. North Carolina.
RICHARD DANIEL SENR. 75.6.6. Died before the conclusion of
the war, solvent. His estate is now divided among his
several children.
JAMES HILL. 1134.1.8 1/2. Died before 1783 solvent. JOSEPH
TERRY in right of his wife Sarah has administered on his
estate. British Mercantile Claims _ 1775 to 1803 noted in
Vol. 26, #4, Oct - Dec 1982 The Virginia Genealogist page
291 by John Frederick Dorman.
RICHARD DANIEL dec`d. 7.2.7. Died before 1783., solvent.
JAMES DANIEL Jnr. 6.3.10 1/2. Was insolvent in 1783.
                       O o o O o o O
CHARLES BIBB. Louisa Store. Now lives in Louisa, a very poor
man. There has been but little variation in his residence
and circumstances from some period before the peace til the
present. He lives in a cabin which I have lately seen on the
side of the road where he keeps a tippling house which seems
to be his only means of support.
WILLIAM HENRY, Fluvanna. 30.11.3 1/2. Richmond Store. He
died in Fluvanna during the war. He left a very good estate
and the widow but no child. His brother Patrick Henry
administered on his estate and died last year in Charlotte
County. The estate was distributed between the widow and
next of kin during the war and before the peace the widow
removed to Bedford County where she married _______ Holt.
THOMAS KEY, Albemarle. 32.13.5 3/4, open account, Richmond
store. He moved to Georgia about the commencement of the war
in very good circumstances. About eight years ago he was
inspector of tobacco in the town of Augusta and was reputed
to be solvent.
REBECCA BURTON, Fluvanna. 29.2.9 3/4, open account,
Albemarle Store. There were two persons of this name at the
time this debt was contracted, Rebecca Burton, widow of Wm.
Burton, and Rebecca Burton, one of his daughters. The widow
married Michael Thomas of Albemarle County and is since dead
and her husband Michael Thomas has become insolvent since
the peace. The daughter married George Thompson with whom
she removed to Kentucky about 1791. They carried with them a
large estate. They now live near Danville, still reputed
solvent. In the remarks of the creditor it is said Rebecca

Burton married William Henry but it is a mistake; he married
Polly Burton.
                       O o o O o o O
                  Notes from Arlene Terry
                      6434 Larsen Lane
                      Shawnee KS 66203
     I might have found our John M. Terry in 1850 Illinois
Census in Hancock Co.
Timothy TERRY       52        CAN
Elizabeth           37        ENG
John M.             16        CAN
Sarah R.            14        CAN
George T.           12        CAN
Ellen E.            10        IL
Richard S.           6        IL
Eliza E.             1        IL
     Our John M. states in Missouri Census in 1900, he came
to Illinois in 1838. Timothy is still in same place in
Illinois 1880 Census. He states his parents both born in
     Also in 1880 Illinois Census I believe this is
Timothy's son. He lives in Hancock County, born in Canada
and age fits. I was interested in his children's names.
George T. TERRY     42 CAN    CAN  IRE
Elizabeth A.        33 IL     ENG  ENG
Benjamin F.         10
Parshall P.          4
Alice E.             2
Lucy              2/12
     I have information back to Richard b. 1618. Also
"Loyalists in Ontario". Parshall Terry 1756 m. Rhoda Skinner
lists a Timothy. Have yet to prove this line.
     I am still wondering about our dad's story that: John
M. Terry came from Canada to Illinois with two brothers.
Brothers went with a mormon leader to Salt Lake, Utah. John
came to Fairport, Missouri.
                       O o o O o o O


                Submitted by Waunita Powell
                  407 Elm Paris, IL 61944
DD  MM   YY    TERRY                         SPOUSE
24  SEP  1905  TERRY, ADA M.                 KNAPP, JOSEPH P.
29  MAY  1902  TERRY, ADDY L.                CLARK, WM.
03  OCT  1892  TERRY, AMBROSE                HIGGS, MARY
30  NOV  1859  TERRY, CHARLES                HILL, INDIANA
02  MAY  1886  TERRY, CHARLES W.             KING, SARAH E.
27  SEP  1867  TERRY, DAVID                  ROPER, ELLEN
06  SEP  1866  TERRY, DAVID B.               FOROSMAN, NANCY E.
01  APR  1891  TERRY, ED V.                  CALLAGHER, MINNIE E.
29  JUN  1869  TERRY, ELLEN                  BLACKMAN, HENRY
12  AUG  1919  TERRY, EVA M.                 HOLLINSWORTH, ELMER
21  JUN  1915  TERRY, FLORENCE               SMITH, WM. R.
11  SEP  1885  TERRY, FRANCIS                SHANNON, IDA M.
25  DEC  1883  TERRY, FRANCIS M.             MAYWORTH, MARY E.
25  DEC  1883  TERRY, FRANCIS M.             HAYWORTH, MARY E.
26  MAR  1898  TERRY, HENRY E.               STRICKLAND, ELIZAB.
22  APR  1910  TERRY, JAKE E.                ANDREWS, ISABEL M.
06  JAN  1903  TERRY, JOHN                   GORDON, HENRIETTA
12  OCT  1858  TERRY, JOHN C.                ALFORD, ELIZABETH
20  NOV  1919  TERRY, LALIE B.               WHITE, ROBERT L.
01  SEP  1901  TERRY, MANDIE                 ELLSWORTH, SAMUEL
18  APR  1880  TERRY, MARY E.                HODDY, SAMUEL D.
24  JAN  1906  TERRY, MYRTLE M.              AKERS, WM. H.
27  APR  1901  TERRY, ORA                    BROWN, ARMINDA
24  JUN  1899  TERRY, ROLLIE                 HILL, CORA M.
20  APR  1886  TERRY, WM. H.                 SUTHERLAND, JANE
12  JAN  1916  TERRY, ZELMA                  PULLUM, ESTON
                       O o o O o o O
TERRY, Ambrose      C.   25 yr     Nov 30, 1893 Terre Haute
TERRY, Chas. F.     W.   59 yr.    Feb 14, 1887
TERRY, Elizab.      C.   67 yr.    Mar  8, 1906
TERRY, Iora         W.   38 yr.    Dec 31, 1916
TERRY, Julia        C.   11 mo.    Feb 26, 1901
TERRY, Nathan R.    W.   75 yr.    Oct 11, 1913
TERRY, Winnie       W.   36 yr.    Jan 27, 1908
                       O o o O o o O


TERRY, Isaiah       44        NY
       Elizabeth    50        OH
       Nancy Ann    17
TERRY, Rueban       39
       Nancy        02
       John         10
       Sarah        08
       Geo.         06
       Albert       10 months
                       O o o O o o O
              Submitted by Adrian Adams Ricks
G. B. TERRY, 20, of DeAnn to Lucinda Prince, 16, of DeAnn on
5 Nov 1893 by J. W. Biddic, Elder.
Theodore J. TERRY, 30, to Leila A. Hudspeth, 16, on 23 Dec
1884 by John R. Sanders, Deacon MECS. I, as father of Leila
A. Hudspeth consent to her marriage above. (signed) William
G. Hudspeth.
W. S. TERRY, 38, of Hope, to Settie Hargis, 14, of
Washington on 29 Mar 1894 by J. B. Davis.
                       O o o O o o O
TO: To All
FROM: June Johnson
SUBJECT: Virginia Genealogical BBS
     I am announcing a new genealogical bulletin board which
will specialize in Virginia families, Virginia records and
sources. The voice number is 1-703-323-9399, modem/data line
is 1-703-323-5630. The board will operate from 8:00 am -
10:00 pm at 2400 baud rate. If you have any questions,
please call me.  The name is Virginia Genealogical
Research/BBS. In the future there will be a fee for some
levels of this board (library/Archives section...county
record abstracts etc.) Thanks!
June Whitehurst Johnson CG
 * Origin: NGS/CIG (Opus 1:109/650)
                       O o o O o o O


     The 1988 edition of FAMILY PERIODICALS is ready for
distribution. The new edition contains information on 600
one-name publications. There is also a list of the major
newspaper genealogical columns. To obtain your copy, mail
your check for $4.75 (Texans please add 34 cents sales tax)
to: Merle Ganier, 2108 Grace St., Fort Worth TX 76111.
                       O o o O o o O
To let you know our Governor Hunt is planning Alabama Home
Coming for next year -- Maybe we can really have a BIG
reunion in Lawrence County!! Wouldn't it be great to meet
Do you know anyone doing research in Franklin County
Alabama on the Terrys? It adjoins Lawrence Co. AL and in
Annals of N.W. Alabama Vol. III page 174 it lists 5 Terrys
for 1830 Census among the 5 is Sarah aged over 100 -- in
house by herself but same page as Jesse +30 and Moses +50. I
don't think these are mine but be glad to pass info onto
interested person. Juyne T. Lee, Rt. 2, Box 517, Killen AL
                       O o o O o o O
                   KENTUCKY TERRY FAMILY
          I received a letter from Mrs. Louis S. Sipple 1354
Clermontville Laurel Rd., New Richmond OH 45157 indicating
they had done a narrative type newsletter on Terry a family.
In her newsletter she indicates her William Terry settled in
Harrison County KY 1810 and his wife was Polly ________.
Their children were William, Obe, John, James, Thomas, Lewis
and Sarah Terry. The genealogy was researched by the
following persons:
Mrs. Helen B. Sorrell, 439 East Pike St., Cynthiana KY 41031
Mrs. Vivian T. Marx, P.O. Box 126, Cynthiana, KY 41031.
Mrs. Louis Sipple, 1354 Clermontville, Laurel Rd., New
Richmond OH 45157.
     I thought I had seen most Terry families in Kentucky
but this is a new one. William Mills Terry the first son was
born 10 Feb 1817 of Harrison Co. KY and d 20 Feb 1890 bur.
Battle Grove, Cynthiana, KY. He m (1) Mrs. Elizabeth
(Muscelman) Lemmons 22 Dec 1863 m (2) Mary (Molly) A.
Hedgers 19 Mar 1874.
I looked at the Kentucky Marriages I have and there does not
seem to be a match. One son, John Terry, appears in later
records of Hillsborough, Hill Co. TX according to a note by
TFH member Ralph Terry of Coleman, TX. Perhaps he may have
some leads on this family. Does anyone have a lead on this

family? The items in the newsletter contained several
generations past these children but did not pertain to
Terrys directly. Would share the information with those
interested. --- The Editor.
                       O o o O o o O
Stephen TERRY m. Sarah __________
John TERRY m. Priscilla Stokes
Major Stephen TERRY m. Elizabeth Harrison Hill
Dr. Stephen Josephus TERRY m. Martha Suggs
William Suggs TERRY m. Emma Luna McGurik
May Belle TERRY m. Lamar McGuire
Clyde McGuire m. Albert Gregory Thomas
John TERRY Thomas m. Peggy Jean Zube
Peggy Thomas, 1118 Horizon Trail, Richardson TX 75081.
 * Origin: Terry Family Historian 918-224-3224 (Opus
     Question: Stephen TERRY b. Aug 10, 1788 Chester Co. SC
d. Nov 15, 1866 Atlanta GA m. Elizabeth Hill July 4, 1809
Fairfield Co. SC. Stephen frequently referred to as Major.
Honorary title? War of 1812? Peggy Thomas, 1118 Horizon
Trail, Richardson TX 75081.
--- * Origin: Terry Family Historian 918-224-3224 (Opus
Need parents any info for Larkin Robert Thomas b. 1810
Nelson Co. VA d. 1869 Orange Co. TX m. 1835 Louisiana Mary
Ann Moss b. 189 d. 1888. Larkin to TX before 1837. Will
exchange info. Peggy Thomas, 1118 Horizon Trail, Richardson
TX 75081.
--- * Origin: Terry Family Historian 918-224-3224 (Opus
Need proofs Baldwin, White parents, descendants, any info.
Amos Baldwin b. June 7, 1779 Ct. d. Bridgwater, Oneida NY m.
1807 CT Sally White b. ca. 1786 Hartford CT. Amos parents
Ziba Baldwin and Amy Brown ? Peggy Thomas, 1118 Horizon
Trail, Richardson TX 75081.
--- * Origin: Terry Family Historian 918-224-3224 (Opus


Any info on parents, history of John G. Brown b. ca. 1834 or
wife Sarah Moffitt Johnson b. 1831. Sons Isom b. 1865 and
Robert b. 1874 (all born TN). In Ozark Co. 1880 MO census.
To Texas 1895. John had Masonic funeral. Peggy Thomas, 1118
Horizon Trail, Richardson TX 75081.
--- * Origin: Terry Family Historian 918-224-3224 (Opus
HELP! Dead End. Need any info on Molly Mary Depew b. March
26, 1889 Harris Co. TX d. Sep 17, 1960 Coriscana TX m.
Edward Albert Zube 1905. Peggy Thomas 1118 Horizon Trail,
Richardson TX 75081.
--- * Origin: Terry Family Historian 918-224-3224 (Opus
                       Terry Line of
                    Charles David Terry
           105 Redland Lane, Palestine TX 75801.
I definitely know that my lineage is as follows:
1.   TERRY, Charles David b  Tulsa, OK 9 Dec 1922; r
     Palestine, TX.
2.   TERRY, Charles Wilburn b  Norman, OK 12 Dec 1893 d  26
     Apr 1955; m (?);
3.   STOWELL, Edith Alma b (?); d (?).
4.   TERRY, John Wilburn b  KY 27 Sep 1863; d  17 Apr 1933;
     m (?);
5.   TEAGUE, Katherine b (?); d (?).
8.   TERRY, Morgan Green b  VA ca 1834 d  ??; m 23 Jun
9.   SANGER, Mary E. b 22 Jun 1839 VA; d 28 Sep 1873,
     Grayson Co. KY.
*The marriage certificate was signed by A. and Susan TERRY,
C. and Mary Sanger. They were listed as parents of the
couple, although Susan was not the mother of Morgan G.
TERRY. Aaron and Susan married in 1848, and could not have
been married long enough to have had a child old enough to
be married. Hardin Co. KY marriage records, Book C. Source:


Terry and Allied Families, Vol. II by Frances Terry Ingmire,
page 94.
16.  TERRY, Aaron B. b  7 Dec 1783, Botetourt Co. VA; d
     15 Feb 1873, Hardin Co. KY; m (1) 21 Nov 1804
     Montgomery Co. VA; [m. (2) 17 Feb 1848 Montgomery Co.
     VA Susan SMITH.]
17.  WINTERS, Mary Elizabeth b (?), VA?; d 1832, Hardin Co.
32.  TERRY, Josiah  b 12 Apr 1775, Botetourt Co. VA; d after
     1839; m ca 1775, VA;
33.  LLOYD, Mary b (?); d 27 Apr 1844, Green Co. IL, age
     87Y, 6M, 11 D.
64.  TERRY, Jasper  b (?); d (?)
65.  MORRISON, Mary b (?); d (?)
128.  TERRY, William  b (?)
129.  ________, Rachiel d (?)
     I am not sure who Morgan Green Terry's father was, but
I think it was Aaron B. TERRY from VA b  7 Dec 1783 d  15
Feb 1873. I have not been able to prove that Aaron was
Morgan Green's father.
     Morgan Green TERRY's wife died while they were in
Kentucky. I have seen this grave and visited several
cemeteries in this area the last couple of weeks. After she
died, Morgan Green TERRY moved to Shawnee, OK. I understand
he is buried near that area. My grandfather John W. TERRY
lived in McCloud and is buried in Shawnee.
P.S. I was born and raised in Tulsa. My mother used to
operate Terry's Old Book Store, 6 N. Main, Tulsa. It has now
been torn down.
FROM: Bob Mosher
SUBJECT: Terry Connection
     Don't know if this is of interest or not, but I found
one reference to TERRY in a WILSON family history.
     Rev. John WILSON (7th generation) born 31 May 1686,
married 25 May 1711 Margaret HALL.  Rev. John WILSON died in
1713 and Margaret married 2nd on 25 Oct 1719: Rev. Samuel
TERRY, born Enfield, CT, 26 Mar 1690, son of Samuel and
Hannah (MORGAN) TERRY.  Rev. Samuel TERRY was "a graduate of
Harvard College in 1710, minister at Barrington, R.I., 1718-
1726, who preached at Uxbridge, Mass., in 1728 and was
schoolmaster at Mendon in 1733."

Reference: Ancestry and Descendants of Rev. John Wilson of
Boston, Mass. by Joseph Gardner Bartlett, NEHGS 1907.  The
first Rev. John Wilson (1588-1667, 4th generation) was my
* Origin: The Computer Station - Hawaii (808) 942-2508 (Opus
FROM: Howard Burns
     In my records I show a John TERRY wed Minnie Lee Jones,
daughter of Leander Judson JONES (1861-   ) and Lucindy
Brown. Leander was the son of John Judson JONES and Nancy
HAMRICK. Any relation to you?
---  * Origin: Terry Family Historian 918-224-3224 (Opus
FROM: David Lowndes
SUBJECT: Swindon Wiltshire England
     I don't know if there is a node near there, but Swindon
is indeed a town in the county of Wiltshire. It's a few
miles north of Stonehenge and about 80 miles due west of
--- v1.36 * Origin: ROOTS-BBS (125/30)
FROM: Sonia Hetherington
     Mike, I got some info from a TERRY about a year ago and
just came across it. I don't remember if I sent it to you or
not. Anyway, it is from Jerry TERRY Rt. 1 box 12, Crowley,
TX 76036. Jerry has a twin brother Jack. They were born 1
Apr. 1941. Their parents were Estelle and Sam TERRY.
Grandfather William Samuel TERRY b. Ga; Great Grandfather
George Brewer TERRY b. SC; and Great Great Grandfather
William TERRY b. Ireland.
--- * Origin: The Inside Track Edition, Plano TX (Line 1)
(Opus 1:124/102)
FROM: Terry Allen
     After looking at some of your message traffic, it
appears that you may have some information on my Terry
connection.  I am interested in finding about Susanna TERRY

(abt 1800 in Charlotte, Va), her father Dabney TERRY (abt
1766 of Charlotte & married to Frances Hailey), and her
grandfather, George TERRY (abt 1731 and also of Charlotte).
     Also, I noted some information about a "Terry Family
Historian" with a phone number.  Is that a bulletin board
 * Origin: Family Skeletons BBS, Fountain Valley, CA (714-
964-4401) (Opus 1:103/
              Terry Line of Adrian Adams Ricks
1    ADAMS, Adrian, b 1940, Dallas, TX; m Jim RICKS, b 1941
     Brady, TX.
2    ADAMS, Henry Alston Jr., b 1907, Longview, TX; d 1984,
          Dallas, TX; m. (?)
3    HUGHES, Rubye b 1907, Grandview, TX; d 1985, Dallas,
4    ADAMS, Henry Alston Sr., b 1881, Elderville, TX; d
          1913, Hawkins, TX; m (?).
5    TERRY, Allie, b Aug 1890, Longview, TX; d 1971.,
          Dallas, TX.
10   TERRY, James Littleton Hill, b ca May 1864, Gilmer, TX;
          d 1924, Colorado Springs, CO; m Dec 1884.
11   POWELL, Mary Effie, b ca Dec 1870, TX; d 23 Apr 1942.
20   TERRY, James Littleton, b 28 Oct 1831, DeKalb Co. GA; d
          Jun 1917, Harrison Co. TX; m 3 Apr 1851, DeKalb
          Co. GA.
21   MEDLOCK, Martha Margaret Ann, b 31 Jan 1835, Gwinnett
          Co. GA; d 11 Dec 1893, Harrison Co. TX.
40   TERRY, Stephen Maj., b 10 Aug 1788, Chester Co. SC; d
          15 Nov 1866, Fulton Co. GA; m 4 Jul 1809,
          Fairfield Co. SC.
41   HILL, Elizabeth Harrison, b 29 Jan 1793, Fairfield Co.
     SC; d 3 Dec 1838, DeKalb Co. GA.
80   TERRY, John W., b 27 Apr 1752, VA/SC; d 12 Apr 1834,
          Chester Co. SC; m 16 Feb 1776, VA/SC #36; m 21 Dec
          1779, VA/SC.
81   STOKES, Pricilla, b Nov 1763, SC?; d ca 1849, Chester
          Co. SC.
160  TERRY, Stephen, b ca 1700, VA; d 19 Dec 1769, Craven
          Co. SC; m ca 1751, VA?
161  ____________, Sarah, b (?), VA; d 4 May 1765, Craven
          Co. SC.


     Have rec'd several pages of information of DAVIS
families of Granville Co. NC and Caroline Co. VA. The
christian name Gideon occurs quite frequently as well as
Absolum and Augustine. Absolem DAVIS b. 1714 d. 1807 Elbert
Co. GA m. Anne Hackney dau. of William Hackney. Children
ended up in Wilkes Co. GA as did several TERRY families. Any
interest contact this BBS or Mrs. Leslie Watson Box 32, Site
2, RR 8 Calgary, ALTA Canada T2J2T9. Postage is 39 cents per
 * Origin: Terry Family Historian BBS 918-224-3224 (Opus
     Don and I found a probate court record in Lowndes Co.
MS for Eli Watson the father of James Eli Watson [m. Mary
Elizabeth Hill TERRY of Union Co. AR]. Eli was a brother of
Finis Watson. Eli being born 18 Mar 1799 KY d. ca. 5 Jul
1847 in Lowndes Co. MS. His wife was Mary _____ b. 1 Aug
1799 NC d. 26 Jul 1863 Union Co. AR bur. New London Cemetery
Union Co. Ar. They were m. ca. 1823 don't know where.
Children: William R. Watson, Malcom Bert Watson, James Eli
Mrs. Donald J. Watson, 7611 Northwest 26, Bethany OK 73008.
 * Origin: Terry Family Historian 918-224-3224 (Opus
                     Mrs. Leslie Watson
                     Box 32 Site 2 RR 8
                       Calgary, Alta.
                       T2J 2T9 Canada
                     November 27, 1987
Robert M. Terry
P.O. Box 1661 [1]
Sapulpa OK 74067
Dear Mr. Terry,
     Have seen your ad's in the Genealogical Helper Magazine
many times and have decided to take a chance and write to
you about a little problem I have. It concerns an unknown
TERRY who married a Ceriah or Seriah or Cheriah DAVIS,
daughter of Richard DAVIS. Richard seems to have lived
either all or most of his life in Caroline Co. VA but lucky
for me he went to Granville Co. N.C. where he died and left
a will. (Had he died in Caroline Co. no will would exist

today). He died in Oct. 1761 and Ceriah was already married
but her husbands Christian name is not mentioned.
     With you being a TERRY Historian I am hoping you have
run across this group and can perhaps help me out. My main
interest is the DAVIS line but I would like to know who the
daughters married.
     As son of Richard DAVIS, Absolom, named a daughter
Chiriah and a son Joseph Terry DAVIS. This might be a clue
but I haven't been able to find anything conclusive.
     If you can help me out, I would very much appreciate
the information.
                                   Leslie Watson
[1] Jay, This is a copy of the letter from Mrs. Watson. I
think it is significant because of the inability to read the
signature of the 14th child's name in Richard DAVIS's will
and the mention of Augustine's child as Joseph Terry DAVIS.
Researchers attempting to connect Benjamin & Elizabeth IRBY
TERRY or James and Diana ROYALL TERRY with earlier
generations may find this information from Henrico Co. VA
records helpful. About 1687 William IRBY married the widow
of Richard MASCALL and daughter of John MAIDEN. Mrs.
Katherine ISHAM, of Henrico, whose first husband was Joseph
ROYALL, in her will dated 1687, gives a legacy to her
grandson Maiden MASCALL. Replies to Mike Terry, Terry Family
Historian, Box 1661, Sapulpa OK 74067 or this BBS.
 * Origin: Terry Family Historian 918-224-3224 (Opus
170388  SUBJECT: Speaking Strine...
TO: Ray Kennelly
FROM: Simon Blears
What a bonzer bloke! Dinkum! Are you an ocker? Even though
I'm not dinki-di, even if I'm a pom, May I shout you a
drink? Okay, lets waltz matilda to the billabong!  Regards
Ray of K
I don't believe it. Simon....
--- ConfMail V3.31
 * Origin: "Is it Friday yet?" - Lightning (Perth, Oz)


Interested in James Saunders of NC, Martins of Fairfield
Dist. SC, Royalls of VA, Powell of SC. Terrys in Abbeville
Dist. SC, Muscogee Co. GA. Mr. W. F. "Frank" Martin, 736
West Lake Wales Rd. South, Lake Wales FL 33853 or this
 * Origin: Terry Family Historian 918-224-3224 (Opus
TO: Samual Duffield
FROM: Phyllis Rogers
Do you have any information on the following: Thomas
DUFFIELD married 23 Jan 1789 Augusta Co VA, Ann CHESNUT,
born ca 1770 Augusta Co VA, daughter of John CHESNUT Rev War
Capt and Patience GUMM. Reply via NGC or write: Mrs. Phyllis
Weaver Rogers, 2945 S.W. 22nd Avenue,  Apartment #103 Delray
Beach, FL 33445-7825
--- v1.36 * Origin: The COMMSOFT BBS (415) 967-6730 --
Mountain View, CA (143/26)
Interested in James Saunders of NC, Martins of Fairfield
Dist. SC, Royalls of VA, Powell of SC. Terrys in Abbeville
Dist. SC, Muscogee Co. GA. Mr. W. F. "Frank" Martin, 736
West Lake Wales Rd. South, Lake Wales FL 33853 or this
 * Origin: Terry Family Historian 918-224-3224 (Opus
210388 SUBJECT: Re: Fraternal Organizations
TO: Yvonne Weber
FROM: Joyce Hibberts
Yvonne, K of P probably means Knights of Pythias.  Bremer's
COMPENDIUM lists their headquarters as: Supreme Lodge
Knights of Pythias, Pythian Building, Room 201, 47 North
Grant, Stockton, CA  95202.  By writing to them, you may be
able to garner a lot of information about your ancestor as
many of these organizations maintained life insurance plans
as well as their organizational records.  Their obits are
valuable info sources also.  Hope this helps, Joyce.
 * Origin: Indian Wells Valley BBS (Opus 1:103/701)


I have my line one Mary (Polly) Terry whose marriage bond is
dated 8 Apr 1819 Stephen Yates in Pittsylvania Co. VA. The
bond was between Stephen Yates and David Terry and was for
his intermarriage with Polly Terry. I have located them in
the 1850 census, that saying that Mary was  50, indicating a
birth of about 1800. However, I located a book published by
Betha P. (Yeatts) Faust on the Yates Family History. On page
172, I quote relating to marriages: "Jan 5, 1799 David Terry
and Littica Nash, Bondsman Tarpley Yeats, Parents John and
Anna Nash (Their daughter Polly (Mary) Terry married Stephen
Yates 8 Apr 1819)". She further states in her book that Mary
Terry was born 1 Dec 1796 and died 29 July 1876. This not
only conflicts with the census data, but also would indicate
illegitimacy. I would appreciate any help you can give. Sue
Anne Buck Stice, P.O. Box 774196, Eagle River AK 99577.
Mike, for months now I have read your messages regarding the
TERRY family in the Southeastern states. It never dawned on
me until a couple of days ago that one of my relatives
married a TERRY. My Great Aunt, Francis "Fannie" Elizabeth
SANFORD, married Milton Theophilus SINGLETON. They had a
daughter named Myrtle Rene SINGLETON who married Addison
Dennis TERRY Jr. b. 1/1/1907 and d. in March, 1985. They
lived in Montgomery, AL where Myrtle still resides. Have you
ever run across a TERRY by that name? David Mccarley
--- v1.36 * Origin: StarScan (sm) - Montgomery, AL - 205-
279-7313 (Fido tm) (18/21)
Wealthy Terry b. 1786 or 1787 CT. She m Manassah Eaton.
They removed to NY state.
Mary Terry b. 6 Mar 1758 Simsbury, CT m Simsbury CT to
Benjamin Lamson b. 22 Oct 1756. They removed to NY State.
Penelope Terry b. CT? m Henry Chandler moved to VT. Their
daughter Penelope Chandler m Harden Burnap/Burnett ca. 1800.
The ancestors of the above Terry Families may connect. John
Hundley, 214 Cedar St., Wayandotte MI 48192.
Seeking information about William Gooch, Sr. who married
Keziah Ann Hart. William was born circa 1739 in Hanover Co.,
VA and died Dec. 22, 1802 in Caswell Co., NC.  Keziah Ann
Hart is believed to be the daughter of Thomas Hart and
Susannah Rice.  Any information relating to these
individuals will be appreciated.  Please reply via EchoMail
or write to: Tony Rockefeller; 2547 East 3rd Street; Tulsa,
OK 74104-1911.  Thanks.

 * Origin: Terry Family Historian 918-224-3224 (Opus


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