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Editor's note: I'm still thinking about what to write  by Mike Terry
Mercy Terry Harrison of Botetourt Co. Virgiania by David Travillion Bunton
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Editor's note: I'm still thinking about what to write


I've procrastinated long enough. So here is what I have for the month of June. The grandsons are visiting from out of town and I have started working on the Church of the Good Shepherd Episcopal web page here in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.


by David Travillion Bunton

613 South Commerce Ave
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Mercy Terry, born 1760's, was the daughter of William and Rachel Terry of Botetourt Co, Virginia. Deed/Court records of the estate of William Terry (died 1803) from May 18, 1808 reveal that Mercy was one of his eight children: "Mercy Terry, wife of Jonathan Harrison, [received] her 1/8 share in her father William's estate." (Source: SR 9-597, May 18, 1808).

The children of William and Rachel Terry were: William (married Patience); John born 1760 (married Esther Brown); Miles (married Hannah Horton); Susannah (married Thomas Brown); Mercy (married Jonathan Harrison); Jasper (married Ruth. 2 Margaret Snidow); Rachel (married John Martin); Jemima (married Ezekial Boucher).

An outline of the family has been previously provided by George A. Terry in his article "The Terry's of Scott County, TN" which appeared in Vol 4 No 3 (Sept 1985) of the Terry Family Historian.

At the present time, I have little information on Mercy Terry and Jonathan Harrison, except that they had a son Elisha Harrison, born 1780's, probably Virginia or NC, who removed to Madison County, Kentucky where he married on 28 August 1805 to Ifa "Sookotosh" Baker, born 8 Aug 1790 in NC, the daughter of John "Renta" Baker.Elisha and Ifa Baker Harrison raised their family of twelve in Madison and Estill Counties, Ky. Elisha died in Estill Co. in 1848, and Ifa Baker Harrison died in 1866 at the home of her son William Canady Harrison, the writer's great-great-grandfather.

Their children were:

1. John Baker Harrison born 10 April 1807 Madison County, Ky; married first Sarah Brockman 29 July 1832 Madison Co, Ky dau of Shelton and Ellender Baker Brockman married second Catharine A. Rogers 25 Mar 1858 Jackson Co,Ky died 20 Feb 1888 Sand Gap, Jackson Co, Ky

2. Jonathan Harrison born 10 March 1808 Madison Co, Ky married Mary Ann Lakes 28 March 1837 Estill Co, Ky

3. George Harrison born ca 1809 Madison Co, Ky married Rachel Isaacs 3 March 1831 Clay Co, Ky dau of James and Nancy Isaacs

4. Susannah Harrison born 22 March 1811 Ky married Peter E Gabbard 22 Oct 1831Clay Co, Ky son of Henry Gabbard

5. Thomas Harrison born 23 May 1813 Madison Co, Ky married Lucinda Lakes 15 Sept 1836 Estill Co, Ky dau of Carter Lakes and Eady Skinner

6. Polly Harrison born ? married Bazel Lee Abrams on 27 Nov 1832 Madison Co, Ky

7. Alitha Harrison born 1816 Ky married John Westley Gabbard 21 Dec 1841 Madison Co, Ky son of Edward Gabbard and Sarah Bowman

8. Nancy Jane Harrison born 1822 Estill Co, Ky married Greenbury Lakes 31 Jan 1839 Estill Co, Ky died 15 April 1858 Madison Co, Ky

9. Elisha H. Harrison born 1 Dec 1823 Estill Co, Ky married Delilah Lakes 29 April 1849 Estill Co, Ky dau of Carter Lakes & Eady Skinner died 19 April 1895 Madison Co, Ky

10. Nathaniel M. Harrison born 1825 Estill Co, Ky married Sally Ann Gabbard 22 Feb 1845 Madison Co, Ky dau of Edward Gabbard & Sarah Bowman

11. William Canady Harrison born 1 Nov 1827 Estill Co, Ky married Elizabeth Gentry Gabbard 11 Dec 1849 Madison Co, Ky dau of Edward Gabbard & Sarah Bowman died 29 Dec 1892 Bidville, Crawford Co, Arkansas

12. Sally Ann Harrison born 1833 married Elisha Isaacs 4 Nov 1852 Estill Co, Ky son of Godfrey Isaacs & Elizabeth Howard

It is important to have record of Mercy Terry's grandchildren (children of Elisha Harrison) to understand Terry family connections   given in an old letter kept within the Harrison family. In 1930 a  daughter of John Baker Harrison (listed above, born 1807) named Rosanna "Rose" Harrison Carpenter, wrote of the family to her cousin, Mrs. John L. (Nora Burdette) Gay of Berea, Ky, a granddaughter of Elisha H. Harrison (listed above, born 1823).

Rose Harrison Carpenter, born 1864, writes:

....."Yes, my father and your grandpa were brothers, their father's name was Elisha [Harrison]. They first settled as they called it in those days North Carolina, came from North Carolina to Tennessee, from Tennessee to Kentucky. Their grandfather was Jonathan [Harrison], their great-grandfather was Elias [Harrison], their father was buried in Jackson County, Kentucky, not far from McKee....their grandmother Harrison was a Terry. I have heard father speak of a second cousin, Joseph Terry, he lived somewhere in Madison County--he named one of his sons for him. Their grandmother Baker was a Terrill, I don't know how the name was spelled, it may have been Phirrill....

Rose Harrison Carpenter

The 1850 Madison Co, Ky Census enumerates the family of the above mentioned Joseph Terry, who married Minerva Stephenson in Madison County, Ky on 11 Oct 1852. This same Joseph Terry is identified as the son of Nancy Thomas and Josiah Terry, who separated in 1814 and were divorced in 1828 Wayne Co, Ky. The Madison County, Ky Court Order Book E, page 122 records an indenture made to bind out Joseph and his brother William Terry, the children of Nancy Terry, to William Bently to learn the tanning business. In his article "The Terry's of Scott Co, TN," George A. Terry has identified Joseph Terry's father Josiah as the son of John Terry (born 1760 married Esther Brown). This John Terry is the brother of Mercy Terry Harrison. Aside from information concerning the Terry family, research by Ran Raider of Dayton, Ohio, has concluded that the other grandmother referred to by Rose Carpenter was most likely Elizabeth Terrill, wife of John Renta Baker, and niece of the Long Hunter, Obadiah Terrill. The Rose Harrison Carpenter letter together with court records and extant family records confirm that Elisha Harrison of Madison Co & Estill Co, Ky and Josiah Terry of Anderson County, TN--Wayne Co, Ky--Scott Co, TN, were first cousins, grandchildren of William and Rachel Terry of Botetourt Co, Virginia.

I will include my lineage on a separate email...David Bunton


J Carr [ffejlny@worldnet.att.net]

I have an Agnes Terry who is supposed to be born about 1752 and married to a George Fisk KEESEE.

I have seen on your web page that the Terrys and Keesees lived in the same county in VA, namely Pittsylvania. A cousin found some evidence that her father is a Champness Terry. In checking your web page, I cannot connect her to the Champness' there.

If she is the daughter of Champness who moved to SC, she is too old. She definitely cannot be the daughter of his son! Is there another one in the county that I missed?

Jeff Carr

researching Carr, Daly, Gibbs, Hale, Killian, McCammon, McKnight, Merrill, Moore, Mundine, Smith, Thompson, Tuckwood, Walker, Wallace, Wheeler and Aux lines.


David T. Bunton
for Terry Family Historian

The following is contributed by David Travillion Bunton, 613 South Commerce Ave., Russellville, AR 72801 travillion@hotmail.com

1. David Travillion Bunton private

2. Clyde J. Bunton private 

3. Roberta Lydia Elia Shepherd private

6. James Elisha "Eli" Shepherd born 29 July 1892 Bidville, Crawford Co, Ark. died 21 March 1977 Van Buren, Crawford Co, Arkansas married 21 July 1917 Crawford Co, Ark

7. Bertha Emiline Wood born 10 Sept 1895 St.Paul, Madison Co, Ark (dau of John Freeman Wood & Lydia Alice Hawkins) died 24 March 1935 Bidville, Crawford Co, Ark

12. Wesley Uriah Shepherd born 8 March 1855 Crawford Co, Ark (son of Rev William Silas Shepherd & Sarah Jane Peters) died 29 April  1907 Bidville, Crawford Co, Ark married 3 May 1879 Crawford Co, Ark

13. Eliza Jane Harrison born 28 March 1858 Jackson Co, Ky died 1 July 1932 Bidville, Crawford Co, Ark

26. William Canady Harrison born 1 Nov 1827 Estill Co, Ky died 29 Dec 1892 Bidville, Crawford Co, Ark married 11 Dec 1849 Madison Co, Ark

27. Elizabeth Gentry Gabbard born 23 April 1833 Clay Co, Ky (dau of Edward  Gabbard & Sarah Bowman) died 15 April 1908 Locust Grove, Oklahoma

52. Elisha Harrison born 1780's VA or NC died 1848 Estill Co, Ky married 28 Aug 1805 Madison Co, Ky

53. Ifa Sookotosh Baker born 8 Aug 1790 NC (dau of John Renta Baker & Elizabeth Terrill) died 1866 Jackson Co, Ky at home of William Canady Harrison

104. Jonathan Harrison born est 1750's or 1760's

105. Mercy Terry born est 1760's died after 1808

210. William Terry born ca 1724 died 1803 Botetourt Co, Va married
3 Feb 1759 Botetourt Co, Va

211. Rachel Marson

From:    H.Corrigan [hc4@home.com]
Sent:    Sunday, April 18, 1999 10:50 AM
Subject:    Thomas Terry - SC


Looking for line of Thomas Terry b. abt 1750. W#1 Nancy Harrison - W#2 Rebecca Ann McDowell. Children of Thomas & Rebecca: Mary, John McDowell, Jabez, Asbury, Rebecca, Gaston, Charles W., Hannah, Pamalia and Thomas, Jr. My line out of Asbury and wife #2 Winnford E.Gradon.  Asbury born in Greenville District SC 13 Oct 1800, died in Tippah Co. MS 17 Sept 15 1850.

Have info to share.

Hugh Corrigan
3809 Shenandoah St.
Dallas, TX 75205

From:   Greg Politte DragonHeart3@email.msn.com
Sent:    Friday, May 07, 1999 3:41 PM
To:       mike.terry@terry-family-historian.com
Subject:    Parents of William S. Terry



I'm looking for the parents of William S. Terry was born in Tenn. abt 1830 married Milly A. Dickens in Faulkner Co. Ark abt 1849. On the Ark. 1880 census they listed that his mother was born in Ireland and his father was born in England. I think they may have been William & Sarah Terry. Can you confirm this or help me find them? my mother, aunt, several other relatives have searching for several years but still haven't out.

Thanks G. Politte

From:    JAGWEST@aol.com
Sent:    Saturday, April 17, 1999 1:26 PM
To:       mike.terry@terry-family-historian.com

Subject:    TERRY family info

1 WEST, Jan Elizabeth HUTCHISON, b 16 Oct 1953, Lamar Co. TX; r Tarrant Co. TX.

2 HUTCHISON, James Manson, b 5 Jul 1926, Brown Co. TX; r Lamar Co. TX; m 3 Sept 1950, Lamar Co. TX:
3 JOHNSON, Betty Jean , b 22 Oct 1928, Lamar Co. TX; d 22 Jul 1987, Tarrant Co. TX.

4 HUTCHISON, Manson Raymond, b 22 Nov 1905, Lamar Co. TX; d 17 May 1994, Lamar Co. TX; m 26 Sep 1925, Dallas Co. TX:
5 GOREE, Mabel Fender, b 27 Oct 1907, Grayson Co. TX; d 6 Apr 1993, Lamar Co. TX.

8 HUTCHISON, Authur Raymond, b 18 Jul 1879, Lamar Co. TX; d 16 Sep 1962, Lamar Co. TX; m 9 Nov 1902, Lamar Co. TX:
9 TERRY, Mattie Ardenia, b 26 Nov 1885, Lamar Co. TX; d 28 Aug 1972, Hale Co. TX.

16 TERRY, Hugh McClure, b 1 Mar 1832, GA; d ? Jan 1919, Lamar Co. TX; m 20 Oct 1876, Lamar Co. TX.
17 JEFFUS, Martha A., b 9 Feb 1841, MS; d 8 Feb 1919, Lamar Co. TX.

32 TERRY, Green Berry Hill, b 8 Nov 1810, SC; d 22 Mar 1848, Union Co. AR; m ca 1831:
33 GILL, Eleanor "Ellen", b 20 Jan 1811, SC; d 5 Oct 1861, Union Co. AR.

Cousin Mike,

As you can see, I'm descendent from the Hugh McClure TERRY and second wife, Martha A. JEFFUS line. (any info you might have on Martha would leave me indebted to you forever. Had gotten back to GBH TERRY and Eleanor GILL and then nothing, not much on them but: 1840 GA Census, birth and death dates in Cemeteries Union County, Arkansas Book 3 and info under G. W. TERRY listing in Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas. Any other info and sources would be greatly appreciated. Could never find Ellen and children on 1850 AR Census. (
Note: I think they were with her brother Robert Gill -- Mike Terry, Editor).

Do you have that info or know where they were in 1850 after GBH died? Have the 1860 AR Census, but have no linking proof that Hugh McClure was their son..... Sources for info on earlier part of line would be of great help also.

I have a group photo (as well as other TERRY family photos) of TERRY family ca 1901, with Hugh, Martha, and many children and grandchildren, including your g grandfather George William w/wife Elsie STEEL and children Irene and Clark. I have Frank as a child of George W and Elsie. Didn't know the name of his first wife, but only had H. Clark as a son from that marriage. Also have a newspaper clipping from 1952 on "George TERRY, 87, Enjoys Puttering in the Kitchen," and two obits for George from 1959, one from Paris Morning News, and the other probably the Deport paper. Let me know if you need copies, will be happy to send. (Sure would like that group photo with names. Look at my descendants of Stephen Terry. It should help you straighten them out.)

Thank you so much for the jump start, didn't know where I'd go next.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Jan West

From:    Jean Terry [jterry10@earthlink.net]
Sent:    Saturday, April 17, 1999 2:49 PM
To:       mike.terry@terry-family-historian.com

Subject:    Friend Terry


Looking for information on Friend Terry, I think Friend S. Terry and Friend L. Terry is the same person. Friend S. Terry married Nancy Corder in Pittslyvania in 1824 and Friend L. Terry married Emily Rowe in 1836. I understand that Friend S. Terry parents are Judith Crawford Terry and Charles Terry. I would appreciate any information. Thank you, Jean Terry

From:    Jenny Swanner-Terry [luvgwife@gte.net]
Sent:    Thursday, April 15, 1999 1:51 PM
To:    TERRY-L@rootsweb.com
Subject:    Terry's in OR and WA


I am desperately trying to find info on my husband's G-grandfather, Duane Roswell Terry b. 1872 Baker OR d. 6/26/1904 Olympia WA (drowning) He m. Margaret M. Hayes b. 10/17/1873 IN d. 6/7/1958 d/o Dr Richard M Hayes and Elizabeth ?

My understanding is that Duane and Elizabeth Hayes-Terry were missionaries. I have absolutely no knowledge of Duane's parents, but family discussions say that Duane's family "may have come from" CA. I too understand that Duane's mama and grandmother may have been born in OR themselves, but that doesn't help much without a name.

The number of children they had I am uncertain. one sister and then my husband's grandfather Duane Roswell Terry II b. 10/7/1904 Olympia, Thurston Co. WA

In a letter I have, I am told to look for "Aunt Jean Snyder" and cousin Richard Terry Bell both of whom lived in Corvallis OR in the first decade of the century. Possibly Jean may have been the sister, but I do not know for certain. There is also a note about an Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Paul Snyder who too were presbyterian missionaries in China before retiring to Spokane WA. I have also found in the same cemetery as Duane the I a Ella Beatrice b 1893 d. 5/9/1932. Don't know if that is a relation.

Also to note was that there had been a Judge Terry in CA who our Uncle had met a descendant of. He states that his direct line of descent never left CA, but my husband's uncle claims that there was an striking resemblance to his brother, 20 years younger..... who knows.

This is all I have. HELP from ANYONE is greatly appreciated.

From:    Jim [jabelo@redshift.com]
Sent:    Sunday, April 11, 1999 1:40 PM
To:       mike.terry@terry-family-historian.com

Subject:    E-mail address


Hi Mike--my address is jabelo@redshift.com, my wife is the grand daughter of Andrew Jackson Terry, born in 1843 Chester Co SC, raised in De Kalb Co. GA. Joined Confederate forces in 1862, was trained as a millwright and resided in San Francisco CA in 1893 when he was killed while traveling in the American South West.l

From:    Jim Sturges [jsturges@erols.com]
Sent:     Sunday, April 11, 1999 1:34 PM
To:       mike.terry@terry-family-historian.com
Subject:    TERRY line


Sorry about your drive! Can't remember if I ever "registered with you, but Here's my line:

Direct Descendants of Thomas Terry

1 Thomas Terry
. +Mary Harrison
2 William Terry b: 1761 in SC d: in GA
... +Mary Elizabeth Gideon b: 1767 in GA
3 James Gideon Terry b: November 1799 in NC d: September 1889 in Kemper County, MS
.... +M. Selah Priddy b: December 07, 1806 in TN d: August 10, 1867 in Kemper County, MS
.. 4 John Terry b: September 26, 1825 in Kemper County, MS d: May 1895 in Kemper County, MS
...... +Mary McDonald b: September 1829 in Kemper County, MS d: January 1902 in Kemper County, MS
... 5 Daniel W. Terry b: November 1854 in Kemper County, MS d: January 1927 in Meridian, MS
....... +Laura Jane Smith b: September 1857 in Kemper County, MS d: July 1916 in Meridian, MS
.... 6 Frances Amanda Terry b: May 16, 1881 in DeKalb, MS d: September 03, 1962 in Dothan, AL
........ +Theodore Wilton Sturges b: December 06, 1876 in Meridian, Lauderdale, MS d: January 15, 1955 in Dothan, AL
...... 7 Wilton Sturges, Jr. b: March 28, 1910 in Meridian, Lauderdale, MS d: November 24, 1989 in Dothan, Alabama
.......... +Willie Pearl Williams b: December 21, 1911 in Valdosta, Georgia
....... 8 James Walter Sturges b: July 01, 1945 in Dothan, Houston County, Alabama
....... 8 Wilton Sturges III b: July 21, 1935 in Dothan, Houston, AL
...... 7 Alice Augusta Sturges b: February 19, 1906 in Meridian, Lauderdale, MS d: 1996 in Dothan, Houston, AL
...... 7 Frances Terry Sturges b: January 23, 1908 in Meridian, Lauderdale, MS
...... 7 Ruth Elizabeth Sturges b: April 16, 1917 in Meridian, Lauderdale, MS
...... 7 Laura Jane Sturges b: September 22, 1914 in Meridian, Lauderdale, MS d: 1993 in Ft. Walton Beach, FL
.... 6 Madie Terry b: Abt. 1887 d: in Guntersville, AL
.... 6 Claude Terry b: Abt. 1887
.. 4 Richard Terry b: January 21, 1827 in Ala
.. 4 William Terry b: November 10, 1828 d: July 26, 1897
.. 4 James H. Terry b: May 21, 1830 in Ala
.. 4 Susan Terry b: January 11, 1832 in MS
.. 4 Thomas J. Terry b: November 06, 1833 in MS
.. 4 Charles W. Terry b: April 18, 1835 in MS
.. 4 Nancy Jane Terry b: March 29, 1837 in MS
.. 4 Mary J. Terry b: January 27, 1838 in MS
.. 4 Joseph W. Terry b: April 05, 1840 in MS d: July 20, 1866
.. 4 Milton O. Terry b: December 18, 1842 in MS
.. 4 Sarah A. V. Terry b: October 18, 1848 in MS
.. 4 Queen Margaret Terry b: January 18, 1848 in MS

Jim Sturges
15420 Deep Bottom Rd
Darnestown, MD 20874
301 527 0568

From:    JIMMIE GREEN [socor68@email.msn.com]
Sent:    Monday, May 24, 1999 11:09 PM
To:       mike.terry@terry-family-historian.com
Subject:    Re: lester Everett terry?

I am not sure , it could either be either Seminole county , Oklahoma , or Wilbarger county Texas, the birth certificate I have has been altered so I am not sure. Thanks Jimmie

Could you tell me what county or state the birth of Lester Everette Terry occurred?

My grandfather was lester Everette terry born April 25 , 1906 , died June 1966 and is buried in Midwest city Oklahoma at sunny lane cemetery. my  mothers name was Nona sue terry born February 28 , 1946, died  April 9 , 1998  buried in little Oklahoma. I have just begun to look for my family on the  terry side and am having very little luck ( actually your page is
the first  luck I have had at all) if you have any information that could point me in   the right direction I would appreciate it greatly.

ok I have some more stuff that I should have included in the first place, but like I said I am new at this. I have Lester Everett Terry's birth certificate and his death certificate. Lesters parents are William Joseph Terry from Charleston S. Carolina, and Lou Augusta (Gussie) Voyles from Big Springs Georgia, they had nine children at the time when Lester was born. it appears Lester was born in Rayland Texas in 1906. in addition I found Lester was a cab driver for yellow cab in Oklahoma City at the time of his death, his address was 1612 s.e.62nd street in Oklahoma City and he was widowed. I hope this helps and I am sorry to not have included this information to begin with.

From:    L.A. Clugh [clugh_la@email.msn.com]
Sent:    Tuesday, May 04, 1999 7:45 AM
To:    TERRY-L@rootsweb.com
Subject:    Simsbury CT

Hello, I'm new to this list. I need to work on documentation on my Terry line. Most records will come from Simsbury, CT. Can anyone tell me about the records in Simsbury? I have DAR papers on Samuel and need to work back to him and around.

Or has anyone worked on the same grandfathers below and found records?

Lou Ann clugh_la@msn.com

My line:-------------------

STEPHEN1 TERRY born August 25, 1608 in Stockton, Wilts, ENGLAND, and died September 1668 in Hadley, MASS. He married JOAN HARDEY March 13, 1632/33 in Symondsbury, Dorset, ENGLAND.

John & Elizabeth Wadsworth Windsor & Simsbury, CT John & mr. Mary Roby in Simsbury, CT

John & mr. Martha Gridley in Simsbury, CT

Samuel & mr. Elilzabeth Phelps of Simsbury, CT

Orrin & Sarah Marilla Mills of Simsbury, CT. They came to Indiana where my family still lives today.

Charles Mills & Lucy Jane Weston of Simsbury,CT

From:    Lillymoons@aol.com
Sent:    Thursday, May 20, 1999 5:13 PM
To:       mike.terry@terry-family-historian.com

Subject:    Marion-Terry connection Alabama


Hi, I familys are linked how is the great question. My grandfather George Elmer Marion from Courtland Alabama Born 4-4-1896 I have his mason paper work signed by Leonard S.Terry-Grand master. I'm at a loss due to a fire in Courtland , the courthouse burned . Any help you can give me on the Marion family would be great--Thank-you Lilly

From:    Mark/Gina Mone' [mone_clan@email.msn.com]
Sent:    Tuesday, May 04, 1999 2:27 AM
To:       mike.terry@terry-family-historian.com
Subject:    Regarding Francis TERRY m. to Edna KELLER

I know that it helps to add county information, but I don't have that information to give. My g-grandfather died when he was 27 and my g-grandmother remarried and has been deceased since 1974. My grandmother (one of their daughters) lost her birth certificate to a house fire when my dad was small and seems to have never gotten a social security number. She died in 1966. As you can see, I have many brick walls against me on this. The frantic message is my last hope. If you come across anything and think it may pertain, please let me know. I'd really appreciate it. If I come across any other information that will help, I will add to the board. I already have added that the states that I knew them to live in were Missouri and Oklahoma. I'm sure they lived in other states. Many families moved around during that time looking for employment. I just don't have anything narrowed down smaller. Once again, I'd appreciate it if you come across anything that seems like it could match. Thanks a million.


From:    Marvin L. Blackwell [mblackw5@bellsouth.net]
Sent:    Saturday, April 17, 1999 6:46 PM
To:       mike.terry@terry-family-historian.com
Subject:    Re: Terry Family


I am so sorry, I should have included that with my question. Harrison Thompson b. 1810 and Elizabeth Terry, 1805 were in Greenville Co., SC. They and their children, my 4th grandfather, George Terry Thompson b. 1835 and my 3rd grandfather, Charles Terry Thompson, b. 1861 were all born in Greenville Co., SC. Elizabeth Terry, 1805, was the daughter of George Terry, b. abt. 1780. I had his birthplace as England, but that was not confirmed. I live in Spartanburg, SC and had not found a death date on George Terry until my cousin showed me your site and I saw that George Terry had moved to Indiana and died there in 1841. In your article you mentioned his daughter Elizabeth Terry Thompson and Harrison Thompson in South Carolina.I think you are doing a great work!
Thanks for any help.

From:    EDNA H BUSHNELL [EBUSHNELL@prodigy.net]
Sent:     Friday, May 21, 1999 10:46 PM
To:        mike.terry@terry-family-historian.com
Subject:  Terry records
(Louisa Co. VA Terrys)


Dear Mike:
Just checked in on your "Terry Family Historian" for January 1999. Thanks for including my query about the Terry Cemetery in Todd County, Ky. Haven't had time to work on the DAR marker or get the tombstone. Spent 8 days in the different court houses in Virginia in April 1999, trying to locate the sister of a Stephen Terry dec'd 1823 in Botetourt Co.,Va. This Stephen Terry's sister was married to a Mr. Eads. They had a son, Jonathan W. Eads, who married a Miss Douglas in Rockbridge Co.,Va.

The reason I am so interested in locating the Terry daughter who married the Mr. Eads, is that it would help collect a family group of Terrys. Stephen Terry dec'd 1823 in Botetourt Co.,Va. married Sarah Davis in Louisa Co.,Va. in 1793. Their children settled in Barren Co.,Ky. I collected a lot of land records & other Court records on Terrys, that I did not have in my book. Still don't have them all typed up or indexed so that they may be useful. That is the problem of collecting so much Terry data. You can not put it in a family group sheet.

All for now. Is Jay contributing?

Best regards, Edna Bushnell

From:    Frank Skidmore [skid@edge.net]
Sent:    Tuesday, May 04, 1999 2:45 PM
To:    alee1@flash.net
Cc:    Terry, Mike
Subject:    Re: Woodford Terry, and book


I have checked Woodford's book and there is no Hezekiah Terry in the index - so I presume it is not there. We fully indexed the book when it was printed. The book deals with the descendants of James Terry of Jackson County, Tennessee. The NC Terry genealogical situation is such that we are not even able to identify Jame's father with a great deal of confidence. Suggest that you contact Mike Terry who is a cc address on this message. Mike has a Terry database available.

Another good source is Jay Terry, 1910 North 90 West, Orem, UT, tel
Woodford's widow is still living at Oak Ridge, TN and has a few copies of the book still available.

Wm Frank Skidmore
267 Golf Course Lane
Winchester, TN 37398
Tel 931-967-2589
Email <skid@edge.net>

From: Al Lee <alee1@flash.net>
To: <skid@edge.net>
Sent: Tuesday, May 04, 1999 9:47 AM
Subject: Woodford Terry, and book

Hello Frank,
I've been researching on Terry's for the last several years, particularly Hezekiah Terry, b NC circa 1800, and his family. I am presently stumped as  to who his parents were, and where he was born. Recently I ran across a letter from one of his descendants (now deceased) who quoted from some of the notes, and a letter, from Woodford Terry. I have now also determined that Woodford Terry is also deceased.

I "think" that perhaps Hezekiah's father was Joseph Terry, and migrated to   TN in the very early 1820s, but have absolutely nothing to go on except gut feel!

Do you have a copy of the book that I understand Woodford published? What happened to his notes, and efforts, has some one else picked up with them?

If you do have a copy of the book, would you check if Hezekiah Terry of NC is mentioned, or if even there is mention of a Joseph Terry from NC mentioned. If so, I will then undertake to buy, or library borrow, or something, a copy of this book.

From:    Harold G. Davis [hgd@wilmington.net]
Sent:    Sunday, May 23, 1999 8:31 PM
To:       mike.terry@terry-family-historian.com

Subject:    Terry

James Terry m. Elizabeth Gooch in 1745

Is this your line of the Terry family?

Thanks, Harold

Frank, anything that you can tell me about all this would be greatly

Thanks, and Regards,
Al Lee, Allen, Texas

From:    MRSLEG@aol.com
Sent:    Monday, April 12, 1999 10:43 AM


I am descendant of Martha Richardson Terry, b. Jan 21 1804 d. Jun 13 1883 wife of James T. LeGrand, b. DEC 30 1790 d. aft Feb 4 1853, m. 1830. She was daughter of Rev. William Terry and Sarah "Sally" Childs. James father was William LeGrand m. to Ermine Elliott Vaughan on 22 Oct 1786 in Charlotte Co., VA. William's family owned land in Halifax Co., VA. and most moved to Montgomery Co., NC bet 1797 and 1799. I do have info on the LeGrand family, but would appreciate anything on the Terry family. Mother had a kissin' cousin which we all knew in Fayetteville and afterwards in Raleigh named Terry Sanford. He Has died in the past year in Durham, before I asked him how we were all kin. He was the Gov. of NC, Pres. of Duke. University and an NC State senator, but I never considered him more than a kissin' cousin. Please let me know by e-mail if I should be on your list. I live in Chapel Hill, NC. Thank you so much. MRSLEG.@aol.com

Mary LeGrand Parmer.

From:    Ramona Duff [rduff@juno.com]
Sent:    Thursday, April 22, 1999 6:36 PM
To:       mike.terry@terry-family-historian.com


Subject:    Terry family

Hi Mike - Bet you didn't expect to hear from me after such a long time. Don't guess you have ever proven or disproved that my husband's Anna Terry who married Epaphroditus Theopolis Kendall was or was not the daughter of John Self Terry and Frances "Fanny" Gaddy?

It has probably been 10 or 12 years since I have worked on this line, but since I saw you were doing the newsletter again, I thought I would check back with you. The last I heard from you, you were living in Enid, so I was surprised you are now in Tulsa.

Ramona Duff

From:    Rose Terry [RMTerry@prodigy.net]
Sent:    Monday, May 10, 1999 9:54 AM
To:    TERRY-L@rootsweb.com
Subject:    TERRY booklets

Thought to let others know there are some TERRY publications for sale on Ebay (auction) for a couple more days at:


The main Ebay page is at http://www.ebay.com


From:    Sfaithty@aol.com
Sent:    Thursday, April 15, 1999 2:08 PM
To:       mailto:mike.terry@terry-family-historian.com

Subject:    My TERRY line


Dear Mike, Per your request:

Sharon F. Terry (myself) b. 1951 Haverhill, MA

Milton Terry b. 1921 (living) m. Doris 1950 (living)

Isaac Elmer TERRY b. 8-31-1872 No Adams, Berkshire, MA d.10-24-1951 m. Sarah Jane WILBUR b. 1-22-1875 No Hoosick, Rennselaer, NY

James Thomas TERRY b.5-16-1841 Pittsfield, MA d.11-1919 m. 1-8-1866 Lydia BLANCHARD b. 7-4-1842 Whitingham, Windham, VT

Reuben Eggleston TERRY Jr b. 1-22-1807 d.10-17-1877 m. (ab 1806) Mary Diantha (Polly) CRANDALL b. 10-17-1810

Reuben Eggleston TERRY Sr b. 6-30 1756-1768? Enfield, Hartford, CT d1850 m. Cathrine MOON b. 7-4-1776 of Frankford, Herkimer, NY

Reuben/Benjamin TERRY b.2-6-1839/40 Springfield, Hampden MA m. Miss EGGLESTON

My information beyond Reuben E. TERRY Sr is not fully substantiated.

Thank you, Sharon Faiskendz1@rochester.rr.com

From: Benjamin T. Love

Robert "Mike" Terry,

I believe that the birthdate for Helen J. Terry, child vi, is probably August 31, 1871, not August 31, 1831, because according to my information, which I will verify and let you know.

As I am the grandson of Dr. Benjamin Taylor Terry, I can provide you with details of his marriage, his one daughter, his four grandchildren, his eleven greatgrandchildren, and three, soon to be five greatgreat grandchildren. Do I emulate the style in the subject document?



From: Anita Terry

I can't believe that I would receive answers to my inquiry this soon. I
placed it this morning. With GenForum, I think, and I got the answer that my mother and I have been searching for for a combined total of about 50 years.

I was incredible!

I want to thank you for all the information I have received from your website. I am looking forward to my newsletter.


Anita Terry

From: Betty Wollenberg


Sir, my name is Betty (McKee) Wollenberg and I am looking for info on my biological mother. her name is Martha Opal Terry and I believe she was born in either 1928 or 1929 as it listed her age as 19 on my birth certificate and I was born in 1948. I believe she was either born in Tx or Okla and i really think it was probably Okla as I know her mother was living in Tishamingo Okla in about 1960 or so when I was in the 6th grade. I do not know her parents names. She married my daddy Silas F. McKee in probably 1947 or possibly 1948. she was married to a William"Bill" Heine before she married my dad, and they had a daughter Sharon. She married William LaDew after she and my dad were divorced. My dad and Opal divorce d when I was about 9 mo old and I was raised by my daddy. I posted similar info on the Terry forum, which is where I found your e-mail address. Hope you have some info to offer or maybe other ways for me to search if possible. i am working on my family tree and would love to have some info on this branch.

Thanks for your attention to this message.

Betty Wollenberg

From: Bob Terry [cen61497@centuryinter.net]


I am looking for a Terry website online controlled by a Stephen Terry,who wrote a book on Terrys. Would you happen to know the address? Thanks for your help.

With regards,

Bob Terry


Bryce Stevens


Hello Wilma,

I have Ansel Terry as an uncle in my material -- neat to find someone else is working on the line! My information comes from Terry researcher Gary Julian, of Aurora, CO. I regret to say I do not have an address for Gary, as the material was forwarded to me by another distant cousin. show Ansel as born 10 August 1797, Campbell Co., KY, married to Elizabeth Foster, 30 August 1815. Ansel died 3 January 1884, in Washington twp., Daviess Co., MO. Estimate the marriage at about 1797. The only children I showed were Lewis, b. 1818; Enoch, b c1820; and David N., b 1826. I have nothing more on the children, so Thomas and Robert are new to me. They may have been born in Ripley County, Indiana, though --- lots of Terrys settled there for a while and some stayed. Ansel is a son of Robert Terry and Chloe Worrell. They married 11 July 1792, Woodford Co., KY. Robert was b 12 August 1771, and died 16 February 1862 in Adams twp., Ripley Co., IN. Chloe was b befor 1775, died c1820. Chloe Worrell is a daughter of William and Barbara (_____) Worrell. William d between 1817-1818, Boone Co., KY. Barbara d. aft 1830. Robert Terry is a son of John Terry and Ruth (_____). John was b. c1740, New Jersey, and died c1794, Hamilton Co., Ohio. Marriage estimated c1761. John and Ruth Terry were members of Dividing Creek Baptist Church, Cumberland Co., NJ, when it organized 20 May 1761. They had reportedly gone to Cumberland Co from Cape May County, NJ. In 1774, John was on a committee to decide what to do with a shipload of British tea which had been captured, Bridgeton, Cumberland Co., NJ. While the committee met, other citizens took action and destroyed the tea. (Guess committee inactivity hasn't changed much over the years!!) John's will is recorded in the Hamilton Co, OH, will book 1, page 177. Leave one-third of his estate to wife Ruth, 20 shillings each to Enos and Reuben, and the remainder to be divided between Robert, John, William, Elizabeth, Mary, Judeh and Sarah; except, the lot "on which my mansion stands" to William, and a town lot next to the mansion of Loomis Miller to John. (Mansions??? If that meant what it implies today, poor old Enos and Reuben sure deserved more than 20 shillings... ha!)

I descend from Ansel's next-born sister, Ruth Terry, born 7 May 1798 in KY, d 8 July 1892, Aurora, Dearborn Co., Indiana and buried in the Riverview Cemetery, Aurora. She married John Day c1816. Cordially,

Bryce Stevens



Proud Sponsor of RootsWeb

Ansel Terry b. Aug 1797 KYm. Elizabeth Foster

Ch. Lewis/Louis Terry b. OH
Enos Terry b. OH
Thomas Franklin b. IN
David Nelson b. IN
Robert Jackson b. IN
Anyone know of/ have/ belong to this line of Terry's. Would love to hear from you.


From: Carol Schwaderer Dickinson [ddced@alaska.net]

Yikes. It doesn't pay to have a computer go down. THESE ARE MY TERRY'S!!!! and my PARSHALL'S and my CORNELL's although they aren't listed. Never heard of this book and it looks like it has some folks I haven't got in my files. Sigh.

Date: Fri, 04 Jun 1999 09:54:42 -0700

From: Rose Terry RMTerry@prodigy.net
To: TERRY-L@rootsweb.com
TERRY book available: (CT Canada NY IA UT IL MI WI NE)

Includes a pedigree listing Amy S. TERRY b 1758 CT, son Parshall TERRY by 1778 Canada d 1861 Draper. His son Jacob TERRY b 1805 NY d 1898 Draper,   son Nathan TERRY b 1849 IA d 1902 Mexico. Some of the TERRY family groupings included are; Joshua & Elizabeth (PARSHALL) TERRY children; 1 Hannah TERRY b 1786 NY d UT 2 Deborah TERRY b 1788 NY d MI 3 James TERRY  b 1790 NY d MI 4 Eunice TERRY b 1792 NY 5 Parshall TERRY b 1794 NY 6 Josephus TERRY b 1796 NY 7 Amy TERRY b 1798 NY 8 Jesse TERRY b 1800 NY 9 Joshua TERRY b 1802 NY d PA 10 Elizabeth TERRY b 1805 NY d IL 11 Lydia TERRY b 1808 NY 12 Emily TERRY Parshall TERRY II b 1756 NY, d 1808 CANADA m Amy STEVENS b 1768 CT children; 1 Parshall TERRY III b 1778 2 Mary TERRY b 1780 NY 3 Submittion (Mittie) TERRY b 1782 NY 4 Elizabeth TERRY b 1784 NY 5 William TERRY b 1786 CANADA 6 Joshua TERRY b 1789 NY Parshall TERRY & Hannah (TERRY) TERRY children; 1 Stevens TERRY b 1803> NY d MI 2 Jacob TERRY b 1805 NY d UT 3 Dency TERRY b 1807 NY d WI 4> Clark TERRY b 1809 NY d NY 5 Joel TERRY b 1812 NY d UT 6 Elizabeth TERRY b 1814 NY d UT 7 David TERRY b 1817 NY d CANADA 8 Jane TERRY b 1819> CANADA d NE 9 Amy TERRY b 1821 CANADA d UT 10 Marilla TERRY b 1823 CANADA d UT 11 Joshua TERRY b 1825 CANADA d UT 12 Deborah TERRY b 1827 CANADA d IL 13 James Parshall TERRY b 1830 CANADA d UT TERRY's listed in the index include; TERRY, Adeline May TERRY, Alveretta TERRY, Amanda Melvina TERRY, Amy TERRY, Bert TERRY, Catherine TERRY, Cathering Hannah TERRY, Charles TERRY, Charles Ralph TERRY, Clarissa TERRY, Clarissa Amy TERRY, Clark TERRY, David TERRY, Deborah TERRY, Dency TERRY, Densie Mabel TERRY, Edward B TERRY, Elizabeth TERRY, Emily TERRY, Eunice TERRY, George Calvin TERRY, George W TERRY, Hannah TERRY, Hulda (STOUT) TERRY, Ira TERRY, Jacob TERRY, Jacob E TERRY, James TERRY, James A TERRY, James P TERRY, James Parshall TERRY, Jane TERRY, Jesse TERRY, Joel TERRY, John A TERRY, John Johnson TERRY, Joseph Henry TERRY, Josephus TERRY, Joshua TERRY, Laura TERRY, Lydia TERRY, Margie A TERRY, Margie Jeanette (DUZETT) TERRY, Marilla TERRY, Marion Stout TERRY, Mary TERRY, Mary Hannah TERRY, Mary Maria TERRY, Mary Maria (RILEY) TERRY, Mitty TERRY, Nathan TERRY, Nathan Harris TERRY, Parshall TERRY, Parshall II TERRY, Parshall III TERRY, Parshall Adam TERRY, Parshall Sr TERRY, Rosa Vilate TERRY, Sophia B TERRY, Stevens TERRY, Submittion TERRY, Susan Marilla TERRY, Ursula Eliza TERRY, William TERRY, William Riley TERRY, William Z TERRY, W Z A beautifully printed book with many stories and family history on these families above and OTHERS.

It's a nice hard back book "LYBERTIE, The Story of a Family, From Puritan beginnings in Richmond, Yorkshire, England to Mormon Settlement in Western U.S.A. The Story of a family and a faith in their struggles for light through the centuries." Compiler/Publisher H. V. HALL, 1974

(author of the Atlantic Bridge to Germany, Volumes 1-7). 320 pages, Hardbound, illustrated, 8.5" x 11+", FULLY INDEXED BY PEOPLE & PLACES, includes pedigrees +! Book is in EXCELLENT BRAND NEW CONDITION! ***** A family history including a creative narrative of the ancestors and descendants of Dolor DAVIS, William FELLOWS, Capt. John GREEN, Roswell, Thomas and William STEVENS, Parshall TERRY and Simon WILLARD. The narrative begins in Yorkshire, England, in 1562, traces through New England, & ends worldwide in 1975. A beautifully bound book. The introduction says this story began early in 1968 with the discovery of Amy STEVENS, a lost grandmother. From her the story reaches back 400 years to Puritan beginnings at Cambridge University in England. It follows the ancestry in its struggles down through Holland, New England, westward across the nation, and around the world to the Ultimate Frontier in Southeast Utah.

The book is on an Ebay auction at:

http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=111756588 If you cannot get there try www.ebay.com and do a search (in the box provided) near the top of the page using words Genealogy Terry. There are 2 TERRY books listed. I think there's only 2 days left on these 2 books.

R Terry

From: Charles Davis in Roanoke


Hello list:

I am looking for any information regarding the following indivudual and his possible family connections: JOHN TERRY, b. ca1790 in Buckingham Co., VA. Sometime around 1820 moved to Franklin Co., VA (with family??). Married (common-law??) ca1840 NANCY GRALEY. Died between 1860 and 1870 (Franklin Co., VA?? Monroe Co., WV??). Nancy and kids are in Monroe Co. in 1870 census without John, but her headstone states she was wife of John. Could he be of the same clan as JOSEPH TERRY (twin of Thomas), Rev. War vet, whose migration patterns are basically the same during the same time period?? Any help or clues would be appreciated.

Charles Davis in Roanoke


From Darlene:



I am looking for a David M. Terry bat 1816, he was married to a Frances Eliz Hamilton in Bib Co....... Alabama. Jan 26.1856. Some say that he is my gggrandfather, but some say that David Sherlock Lipscomb Terry is. I know my grandfather was David Starling Terry. b. abt 1872 d.July 12.1914. He was married to Dovie Moseley.

Anything would help I am at a dead end. thanks

Hey Mike

I just like you to no, my fathers mother was Estelle White Terry, of Bibb co. thats all I no about it. If you have any thing it would be great I am just starting. thanks

Darlene Wingo
Pinion, Alabama


From Frank:

Hi, Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your web site.  If you would like, you can add my personal genealogy web site to your list.  It includes the TERRY surname.   http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ranch/3773

Thanks,  Frank

e-mail:  frank2n2@bellsouth.net


From Wilma

Ansel Terry b. Aug 1797 KY m. Elizabeth Foster

Ch. Lewis/Louis Terry b. OH

Enos Terry b. OH
Thomas Franklin b. IN
David Nelson b. IN
Robert Jackson b. IN
Anyone know of/ have/ belong to this line of Terry's. Would love to hear from you.


From: John G. Terry

Dear Mr. Terry,

    I have recently found your Website and it is a delight to read about the Terrys.  I don't know much about my line of the Terrys except that my grandfather's name is Roy Paul Terry and he was born in Royston, Franklin County, GA approx. 95 years ago.  There is a prominent Terry family in Anderson, SC that I think we are related to but they probably don't claim us as kin. 

    One possible connection that I find fascinating is to the "Black Irish" (most of the descendents of my grandfather including myself have jet black hair and blue eyes).  He has often referred to us as "Black Irish".  I have heard that one of our ancestors was the captain of the guard to the King of Spain.  Also have you heard ot the famous TERRY Brandy of Jerez which is a brandy that is produced in Spain and sold throughout the world?  I have heard that these Terrys have been distilling brandy in Spain for over 600 years.  I wonder about these Spanish connections to the Terry surname.  If you or anyone has information on this please post it on the Website.  Keep up the good work. 

Sincerely, John G. Terry

Clemson, SC



Mr. Terry - I enjoy your webpage very much. I hired Earnest Terry yearsago to help with my research; I guess he must have died since I have not been able to reach him. I have a diary written by Charles M. Terry that I would like for you to have. I transcribed it from the original manuscript over a period of several months. It is a daily account of life on a Misissippi plantation 1856-1860. It has references to other Terry kinfolks and is very entertaining. I am not interested in selling the diary - only want to make it available to other people researching family history.

I am mailing you a copy. I hope you enjoy it.

PS - I meant to send the diary several weeks ago - had a mixup with my file and lost some letters. Forgive me if I already wrote you about the diary!

Editor's Note: I have reviewed it and it is very interesting reading about that time period.


From Janet:


Researching the following family:

John Robert Terry, England m. Elizabeth Majors also of England:

Son: Robert Terry of St. Louis, MO m 1: Harriet Charlton m. 2: Mari Holpuch Keuscher Children of Robert and Harriet:

Robert Jr. m 1. Dora ?, 2. Rosa Wood (George, son of Robert Jr. married a Grace Sappington)
Harriet E. m. a Dovey
Lottie M. m. 1. John Allburn, m. 2. August Gunn
John E.,
Louisa D. m. a Gilbert
Children of Mari Keuscher:

Bertha m. Robert Carter
Henrietta m. John Farrington

Other names associated with this line are Duchek, Leighton, Long.Hoping to find someone researching this same family.


SF Bay Area, CA


Subject: The Terry Family
Date: 28 May 99 06:30:19 CDT
From: Anita Terry <anita.terry@usa.net>

To: jyates@wf.net

Hi John.

I have been trying to research the Terry name for many years and run into brick walls by the hundreds. It is really nice to find someone who has Terrys in their lineage. I am hoping that My "brick walls" are starting to come down.

My grandafather's name was Joseph Pershing Terry. His father's name was John Thomas Terry. My grandfather was born in Hale County Arkansas. All I have about my great-grandfather is his name. However, John and Thomas were recurring names in the Terry family. Or so I'm told. I am going to write your cousin Mike and see if I can't get a subscription to the TFH.

It's nice to be looking for family again.


Anita Terry


Linda Sue Terry 3-5-41

+ James Bryce Malone 7-30-41

Dana Terry 7-1-11 Evergreen,LA

+Evelyn Carpenter 11-11-1914 Oakdale, LA

William Brunson Terry 7-13-1879

+Lula Maud Clark 11-11-1887 Avoyelles Parish, LA

Adolphus John Terry 04-23-1846 Crystal Springs, MS

+Rachael E. Brunson 2-3-1851

John "Jack" Terry,Jr. 9-15-1813 ? SC, died in MS

+Susannah Haley 3-2--1813 TN died in MS

John Terry 3-11-1776 SC died MS

+Mary Minter 1776 NC 1857 died in MS

William S. Terry 8-8-1750 SC died 1816 SC

+ Sarah Minter 2-7-1761 SC died in 1834

James Terry 1730 VA died in 1797 SC

+ Elizabeth Gooch died 1785 in VA

These are not proven:

Stephen Terry born 1698 Hanover Co. VA + Sarah

James Terry JR 1672 in VA died in VA + ?

James Terry SR 1642 VA + Mary

John Terry 1616 England died in York CT. VA

(I'm glad you added the "These are not proven", Editor)


Dear Mike:

You seem to be the big gun concerning the TERRY surname so my query is : My great grandmother Maria Adelia "Della" Ashby married a William E. Terrie or Terry in Dade City, Fl. (Pasco county) on 02/10/1906 as documented in marriage book 2, page 028. William E. and Della had 4 kids: Joe L. , Margaret, Mamie Lee and William E. "E." apparently for Edwin. The father died in the early 1920's in Pasco county and is buried in an unmarked grave in the Dade City Cemetery. The only thing the kids knew about their father was that he was from the" Carolinas" -- probably North Carolina. If you could provide any more info. on this Terry or Terrie line I would be extremely grateful to you. Thank you for your help!  --Roger S. Rodenhuis


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