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Editor's note: I'm still thinking about what to write  by Mike Terry

Sammuel Terrey the Immigrant compiled by Carol J. (McCune) McCraw

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I'm still thinking about what to write

by Mike Terry


If you are new to the electronic TFH on line you should know I usually work on an issue on line as a draft for a couple of months so we are beginning the May-June 2000 issue now and will work on it together until the end of June. 

Well, the wedding is over and I now have a new son-in-law Steven McCarty and and a new Mrs. Steven McCarty formerly Emma Linn Lester. I took some pictures which you can view at http://www.goodshepherd1.com under the Photos or What's new icons. 

It turns out my wife Debbie (Glaser) Terry also has a Terry line which isn't a Southern Terry line which might please some of you Yankees out there after all these years. Really love to discover and share those "Life-Time Research Projects". (See Sammuel Terrey the Immigrant)

Don and Brenda Chandler  DONnBDA@aol.com sent me this note: This morning I posted stripped down, no notes, 3 generation files to the GENFORUM Terry and Granville Co., NC Boards.  Thought you might want a 4 generation report with notes/sources for TFH. 

We've made much use of TFH through the years, as you can see.  You have done a wonderful job!!!

Feel free to post it should you wish to do so. 

Don and Brenda Chandler 
2642 Westminster Place
Costa Mesa, CA  92627
(949) 650-5225

Editor's Note: I'm still reviewing this file and Jay Terry is commenting on it as well. It has lot's of collateral information

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Sammuel Terrey the Immigrant:

Compiled by

Carol J. (McCune) McCraw EUSD02@aol.com

Editor's Note: I received a file with some wonderful information concerning Sammuel Terrey the Immigrant. Enjoyed Carol's email conversations so much. 

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Click here to see the Adobe Acrobat PDF File.

I will be 80 this year and my husband and I are raising a 13 year old great grandson so I am not learning as quickly as the proverbial "old dog" should. I am leaving Wednesday a.m. for a Week of Research in NYC sponsored by the N. Y. Biographical and Genealogical Society and visiting an aunt and cousins and will be home May 9th.

Your wife's Electa [Terry] who married Mr. Brown is 512125. Are you familiar with the Henry Numbering System, which is what I use? Evidently Stephen Terry [published "Terry Families in the USA, 1887) spoke to someone who knew about her but not very much. I am sure you will be interested in the appendices, which I will send when I return regarding the Coffins, Starbucks and Gardners of Nantucket Island. Margaret Terry who married Reverend Samuel Terry was born in what is known as the "Oldest House" on Nantucket Island is now a museum. Her parents were given that as a wedding present and that is another story. I had so much fun, even though frustrating, 20 years chasing the Terry family.

My grandmother was the Terry and when I was 18, she gave me a little family history, which a cousin of hers had done on Urbana Terry and his descendants in Delaware Co. [NY] where he moved to after the taking of the 1790 Heads of Household census and where my Dad was born in 1895. My Dad was a Naval Officer and we spent his two weeks' annual leave, one week with my Mother's family on Staten Island and one week with my Dad's folks in Delaware Co. We lived away from the East Coast almost my entire growing up years and when we were in Delaware Co., there would be these huge reunions as I was related to almost everyone in the county it seemed like. I was hooked on genealogy at eighteen years of age and went on to become a Law Librarian which was a partner with my obsession with genealogy.

. I am so excited because outside of my own relatives, [I] have yet to find anyone descended from Lt. Samuel Terry, son of Reverend Samuel Terry, son of Captain Samuel Terry, son of the Immigrant Samuel Terry who was indentured and went to Springfield MA.

..Am very excited. Especially, I thought you were totally Southern. Did I tell you my husband grew up in Terry County Texas? Would like your wife's line to put in my Terry compilation as I intend to scan in pictures and then ask the New England Historic Society to take a look at it. I hope to locate the missing pieces in Reverend Samuel Terry before then. I need to get the Tolland Co. film to dig into the civil suit against him by Jonathan Terry. I need to hit the sack as tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Thank you ever so much and tell your wife I am glad we are related. Happy Hunting!

Hi again, I just finished printing out your [Wife's Terry-Brown] family [connection]. You were young also when you started your Terry Historian weren't you? Great. You may do whatever you want with it Mike. I wish I could find out the true story of our Lt. Samuel Terry who evidently died as Stephen Terry wrote. I wrote to the Historical Society in Troy and retained someone to see if he were buried there. There is a War Memorial for all of those who were in any of the Wars in Carmel but Lt. Samuel Terry is not listed there. Thanks goodness Reverend Samuel Terry was a character or we wouldn't know much about him. He fascinated and I want to find out when and where he died. There still have to be some footprints. For years, I had left him in Debtor's prison in Dutchess Co. [NY] because he hadn't been paid by the trustees of the church and was glad to find him out of prison. I believe they moved back and forth between the Oblong and Connecticut.

When I come back, will have to send the copies of the documents he wrote and also the map sent by Frank Doherty where the first church evidently was located on his land. I really have to say Good night.


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