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When I only had about 15 members I kept up very well with all of the correspon-
dence  but I must confess that I have about 30 letters to answer at  any  given          
time.  Our  two  sons are also with us for the summer,  so much of my work  has          
slowed down,  especially the compilation of marriages, deaths, wills, deeds and          
We  did visit Chester SC during the month of June and I went to the  courthouse          
and  in Chester SC we gathered some information and also took some pictures  of          
the scenery and tombstones. It was quite exciting for me and I will relate some          
of the information concerning my visit in the December 1983 issue.
Much of what you are seeing in the TFH is original material. I certainly do not          
want  to  publish what has already been done as much as possible and  am  still          
uncertain  about  publishing copy-righted material without  permission  and  am          
writing  to several persons to gain permission to publish the material  in  the 
I  would like to get your feed-back concerning what I am doing.  I assume there 
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tives  and fellow researchers about the publication.  If any  local  newspapers 
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Cannot  see how I can continue to publish at the price of $10.00 per  year  and 
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                                  THE EDITOR
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The  cover  picture is a drawing by Thomas TERRY who is a grandfather of  Betty  
Martin,  605  N.  Robinson,  Harrison AR 72601.  See her article in this issue.             
                COVERING THE TERRY-TORY: "Preachers & Teachers" 
                              By Robert W. TERRY 
                    4900 Springdale Rd Cincinnati OH 45247   
     As  the  descendant of paternal and maternal families  of  educators,  and 
still  teaching  classes  in  a job that began 16 years ago  as  a  "moonlight" 
occupation,  I  have found that the Terrys have contributed their share in  the 
fields of education, as well as in in religion.
     For example,  I'm trying to learn the first name of the "Mr. TERRY" who in 
1774 is reported to have delivered a sermon to the troops of Col. Andrew Lewis, 
en route along the Kanawha River of West Virginia to Pt.  Pleasant.  Col. Lewis 
and his troops repulsed on Oct. 10 an attack by Indians north of the Ohio River 
in Lord Dunmore's War.
     Those  of you with Irish ancestry may be interested in the  William  Tirry 
(also  spelled  TERRY)  who was Bishop of Cork and Cloyne from  1622  to  1640. 
Perhaps  I shouldn't mention the Fr.  William Tirrey,  O.S.A.,  who in 1654 was 
hanged, drawn and quartered.
     From  the  same source,  "More Irish Families" by  Edward  McLysaght,  one          
learns that the Rev.  Joseph Therry, 1790-1864, visited both Queensland and New          
South Wales, where Sir Roger Therry was both attorney general and judge.
     An  American educator and minister of prominence was one  Benjamin  Stites          
TERRY, born April 9, 1857 in St. Paul, Minn. and died Oct. 30, 1931 at Chicago,          
     Benjamin Stites TERRY was valedictorian of his graduating class at Colgate          
University  in 1878,  and received his master's degree there in 1881.  He  com-
pleted  his  theological  training during the time he worked  on  his  master's 
     After  ordination as a Baptist minister,  Benjamin Stites TERRY was pastor          
of  Baptist churches at Perry and Fairport,  New York,  but resigned to  become          
professor of history at Colgate, his alma mater, in 1885.
     In  1891 he went to Germany and received his Ph.D.  the following year  at 
the University of Freiburg.  There he became a friend and colleague of  Hermann 
von  Holst,  a professor at Freiburg who came to head the history department at 
the  University  of Chicago in 1892.  Benjamin Stites TERRY came  with  him  as 
professor  of English Constitutional and Medieval History,  a field in which he 
was regarded as an expert.
     At  the  University of Chicago,  TERRY found time to  write  histories  of          
England and review papers for the American Historical Association,  of which he 
was a member. Colgate University awarded him and honorary LL.D. degree in 1903, 
for  his  earlier  recognition as a fellow in the Royal Historical  Society  of 
Great Britain.
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     Benjamin  Stites TERRY retired from the University of Chicago  faculty  in 
1925.  At  the time of his death,  he left his widow,  the former Mary  Cynthia 
Baldwin,  daughter of a Baptist minister,  and three children, Schuyler Baldwin 
TERRY, Mrs. Edith TERRY Bremer, and Mrs. Ethel TERRY McCoy.
     The  educator was the son of John Carlos TERRY,  born in 1824 at  Lebonon, 
Ohio,  and died Feb. 15, 1902, at St. Paul, Minn. He learned the printing trade 
in  early  life,  worked  on newspapers in Ohio until service in the  War  with 
Mexico,  and  went to St.  Paul in 1849.  There,  he founded one of the  city's 
newspapers and in 1851 published the revised statutes of Minnesota,  which bear 
his name.  After leaving journalistic pursuits, he served 18 years as assistant 
postmaster of St.  Paul.  He and his wife,  the former Emily (Wakefield)  Chase 
TERRY,  were  the  parents of Benjamin Stites TERRY and another son,  Frank  W. 
     Grandfather of Benjamin Stites TERRY and father of John Carlos TERRY,  was 
Robert TERRY,  a native of Warren County,  Ohio who on March 17,  1822  married 
Elizabeth Stites, daughter of the man for whom the grandson was named.
     Benjamin Stites,  of New Jersey and later of western Pennsylvania,  was an 
Indian trader who in 1786 persuaded John Cleves Symmes, member of Congress from 
New  Jersey,  to purchase land he had viewed between the Great Miami and Little 
Miami  Rivers.  The  tract includes present-day Cincinnati and  the  settlement 
Benjamin  Stites called "Columbia," part of the 10,000 acres he purchased  from 
Judge Symmes.
     John  Carlos TERRY had two brothers.  One was Elijah,  killed  by  Indians 
while  serving  as  a missionary to the Dakota tribes;  the other  was  another 
Benjamin Stites TERRY,  killed by Indians when serving with the Sixth Minnesota 
Regiment in 1863 against the Sioux uprising.
     The father of Robert TERRY was John TERRY (1773-1857).  His wife was  Osee 
Clark, daughter of the Rev. Daniel Clark, a Baptist minister in early Cincinna-
ti and Warren County, Ohio.
     Where do I come in?  I share the same ancestor with Benjamin Stites TERRY, 
who was John TERRY, his great-great grandfather, and father of his great grand-
father also John TERRY.  My great-great grandfather,  Robert TERRY, was the son 
of  the earlier John TERRY and a brother of the John TERRY who was  the  great-
grandfather of Benjamin Stites TERRY.
                                     * * *
       Line of Robert W. TERRY, 4900 Springdale Rd., Cincinnati OH 45247
1.   Robert W. TERRY b. IN 1913 m. IN 1945
     Edith Huber b. 1917 d. 1980.
2.   Henry W. TERRY b. IN 1863 d. IN 1949 m. IN 1911
3.   Isabel Ward.
PAGE (106)


4.   Ralph W. TERRY b. IN 1835 d. IN 1897 m. ???
5.   Mary Ann Johnson
8.   William TERRY b. OH 1806 d. IN 1876 m. IN 1827
9.   Rachel Sunman
16.  Robert TERRY b. NJ 1771 d. IN 1862 m. (1) KY 1792
17.  Chloe Worrel [m. (2) IN 1822 Bessy Lyons.]
32.  John TERRY b. ??  d. OH 1795 m.
33.  Ruth ______.
The  following information was gathered by Jay TERRY of Orem,  Utah at the Salt 
Lake City Library.  He has done some very methodical research that should  help 
many of the members with Edgefield SC TERRY Roots.-- Editor.
Page 67 John TERRY...... 1 male over 16; 2 females; 3 slaves.
Page 67 William TERRY... 2 males over 16; 2 males under 16;
                         3 females; 9 slaves.
Page 137 John TERRY      1 male under 10; 2 males 26 to 45
                         4 females under 10; 1 female 26 to 45;
                         4 slaves.
Page 166 Stephen TERRY   2 males under 10; 2 males 10 to 16; 1 male over 45;
                         1 female 10 to 16; 1 female 16 to 26; 1 female over
                         45 and 7 slaves.
Page 39 John TERRY       1 male under 10; 1 male 16 to 26; 1 male 26 to 45;
                         1 female under 10; 1 female 16 to 26 and 2 slaves.
Page 40 William TERRY    2 males under 10; 1 male 10 to 16; 1 male 16 to 26;
                         2 males over 45; 1 female 16 to 26; 1 female over 45;
                         23 slaves. [Son of James TERRY d. 1799 Granville Co.,
                         NC, jt.]
Page 48 James TERRY      1 male under 10; 1 male 16 to 26; 1 female 16 to 26
                         and 1 slave. [Son of Stephen TERRY # 79 below. He m. 
                         Susanna Clement, dau. of Zephania Clement, jt.]
Page 48a John TERRY      1 male under 10; 1 male 10 to 16; 1 male over 45; 
                         2 females under 10; 1 female 10 to 16; 2 females 16 to
                         26; 1 female 26 to 45 and 16 slaves. [Son of James
                         TERRY d. 1799. John d. 1817, jt.]
PAGE (107)


Page 73 Steven (D) TERRY [Son of # 40,jt.]
Page 79 Steven TERRY     2 males 10 to 16; 1 male over 45; 1 female 26 to 45;
                         1 female over 45 and 6 slaves. [Son of James TERRY d.
                         1799 Granville Co. NC, jt.]
Page 100 Thomas TERRY    4 males under 10; 1 male 10 to 16; 1 male over 45; 2
                         females under 10; 1 female 16 to 26; 1 female over 45.
Page 100a George TERRY   3 males 10 to 16; 1 male over 45; 6 females under 10;
                         1 female 26 to 45.
Page 102 Drucilla TERRY  1 female 26 to 45; 1 female over 45.
Page 89 Stephen [D] TERRY 1 male 26 to 45; 1 female 10 to 16; 1 female 26
                         to 45 and 4 slaves. [Stephen TERRY b. 22 Apr 1789 
                         was the son of William TERRY d. 1816. Stephen m. Jane
                         Buckhalter and they removed to Copiah County MS,jt.]
Page 90 John TERRY Sr    1 male under 10; 1 male 10 to 16; 2 males 16 to 18;
                         1 male 16 to 45; 1 female 16 to 26; 1 female 26 to 45;
                         and 9 slaves. [Son of William TERRY d. 1817, was 
                         called Jr. in 1817 probate, jt.]
Page 94 Sally TERRY      1 male 26 to 45; 1 female over 45 and 10 slaves.
                         [Wife of William TERRY d. 1816. Sarah "Frances"
                         Minter, dau. of Joseph Minter and Anna Maria Gooch of
                         Granville, NC. jt]
Page 95 Joseph M. TERRY  1 male 16 to 26; 1 female 16 to 26 and 8 slaves. [Son
                         of William TERRY d. 1817 Edgefield SC. J. M. TERRY b.
                         27 Apr 1799. jt]
Page 97 John TERRY N.C.  1 male 26 to 45; 2 females under 10; 1 female 26 to 45
                         and 2 slaves. [Son of James TERRY d. 1848 Granville
                         NC. "NC" written on film. jt]
Page 107 Stephen TERRY Sr. 1 male 16 to 26; 1 male over 45; 1 female over 45
                         and 10 slaves. [Son of James TERRY d. 1799 Granville
                         NC. He m. Annie Clement. jt]
Page 126 Anna Maria TERRY  2 males 16 to 26; 1 female 10 to 16; 1 female 16 to
                         26; 1 female over 45 and 16 slaves. [Wife of John
                         TERRY d. 1817 Edgefield SC, jt.]
[1820 NOTE: I had originally taken these #'s from the 1820 index (printed) when 
I  read the original film,  I discovered one Sally TERRY left out and 5  errors 
per  six entries--Don't trust the indexes--from now on I'll always re-read  the 
original. jt]
PAGE (108)


Page 149 S. C. TERRY     1 male under 5; 1 male 5 to 10; 1 male 30 to 40;
                         1 female 30 to 40. [Son of Stephen TERRY Sr. #219 m.
                         Eliz. Strum, dau. of William and Mary Strum, jt.]
Page 150 Ann M. TERRY    1 male 20 to 30; 1 female 15 to 20; 1 female 60 to 70.
                         [Wife of John TERRY dec'd 1817, jt.]
Page 150a J. P. TERRY    1 male under 5; 1 male 20 to 30; 1 female under 5;
                         1 female 20 to 30. [Son of Ann M. TERRY pg. # 150,jt.]
Page 150b John TERRY     1 male 5 to 10; 1 male 15 to 20; 1 male 40 to 50;
                         1 male 50 to 60; 1 female 20 to 30; 1 female 40 to 50;
                         1 female 50 to 60. [Son of William TERRY d. 1816 Edge-
                         field SC, jt.]
Page 150c John TERRY     2 males under 5; 1 male 5 to 10; 1 male 40 to 50;
                         1 female 5 to 10; 2 females 10 to 15; 1 female 30 to
                         40. [Son of James TERRY d. 1848 NC. He died between
                         1835 and 1840, jt.]
Page 150d John TERRY     1 male 30 to 40; 1 female 30 to 40. [Son of Steven 
                         TERRY Sr.??. He was 58 on 1850 census, jt.]
Page 179 James TERRY     1 male under 5; 1 male 30 to 40; 1 female under 5; 1 
                         female 20 to 30. [Son of William TERRY d. 1816 or 
                         probably son of Ann # 150??, jt]
Page 186 Rolin TERRY     2 males 20 to 30; no females. [These are the two sons
                         of William TERRY d. 1816 Edgefield SC. jt]
Page 218 Stephen TERRY   1 male under 5; 1 male 30 to 40; 1 female 20 to 30.
                         [Stephen TERRY, son of William d. 1816, jt.]
Page 219 Stephen TERRY Sr. 1 male 70 to 80; 1 female 70 to 80. [Son of James 
                         TERRY d. 1799 Granville NC. He dies in 1837, jt.]
Page 219a Joseph M. TERRY 1 male 5 to 10; 2 males 20 to 30; 1 female under 5;
                         1 female 5 to 10; 1 female 15 to 20. [Son of William
                         TERRY d. 1816 Edgefield SC, jt.]
Page 52 James TERRY      2 males under 5; 1 male 5 to 10; 1 male 10 to 15; 
                         1 male 40 to 50; 1 female 5 to 10;  1 female 30 to
                         40. [Son of Ann M. TERRY # 69, jt]
Page 69 Ann M. TERRY     2 males under 5; 1 male 5 to 10; 1 male 10 to 15;
                         1 male 15 to 20; 1 male 30 to 40; 1 female under 5;
                         2 females 5 to 10; 1 female 10 to 15; 2 females 15 to
                         20; 1 female 20 to 30; 1 female 40 to 50; 1 female 70
                         to 80. [Wife of John d. 1817. She died 1843 in her 
                         "76th" year", jt.]
PAGE (109)


Page 69 John TERRY       1 male 10 to 15; 1 male 40 to 50; 2 females 20 to 30.
                         [Son of Stephen TERRY d. 1837??, jt.]
Page 69 Steven C. TERRY  1 male 10 to 15; 1 male 15 to 20; 1 male 30 to 40; 
                         1 female 30 to 40. [Son of Steven d. 1837, jt.]
                 Additional Notes by Jay TERRY of Orem, Utah.
It appears that the household of Ann M.  TERRY, page #69, has three families or 
two families and one grandmother as follows:
1.   The  first males under 5 are children of Joseph P.  TERRY and wife Elvira, 
Roland  @  3 and William @ 5 who both are on the 1850  Census.  Joseph  P.  and 
Elvira are a son and daughter-in-law of Ann M. TERRY.
2.   The next three males,  5-10,  10-15,  and 15-20 are children of John TERRY 
dec'd (1835-40) and Ann M.  (TERRY) TERRY a son-in-law and dau of Ann M. TERRY. 
The children are William, John and Joseph and are on the 1850 Census.
3.  The next male 30-40 is Joseph P. TERRY. He dies, according to Obit. in 1842 
in the 42nd year of his life which we would say is 41. His age on the census is 
@ 39 years of age.
4.   The first four females,  under 5, 5-10 and 10-15 are daus of Joseph P. and 
Elvira TERRY. The one under 5 is Nancy and is on the 1850 census. What happened 
to  the two 5-10 can only be a guess--because they are not on the 1850  census. 
They had either died or married. Joseph P. TERRY's obit. stated he died leaving 
a large family.
5.   The  next  two females 15-20 are daus of John dec'd 1835-1840 and  Ann  M. 
TERRY, the dau of old Ann M. TERRY. Old Ann M. TERRY in her will of 1843 grants 
to her dau Ann M.  TERRY and Heirs.  Both of these 15-20 daughters had probably 
married by 1850 census.
6.  The next female 20-30 is Elvira, wife of Joseph P. TERRY and is on the 1850 
7.   The next female 40-50 is Ann Maria (TERRY) TERRY daughter of Ann M.  (Min-
ter)  TERRY  and widow of John TERRY (d.  1835-1840) the oldest  son  of  James 
TERRY,  dec'd 1848 in Granville Co.  NC--THUS:  In 1850--A. M. TERRY Sr., A. M. 
TERRY  Jr.,  Joseph TERRY and William TERRY,  all of Edgefield Dist.  SC confer 
power  of  attorney to John M.  (Minter?) TERRY to collect their parts  of  the 
estate of James TERRY,  dec'd 1848 in Granville Co.  NC.  Recorded in Deed Book 
16,  pg  120,  Granville Co.  NC -- executed in Edgefield Dist SC 25 Jul  1850. 
Proved and accepted by Granville Co., NC Court Nov 1850.
8.   The  final female 70-80 is the Anna Maria (Minter) TERRY who was a dau  of 
Anna  Maria  (Gooch) Minter Williams and married John TERRY who  died  1817  in 
Edgefield Dist.  SC.  [I believe this John was a son  of James TERRY dec'd 1799 
in  Granville  Co.  NC and Anna Mariah (Minter) TERRY may have been his  second 
wife., jt.]
PAGE (110)

Note:  It  was the power of attorney as shown in # 7 above,  that started  this 
whole attempt to unscramble these Edgefield Co., SC Households. Most I feel are 
correct--There  may  be problems with the 1830 Census because of all  the  John 
Terrys listed. jt]
                            Census date 24 Sep 1850
66/1008/1008   John TERRY      58 yrs   M   1792  NC   Farmer
               Frances TERRY   22 yrs   F   1828  SC
               William TERRY   21 yrs   M   1829  SC
67/1027/1027   Elvira TERRY    39 yrs   F   1811  SC  [Wife of Joseph P. TERRY]
               William TERRY   15 yrs   M   1835  SC
               Roland TERRY    13 yrs   M   1837  SC
               Nancy C. TERRY  11 yrs   F   1839  SC
               Joseph P. TERRY  9 yrs   M   1841  SC
                            Census date 17 Dec 1850
154/2348/2352  Ann M. TERRY    59 yrs   F   1791  SC
               Ann M. TERRY    30 yrs   F   1820  SC
               John TERRY      25 yrs   M   1825  SC   Farmer
               Joseph TERRY    26 yrs   M   1824  SC   Farmer
               William TERRY   22 yrs   M   1828  SC   Farmer
Will written 2 Mar 1799; Will proved 1802
Heirs listed:
Wife: Sarah Clement.
She  was  the daughter of James TERRY d.  1797 in  Granville  Co.  NC.  Obediah 
Clement,  her  husband,  was  a son of Simon Clement whose will was  proved  in 
Granville Co. NC in 1800. Thus, both came from Granville Co. NC.
Children: Not named.
Executors:  Stephen TERRY,  [a brother to Capt.  John TERRY], Capt. John TERRY, 
[married A. M. Minter, brother to Stephen], beloved wife. Stephen TERRY married 
Ann Clement in 1783 in Granville Co.  NC.  Ann is listed on the Will of  Simeon 
Clement  as  daughter Ann TERRY.  Stephen was the son of James TERRY  d.  1797. 
Thus,  Obediah  Clements and Stephen TERRY are brothers-in-law.  Sarah  (TERRY) 
Clement and Anne (Clement) TERRY are sisters-in-law.  Stephen TERRY and Obediah 
Clement are found documented always close together in deeds, census', etc.
Witnesses:  Simeon  Clement  [probably a brother,  a Simeon is on  the  Clement 
Granville Co., NC Will.]
PAGE (111)


Z. Clement--This is Zephaniah Clement, a brother to Obediah.
William Strom--married Mary (TERRY) Mintor,  a widow of John Mintor.  She was a 
daughter  of  James TERRY d.  1797,  thus a sister to Stephen TERRY  above  and 
William Strom would be a brother-in-law to Stephen TERRY and Obediah Clement.
Stephen  Clement--[Like Simeon above probably a brother as there was a  Stephen 
Clements on the Granville NC Clement Will. 
County Court of Equity--Edgefield County SC.  The following records are on film 
at  the Salt Lake Genealogical Library in Salt Lake City.  Film  series  number 
Part  1-- The direct and indirect index for the original packets,  or envelopes 
containing loose papers from individual trials.
Part 5-- Envelope #59,  Sarah TERRY guardian papers for guardianship of  estate 
of William TERRY, her husband, left to Joseph m. TERRY, their son and a minor.
Part 11-- Envelope #327,  litigation involving Anna M. TERRY--no papers showing 
Part  11-- Envelope #328,  among other legal papers-- The original petition  by 
Anna  M.  TERRY  for the division of her dec'd  husband's  lands--transcription 
Part  12-- Envelope  #386,  Stephen TERRY Junior in litigation over  estate  of 
Charles Jones, dec'd and his wife, Nancy Jones. No papers showing relationship.
Part 17-- Envelope #565, James TERRY as Equity Court Commr. Legal Court matters 
with no relationships.  Note:  This James TERRY is the son of Anna Mariah (Min-
ter) TERRY,  wife of John TERRY,  d. 1817 also known as Capt. John TERRY. James 
TERRY  was  involved as legal counsel in Edgefield County for  many  years.  He 
later moved to Alabama and a transcription of his obituary is printed in Carlee 
died in Choctaw Co. Alabama, 21 July 1856 jt.
Part  17-- Envelope  #566,  Litigation of Stephen TERRY and others--the  others 
being all the living heirs of John Burkhalter,  dec'd. Names Jane Burkhalter as 
the wife of Stephen.
Part  26-- Envelope #878,  James TERRY as Commr.,  similar to legal matters  in 
envelope #565-- See above.
Part 32-- Envelope #1030, A large file relating to a petition by Anna M. TERRY, 
daughter of Joseph Minter,  claiming right to a negro female slave and children 
of same.  Many listings of heirs,  relationships,  etc. See attached transcrip-
Part 49-- Envelope #1784,  Joseph M. TERRY established as guardian of his chil-
dren, William TERRY and Sarah TERRY. Note: Apparently these children were heirs 
to  the estate of Joseph M.  TERRY's first wife dec'd at this  time.  I  cannot 
think  of any other reason a father would have to file for guardianship  papers 
on  his own children.  The loose papers do not clarify a reason for this  legal
PAGE (112)
action,  however,  from the Equity Court Minute Book 1827-1849: Page 362--Peti-
tion for revocation of guardianship-- "The report of the Commr.  in this matter 
being read on motion of Ward Law,  Ward Law soliciting for petitioner,  ordered 
in presence of the Commr.  that the said Joseph M. TERRY be excused from making 
further  returns  in  this State as guardian of his children  Sarah  TERRY  and 
William TERRY--dated 11 June 1835."
From EDGEFIELD MARRIAGE RECORDS by McClendon,  1970:  "Sarah S. TERRY, daughter 
of  Joseph  M.  TERRY formerly of Edgefield District married to Dr.  Thomas  B. 
Hoxey--16 Oct 1838. [Note by editor: This marriage was in Columbus GA.]
Part 49-- Envelope #1791,  the estate of William TERRY in account current  with 
Sarah TERRY,  guardian of Rowland TERRY.  "...sworn 7 Jan 1818 in which Rowland 
TERRY is indebted to his mother as guardian from 1816, the date of her appoint-
ment to the present date..." signed Wm Brooks 6 Jan 1818.
Part 53-- Envelope #2186, petition of William (T) Moore for Uncle John TERRY to 
be  his guardian...His father and mother,  a daughter of William TERRY,  dec'd, 
both dead. Filed 8 Feb 1816.
Part 54-- Envelope #2254,  deposition of Richard H.  Hutchinson...stated  James 
TERRY,  past Commr of Equity Court (See envelope #565 above),  married his sis-
ter,  no  name stated.  Note:  James TERRY was being accused of theft of  funds 
while a commr for the court of equity...he was acquitted, 12 June 1847. jt
Part 56-- Envelope #2508, among other papers, includes the original petition by 
Sarah TERRY for the division of her husband,  William TERRY,  stating his death 
date,  all living heirs, and married relationships. See attached transcription. 
Note:  In envelope #1030,  involving Anna M. (Minter) TERRY, daughter of Joseph 
Minter  and  sister  of Sarah (Minter) TERRY above,  the list of  children  for 
William  TERRY  and Sarah (Minter) TERRY adds two daughters who had  apparently 
died before their father's death in 1816 and were not shown as living heirs  on 
the legal papers in envelope #2508. jt
Court of Equity,  Edgefield County SC.  Ref: Envelope (packet) #2508. Salt Lake 
Genealogical Library--Film #5440,  part 56.  Transcribed by Jay TERRY,  Orem UT 
84057-- Jan. 1983.
The  original petition of Sarah TERRY to have all of the estate of her husband, 
William TERRY divided between the heirs living at that time. The document gives 
the date of William's death.
"...That William TERRY died on or about the sixth day of January in the year of 
our  Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixteen intestate leaving a widow  the 
said Sarah TERRY.  John TERRY Junior,  Stephen TERRY, Anna Maria Cooper wife of 
William  Cooper  who have attained the age of twenty one years.  Joseph  TERRY, 
Rowland  TERRY,  and  William T.  Moore,  minors under the age  of  twenty  one 
years...Thirty  three  negroes...(not named)...Two hundred acres on the  Beaver 
Dam  Creek,  waters  of  the Savannah River...granted to  Ward  Taylor  12  Dec 
1768...Now  to  the Elam line granted to John Mason...on to Goods Land  to  the 
south  on land held by William TERRY...One other tract...six hundred and  thir-
teen acres more or less...One other tract...two hundred acres more or less...on 
branches  of  the Beaver Dam Creek,  waters of the Savannah  River...originally 
granted  to William Cunny 7 Aug 1786...on lands surveyed for Nathan  Tally...to
PAGE (113)
North  land held for Goods orphans...One tract of land containing  fifty  acres 
more or less...bounded on the North on land held by Joseph Minter, East on John 
Mason,  South on Chapman Taylor,  and South on vacant land...originally granted 
to  Joshua Lockwood 16 Sep 1774...One other tract containing two hundred  acres 
more  or  less on Snuggs (Scruggs?) Branch of Beaver Dam Creek,  waters of  the 
Savannah  River...part of land originally granted to Joshua Lockwood...to  land 
held  for Goods orphans...and Thurmand land...to the West on Thurmand land  and 
TERRY land and on all other sides by land held by TERRY.  One other tract...One 
hundred  and  forty acres...part of the original granted by John Mason  in  the 
year  1772...bounded on land held by Jesse Snuggs  (Scruggs?),  Charles  Jones, 
William  TERRY and others.  One other tract...containing one moiety of two hun-
dred  acres situated on Cuffer town Creek adjoining land of  Jonathan  Glanton, 
the heirs of Allen Burten,  and the heirs of William Rainey, originally granted 
to  Evan  Stokes and William TERRY Senior...One other tract...containing  three 
hundred and sixty five acres more or less...being on Chaps branch of Beaver Dam 
Creek...bounded by land of William Chatham, Charles Jones, and the said William 
TERRY de'cd...
(Date not stated, asked the court to place the petition on the session of court 
held the first Monday in February, 1817. jt)
Note:  Sarah (Minter) TERRY,  daughter of Joseph Minter and Anna Mariah  Gooch, 
married William TERRY and had issue:
1.)  John  TERRY called John TERRY Jr.  m.  Elizabeth TERRY dau of  Capt.  John 
TERRY, his first cousin. [See list of Capt. John TERRY's heirs, packet #328.]
2.)  Stephen TERRY ,  also known as Stephen D.  TERRY m.  Jane Burkhalter. [See 
Envelope #566 -- Court of Equity].
3.)  Anna Maria TERRY m. William D. Cooper
4.)  Joseph TERRY, also known as Joseph M. TERRY.
5.)  Rowland TERRY,  also known as Rowland G. TERRY died in Copiah County MS 13 
6.) Sally TERRY >
                >            [One of these two daus. m. a Moore]
7.) Betsey TERRY>
Note:  The  last two children,  Sally and Betsey were both dead by the date  of 
their father's death.  They are not listed on the court petition as heirs. They 
are listed as children of William and Sarah in packet #1030,  the trial  invol-
ving Anna M. TERRY and the will of her father, Joseph Minter. jt
Ref:  Salt  Lake Genealogical Library--Film #5440,  part 11:  Court of  Equity, 
Edgefield County,  SC Envelope (packet) #328.  Transcribed by Jay TERRY Orem UT 
84057 -- Jan 1983.
PAGE (114)
The original petition of Anna M.  TERRY to have certain tracts of land from her 
husband's estate, one (Capt.) John TERRY divided among the legal heirs.
"...Anna M.  TERRY, widow and relict of John TERRY dec'd, Joseph P. TERRY, John 
TERRY and his wife Elizabeth, David Nicholson and his wife Nancy, John TERRY N. 
C. and his wife Anna Maria, and Gutherie Chatham and his wife Sarah...said John 
TERRY  dec'd  departed  this life in the year of our Lord  one  thousand  eight 
hundred  and  seventeen...(note--no  day and month  mentioned.  jt)...also  (as 
heirs)  James  TERRY  and Mary Ann TERRY who is a minor...two  tracts  of  land 
adjoining  each  other situated in Edgefield District and lying on  Turkey  and 
Rocky Creeks, waters of the Savannah River being the late residence fo the said 
John  TERRY dec'd...containing between four and five hundred acres and  bounded 
by  lands  owned by Joseph---(not readable),  William  Labans  (not  readable), 
Stephen  TERRY  Sen.,  John  Walker and others...one other tract  of  land...on 
Turkey  and Log Creeks containing about one hundred acres and bounded by  lands 
owned by Edmund Boyd, John TERRY, John Chatham, Hollis Duston and others...said 
Mary Ann TERRY by her guardian (not named)"
Note:  Anna Mariah (Minter), daughter Joseph Minter, married John TERRY and had 
1.) Joseph P.  TERRY m. Elvira ?? (Elvira on 1850 census) from C.T. McClendon's 
P. TERRY, the 42nd year of his life, leaving a large family."
2.) Elizabeth TERRY m. John TERRY (probably a son of William).
3.) Nancy TERRY m. David Nicholson
4.) Anna Mariah TERRY m.  John TERRY N.C. Note: To clarify the many John Terrys 
in the area I find them listed as John TERRY Jr.,  William TERRY's  son;  Capt. 
John TERRY also John TERRY Sr.,  the oldest and believed to be the son of James 
TERRY  who left a will in Granville Co.  NC in 1797;  and the above John  TERRY 
N.C. who was a son of James TERRY of Granville Co. NC who left a will in 1848.
In 1850, A.M. TERRY Sr. (female) and A.M. TERRY Jr. (female) Joseph and William 
TERRY,  all of Edgefield County SC confer power of attorney to John M. TERRY to 
collect  their  parts of the estate of James TERRY dec'd in 1848  in  Granville 
County NC.  They are listed on the 1850 census of Edgefield County SC household 
#2352 pg 154.  Thus the use of the N.C.  (North Carolina) after the John  TERRY 
from  North  Carolina,  was the identifying mark to keep his identity  separate 
from the other John Terrys of the area. jt
5.) Sarah TERRY m. Gutherie Chatham
6.) James TERRY m. ______ Hutchinson. He died in Choctaw County AL 21 Jul 1856.
7.) Mary Ann TERRY m. John Reynolds about 1833. Marriage source: 7500 MARRIAGES 
NOTE:  It is possible that Anna M.  (Minter) TERRY is the second wife of  Capt. 
John TERRY.  Evidence points to the fact that John TERRY married his first wife 
Mary Gomen in Granville Co. NC 19 Apr 1784.
PAGE (115)
Court of Equity,  Edgefield County SC.  Document from packet #1030.  Anna Maria 
(Minter)  TERRY litigation,  dau of Joseph Minter and Anna Mariah Gooch.  Note: 
The  following  has  been transcribed word for word because  of  the  important 
relationships shown, jt.
Joseph Minter De'cd
1774 made his will:
Leaving a widow Anna Maria and the following children:
John Minter.   died leaving William Minter and Joseph Minter.
Sally Minter.  married Wm TERRY and they are both dead - leaving Jno TERRY, 
               Stephen TERRY, Joseph M. TERRY, Rolin G. TERRY, Sally TERRY, 
               Anna TERRY & Betsey. Of these John, Rolin G., Sally & Betsey
               are dead.
Mercy Minter.  married Henry Parkman - they are both dead - leaving Joseph 
               Parkman, Minter Parkman, Mary Parkman, Mercy had previously
               married a man named Jones. By him had three children one of 
               whom married Stephen Clement. viz Anna Maria -
Anna Maria Minter   married John TERRY died in 18-- leaving James, Joseph P.,
                    & others - see who is his administrator.
Mary Minter.   married John Elam who died in 1824 leaving no children by the 
               said Mary.
Note:  This  paper  was not dated and appeared to be proof of  Joseph  Minter's 
family  as there was a question as to the existence of a  will.  The  estimated 
date of the paper would be about 1842-1843 as this was the time of the trial.
Ref: From the Salt Lake Genealogical Library--Film #5440, part 11.
Vol  I,  pg.  50 -- Frederick Glover...claims he has made use of L 600 of  Mrs. 
Sarah  TERRY's money in Charleston...credit had not been given to  her...monies 
then available belonged to her...
Vol I, pg. 100 -- John TERRY listed - 15 Oct 1788.
Vol I, pg. 156 -- On jury list - William TERRY - 14 April 1788.
Vol I, pg. 182 -- On jury list - William TERRY - 14 Jul 1788.
Vol  I,  pg  191 -- On motion of Mary Minter the adm.  of all and singular  the 
goods  & chattels of John Mintor dec'd was granted to Mary Mintor widow of  the 
said  dec'd who give bond and security agreeable to law give William TERRY  and 
James Coursey in the sum of L 500.  John Thurman,  Jesse Scrugs, John McFatrick 
and Nathan Tally or any three of them to view and appraise the goods & chattels 
rights and credits of the said deceased. -- 15 July 1788.
PAGE (116)
Vol  I,  pg.  238  -- William TERRY appointed overseer of  road...beginning  at 
Turkey Creek to Gunnels Creek - 12 Jun 1789.
Vol I,  pg.  247 -- Trust - William TERRY for William Hargrove, dec'd...granted 
to James Hargrove...(also listed) Seth Howard,  Philip Johnson, Thomas Marbury, 
Littlebury Adams, William Jeter, John Lucas - 13 Apr 1789.
Vol I,  pg.  249 -- James Clark,  de'cd...Wife Margaret...Apprs - Thomas Adams, 
Frederick Tilman, Littlebury Adams, Benjamin TEARY 1789.
Vol  I,  pg.  275  -- In the matter of the last will and testament  of  William 
Minter deceased.  In the court of ordinary.  The above will having been brought 
into court and proved in common form it is hereby ordered that all former ordrs 
respecting  the adm.  of the said Minter to William Brooks rescinded and it  is 
also  further  ordered that one of the executors named in the said  will  being 
dead and the reason of the appointment of the other Lewis Tilman having  ceased 
that  administration  with  the will annexed be granted to  James  Coursey  and 
William  Key by and with the consent of the parties entered in the said  estate 
on  their  giving bond in the sum of L 1500 with Drury Pace and  Jesse  Scruggs 
securties the following persons were appointed to appraise the sd. Estate (viz) 
Henry Key,  John Griffis, William TERRY and William Longmire, the admrs. quali-
fied according to law -- 14 Oct 1789.
Vol  I,  pg  277 -- William Longmire admr.  of all and singular the  goods  and 
chattles  of  Thoms Goode dec'd came into court and was qualified according  to 
law whereupon the court appointed James Coursey,  John McFatrick, William TERRY 
& Jesse Scrugs appraisers of the said estate. -- 14 oct 1789.
Vol I,  pg. 306 Mcerness Minter, a minor 15 years of age...Peter Morgan appt as 
guardian...Bond  L  500 sterling by William TERRY & Jesse  Scruggs.  -- 11  Jan 
Note:  From Will Book A, pg. 14: Dated 5 Dec 1775 - William Minter, de'cd. Wife 
- Martha Minter.  Son - Mackerness Minter,  Daus - Milley, Anna and Mariah Min-
ter.  Exors - George Tilman, William Goode. Wits - Adam Pardue, Thomas Watkins, 
Levey Jester, John Billings. Proved - 1795.
Vol I, pg 340 -- Thomas Taylor vs William TERRY, trial cont'd - 15 April 1790.
Vol II, pg. 50 -- John TERRY - permission to keep tavern -- 11 March 1795.
compiled by Brent H. Holcomb, C. A. L. S. [ Page numbers used are from original 
book, jt]
Champness TERRY, deceased. (ca. 1783)
This is the last will and Testament of Champness TERRY of Ninety Six  District, 
South Carolina.
PAGE (117)
My wife Sarah TERRY.  My children:  Champness TERRY;  David TERRY; Sarah TERRY, 
Mentions unborn child. Executrix to be my wife during her widowhood; then, John 
Lewis  of  Virginia and Robert Start [Stark?] Dated 14 September  1775.  Signed 
"Champness TERRY".  Witnessed by Robert Harris,  Jr.:  Thomas Mitchell and John 
Beal.  Proved:  Not date shown.  Recorded: No date shown. Ref: Colonial Probate 
Records.  Volume 17,  page 502. Abstracted by John W. Lawrence for Dorothy Sims 
                                     * * *
Note by Mr.  Lawrence: The Ninety Six District at this time included all of the 
upper [western] part of the state. No doubt this is the family that later shows 
in  Edgefield County.  Judging by the Revolutionary War Accounts,  included  in 
this  report,  the  above Champness TERRY died sometime after 1775  and  before 
1786.  The fact that this will is filed in the Colonial records indicates  that 
he died before the end of the war in 1783.
REVOLUTIONARY  WAR ACCOUNTS:  These were accounts of payment to veterans of  he 
Revolutionary  War who submitted claims after laws were passed in 1783 to reim-
burse  them for their service.  All of the men submitting claims had served  as 
volunteers during the Revolution and had received no pay at that time.
AA-7695  South  Carolina State Archives Columbia SC by  John  W.  Lawrence  for 
Dorothy  Sims Fuqua.  -- A claim was submitted in behalf of the widow of Champ-
ness  TERRY who had served as a Captain in the Ninety Six District  during  the 
war. The widow was Sarah TERRY, who sent a note from Edgefield District in 1786 
to authorize Edmond Martin Esqr. to collect the money due, which was 12 pounds, 
11 shillings and 3 pence.
Colonial  Deeds South Carolina State Archives Columbia SC.  Book B - 5 Page 325 
[abstract  by Mr.  Lawrence] Champneys TERRY of Ninety Six  District,  planter, 
sells to John Logan of Charleston for 200 pounds a tract 200 acres of land on a 
branch of Stephen's Creek granted to the said Champneys in 1774.  Dated 26  May 
1775. /s/ Champs. TERRY.  Witnessed by J. Lindsors and Charles Robinson. Proved 
31 August 1779.  Recorded 28 September 1779. [Stephens Creek is located in what 
was later became Edgefield County SC.]
AA- 7697(A).  Sarah  TERRY -- A claim was submitted by Sarah TERRY for supplies 
furnished  to patriot forces during the Revolution,  for which she was  paid  1 
pound, 3 shillings and 9 pence. Ref: South Carolina State Archives submitted by 
Dorothy Sims Fuqua and genealogical abstract by John W. Lawrence.
Journal  of the Court of Ordinary Edgefield SC [includes Inventory  Book,  Will 
Book 1781-1786. Submitted by Jay TERRY of Orem, Utah.
Pp.  37-38  An inventory and appraisement of the estate of Elisha Samuel  dec'd 
made the 30th Nov 1782 by Thomas Wilson, William Hoggwood and Matthew McMillian 
appraisers...negroes, not named...book accounts include: 1775 -- William Brown; 
Dec 1776 -- John Ekins and Champ TERRY;  Apr 1776 -- Gabriel Smothers; May 1776 
-- John Brisset,  Charles Herd and Edward Wilkisson; Mar 1776 -- Beverly Barks-
dale,  William Neal,  William Tyner,  Jacob Martin; Major Champ TERRY and Henry 
Lively. Examined and certified by: Pat Calhoun, Surrogate.
PAGE (118)
Pg.  58  -- A  list or Schedule of Debts due to the Estate of the  said  Robert 
Melvill,  Deceased.  Accounts:  Genl.  Andw.  Williamson, Lt. Col. John Purves, 
William Good, Doctor Timothy Russel, Wm. Coffie, John Minter; Wm Lesley Juner a 
Note of Hand payable 23 March 1780; John McIlveney a Do. 6th April 1780; Joseph 
McLeskey a note payable 14 Oct 1779,  one 20th Feby 1780, 9th July 1780; Daniel 
Jones  a Note of hand payable 23 Oct 1787;  Mthew Gillespie a Do.  payable 16th 
Apr 1782;  Wm Pickens note ditto payl. 2 July 1789; Mathew Cook, acct: Accounts 
due from Stephen TERRY,  Israil Pickins,  William Gillespie, John Hearst, James 
Hammeger,  Bartholomew Weems,  Mr.  Davies (Waggon Master),  Henry  Wyley,  Mr. 
Zimmerman Senr.,  Samuel Gibson,  Peter Knap,  Larance Mark Senr.  Patrick Do., 
John  Anderson,  Saml & Robt.  Anderson,  John Allen,  Henry Key.  Total L  6.6 
Examined & certified by Pat: Calhoun, Surrogate.
                           Submitted by Betty Martin
                                605 N. Robinson
                               Harrison AR 72601
     In an old trunk belonging to Thomas and Emily "Emma" (Graham) TERRY, which 
now  belongs  to a daughter,  Mary Gladys (TERRY) Young,  are letters they  had 
written to each other.  Emma Graham,  who lived in Virgil City, Missouri, Cedar 
County,  had been visiting near Protem,  Missouri, Taney County, in 1889 with a 
brother,  Herve  Graham,  and evidently Thomas TERRY had asked her to attend  a 
Christmas  dance  with him.  Thomas played the violin as she called it  but  he 
called it the fiddle. In the box with the letters is a note dated December 1889 
saying she would accept his invitation.  There were 13 letters to her from  him  
and twenty to him from her.  They had kept all letters numbering them 1, 2, and 
etc.  The box they are in appears to be white stationary box and has written on 
it,  Thomas TEREY his box.  Some of his letters to her are written on beautiful 
     The  first  letter  from him to her was April 24,  1890 wondering  why  he 
hadn't  wrote him like she said she would and started of with "My Dear  Friend" 
and  closed with "Your Obedient Friend",  Thomas TEREY.  [Why he spelled  TERRY 
with and "e" I do not know, after they married Emma put in the "r" and left out 
the "e" like the other Terrys did].
     The  first letter from Emma to Thomas was May 18,  1890 mailed  at  Virgil 
City,  Missouri.  The envelope was addressed to Mr. Thomas TERRY, Protem, Taney 
County  Missouri.  The letter started off with "Friend Thomas" and she let  him 
know  she  did  not write young men first.  It appears she tried  to  make  him 
jealous  telling him about young men,  one of them a school teacher,  coming to 
see her.  In her letter to him in June she was picking berries at $2 a week  at 
her sisters. On the 20th, she was going to Eldorado Springs, Missouri to attend 
celebration  of the towns birth.  The Walker and Jerico Bands were to be there. 
She sounded like there would be lots of good music.
     In  July,  he  wrote and told her he loved her and ended the  letter  with 
"Your Best Friend",  Thomas TEREY,  instead of "Your Obedient Friend".  He also 
sent  her  some  stamps as she had complained about stamps  being  so  high  [2 
cents]. She had enclosed two letters in one envelope to him. In her next letter 
to him she told him not to send any more stamps even though all the other young 
men who wrote her before sent her stamps.
PAGE (119)
     In  September,  their  letters were talking of marriage.  They planned  on 
marrying in the fall and he was going after her in a wagon to bring her things. 
She  put him off in the next letter saying she had some sewing and quilting  to 
do.  In  his letter to her October 18 he seemed to think she had found  someone 
else and wrote and told her,  "I know I am a poor boy, but what I get I make it 
by  hard work,  but God bless you I can love you just as well as if I was  some 
big bug, poor folks have poor ways and rich folks have mean ways, but God bless 
you I know that I would be good to you,  that is all I can say".  He went on to 
say he would leave the 25th of October to come after her.
     A  letter to her November 2 and he is quite upset and thinks she is  still 
fooling  him  that she had the advantage of him.  He told her he  had  built  4 
chimneys and had done 4 days work on another and had 4 more days work on it. He 
was wanting to start on his house.
     Her  letter  to him of November 15 states she is not fooling him  and  she 
will be ready last of December or first of January and that she had a good many 
things  to  move and that it could all be moved in a wagon and that  she  would 
rather go that way, even though it would be cold. She mentioned that people are 
so  much for fixing and dressing nice here in our neighborhood,  especially  if 
they  are going to get married.  She also enclosed a note with the letter  that 
she  heard  he  owed  some on his place and wanted to know how  much  that  she 
thought  it  to her interest and when he came after her to be careful  of  high 
water for it was muddy there.
     November  30 he states he will spend Christmas with her if that  would  be 
all right.
     In a letter to him December 25th and she is still writing "Friend Thomas", 
she  states she had been looking for him every day,  if he wasn't coming to let 
her know so she could make other arrangements,  "if you don't want to come  all 
right,  just say so is all you have to do, and the sooner you say it the better 
it  will be -- for if you still keep writing and don't aim to come it is making 
things worse instead of better.
     December 30th he writes,  "Emma,  My Most Wholly Appreciative Friend", and 
says  it came a snow and turned cold and he did not get a chimney built and  he 
had to finish picking his cotton and dig potatoes. That would take 4 or 5 days. 
Alan  Young was helping him pick cotton.  His letter to her January  8th,  1891 
says there is a big snow on the ground and still snowing.  He was intending  on 
catching  a  team  to Chadwick or Springfield,  Missouri then go  by  train  to 
Eldorado Springs.
     [Well, he finally got there and my grandparents, Thomas and Emily (Graham) 
TERRY were married February 8, 1891 at Virgil City, Missouri.] Sometime in 1893 
her  father  taken sick and she with their two children went to Virgil City  to 
help care for him. They had kept those letters also. In one to him she told him 
to  take a jug of vinegar to his mother so it wouldn't freeze and to  take  the 
chickens  to her also as the eggs would freeze.  He told her in a letter not to 
worry about the eggs the chickens wasn't laying, tell the children I would like 
to see them and care for them and give them a kiss for me.  She wrote back  and 
said,  "You say you care for the children but you didn't say you cared for me". 
He  wrote and told her "I do care for the children but Still Water runs  Deep." 
[Now I am wondering could that be TERRY or something else??????]
PAGE (120)
     Thomas  TERRY was living in  a log cabin alone until he married.  He later 
built a beautiful two-story gingerbread type house in Marion  County,  Arkansas 
and it is still standing in good shape.  My mother,  Mary Gladys (TERRY) Young, 
was born there and so were four of her five children, including me.
                           THE FAMILY OF ANSEL TERRY
                            by Mrs. Arta Blonshine
                               7706 Maxwell Dr.
                                Boise ID 83704
     My  ancestor,  Ansel  TERRY,  born 1797 northern Kentucky was the  son  of 
Robert and Cloe (Worrell) TERRY who married in Woodford Co. Kentucky July 1792. 
His parents moved to Hamilton County, Ohio around 1800 and settled in Green and 
Delhi  townships,  where Ansel grew to manhood,  met and married Elizabeth  the 
daughter of Thomas and Rachel (Thomas) Foster.  Elizabeth was born in  Pennsyl-
vania 25 May 1798.
     Ansel does not appear in any 1820 census,  I believe he was in Indiana but 
have no proof.  In 1825 according to Deed Book A,  Pages 219/220 he was a resi-
dent  of  Franklin township,  Ripley County Indiana.  He had returned to  Delhi 
township,  Hamilton County Ohio by 1830. He is listed in the 1830 Census (Delhi 
township)  page  351 dwelling 234,  with his father-in-law,  Thomas  Foster  in 
dwelling 235 and surrounded by other in-laws.  Since Thos.  Foster lived on the 
east side of Section 23, I assume Ansel was residing on this land.
     Deed Book K,  page 189,  Franklin County Indiana shows Ansel a resident in 
August  1832.  Several other deeds show that Ansel remained in this area  until 
late in 1841,  when he joined the Foster family in migrating to Daviess  County 
Missouri.  The  1840 census shows him as living in Salt Creek township near the 
Decatur County line.
     In  Missouri,  Ansel TERRY took up homestead land and was given a deed  in 
1850 [Certificate # 7.931 Dept.  of Interior].  Daviess County deed books  list 
several land transactions for Ansel,  the last dated June 18,  1880 donating to 
Daviess County, the McClary Cemetery.
     Elizabeth  TERRY  died 22 Feb 1845 and is buried in McClary  Cemetery.  In 
1846 Ansel married Lydia Brown, widow of Soloman Brown, Ansel divorced Lydia in 
1849 for "leaving my bead and board".
     The  1850  census shows Ansel,  his son Robert and  nephew  Newton  Thomas 
living with or near Lewis L. TERRY [Ansel had sold part of his land to Lewis L. 
and may have remained for a short period -- Census page 793/4 dwelling 582].
     Before 1870,  Ansel went to live with his son,  David N. where he remained 
until  his  death 03 Jan 1884.  He is buried beside his wife and  other  family 
members in McClary cemetery on land that was once part of his farm.
     Pierce's  record of "The Foster Family",  states that Ansel and  Elizabeth 
were  married  30 Aug 1815,  but to my knowledge no record of the marriage  has 
been found.
PAGE (121)
     Family tradition is that Ansel TERRY was the most stubborn,  contrary  man 
that ever lived, a true TERRY characteristic.
     Ansel and Elizabeth (Foster) TERRY had five sons. They were:
1.)   Lewis I.  TERRY b.  1817 (according to service record) d.  16 Apr 1888 m.  
prob. IN ca 1837 Cynthia Hall b. 21 Oct 1819 d. 23 Nov 1878 m. (2) 1885 America 
J. Kelly. He had issue by first wife.
2.)  Enos A.  [Ansel] TERRY b. Hamilton Co. OH 10 Aug 1819 d. Daviess Co. MO 23 
Oct 1897 m. Franklin Co IN 04 Oct 1838 Pauline Eads b. KY 26 Jun 1821 d. 06 Nov 
1868 m. (2) Daviess Co. MO 24 Oct 1869 Prudence Scott b. Tazwell IL 05 Feb 1827 
d. Daviess Co. MO 22 May 1918. Issue by first wife.
3.)  Thomas F.  TERRY b. 21 Dec 1821 d. 24 Jun 1845 m. Sidney ______ b. 1822 d. 
19 Sep 1845. Both buried at McClary Cemetery. No other info located on T. F.
4.)  David Nelson TERRY [My great grandfather] b.  Franklin township Ripley Co. 
IN 21 Oct 1825 d.  Daviess Co.  MO 26 Jun 1908 m.  Daviess Co.  MO 17 Dec  1846 
Rachel Brown b. Henry Co. IN 14 Feb 1828 d. 14 Feb 1859 m. (2) 26 Sep 1859 Ruth 
Blackburn Scott b. 16 May 1831 McClean Co. IL d. Daviess Co. MO 01 Dec 1892 [My 
great grandmother].
5.)  Robert Jackson TERRY b.  Franklin Co.  IN 01 Apr 1832 d. Daviess Co. MO 09 
Dec 1897 m. 05 Aug 1852 Mary C. Hammond b. 16 Dec 1832 d. 16 Feb 1864 m. (2) 21 
Apr 1869 Mary's younger sister,  Susan Mariah Hammond b. 10 Jun 1845 d. Daviess 
Co. MO 21 Sep 1932.
Most of the above and many descendants are buried in Old Scotland cemetery near 
Jameson,  MO.  There  are many descendants of these men still living in Daviess 
Co. MO. I have followed the family lines of all these sons and will be happy to 
share  my  information with anyone seeking data on these  lines.  -- Mrs.  Arta 
                                     * * *
The  following information was contributed by Juanita Dowell,  Rt.  3  Box  75, 
Strafford  MO 65757.  She was Daviess County Clerk for many years.  I have also 
added some documentation from Mrs.  Arta Blonshine 7706 Maxwell DR.,  Boise  ID 
DATE         TERRY               SPOUSE                          BK/PG
 16 DEC 1880 A. C.               MORGAN, MARY E.                 E-107
     Son of Enos TERRY
 05 MAY 1872 ADMARL              MOORE, MARY A.                  D-117
     Son of Enos TERRY
 24 JAN 1895 ALBERT L.           LANDES, FLORA B.                  
 10 SEP 1846 ANCEL               BROWN, LYDIA                    A-89
 18 FEB 1907 AUDA B.             NIGHSWONGER, CHLOE                
 18 DEC 1937 AUSTIA              BAKER, WEBSTER D.                 
 11 NOV 1873 BELLE               SWEANY, H. M.                     
 21 FEB 1919 BEULAH FERN         RAZY, MANLY POE                   
 19 FEB 1936 BLANCHE             KARGUTH, RALLAND                  
 27 FEB 1867 CAROLINE M.         SCOTT, M. G.                    C-165
PAGE (122)
     Dau. of David TERRY
 09 SEP 1900 CARRA E.            NETHERTON, MINNIE E.              
 05 OCT 1913 CARRY V.            COLE, ALTA MAE                    
 31 DEC 1911 CASPER              OXFORD, ALMA                      
 17 APR 1910 CHARLES HUGH        COLE, TINA                        
 07 JAN 1920 CHARLES M.          SHAVER, STELLA LEOTA              
 21 DEC 1897 CHLOE A.            DOWELL, LEWIS                     
 21 MAR 1903 CLARA E.            HOUGHTON, JAMES M.                
 07 FEB 1880 CLARRISA A.         MOORE, EDWARD                   E-71
     Dau. of Enos TERRY
 13 OCT 1907 CORDIA              HARRAH, AMMER F.                K-410
     Dau. of Robert TERRY
 22 JAN 1949 D. N.               ESTES, EMMA                       
 12 DEC 1894 D. N.               OGDEN, NORA                     J-244
     Son of Robert TERRY                                         
 04 JAN 1905 DANIEL A.           HARRAH, AUDREY B.                 
 13 OCT 1859 DAVID               SCOTT, RUTH                     A-235
     Son of Ansel TERRY                                          
 25 DEC 1866 DAVID               PROVINCE, LOUISA E.               
 17 DEC 1846 DAVID V.            BROWN, RACHEL                   A-92
     Son of Ansel TERRY                                          
 24 JAN 1959 DOROTHY M.          GREEN, DOUARD E.                  
 14 JAN 1939 EDNA                HUGHES, CLIFFORD                  
 07 JAN 1858 ELIZABETH           GLAZE, NATHANIEL                A-204
     Son of Lewis TERRY                                          
 27 FEB 1870 ELIZABETH           OXFORD, HENRY C.                D-48
     Dau of Enos TERRY                                           
 30 SEP 1866 ENOS                VAUGHN, JATHINA                 C-145
     Son of Enos TERRY                                           
 24 OCT 1869 ENOS A.             SCOTT, PRUDENCE                 D-27
     Son of Ansel TERRY
 25 JAN 1928 ERMA S.             O'HARE, V. K.                     
 23 DEC 1903 ESLEY               BOWERS, MAUDE                     
 02 NOV 1910 EVELYN              MURPHY, CLEVE                     
 01 JAN 1884 GEORGE C.           HAMPTON, MARY E. [Age 17]       F-466
     Son of Robert TERRY
 13 APR 1938 GERTRUDE IOLA       COOK, RAY K.                      
 17 MAY 1924 GOLDA O.            MARTIN, BURLIE F.                 
 18 JAN 1940 GRADEY              GRAY, MAXINE                      
 15 OCT 1966 HAROLD WAYNE        WALKER, WANDA SUE                 
 08 JUL 1941 HELEN LUCILLE       DICKINSON, JUNIOR                 
 24 DEC 1874 HENRY S.            MCBRAYER, SARAH                 D-202
 13 FEB 1932 HUBERT V.           GRAHAM, LETHA                     
 25 NOV 1898 IDA M.              NETHERTON, FRANK K.               
 12 DEC 1897 IDA MAE             BREEDEN, WALTER M.              K-46
     Dau of Robert TERRY                                         
 27 DEC 1913 IRA G.              MORGAN, OSTA A.                   
 10 DEC 1942 IVA DORLENE         WILMOT, DONALD C.                 
 11 NOV 1908 IVA MAY             JOHNSON, NEIL                     
 23 APR 1844 JEREMIAH            JAMES, RACHEL                   A-36
 18 SEP 1940 JOHN E.             REED, LENNIE MAE                  
 20 AUG 1922 LELA                SCOTT, JAMES                      
 20 MAR 1964 LELIA JANE          HACKER, PAUL MARK                 
 18 JUN 1934 LEONA               CARTER, ROSS                      
 01 APR 1883 LEWIS L.            CURTIS, HARRIET E.              F-348
PAGE (123)
     Son of David Nelson TERRY 1825-1908                         
 03 MAY 1963 LINDA LOUISE        BRIDGEMAN, IVAN WAYNE             
 19 SEP 1905 LOGAN               RAILSBACK, CORA                   
 03 AUG 1896 LOUISE I. S.        MATHERS, ANDREW                   
 10 MAR 1872 LOUIZA J.           FEURT, GEO. F.                  D-110
     Son of Lewis TERRY                                          
 18 JUN 1928 LOVENELL            MCELFRESH, AUDRIA                 
 25 JAN 1872 LYDA A.             LANDERS, DAVID                    
 16 JAN 1870 LYDIA J.            TROXEL, JAMES A.                D-45
     Dau of David TERRY                                          
 27 SEP 1885 MARIA               ENGLAND, JOSEPH                 G-276
     Dau of Enos TERRY                                           
 06 OCT 1867 MARION              SCOTT, NANCY E.                   
 12 OCT 1914 MARK S.             ROE, MALANA WARD                  
 21 JAN 1877 MARTHA              TROSCELL, IRA W.                D-297
     Dau of Enos TERRY                                           
 06 OCT 1889 MARTIN S.           OGDEN, ALBERTA                  I-54
     Son of Robert TERRY                                         
 24 FEB 1884 MARY                LANDES, SOLOMON                 G-17
     Dau of David TERRY                                          
 01 MAY 1959 MAXINE              FRANKS, ALVIN                     
 02 APR 1868 NANCY M.            BLALOCK, JOEL                   C-191
     Dau of Enos TERRY                                           
 20 DEC 1893 NANNIE BELL         SKINNER, PERRY M.               J-148
     Dau. of David TERRY
 16 SEP 1880 NANNIE K.           BIRGE, JAMES J.                 C-309
     Dau of Lewis TERRY                                          
 30 DEC 1877 NATHAN              SCOTT, ANN                      D-328
     Son of David TERRY                                          
 15 MAR 1952 PATRICIA            GILBREATH, G. A.                  
 11 MAR 1869 PAULINE C.          HAZELRIG, WM. N.                D-8
     Dau of Enos TERRY                                           
 30 JAN 1868 POLLY               LANDES, BENJAMIN                C-183
 17 JUL 1936 R. LINN             GARTON, ELIZABETH                 
 28 DEC 1932 RALPH               GRAHAM, IVA                       
 07 APR 1952 RAMONA MAURINE      CARTER, LEO EUGENE                
 05 AUG 1852 ROBERT              HAMMONDS, MARY                  A-136
     Son of Ansel TERRY                                          
 21 APR 1864 ROBERT              HAMMONS, SUSAN                  C-87
     Son of Ansel TERRY                                          
 27 MAR 1922 ROBERT O.           STAFFORD, OPAL                    
 31 MAR 1889 ROBERT S.           DOWELL, EMMA F.                   
 27 OCT 1912 ROSA MARHEA         HERALD, RUSSELL WARREN            
 16 JUL 1932 RUBY MAE            ESTES, LEWIS FRANKLIN             
 01 JAN 1860 RUTH                GLAZE, JNO.                     C-9
     Dau. of Lewis TERRY
 21 NOV 1876 RUTH A.             FORD, LEWIS                     D-290
     Dau. of Robert TERRY                                        
 13 DEC 1899 SALLIE L.           STRETCH, RICHARD A.               
 29 APR 1903 SARAH E.            COX, NAPOLEON B.                  
 06 FEB 1878 SARAH E.            PLUNKETT, ALFRED                C-275
     Dau. of David TERRY                                         
 10 OCT 1934 SYLVIA ANNAS        BROWN, HARRY VERNON               
 04 MAR 1877 THOS. M.            FLINT, FRANCES H.               D-302
PAGE (124)
                           DAVIES CO. MO EARLY DEEDS
Enos TERRY from Jas H. Wilson 24 Jan 1845 Bk B, Pg. 213
     NW 1/4 NE 1/4 SC 25 TWP 59 RG 26
Ansel TERRY from JNO Saunders 8 Feb 1847 Bk. C, Pg 173
     E 1/2 NE 1/4 SEC 36 TWP 62 RG 28 PT. NW 1/4 ? & W 1/2 NE 1/2 SEC 31 TWP 62
     RG 27
Ansel TERRY from Henry Saunders 25 Jan 1847 Bk C. Pg. 285
     NW 1/4 SEC 31 TWP 62 RG 27  W 1/2 NE 1/4 SEC 31 TWP 62 RG 27
David N. TERRY from George Flint 9 Sep 1851 Bk D Pg 2
     SW 1/4 SEC 8 TWP 61 RG 27
Ansel TERRY to Lewis L. TERRY 17 Apr 1865 Bk M, Pg 480
     N 1/2 NW 1/4 & ? N 1/2 W 1/2 NE 1/4 SEC 31 TWP 62 RG 27 PT NE 1/4 NE 1/4
     SEC 36 TWP 62 RG 28
Ansel TERRY and Lydia TERRY to Bartley Estes 10 Sep 1850 Bk C Pg 258
     NE 1/4 SEC 5 TWP 61 RG 27
Asberry TERRY to Lemon Chenoweth 15 Sep 1853 Bk P, Pg 424
     SW 1/4 SE 1/4 & SE 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec 24 TWP 60 RG 26
Jeremiah TERRY to Jas & Jno Fisher Jr. 10 Sep 1856 Bk F, Pg 348
     W 1/2 & W 1/2 NE 1/4 & NE 1/4 NE 1/4 SEC 25 TWP 60 RG 26
Rbt. J. TERRY to Jacob Sutton 16 Aug 1859 Bk H, Pg 156
     Pt. SW 1/4 NW 1/4 SEC 31 TWP 62 RG 27
                                     * * *
              McClary Cemetery, Washington Twsp., Daviess Co. MO
TERRY - Cynthia w/o Lewis L.  02 Oct 1819 - 28 Nov 1878
      - Sergt L. L. Co. F. 43rd MO. Inf. (No dates: b. 1817 d. 16 Apr 1888
        according to pension papers.)
      - Thomas S. s/o L. L. & C. TERRY 6 Jul 1851 - 07 Oct 1854
      - Ansel d. 03 Jan 1884 age 86 yr 5 mo 24 da
      - Elizabeth d. 22 Aug 1845 age 47 yr 3 mo 7 da
      - James H. s/o L. L. & C. TERRY  15 Jul 1842 - 20 Sep 1847
      - Sidney w/o T. F. TERRY d. 19 Sep 1845 age 23 yr
PAGE (125)


      - Thomas F.  d. 24 Jan 1845 age 23 yr 7 mo 3 da
      - Mary C. w/o Dr. R. J. TERRY d. 16 Feb 1864 age 31 yr 2 mo
      - Fannie E.  d/o Dr.  R. J. & M. C. TERRY d. 23 Apr 1861 age 10 yr 7 mo 5         
      - Lewis F. s/o Dr. R. J. & M. C. TERRY d. 11 Feb 1865 age 9 yr 6 mo 13 da
      - Charles W.  s/9 Dr.  R. J. & M. C. TERRY d. 2 Jan 1864 age 1 yr 5 mo 19         
                     Old Scotland Cemetery Daviess Co. MO
TERRY - David N.    21 Oct 1825 - 26 Jun 1908
      - Rachel w/o D. N. TERRY  d. 14 Feb 1859 age 31 yr.
      - Ruth B. w/o D. N. TERRY    16 May 1831 - 01 Dec 1920
      - Robert J.   10 Apr 1832 - 09 Dec 1897
      - Susan M. w/o R. J. TERRY 10 Jun 1845 - 21 Sep 1932
      - Enos   d. 23 Oct 1897 age 78 yr 2 mo 18 da
      - Prudence w/o Enos TERRY d. 22 May 1918 age 91 yrs 3 mo 11 da
[The  above  cemetery listings were collected by Juanita Dowell and Arta  Blon-
                                     * * *
                           submitted by Betty Martin
                      605 N. Robinson, Harrison AR 72601
Polk Co. MO Goff Cemetery:
John M. TERRY 1852 - 1930          S. Alice TERRY 1865 - 1937
Taney Co.  MO -- Joseph TERRY of County of Taney,  State of Missouri, sold land 
to Patrick Clark of County of Taney, Missouri 17 Jan 1873.
From Missouri Cousins by A. Maxum Coppage.
Elijah Stephens,  b. 1 May 1820, Garrard County, KY, d. 5 April 1909 and buried  
in Arkadelphia Cemetery south of Avalon,  MO. He came to Carroll County in 1850 
and  in 1852 started for Calif.  At Ft.  Laramie he became ill and  started  to 
return  to  Missouri.  On  the way the party was attacked by Indians  and  were 
rescued by an army patrol.  On May 28, 1857 he was married to Elizabeth Burton, 
dau of Joseph and Elizabeth (Crawley) Burton of Howard County,  MO.  Their mar-
PAGE (126)
riage  was the first to take place in Stokes Mound Twnshp.  He was a member  of 
the  Christian church of Oakland which is still (1969)  in  service.  Children: 
William Joseph (see); John T. b. 8 Dec 1862 unm; Charles Edward; Sarah Agnes, d 
26 Sep 1897, m. John TERRY; Mary, wife of State Morris ; Martha, wife of Wesley 
Maxwell,  son of James,  of St.  Joseph, MO; Robert Elijah "Buck" (see); Carey, 
wife of Thomas Boley and one other child, name not known. 
Barry County MO Marriages:    John TERRY to Mary Riddle  13 Dec 1860
Thomas TERRY,  Capt.  Legg's Co.  (E),  1 Reg't U.S.L.  C., MO Home Guard 4 Jun 
1861 - 1 Oct 1861.
Pontiac Cemetery, Pontiac, Ozark Co. MO
Alva TERRY                 1914 -        1967
Cora Jan TERRY      22 Feb 1884 - 19 Sep 1964
Ervin TERRY         05 Aug 1912 - 17 Feb 1946
Fay TERRY           13 Jul 1920 - 05 Jul 1973     
John TERRY          16 Feb 1858 - 22 Apr 1943
Lizzie TERRY        10 Nov 1917 - 04 Jul 1943
Louis K. TERRY      23 Jun 1889 - 07 Apr 1954
Margaret I. TERRY   08 Mar 1885 - 31 Mar 1941
Mary J. TERRY       30 Nov 1858 - 02 May 1947
Neva TERRY                 1913 -        1978
Norma TERRY         11 Nov 1918 -
William E. TERRY    01 Jan 1881 - 05 Jan 1969
1850 Census Ozark Co., MO
Paton Keesee        53  1797
Nancy "             55  1795
Peter "             20  1830
Telitha "           18  1832
Richard "           13  1837
William "           11  1839
Winney Fulkerson    13  1837
Elias TERRY          6  1846
John Copelin        21  1829
[This was sent to Mrs. Betty Martin by Mary Brown of Duncanville, TX.]          
PAGE (127)


                      THIS AND THAT: TERRY Miscellaneous
     The  following  is  a  transcription  of a  letter  from  my  Great  Great 
Grandfather  William TERRY to his son John TERRY my Great Grandfather.  William 
TERRY  was born 7 Nov 1785 in Hawkins Co.  TN and married 1806/7 Barbara  Ennis 
born 24 Oct 1788 Burke Co. NC and she died 15 May 1869 in Greene Co. MO.
Mrs. Raymond Wray 1606 N. Willow Oak, Longview TX 75601.
                                                       19 Dec. 1848
                               State of Arkansas
Dear Son & Daughter
     Through  mercy  we are all well at present as far as I know for  which  we 
should  be  thankful  and we have just received a letter from you  directed  to 
Martin TERRY dated the second of November and I also received a letter from you 
some time back but owing to more imbaresment I have neglected writing.  I  must 
inform  you  that brother John TERRY and his wife is both dead.  I was  at  his 
house  the fourth of October and stayed with him until the eighth.  He had just 
buried his wife. She died the last day of September and I left Elish and Thomas 
and  Fletcher all down with some fatal disease something like winter  fever  in 
its operations but brother John was about as he had been for four or five years 
past just about worn out with disease hardship and trouble but I received a few 
lines from them on the twentieth of October informing me that he was taken down 
on Friday after I left there and died on the Monday following. They have left a 
desolate  family  of eight children with only one little girl able to do  their 
milking.  They  have a good improvement and considerable property but  I  don't 
know what they will do but I fear from the class of people they live among they 
will  be swindled out of their right for they live as nigh out of the world  as 
any place that I ever saw people living in and I am so situated at present that 
I  con't do anything for them.  I wrote a letter to John Ennes informing him of 
the  death  of his sister and I have been looking for a letter from him  but  I 
have not had none yet.
     Martin  is on the dry mountain and I think not satisfied and  consequently 
not  likely to do much good and Findley has bought him(self) a waggon and  team 
and  is  driving it this moderate winter and I have doubts of him  doing  well. 
Elisha Ennes is living on my place and people prophesying that him and me  wont 
do  well.  William  Harp and John Bohannan is living on their ould  places  and 
doing about as usual. Your brother William is no better of his complaint that I 
can see. Serena and her man is living on King's River.
     As  repects to the season we have had the longest drouth I ever  recollect 
seeing and consequently light crops.  The average price of corn is twenty cents 
and wheat fifty cents and pork from a dollar and a half to two dollars and cows 
from  five to ten dollars and horses low as they have been for years  past  and 
money matters is a little democratical yet.
     This  winter  has set in very rough.  On the sixth of this month  a  sleet 
begun  which lasted seven days and was the heaviest I ever seen in this part of 
the  world and broke up my peach trees.  Worse than the fruit ever done and  in 
the timber is torn down until the roads is difficult to pass.
PAGE (128)


     It  has been some days since I begun this letter and this is  the  twenty 
fourth day of the month and the ground is covered about one inch deep in hail, 
snow, and ice and the timber is loaded with ice but not so heavy as the  first 
but  the day is pleasant and has the appearance of melting the ice but if  the 
winter continues as it has begun it will make corn scarce for we have no meal. 
We  have  no grain ground in the water mill since the last of June  until  the 
tenth  of this month and now the mills only grind part for the want  of  water 
and it is quite difficult getting meal yet.
     I  think our country in general is tolerable healthy. There has been  but 
one death in our neighborhood. Enoch Harp's widow lost her child this fall.
     People seems to be dissatisfied and selling out and moving to your  coun-
try. There was several of our neighbors moved out this fall and gone to Texas. 
Joseph  Dennis and Neal Dennis and John Wright is all gone and several  others 
wishing to sell out if times was good so that people could sell out and no one 
come back again Texas would be full.
     I  had forgot to say anything about Elijah Waltrip and family.  They  are 
living in Missouri, Barry County but I haint heard from them since August.
     I  don't  know that I shall ever be able to come see you for I  begin  to 
feel  the  effects  of age and can't stand hardships and my  family  can't  do 
anything without me but I would be glad if you could arrange your affairs  and 
to come and see us in the cowrse of next summer. If we should all live I think 
that our little burg is improving considering the hardness of the times and if 
the  Arkansas  River  was  navagable stream we could  always  get  our  little 
necessarys  here at home but coffee is getting scarce. The proprietors of  the 
new iron works is in good spirits and going on with their work but haven't got 
to  making iron yet. Our preacher is not come onto circuits but we  hear  that 
brother  Morgan is appointed to this circuit again and that brother  Standford 
is  presiding  elder  in place of brother Harrol and that  brother  Harrol  is 
stationed at Little Rock.
     I  have endeavored to give satisfaction about anything that  I  recollect 
and if you should see Isaac Guest or Elisha Ball give them my respects and let 
them read this letter. Give our best wishes to Joseph Reed and family and  all 
enquiring  friends. I expect Martin TERRY will write you a letter  shortly.  I 
have  not seen him since I lifted your letter. Owing to the bad  weather  ther 
has  been no passing. And now my dear children these maybe the last lines  you 
may ever see of my writing and I wish you to bear in mind that we are all born 
to die and that our friends are dropping here and there and at the farthest it 
cn't be long before we must follow and that our main business in this world is 
to prepare for the next. I wish you to write us when opportunity may offer.  I 
must  bring my letter to a close with my best wishes to you all so no more  at 
present, we remain your loving father and mother.
                              William and Barbara TERRY to
                              John and Lucinda TERRY
PAGE (129)


[Envelope inscription - State of Texas Red River County --Clarksville  p.  o.--
John  TERRY] [Also on the envelope in another handwriting-- Fayettsville  Ark--
25th Dec.]
Notes by Mrs. Wray:
First paragraph--William TERRY (my great-great grandfather) had a brother named 
John TERRY, who married _______Ennes (Ennis). John had evidently been living in 
Arkansas  for at least 4 or 5 years.  Since William mentions John's health  for 
the  last 4 or 5 years,  and since William stayed only 4 days on this visit,  I 
assume  they lived about one day's journey--20 to 30 miles apart and  saw  each 
other often enough for William to have some knowledge of John's health.
John's wife _____ Ennis died 30 Sep 1848 of "winter fever" John died 16 October 
1848 of "winter fever".
Eight Children:
1. Elish--From another letter, Elisha was living near Clear Creek, Elm Springs, 
Washington Co., Ark., on 6 May 1854.
2. Thomas--In 1860 Census of Washington Co., Ark., Elm Springs Township, Thomas 
gave his age as 39 (born ca 1821 in TN). He would have been 12 when his parents 
3. Fletcher--no other information.
4. through .8 -- At least one girl "able to do the milking"
John's  wife  _____ Ennis had a brother John Ennis.  (William TERRY's wife  was 
Barbara Ennis. This could be her sister.)
Second and Eighth Paragraphs--Information on the Children of William TERRY  and 
Barbara Ennis--(Brothers and Sisters of John TERRY, my great grandfather).
1. William--never married. Several letters mention that William was "afflicted"
2. A girl who died in childhood.
3. Martin-- married Mary Ann Reed
4. Melinda-- married Hugh Findley
5. John-- married Lucinda Reed
6. Nancy--married William Harp
7. Matilda--married Elisha Ennes (Ennis)
8. Hettie (Easter)--married Elijah Waltrip
9. Mary Elizabeth (Betsey)--married John Bohannan
PAGE (130)


10. Serena--married _____ Newberry
11. Clark-- No information.
Last paragraph--Joseph Reed is the father of John TERRY's wife, Lucinda Reed.
Soundex of 1880 Census of Washington Co. AR from Editor's notes.
White River, VOL. 13, ED 208, SH 12, LN 29
William D. TERRY    22   H    AR
Mary J. TERRY       22   W    AR
Emmanuel             2   S    AR
Elm Springs Township, VOL. 13, ED 208, SH 12, LN 29
Thomas W. TERRY     63   H    TN
Elizabeth TERRY     55   W    TN
Sarah TERRY         28   D    TN
Keeble TERRY        21   S    AR
Ellen  TERRY        19   D    AR
Price TERRY         16   S    AR
Jefferson           13   S    AR
Robert A.           10   S    AR
The  following  was submitted by Gearldean Horton Musgrave 1783  Piedmont  Cr., 
Erlanger  KY  41018  who is not a TERRY descendant but is a descendant  of  the 
Horton lines of NY.  [She joined the TFH and has offered to help with those who 
have Horton-TERRY lines.  She is very much aware of my TERRY interests and  has 
occasionally sent TERRY data when she finds it while researching.--Editor]
Inscriptions from GREENWOOD Cemetery in Marshall, Texas:
TERRY, Louisa G.         16 Jun 1861 -  16 Mar 1946 Mother
TERRY, Edward W.         12 Jul 1855 -   6 Mar 1943
TERRY, Elmer S.          13 Mar 1897 -   3 Mar 1900
TERRY, James Matt        19 Oct 1880 -  22 Aug 1916
TERRY, Mary Elizabeth    15 Dec 1853 -   8 Feb 1932
TERRY, W. H. "Buck"      21 Jan 1877 -  17 Oct 1918
TERRY, Wm. James/son of  24 Jul 1916 -  26 Apr 1917
  Buck and Nangie TERRY
Marriages in Clark Co. Arkansas:
06 Feb 1876    TERRY, James        21   BUCK, Sarah    18   G-108
01 Jul 1900    TERRY, W. R.        21   CARTER, Ada    17   L-170
25 Nov 1884    TERRY, Mrs. S.T.    23   ARMSTRONG, J. D.  52 L-143
Mrs.  Joyce Thompson 533 Hugh St., North Augusta SC 29841 mentioned that a book 
written  by  Sara M.  Nash of Fountain Inn SC contains info on  descendents  of 
Solomon Hopkins and wife Eliz.  TERRY.  She will provide the address for anyone 
interested.  She also provided the following:
PAGE (131)
Gaston TERRY        age 46    b. 1804 ??
     Mary           age 44    b. 1806 ENG
     Aley?          age 17    b. 1833 SC
     Tully          age 14    b. 1836 SC
     George         age 12    b. 1838 SC
     John           age 10    b. 1840 SC
     Wm.            age  8    b. 1842 SC
     Eliz.          age  6    b. 1844 SC
     Martha         age  3    b. 1847 SC
Charles TERRY       age 43    b. 1807 
     Permelia       age 35    b. 1815
     Lucinda        age 15    b. 1835
     Harriet        age 13    b. 1837
     Andrew         age 11    b. 1839
     Charles        age  8    b. 1842
     Ann            age  6    b. 1844
     Jane           age  4    b. 1846
     Whitman        age  1    b. 1849
Jabez TERRY         age 55    b. 1795
     Eliz.          age 49    b. 1801
     Ann            age 23    b. 1827
     James          age 20    b. 1830
     Eliz.          age 17    b. 1833
     Lucinda        age 13    b. 1837
     Jane           age 12    b. 1838
     Rebecca        age 11    b. 1839
John McDowell TERRY      age 55    b. 1795
     Mary                age 50    b. 1800
     Wm.                 age 20    b. 1830
     John                age 17    b. 1833
     Robt.               age 14    b. 1836
     Sarah               age 11    b. 1849
[Editor's Note:  The 1840 Census lists the following TERRY heads of households. 
I do not know if the above is a complete listing of the TERRY surnames in 1850. 
For more information on these families see TFH Vol II no. 1 pp. 18-33.]
      1840 Census Index showing Heads of Families in Greenville Dist. SC
Ann W. TERRY p.276       Ausbury TERRY p. 276     Charles TERRY p. 276
Druscilla TERRY p. 276   Gastin TERRY p. 276      Jabez TERRY p. 276
John M. D. TERRY p. 276  William A. TERRY p. 276
The following is a result of cemetery research at Rule,  Haskell Co. TX by Mrs. 
Fredericka  Raymond 1210 Ann,  Weatherford,  TX 76086.  She is a descendant  of 
Moses Green Berry Hill TERRY m.  Martha Rogers. He being the son of Green Berry 
Hill TERRY and Ellen Gill of Union Co. AR and Fulton/DeKalb Co.'s GA.
PAGE (132)


Rule  cemetery is located approximately 2 miles East of town.  It is  very  well 
cared for. Bill Dunham, 601 Loop St. has the records. But. G.B. TERRY is not in 
the  records nor is his wife.  It looks like he remarried after Martha (Rogers) 
TERRY died. Both are in the Smith Family Plot.
A lone grave:
Mary Alice     30 May 1858 -  19 May 1908
  Wife of S. F. TERRY
                Smith Family Plot--Rule Cemetery-- Rule, Texas
G. B. TERRY    1838 - 1917
Wife of G. B. TERRY      25 Nov 1844 -  08 Apr 1912
Sarah E. SMITH 13 Oct 1860 -  27 Jun 1949
Rufus M. SMITH 27 Jul 1859 -  11 May 1927
[Note:  Sarah was the 2nd wife of Rufus Smith.  He had 1 dau.  by 1st wife that 
Sarah raised. She and Rufus had 5 children--One is still living.]
C. W. SMITH    01 Nov 1889 -  23 Nov 1926
N. J. SMITH    08 Jul 1835 -  01 Feb 1928
Virgil E.      29 Apr 1912 -  23 Aug 1913
  Son of J. R. and Ada Dunn     
                                 Death Records
Mrs.  Alycee TERRY-- Haskell Co.  Rule --May 19, 1908 --Vol I page 1 of T's and 
Death Certificates Vol. I page 24 both identically written as stated.
Artie TERRY Oct 30,  1908-- Haskell Co.  No record of burial of  either.  Wills 
revealed nothing for any of them.
In the Marriage Vol.  I,  I found :
23 May 1897    TERRY, G. M.   ADAMS, Bettie 
     I.T.  [Indian Territory] Farmer-- Minister.
This  would be George Malcom McClure TERRY son of Moses Green Berry Hill  TERRY 
and Martha M.  Rogers. [Editor's Note: George Malcom McClure TERRY is buried at 
Chickasha  OK and his wife "Bettie" or "Bessie" is buried in Washita Co.  OK at 
Cowden OK. Almost all of the twenty or more TERRY families in Chickasha at this 
time are related to this family of Terrys.]
[The following was information submitted by Fay McClure Miller,  P.O.  Box 484, 
Weatherford  TX 76086.]
A  FEW  BARRETT KIN,  May be ordered from Emma Barrett Reeves 1620 Redbud  St., 
Nacodoches TX 75961.  Hard cover,  93pp,  Index,  1971, $12.50. VA, NC, TN, TX, 
PAGE (133)
SWET-ALLEN AND ALLIED FAMILIES,  by Rebecca Allen.  Hard Cover,  263pp,  Index, 
1978,  $17.00.  May be ordered from Susan G.  Forrester 29 King Lane, Concord MA 
THE  FAMILY OF RICHARD SMITH (10 GENERATIONS),  by Fred.  Kinsman  Smith.  Hard 
cover, 604 pp, Index, $26.00. Smithtown, Long Island; 1640-1925. Families 
PLATT, STRONG, TERRY, WICKS, WOODHULL. May be ordered from Smithtown Historical 
Society PO Box 69, Smithtown, NY 11787.
Hard cover,  183 pp,  Unindexed, price unknown. This is a companion to Volume I 
and  II  and  contains histories of old towns,  names of post-offices  and  old 
pictures and maps of Hinds County.  There is some information on TERRY families 
included. A very good reference book for researchers in this area. Published by 
Mrs. John C. Williams, 2232 Breckinridge Rd., Jackson, MS 39204. [Mrs. Williams 
was kind enough to send me a copy.]
5310 River Thames,  Jackson MS 39211.  Hard cover,  140 pp,  Index, $15.00. The 
cover  has  the TERRY Coat of Arms and covers Descendants of William TERRY  who 
imigrated in 1653 and 11 generations that follow.  Mrs. McIlwain indicated that 
at the 5th generation she follows her direct line.  It also covers James  TERRY 
and Dianna Royall plus descendants of Benjamin TERRY and Elizabeth Irby. It may 
be ordered from Mrs. McIlwain at the above address. Although the editor has not 
seen  the  book  before  this  issue  went  out  Mrs.  McIlwain  indicates  the 
information in the book is well documented.
The following will was submitted by Matilda Adams 1481 Rainbrook way, Corona CA 
91720.  A guest speaker was using it as an example at a Genealogical meeting. I 
will  publish it in hopes to attract more Georgia researchers.  Also have  some 
info from Earnest TERRY of Meridian MS to add to it.--Editor.
                              WILL OF LEWIS TERRY
     In  the name of God,  Amen:  I,  Lewis TERRY,  of Murray County (Georgia), 
being  advanced in years of sound and disposing mind and memory and wishing  to 
make a disposition of the property with which a kind providence has blessed me, 
do make,  ordain and publish this,  my last will and testament, hereby revoking 
all wills and testamentary dispositions heretofore made by me. That is to say:
     Item  1st:  I  direct that my body be buried in  a  decent  christian-like 
manner; my soul I trust will return to God who gave it;
     Item  2nd:  I will and direct that after my death,  should my beloved wife 
surv.  me,  that all my property of every description,  both real and personal, 
shall  vest in her during her natural life;  and at her death the  devices  and 
bequests herein after mentioned shall take effect, that she keep all my proper-
ty  together,  take care of it and manage it so as to enhance most the interest 
of my estate;
PAGE (134)
     Item 3rd:  I will and bequeath to my sons, George C. TERRY, William TERRY, 
Duncan TERRY,  and Joseph TERRY,  lots of land numbers two hundred and  ninety-
nine  (299),  three  hundred (300) and three hundred and thirteen (313) of  the 
twenty-sixth district of the second section of (originally Cherokee, now Murray 
County) to have and to hold the same to them,  their heirs, and assigns forever 
in fee simple;
     Item 4th:  I will to my son William TERRY,  my negro woman, Ailey, and any 
increase she may have at the time of my death;
     Item 5th:  I will and bequeath to my son George C.  TERRY,  my negro  boy, 
     Item 6th: I will and bequeath to my son Duncan TERRY, my negro man, Orin;
     Item 7th: I will and bequeath to my son Joseph TERRY, my negro man, Mose;
     Item 8th:  I will and desire to my daughter Nancey Carder,  wife of Thomas 
Carder  free from control or management of her said husband and not subject  to 
the payment of his debts,  lot of land number ninety-one (91),  district of the 
third  section of said county to her during her natural life,  and at her death 
to  her children then,  in life their heirs and assigns forever in fee  simple. 
Also,  to  my said daughter first choice out of my beds and furniture from  the 
control of her husband and not subject to his debts;
     Item 9th: I will and direct that after the death of my wife all my person-
al property of every description both real and personal,  except as  heretofore 
excepted,  be  sold at public out cry on such terms as my executor shall  think 
most  to the interest of my estate and the net proceeds together with all  that 
may be due my estate all the ready money,  etc., I may leave be equally divided 
among  my five children herein before named,  first deducting from the share of 
each, any amount which may be due my estate from the several distributees;
     Item 10th:      I nominate,   constitute and appoint my son Joseph  TERRY, 
executor  of this may last will and testament feeling well assured that he will 
faithfully execute the same.
(Murray County Wills, Georgia)
Dated: 17 may 1851       Proved: 15 Jul 1851
Witnesses: Thomas Payne, Abel Jonston, Dawson A. Walker
                                     * * *
                       MURRAY COUNTY GEORGIA 1850 CENSUS
pg 257
William TERRY       39   1811 SC
Julia TERRY         26   1824 NC
Dianona TERRY       10   1840 GA
George W. TERRY      8   1842 GA
Wm I. TERRY          7   1843 GA
PAGE (135)
Syrus L. TERRY       5   1845 GA
John R. TERRY        -   1850 GA
pg 262
Lewis TERRY         80   1770 SC
Constance TERRY     85   1765 VA
George TERRY        39   1811 SC
Nancy TERRY         13   1837 SC
Mary A. TERRY        8   1842 GA
pg 263
Eliz TERRY          14   1836 SC
pg. 264
Joseph TERRY        36   1814 SC
Virginia TERRY      27   1823 NC
Amendo TERRY         8   1842 GA
Susan TERRY          6   1844 GA
Mary TERRY           5   1845 GA
Thomas TERRY         3   1847 GA
Duncan TERRY        34   1816 SC
Wygetta TERRY       33   1817 SC
Joseph TERRY        12   1838 GA
George TERRY         6   1844 GA
Martha TERRY         2   1848 GA
                                     * * *
                   Membership List of TERRY Family Historian
Updated July 30, 1983
Adams, Matilda B., 1481 Rainbrook Way, Corona CA 91720
Adams, Curtis J., 8601 W. 90th Terrace, Overland Park KS 66212   
Arkansas Genealogical Society, Inc., 4200 "A" St., Little Rock AR 72205
Armacost, Mrs. J. T. W., Spruce Hill Farm, Hampstead MD 21074
Ash, Betty B., 220 Woodland Dr., Hillsboro OH 45133
Auguston, Mrs. A. W., 5904 Wonder Dr., Ft. Worth TX 76133
Baker, Joanna A., Rt 1  Box 104, Maysville KY 41056
Barkley, Marjorie G., 1732 Crabtree Rd., Hixson TN 37343
Bass, Catharine, 12 Wactor St., Sumpter SC 29150
Becker, Cindy, 2202 Tesla, Colorado Springs CO 80909
Blonshine, Mrs. Arta, 7706 Maxwell Dr., Boise ID 83704
Bloomquist, Mrs. Adrian C., 214 Stephanie Ave., Lafayette LA 70503
Bowe, Florence M., 7849 SE Johnson Cr. Blvd., Portland Or 97206
Branson, Dorothy, 797 S. James Rd. #14, Columbus OH 43227
Brown, Mrs. Carlene, Rt 1, Box 318, Gilmer TX 75644
Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Floyd W., Rt 1, Troup TX 75789
Brown, Jane, Rt 1  Box 32, Genoa IL 60135
Bruch, Gail, 8495 Grand Ave., Yucca Valley CA 92284
Bunnell, Irene Tuttle, 401 N. Adams Ave., Fullerton CA 92632
PAGE (136)
Bushnell, Mrs. James J., 2919 Fairway Dr., Birmingham AL 35213
Cain, Janet Elliott, 5977 Woodway Dr., Houston TX 77057
Cameron, Mrs. James V., 1818 Lauri, El Dorado AR 71730
Carrington,  Pauline  TERRY,  8297 Tamarisk Ave,  Yucca Valley CA 92284
Carter, Alice L., Box 121, Waxhaw NC 28173
Castleman, Shirley, Box 52, Weatherford OK 73096 
Chaille, Joseph H., 2100 Sans Souci Blvd. Apt 1406, North Miami FL 33181
Chattin, Sandra, 1848 Bimini, Seabrook TX 77586
Clement, Miss Mary Dean, 1711 Ashwood Ave., Nashville TN 37212
Coffman, Mrs. Richard L., 1326 Canary Ln., Seguin TX 78155
Cooper, Rosanna, 25830 7th St., Hemet CA 92343
Couch, Elaine, 6848 Sarah, Temperance MI 48182
Crawford, Mrs. Lillie R., 264 Wesley Rd., Green Cove Springs FL 32043
Crawley, Carolyn S., Rt 6, Box 95 A, Aiken SC 29801
DeRossitt, Mrs. J. D., 1527 N. Division St., Forrest City AR 72335
Dickinson, Carol Schwaderer, Box 110872 South Station, Anchorage AK 99511-0872
Disher, Rose S., 4333 Moomaw Ave. NW, Roanoke VA 24017
Dougherty, Juliet S., 7159 Boyce Dr., Baton Rouge LA 70809
Dowell, Juanita M., Rt 3 Box 75, Strafford MO 65757
Downing, Nancy, 1224 Oneida St., Storm Lake IA 50588
Draper, Mrs. Golden T., Rt 2 Box 4768, Nyssa OR 97913
Eddleman, Jean, 5146 Carita St., Long Beach CA 90808
Folsom, Mrs. Blake, 407 Heritage Manor, Harlingen TX 78550
Fox, Orianna T., 10703 Breckenridge Dr., Little Rock AR 72211
Fremon, Mrs. Richard C., 32 Barn Owl Dr., Hackettstown NJ 07840
Fuqua, Dorothy, Rt 3 Box 133, Cushing OK 74023
Garrett, Franklin M., Atlanta Historical Society, 3101 Andrews Dr. NW,
  Atlanta GA 30305
Gould, Mrs. Richard, 7243 N. Vandiver, San Antonio TX 78209
Green, Bill, 1306 Kings Mtn. Dr., Little Rock AR 72211
Greenway, Mr. and Mrs. Mack, 3917 Roanoke Dr., Garland TX 75041
Hagan, Barbara TERRY, 1514 Brentwood Dr., Owensboro KY 42301
Harrison, Mrs. Lela, 303 E. 5th., McCook NE 69001
Hartelt, Ruby E., Box 44, Roswell NM 88201
Holcomb, Linda TERRY, 107 Franklin Way, Cumming GA 30130
Holley, Mr. and Mrs. J. L., 203 Jackson St., McComb MS 39648
Huff, Eva, Box 9948, College Station TX 77840
Humphrey, Mary V., Box 356, Russellville AR 72801
Hunter, Sarah, 9511 Overwood, Dallas TX 75238
Husted, Susan L., % ARAMCO Box 5868, Dhahran Saudia Arabia
Ingmire, Mrs. Frances TERRY, 10166 Clairmont Dr., St. Louis MO 63136
Johnson, Mrs. Ethiel B., 15834 Drysdale, Southgate MI 48195
Johnson, Mrs. Jane, 9041 East Oxford Dr., Denver CO 80237
Kelley, Mrs. or Mrs. H. W., Rt 2, Box 224, Downsville LA 71234
Landers, Paul M., 18611 E. Truman Rd., Independence MO 64056
Lincoln, Mrs. Earl T., 136 Amanda Ln., Los Gatos CA 95030
Lockard, Billie, 29 Du Bois Terrace, Tuscaloosa AL 35401
Longobardi, Mrs. Carl A., 170 Spruce Haven  Dr., Wexford PA 15090
McIlwain, Lina TERRY, 5310 River Thames, Jackson MS 39211
Martin, Betty, 605 N. Robinson, Harrison AR 72601
Martin, Dorthea Day, Box 957, Bodfish CA 93205
Martin, Inez E., 833 Avocado Ave., El Cajon CA 92020
Miller, Faye M., Box 484, Weatherford TX 76086
Miller, Nancy N., Box 331, Brandon FL 33511
Mitchell, Genevieve Bess, 2403 Inca Lane, New Brighton MN 55112
PAGE (137)
Montgomery, Pauline T., Rt 2, Box 14, Shoals IN 47581
Moore, Phillip J., 221 East North St., Owosso MI 48867
Morris, Mrs. William S., 2580 Utah St., Napa CA 94558
Musgrave, Gearaldean Horton, 1783 Piedmont Cr., Erlanger KY 41018
Neitzel, Mrs. Robert S., 110 Joffrion St., Marksville LA 71851
New York Public Library Div. G, Grand Central Station Box 2237,
  New York NY 10017
Niedermaier, Mrs. E. J., 4800 Samuell Blvd., Dallas TX 75228
Oldham, Allie Wilson, Star Rt 3 Box 58 A-5, Pagosa Springs CO 81147
Pafford, Michael, Rt 3 Box 3165 A, Blackshear GA 31516
Palmer, Amelia Estes, 1211 Grosscup Ave., Dunbar WV 25064
Park, Georgia, 1101 Sandra Lane, Grand Prairie TX 75052
Payne, Mrs. William A., 5036 Crestwood Dr., Little Rock AR 72207
Peoples, Bartina, 1927 S. Cheyenne, Tulsa OK 74119
Perkins, Mr. & Mrs. D. E., Box 103, Sunbury NC 27979
Philen, Dorene, 3017 Brookview Dr., Plano TX 75074
Plass, Virginia, Rt 1 Box 201, Tulelake CA 96134
Preston, Ruth TERRY, 1222 Raguet St. Apt 3, Nacogdoches TX 75961
Rainville, Don and Rita, 5012 Stevely, Lakewood CA 90713
Raymond, Fredericka, 1210 Ann, Weatherford TX 76086
Ricks, Mrs. James G., 2304 Greenhill Dr., Carollton TX 75006
Roberts, Mr. Owen, Box 677, McNair Ave., Brookhaven MS 39601
Russell, James N., 7124 2nd Ave. N, Birmingham AL 35206
Rutledge, V. H., 946 17th Ave., Longview WA 98632
Sedenquist, Mr. & Mrs. Fred W., 12010 Greenleaf Dr., Huntsville AL 35803
Seigler, Vera B., 2955 Fairlee Dr., Fairfax VA 22031
Smith, Patricia, 1514 Latta Rd., Ada OK 74820
Snyder, Susan, 1610 South 9th, Cottage Grove OR 97424
Spencer, Juanita T., Rt 2 Box 122, Huntingburg IN 47542
Stansfield, Mary L., 18300 Corte Del Montana, Sonora CA 95370
Stephens, Mrs. Gene R., Rt 1 Box 43 A, Rayville LA 71269
Stratton, Selby Bryant, 3913 Watson Pl. NW, Washington DC 20016
Templeton, E. O., Jr.,  Box 96, Starkville MS 39759
Tennesee Gen. Society, Box 12124, Memphis TN 38112
TERRY, Alan, Rt 1, Box 83 B, Binger OK 73009
TERRY, Arlene and Phil, 6434 Larsen Ln., Shawnee KS 66203
TERRY, Betty Ann, 807 Sannoner, Florence AL 35630
TERRY, Mr. or Mrs. C. A., Rt 6 Lakeshore Dr., Jacksonville TX 75766
TERRY, C. Morris, 3307 Breckenridge Dr., Little Rock AR 72207
TERRY, Celia Pat, 617 Utah St., Chickasha OK 73018
TERRY, Earnest L., 5010 37th Ave., Meridian MS 39301
TERRY, Eddie, Rt 1 Box 173 A, Ruston LA 71270
TERRY, Faye Hendrix, 1713 Dianne St. SW, Decatur AL 35601
TERRY, George, 304 Highland Heights, Goodlettsville TN 37092
TERRY, Mrs. J. Malcolm, Box 186, Harrisonburg LA 71340
TERRY, James H., 201 Sicily St., Harrisonburg LA 72360
TERRY, Jay, 224 Woodland Dr., Orem UT 84057
TERRY, Jim, Box 308, Missouri City TX 77459
TERRY, John L., 833 Florida St., Albuquerque NM 87108
TERRY, John D., 13953 Perkins Rd., Baton Rouge LA 70810 
TERRY, Lee, 1008 S. 14th St., Chickasha OK 73018
TERRY, Ms. Lori, Rt 1 Box 83 A, Binger OK 73009
TERRY, Mrs. Mary Lee, 13803 Coldsprings, Humble TX 77338
TERRY, Ralph, Box 958, Coleman TX 76834
TERRY, Mrs. Richard, Rt 1 Box 85 D, Bay St. Louis MS 39520
PAGE (138)
TERRY, Robert H. Mrs., 1018 Kenilworth Pkwy, Baton Rouge LA 70808
TERRY, Robert Mike, Box 1531, Enid OK 73702
TERRY, Robert W., 4900 Springdale Rd., Cincinnati OH 45247
TERRY, Spurgeon D., Jr., 4002 Hamilton St., Hyattsville MD 20781
TERRY, Mrs. Thurman T., 13803 Cold Springs, Humble TX 77338
TERRY, W. A., Box 376, Henderson NC 27536
TERRY, W. E., 782 Skyline Dr., Jackson TN 38301
TERRY, Mr. Woodford TERRY, 111 Wiltshire, Oak Ridge TN 37830
Thomas, Peggy, 1118 Horizon Trail, Richardson TX 75081
Thompson, Joyce, 533 Hugh St., North Augusta SC 29841
Thompson, Paul T., 6116 Herndon Pl., Stockton CA 95209
Tolle, Mrs. Mary, 33838 Clifton Dr., Sterling Heights MI 48077
Walker, Harold, Box 141, Green River WY 82935
Walton, June R., Rt 1, Box 427 A, Ruffin NC 27326
Ward, Ray, Rt 3 Box 63, Gatesville TX 76528
Weede, Virginia McDaniel, 3111 Melody Dr., La Marque TX 77568
Weldon, Mrs. L. W., 317 Wilson Ave., Morgantown WV 26505
White, Anna M., 214 North B. St., Wellington KS 67152
White, Maureen E., 5102 N. 65th Ave., Glendale AZ 85301
Williams, Elizabeth Alford, 734 Mayer St., Greenville MS 38701
Williams, Mrs. J. C., 2232 Breckinridge Rd., Jackson MS 39204
Williams, Morris, 6832 Benson St., Huntington Park CA 90255
Winn, Murphy B., 908 Begonia St., Barnwell SC 29918
Wisconsin State Hist. Soc., 816 State St., Madison WI 53706
Wray, Mrs. Raymond, 1606 N. Willow Oak, Longview TX 75601
Wynn, Frances,  The Outlands, Rt 3 Box 6, Leander TX 78641
Yarbrough, Ann, 229 Willow Bend, Huntsville TX 77340
Yell County Historical Society, Box 356, Russellville AR 72801
TFH  members  or non-members may submit queries for publication by  mailing  to 
Robert M.  TERRY, Editor TERRY Family Historian Box 1531, Enid OK 73702. Please 
type or print double spaced and underline surnames. All queries must pertain to 
TERRY families and contain dates. Queries are $l.00 for members and non-members 
alike.  This helps to defray the mounting costs of publication,  xeroxing, pos-
tage, etc., etc. -- The Editor.
Virginia W.  Plass b.  1929 OR m.  OR 7 Jan 1950 Francis M. Plass; Gladys Irene 
TERRY Cox b.  MO 1905 m.  OR Sep 1926 Frank A.  Cox;  Charles Edgar TERRY b. MO 
1877 m.  MO 1904 Alpha Leota Smith;  Martin Delona TERRY b.  Franklin Co. MO ca 
1854 m.  Pulaski Co. MO 1880 Martha Susan Wenzell/Wendell; Green C. TERRY b. MO 
ca 1811 m.  Elizabeth Childers; Benjamin D. TERRY b. VA 1784 d. MO 1857 m. Mary 
Jump b. 1793. Virginia Plass, Rt 1 Box 201 Tulelake CA 96134.
Reference is made to your entry in the "Computerized Root Cellar", The Genealo-
gical Helper,  March-April,  1983.  Members of the TERRY family married into my 
Simmons  ancestry in Hunt County,  Texas,  on Jan 17,  1867 when Nancy  Zeralda 
TERRY  married Joel Simmons.  Nancy Zerelda TERRY was the daughter of James  F. 
TERRY  who  had been born in Kentucky,  but whose family had moved to  Illinois 
before moving to Texas.  The first three of the children of James F. TERRY were 
born in Illinois.  James F.  TERRY was a brother to Ansalem TERRY  [1800-1877], 
who  was  born in Virginia,  and Andrew TERRY,  also born in Virginia.  In  the 
families  of  these two brothers were two children named George.  If  you  will
PAGE (139)
obtain the census records for Hunt and Fannin Counties,  Texas,  for the  years 
1860  and 1870,  you will find several persons named George TERRY who could  be 
the  right age for your George [George W.  TERRY son of Green Berry Hill  TERRY 
and Eleanor Gill,  EDITOR].....The lineages of these TERRY Families trace their 
ancestry  to  Josiah TERRY of Botetourt County,  Virginia,  who served  in  the 
Botetourt  County Militia,  in the American Revolution.  Jean & Harley  Anders, 
Props. [Nurseryman-Growers] Star Route Box 1375F Glenwood OR 97120.
Seek  info  on  parents and family of Daniel TERRY b.  SC ca  1800  [living  in 
Richland Co. SC in 1830]; Perry Co., AL 1853; Dallas Co. AL 1868], d. AL 10 May 
1890;  m [1] Sarah Nancy Friday b. SC 1801; m. [2] Mary Elizabeth Sewell b. GA; 
m. [3] Cinthia Elizabeth Thompson [?] b. GA 1831.
Seek  info on children of Daniel TERRY:  Elizabeth "Lizzie" TERRY b.  SC  1828; 
Sarah TERRY b.  SC 1831;  Harriett "Hattie" P.  TERRY b. SC 1835 m. Mr. Miller; 
James  William  Henry Harrison TERRY b.  AL 22 Nov 1839 m.  26 Jul  1865  Emily 
Elizabeth Gandy;  Jane C.  TERRY m.  Mr.  Cook;  Mary TERRY; Catherine TERRY m. 
Stephen Miller; Daniel J. TERRY; Rolen Dewey TERRY b. AL 20 Jul 1874 d. Bullock 
Co. AL 13 oct 1951 m. [1] Mary Ann "Mollie" Hooks in 1895 m. [2] Addie Benion.
Seek info on parents of Alfred E.  TERRY b.  SC 1815; Kezia TERRY; Martha Caro-
line  TERRY b.  10 Jan 1828 d.  24 Nov 1912 m.  Mr.  Burrow.  Does anyone  have 
information on John Samuel "Jabes" TERRY b.  SC ca 1776.  Spurgeon D. TERRY Jr. 
4002 Hamilton St. Hyattsville MD 20781
Would  like any info on the following TERRY's.  John TERRY b.  AR 1865.  Joseph 
TERRY  b.  1831  d.  AR 1903.  Will correspond with all TERRY families  in  Hot 
Springs AR, and TN area. Nancy Roehl, 2924 Crestline Dr. Bellingham WA 98226.
I am interested in the Stephen TERRY who m. Anne Clement in Granville Co. NC in 
1783;  they subsequently removed to Edgefield Co.  SC where Stephen was one  of 
the executors of the will of his brother-in-law,  Obediah Clement in 1799. Need 
birth,death  dates.  She  was the daughter of Simon Clement,  but who  was  her 
mother?  What were the dates of her two oldest brothers,  Obediah and Zephaniah 
Clement?  Any  information  would be most gratefully received.  Miss Mary  Dean 
Clement 1711 Ashwood Ave. Nashville TN 37212.
Researching family of Mary Elizabeth TERRY b.  AR 29 Dec 1863  d.  24 Aug  1959 
Chicago,  Cook Co.  IL m.  Paris,  Lamar Co. TX 8 Jul 1883 Cooper Eugene Chaney 
resided in Tyler TX,  Ardmore OK.  Brothers John G.  TERRY b. 20 May 1868 d. 15 
Jun 1911; Lee TERRY b. 16 Aug 1871; Sisters Ellen TERRY Smith b. 13 oct 1860 d. 
27 Jun 1949;  Mary Elizabeth m.  Charles C.  Black. These are children of Moses 
Green  Berry Hill TERRY b.  20 Oct 1828 d.  13 Mar 1917 and Martha M.  [Rogers] 
TERRY b.  1 Aug 1840 d.  28 Sep 1880; [Editor's Note: This is Moses Green Berry 
Hill TERRY a son of G.B.H. TERRY and Eleanor Gill and grandson of Major Stephen 
TERRY of Atlanta GA d.  1866. See EDITOR'S line in June issue TFH.]  Fredericka 
Raymond 1210 Ann, Weatherford TX 76086
PAGE (140)
Annie Pauline TERRY m.  James William Ellen Basham; Jasper Newton TERRY m. Mary 
Ann James; Ansolem L. TERRY m. Rebecca Waggoner; Jasper Morrison TERRY m. Sarah 
Fuller; Josiah TERRY m. Mary Lloyd. Particularly interested at this time in the 
Waggoners  of  VA  who married into family of Jasper Morrison TERRY  and  Sarah 
Fuller. Ruby E. Hartelt, Box 44, Roswell NM 88201.
My name is Curtis Adams.  My great grandmother was Amozonia TERRY. She was born 
in 1850 in Sabina or Clinton Co. OH. Her parents were Dr. David Henry TERRY and 
Mary S.  Reed. The only sister of Amozonia was Samanatha. Dr. David Henry TERRY 
was born in Virginia and Mary S. Reed was born in Pennsylvania. the only clue I 
have to Dr.  David's father is that he was Enic Ward TERRY. I do not know? They 
could have moved to Tennessee by the Forked Deer River because my ex great aunt 
- said that the Terrys had a great big estate on Forked Deer River  in  Tennes-
see.  Some of his brothers were Milton,  Alexander etc. I understand that David 
went back to Virginia to go to medical school or something.  What college had a 
medical school?  He moved to Highland Co.  OH then to Sabina or Clinton Co. OH. 
DAvid  died in 1858 in Sabina OH.  Amozonia TERRY married Jacob Cyrus Adams  in 
1869 in Sabina.  Jacob was born in Greene Co.  OH in 1845.  In 1869-1870 Jacob, 
Amozonia,  her  other moved to Greenwood Co.  or Eureka Kansas.  In Jacob Cyrus 
Adams  obituary in 1925-- it said that Amozonia TERRY his wife was  the  fourth 
cousin  to Abraham Lincoln.  She died in 1925 in Mound City KS or Linn  Co.  KS 
about a month before her husband Jacob died. My great Aunt said that the Terrys 
&  the  Todds  were  related but if that is so then TERRY &  Lincolns  are  not 
related  but  related to Abe Lincoln's wife,  Mary Todd.  We will  have  to  be 
related to the Hanks or Lincolns to be related to Abe Lincoln.  Do you know any 
TERRY  line that is related to Abe Lincoln?  Do you know any TERRY line that is 
related to the Todds? Hanks? Who were David TERRY's parents, grandparents?? Any 
help appreciated.  Curtis J.  Adams,  8601 W.  90th Terrace,  Overland Park  KS 
Ran across your ad in the Gen.  Helper p.  76 MAR-APR issue. My mother was Mary 
Belva TERRY dau of Marion Frances TERRY and Nancy Anne Sands of Perry  Co.  IN. 
Mrs. Earl T. Lincoln 136 Amanda Ln. Los Gatos CA 95030. [Earl Lincoln is of the 
Abe Lincoln family, Editor.]
Kate Walker Cocke b.  1899 m.  1919 Wellington TX, Dr. Graydon Mason TERRY. Dr. 
TERRY  was  a dentist in Mineral Wells and Dallas TX.  Leonie  Doss  Cocke  416 
Oakridge  Blv.  Lynchburg  VA 24502 and Virginia Webb Cocke Box  7281  Reynolds 
Station Winston-Salem NC 27109.  [From Cockes and Cousins Vol.  I (1967)]. sub-
mitted by Elbin H. Cavender.]
Aranous  Justin Chastain b.  1867 d.  1953 m.  [1] 1890 Mary Odelia  TERRY  [no 
issue].  William  Sydney Chastain b.  1869 d.  1924 m.  1892 Anna Rosa TERRY  a 
sister  to Mary Odelia TERRY.  Marriage records Taledega Co.  AL.  John or Jack 
Chastain b.  1801 VA m.  [2] Lucy H. C. TERRY of Logan Co. KY. He also migrated 
to Greene Co. MO. From The Chestnut Tree, Official Organ and publication of the 
Pierre Chastain Family Association, Inc. "For Chastain Descendants Everywhere". 
Corresponding secretary Geraldine Brown Buland,  1100 East Teresa,  Sapulpa  OK 
74066 Oct. 1982 edition. Submitted by Elbin H. Cavender.
PAGE (141)


At  031282 page 143 wherein is stated "Matilda was the oldest dau.  of my g  fa 
etc.--"  should read "Matilda was the oldest sister of my g  father,  etc.---". 
Elbin H. Cavender, Rt. 70 Box 182, Mountain View AR 72560.
Desc of Dency TERRY b.  Edmeston NY 3 Dec 1828  d.  Cambridge IL 1895 m.  Henry 
Co.  IL 1 Jan 1845 Stephen John Talbot b.  Edmeston NY 11 Dec 1820 d. Cambridge 
IL 2 Dec 1899;  Samuel TERRY b.  Edmeston NY 12 Mar 1796 d. Cambridge IL 25 Aug 
1849 m.  Ostego Co. NY 1816 Ruth Martin b. MA 1 Feb 1798 d. Cambridge IL 17 Jul 
1858.  He goes on to list Thomas TERRY,  Jr.  [Revolutionary War]; Thomas TERRY 
Sr.  [French  and Indian Wars];  Thomas TERRY 1698-1743;  Thomas TERRY;  Samuel 
TERRY [Sgt.  King Phillip's War].  William C. Reed, Jr., 1602 W. Margaret Ave., 
Peoria IL 61604.  [Mr. Reed is Illinois Camp Commander SCV of the Lt. Frederick 
H. Bruce Camp #1408.]
I  am a descendant of TERRY Family in SC.  Am interested in the TERRY  lineage. 
Mrs. Lila P. Sprouse, Rt #1, Fountain Inn SC 29644.
150983 TERRY
My husband's grandfather was b. in MS about 1865. His father's name is unknown. 
He owned quite a bit of land here.  James TERRY [grandfather] moved to Colorado 
City,  TX and married a woman of German descent.  Owned a boarding house  there 
for years.  Was well known. Raised 4 boys and 2 girls. He was buried there in a 
small cemetery.  When were there,  we failed to get any names or dates on tomb-
stones.  Lots of TERRY's there. My husband said his grandfather was part Indian 
but never applied for land.  He died 1950-55. Mrs. R. N. TERRY, Rt 1, Box 85 D, 
Bay St. Louis MS 39520.
Need  info  on Edward "Red" TERRY m.  Mary Jane "Polly" Gibson  dates  unknown. 
These  two are bur.  near Rodessa LA in NW LA near Concord  Cemetery.  Children 
included John William,  Columbus,  Jim, Robert and Cynthia. They reared a rela-
tive named Cora also buried with them;  John William TERRY b. 6 Jun 1845 was m. 
in 1865 to Mary Jane Elizabeth "Molly" Brown b.  20 Jan 1850. They were the par 
of 8 dau and one son b.  from 1866-1890.  Children: Mary Jane m. Brown, Ophelia 
Flora Ann m.  Stanbury,  Eliza Belzora "Lyde" m.  Hicks, Rhoda Modessa m. Idom, 
Charlie Oler m. Yates, Thomas Edward m. Ella Davis, Leslie Coke m. Holman, Emma 
Lenora m.  Zackary,  Minnie Gertrude m.  Varnell. John William TERRY [my grand-
father] was a Methodist minister serving churches in S. W. AR. He retired about 
1917.  he  died 13 Feb 1926 and is bur.  at Mt.  Nebo Cem.  near Downsville LA, 
Union  Parish.  None of his children are now living.  I also have info on  John 
William TERRY's wife if anyone is interested. Florence Holman Kelley Rt. 2, Box 
224 Downsville LA 71234
My g-g- grandfather was Bartholomew [Bart] TERRY b.  MS 12 Aug 1838  d.  Blanco 
Co.  TX 21 Jan 1874 m. 1867/8 Mary Elizabeth Wilson. His father was Joe Carroll 
TERRY.  My grandmother was Martha Ann TERRY b. 16 Jan 1871 d. 18 May 1950. Alma 
Faye Hendry 1907 Cherry St. Caldwell ID 83605
PAGE (142)


Our family line is John M.  TERRY b.  Albian Township Canada 10 Mar 1834.  Came 
from Canada with two brothers.  He m.  Bowling Clarksville, Bowling Green, Pike 
Co.  MO.  Amanda Elanda Williams b.  IN 26 Oct 1841. John M. TERRY and brothers 
may have lived in IL before moving to MO in DeKalb Co. One brother went to Utah 
with  a  Morman  leader and one brother or his family may have moved to  FL  in 
later years.  Any help appreciated.  Arlene or Phil TERRY 6434 Larsen Ln. Shaw-
nee, KS 66203.
190983 TERRY
My father's name was Jimmy L. TERRY and he came to LA from MS when he was a boy 
in the early 1900's. Marvin TERRY 2628 DeSiard St., Monroe LA 71201.
I have developed some info on the LA group [Alabama Landing].  John  M.  TERRY, 
John W.  TERRY, Joseph W. TERRY all remaining in Union Parish LA. Later John M. 
TERRY left for Hunt Co. TX and I assume to join another brother who cont'd from 
Alabama Landing immediately. Robert Hall TERRY 1018 Kenilworth Pky, Baton Rouge 
LA 70808. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Was Joseph TERRY m. in Union Co. AR to a widow Peak?]
I  am  a  recent  subscriber to your "TERRY Family Historian"  and  through  it 
discovered  info about George TERRY who came from England and settled  in  Fork 
Shoals SC and later moved to Brookville IN. He died in 1841 leaving children in 
both IN and SC.  Family tradition has it that there were four brothers who came 
from England.  Thomas,  George, Charles and William TERRY. I have also informa-
tion  that  says  the McDowells [Rebecca McDowell m.  Thomas TERRY]  came  from 
Antrim Ireland.  I have no documentation for any of this.  Also,  Gaston TERRY, 
the  son of Thomas TERRY married Mary TERRY the dau of George and  Mary  Taylor 
TERRY. I would like to contact descendants of Geo. TERRY and Mary Taylor TERRY. 
His children in IN were Geo. TERRY Jr.; Jane, wife of Isacc Soper; Ann, wife of 
Joseph  Eldon;  Allie wife of Harmon Miller.  Some of these were listed in  the 
1850 census of Franklin Co.  IN. Mrs. Joyce Thompson 533 Hugh St. North Augusta 
SC 29841.
I  am  a direct descendant of Nathaniel TERRY Sr.  b.  1656 NY through his  son 
Nathaniel TERRY Jr.;  Johnathan TERRY;  Parshall TERRY Sr.;  Parshall TERRY Jr. 
and Morilla TERRY.  I have a Parshall TERRY Family History if you are  interes-
ted.  [I have contacted this researcher but have not heard from her as yet.  If 
your  Terrys  descend  from NY and Canada this person can  probably  help  you,  
Editor.] Linda Lane Walters, 2977 Eric Ln., Dallas TX 75234.
Interested in Samuel TERRY 1632-??  m. 1660/1 Ann Lobdell; Samuel TERRY 1661-?? 
m.  [1]  Hannah Morgan m.  [2]  ??;  Ebenezer TERRY  1669-??  m.  Mary Helms or 
Healms; John TERRY 1726-?? m. Lydia Dilles. Is there a connection to John TERRY 
1757- ??  m. Sarah Ramsdell; Otis TERRY 1796-1887 m. [1] Cunthia Ruggels; Henry 
Algernon TERRY 1826 m.  [1] Rachel T.  Gillett [widow,  Sirrine];  Henry  Smith 
TERRY b.1849 [first white child b. in Crescent IA] m. [2] Adella Wilding 27 Mar 
1889 Crescent City IA dau of Joseph Smith Wilding and Martha  Stockston;  Alvie 
Morris TERRY b.  1895-??  m. Emilie Charlotte Gress; Morris Charles TERRY b. 12 
May  1918 Pacific Junction IA [still living] m.  Anna "Margaret"  Wiles;  Nancy 
Margaret TERRY  b.  31 Dec 1940 IA m.  Dyle Lee Downing.  Am trying to prove my
PAGE (143)
line to join "Colonial Dames of America".  I have my line but they won't accept 
proof for the generation between John TERRY 1726 and John TERRY 1757.  Any help 
appreciated. Nancy TERRY Downing 1224 Oneida St., Storm Lake IA 50588.
Need info on John M.  TERRY b.  Albion Canada 1834 d. Salina KS 1927 m. Bowling 
Green,  Pike Co.  MO 1857 Elanda Amanda Williams b. IN 1841. Chil: 1] Warren H. 
TERRY b.  1865; 2] Edna M. TERRY b. 1869 m. ____ Teple; 3] Clarence Homer TERRY 
b.  Mason IL 1873 d.  Maysville MO 1963 m. Lena Krayenbuhl; 4] Wilbert M. TERRY 
b. 1876 m. Altha V. Scarbrough. Arlene TERRY 6434 Larsen Ln Shawnee KS 66203.
Seek info on Thomas TERRY b.  1756  d.  1823 Livingston Co. KY m. Edgecombe Co. 
NC 1782 Nancy Champion.  Children:  Champion TERRY,  John TERRY,  Thomas TERRY, 
Nancy TERRY and Sarah "Sally" m. [1] John L. Coleman and m. [2] Robert Cochran. 
Cindy Becker, 2202 Tesla, Colorado Springs CO 80909.
Looking for a Ruth TERRY b.  Orange Co.  NY ca 1800 m. George S. Hill b. Eng.--
Children:  Jane Ann and Mary b.  in Orange Co.  NY early 1820's.  Mrs.  Dale C. 
Donner, 1342 Devon Rd., Venice FL 33595.
270983 TERRY
Interested in TERRY families of VA,  NC,  and TN.  Mrs.  W. S. TERRY 420 Walnut 
St., Jefferson TX 75657.
The line of William Frank Morris, my grandmother's brother, is fairly complete. 
Benjamin  M.  Morris [1819 SC - 1863 GA] was the father of William Frank and my 
grandmother  Celestia  Jestin.  William Morris was a Rev.  War soldier  and  is 
recorded  in the DAR records.  [EDITOR'S NOTE:  William Morris 1755-1823 GA  m. 
Sarah TERRY 1757-1836,  dau.  of Stephen TERRY d.  1769 Craven Co. SC]. I would 
like to know more about the TERRY lines of relatives as well as the  others.  I 
would appreciate any information.  Morris Williams, 6832 Benson St., Huntington 
Park CA 90255.
My father was William Dallas TERRY b.  14 Feb 1878 Butler Co. KY. Son of George 
Carter TERRY b.  11 Oct 1856 KY m.  22 Apr 1877 Mary Tom Ferguson. Need info on 
George's parents.  Father George W.  TERRY b.  ca 1818 KY m. 20 Aug 1843 Warren 
Co.  KY Sarah Jane Sumpter.  Her father George C.  Sumpter. Was George W. TERRY 
the son of William B.  TERRY b.  8 Sep 1785 Louisa Co.  VA. m. Mary Bean Carter 
[no proof]? William's father Obediah P. TERRY b. ca 1756 Spotsylvania Co. VA m. 
12 Oct 1780 VA Sarah Day.  Obediah's father,  Thomas TERRY Sr..  Would like any 
info on my line of Terrys. Matilda B. [TERRY] Adams, 1481 Rainbrook Way, Corona 
CA 91720.
I  am up against a real problem as my husband's father left his wife and  chil-
dren  and no one knows where he went or what ever happened to him.  He wouldn't 
be alive now but am hoping I might find his grave somewhere. We did hear he was 
in  Montana at one time,  but he may have came back to  Nebraska,  Missouri  or 
Iowa. Don P. TERRY b. IL 13 Sep 1850 d. 25 Jun 1915 m. Annabell Sanborn b. 1854 
d. 1912 m. 4 Aug 1870 in Bremer Co. IA. Children: Minnie M. TERRY m. Ray Evans; 
Edward Riley TERRY m. Laura T. Campbell; Charles A. TERRY lived in Woodland WA;
PAGE (144)
Myrtle E.  m. Bert Kellog lived in CA; Oliver W. TERRY and wife Lizzie lived in 
CA;  Frank A.  and Lillie lived in Grand Island NE.  [Don P. Lee TERRY and wife 
Irma  lived in Grants Pass OR.  [George Earl TERRY and wife Addie also lived in 
Grants Pass OR. Dorothy Hoyt TERRY 2584 Columbia Blv., St. Helens OR 97051
Cynthia Simmelink Becker b. KY 1948 m. CO 1974 David A. Becker; Rebecca Cochran 
b.  KY 1914 m.  TN 1944  Harvey Simmelink;  John Watts Cochran b. KY 1877 d. KY 
1924 m.  KY 1907 Eva Farris;  John Thomas Cochran b.  KY 1834 d.  KY 1904 m. KY 
1860 Nancy Hoxley;  Sarah TERRY b.  NC 1796 m.  KY 1833 Robert Cochran;  Thomas 
TERRY b. 1756 VA? d. KY 1823 m. NC 1782 Nancy Champion.  Cynthia S. Becker 2202 
Tesla, Colorado Springs CO 80909.
Seeking info on Bedford Co.  VA Terrys. My James R. TERRY b. 1799 VA m. Bedford 
Co. VA 7 Nov 1817 Stashey Rakes, dau of Henry Rakes. Was James TERRY the son of 
Thomas TERRY?  Any connection to Botetourt Co.  VA Terrys?  Were my Terrys Qua-
kers?  Any info greatly appreciated.  Ethiel Johnson, 15834 Drysdale, Southgate 
MI 48195.
My  Terrys came from Todd Co.  KY to Tarrant Co.  TX to White  Settlement  [Ft. 
Worth]  around the 1850's.  He was William Maurice TERRY.  His son James Monroe 
TERRY and his family followed.  His dau.  and her husband followed.  They being 
William J.  Redford.  Stephen TERRY, a son of William Maurice TERRY was instru-
mental in establishing Ft.  Worth,  TX. They came from around Gutherie KY. Wil-
liam  Maurice TERRY went back to KY on a trip and died.  This  William  Maurice 
TERRY was my husband Ben's G-G-G Grandfather.  Mrs.  Ben E.  Muir,  210 W. Con-
tinental Blvd., Southlake TX 76092.
I  am  particlularly  interested in William T.  TERRY who at the  time  of  his 
marriage to Mary Edmonston 26 Jan 1817 in KY stated that he was b. in Philadel-
phia 1782 and had at that time no known living relatives.  He named his  first-
born George Garland TERRY. At Christ Church, Philadelphia, a Ruth TERRY married 
a George Garland in 1763 [Nov 3,  1768].  He named his first dau. Emily Jane--A 
name that does not appear in the Edmonston family. The 2nd name of another dau. 
was Carter.  Any help appreciated. Mary L. Stansfield, 18300 Corte Del Montana, 
Sonora CA 95370.
350983 TERRY
Although  I now live in Brattlesboro VT I am originally from Assonet MA and  am 
of  the 9th Generation of Terrys of that town.  The first was Thomas TERRY  the 
same  who  emigrated from London in 1635 on the James with his brothers  Robert 
and  Richard.  In  my research of the family I came across the Notes  of  TERRY 
Families in the U.S.  by Stephen TERRY and it mentioned that a Stuart TERRY  of 
Southold  NY a descendant of both Thomas and Richard was preparing a book about 
the families.  Of course this was some time ago.  Was the book ever finished??? 
Susan C. TERRY, 87 Green St., Brattleboro, VT 05301.
Still  researching for info on Joseph TERRY m.  Lucy Hatcher and Benjamin TERRY 
m. Elizabeth Irby. Daisy TERRY Holley, 203 Jackson St., McComb MS 39648.
PAGE (145)


Need info on John TERRY m.  Mollie Salter dau of James Mercer Salter and Amanda 
M.  Bond. Children: Laura TERRY unmarried and was a school teacher in Childress 
TX.;  Grace TERRY m.  ____ Buster;  Frank TERRY [female] m.  Joe Tom Glover and 
lived in Amarillo TX;  Nell TERRY m.  O.  V.  Vernon and lived in Amarillo  TX; 
Clarence TERRY no info.  James Mercer Salter b. AL 5 Dec 1827 d. Wolfe City, TX 
06  Sep 1896 m.  Amanda Melvina Bond b AL 15 Mar 1830 d.  Wolfe City TX  4  Jul 
1892.  If  I could contact anyone working on these lines would be  appreciated. 
Shirley Webb, 323 North "A" St., Arkansas City, KS 67005.
Researching Thomas TERRY b.  TN 1809 m. Malinda Priddy b. TN 1808; Gideon TERRY 
b. Marion Co. AL 1832 m. Virginia Rife Monroe Co. MS; Andrew Gideon TERRY b. 19 
Apr 1869 d.  1904 m. Ivy Belle Edington b. 9 Nov 1872 d. 1962; Andrew Gid TERRY 
b.  l5 Nov 1902 d. 1968 m. Bessie Turner; Andrew Gid TERRY b. 5 Feb 1933 m. Ann 
Noble.  This  was  my half-brothers line and I am trying to help his  children. 
Elizabeth Alford Williams 734 Mayer St., Greenville MS 38701.
Looking  for the relatives of Mary A.  TERRY,  born 1842  NC.  Had  half-sister 
Rebecca Stricklin b.  1854 in MS.  Mary m.  William McElroy ca 1858. Resided in 
Grant Co. AR in 1870. Rebecca [then a Smith] in LeFlore Co. OK by 1900. Where's 
Mary?? Diana Gainer, PO Box 2313, APO New York 09127.
Stephen  TERRY b.  1781 Ireland d.  1834 m.  Martha Patience Breeland;  Sanford 
Raimey TERRY b. 1826 m. Mary Ann Sullivan b. 1828; Sanford Warren TERRY b. 1852 
d. 1940 m. Elizabeth Cornelia Cochran b. Catahoula Parish LA 1853 d. 1931 Silas 
Nettle TERRY b.  1876 d.  1965 m.  Mary Della Mangum b.  1880 d.  1919; Pauline 
TERRY Carrington b.  1913 m. Theodore C. Carrington 1929. I also have names and 
birthdates  of Silas Nettle's and Sanford Warren's brothers and  sisters.  Will 
share any information that I have with anyone who will contact me.  Mrs.Pauline 
TERRY Carrington, 8297 Tamarish Ave., Yucca Valley CA 92284.
James Manly TERRY b.  27 Jun 1871 m. Annie Williams Dunlap b. Bastrop TX 10 Jul 
1876.  They had 5 boys,  2 girls, Joseph, Raymond, Victor Work, Luther Willard, 
Leroy,  James Elmer, Mabel & Minnie TERRY. Mrs. R. N. TERRY, Rt 1, Box 85D, Bay 
St. Louis MS 39520.
420983 TERRY
Thanks for sending the 1982 TFH.  Found some interesting info but need more  on 
Hunt Co. TX and Union Parish LA. Also the immigrants for VA through NC & SC, GA 
and Pickens Co. AL to LA. Robert H. TERRY, 1018 Kenilworth Pky, Baton Rouge, LA 
Researching  Obediah Clement m.  Sarah TERRY;  Anne Clement m.  Stephen  TERRY; 
Stephen  Clement m.  Elizabeth TERRY.  Sarah and Stephen TERRY are children  of 
James TERRY d. 1797 in Granville NC. Elizabeth TERRY is the dau. of James TERRY 
d.  1848 in NC. The first two families removed to Edgefield Co. SC between 1790 
and 1800. Miss Mary Dean Clement, 1711 Ashwood Ave., Nashville TN 37212.
PAGE (146)


Would like to correct the TERRY-Saxon Query. My great grandfather, Samuel David 
TERRY,  did  not come to MS from Edgefield SC but was born in 1820 in Claiborne 
Co.  MS. His father was Joseph TERRY b. 1784 Edgefield SC and came to Claiborne 
Co.  MS with his family in the early 1800's,  then moved to Madison Co. MS then 
to Brandon MS where he died in 1864 and is buried beside his wife, Sara Malinda 
Saxon TERRY in Brandon MS.  Who was Joseph TERRY's father?  Daisy TERRY Holley, 
203 Jackson t., McComb MS 39648.
Researching following:  John L.  TERRY b. Hyannis MA 15 Jul 1921 m. 23 Sep 1944 
Elizabeth Fahlen;  John L.  TERRY b.  Hyannis MA 28 Nov 1892 d.  Hyannis MA May 
1961 m.  Edith F.  Perry b.  Wareham MA 2 Aug 1892;  Rudolphus M.  TERRY b.  S. 
Dennis MA 2 Sep 1867 d. 1899 m. Mary E. ?? b. 1870 d. 1894; Ezekial TERRY b. 12 
Dec 1834 d.  S.  Dennis MA 10 Jul 1926 m. 23 Aug 1852 Clara F. Cahoon b. 15 Jul 
1836 d.  4 Nov 1891;  Henry TERRY m. Polly Kelly; Ezekiel TERRY b. Enfield CT 1 
Mar 1775  d.  7 Apr 1829 m.  1795 Mary Griswold;  Samuel TERRY b. Enfield CT 18 
Oct 1725 d.  Enfield CT 8 May 1798 m.  Westfield MA 21 Apr 1748 Mary Kellogg b. 
24 oct 1730 d.  11 Feb 1801; Ephraim TERRY b. Enfield CT 24 Oct 1701 d. Enfield 
CT 14 oct 1783 m.  Enfield CT 13 Sep 1723 Ann Collins b.  20 Dec 1702 d. 10 sep 
1778;  Samuel  TERRY  b.  18 Jul 1661 d.  02 Jan 1730/1 m.  17 May 1682  Martha 
Boardmen b.  12 Aug 1666 d.  29 May 1743;  Samuel TERRY b.  ?? d. 1730 m. 3 Jan 
1660/61 Ann Lobdell. J. L. "Jack" TERRY 833 Florida SE, Albuquerque NM 87108.
Seeking info on Lydia TERRY,  dau of Thomas TERRY and Abigail Dean,  b. ca 1700 
in Freetown MA.  She m. 18 Feb 1720 in Dighton, MA. Gail Bruch 8495 Grand Ave., 
Yucca Valley CA 92284.
Samuel TERRY b.  ca 1632 Barnet Eng. m. Ann Lobdell 3 Feb 1660; Samuel TERRY b. 
18 Jul 1661 d.  2 Feb 1730 m. Martha Crane [Creedon] b. 1666; Isaac TERRY b. 17 
Apr 1713 d. 21 oct 1782 m. Margaret Downing [Dowling]; Margaret TERRY b. 17 Jul 
1735 m.  Charles Kibbe;  Gaius Kibbe b.  1765 Enfield CT m.  Nancy Kidd 17  Mar 
1803;  Nancy Kibbe b.  1810 d.  1881 m.  Marcellus J. Standard b. 1814 d. 1866; 
Frances Alvin Standard b.  22 Jul 1849 m.  Isaac J.  Fowler b. 1832; Anna Davis 
Fowler b. 22 Apr 1881 d. 23 Jun 1969 m. Wm. O. Day b. 20 mar 1872; Dorothea Day 
Martin  b.  21 Feb 1913.  Want to establish relationship between Eli TERRY "The 
Clockmaker"  b.  E.  Windsor CT 13 Apr 1772 and Margaret TERRY [dau.  of  Isaac 
TERRY] b.  17 Jul 1735. Lived in CT/MA area. Both Margaret's father and husband 
[Isaac Kibbe] were Rev. War Soldiers. Dorthea Day Martin, PO Box 957 Bodfish CA 
Am  researching the ancestry of Patience TERRY [dau.  of  Robert]  m.  Benjamin 
Woodhull  ca  1761/2 NY.  Susan Snyder 1610 S.  9th,  Cottage Grove  OR  97424.                                                 
Rearching  Lillian Juanita TERRY b.  22 Jan 1922 Franklin Co.  MS dau of Marcus 
Clifton TERRY  b. 2 Dec 1900 and Edna Mae [Hutson] TERRY. My grandfather Harvey 
W.  [William?] TERRY m.  Fannie Jane [White] TERRY all three b. in MS. My great 
grandfather whose name I do not know was born in NC according to 1910 census of 
Lawrence Co.  MS. Grandpa [Harvey TERRY] had a brother named Champ TERRY. Uncle
PAGE (147)
Champ's mother was still living at that time,  her name is listed as Frances E. 
b.  in GA as were both her parents.  My great grandfather was apparently dead as 
his  wife  who  was  then 79 years of age was re-married  to  Edward  Carlisle. 
According to oral family history,  my TERRY and White ancestors came from Scot-
land.  One of my brothers,  Wilmer O.  TERRY,  visited with TERRYS with whom we 
share common ancestors when he was stationed in Scotland while in the Navy.  He 
indicated that we still have TERRY relatives in Kings Mt.,  NC.  Would like  to 
contact  these  families.  My father also had a brother whose name  was  Robert 
TERRY b.  ca 1895.  Any help appreciated.  Juanita T.  Spencer,  Rt 2,  Box 122 
Huntingburg IN 47542.
I am a descendant of James R.  TERRY and Stasha Rakes TERRY from VA. I want any 
and  all  information  I can get concerning the history of  the  TERRY  family. 
Pauline T. Montgomery, Rt. 2, Box 14, Shoals IN 47581
I find Malinda Priddy m.  to Thomas TERRY [1850 Oktibbeha Co. MS] in the Church 
records of Primitive Baptist Church of Double Springs near Mabin, Oktibbeha Co. 
MS shows as members in late 1840's-50's:  Malinda TERRY; Thomas TERRY [deacon]; 
Judith  Priddy [Mother of Malinda TERRY who was shown as deces.  in 1857 and in 
1850 Census of Oktibbeha Co.  MS she was living with the Thomas TERRY  family]; 
Dickerson  Locke [deacon];  Rebbecca Locke;  Sarah TERRY [dau.  of Rebecca  and 
Dickerson];  Judith Ledbetter [dau of Thomas TERRY];  Thomas M. Butler and wife 
Nancy Henry Butler.  All of these people requested letters of dismissal in 1858 
and moved to AR in the area of Franklin and Sebastian Co. and mainly at Hackett 
AR.  I  would appreciate any info on Thomas TERRY,  his forefathers and mothers 
and  any  other info related to these families mentioned .  Will  be  happy  to 
exchange any info I have. Shirley Castleman, P.O. Box 52, Weatherford OK 73096.
[I  had the following from Soundex of 1880 Census of U.  S.  Sebastion Co.  AR, 
Mississippi VOL. 12/ ED 181/ SH 26/ LN 26
Thomas TERRY        H    70   1810      TN
Mary E. Fulgham     D    35   1845      AL
Martha A. -         GD   17   1863      AL
Benjamin F. -       GS   15   1865      AL
Chas. -             GS   13   1867      AL
Mary L. -           GD    8   1872      AL
Camellia -          GD    6   1874      AL
TERRY Lee -         GS   13   1867      AL
Big Creek VOL. 12/ED 185/SH 18/LN 24
J. W. TERRY         H    37   1843      MS
E. F. TERRY         W    37   1843      AL
Aneras TERRY        S    15   1865      AL
Saml S. TERRY       S    13   1867      AL
Mary M. TERRY       D    12   1868      AL
James J. TERRY      S     9   1871      MS
Emily E. TERRY      D     5   1875      MS
Bedford E. TERRY    S     2   1878      AR
Thos. TERRY         S   2/12  1880      AR
PAGE (148)


I  have a TERRY problem you maybe can help me with.  Elijah Stephens,  my great 
grandfather,  b.  Garrard Co. KY 1820 d. Hale, Carroll Co. MO 1909 m. Elizabeth 
Burton  and among their children was a dau.  Sarah Agnes Stephens who  m.  John 
TERRY.  Do not know when she was born but her brother,  Charles Edward Stephens 
was b.  ca 1870.  Would like to know her children and family for Stephens Book. 
PS:  Family may have lived around St.  Joseph MO. A. Maxim Coppage, 1356 Elder-
berry Dr.,  Concord CA 94521.[Mr. Coppage also edits a Stevens,Stephens,Steven-
son,Stephenson family quarterly and writes a genealogy column for the  Virginia 
Gazette.  EVEN STEVEN Volume III,  Summer of 1977 through Spring of 1981 is now 
in the printers and may be ordered for $26.09 postage pre-paid.]
                                     * * *
                        TITLE INDEX TO EXISTING ISSUES
                            Vol. 1, No. 1 June 1982
Editor's Notes--Book Reviews--TERRY Coat of Arms--Index from Virginia Gazette--
Georgia Records--South Carolina Records--Lamar County Texas Records--Hill Coun-
ty  Texas Records--North Carolina Marriages--Robert W.  TERRY Notes--TERRY Line 
of Eugene Bovis--Queries.
                          Vol 1, No. 2 September 1982
Editor's  Notes--Membership  List--Books in my library--Terrys in  the  Revolu-
tionary  War--Alabama  Marriages and Family  Notes--Pittsylvania  Co.  Virginia 
Marriages,  Wills  and Family Notes--Letter from Earnest TERRY--Ballad  of  the 
Covered  Bridge--Mississippi Marriages and Family Notes--Terrytown  Tennessee--
Letter  from  Robert W.  TERRY--Union County Arkansas Marriages  and  Records--
                          Vol. 1, No. 3 December 1982
Christmas  Notes--Book Review--New Members--Arkansas Notes by Mrs.  William  A. 
Payne--Franklin  County  Arkansas Marriages--Logan County Arkansas  Marriages--
Pulaski County Arkansas Marriages--Saline County Arkansas  Marriages--Sebastian 
County  Arkansas Marriages--Notes on Michigan Pioneers by Carol E.  Dickinson--
Louisiana Marriages (Ascension,  Avoyelles,  Bossier, Caddo, Catahoula, Concor-
dia,  De Soto, East Carroll, East Feliciana, Franklin, Iberville, Lafourche, La 
Salle,  Livingston,  Madison,  Morehouse, Quachita, Red River, St. Bernard, St. 
Helena,  St. James, St. Landry, St. Martin, St. Mary, St. Tammany, Tangiapahoa, 
Tensas, Terrebonne, Union, Washington, Webster, and West Feliciana Parishes.)--
Tennessee Marriages (Blount, Davidson, Henry, Knox, Monroe, Montgomery, Shelby, 
Smith,  Sumner,  Washington,  Williamson,  and Wilson Counties)--Jackson County 
Tennessee  Notes  by Jay TERRY--Covering the TERRY-Tory by  Robert  W.  TERRY--
Kentucky Marriages (Barren,  Bourbon, Breckinridge, Caldwell, Casey, Christian, 
Fulton,  Hardin,  Hickman,  Hopkins,  Todd,  Knott, Lawrence, Letcher, Lincoln, 
Logan,  Madison,  Montgomery, Mulenberg, Nicholas, Pike, Pulaski, Warren, Wayne 
and Woodford Counties)--Missouri Marriages (Franklin,  Green, Marion, Polk, St. 
Francis)--Notes on Family of Gladys Morris Tate--Queries--Things for Sale--
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                            Vol II No. 1 March 1983
Editor's Notes--Covering the TERRY-Tory by Robert W.  TERRY--TERRY Families  of 
Suffolk County Long Island--TERRY Families of Kentucky by Mrs.  James J.  Bush-
nell--TERRY  Marriages  and  Deaths in Laurens and Greenville  Districts  South 
Carolina--TERRY  Deeds  from Greenville South Carolina abstracted  by  John  W. 
Lawrence--Partial  listing of TERRY's buried in Pisgah Cemetery,  South Caroli-
na--TERRY  Deeds in Laurens County South Carolina--TERRY Notes from  Montgomery 
and Botetourt Counties Virginia by Frances TERRY Ingmire--This and That:  TERRY 
Miscellaneous from Members--Queries--Things for Sale.
                            Vol II No. 2 June 1983
Editor's  Notes--Covering the TERRY-Tory by Robert W.  TERRY--William TERRY  of 
Savannah Creek and William TERRY of Hitchcock's Creek--Notes of North  Carolina 
Families by Mrs.  James J.  Bushnell--The TERRY Family of Comanche County Texas 
by  Ralph  TERRY--A  Short History of the TERRY Family  by  Ralph  TERRY--TERRY 
Families  of Richmond County North Carolina by Michael Pafford--Richmond County 
North Carolina Cemeteries--Richmond County North Carolina Censuses  (1790,1800, 
1810,  1820,  1830,  1840,  1850--Marriages of Richmond County North Carolina--
Crawford-TERRY  Bible--Canadian/New York TERRY Families--TERRY Family of  Selby 
Bryant Stratton--TERRY Lines of Members--Queries--This and That:  TERRY Miscel-
[Note:  The This and That:  TERRY Miscellaneous contains much more  information 
but  it is not in the form that covers an entire area;  therefore,  the  titles 
only show complete articles.]
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Addressed-Stamped-Envelope  (SASE) and a lineage Chart.  ----It may take awhile 
for me to answer as I have a lot of correspondence and am continually preparing 
the next publication. Robert "Mike" TERRY, Editor--TERRY FAMILY HISTORIAN.
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