Published quarterly in March, June, September, and December.
VOLUME 03                     SEPTEMBER 1984                         NUMBER  03
United Terry's Club ................................................. Page 109
Notes on Phillip Terry Family by Francis Kaskin ..................... Page 109
The TERRY FAMILY NEWSLETTER by Ralph Terry .......................... Page 110
Covering the Terry-Tory by Robert W. Terry .......................... Page 111
Notes by Grover Cleveland Terry ..................................... Page 112
Terry Notes by Mrs. J. Malcom "Kay" Terry ........................... Page 113
Notes on Descendants of Samuel Terry of Enfield by Mrs. E. D. McCraw  Page 115
Champ B. Terry Bible Record ......................................... Page 116
Robert Terry Bible Record ........................................... Page 118
Joseph Terry Bible Record ........................................... Page 119
South Carolina Terry Records ........................................ Page 123
Notes on John Terry, an Irishman by Debbie Miller Cameron ........... Page 133
Smith County, Texas Pioneer Family by Mrs. Porter (Ola Terry) Motley  Page 134
Queries ............................................................. Page 138
Terry Line of Dwight L. D. Terry .................................... Page 138
Terry Line of Evora Mae "Jean" Smith ................................ Page 138
Terry Line of Barbara Louise Fryer Price ............................ Page 138
Terry Line of Nancy R. Maclean McKenzie ............................. Page 139
Terry Line of Helen Elizabeth Harger ................................ Page 140
Terry Line of Barbara Irene Phillips Steed .......................... Page 140
Terry Line of Louis Edith Terry Auguston ............................ Page 141
Terry Line of Harley Dillon Anders Sr. .............................. Page 141
Terry Line of Mrs. Janet Reid ....................................... Page 144
Terry Line of Mrs. J. Malcom McGee Terry ............................ Page 144
Terry Line of Martin "Marty" Azelle Morris Jr. ...................... Page 145
Terry Line of Donna Fowler .......................................... Page 147
Present members, former members and interested parties .............. Page 149
                              Robert "Mike" Terry

                                   * * * * *
                      U N I T E D  T E R R Y ' S  C L U B
     Received  a nice letter from Mr.  Redus Terry,  P.  O.  Box 457 Moulton AL
35650 with my membership card in the UNITED TERRY'S CLUB Courtland, Alabama. It
is $1.00 per year and $25.00 for a lifetime membership. The card notes that the
President is John A. Terry and Secretary is Mable Terry.--Nice to see all those
TERRY  names!  Redus Terry indicated he descends from several TERRY lines  most
notably  John F.  Terry early of Lawrence County,  Alabama.  I did not get  any
dates but did send a review copy of the TFH--EDITOR.
                                   * * * * *
                   N O T E S  O N  P H I L L I P  T E R R Y
           F A M I L Y  O F  B E A U F O R T  D I S T R I C T   S C
             Frances Kaskin. 501 E. Jackson Ave. Hampton SC 29924.
     The  information that Michael Therry was the father of Phillip was the 1st
time  I had heard this and am glad to receive it.  Since Murphy Winn and  I  do
descend  from the same line of Terry's,  Phillip Jr.:  I will find out for sure
what  information  he has sent you so we will not duplicate it.  I  attended  a
TERRY  Reunion on Sunday,  June 24,  1984 and they promise to have a  book  out
before the next one in June,  1986. All I know is someone has a lot of informa-
tion to gather before then.
     You will probably hear from a Jack Terry from Charlotte N.  C.  and a Mrs.
Judy  Drobinski from Hanahan,  SC as they are both working for our same line of
     I  have not yet found a pedigree chart that I like so I've devised my  own
way of listing family members.
     I am enclosing a brief summary of Terry legend that was supplied by  Jacob
Cameron Terry b.  Feb 6, 1881 - d. Feb 10, 1977 through his son. G. Otis Terry,
Lt. Col. USAF Retired 711 Muse St., Albany GA 31701. Otis has written some very
interesting  letters  and  our ancestors of two other  branches  keep  crossing
paths.  The Thames's and Clifton's so I keep jumping from one Genealogy line to
another.  It  seems that most of the ancestors of whatever line came here  from
Clarendon County, SC.
     I  certainly  want  our line of Terry's in your records if  they  are  not
already there.
                         T E R R Y   G E N E A L O G Y
     According to a family legend two Terry men left Scotland long ago,  around
1580  and came to North Ireland and intermarried with Protestant North  Ireland
people.  They  left Scotland because they were Protestant and wanted to  remain
Protestant. As far as I know their descendants are yet of that church.
     They  left North Ireland and came to Virginia and helped settle  Jamestown
in  1607-1608  etc..Several  generations  later,  when the  Tidewater  area  of
Virginia  became  crowded  and they could see the smoke  from  their  neighbors
chimneys  they decided to move to new land.  The descendants of the Terry  went
West  to Kentucky,  Tennessee and Alabama.  The descendants of the other  Terry
came to North and South Carolina.
     This information from Jacob Cameron Terry b. 6 Feb 1881 d. 10 Feb 1977. He
was the son of Phillip Elmore Terry b.  30 Nov 1831 d.  23 Sep 1895. He was the
son of Michael Terry b.  1798 d. 1859. The son of Phillip Terry, Sr. b. 1764 d.
1839. According to you, Mike, he was the son of Michael Therry.
                                   * * * * *
JULY 1984                 THE TERRY FAMILY NEWSLETTER                  NUMBER 6
Another  year has passed since the last newsletter and almost a year since  the
last Terry reunion. Remember the Coleman County History book that I was working
on this time last year?...well,  I am still at it,  about to finish it, but the
reason  why  little work has been done by me on the Terry family.  I  have  not
heard  from  very many of you,  but hope that a lot of you will make it to  the
reunion  this year,  to let us know if enough of you want to continue  to  have
these reunions.
The  reunion will be held o the 5th of August this year,  the Sunday  following
the  DeLeon Peach and Melon Festival Week.  We are going to have it at  Imogene
Terry's house this year.  If you don't know how to get there, take the New Hope
Lane,  which  is  the only sand road between the Sabana River and DeLeon  going
west.  When  it deadends,  turn south,  last house on the left before the  fork
in the road. If you can't find it, call Imogene. The land in this area was once
owned  by the Terry brothers and sister.  Imogene and her family still own  the
part that once belonged to John Williamson Terry, and it has  been in the Terry
family for over 100 years.  We thought this would give everyone who attends the
reunion a chance to see the land of our ancestry.
Bring a dish of your choice (meat or vegetables, cake or pie)...also bring your
drinks,  we  will supply the ice,  plates,  knives,  forks,  napkins,  salt and
pepper,  and  cups.  We will also take up a collection to pay for  the  reunion
expenses.  Also  bring your own lawn chairs and tables and dominoes (or cards),
if you wish to play.  Lots of room for the kids to run around and  play...bring
them too.
I  am still working on some new pages for the Terry book,  for those of you who
have it.  I also need to sell about 15 more copies of it,  to help pay the cost
of the new pages,  so if you know of anyone who would like to have a copy,  $70
pays for it and all future additions to it.
The children of Tod Robinson Terry (1811-1847) and Mary Eliza Hill Terry (1816-
1863) were John Williamson (1840-1902),  William Cornelius "Bruce" (1843-1924),
James Todd (1844-1910), and Eliza Matilda Jane (Chambers) (1846-1868). They all
moved to Comanche County in the 1870's and owned land between the Sabana  River
and DeLeon. They are all buried at the DeLeon Cemetery. Most of us reading this
are  their descendants.  I hope that all of you can make it to the reunion this
year  and  appreciate their lives.  See you on the 5th of  August.....Keep  the
interest going!!!
                                        Take Care ...... Ralph Terry
                                                         P. O. Box 958
                                                         Coleman, Texas 76834
Note:  Although  the announcement of the reunion is not now timely,  I  printed
Ralph's newsletter because there were other items of interest to researchers of
this  branch of the Terry family who descend from the Raiford-Terry's of  Anson
and Orange Co.'s North Carolina.-- This newsletter is $5.00 per year and can be
ordered from Ralph Terry at the above mentioned address.--EDITOR.
                                   * * * * *
                  C O V E R I N G  T H E  T E R R Y - T O R Y
                                Robert W. Terry
                   4900 Springdale Road, Cincinnati OH 45247
BEWARE OF BIOGRAPHIES in your genealogical research!
     Many  of  us have read ancestral accounts in such publications  as  county
histories and have marveled at the sterling qualities attributed to the subject
who  bears  our surname.  The reader gets a feeling of pride from  the  flowery
description of the subject and his achievements.
     Yet,  reading  similar  histories  in different counties or  in  different
states,  you  will  find  the  same  qualities  recorded  about  your  ancestor
describing someone of totally different surname. Reading closely, you will find
that the biographies apparently were cranked out much in the manner of  today's
form letters that inform you of your selection as a winner of who-knows-what.
     Private  biographers and publishers alike were interested in one thing  --
the sale of their product.  Naturally, their biographical material stressed the
subject's virtues,  not his or her faults.  If the prospective customer did not
order the publication, chances were that his family would be omitted, while his
wealthy neighbor was praised in print.
     Biographies  of  early settlers were frequently presented at  meetings  of
literary clubs and historical societies of a century ago,  when such gatherings
along   with  church  services  and  lodge  meetings  substituted  for  today's
     Fortunately,  I  had accumulated considerable information about my  great-
great-grandfather  Robert  and  his brothers before I was given  a  copy  of  a
biography  of  his brother,  William.  Without my own information I might  have
considered  William  to be an unsung hero in the mold of  Daniel  Boone,  Simon
Kenton, and others.
     The  biography was presented by a man whose wife was the granddaughter  of
William  Terry,  at a literary club meeting in Cincinnati about a century  ago.
Like all biographies of the time,  there were important facts omitted,  and the
truth was stretched.
     A few examples:
     Census figures show that William Terry was too young to be a compatriot of
Daniel  Boone,  who probably was preparing to move to Missouri or  was  already
there by the time William reached adulthood.
     William was portrayed as a survivor of St. Clair's (Gen. Arthur St. Clair)
Defeat in northern Ohio at the hands of united Indian tribes. True, he survived
the  battle,  but  records show he was a wagon driver,  not an artilleryman  or
     William and his wife,  Rebecca (1) or Susanna (2),  were depicted as hosts
to  the  clergymen  of  various denominations  in  the  early  settlement.  Not
mentioned was his dismissal from his own church -- for "intemperance."
     Neither  did the biography mention that William changed his will  so  many
times  that it was contested after his death and dragged through court  actions
for  several years.  Testimony indicated that he called his brother,  my great-
great grandfather Robert,  to come 40 miles to take possession of some property
deeds, with secret instructions for their disposition.
     What  led me to believe that the biography was more fiction than fact  was
the inability of the biographer to recall the name of Reuben Terry,  brother of
William and Robert, who remained in Kentucky when the family moved north toward
     Your ancestors,  like mine,  were human.  Their biographers had their  own
reasons  for  portraying  them  a step short of  sainthood,  but  the  diligent
researcher must seek elsewhere to learn what the ancestor actually was like.
Note: The line of Robert W. Terry is included on page 106 of the September 1983
                                   * * * * *
                  Beginning This Family Tree on Mother's Side
                                  Compiled by
                            Grover Cleveland Terry*
                                August 30, 1973
     Sarah Callahan was the Daughter of Mr.  Callahan.  I cannot recall whether
it was he or his Father who was one half Cherokee Indian.  After Callahan first
married  he stated that he was returning to the Indian Nation.  Sarah  Callahan
First married a Mr. Young and they had Peter and Salley Young.
     Peter and his wife Jane had Richard, Eloside, Cooley and Doc and Judy.
     Sally Young married George Washington McMillin who was born Sept 19,  1856
and died Sept 16, 1882. They had Lilly October born Oct. 22, 1878 and died Mch.
2,  1914.  Lilly married Owen Dosher and they had a daughter Mildred. They also
had George Bovner who married Meta Poole.  He was born August 19, 1880 and died
Dec.  14,  1925.  George and Meta had Ovie J.,  Audrey and Wilton. George had a
Brother Tollie.  Tollie and his wife Hulda had William,  Mike, Jim, Sussie, Roy
and  Nanny.  Cy and Nanny were twins.  Another Brother Jim and his wife had ja-
Drew, Elsia, Tilly, Luther, Rastus and Lollis.
     After the death of Mr. Young, Sarah married Newbon Tantom. They had Weltha
who married Harris Dosier,  and had a daughter Ruby.  Mollie married Jim  Heard
and they had Roddy and Gladys. Son Ike died before marrying.
     Sally McMillin remarried Martin Andrew Terry, who was born Aug 5, 1853 and
died Febr 9,  1897. Martin Terry had a brother William Terry who had Hattie and
Daisy.  Another brother John who had a son Tom and a sister Corrine who married
Will Mophet. They had Roy and Diasy. A sister Lidia married a Mr. Tyler and had
Bud,  Luther and Joe. Sally and Martin had Grover Cleveland Terry* born Oct.31,
1884  and  he  was  married to Mary Amila Sullivan,  his second  wife  was  Mae
Johnson,  and third wife Maude Richardson.  They had no Children. Lulu Aby born
Nov.  6,  1888 and died Mch 17, 1963. She married to Fred Lumbard Goddard. They
had Dale,  Virginia and Landsdon.  Morris Abram was born Aut, 1886 and died Dec
1951.  He was married to Nanny Mcmillin. They had a daughter Selma who was born
______.  Selma  married  Leroy  Cederquist and they  had  Nannette  and  Terry.
Nannette married Richard Elk and they had Mike, Cindie and Jenniffer. Terry and
his  wife Sue had Debby,  Stephen and ______.  Marshall Martin was born Jan 27,
1893  and  died Nov 14,  1931.  Marshall Married Tillis Bollinger they  had  no
children.  John Goy born July 16, 1896. He and his wife had a daughter Dorothy,
and she married Herman Broussad and they had Terry and Meichell. Ruth Terry had
a son by the name of Donald by her first husband who is still living.
     Little  is  known by me about Grandmother on  Father's  side.  I  remember
Grandma Terry being the only person who smoked in those days. She smoked a clay
pipe with a curved stem made of the same material.  She was a native of Holland
and came to the United States at an early date.
Note:  This was submitted by Mrs.  J.  Malcom Terry P. O. Box 186, Harrisonburg
LA 71340. Martin Andrew Terry is a brother of William Santford Terry.
                             T E R R Y  N O T E S
                         by Mrs. J. Malcom "Kay" Terry
     I've  been writing to Alice Ann DeRossitt and Polly Terry Carrington  both
are looking for Stephen Terry and wife,  Martha Patience Breeland. I've located
my husband's great-great grandparents and find I am for sure on that same line.
Mrs.  DeRossitt  and  Mrs.  Carrington differ on Stephen's birthplace and I  am
hoping to find something about that.
Stephen Terry 1787- ?? m. Martha Patience Breeland 1800- ??
     Patience Terry  1810-
     Joseph Terry  1815-
     Sanford Rainy Terry 1822-
     Abraham Terry 1826-1869 m. Margaret ______ 1825-1912?
     Eveline Terry 1833-

Children of Abraham Terry 1826-1869 m. Margaret ______
     Martin Andrew Terry 1848-1895 m. 1883 Mrs. Sarah McMillan
     John Terry 1853-aft. 1910 m. bf. 1875 Arminda ______
     Lydia Ann Terry 1855-1942 m. Christopher Tyler
     William Santford Terry 1857-1929 m. 1891 Nancy Katherine Scarbrough
     Robert Terry 1858-1903
     Morris or Maurice Terry 1860-1880
     Abi Terry 1862-1880?
     Corrine or Corene Terry 1864-aft 1910 m. 1894 William R. Mophett
     Celarissa Terry 1868-1880?
Children of William Santford Terry 1857-1929 m. Nancy Scarbrough
     Hattie Arminda Terry 1891-??
     Hannah Lee Terry 1892-
     Ora Ella Terry 1893/4-1894/5
     John Bruce Terry 1895-1917
     Mary "May" Eliza Terry 1896-?? m. Arch Alpin
     Lillie Hazel Terry 1897-?? m. Roy McMillian
     Albert Abram Terry 1898-1964 m. Rita Mae McGuffee**
     **My  husband's grandparents.  They had only one child,  my father-in-law,
James Herbert Terry.  I have some information on some of Abraham and Margaret's
children -- Martin,  John,  Lydia, William and Corrine Terry all moved to Cata-
houla  Parish  LA from Livingston Parish in about 1882.  Margaret  (widowed  in
1869) and son Robert may have come too. Margaret was living in Catahoula Parish
with Lydia in 1910 but not in 1900. Robert-- I can't find.
     Morris,  Abi and Celarissa are not found after 1880 -- I believe they died
in some sort of epidemic at that time.
     John  is  listed in 1880 with a wife Arminda and two  kids  -- Hattie  and
Tommy. They are not to be found any more. Maybe they died in the same epidemic.
I found death dates of four Terry men on a plaque owned by W. A. Mophett. He is
a grandson of Corrine Terry Mophett. This is what it says:
                    Abram died Jn. 23, 1869 at age 48 years
           Maurice died Dec. 17, 1880 at age 20 years and 10 months
                   Martin died in Feb. 1895 at age 47 years
                   Robert died in Sept. 1903 at age 46 years
I am sure that Abram is Abraham -- Maurice,  Martin and Robert are three of his
sons.  If anyone needs any research done in Catahoula Parish. I'll gladly help.
Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Kay Terry.
                                   * * * * *

                     N O T E S  O N  D E S C E N D A N T S
                                      O F
                  S A M U E L  T E R R Y  O F  E N F I E L D
        Mrs. E. D. "Carol" McCraw, 546 McKinley Ave. Woodland CA 95695.
     What  a very pleasant surprise to hear from you.  Enclosed please find  my
check  for  subscription to the TERRY FAMILY HISTORIAN and especially that  you
knew of our reunion.
     I cannot write too much now (in fact,  very little) because I am  drowning
in  my  own  disorganization.  I have over ten years of research on  our  Terry
family  which I am trying to compile before leaving for the east coast on  17th
of  June.  I  will have four days of research in Albany and  then  in  Deleware
County, New York where my paternal roots are planted.
     My  grandmother was Lida Scott Terry,  daughter of Jacob Ferris and Huldah
Russell  Terry.  He was the son of Abigail Signor and Samuel Terry who was  the
son  of  Urbana and Hulda Stevens Terry.  Urbana went to  Delaware  County  from
Northeast, Dutchess County, NY (1790 Census) after serving in the Revolutionary
war.  His father,  Samuel Terry, whom I have very little information on died in
the  Revolutionary War and don't have any idea who was Urbana's mother.  Have a
land patent and tax records of this Samuel Terry and very little else as he was
in the "genealogical graveyard of New York" Dutchess County,  NY in what is  now
Putnam County,  NY and what was part of Connecticut,  in The Oblong for so many
years......  His father was Reverend Samuel Terry (who is a story unto himself)
and  Margaret Coffin (of the Nantucket Island settler family and several  books
written  about  them)  and  his father was Captain  Samuel  Terry  of  Enfield,
Massachusetts now Enfield, Connecticut who was and early settler of Enfield and
his father was the Immigrant Samuel Terry and a descendant who moved to England
to be in the printing business for awhile, feels he found the emigrant's father
and grandfather.  Anyway,  I am in the middle of trying to  compile all of this
right  now  and am feeling the pressure....  I will send a copy of what  I  get
compiled  for your records.  Urbana had two brothers who went "west" from Dele-
ware County, NY. I will send their lines later. I do not believe that any of my
direct line of Terrys went to the South but my husband's family did...A  McCraw
descendant  back  in Virginia (where the McCraw reunion will be held  the  week
following  mine and then we are on our way to Scotland,  England,  Germany  and
Switzerland  returning  22 July) have compiled some five hundred pages  on  the
McCraw family. My husband's mother and father, Bessie Elizabeth Hattan and John
Asbury McCraw were married in Enid, Oklahoma. That is another interesting story
but  the McCraw families out of Virginia went the southern route into  Oklahoma
and Texas where my husband was born.
                                   * * * * *

                                 submitted by
          Lina Terry McIlwain 5310 River Thames Rd., Jackson MS 39211
     I'm  enclosing three Bible Records--one in particular which I believe  you
will be interested in.--The Joseph Terry Bible.
     We have heard so much about the seven sons,  and Dr. Peyton Green's letter
explains  that JOHN TERRY was the father of the 7 sons--and John Terry's father
according  to  tradition by Mrs.  Gloria Shuff was PERRYMAN  GREEN  TERRY  from
Ireland in 1749. How I wish we could find out something about him--She says she
is  still trying to locate the source.  Her grandmother was Texanna Anna  Terry
Vipperman, b. April 6, 1866, d. Feb. 12, 1948.
     When  I have more time will mail you other information which I  have....We
are all grateful to you for all your efforts and you are doing a wonderful job.
                          CHAMP B. TERRY BIBLE RECORD
                     Sontag, Lawrence County, Mississippi
Contributed   by  Mrs.   Johnny  Calvin  Martin,   1104  First   St.,   Natchez
MS 39120. June 1983.
     Note: The following information was furnished by Mrs. Johnny Calvin Martin
who  was  formerly Patricia Ann Smith,  daughter of Marion  Harland  Smith  and
Dorothy  Stewart and she is a great grand daughter of Champ B.  Terry and  Sara
Etta  Douglas.  Patricia  Ann  Smith married Johnny Calvin Martin who  was  the
grandson of Walter Calvin Terry, b. 10 Jan 1891 Pike County, MS. She was born 3
Sep  1947.  Information  enclosed  in  parenthesis in  this  Bible  Record  was
furnished  by Mrs.  Johnny Calvin Martin.  Census records reveal that Champ  B.
Terry  was  born  in the year 1860 in the State of Mississippi  and  living  in
Lawrence  County,  MS in 1900.  His father and mother were both born  in  North
C. B. (Champ B.) Terry was born in the year of our Lord June 18, 1860.
S.  E. P. (D.) Terry (Sarah Etta Douglas) was born in the year of our Lord Dec.
5, 1871.
Our first born in the year of our Lord Sept. 17, 1888.
J. B. (James Benjamin) Terry was born in the year of our Lord Mar. 8, 1890.
L. B. (Lizzie Bell) Terry was born in the year of our Lord Sept. 16, 1896.
H. C. (Houston C.) Terry was borned in the year of our Lord March 8, 1898.
O. P. (Olion Pearson) Terry was born in the year of our Lord Nov. 27, 1899.
O. A. (Oscar A.) Terry was born in the year of our Lord January 30, 1902.
A. O. (Aubie, dau.) Terry was born in the year of our Lord Aug. 29, 1904.
E. L. (Edgar Lee) Terry was born in the year of our Lord  Nov. 20, 1906.
Our little babie died in the year of our Lord September 17, 1888.
Bennie Terry died in the year of our Lord June 14, 1919.
(Champ B. Terry died Aug. 3, 1931.)
(Sarah  Etta Douglas Terry,  dau.  of James Bailey & Matilda Ann Douglas,  died
Aug. 7, 1933.)
Note:  This information regarding marriages was also furnished by  Mrs.  Johnny
Calvin Martin.
James Benjamin Terry born 1889 married Mary Zella Smith,  and had two children:
     Irene Terry,
     and Hazel Terry.
Lizzie Bell Terry born 16 Sept.  1896, d. 9 Aug 1964 married Richard A. Smith--
They had 4 children:
     Richard A. Smith, Jr.
     Wilson Eugene Smith
     Marion Harland Smith married Dorothy Stewart--had dau. Patricia Ann.
     Mary Etta Smith
Houston C. Terry married Hazel Starling--had 5 children:
     Houstene Terry
     Richard Leroy Terry
     Robert Allen Terry
     Darlene Terry
     Elizabeth Terry
Olion Pearson Terry married Mae Ware-- had 3 children:
Aubie C. Terry married Kirby Turnage-- had 2 children:
     Billie Gene Turnage
     Benjamin Odell Turnage
Edgar Lee Terry married Margaret Blakely--had 3 children:
     Joyce Elaine Terry
     Hugh Terry
     Margie Terry
                                   * * * * *

                R O B E R T  T E R R Y  B I B L E  R E C O R D
Contributed in 1982 by Mr.  Ray Beeman,  presently of 701 D.  St.  Space B # 8,
Chula  Vista CA 92010.  In 1978,  this Bible was in possession of Mrs.  Kathryn
Terry Willingham,  Rt.  3,  Box 342,  Fulton KY 42041.  Record copy was by Mrs.
Richard D. Lawrence, 120 Garland Dr., Menlo Park CA 94025.
                                 Bible Record
Robert Terry was born 13 Sept.  1807 Kentucky married 31 Dec.  1829 (Williamson
County, Tenn.) Elizabeth Newsom Pate (dau. of Jesse Pate and Nancy Loftin) born
5 April 1811 Tenn., died 30 Aug 1867 Bedford County, Tenn.
George Terry was born 31 Dec. 1830, died 9 July 1832
Robert Terry Jr. was born 19 Jan 1833, died 5 Dec 1833
Jesse Terry was born 1 Jan 1835, died 4 Aug. 1840
Dr.  Alexander Watson Terry was born 30 June 1837 married 10 April 1860 (Wilson
County,  Tenn.) Nancy Justin Wilson, born 24 April 1839 (dau. of John R. Wilson
and Mary Donaldson).
William J. Terry was born 9 May 1839, died 23 May 1871 (Bedford County) married
Elizabeth  J.  ______  6 June 1861 who died 7 Dec 1864,  married  (2)  Caroline
(Callie) Norman 4 Aug. 1867, lived Fulton, KY. " [Caroline] died 18 Dec. 1905.
Georgia Terry was born 28 Oct 1840
John R. Terry was born 17 Dec. 1841 died 14 Oct. 1860
Dr. D. W. Terry was born 29 March 18__ (living 1880 Rutherford Co.) married (1)
Susan P. Whitman 1865 (Bedford Co., Tenn.) Susan P. Whitman Terry b. 1841, died
1879. [married] (2) Pocahontas S. ______, born 18 Aug. 184_.
Dooley  Pate Terry was born 8 Aug 1849 married 18 April 1867  Sarah  F.  ______
born  2 Nov 1844 (living 1880 Smith Co.) married (2) M.  W.  McClanahan 29  Aug
America Tennessee Alice Terry was born 17 March 1856, died 12 Sep 1867
Joshua E. Terry was born 18 May 1862, died 25 Oct 1900 married 11 Dec 1895 Emma
Blackwell (Williamson County).
This family listed in the 1860 census of Bedford County, Tenn, Dist. 8, pg. 56.
                                   * * * * *

                J O S E P H  T E R R Y  B I B L E  R E C O R D
                         Chesterfield County, Virginia
Contributed by Mrs. Gloria Shuff, 106 Kinzer St., Beckley WV 25801.
Note:  This  Bible was bought at Joseph Terry's "sale" and belonged to Henry B.
Terry, his son, and then to Reuben P. Terry, son of Henry B. Terry. Record copy
was furnished by Mrs. Gloria Shuff.
Dr.  Peyton Green of Wytheville,  Va.,  who was born May 27,  1861 married Kate
Waller Terry,  b.  9 June 1870,  on 23 Oct.  1888. She was the daughter of Gen.
William Terry, b. 14 Aug 1824 Amherst Co., VA, died 5 Sept. 1888 Wytheville, VA
who was the last Commander of The Stonewall Brigade.
Dr.  Peyton Green of Wytheville,  VA wrote a letter to R.  P. Terry, Meadows of
Dan, Patrick Co., VA on June 26, 1903 in which he stated:
"My Dear Sir:  -------- Your great-grandfather's name was JOHN TERRY.  He lived
in  Chesterfield  Co.,  VA and your grand father JOSEPH and  his  twin  brother
THOMAS  were born there.  Soon after they were born he moved to Buckingham  Co.
Where he was born or died or how old he was or who his wife was we do not know.
He had seven sons as follows: JOSEPH, THOMAS, BENJAMIN, JOHN, STEPHEN, WILLIAM,
JAMES,  and a daughter SARAH. Joseph was your grandfather--Thomas was my wife's
Stephen had no family
William had no family
James moved to Tennessee
Benjamin lived in Franklin and Pittsylvania
John remained in Buckingham
Sarah married a man named John Oakes.
I  have  written  to Tennessee but haven't been able to locate  any  of  Jame's
people.  Benjamin  had a son Benjamin and he had a son Joseph who has a son now
living at Bent Mountain,  Roanoke Co.  named J. Coles Terry. John had two sons,
William  and Major and they lived in Buckingham Co.  William had  no  children.
Major  had six daughters nearly all of whom live in Buckingham.  He had one son
Robert N. Terry who now lives at Hubard, Buckingham Co. and is 52 years old.
Your grandfather's twin brother Thomas Terry had 5 sons and five daughters. One
of  these sons was Thomas R.  Terry.  He had several daughters and three  sons:
John,  who died not long ago;  Valerius who moved to Missouri,  and William who
was my wife's father.----Her name was Kate Waller Terry. She had one sister and
four brothers. Her father has been dead about 15 years. He was a General in the
Confederate  Army and was a U.  S.  Congressman from this  district.  -----Your
great  Uncle  Thomas Terry was also in the Revolutionary war at the  same  time
your grandfather was.  He has a grandson ----James M. Garvin and his address is
Munroe,  Amherst  Co.,  VA.  His  mother  was Nancy  Terry,  a  niece  of  your
grandfather  Joseph and a daughter of his twin brother Thomas.  ------ I have a
copy  of  the  family tree and if you would like to see it I will  send  you  a
copy.----                     Peyton Green".
{Family  history  says that PERRYMAN GREEN TERRY from Ireland in 1749  was  the
father  of  JOHN TERRY who was living in Chesterfield  Co.  1761.  Mrs.  Gloria
Shuff,  a descendant,  is searching for proof of this and trying to secure copy
of the family tree as per letter of July, 1984. ----Lina Terry McIlwain.}
Joseph and Thomas Terry were born July th 27th 1761 (Chesterfield Co. VA)
Henry B. Terry was born November 15, 1799
Mary Terry his wife was born April 29th 1805
Elizabeth B. Terry was born December the 23rd 1828
Reuben P. Terry was born July the 22nd 1831
William M. Terry was born 6th January 1834
Joseph Green Terry was born the 18th February 1837
Martha Adaline Terry was born the 18th August 1840
Dolly Cruise the wife of H. B. Terry was born March the 24, 1817
Anna Thompson, wife of R. P. Terry, Born Sept. 9th 1838
William Henry Harris son of James & Elizabeth B.  Harris was born Nov. the 15th
Mary Elizabeth Harris was Born September the 14th 1849
James Madison Harris was Born May 3rd 1853
John Benjamin Harris was Born the 12th Sept. 1857
Rosa Anna Adline Harris was Born August the 22nd 1860
Mary Smith the wife of J. G. Terry was Born the 24 Nov 1843
Mary E. McGrady was Born Dec. 29th 1870
Little still Born 22nd January 1901 son of R. P. and Mary E. Terry
Reuben Patterson Terry son of R. P. Terry & Mary E. Terry Born May 24th 1903
Herbert O. Terry born Nov. 5, 1895
Joseph J. Terry born July 4, 1897
James E. Terry born May 17, 1899
May Delpric'e Terry born Nov. 9, 1901
Roy Lee Terry born March 2, 1905
William Hugh Terry born April 27, 1907
Elva Jane Terry born Aug 9, 1909
Ina Terry born June 22, 1913
Edree Ruth born Nov 12, 1914
Mack C. Terry born Oct 18, 1917
George B. Terry born February 24, 1874
Ruth McGrady Terry was born October 19, 1876
(Parents of the 10 above named children)
Orrigon Lee son of (H.  B.  Gerries) Negror,  girl Mahala was born November the
22nd 1862.
Mary Terry departed this life the 11th June 1828
Joseph Terry departed this life the 23rd day of May 1838
Mary Terry, Wife of H. B. Terry, departed this life the 22nd July 1861
William M.  Terry Son of H.  B.  Terry Departed this life in the Army Aug.  the
13th 1862.
Henry B. Terry departed this life June the 22, 1867
Anna Terry the wife of R. P. Terry departed this life August the 3rd, 1899
Reuben P. Terry Son of R. P. & Mary E. Terry departed this life Feb. 8th 1908
Reuben P. Terry departed this life Oct. the 30, 1911
William Henry Harris died July 10th 1848 son of Elizabeth
James Harris died July the 8th 1862
Mary Elizabeth Harris departed this November the 18, 1862
James Madison Harris Departed this Life November the 25th, 1862
John Benjamin Harris November the 25th 1862 sons of James & Elizabeth Harris
Rosanna  Adaline  Harris  Daughter of James &  E.  Harris  departed  this  Life
December the 4th 1862
Joseph Green Terry Departed this Life February 24th 1927
Elva Jane Simones Departed this life April 9th 1931
Roy Lee Terry son of G. B. and Ruth Terry died Jan 31, 1908
Anner Viperman departed this life February 12, 1948
Thomas S. Terry departed this life July 29, 1948
Etna Terry departed this life October 7, 1946
Julina M. Terry departed this life May 29, 1947
Roy Lee Terry son of G. B. and Ruth Terry departed this life Jan. 31, 1908
R. H. B. Terry died March 21st 1948
Betty Jessup died Aug. 3, 1940
Thomas S. Terry Born Oct 11, 1876 Died July 29, 1941
Josephine Thomas Terry Born Sept. 2, 1878
Texanna Anna Terry Vipperman born April 6, 1866, Died Feb. 12, 1948
James M. Viperman born Apr. 13, 1862 Died Dec. 11, 1953
Ruth McGrady Terry Born Oct 19, 186 Died Dec. 2, 1953
George B. Terry Born Feb. 24, 1874 Died July 7, 1955
Henry B. Terry and Mary Rakes were married February 14th, 1828
James Harris & Elizabeth B. Terry was married Nov the 19th 1846
Henry B. Terry and Dolly Cruise was married Oct. the 17th 1861
William M. Terry and Jane Pendleton were married January 18th, 1867
Reuben P. Terry and Anna Thompson wer married March the 16, 1859
Joseph G. Terry and Mary Smith was married April the 2nd 1863
David Smith & Martha Adaline Terry was married July 30th 1863
R. P. Terry and Mary Ella McGrady were married March the 9th, 1899
George B. Terry and Ruth McGrady was married Jan. 1, 1895
Herbert O. Terry and Oma Stanley was married Dec. 25, 1909
Joseph J. Terry and Lydia Webb was married January 25, 1920
Samuel E. Terry and Dorothy Lee Jessup was married April 3, 1921
Willie B. Shelor and Delshia (or Delprice) Terry was married Aug. 25, 1918
Wm. Hugh Terry and Cora Ilene Hale were married Dec. 24, 1932
Bennie N. Clifton and Edree Ruth Terry were married June 2, 1934
Robert H. Gray and Ina Terry were married Aug. 25, 1937
Mack C. Terry and Willa Dean Gardner were married Oct. 29, 1949
                                   * * * * *
             S O U T H  C A R O L I N A  T E R R Y  R E C O R D S
The following research was done by John W.  Lawrence for Mike Terry, the Editor
of  the TERRY FAMILY HISTORIAN.  I have always been disappointed by the lack of
documented  TERRY marriages in South Carolina and have been promising  to  give
more  info on Stephen Terry in Craven County and the last known link in my  own
lineage.  I  believe the estate mentioned in 1771 is that of this same Stephen.
We are slowly beginning to identify these South Carolina Terry  families.  Many
of  the surnames listed have been identified as I research other South Carolina
families  originated in Virginia and were in SC 1750-1760.  THE  OTHER  PERSONS
MARRIAGE.  TERRY esearchers should note this when copying their documentation!!
Don't leave out those names!-- The Editor.
MISCELLANEOUS RECORDS 1729-1825 Volume KK, Page 141.
Know all men by these presents that I,  Stephen Terry Senr.  in South Carolina,
Fredericksburgh Township, have bargained and sold to Stephen Terry Junr. of the
Province  aforesaid one Negro Wench named Moll,  one Negro child named  Easter,
also three feather beds with their furniture,  four horses,  the Stallion White
Stockings,  Warwick  &  Tolly (Jolly?) for the sum of Eighty nine Pounds to  me
already  paid due him by Bond and I do acknowledge myself fully  satisfied  for
the same and by these presents I do warrant the Negroes Beds & Horses aforesaid
from  the  claim of my heirs or any other person laying any claim or claims  in
Witness my hand & seal this 17th day of Septr. 1754.
/s/ Stephen Terry (LS)
John Collins}
John Collins}
Memorandum that on the 8th day of January 1755 personally appeared John Collins
Junr.  and  declared upon oath that he see the above Stephen Terry Sign Seal as
his  Act & Deed deliver the above Bill of Sale or Instrument of Writing to  the
said  Stephen Terry Junr.  for the use and purpose within mentioned and he  saw
John  Collins sign as Witness and he the said John Collins signed his  name  at
the same time as an the Witness Certified by
/s/ John Hamilton
Recorded 17th Feby. 1755.
Colonial Judgement Rolls. JR 47A-108A
This package contains a copy of a bond signed by Stephen Terry on 23 May  1755,
by  which  he  is bound in the penal sum of 76 pounds,  8 shillings  to  assure
payment  of 38 pounds,  4 shillings to John Neufville and Edward Neufville  and
William  Anderson otherwise known as Neufville,  Anderson & Company of  Charles
Town, Merchants.
The company brought suit on 4 October 1757 against Stephen Terry of Wateree  to
collect  the penal sum,  which the company said was still owed and was unjustly
A  warrant was issued on 4 October 1757 for Stephen Terry to appear in  Charles
Town at the Court of Common Pleas on the First Tuesday in January to answer the
The case was heard on the specified date,  and the judge ruled on 8 April  1758
that  said  Stephen Terry must pay the plaintiffs the amount of 43  pounds,  14
shilling, 9 pence.
Plat with Fairfield Co. Deed Book M, Page 063. (1758)
Pursuant to a precept from Edgerton Leigh,  Esq.,  Sur.  Genl., dated the 4 Mar
1758,  I  have admeasured and laid out unto Richard Griffin a tract  containing
one  hundred acres of land on the north prong of Wateree Creek bounding to  the
northeast  by Samuel Griffin's land and all other sides by vacant land and hath
such  other form and marks as the above plat represents.  Certified by me  this
18th day of April 1758.
/s/ Saml. Wiley, D. S.
Colonial Deed. Book WW. Page 116
John Milhouse planter & Abigail his wife sell to Samuel Milhouse, planters both
of  Craven  County,  for  600 pounds a tract of 400 acres of  land  located  in
Fredericksburgh Township granted on 6 March 1750 to George Senior who  conveyed
the  same to Robert Milhouse on 5 June 1753 and said land was inherited by  his
son John Milhouse, said land is bounded northwest on John Collins, southwest on
Wateree  River  at  a place called Great Neck,  south east  of  John  Williams,
northeast on vacant land.
Deed dated 18 May 1758
/s/ John Milhouse
/s/ Abigail Milhouse
Witnessed by Stephen Terry, Isaac Ross, David Terry.
Colonial Deed. Book WW, Page 202.
Samuel Milhouse and Henry Milhouse planters of Fredericksburgh Township, Craven
County,  sell  to  William Hilliard planter of Craven County for 325  pounds  a
tract  of 300 acres of land located in Craven County on the southwest  side  of
Wateree River,  originally granted to them in 1758 and bounded by Robert Rogers
on the northwest and on all other sides by vacant land.
Deed dated 2 May 1759
/s/ Henry Milhouse
/s/ Samuel Milhouse
Witnessed by Stephen Terry, Micajah Terry, James McCormick.
South Carolina Land Tax Memorials Vol. 10, Page 025.
JOHN PAYNE. (1769)
A  Memorial  exhibited by John Payne to be registered in the Auditor's  Offics,
etc.,  of  a  plantation  or tract of land containing  one  hundred  acres  and
situated  in  Craven  County  on  the  north  side  of  the  Wateree  River  in
Fredericksburgh  Township bounded southwest by Service's land and southeast  by
STEPHEN  TERRY'S  land,  NE & NW on vacant land and all other sides by his  own
land,  survey  certified the first of Novr.  1768 and granted the 31st  day  of
October  1769  to the Memoralist at the quit rent of 3 shillings sterling or  4
shillings  proclamation money per hundred acres to commence two years from  the
date, in witness whereof he hath hereunto set his hand the 28th day of December
/s/ John Payne.
Colonial Inventories. (1771)
A true inventory of the Goods Chattels of Stephen Terry late Deceased.
To one cow and yearling  .......................   15:
To one cow and yearling  .......................   10:
To one Heffer ..................................    7:10
To one Cow  ....................................    7:10
To one Steer ...................................    4:10
To four head of Sheep ..........................    9:
To one cow and three yearling ..................   15:
To one feather bed .............................    7:10
To two Blankets and a Bed Cover ................    4:5
To one suit of Wearing Apparel .................   25:
To two spinning wheels .........................    6:5
To Sundry Articles .............................    5:
To one grinding stone ..........................    3:15
To three sausers ...............................    1:
To two Basons and Six plates ...................    4:
To some old Pewter .............................     :10
To some knives and forks .......................    1:
To one meal bag ................................     :15
To one Old Book ................................     :10
To Sundry Things ...............................     :05
To Plow irons ..................................    5:
To some smith's tools ..........................    4:
To one Horse ...................................   40:
To one mare and colt ...........................   25:

To Six Plain Irons and Stocks ..................    4:10
To one small cage ..............................    7:6
To two handsaws ................................    1:5
Octr. ye 24 1771
Signed pr. as the Appraisers
/s/ Moses (X) Bond
/s/ David Hudson
/s/ John Jenkins
South Carolina Land Tax Memorials. Vol. 13, Page 145.
A Memorial exhibited by Stephen Terry to be registered in the Auditor General's
Office  of  a  plantation  or tract of land of 77 acres  in  Craven  County  on
Hellam's  Creek,  bounded on all sides by vacant land,  survey certified 19 May
1773 and granted 23 June 1774 to the Memoralist at the quit rent of 3 shillings
sterling  or 4 shillings proclamation money per hundred acres to  commence  two
years from the date hereof.
Dated 10 Dec 1774. Signed by Andrew McDowell, District Surveyor.
Fairfield Co. Deed. Book H., Page 095
Samuel  Armstrong of Camden District on Wateree Creek sells to Stephen Terry of
the  same  place for 200 pounds current money of this province a tract  of  200
acres  of land located on a small branch of the Wateree Creek bounding east  on
lands of Samuel Nesbitt and all other sides vacant.
Deed dated 30 Oct 1777
/s/ SAmuel (O) Armstrong
Witnessed by Thomas Rogers and Moses Cockrell.
Proved 6 Nov 1792
Recorded 10 Oct 1792
Kershaw Co. Probate Court Records. Apartment 066. Package 2376.
STEPHEN TERRY, Deceased. (ca. 1782)
Stephen  Terry  of  Old Camden District died without leaving a  Last  Will  and
Testament.  The  papers in this package show that Samuel Boykin was  bonded  as
Administrator  on the estate of Stephen Terry,  deceased,  on 11 May 1782.  His
security  was  signed by Douglas Stark and John Chestnut.  On 8 July  1782  the
following appraisers were sworn:  Malachi Murphy,  John Boykin, and James Wren.
There were no additional papers now in this package.
Note:  Old  Camden District stretched from today's York County down  to  Sumter
County and included Fairfield and Chester. Douglas Stark and John Chestnut were
residents of Fairfield District, near Wateree Creek. jwl.
                                   * * * * *
Benjamin Terry                Abbeville       2-1-2
Robert Terry                  Abbeville       2-4-3
Amey Terry                    Fairfield       0-0-1
John Terry                    Edgefield       1-0-2
William Terry                 Edgefield       2-2-3
John Terry                    Newberry        3-1-4
Joseph Terry                  Clarendon       2-2-3
William Terry                 Claremont       1-1-2
Phillip Terry                 Beaufort        1-0-0
Joseph Terry                  Greenville      2-4-4
Maryan Terry                  Greenville      0-1-3
William Terry                 Greenville      0-1-5
                                   * * * * *
Fairfield Co. Deed. Book I, Page 072.
Phillip  Terry,  son and heir of Michael Therry,  deceased,  which said Phillip
lives in the state aforesaid in Beaufort District, shoemaker, sells heir at law
of  said  Michael to John Willingham of Fairfield  District,  planter,  for  60
pounds sterling, a tract of 300 acres of land located on Reedy Fork a branch of
Wateree Creek, granted [bounty] to Michael Therry on 15 Feb 1770.
Deed dated 8 Oct 1793
/s/ Phillip (P) Terry
Witnessed by David Gibson, Robert Still[?].
Proved 9 Oct 1793
Recorded 10 Feb 1793.
Fairfield Co. Deed.  Book B., Page 198.
William  Terry of Fairfield District sells to Jesse Havis of Fairfield District
for 10 pounds sterling one sorell mare six years old and 13 hands high, branded
AR;  also  100  bushels of corn now being grown on the plantation of  the  said
Jesse Havis.
Deed dated 19 Oct 1793.
/s/ William (W) Terry.
Witnessed by D. R. Evans.
Proved 5 Nov 1793.
Recorded 5 Nov 1793.
Fairfield Co. Deed. Book M., Page 063.
Stephen  Terry  of  Fairfield District sells to Micajah  Pickett  of  Fairfield
District for 200 pounds sterling a tract of 100 acres of land formerly  granted
to  Richard Griffin and by various conveyances was deeded to Stephen Terry  now
deceased,  adjacent to lands surveyed for Samuel Griffin and being on the north
prong of Wateree Creek, bounded north by lands of Nath. Lathan, west by Susanna
Stark--also  a  tract  of  150 acres formerly belonging to  Stephen  Terry  now
deceased  adjoining the above 100 acres on the southeast and adjacent  to  land
surveyed for Samuel Griffin and land of the said Pickett on the southeast, west
by lands of Susanna Stark.
Deed dated 16 Mar 1796.
/s/ Stephen Terry
Witnessed by John Dick and Reuben Stark.
Proved 18 Mar 1799.
Dower rights released by Mary Terry, wife of Stephen Terry.
Proved 18 Mar 1799.
Fairfield Co. Deed.  Book K., Page 137.
William  Terry  of  Fairfield District mortgages to John  McEwen  Junr.  for  5
pounds,  13 shilling,  2 pence in cash one sorell mare,  one braod ax, one club
ax,  one howe,  one plow and divises, five pewter plates, one pewter bason, one
half  dozen knives and forks,  one smothing iron with heaters,  all  to  assure
payment of the above sum to the said McEwen on or before 5 Jan 1796.
Mortgage dated 4 Dec 1795.
/s/ William (W) Terry.
Witnessed by Jesse Havis, John Havis Junr.
Proved by Jesse Havis who on oath before Edward Martin, J. P., said that he saw
William  Terry  sign the within and that he paid up the sum of within money  to
John Havis the within property being under execution then in the hands of  John
Havis  as  Constable and the property was delivered to John McEwen  Junr.  upon
receiving the bill of sale and paying the money.
Recorded 30 Jul 1796.
Fairfield Co. Deed.  Book S, Page 233
Abner  Markley  of the City of Charleston sells to Stephen Terry  of  Fairfield
District  for 45 pounds a tract of 393 acres of land located on a branch of the
Wateree Creek on the northeast side of the Catawba River.
Deed dated 4 April 1805
/s/ Abner Markley
Witnessed by William Scott and James Barber.
Proved 4 Feb 1809
Recorded 18 Aug 1809
Fairfield Co. Probate Court Records
File 32. Package 508
STEPHEN TERRY, Deceased. (1807)
Stephen  Terry  of  Fairfield District died without leaving  a  Last  Will  and
Testament. The papers in this package show the following:
1.   A Citation was issued by the Probate Judge 17 Feb.  1807 to notify one and
all  that  Mary Terry had applied to him for Letters of Administration  on  the
Estate  of  Samuel Terry,  deceased,  of Fairfield District.  The Citation  was
published (read) on 22 Feb 1807 at Mount Olivet Church (on Wateree Creek).
2.   Mary Terry posted bond in the amount of $500 on 25 Feb. 1807 to administer
on  the estate of Stephen Terry.  Securities on the bond were William  McMillin
and Musko Boulware.
3.   A  Warrant  of  Appraisement was issued 25 Feb 1807 to  William  Johnston,
William  McMillin,  William Bonner,  Thomas McDill and Gardner Miller  for  any
three  of them to appraise the estate of Stephen Terry as shown to them by Mary
Terry the administratrix.
4.    An appraisal was returned 6 April 1807 and it included carpenter's tools,
household furniture,  hogs,  cattle,  geese,  ducks, cotton bales, cured bacon,
barrels, leather, four bushels of rye. No total estimated value is shown.
5.    The estate was sold on 7 April 1807.  Mary Terry purchased almost all  of
the estate. Sales totaled 64 pounds, 8 shillings.
6.    A return on the estate was recorded 20 July 1808,  at which time  $303.25
had been received by the administratrix and debts were $464.67.
No other papers are now found in this package.
Cheraws District Equity Decree Book.  Pp. 3-10.
The  Decree Hereunto annexed and do certif [sic] that the Same agrees with  the
Bill  answer and decretal order made at and entered in the minutes of The  late
Court  of Equity holden at Greenville on the second Monday in February in  1806
for the united Districts of Darlington,  Marlborough,  and Chesterfield.  4 Mar
1806 Jno. Winfield, Comr.
John Rogers vs.  Nathaniel Thompson. In this case a verdict at Law in action od
Trover has been obtained by Deft against Complt. for $1950 or to return negroes
in  Bill  mentioned,  the  Prayer of the Bill is to  obtain  against  Deft.,  a
perpetual  injunction  to restrain him from carrying the Judgmt.  at  Law  into
Effect  upon  the  Equity stated...the Bill has relied much  upon  the  illegal
conduct of the Complt.  in obtaining possession of sd. negroes...the Complt. in
right of Mary & Sarah Sutton an equitable claim to recover said negroes...power
of  attorney  by Stephen Terry & Mary his wife (formerly Mary Sutton)  &  Sarah
Sutton...negroes  were bequeathed by John Clary decd to sd.  Sarah & Mary,  his
neices...his wife Ann,  now wife of Deft. should have "the use of his negro Bet
till Cate comes of age"...Deft.  "after taking away and keeping the negroes  in
North Carolina brought back to this State Cate & Toby,  Ben & Lucy, children of
the sd. wench Bet named in said Will &c"...that "John Clary the son has died an
infant  of ten years of age without heirs &c"...therefore the said Mary & Sarah
Sutton claim the said negroes...court is of the opinion that sd.  Mary &  Sarah
Sutton  have  a  right under the Will of John Clary the elder  to  recover  sd.
negroes..... W. James.
South Carolina, Cheraw District, In Equity, John Rogers vs. Nath. Thompson Bill
for an Injunction.
This  cause coming on to be heard on the second monday on June 1810 before  the
hon. William James, Esquire, one of the Judges of the sd. Court in the presence
of Counsel on both sides...John Clary late of the District of Chesterfield,  S.
C.,  on  20  jan  1789,  duly made his will & shortly afterwards  died  without
altering or revoking the same and sd. Will appointed William Ellerbe Junior and
Robert Allison Executors that the sd.  John left Ann Clary and an only son John
Clary  surviving him...that the said William Ellerbe Junior and Robert  Allison
refusing to qualify on the sd.  will,  Ann Clary the widow proved the said will
in  County Court of Chesterfield 8 Jun 1789 and had letters  of  administration
with  the  will  annexed  said  John  Clary son of  the  testator  was  at  the
complainant  about four or five years of age and that the said son  died  under
ten  years  of  age...Mary  Sutton  & Sarah  Sutton  became  entitled  to  said
negroes...that Ann Clary shortly after she had possessed herself of the negroes
aforesaid  married  Nathaniel  Thompson  and he removed the  negroes  to  North
Carolina and upon various pretenses disposed of some of the negroes...the  said
Stephen  Terry  and  Sarah Sutton residing in the District of  Fairfield  at  a
distance  from  the defendant persuaded the complainnat to act as their  attor-
ney...the said Sarah Sutton having arrived at the age of 21 years on the 9  Jun
1806...sd.  John  Rogers  entered into an agreement with his  brother  Nicholas
Rogers  who was the Sheriff of Chesterfield District that he should arrest  and
carrt away from the home of the defendant the negroes...had the said John Clary
lived  he would have been 21 on the 21 Dec 1808...the defendent to recover  his
damages for illegal conduct and the costs at law from the complainant...William
Certified 16 Sept. 1810 by James R. Ervin, Comf. in Equity.
Fairfield Co. Deed.  Book X, page 080.
Fredrech  Heath  of  Fairfield District sells to the heirs  of  Stephen  Terry,
deceased,  Fairfield  District,  for  $1,000 two tracts of land containing  300
acres the above one 50 acres more or less; the intent of this deed is such that
any one of the lawful heirs may possess the whole in their exclusive right,  to
them  and  their  heirs forever according to law,  the above  land  situate  in
Fairfield  District  aforesaid one tract on Wateree Creek bounded  on  Mobley's
lane  on the west and north by Martin's lane,  south by lands belonging to  the
heirs, the other known by name of Armstrong tract.
Deed dated 24 Mar 1815.
/s/ Fredrech (M) Heath
Witnessed by Samuel Caldwell and Fredrech Heath.
Proved 25 July 1815
Recorded 25 July 1815
24  Mar  1815 -- Received $1,500 from the heirs of Stephen Terry  in  full  all
demands  to  this date for the following negroes namely old Nathan and  Milley,
young Nathan and Jana his wife,  and Jo,  which negroes I warrant and defend to
the said heirs and their lawful heirs of their body.
/s/ Fredrech (N) Heath
Test: Saml. Caldwell
Recorded 25 Jul 1815
Note:  Either  their  are a world missing from the above deed,  or it  is  just
poorly written. jwl
Plat with Fairfield Deed. Book HH, Page 240. (1828)
I  have  admeasured on resurvey the above tract of land at the request of  Mrs.
Mary Terry it being a tract originally located for Samuel Armstrong on the 20th
February  1772  to contain 200 acres and by this resurvey is found  to  contain
244.4  having such marks and bounds as the above  plat  represents.  Resurveyed
this 31st day of December AD 1828.
/s/ William McDaniel, D. S.
Note:  The land was bordered by Samuel Johnston,  Dempsey Graham, Hugh Barkley,
Capt. William Johnston and James Johnstons' land.
Fairfield Co. Deed.  Book HH, Page 240
We, Mary Terry widow of the late Stephen Terry of Fairfield District, deceased;
David  Johnston and Sarah C.  Johnston his wife in right of his said  wife,  of
Tuscaloosa,  Alabama;  Elisabeth C.  Terry, Stephen D. Terry, John S. Terry and
Frederick  J.  Terry  of Fairfield District,  heirs at law of the said  Stephen
Terry,  deceased,  sell  to Hugh Barkley of Fairfield District for $1,710.80  a
tract of 244.4 acres of land originally located for Samuel Armstrong on 20  Feb
1772  for  200  acres and resurvey found to contain  244.4  acres,  located  on
Wateree  Creek and bounded by Samuel Johnston and land lately sold by the heirs
of  said Stephen Terry to Dempsey Graham and by land of the said  Hugh  Barkely
and by land of William Johnston.
Deed dated 2 Feb 1829
/s/ David Johnston   }
                     } witnessed in Alabama by Joseph Caldwell
/s/ Sarah C. Johnston} and Daniel Barber.
/s/ Mary (X) Terry       }
/s/ Elisabeth C. Terry   }
/s/ Samuel D. Terry      } witnessed in Fairfield Dist. by William Cockrell,
/s/ John S. Terry        } and Dempsey A. Graham.
/s/ Frederick J. H. Terry}
Proved in Alabama 2 Feb 1829; in Fairfield 12 Nov. 1829.
Recorded 4 October 1830
Dower rights released by Sarah C. Johnston, wife of David Johnston.
I do hereby certify that I have resurveyed the above tract of land at it is now
to be conveyed by the heirs of Stephen Terry deceased to Edward P.  Mobley  and
find  it  to contain three hundred fifty nine acrs being connected out  of  two
separate grants viz.  part of a tract located 30th Sept.  1763 for 150 acres to
Lewis  Collins and part of a tract located for Thomas Leghre the 5th Nov.  1786
to contain 493 acres said land is situated in Fairfield District on the  waters
of  Wateree  Creek and hath such marks and boundaries as the above plat  repre-
sents. Resurveyed the 25th day of November 1829.
/s/ William McDaniel, D.S.
Note: Lands bounded by Edward P. Mobley, Dempsey Graham and Archibald Beaty.
Fairfield Co. Deed.  Book HH, Page 226.
We,  Mary  Terry widow of Stephen Terry late of Fairfield  District,  deceased;
David Johnston and Sarah C. Johnston his wife in right of his said wife, of the
County of Tuscaloosa in the State of Alabama;  Elisabeth C.  Terry,  Stephen D.
Terry,  John  S.  Terry  and Frederick H.  Terry of the District of  Fairfield,
heirs-at-law of the said Stephen Terry deceased,  for $3,051.50 sell to  Edward
P.  Mobley of Fairfield District a tract of 359 acres of land being part of two
tracts--one located for Lewis Collins on the 30th day of Sept.  1763 to contain
150 acres, and the other located for Thomas Lehre on 25 Nov 1786 to contain 493
acres, situated on the waters of Wateree Creek bounded on Dempsey Graham on the
south,  on  Archibald Beaty on the east and on all other sides by lands of  the
said Edward P. Mobley.
Deed dated 16 Feb 1830.
/s/ Mary (X) Terry
/s/ D. Johnston
/s/ Sarah C. Johnston
/s/ Eliza C. Terry
/s/ Stephen D. Terry
/s/ John S. Terry
/s/ Frederick J. H. Terry
Witnessed  in Fairfield District by Burr Cockrell,  Dempsey A.  Graham,  and in
Alabama by Felix Haupt and James Rather.
Proved 17 Feb 1830 in Alabama; 6 May 1830 in Fairfield.
Dower rights released by Sarah F. Terry, wife of Stephen D. Terry.
Dower rights released by Sarah C. Johnston, wife of David Johnston.
Recorded 11 Sep 1830
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          N O T E S  O N  J O H N  T E R R Y ,  A N  I R I S H M A N
                                August 8, 1984
Dear Mike,
I  have  not sent you anything in a long time,  but that is because I  lost  my
grandmother,  Leona Nisbet Rabus,  in January and decided I didn't want to work
on  genealogy  anymore since she was the reason that I  started  it.  BUT,  I'm
afraid it's in my blood, and it has taken me this long to realize tat she would
want me to continue to trace her family. So, I decided the first place to begin
again, would be you and the TFH.
Over the last several months, before her death, I found several lost cousins of
my grandmother's.  They gave me some names and family lore that I have just put
in  a file until today.  I am enclosing a copy of some of it and will translate
the rest of it in this letter.  I am hoping that somewhere tucked away in  your
files or better in the computer that you will have something on any of this.  I
need proof.
Copied:  John Terry,  an Irishman,  married Emily Baker, whose father was David
Sterling Baker (a wealthy man). John Terry was penniless, so Emily was disowned
by  her father who was full blood German and was a surveyor.  The Baker  Estate
was  a  grant from William Penn and is supposed to be located near  Germantown,
Pennsylvania,  where  the Bakers lived.  Later David S.  Baker moved  to  North
John  and  Emily  moved to Alabama and raised their family near  the  towns  of
Marion, Centerville, and Selma.
1.    James Newton Terry b.  13 Apr 1842 d. 25 Nov 1925 Jemison, AL., bur. Mars
Hill Chapel Cemetery. He married Annie Baker Warren 11 Feb 1866 in AL.
2.   Doc (a nickname I'm sure).
3.   John
4.   Bud (Robert, someone told me.)
5.    George Washington b.  20 Dec 1850 Perry or Shelby Co.  AL d.  4 May  1916
Smith Co.  TX,  bur.  Whitehouse Cemetery,  Whitehouse TX., married Cythnia Ann
Alabama Ratliff 21 Dec 1872 in Perry Co. AL.
6.    Jane married Bob Bert.
7.    Sister  (nickname)  married Henry Belvin.  (There is a  Matilda  J.  Terry
married Alexander Belvin Oct 17, 1855 in Bibb Co. AL.)
8.    Matt  (nickname) Martha or Mattie married John or Jack Warren (There's  a
Martha C. Terry married John W. Warren Dec 22, 1859 in Bibb Co. AL.)
9.   William
10.  Frank married Miraih ______.
David  S.  Baker  died  and his daughter Emily never claimed her  part  of  his
estate.  Emily's  part  was  then to be left to the third  generation.  It  was
claimed there was a great deal of land rich in oil and coal mines.
     Mike,  I  remember  when I first started all this several  years  ago,  my
grandmother  told me about how we were almost rich!  She said there  were  some
missing heirs to an estate in Penn., named Baker, and that was why when she was
in  her  late  teens that she and her sisters and brother signed some  kind  of
paper about this inheritance.  So, I believe that there is some truth to all of
this, but I need advice on where to go to trace this line.
     The article that I'm sending you was sent to me by the author,  Ola  Terry
Motley.  It  is  about her parents who came from Alabama to Texas  in  1900.  I
thought  it  might  be of interest to you,  I really enjoyed  reading  it.  Her
father,  John  Milford  Terry,  was a nephew to my  great  grandfather,  George
Washington Terry.
     Also,  do you know where I can obtain copies of Terry's in Alabama,  Bibb,
Perry,  and Chilton Counties on the census from 1850 and up?  None of our local
libraries  carry  any of these.  I have looked at indexes of Alabama for  these
years,  but  it is impossible for me to be accurate without seeing  the  entire
list of family members on the census
     Any advice and help you can give me would certainly be appreciated.
                                   Debbie Miller Cameron
                        SMITH COUNTY PIONEERS MOURNED:
                  Mr. and Mrs. John Terry Survived by 16 Here
From "The Tyler Star", April 27, 1958. Submitted by Debbie Miller Cameron, 1818
Lauri, El Dorado AR 71730.
"Editor's  note:  the  following article,  entitled "In Memoriam",  honors  the
memory  of Mr.  and Mrs.  John Milford Terry,  residents of Smith County  since
1900.  It was written by Mrs.  Porter Motley,  a daughter,  of Knott,  Tex. Mr.
Terry passed on more than 20 years ago,  but his wife was known to many in  the
community  until  this year when she died at age of 88.  Burial was  in  Meadow
Cemetery in the Pleasant Hill Community.  Survived by three sons,  M. S. Terry,
J. N. Terry and R. O. Terry, all of Whitehouse, and the following grandchildren
and great-grandchildren,  all of Whitehouse:  Mrs. Herschel Smith and children,
Laura,  11, Marsha, 8, Russell, 6, and Brian, 4; Ray Terry and son, Ronnie, 12;
Coy Terry and sons Larry,  5,  Mike,  1;  Wendell Terry and sons Ricky,  2, and
Jerry, 10 mo."
                       By MRS. PORTER (Ola Terry) MOTLEY
"Precious  mem'ries,  how  they linger,  How they ever flood my  soul;  In  the
stillness of the midnight, Precious, sacred scenes unfold."
     How  vividly we recall fond memories of our childhood and entire  life  as
our hearts ache and yearn for Mama and Papa!  What fun we had has we sat in our
orchard or vineyard, eating delicious fruit 'til we could eat no more! What fun
when  we were in the hayloft eating peanuts as we picked them from the vines to
"parch"  for  Papa to enjoy after supper!  Mama often assigned us  this  little
task,  but  it became a great game when we had time to play "Hide and Seek"  in
the sweet-smelling hay and share the frolic and eats with our schoolmates.
     Another small task we had was shelling the popcorn. This was popped in our
black  skillet over the cookstove or open fire and eaten by all,  when day  was
done  and the family sat around the fireplace with Papa in his  familiar  chair
reading;  some of the boys playing dominoes or "forty-two" with friends who had
come  to sit until bedtime;  the youngest of us "getting our  lessons",  others
playing the Edison Victrola or organ and Mama sewing.
     But the source of our greatest enjoyment was "syrup making time". This was
festival  time,  so to speak,  for people who came from far and near to join in
the  merriment,  to  watch  the process of making the syrup,  and  to  buy  the
finished product.  It was a very busy season, with long hours of hard work, but
everyone  received honest and fair pay for his labors,  for John Milford  Terry
was known as "an honest man".
     The first morning that Papa took his boys and hired men into the field and
began  cutting and stripping the ribbon cane was an exciting day for us smaller
children; we knew the fun was soon to begin!
     Our interest grew as we saw them load and haul the glistening,  red-tinted
cane  to  the  mill.  Here we watched with fascination  the  operation  of  the
gasoline  engine and the mill by our brothers and the hired help.  Then to  see
Papa  and  his "cooking crew" convert the amber juice into delicious  syrup--to
smell the sweet aroma fill the air--THIS was joy beyond description!
     Yes,  though long hours of work were the lot of our family and hired help,
we  ALL  had  our  share of good old  fashioned  neighborliness  and  wholesome
entertainment.  It  always was fascinating to watch Papa,  my brothers and  the
hired men sit around the table and eat with such zest and enjoyment the  supper
prepared  for them by Mama and her helpers.  Then,  when we had "cleaned up the
table", we were free to play until bedtime--if we had our lessons prepared!
     'Twas  after supper,  when people began gathering and the  gasoline  lamps
were lighted,  that gaiety mounted.  Such jolly chatter and laughter as specta-
tors  watched  the  process of "syrup making" and joined in the fun  of  eating
cane,  drinking  juice (which was free),  and playing on the pummies!  How  the
children and "young couples" did delight in joining hands,  racing up that huge
pile of pummies and leaping to a soft landing some distance below!
     We can never forget this and other good entertainment our parents provided
for us in our home.  An unusual type was the creative music Mama and Papa made.
As they sat by the cozy fire in the large fireplace, we children were enchanted
to  see Papa play his fiddle and Mama beat rhythm on the strings with  a  broom
straw.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  (This straw was from broom sage that grew wild  from
which we made our house brooms before "manufactured" ons could be afforded).
     Our  parents were lovers of good music and early in our lives provided  us
with  an organ and one of Edison's first models of the phonograph.  Some of  us
took music on the organ a short while but had to give up our lessons because of
financial  circumstances.  But all the family enjoyed good music on the  latest
model of the "Edison Victrola".
     Our parents were pioneers of Smith County,  having moved here from Alabama
about  1900.  Their  first night in this county was spent in an old house  that
stood  where  the  imposing  General Electric plant now  stands  on  the  Troup
Highway, midway between Tyler and Whitehouse. John Milford Terry was born March
7,  1867 in Bibb County, Alabama, and Decy Anne Mize was born November 20, 1869
in  the same county.  They were united in marriage December 19,  1889.  To this
union were born six sons and five daughters, two of whom were lost at birth but
nine of whom are still living.
     The  family resided first in the Pleasant Hill community,  then  moved  to
Whitehouse  about  1912.  It was here that "Uncle John" was recognized for  his
diversified  farming,  the  products ranging from "speckled peas"  to  peanuts,
tobacco,  corn,  cotton,  ribbon  cane and watermelons--the last of  which  was
unexcelled  in size or flavor.  He also cultivated a small grape  vineyard  and
orchard of various fruits and was the proud owner of a few fine pecan,  walnut,
and chinquapin trees, which voluntarily grew on his farm. He was also known for
his  skilled workmanship,  as he could strip from trees and weave  baskets  and
chairs, and from tree trunks make his own shingles for roofing the barns.
     "Aunt  Decy" was recognized for her immaculate housekeeping and delectable
dishes--peach and blackberry cobblers!  Sweet potato and chicken pies!  And not
least  her  old fashioned "plain cakes",  light  bread  and  golden,  delicious
butter, all of which was enjoyed by friends and neighbors.
     Too  she  had the gift of nursing and often administered to the  sick.  We
recall that when a relative and closest neighbor's baby accidentally  swallowed
some strong medicine and was almost dead,  Mama patiently and skillfully worked
with him until he revived and lived.
     She nursed some of her own children from near death back to health;  while
a young girl she nursed her cancer-stricken father for two years,  and in later
years  she helped in cases of childbirth.  These were the horse and buggy days,
when  the  family doctor called in the homes--instead of  having  the  patients
enter a hospital--and sometimes he didn't get there before the stork did!  This
was when "Aunt Decy" was truly a "life saver".
     While  Papa  and the boys planted and cultivated the crops,  Mama  and  us
girls  attended to the gardening,  to canning and drying fruits and vegetables,
performing  the  household  duties  and assisting  in  the  fields  where  ever
possible.  Both parents were lovers of flowers and so all the family cooperated
in cultivating them and our lawn.
     It  was  not a life of ease but of toil that our parents lived.  Yet  they
were never too busy to be considerate of and kind toward others. Though we were
poor  and had a full house,  Papa and Mama sheltered some who were  motherless,
homeless  or  otherwise in distress.  And to their friends and  neighbors  they
always extended a warm welcome and friendly hospitality.  Perhaps 'twas because
of  this that our Papa and Mama were spoken of as "Uncle John" and "Aunt  Decy"
     Their  magnanimity  was further demonstrated in giving the  right  of  way
across  their farm for the State Highway when it was constructed between  Tyler
and Whitehouse.
     Proverbs 22:I says:  "A good name is rather to be chosen then great riches
and loving favor rather then silver and gold."
     This  truth  and the principle of honesty and truthfulness were  implanted
within  our very souls,  for Papa and Mama set us the example and  required  us
children  to  abide by this philosophy.  We agree with Alexander Pope that  "An
honest man's the noblest work of God",  and are indebted to our parents for our
     It required great fortitude for Papa and Mama to give up the three  oldest
sons for military service when we were hit by World War I.  Those were the days
when  parents and loved ones waited for a week at the time to see the  casualty
list,  terrified  lest the name of THEIR son or sweetheart or husband would  be
there! The youngest two boys were next in line for induction when the Armistice
was  signed.  Those  of us back home toiled,  prayed and waited for their  safe
     "Our  boys"  did return,  then saw their sons,  their  sisters'  sons  and
brothers-in-law serve in either World War II or the Korean conflict.
     Papa  passed  away  more  than 20 years ago,  but Mama lived  to  see  her
children  serve in three wars.  Through it all she never lost faith in  God  to
protect and bring them safely home.  Her faith was rewarded; all "her children"
came home.
     And  so the years have passed and we have had so say goodbye for awhile to
our  beloved.  But we have the comforting assurance that we shall be  re-united
with them in heaven.  Papa,  whom we reverence and adore, left us suddenly, but
"Mama  Decy"  (as  a grandchild called her and which all of us came  to  do  in
recent years), had a prolonged illness.
     Her suffering endeared her even more to our hearts.  We would gladly  have
suffered in her stead,  but that could not be! While with her last May, we once
again listened to her glowing story of her conversion and baptism at the age of
11 in the Rehobeth Baptist Church of Bibb County, Alabama. And she did love her
pastor,  "Brother Monroe Honeycutt". "Twas in this blessed fellowship that this
writer  realized  what "Rehobeth" means,  as related in Genesis  26:22.  As  we
meditate upon the rich heritage given us by our dear parents and give thanks to
them  and our Almighty,  Merciful God,  it is the fervent prayer of our  hearts
that we will ever live in such a way as to honor them;  we pray that,  as Isaac
said,  "...we  shall be fruitful in the land" and glorify our blessed Lord.  We
are very lonely,  and our hearts ache so,  yet we can say, "Blessed be the name
of the Lord!" Yes, blessed be the name of the Lord!
  Q U E R I E S  Q U E R I E S  Q U E R I E S  Q U E R I E S  Q U E R I E S
If  you have not already sent your Terry Line,  or have added updates please do
so  for  the December issue.  Please get your queries or pedigree charts to  me
before November 1, 1984.--Mike Terry, Editor.
Terry line of Dwight L. D. Terry, P. O. Box 1728, Willis TX 77378.
    1 Dwight L. D. Terry, b (?); r Willis, TX
    2 Dwight L. D. Terry Sr., b 23 Dec 1900, Hearne, TX; d 26 Dec 1950,
      Houston, TX; m 18 Apr 1931, Lake Charles, LA:
    3 Aletha Lee Stephens, b 22 Oct 1905, Orange, TX;
    4 William D. Terry, b 12 Jun 1859, Bowling Green KY; d 27 Mar 1935,
      Houston, TX; m May 1885, Hearne, TX:
    5 Lillie Arror Ayres, b 15 Nov 1861, Kosciusko, MS; d 24 Mar 1936,
      Houston, TX
    8 John Hyatt Terry, b 12 Aug 1827, KY; d 14 Aug 1900, Hearne, TX; m
    9 Mary Ann Everett, b 19 Apr 1837; d (?).
Terry line of Evora Mae "Jean" Smith, 2519 Morrell, Dallas TX 75203.
    1 Evora Jean Griffin, b 21 Sep 1913, Blair, OK; r Dallas, TX
    2 Everett Bascom Griffin, b 7 Aug 1890, Belview, TX;; m Apr 1911,
      Clay Co. TX:
    3 Martha Louise Thompson, b 27 Feb 1894, Vernon, TX; d 4 Dec 1948,
      Ft. Worth, TX
    4 Lindsey Greene Griffin Jr., b 8 Jan 1862, Tishomingo Co.MS; d 24
      May 1944, Robstown, TX; m (?):
    5 Lydia Jane Terry, b 6 May 1862, Birmingham, AL; d 5 Nov 1942,
      Robstown, TX
   10 Dr. Richard Everett Terry, b 30 Jan 1818?, SC; d 24 May 1896, Clay
      Co. TX; m ca 1843, Perry Co. AL:
   11 Nancy Blackburn Boyles, b ca 1825; d (?)
   20 James Terry, b (?); d ca 1837, AL; m (?):
   21 Susanna Clement, b (?); d (?).
   22 Rev. James Boyles, b (?); d (?).
Terry line of Barbara Louise Fryer Price, Box 1044, Fairfield TX 75840.
    1 Barbara Louise Fryer, b 19 Oct 1946, Freestone Co. TX; r
      Fairfield, TX
    2 Francis Bryant Fryer, b 29 Jul 1916;; m 1 Jun 1940:
    3 Lena Mae Ivy, b 29 Aug 1920, Freestone Co. TX;
    6 James Sanford Ivy, b 24 Sep 1895; d 20 Apr 1943; m 5 Aug 1917:
    7 Grace Edelle Gunter, b 11 Jul 1898; d 22 Apr 1967, Freestone Co.
   12 Sanford Vinson Ivy, b 22 Oct 1866; d 29 Jan 1943; m 18 Dec 1890:
   13 Sarah Cordelia Terry, b 14 Nov 1872; d 13 Mar 1949
   26 John Jackson Terry, b 17 Feb 1844, GA; d 6 Jan 1911; m 28 Nov
   27 Eliza Caroline Burks, b (?);
   52 David Terry, b 28 Feb 1822, GA; d 7 Oct 1887, TX; m 9 May 1841,
      Stewart Co. GA:
   53 Susan Forrest, b 22 Aug 1828; d 21 Aug 1900, Freestone Co. TX
  104 John "Jack" Terry, b (?);; m (?):
  105 ______ Mabry, b (?);.
Terry  Line of Nancy R.  Maclean McKenzie 5011 Caire Circle,  Santa Barbara  CA
93111.  [This is an update.  Dabney and George Terry of VA are also the line of
TFH member, Bartina Peoples.]
    1 George Terry McKenzie, b 27 Apr 1922, Wilcox, AZ; d 25 Oct 1970,
    2 Thomas E. McKenzie, b 22 May 1885, Nashville, TN; d 25 Feb 1962,
      Las Vegas, NV; m 7 Dec 1918, Chattanogga, TN:
    3 Louise Barber Moore, b 1 Jul 1885, Copiah Co. MS; d 28 Dec 1967,
      Bartlesville, OK
    6 William Taylor Barber, b 10 Dec 1832, Anson Co. NC; d 21 Jan 1909,
      Copiah Co. MS; m 23 Dec 1869, Copiah Co. MS:
    7 Miranda Jane Terry, b 13 Mar 1853, Copiah Co. MS; d 18 Jun 1939,
      Lincoln Co. MS
   14 Dabney S. Terry, b 1830, Halifax Co. VA; d 7 Nov 1862, Clinton,
      LA; m 30 Dec 1850, Copiah Co. MS:
   15 Matilda Ashley, b 1835, Copiah Co. MS; d 1863, Copiah Co. MS
   28 Sterling Terry, b 1805, Charlotte Co. VA; d 1873, Copiah Co. MS; m
      6 Oct 1825, Halifax Co. VA:
   29 Elizabeth Terry, b ca 1806, NC; d ca 1865, Copiah Co. MS
   56 Dabney Terry, b ca 1765, Charlotte Co. VA; d 1846, Halifax Co. VA;
      m 4 May 1791, Charlotte Co. VA:
   57 Frances Hailey, b 1765; d 1849, Halifax Co. VA.
   59 Martha ______ Terry, b (?); d 1865, Copiah Co. MS
  112 George Terry, b (?), Hanover Co. VA?; d 1803, Charlotte Co. VA.
  113 ______ Pettus, b (?); d (?).
   Terry Line of Helen Elizabeth Harger, 614 N. Dexter Dr., Lansing MI 48910
    1 Helen Elizabeth Harger, b 19 May 1923, Pontiac, MI; r Lansing, MI
    2 William Charles Harger, b 25 Mar 1871, W. Bloomfield MI; d 11 Nov
      1932, Detroit, MI; m 4 Oct 1911:
    3 May "Mary Jane" Holser, b 18 Oct 1885, Battle Creek MI; d 6 Apr
      1978, Lansing, MI
    6 Louis John Holser, b 30 Jul 1853, Rochester, NY; d 28 Mar 1933,
      Pontiac, MI; m (?):
    7 Elvie Terry, b 1858; d Mar 1888, Battle Creek MI
   14 Jacob Terry, b 22 Dec 1816, NY; d 26 Dec 1888, Oakland Co. MI; m
   15 Rachel ______, b 20 Feb 1829, VT; d 22 Jan 1890, Oakland Co. MI.
Terry  Line  of  Barbara Irene Phillips Steed,  101 Mountain  View  Ave.,  Lake
Elsinore CA 92330.
    1 Barbara Irene Phillips, b 15 Apr 1937, Butte Co. ID;
    2 Virgil S. Phillips, b 16 Aug 1910, Salt Lake City UT;; m 28 Dec
    3 Dorothy Helen Ewing, b 2 Jul 1912, Mackay, ID; d 4 May 1956,
      Venice, CA
    6 Edgar Ransom Ewing, b 25 Oct 1883, Howard, KS; d 1 Jul 1930,
      Mackay, ID; m 14 Jun 1911:
    7 Lilly Ethel Edrington, b 26 Dec 1888, Moark, AR; d 15 Feb 1978,
      Torrance, CA
   14 Silas Abram Edrington, b 10 Nov 1857, Grantsburg, IN; d 28 Jun
      1933, Mackay, ID; m 4 Jul 1880:
   15 Lavina Barger, b 23 Sep 1863, MO; d 16 Nov 1939, Mackay, ID
   30 Harvey Barger, b 1 Mar 1820, Brecken. Co. KY; d 21 Feb 1901,
      Pemiscot Co. MO; m 1 Dec 1848:
   31 Esther Terry, b 28 Nov 1830, Perry Co. IN; d 28 Apr 1888, Pemiscot
      Co. MO
   60 George Barger, b ca 1791, PA/VA; d 1859, MO; m ca 1809:
   61 Susannah Shelman, b 1789, PA; d ca 1846, Perry Co. IN.
   62 Elias Terry, b 15 Sep 1807, Botetourt Co. VA; d 1894, Perry Co.
      IN; m 5 Oct 1826, Perry Co. IN:
   63 Eleanor Sandage, b 20 Aug 1809, Union Co. SC; d 12 Mar 1850, Perry
      Co. IN
  124 John Terry, b ca 1760, VA; d 7 Dec 1842; m 2 Feb 1781, Botetourt
      Co. VA:
  125 Esther Brown, b 1764; d 1847.
  126 Rev. Thomas Sandage, b 9 Feb 1776, Union Co. SC; d 18 Apr 1852,
      Perry Co. IN; m ca 1803:
  127 Nancy Ann Simonson, b 1778, Union Co. SC; d ca 1819, Perry Co. IN
  248 William Terry, b (?); d ca 1803, Botetourt Co. VA; m (?):
  249 Rachiel ______, b (?);.
  250 Thomas Brown, b (?); d (?); m (?):
  251 Mary Terry, b (?); d (?).
Am interested in corresponding with anyone on the following lines: Esther Terry
b.  28 Nov 1830 IN m. Harvey Barger; Elias Terry, father of Esther b. VA 15 Sep
1807 m (1) Eleanor Sandage;  John Terry,  father of Elias who m.  Esther Brown;
William Terry father of John, who m. Rachel (maiden name unknown).
Terry Line of Louis Edith Terry Auguston 5904 Wonder Dr., Ft. Worth TX 76133.
    1 Lois Edith Terry, b 31 Oct 1926, Guadalupe Co. NM;
    2 John Bascom Terry, b 12 Jun 1891, Clay Co. TX;; m (?):
    3 Nellie Grace Minor, b (?);
    4 George Washington Terry, b 6 Jul 1859, AL; d 1 Sep 1943?, Live Oak
      Co. TX; m (?):
    5 Martha Elizabeth Terry, b 28 Mar 1868, Hale Co.  AL; d 9 Feb 1961,
      Live Oak Co. TX
    8 Dr. Richard Everett Terry, b 30 Jan 1818?, SC; d 24 May 1896, Clay
      Co. TX; m ca 1843, Perry Co. AL:
    9 Nancy Blackburn Boyles, b ca 1825; d (?).
   10 Hilliard Judge Terry, b (?);; m (?):
   11 Mary Ann Smith, b (?);
   16 James Terry, b (?); d ca 1837, AL; m (?):
   17 Susanna Clement, b (?); d (?).
   18 Rev. James Boyles, b (?); d (?).
   20 James Terry, b (?); d ca 1837, AL; m (?):
   21 Susanna Clement, b (?); d (?).
Terry  Line of Harley Dillon Anders Sr.,  Star Rt.  Box 1375F,  Forest Grove OR
    1 Harley Dillon Anders Sr., b 9 Nov 1918, Clarita, OK; r Forest
      Grove OR
    2 Harley Anders, b 29 Jul 1897, Kitty, I. T.; d 6 Jan 1919, Clarita,
      OK; m 6 Feb 1915:
    3 Malsey Fay Simmons, b 17 Oct 1900, Kitty, I. T.; d 20 Jul 1981,
      Hollis, OK
    6 Oscar Ernest Simmons, b 4 Oct 1872, Hunt Co. TX; d 25 Jan 1946,
      Okmulgee, OK; m 27 Dec 1899:
    7 Maud Blanche Moran, b 3 Jul 1882, Hays Co. TX; d 10 Nov 1967,
      Hollis, OK
   12 Joel W. Simmons, b 1 May 1844, TN; d 16 Jan 1920, Clarita, OK; m
      17 Jan 1867, Hunt Co. TX:
   13 Nancy Zerelda Terry, b 8 May 1848, TX; d 1942, Ardmore, OK
   26 James F. Terry, b 19 May 1809?, Hardin Co. KY; d 24 Aug 1887, Hunt
      Co. TX; m 22 May 1839, Greene Co. IL:
   27 Catherine "Kit" Boiles, b 28 Feb 1821, KY; d 7 Oct 1901?, Hunt Co.
   52 Jasper Morrison Terry, b 12 Jun 1777, Botetourt Co. VA; d 14 Nov
      1851, Montgomery Co.IL; m 1 Aug 1797, Montgomery Co.VA:
   53 Sarah "Sally" Fuller, b 6 Sep 1778, Peekskill, NY; d 17 Sep 1850,
      Greene Co. IL.
   54 James Boiles, b (?); d (?)
  104 Josiah Terry, b 2 Apr 1755, Botetourt Co. VA; d ca 1840, Grayson
      Co. KY?; m (?):
  105 Mary Lloyd, b ca 1755, VA; d 27 Apr 1844, Green Co. IL.
  106 Northrup Fuller, b Apr 1751, NY or CT; d 9 Apr 1829, Clark Co. OH;
      m ca 1772, NY:
  107 Mary Winters, b 9 Apr 1755, NY; d 11 Apr 1839?, Clark Co. OH
  208 Jasper Terry, b (?); d (?); m (?):
  209 Mary Morrison, b (?); d (?)
  416 William Terry, b (?); d ca 1776, VA; m (?):
  417 Rachel ______, b (?); d (?).
Gov.  Wm.  Bradford m.  Alice Southworth;  Maj. Wm. Bradford m. Alice Richards;
Alice Bradford m.  Wm.  Adams;  Alice Adams m.  Nath'l Collins; Anne Collins m.
Ephraim Terry;  Samuel Terry m.  Mary Kellogg;  Samuel Terry m. Huldah Burnham;
Horace Terry m. Sally Ward; Harriet Terry m. James Wells-Welles; Sarah Wells m.
Chas.  W. Harrison; Chas. W. E. Harrison m. Florence Fayles; Marion Harrison m.
Alfred Nutile;  Pamela Nutile m. Robert Simpson. Pamela Simpson 30 Hilltop Dr.,
Wapp Falls NY 12590.
Can't remember whether or not I wrote and told you but I did a brass rubbing in
Westminster Cathedral in May, of John Terry. Don't know anything else about him
but it made a beautiful rubbing and I do have an information sheet on him  here
somewhere  if  I  can  just find it again.  Peggy Thomas  1118  Horizon  Trail,
Richardson TX 75081.  Note: Thought this was interesting. Peggy is a descendant
of Stephen Terry d. 1769 SC and is a "cousin" of the Editor.
While  working up the Wisdom family history I found a Anna or Annie Terry  from
Iuka,  Miss. who married Dew Moore Wisdom in 1861. Do you have anything in your
files on Annie Terry.  She was born 3 Apr 1839 and died 21 Jan 1907.  Maybe you
can tell me something about her parents and where she came from. Zeb P. Jackson
Jr., P. O. Box 266, Muskogee OK 74402.
I  have received your announcement on the Terry Family Newsletter quarterly.  I
plan  on running an ad for you in my next quarterly.  I would like to  exchange
with you. I publish a quarterly on Troup County, 60-80 pages with a circulation
of over 400 in at least 26 different states....I have a William Terry ancestor,
but I'm not sure he's the William of Botetourt Co.  VA.  My William is in Anson
and Richmond Counties and married into the Raiford family. This family moved on
into South Alabama.  Is this family covered in your quarterly?  If not you need
my Terry records.  "Family Tree",  Martha S.  Anderson & Associates,  109  Bull
Street, LaGrange GA 30240. Phone 404-882-1538.
Phillip Terry Sr.  b. IRE? 1764 d. 1839 m. 1792 Mamie Delphia Sophia Woods, dau
of Lee Woods;  Michael Terry b.  1798 d.  1859 m. 1824 Elizabeth Bowers; Martin
Elbert Terry Sr. b. ?? d. ?? m. ?? Caroline Rebecca Terry [1st. cousin]; Martin
Elbert "Mockey" Terry Jr.  b.  1855 d.  1914 m. 1876 Sarah Margaret Rentz [1st.
cousin]. Lurene Terry Quick Rt. 4, Box 279, Swainsboro GA 30401.
My  G-G-Grandfather was Nathaniel B.  Buckingham Jr.,  who married Martha  Jane
Cocke.  I think it was either Nathaniel Buckingham,  Sr.  or his father William
Buckingham,  that married the Jane Terry--and so Jane Terry would have been one
of  my Great Grandparents.  Also Nathaniel B.  Buckingham Jr.  according to  my
records, was born in Pittsylvania Co. VA approx. 1971. I have a lot of informa-
tion on the Terry family in my book The History of Pittsylvania Co.  VA by Maud
Clement.  I was looking for Buckinghams and found none. Cornelia K. Hudson 3109
S. Lewis, Tulsa OK 74105.
Recently  saw  a  notice that you publish material on the  Terry  family.  (Ann
Thetford,  "Family  Tree",  Dallas Morning News).  I am working on the  Carlton
Family  History and only have one Terry connection by marriage.  A great uncle,
Charles B.  Carlton left Jackson County, AL., arrived in Ellis County 1893. The
Ellis  County TX courthouse has a record of marriage:  C.  B.  Carlton to  Miss
Nancy Jane Terry 30 Jun 1893 (Book G,  pg.  514). I do not know her parents but
have some history on this Carlton family. If any of your readers are related, I
would  be glad to exchange information with them.  There are quite a few Terrys
in Ellis County,  TX.,  both white and black families.  I wish you well on your
publication. Lt. Col. George H. Carlton, 312 Lakewood Dr., Waxahachie TX 75165.
 My ancestor,  Margaret Vaughn Payne was born 1812 and died possibly Marion  or
Hardin Co.  KY. She married Martin Payne b. VA 1811 d. near Bertreese, KY. I am
trying to find her parents. The only other Vaughn relative we know of is Roland
Terry  Vaughn,  but don't know their relationship.  Roland might also have been
spelled  Rolland  or Rowland.  Your mention of Roland Gooch ties in  with  what
another Vaughn searcher wrote me. I will quote from her letter:
          "I do know that the Vaughns, Gooches, Terrys and
          other families were all involved with each other
          in North Carolina."
At  that time (several years ago) she did not find a link between her  Vaughans
and  my Vaughns,  but she said she was in college and did not have much time to
spend on it.  Would appreciate any help.  Margie Pritchard Powers, 8217 E. Roma
Ave., Scottsdale AZ 85251.
I  am now publishing a newsletter for the TYRA-TYREE family.  Could you  please
advertise  this fact in your publication?  It consists of four pages and  comes
out six times a year - January, March, May, July, September, and November. This
year's membership is $6.00, but I am going to have to go to $8.00 next year due
to  copying  costs.  All  spellings are accepted and at this time  we  have  22
members. Carlene Peacock Brown, Rt. 1, Box 318 Gilmer TX 75644.
Terry line of Mrs. Janet Reid, 13863 Kinbrook St., Sylmar CA 91342.
Need  information about the ancestors of Minnie May Terry b.  Boone,  IA 7  Mar
1863 d.  Ireton,  Sioux Co.  IA 12 Dec 1934 m. 7 Mar 1887 William Johnson Reid.
Her  parents were William and Sarah Melissa Richards Terry.  Two other children
in  the family were William Terry and Jessie Terry.  Jessie m.  John  Bickford.
    1 Donald Lee Reid, b 4 Nov 1920, Sioux Co. IA; r Sylmar, CA
    2 Rodney Lee Reid, b 2 Aug 1889, Crawford Co. IA; d 16 Aug 1944,
      Minnehaha Co. SD; m 23 Mar 1915, Woodbury Co. IA:
    3 Ellen Loretta Peebles, b 14 Jul 1892, Sioux Co. IA;
    4 William Johnson Reid, b 15 May 1864, Cedar Co. IA; d 14 Jan 1937,
      Muscatine Co. IA; m 7 Mar 1877:
    5 Minnie May Terry, b 7 Mar 1863, Boone Co. IA; d 12 Dec 1934, Sioux
      Co. IA
   10 William Terry, b ca 1840, Hardin Co. OH/IA; d (?); m (?):
   11 Sarah Melissa Richards, b 20 Mar 1840, Madison Co. OH; d 1 Dec
      1922, Boone Co. IA.
Terry line of Mrs.  J.  Malcolm (McGee) Terry,  P.  O. Box 186, Harrisonburg LA
    1 James Malcolm Terry, b 9 Nov 1947, Quachita Par. LA; r
      Harrisonburg, LA
    2 James Herbert Terry, b 19 Sep 1923, Catahoula Par. LA; r
      Harrisonburg LA; m 27 Nov 1946, E. Baton Rouge Par. LA:
    3 Chaille Juanita Joyce, b 31 Dec 1921, W. Carroll Par. LA; r
      Harrisonburg LA
    4 Albert Abram Terry, b 2 Dec 1898, Catahoula Par. LA; d 11 Sep 1964,
      Catahoula Par. LA; m 30 Nov 1921, Catahoula Par. LA:
    5 Rita Mae McGuffee, b 13 Feb 1903, Catahoula Par. LA;
    8 William Santford Terry, b 11 Feb 1857, E. Felic. Par. LA; d 7 May
      1929, Catahoula Par. LA; m 29 Jan 1891, Catahoula Par. LA:
    9 Nancy Katherine Scarbrough, b 25 Feb 1864, MS; d 31 Dec 1945,
      Catahoula Par. LA
   16 Abraham Terry, b 1826; d 23 Jan 1869; m (?):
   17 Margaret ______, b Oct 1825; d ca 1912
   32 Stephen Terry, b 1787, NC?; d (?); m (?):
   33 Martha Patience Breeland, b ca 1800; d (?).
Terry Line of Martin "Marty" Azelle Morris Jr., 193052 ARAMCO, P. O. Box 10501,
Dhahran, Saudia Arabia.
    1 Martin Azelle Morris Jr., b 21 Dec 1941, Birmingham, AL; r Saudia
    2 Martin Azelle Morris Sr., b 21 Apr 1907, Birmingham, AL;; m 24 Sep
      1930, Raleigh, NC:
    3 Mary Elizabeth Doolittle, b 14 Nov 1908, Raleigh, NC;
    4 Martin Elijah Morris, b 12 Jun 1879, DeKalb Co. GA; d 16 Jun 1954,
      Birmingham, AL; m 20 Apr 1905, Hanceville, AL:
    5 Luna Pearl Gibbs, b 18 Nov 1881, Edwardsville, AL; d 20 Jan 1964,
      Santa Ana, CA
    8 Martin Van Buren Morris, b 7 Oct 1840, DeKalb Co. GA; d 22 Jan
      1911; m (?):
    9 Francis Serena Hudson, b 7 Dec 1845, MS; d 18 Jun 1922, DeKalb Co.
   16 James B. Morris, b 4 Aug 1812, Abbeville Co. SC; d 1 Jul 1890,
      DeKalb Co. GA; m (?):
   17 Sarah C. Terry, b 15 Feb 1815?, Fairfield Co. SC; d 30 Apr 1885?,
      DeKalb Co. GA
   32 John B. Morris Sr., b 15 May 1783, Turkey Creek, SC; d 3 Feb
      1842?, DeKalb Co. GA; m 1800:
   33 Nancy Hubbard a widow, b (?); d (?).
   34 Maj. Stephen Terry*, b 10 Aug 1788, Chester Co. SC; d 15 Nov 1866,
      Fulton Co. GA; m 4 Jul 1809, Fairfield Co. SC:
   35 Elizabeth H. Hill*, b ca 1790, SC; d 31 Dec 1838, DeKalb Co. GA
   64 William Morris, b 30 Oct 1755, Halifax Co. VA; d 10 Dec 1830,
      DeKalb Co. GA; m 1777, NC/SC:
   65 Sarah Terry, b 22 Jul 1757, VA/SC; d 1836, DeKalb Co. GA.
   68 John W. Terry*, b 27 Apr 1752, VA/SC; d 12 Apr 1834, Chester Co.
      SC; m 21 Dec 1779, VA/SC:
   69 Priscilla Stokes*, b Nov 1763, SC?; d ca 1849, Chester Co. SC.
   70 Moses Hill*, b 1758; d 1 Jul 1821, Fairfield Co. SC; m ca 1779:
   71 Savilla Roden*, b 1759; d 23 Jul 1844, Green Co. AL
  128 Thomas Morris, b ca 1720; d ca 1791, Chester Co. SC; m ca 1745,
  129 Elizabeth Greshon, b (?);.
  130 Stephen Terry*, b ca 1700, VA; d 19 Dec 1769, Craven Co. SC; m ca
      1751, VA?:
  131 Sarah ______*, b (?), VA; d 4 May 1765, Craven Co. SC.
  136 Stephen Terry*, b ca 1700, VA; d 19 Dec 1769, Craven Co. SC; m ca
      1751, VA?:
  137 Sarah ______*, b (?), VA; d 4 May 1765, Craven Co. SC.
  142 Thomas Roden*, b 1733; d 1809.
  143 ______  b (?); d (?).
I  am working on the Loyd and Neely lines,  and have a Mary Loyd,  daughter  of
James  and  Ruth Loyd,  who married Josiah Terry.  I have no date or  place  of
marriage.  Since  I  am  searching for information on James and Ruth  Loyd  and
family  do  you have any suggestions,  or,  someone on this line who  may  have
records.  Will appreciate any help you can give me.  Lucile Loyd Shell, 1807 NW
Euclid Ave., Lawton OK 73501.
Mrs.  Alice  Ann  DeRossitt has written that she has enlisted the help  of  Mr.
Brent  Holcomb  to assist in documenting her Terry line and promises  to  share
what  she  finds.  We will be looking forward to this  information.  Alice  Ann
DeRossitt, 1527 N. Division St., Forrest City AR 72335.
230984 CLEMENT
Computers are great - but not when they change one's marital  state.  "Clement"
is  both  my  present and past surname:  "Mary Dean" is a  double  first  name,
comparable to "Mary Elizabeth." Will you please ask the computer to change back
to "Miss"? Yours is a superlative magazine! Best wishes, Miss Mary Dean Clement
1711 Ashwood Ave., Nashville TN 37212.
Your June,  1984 issue of TFH carried an article on St.  Clair County, Missouri
Records page 89.  The address shown for Mrs.  Mitchell was not complete  enough
for me to make contact, the first time. Can you give me the mailing address for
Ms.  Genevieve Bess Mitchell or the Clement W.  Richman family mentioned in the
second paragraph?  Your publication is first class!  Paul M. Landers 18611 East
Truman Road,  Independence MO 64056.  The address for Ms. Mitchell is 2403 Inca
Lane, New Brighton MN 55112.
I am daughter of Walter Sylvester Terry Dec 27, 1898. Mrs. Frances Hoyt, Rt. 2,
Box 60 Laddonia MO 63352. [Unsure of who the dates are for--Editor.]
I  am interested in obtaining information on Samuel Terry b.  Apr 1632 in  Eng.
and d.  1731 (where?) m.  Ann Lobdell 3 Jan 1660.  I would like to know parents
for  he and wife Ann Lobdell and any additional information on them except  for
wife and children which I already have. Sandy Musselman, 4125 Marwick, Lakewood
CA 90713.
I've  been  searching  for a family of Terrys,  but unable  to  find  anything.
Elizabeth Terry b.  abt.  1816 in Green Co.  PA m. abt. 1837 in Green Co. PA to
John N.  Starkey b.  abt.  1818 in Green Co.  PA.  Any help appreciated.  Sandy
Alvorado, P. O. Box 32101 Kansas City MO 64111.
Terry Line of Donna Fowler 12701 126th Ave.  North,  Largo, FL 33544.
    Donna  Lee  Shaw b 13 Oct 1938 is the daughter of Charles Edward  Shaw  and
Goldie  Loree Holderby.  Her mother later married Alfred C.  Skaggs #  1.  Mrs.
Fowler indicates she was raised by Alfred C. Skaggs.
    1 Alfred C. Skaggs, b 7 Mar 1915; d 14 Aug 1982; m 6 Jun 1939,
      Goldie Loree Holderby Shaw b 4 Apr 1914.
    2 Green P. Skaggs, b 25 May 1889; d 22 Sep 1960; m 31 Oct 1908,
      Johnson Co. KY:
    3 Flossie Skaggs, b 23 Mar 1889; d 22 Nov 1968.
    4 John Charles Breckenridge Skaggs, b 7 May 1858; d 9 Dec 1901,
      Johnson Co. KY; m 13 Mar 1884, Johnson Co. KY:
    5 Sarah Boggs, b 26 Nov 1861; d 9 Feb 1940.
   10 Alfred Boggs, b ca 1836; d (?); m (?):
   11 Martha Terry, b ca 1843; d (?).
   22 John Terry, b 11 Oct 1817, Floyd Co. KY; d 8 Dec 1861, Lawrence
      Co. KY; m 13 Aug 1850, Morgan Co. KY:
   23 Sarah Ann Hannah, b ca 1820; d (?).
   44 Miles Terry, b (?);; m 28 Sep 1812, Floyd Co. KY:
   45 Nancy Skaggs, b (?);.
   88 Miles Terry, b (?), Botetourt Co. VA;; m 30 Jan 1782, Montgomery
   89 Hannah Horton, b (?);.
  176 William Terry, b ca 1724, VA; d ca 1803, Botetourt Co. VA; m 2 Feb
  177 Rachel Manson, b (?); d (?).
Does  anyone know anything about PERRYMAN GREEN TERRY who came from Ireland  in
1749?  His  son  John Terry was living in Chesterfield Co.,  VA in 1761 and  at
least  two  of his sons Joseph and Thomas  who were twins were  born  there  in
1761--Both Joseph and Thomas were Revolutionary Soldiers.  Lina Terry McIlwain,
5310 River Thames Rd., Jackson MS 39211.
Was Elizabeth Terry who arrived in this country as the "Widow Ferguson" on Mary
&  John  1630 the brother of Stephen Terry?  She m.  7 Sep  1632  Capt.  Thomas
Holcomb  and d.  7 Oct 1679 in Simsbury,  and I am descended from this  couple.
Any info appreciated. Elizabeth E. Miller, 8715 Woolworth Ave., Omaha NE 68124.
My Terry relatives came from Tennessee to Texas and Oklahoma.  I'm hoping I can
link  up  with  someone  who might be working on the  same  line  through  your
quarterly. Judith F. Dartt, 11200 Begelow, Cerritos CA 90701.
I  am  researching my family tree & came across your name in the  microfishe  &
wondered if you can help me.  There has been a "Terry" given name in our family
every generation for many years & tradition has it that we are related to Ellen
Terry,  the Elizabethan actress. I have traced my ancestry back to a Mary Terry
from  Wales  &  wonder if you might be related.  Do you  have  any  information
regarding  Mary Terry or Daniel Terry of Swansea,  Wales?  Terry  Maupin,  5360
Allison, Arvada CO 80002.
I  am  desperately  trying to find my ancestor,  Kibble  Terry.  He  came  from
Georgia.  He  was supposed to have committed some crime,  I've never found  out
what, and married an Irvin and took her last name and came to Texas. He  was my
G-G Grandfather. He died in Washington Co. TX. His daughter, Jane Irvin married
John Dodd. Mrs. Gary Fussell, P. O. Box 279, Oakhurst TX 77359.
Researching  Curtis  Terry b.  1804 d.  Prob.  Putnam Co.  TN m.  Elizabeth  W.
Kuykendall b.  1805; Eliza Jane Terry b. Overton Co. TN 1856 d. Delaware Co. MO
1944 m.  Jasper Co.  MO 1874 Erasmus Webb; Jesse Kuykendall Terry b. TN 1834 d.
Jasper Co.  MO 1864 m.  Overton Co. TN Mary Anne Webb b. Overton Co. TN 1836 d.
Jasper Co.  MO 1858 m. (2) Mary Ann Stephenson; Nancy Angeline Terry b. Overton
Co. TN 1863 d. Jasper Co. MO 1905 m. William Carroll West b. Putnam Co. TN 1850
d.  Jasper Co. MO 1933; Vinson M. Terry m. Sarah E. Dowell. Colleen Belk, P. O.
Box 25, Duenweg MO 64841-0025.

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                           I N C L U D I N G  E X C H A N G E   A G R E E M E N T S
[This list of members, non-members and exchanges are presented to let the membership know who is interested in
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ADAMS, CURTIS J.              # 8601 W. 90TH TERRACE         # OVERLAND PARK         KS 66212
ADAMS, MATILDA B.             # 1481 RAINBROOK WAY           # CORONA                CA 91720
ALVARADO, SANDY               # P. O. BOX 32101              # KANSAS CITY           MO 64111
ANDERS, HARLEY D. SR.         # STAR RT. BOX 1375F           # FOREST GROVE          OR 97116
ANDERSON, MARTHA S. & ASSOC.  # 109 BULL STREET              # LAGRANGE              GA 30240
ARKANSAS GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY # P. O. BOX 908                # HOT SPRINGS           AR 71902
ARMACOST, J. T. W. MRS.       # SPRUCE HILL FARM             # HAMPSTEAD             MD 21074
ASH, BETTY B.                 # 220 WOODLAND DR.             # HILLSBORO             OH 45133
ATKINS, JOAN MRS.             # RT 1, BOX 233 A              # DIAMOND               MO 64840
AUGUSTON, A. W. MRS           # 5904 WONDER DR.              # FT. WORTH             TX 76133
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BAKER, JOANNA A.              # 15933 WETHERBURN             # ST LOUIS              MO 63017
BARKLEY, MARJORIE G.          # 1732 CRABTREE RD.            # HIXSON                TN 37343
BARNES, IRMA NELL             # BOX 1066                     # VERNON                AL 35592
BARRY, BIRNIE MRS.            # 1115 S. 22ND ST.             # FT. SMITH             AR 72901
BASS, CATHARINE               # 12 WACTOR ST.                # SUMPTER               SC 29150
BEARD, BILLIE                 # BOX 216                      # HUGO                  OK 74743
BECKER, CINDY                 # 2202 TESLA                   # COLORADO SPRINGS      CO 80909
BEEMAN, RAY                   # 701 D. STREET SPACE B 8      # CHULA VISTA           CA 92010
BELK, COLLEEN                 # P. O. BOX 25                 # DUENWEG               MO 64841
BLONSHINE, ARTA MRS.          # 7706 MAXWELL DR.             # BOISE                 ID 83704
BLOOMQUIST, ADRIAN C. MRS.    # 214 STEPHANIE AVE.           # LAFAYETTE             LA 70503
BOUSMAN, LEA                  # RT 2 BOX 228                 # WILLARD               MO 65781
BOWE, FLORENCE M.             # 7849 SE JOHNSON CR. BLVD.    # PORTLAND              OR 97206
BRACKIN, HILDA T.             # 609 NICHOLSON AVE            # GREENWOOD             MS 38930
BRANSON, DOROTHY              # 797 S. JAMES RD. # 14        # COLUMBUS              OH 43227
BROWN, CARLENE MRS.           # RT. 1, BOX 318               # GILMER                TX 75644
BROWN, FLOYD W. MR & MRS.     # RT. 1                        # TROUP                 TX 75789
BROWN, K. JANE                # RT. 1, BOX 32                # GENOA                 IL 60135
BROWNING, ELIZABETH H         # P. O. BOX 611                # CHOCTAW               OK 73020
BRUCH, GAIL                   # 8495 GRAND AVE.              # YUCCA VALLEY          CA 92284
BUNNELL, IRENE TUTTLE         # 401 N. ADAMS AVE.            # FULLERTON             CA 92632
BUSHNELL, JAMES J. MRS.       # 2919 FAIRWAY DR.             # BIRMINGHAM            AL 35213
                                                    * C *
CAIN, JANET ELLIOTT           # 5977 WOODWAY DR.             # HOUSTON               TX 77057
CAMERON, JAMES V. MRS.        # 1818 LAURI                   # EL DORADO             AR 71730
CARRINGTON, PAULINE TERRY     # 8297 TAMARISK AVE            # YUCCA VALLEY          CA 92284
CARTER, ALICE L.              # BOX 121                      # WAXHAW                NC 28173
CARVER, JEAN MRS.             # 901 N. SPRING ST.            # EVANSVILLE            IN 47711
CASTLEMAN, SHIRLEY            # BOX 52                       # WEATHERFORD           OK 73096
CHAILLE, JOSEPH H.            # 2100 SANS SOUCI BLVD APT 1406# NORTH MIAMI           FL 33181
CHATTIN, SANDRA               # 1848 BIMINI                  # SEABROOK              TX 77586
CHILDERS, CATHRYN TERRY       # P. O. BOX 10434              # RALEIGH               NC 27605
CLEMENT, MARY DEAN MISS.      # 1711 ASHWOOD AVE.            # NASHVILLE             TN 37212
COFFMAN, RICHARD L. MRS.      # 1326 CANARY LN.              # SEGUIN                TX 78155
COOPER, ROSANNA               # 25830 7TH ST.                # HEMET                 CA 92343
CORNELL, NANCY                # 1661 LAURANCEAE WAY          # RIVERDALE             GA 30286
COUCH, ELAINE                 # 6848 SARAH                   # TEMPERANCE            MI 48132
COWAN, NANCY                  # 8333 N. W. 33RD              # BETHANY               OK 73008
CRAWFORD, LILLIE R. MRS.      # 264 WESLEY RD.               # GREEN COVE SPRINGS    FL 32043
CRAWLEY, CAROLYN S.           # RT 6, BOX 95 A               # AIKEN                 SC 29801
CUTSINGER, JAN                # 3804 OPAL DR.                # ST. CHARLES           MO 63301
                                                    * D *
DAGGETT, MARIAN K. MRS.       # 255 E. 36TH AVE              # EUGENE                OR 97405
DAR MAGAZINE                  # 1776 D. STREET N. W.         # WASHINGTON            DC 20006
DARTT, JUDITH F.              # 11200 BIGELOW                # CERRITOS              CA 90701
DICKINSON, CAROL SCHWADERER   # 4100 O'MALLEY                # ANCHORAGE             AK 99507
DISHER, ROSE S.               # 319 CHESTNUT ST.             # SALEM                 VA 24153
DOUGHERTY, JULIET S.          # 7159 BOYCE DR.               # BATON ROUGE           LA 70809
DOWELL, JUANITA               # RT. 3, BOX 75                # STRAFFORD             MO 65757
DOWNING, NANCY                # 1224 ONEIDA ST.              # STORM LAKE            IA 50588
DRAPER, GOLDEN T. MRS.        # RT 2., BOX 4768              # NYSSA                 OR 97913
DUFF, ROMONA                  # 1017 ALAN SHEPARD DR.        # LAS VEGAS             NV 89128
                                                    * E *
EDDLEMAN, JEAN                # 5146 CARITA ST.              # LONG BEACH            CA 90808
EDMONSON, J. D. MRS.          # BOX 214                      # MEDFORD               OK 73759
ELLIOTT, LULA TERRY           # 301 PINE ST                  # CLAYTON               NM 88415
EMBRY, JOHN MRS.              # 216 N. W. 33RD ST.           # OKLAHOMA CITY         OK 73118
ESHELMAN, GRAY MRS.           # P. O. BOX 122                # MENDOCINO             CA 95460
                                                    * F *
FALLER, WARREN L. MRS         # 901 WEST STOREY              # MIDLAND               TX 79701
FLYNT, GUI L.                 # 7865 CANYON HWY NO. 53       # AMARILLO              TX 79110
FOLSOM, BLAKE MRS.            # 407 HERITAGE MANOR           # HARLINGEN             TX 78550
FOWLER, DONNA L.              # 12701 - 126TH AVE., N.       # LARGO                 FL 33540
FOX, ORIANNA T.               # 10703 BRECKENRIDGE DR.       # LITTLE ROCK           AR 72211
FREMON, RICHARD C. MRS.       # 32 BARN OWL DR.              # HACKETTSTOWN          NJ 07840
FRICKS, E. E.                 # 26 WINDMILL DR.              # CLEMENTON             NJ 08021
FUNDERBURK, ADAIR C.          # 1205 AVE. "G"                # BROWNWOOD             TX 76801
FUQUA, DOROTHY                # RT. 3, BOX 133               # CUSHING               OK 74023
FUSSELL, NOVITA M. MRS.       # P. O. BOX 279                # OAKHURST              TX 77359
                                                    * G *
GAINER, JOHN AND DIANA        # BOX 2313                     # APO NEW YORK          NY 09127
GARFIELD COUNTY GEN. SOCIETY  # P. O. BOX 427                # ENID                  OK 73702
ATLANTA HISTORICAL SOCIETY    # 3101 ANDREWS DR. NW          # ATLANTA               GA 30305
GARRISON, IRENE R.            # 9 CAMPBELL ST.               # DIVIDING CREEK        NJ 08315
GEIGER, JESS J. MRS.          # RT. 5, BOX 75                # WEST MONROE           LA 71291
GENEALOGY TODAY               # 2815 CLEARVIEW PLACE #400    # ATLANTA               GA 30340
GOULD, RICHARD MRS.           # 7243 N. VANDIVER             # SAN ANTONIO           TX 78209
GREEN, WILLIAM E.             # 1306 KINGS MTN. DR.          # LITTLE ROCK           AR 72211
GREENWAY, MACK MR AND MRS.    # 3917 ROANOKE DR.             # GARLAND               TX 75041
GRUBBS, ELIZABETH A           # 1518 OLD HOLLOW RD           # WINSTON-SALEM         NC 27105
GUBI, D. B. MRS               # 10644 W. MAIN RD.            # NORTH EAST            PA 16428
                                                    * H *
HAGAN, BARBARA TERRY          # 1514 BRENTWOOD DR.           # OWENSBORO             KY 42301
HALL, MURIEL A.               # RT 4 BOX 584                 # GILMER                TX 75644
HALLARAN, K. S. MRS.          # 733 N. ROSEMARY DR.          # BRYAN                 TX 77801
HARGER, HELEN E. MS.          # 614 N. DEXTER DR.            # LANSING               MI 48910
HARRISON, LELA MRS.           # 303 E. 5TH                   # MCCOOK                NE 69001
HARTELT, RUBY E.              # BOX 44                       # ROSWELL               NM 88201
HESTER, VIVIAN MRS.           # BOX 364                      # VIENNA                IL 62995
HEWETT, RUTH B.               # 315 VIEW ST.                 # DECORAH               IA 52101
HOLCOMB, LEON                 # P. O. BOX 698                # MARIANNA              AR 72360
HOLCOMB, LINDA TERRY          # 107 FRANKLIN WAY             # CUMMING               GA 30130
HOLLEY, J. L. MR. & MRS.      # 203 JACKSON ST.              # MCCOMB                MS 39648
HOOKER, DARRELL R.            # 2051-55 GENEVA ST.           # OCEANSIDE             CA 92054
HOWELL, JAMES T.              # 2105 PRAIRIE                 # FT. WORTH             TX 76106
HOYT, MARY FRANCES            # RT 2, BOX 60                 # LADDONIA              MO 63352
HUDSON, MARGARET A.           # 30327                        # DALLAS                TX 75230
HUFF, EVA                     # BOX 9948                     # COLLEGE STATION       TX 77840
HUGHES, ALICE W. MRS.         # 3417 DEVONSHIRE DR.          # BIRMINGHAM            AL 35209
HUMPHREY, MARY V.             # BOX 356                      # RUSSELLVILLE          AR 72801
HUNTER, SARAH                 # 9511 OVERWOOD                # DALLAS                TX 75238
HUSTED, SUSAN L.              # % ARAMCO BOX 5868            # DHAHRAN SAUDIA ARABIA
                                                    * I *
I. F. R. GENEALOGY            # 721 ANTIETAM DR.             # SARASOTA              FL 33581
IKERD, W. E.                  # RT. 1, BOX 11-B              # EMPORIA               KS 66801
INGMIRE, FRANCES TERRY MRS.   # 10166 CLAIRMONT DR.          # ST LOUIS              MO 63136
                                                    * J *
JACOBS, WILLIAM MRS.          # 16735 SCHOOL ST              # SOUTH HOLLAND         IL 60473
JERRIE, F. JORDAN MRS.        # RT 2, BOX 507                # ZWOLLE                LA 71486
JOHNSON, ETHIEL B.            # 15834 DRYSDALE               # SOUTHGATE             MI 48195
JOHNSON, JANE MRS.            # 9041 E. OXFORD DR.           # DENVER                CO 80237
                                                    * K *
KASKIN, E. J. MRS.            # 501 E. JACKSON AVE.          # HAMPTON               SC 29924
KATSENIS, ARDATH              # 9453 CRYSTAL VIEW DR.        # TYUNGA                CA 91042
KELLEY, H. W. MR. OR MRS.     # RT. 2, BOX 224               # DOWNSVILLE            LA 71234
KELLEY, JOHN OR FRANCES       # 306 W. WEST ST.              # STURGIS               MI 49091
KUBERSKI, RENA                # 6121 HOYT ST.                # ARVADA                CO 80004
                                                    * L *
LAFFRANCHINI, JO              # 71-624 BISKRA RD.            # RANCHO MIRAGE         CA 92270
LAFOLLETTE, BARBARA           # 12 SATATOGA DR., CV          # HARDY                 AR 72542
LANDERS, PAUL M.              # 18611 E. TRUMAN RD.          # INDEPENDENCE          MO 64056
LEWIS, HELEN A.               # 1901-A 113TH ST.             # LOS OSOS              CA 93402
LIBRARY OF CONGRESS           # 10 FIRST ST. S.E.            # WASHINGTON            DC 20540
LINCOLN, EARL T. MRS.         # 136 AMANDA LN.               # LOS GATOS             CA 95030
LINDSEY, LOREE T.             # RT 6 BOX 191                 # HAMILTON              AL 35570
LOCKARD, BILLIE               # 29 DU BOIS TERRACE           # TUSCALOOSA            AL 35401
LONGOBARDI, CARL A. MRS.      # 170 SPRUCE HAVEN DR.         # WEXFORD               PA 15090
LYNN, GENE                    # 601 E. MILL                  # S. ELGIN              IL 60177
LYTHGOE, ANNA M.              # 415 N. WARREN                # HELENA                MT 59601
                                                    * M *
MACDONALD, MIRIAM E.          # 309 N. WESTWOOD DR.          # WHEATON               IL 60187
MARCELLO, SYDNEY TERRY        # 610 CHURCH ST.               # RACELAND              LA 70394
MARSHALL, DORIS               # 8545 TOWLE ST                # DYER                  IN 46311
MARTIN, BETTY                 # 605 N. ROBINSON              # HARRISON              AR 72601
MARTIN, DORTHEA DAY           # 4106 FINLEY APT. B           # GULFPORT              MS 39501
MARTIN, INEZ E.               # 833 AVOCADO AVE.             # EL CAJON              CA 92020
MCCRAW, CAROL T.              # 546 MCKINLEY AVE.            # WOODLAND              CA 95695
MCKENZIE, NANCY R.            # 5011 CAIRE CIRCLE            # SANTA BARBARA         CA 93111
MEDDING, RICHARD S.           # 6102 AMHERST AVE.            # SPRINGFIELD           VA 22150
MILAM, ROSALIE                # 5745 DUFF ST.                # BEAUMONT              TX 77706
MILLER, FAYE M.               # BOX 484                      # WEATHERFORD           TX 76086
MILLER, NANCY N.              # BOX 331                      # BRANDON               FL 33511
MILLER, NORMAN HOWARD MRS.    # 8715 WOOLWORTH AVE.          # OMAHA                 NE 68124
MILLWATER, CHARLES N.         # 272 MANTOLOKING RD.          # BRICKTOWN             NJ 08723
MITCHELL, GENEVIEVE BESS      # 2403 INCA LANE               # NEW BRIGHTON          MN 55112
MONTGOMERY, PAULINE T.        # RT. 2, BOX 14                # SHOALS                IN 47581
MOORE, PHILLIP J.             # 680 RIVERBEND DR.            # OWOSSO                MI 48867
MORRIS, MARTIN A. JR.         # 260 WESTWOOD DR.             # BIRMINGHAM            AL 35215
MORRIS, WILLIAM S. MRS.       # 2580 UTAH ST.                # NAPA                  CA 94558
MUSGRAVE, GEARALDEAN HORTON   # 1783 PIEDMONT CR.            # ERLANGER              KY 41018
MUSSELMAN, SANDY              # 4125 MUSSELMAN               # LAKEWOOD              CA 90713
                                                    * N *
NEITZEL, ROBERT S. MRS.       # 110 JOFFRION ST.             # MARKSVILLE            LA 71851
NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY       # DIV. G, BOX 2237             # NEW YORK              NY 10017
NIEDERMAIER, E. J. MRS.       # 4800 SAMUELL BLVD.           # DALLAS                TX 75228
NUHN, CARL T.                 # 3100 N. KENSINGTON ST        # ARLINGTON             VA 22207
                                                    * O *
OBERBECK, JERRIS A.           # STAR ROUTE                   # JACKSON               MO 63755
OLDHAM, ALLIE WILSON          # STAR RT. 3, BOX 58 A-5       # PAGOSA SPRINGS        CO 81147
OTT, LESLIE E.                # 5604 N. W. 110               # OKLAHOMA CITY         OK 73132
                                                    * P *
PAFFORD, MICHAEL              # RT 3, BOX 3165 A             # BLACKSHEAR            GA 31516
PALMER, AMELIA ESTES          # 1211 GROSSCUP AVE.           # DUNBAR                WV 25064
PARK, GEORGIA                 # 1101 SANDRA LANE             # GRAND PRAIRIE         TX 75052
PAYNE, WILLIAM A. MRS.        # 5036 CRESTWOOD DR.           # LITTLE  ROCK          AR 72207
PEACH, DOROTHY JEAN           # 523 CHAUTAUQUA               # NORMAN                OK 73069
PEOPLES, BARTINA              # RT 3, BOX 167                # WALTERS               OK 73572
PERKINS, D. E. MR. & MRS.     # BOX 103                      # SUNBURY               NC 27979
PHILEN, DORENE                # 3017 BROOKVIEW DR.           # PLANO                 TX 75074
PIOROT, PAM                   # RT 2                         # GOLDEN CITY           MO 64748
PLASS, VIRGINIA               # RT. 1, BOX 201               # TULELAKE              CA 96134
PORTER, PHILLIP DON           # 47170 ROSEMARY               # UTICA                 MI 48087
PRESTON, RUTH TERRY           # 1222 RAGUET ST., APT 3       # NACOGDOCHES           TX 75961
PRICE, ROBERT S. MRS.         # BOX 1044                     # FAIRFIELD             TX 75840
                                                    * Q *
QUICK, LURENE                 # RT. 4, BOX 279               # SWAINSBORO            GA 30401
                                                    * R *
RAINVILLE, DON & RITA         # 5012 STEVELY                 # LAKEWOOD              CA 90713
RANKIN, JOHN MRS.             # 3935 ROBIN HILL RD.          # FLINTRIDGE            CA 91011
RAYMOND, FREDERICKA           # 1210 ANN ST.                 # WEATHERFORD           TX 76086
REID, JANET                   # 13863 KINBROOK ST            # SYLMAR                CA 91342
REW, DOROTHY MRS              # GALLAGHER RD., RT 3          # CORTLAND              NY 13045
RICKS, JAMES G. MRS.          # 2304 GREENHILL DR.           # CAROLLTON             TX 75006
ROBERTS, OWEN MR.             # BOX 677                      # BROOKHAVEN            MS 39601
RODIER, FRANCES               # 34 UNDERHILL ST.             # NASHUA                NH 03060
ROEHL, NANCY                  # 1027 12TH                    # BELLINGHAM            WA 98255
RUSSELL, JAMES N.             # 7124 2ND AVE. N              # BIRMINGHAM            AL 35206
RUTLEDGE, V. H.               # 946 17TH AVE.                # LONGVIEW              WA 98632
                                                    * S *
SEDENQUIST, FRED W. MR. & MRS.# 12010 GREENLEAF DR.          # HUNTSVILLE            AL 35803
SEIGLER, VERA B.              # 2955 FAIRLEE DR.             # FAIRFAX               VA 22031
SKINNER, LARRY D.             # RT. 1, BOX 679D              # BRYCEVILLE            FL 32009
SMITH, JEAN                   # 2519 MORRELL                 # DALLAS                TX 75203
SMITH, PATRICIA               # 1514 LATTA RD.               # ADA                   OK 74820
SNYDER, SUSAN                 # 1610 S. 9TH                  # COTTAGE GROVE         OR 97424
SOUTH CAROLINA ARCHIVES DEPT. # 1430 SENATE ST.              # COLUMBIA              SC 29201
SPENCER, JUANITA T.           # RT 2, BOX 122                # HUNTINGBURG           IN 47542
STALLWORTH, T. A. MRS.        # BOX 766                      # CHESTER               SC 29706
STANSFIELD, MARY L.           # 18300 CORTE DEL MONTANA      # SONORA                CA 95370
STARNES, CLARKE R.            # 2915 WHITSON RD.             # GASTONIA              NC 28052
STEED, BARBARA I. MRS.        # 101 MOUNTAIN VIEW AVE.       # LAKE ELSINORE         CA 92330
STEELE, GRACE                 # 900 WELLSFORD RD             # MODESTO               CA 95351
STEPHENS, GENE R. MRS.        # RT 1, BOX 43 A               # RAYVILLE              LA 71269
STRATTON, SELBY BRYANT        # 3913 WATSON PLACE NW         # WASHINGTON            DC 20016
                                                    * T *
TATE, GEORGE MRS              # 227 N. 28TH ST.              # BELLEVILLE            IL 62221
TEMPLETON, E. O. JR.          # BOX 96                       # STARKVILLE            MS 39759
TENNESSEE GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY# BOX 12124                    # MEMPHIS               TN 38112
TERRY, ALAN CURTIS            # RT 1, BOX 83 B               # BINGER                OK 73009
TERRY, ARLENE & PHIL          # 6434 LARSEN LANE             # SHAWNEE               KS 66203
TERRY, B. R.                  # RT 1, BOX 168                # SONTAG                MS 39665
TERRY, BETTY ANN              # 807 SANNONER                 # FLORENCE              AL 35630
TERRY, C. A. MR. & MRS.       # RT 6, LAKESHORE DR.          # JACKSONVILLE          TX 75766
TERRY, C. MORRIS              # 3307 BRECKENRIDGE DR.        # LITTLE ROCK           AR 72207
TERRY, DONALD F. DR.          # 4500 NASSAU                  # WICHITA FALLS         TX 76308
TERRY, DOROTHY HOYT           # 2584 COLUMBIA BLVD           # ST. HELENS            OR 97051
TERRY, DWIGHT L. D.           # 1433 COUNTY LINE RD.         # WILLIS                TX 77378
TERRY, E. T.                  # 888 NADINE AVE.              # EUGENE                OR 97404
TERRY, EARNEST L.             # 5010 37TH AVE.               # MERIDIAN              MS 39301
TERRY, EDDIE                  # RT 1, BOX 173 A              # RUSTON                LA 71270
TERRY, FAYE HENDRIX           # 1713 DIANNE ST. SW           # DECATUR               AL 35601
TERRY, GEORGE                 # 304 HIGHLAND HEIGHTS         # GOODLETTSVILLE        TN 37092
TERRY, HELEN D. MRS.          # RT 2 BOX 104                 # SAN SABA              TX 76877
TERRY, J. MALCOLM             # BOX 186                      # HARRISONBURG          LA 71340
TERRY, JAMES H.               # 201 SICILY ST.               # HARRISONBURG          LA 72360
TERRY, JAY                    # 224 WOODLAND DR.             # OREM                  UT 84057
TERRY, JIM                    # BOX 308                      # MISSOURI CITY         TX 77459
TERRY, JOHN D.                # 13953 PERKINS RD             # BATON ROUGE           LA 70810
TERRY, JOHN L.                # 833 FLORIDA ST.              # ALBUQUERQUE           NM 87108
TERRY, LEE                    # 1008 S. 14TH ST.             # CHICKASHA             OK 73018
TERRY, LORI MS.               # RT. 1, BOX 83 A              # BINGER                OK 73009
TERRY, RALPH                  # BOX 958                      # COLEMAN               TX 76834
TERRY, REDUS                  # P. O. BOX 457                # MOULTON               AL 35650
TERRY, RICHARD MRS.           # RT 6, BOX 721                # BAY ST. LOUIS         MS 39520
TERRY, ROBERT D. OR MARIE E.  # RT. 1, BOX 211               # SILEX                 MO 63377
TERRY, ROBERT H.              # 1018 KENILWORTH PKWY         # BATON ROUGE           LA 70808
TERRY, ROBERT MIKE            # BOX 1531                     # ENID                  OK 73702
TERRY, ROBERT W.              # 4900 SPRINGDALE RD.          # CINCINNATI            OH 45247
TERRY, SPURGEON D. JR.        # 4002 HAMILTON ST.            # HYATTSVILLE           MD 20781
TERRY, SUSAN C.               # 87 GREEN ST.                 # BRATTLEBORO           VT 05301
TERRY, THOMAS J.              # 730 CELUM RD.                # CLINT                 TX 79836
TERRY, THURMAN T. MRS.        # 13803 COLD SPRINGS           # HUMBLE                TX 77338
TERRY, V. L. MRS.             # 617 UTAH ST.                 # CHICKASHA             OK 73018
TERRY, W. A.                  # BOX 376                      # HENDERSON             NC 27536
TERRY, W. E.                  # 782 SKYLINE DR.              # JACKSON               TN 38301
TERRY, W. SANFORD JR.         # P. O. BOX 13032              # RICHMOND              VA 23225
TERRY, WAYNE                  # BOX 600                      # CARNEGIE              OK 73015
TERRY, WILLIAM S. IV          # RT 1, BOX 272A               # CAVE CITY             KY 42127
TERRY, WOODFORD MR.           # 111 WILTSHIRE                # OAK RIDGE             TN 37830
THE EVERTON PUBLISHERS        # BOX 368                      # LOGAN                 UT 84321
THOMAS, PEGGY                 # 1118 HORIZON TRAIL           # RICHARDSON            TX 75081
THOMPSON, CHERYL              # RT 1 BOX 106-E               # AMERICUS              KS 66835
THOMPSON, JOYCE               # 533 HUGH ST.                 # NORTH AUGUSTA         SC 29841
THOMPSON, PAUL T.             # 6116 HERNDON PL.             # STOCKTON              CA 95209
TILL, WHITMAN N.              # RT. 3, BOX 141               # LUVERNE               AL 36049
TOLLE, MARY MRS.              # 33838 CLIFTON DR.            # STERLING HEIGHTS      MI 48077
TRI-STATE TRADER              # P. O. BOX 90-MP              # KNIGHTSTOWN           IN 46148
                                                    * V *
VANCE, HELEN TERRY            # 2395 NEWHALL ST              # SAN JOSE              CA 95128
VANDERBEEK, HELEN FREE        # RT 5, BOX 151                # IDAHO FALLS           ID 83402
VENABLE, WILLIAM R. MR & MRS. # 3941 WEST 98TH ST.           # OVERLAND PARK         KS 66207
VICKERS, CHARLES MRS.         # 1604 VIRGINIA DR.            # JONESBORO             AR 72401
                                                    * W *
WALKER, HAROLD                # BOX 141                      # GREEN RIVER           WY 82935
WALTERS, RUSSELL D.           # P. O. BOX 5056               # NORTH MUSKEGON        MI 49445
WALTON, JUNE R.               # BOX 427 A                    # RUFFIN                NC 27326
WARD, RAY                     # RT 3, BOX 63                 # GATESVILLE            TX 76528
WEBB, MARLENE                 # BOX 185                      # ADRIAN                TX 79001
WEEDE, VIRGINIA MCDANIEL      # 3111 MELODY DR.              # LA MARQUE             TX 77568
WELDON, L. W. MRS.            # 317 WILSON AVE.              # MORGANTOWN            WV 26505
WELLS, JOEL DIXON             # RT 2, BOX 895                # HAMPTON               GA 30228
WESTBROOK, RUBY T. MRS.       # RT 1, BOX 38                 # SMITHDALE             MS 39664
WHITE, ANNA M.                # 214 NORTH "B" ST.            # WELLINGTON            K6 67152
WHITE, MAUREEN E.             # 5102 N. 65TH AVE.            # GLENDALE              AZ 85301
WICK, CHARLOTTE A.            # 1005 TANGLEWOOD DR.          # STEVENS POINT         WI 54481
WICKER, WORDNA T.             # BOX 360                      # PONTOTOC              MS 38863
WILES, MARIE DAVIS            # RT 1, BOX 120                # PLATTSMOUTH           NE 68048
WILLETT, MARTHA MILLER        # 206 KANE ST.                 # BROOKLYN              NY 11231
WILLIAMS, EDITH L.            # RT 7, BOX 192                # JOPLIN                MO 64801
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH ALFORD    # 734 MAYER ST.                # GREENVILLE            MS 38701
WILLIAMS, J. C. MRS.          # 2232 BRECKINRIDGE RD.        # JACKSON               MS 39204
WILLIAMS, MORRIS              # 6832 BENSON ST.              # HUNTINGTON PARK       CA 90255
WILSON, WILLIAM TERRY         # 2980 STANFORD LANE           # EL DORADO HILLS       CA 95630
WING, WILDA B.                # P. O. BOX 908                # MARYSVILLE            CA 95901
WINN, MURPHY B.               # 31 HELD CIRCLE               # CHARLESTON            SC 29412
WISCONSIN STATE HIST. SOCIETY # 816 STATE ST.                # MADISON               WI 53706
WISE, SUSAN E.                # BOX 161 NSGA                 # FPO SEATTLE           WA 98777
WOMACKS, VIRGINIA KISER       # 4428 RANDALL DR.             # SPRINGFIELD           OH 45503
WOOD, WILLIE MAE MRS          # P. O. BOX 607                # MCCORMICK             SC 29835
WRAY, RAYMOND MRS.            # 1606 N. WILLOW OAK           # LONGVIEW              TX 75601
WYNN, FRANCES                 # RT 7, BOX 6                  # LEANDER               TX 78641
                                                    * Y *
YARBROUGH, ANN                # 229 WILLOW BEND              # HUNTSVILLE            TX 77340
YELL COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY# BOX 356                      # RUSSELLVILLE          AR 72801

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