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          VOL. VI, NO. 3           SEPTEMBER                      1987
                          EDITOR:  Robert "Mike" Terry
          Editor's Notes ........................................ 082
          My Most Memorable Summer .............................. 083
          Ft. Jackson South Carolina Cemeteries ................. 085
          Notes on Chester County South Carolina Families ....... 085
          Those German Terry's You Have Been Hearing About! ..... 089
          Preserving Newspapers ................................. 090
          Descendant of Parshall Terry .......................... 091
          Descendant of Lucy Terry -- Epaproditus Hightower ..... 091
          Worn Tombstones ....................................... 092
          Family Reunions ....................................... 092
          Posey County Indiana Cemeteries ....................... 093
          Ozark County Missouri Census House #281. .............. 093
          Exchange Advertising and Items of Interest ............ 093
          National Genealogy Conference (NGC) ................... 095
          Jessee Terry of Roane County, Tennessee ............... 099
          Queries ............................................... 105
          Terry Line of Juyne T. Lee ............................ 106
          Terry Line of Minnie French Lamb ...................... 108
          Indexes to Terry Family Historian 1982-1983 ........... 109
          Elizabeth Ross' Hearing Held in Washington ............ 111
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                                 EDITOR'S NOTES
                                   Mike Terry 
               It has been a very busy year for me. We moved to 
          Sapulpa, Oklahoma in January, 1987 and I have been trying to 
          adjust to a new job which requires a lot of extra work at 
          home [genealogy is a part-time interest]. I work with 
          developmentally disabled children and we are presently 
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          my apologies. 
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                            MY MOST MEMORABLE SUMMER
                                   Mike Terry
               Myself, Debra and Emma made a quick trip to Disney 
          World this summer which probably is what will forever be on 
          the mind of my youngest, Emma. The electric light parade was 
          something, but my greatest thrill, personally, was to stop 
          by Lawrence County, Alabama and to visit the grounds of the 
          United Terry Club near Courtland. Unfortunately, we were 
          just a weekend away from Labor Day when all the hullabaloo 
          surrounds this community.
               I pulled into a little cafe and upon entering found a 
          number of farmers gathered around a table. The conversation 
          went something like this: 
               "I'm Mike Terry and I am editor of the Terry Family 
          Historian, could you help me find the 'Terry Club'?"
               A man smiled wryly and replied, "Usually there is one 
          of them Terry's in here!" 
               "Drive down to the first stop light and turn and drive 
          a few miles until you see a mail box. It will probably be a 
          Terry and ask for directions."
               Sure enough, the first mailbox I came to was that of a 

          Frank Terry. Mr. Terry and his wife were getting into a 
          pickup truck and I got out and asked for directions to the 
          United Terry Club. He indicated I should drive back up the 
          road and take the first left. 
               He stated, "The folks at one end of the United Terry 
          Club are Terrys and would not mind me looking around. Frank 
          Terry indicated he was a descendant of one of "seven early 
          Terry brothers" who came to Courtland, Alabama. 
               When I arrived I stopped at the first house and a lady 
          came to the door where I asked, "If it would be okay to look 
          around?" She replied, it was all right to look around and by 
          the way "she was not a Terry but had married one [Gilbert 
          Terry?]." She indicated the folks "at the top of the hill 
          were also Terrys and I could speak with them."
               I proudly posed in front of the building which stated:
                             United Terry Club, Inc. 
                                August 31, 1960 
               I drove back to Courtland and stopped at a local drug 
          store, and I asked the lady behind the counter what 
          newspaper most people read in Courtland and she indicated 
          the Moulton Advertiser. When I introduced myself, she noted 
          "she was also married to a Terry." "Most people around here 
          are Terrys or married one of them!" 
               I picked up a The Moulton Advertiser "Alabama's Oldest 
          Weekly Newspaper" and you guessed it -- it reads somewhat 
          like the Terry Family Historian. 
               Some headings included: 
               Under Announcements -- "Porch sale on Gordon Terry      
               "Terrys host dinner for sisters' reunion" 
               Marriage -- "Rhonda Faye Hill, Gregory Lee Terry" 
               Birthday calendar -- August 22 Lynn Terry 
               Marriage licenses -- "Mitchell Glen Jones, 20, 
               Hillsboro and Leeshane Terry, 21, Moulton, August 13" 
               "Terry taking her leaps in gymnastics" -- an article      
               about Abby Terry a 12 year old gymnast at East Lawrence      
               High School.


               Yes, it is true what they said, "Terry's Thicker than 
          cotton in Lawrence County"? I guess it could all be summed 
          up by saying, it really felt good to be one of "them Terry's 
          in Lawrence County". 
                                 O o o O o o O
          Old Macedonia Cemetery, Old Percival Road
          TERRY, Thomas  1851 - 1918    & Francis      1868 - 1968
          TERRY, M. J.   wife of W. H. Terry May 11, 1847 - May 11,           
          TERRY, Martha Ida   Oct 03, 1873 - Nov 06 1888
          Little Sarah infant daughter of W. H. & W. J. Terry      
               June 14, 1884 age 1 year 1 day
          Address for THE COLUMBIA JOURNAL - Official Publication of 
          the Columbia Chapter, S.C.G.S., P.O. Box 11353, Columbia SC 
          Source: Tombstone inscriptions from Ft. Jackson, South 
          Carolina cemeteries. Copied from THE COLUMBIA JOURNAL. 
                                 O o o O o o O
                            NOTES ON CHESTER COUNTY 
                            SOUTH CAROLINA FAMILIES 
               Page 27 -- (about 1865) On the street or public road 
          leading from the courthouse on the hill towards Yorkville, 
          there stood next to the residence of John Rosborough, now 
          occupied by the surviving daughters of James Graham, the 
          following residences, viz.;......next, a house owned by Mrs. 
          Terry and converted into a school house, where Mrs. Ann 
          Foster kept a school - subsequently the residence of Dr. A. 
          P. Wylie. 
          Source: The Chester County Heritage History by Louise Gill 
          Knox. 1982. 
                                 O o o O o o O
               Page 86 -- James Allen b. 1775 - according to Todd 
          County, Kentucky census -- m. about 1800 Molly Hagood, 
          daughter of Buckner and Rosanna (Archer) Hagood. Mollie died 
          between 1840 - 1850. James made his will October 10, 1855 
          and died by December of that year. He left his estate to his 
          grandson, William, and his three daughters. 

               The couple had nine, perhaps ten children: a daughter, 
          Nancy, b. 1807 in South Carolina never married but lived 
          with her parents until their deaths; a son under ten in 1810 
          and born in Chester County may have died young or may be 
          William H., whose will was recorded Sept. 22, 1835 in Todd 
          County. He had moved to Nashville, Tennessee, married, and 
          had a son by the same name; two daughters and a son born 
          between 1810 and 1820 were not listed in the home in 1830 
          census; Elisha, born 1810-1820, married Caty Ann Faulks, 
          December 10, 1827 and may have also married Jane Whitson 
          October 18, 1847; James Kennedy Allen, born 1814, was 
          probably a namesake of his father's maternal uncle. He 
          married on July 2, 1837 Sally M. Terry, daughter of William 
          Morris (Maurice) and Elizabeth Terry. Elizabeth b. 1812, 
          married the first time _____ Allen, and then Isom Malone of 
          Elkton, Todd Co. They had two sons, Bishop and Jim, latter a 
          school teacher. 
               James Kennedy Allen was a farmer in Todd County until 
          1854 when he, his wife and three children migrated with 
          Kentucky-Tennessee wagon train to Tarrant Co., Texas. Texas 
          was being advertised in glowing terms not only by 
          "developers" but also by friends who had migrated earlier. 
          Alfred Johnson had left neighboring Tennessee in 1853 and 
          settled in Tarrant County. He was largely responsible for 
          the Allens migrating in November 1854. The trip took a 
          month. J. K. Allen bought farms in the western part of the 
          county. He was a charter member of the First Christian 
          Church of Ft. Worth, Texas. He held elected and appointed 
          public offices at the county and state level. When the Civil 
          War started, he returned on horseback to join his Todd 
          County  neighbors to fight for the Confederacy. Though he 
          received a gun-shot wound in the leg, he survived. Three 
          children had been born in Todd County; William Terry born 
          December 12, 1842 , married Sarah Frances Grant and upon her 
          death, her sister Theodocia; Mary Ann born May 17, 1844, 
          married Richard King who had come in the wagon train; James 
          Kennedy Allen, II, born November 4, 1848, married Elizabeth 
          Jane Prewitt; Sarah Katherine Allen born Tarrant County  
          married Gabrias Terry. The writer is a grand daughter of 
          James Kennedy Allen II. sg. Frances Marion Allen. 
          Source: The Chester County Heritage History. References: J. 
          Kentucky. F. A. Bailey Publishing Co., Chicago, 1884; Mrs. 
          James P. Walker OLD PURITY CEMETERY manuscript. Family 
                                 O o o O o o O
               Page, 207 - Colonel [George] Gill was married twice. By 
          his first wife, Margaret Strait, daughter of Christopher and 
          Mary Strait, he had five children:.....3. Sarah Duncan 

          (1793-?) married a Terry. 
          Source: The Chester County Heritage History. 
                                 O o o O o o O
               Page 255 - George Washington Hopkins, son of Colonel 
          David and Mary Glen Hopkins, was born probably Chester 
          County, South Carolina in 1775, died there in 1805. He 
          married on Oct 22, 1795, his second cousin, Martha Bowker, 
          born 1777, died Feb. 1, 1820. She was the daughter of Major 
          Bird and Oranna Glenn Bowker. She was the grand daughter of 
          Nathan Glenn, brother of Mary Glenn Hopkins. After 
          Washington Hopkins death, his widow married Thomas Terry. 
          She is buried in Glenn Cemetery, Carlisle, South Carolina. 
          Source: The Chester County Heritage History. 
                                 O o o O o o O
               Page 256 - Newton Hopkins married his first cousin, 
          Patience Terry Glenn, born 1770, died 1828 on March 20, 
          1786. She was the daughter of Nathan and Lucy Coleman Glenn 
          of Virginia and Union County, South Carolina. 
          Source: The Chester County Heritage History. 
                                 O o o O o o O
               Page 299 - Emily Kate Lyle graduated from Winthrop and 
          was a secretary with General Motors in Atlanta. In 1951 she 
          was married to Richard Graham Terry who served in Merchant 
          Marine during W.W. II. Richard was District Manager of Ceco 
          Corp. at the time of his death. Kate does substitute 
          teaching in Jacksonville Florida, where she resides. 
               Kate and Dick have four children; twins, Grace Lyle 
          Terry married William Craig Tyre, Richard Graham Terry, Jr. 
          married Patricia Halpin; Kathryn Lee Terry married Brandon 
          Ross White and Nora Jean Terry. 
          Source: The Chester County Heritage History. 
                                 O o o O o o O
               Page 376 - Mary Wilkes married Ferdinand Dugraphanel 
          Scaife (born in Chester County about 1805) about 1825. Mr. 
          Scaife, after the death of his mother, who was a Terry from 
          Virginia, went to live with his older brother, Charner Terry 
          Scaife at what is now Wilksburg in Chester County, S.C. -- 
          There is much more about this family. 
          Source: The Chester County Heritage History. 


                                 O o o O o o O
               Page 379 - Sealy is one of the oldest surnames in South 
          Carolina. They first settled near Beaufort on Edisto and 
          Euhaw Island between 1680 and 1690. The Sealys spread from 
          there when the back country near Chester opened up for 
               John Sealy was born between 1710 and 1720 in the low 
          country of South Carolina of Irish immigrant parents. When 
          the Chester District area opened up, he secured many 
          original land grants. The earliest patent date was 1753. the 
          total number of acres granted to John Sealy was about 1,200. 
          These grants were on Sealy's Creek branch of the Sandy River 
          about six miles west of Chester township. The closest 
          neighbors were the Walkers, Terrys, Lees, Stokes, Mobleys 
          and Asa Darby. 
               John [Sealy] married Jean Jaggers. They produced two 
          sons (Peter and Samuel) and two daughters (Sarah and 
          Elizabeth). Peter married twice; his second wife being Sarah 
          Estes. Samuel's wife's name was Sarah also. Elizabeth 
          married Henry Hardin first and second married Robert Walker. 
          Sarah married John Terry. 
               John Sealy died in 1791 and his wife Jean died in 1796 
          both in Chester. 
          Source: The Chester County Heritage History. 
                                 O o o O o o O
               Page 379 -- Sarah Sealy [daughter of John Sealy] was 
          born in Chester on July 22, 1757. She married John Terry, 
          son of Stephen and Sarah Terry. One son was born to them, 
          Jeremiah Sealy Terry on Feb. 7, 1778. Sarah died May 20, 
          Source: The Chester County Heritage History. 
                                 O o o O o o O
               Page 425 -- Daniel Wise 1800 - 1868, came to Chester 
          Co. in 1818. He married Rhoda Terry Stokes daughter of 
          Greenberry Stokes who came from Virginia. Their children 
          were: John Greenberry Wise who married Martha Chalk; Levi 
          Stokes Wise who married Margaret Tims; Sarah Ann Matilda 
          Wise married James Estes; Margaret Wise married Pink 
          Bridges; Emaline Wise; William Henry Wise married Nancy 
          (Haynie) Wilkes. Alexander Walker Wise married Martha Alice 
          Wilkes (1848-1918) on January 16, 1866. 
          Source: The Chester County Heritage History. 


               The above notes on South Carolina families were 
          submitted by Pat Goff, 1645 Highway Church Rd., Elgin, SC 
                                 O o o O o o O
               It is always good to find the last American link in a 
          line. It appears, from the following bits and pieces, 
          Phillip Terry of Beaufort, South Carolina was a descendant 
          of early German families. The other guess might be he came 
          with a number of German families to the colonies. 
               Council Journal 32, Page 842-846. Meeting of 17th. 
          October 1766. The Petitions on the Bounty were presented and 
          read viz. 
               Listed among others was Michael Thirry 300 acres. [The 
          names are definitely among many of German descent.] 
          Source: A Compilation of the Original lists of Protestant 
          Immigrants to South Carolina by Janie Revill. Published 1939 
          republished 1968. Page 60. Submitted by George W. Terry of 
          Richardson TX. 
               Council Journal 32, Page 842-846. Meeting of 17th. 
          October 1766. 
               The following persons also presented to his Excellency 
          petitions setting forth that they were severally protestants 
          and had come into this Province from Germany on the Bounty 
          and encouragement given to foreign protestants who shall 
          come from Europe to reside in this Province by the Act of 
          the General Assembly of this Province passed the 25th, July 
          1761. Among those listed:
          Anna Maria Thirry        age 32
          John Peter Thirry        age 12
          John Michael Thirry      age  8
          John Phillip Thirry      age  4
          Source: A Compilation of the Original lists of Protestant 
          Immigrants to South Carolina by Janie Revill. Published 1939 
          republished 1968. Page 64. Submitted by George W. Terry of 
          Richardson TX. 
               Michael Therry 300 acres on Reedy Fork SC 1769. 
          Source: Colonial Land Plats in South Carolina. Records found 

          Archives, Columbia, South Carolina. Research done by John W. 
          Lawrence C.G.R.S. Note: Reedy Fork is uncertain, there were 
          several. It appears to be in Fairfield County and see later 
          note concerning Phillip Terry, editor.
          1790--1790 CENSUS OF SOUTH CAROLINA 
            *males 16 and upward-males under 16-females
          Phillip TERRY [Beaufort Dist] Beaufort    1-0-0   1 slave
               Phillip TERRY, son and heir of Michael THERRY, 
          deceased, which said Phillip lives in the state aforesaid in 
          Beaufort District, shoemaker, sells heir at law of said 
          Michael to John Willingham of Fairfield District, planter, 
          for 60 pounds sterling, a tract of 300 acres of land located 
          on Reedy Fork a branch of Wateree Creek, granted [bounty] to 
          Michael THERRY on 15 Feb 1770.
          Deed dated 8 Oct 1793
          /s/ Phillip (P) TERRY
          Witnessed by David Gibson, Robert Still[?].
          Proved 9 Oct 1793
          Recorded 10 Feb 1793.
          Source: Fairfield Co. Deed. Book I, p. 072. South Carolina 
          State Archives, Columbia, South Carolina. Research done by 
          John W. Lawrence C.G.R.S.
                                 O o o O o o O
                             PRESERVING NEWSPAPERS
                                 Dennis Korinek 
               Old newspaper clippings and articles have a tendency to 
          fade, yellow, and sometimes fall apart in your hands. Here 
          is how you can preserve them. Dissolve a milk of magnesia 
          tablet in a quart of club soda overnight. Pour into a pan 
          large enough to accommodate a flattened newspaper. Soak the 
          newspaper one hour, remove and pat dry. Estimated life; 200 
          years. Chemically, the magnesium oxide combines with the 
          carbon dioxide in the soda to form magnesium carbonate which 
          neutralizes acids in the paper that cause deterioration.
          (By Richard Smith, assistant. Prof, University of 
          --- ConfMail v3.1
           * Origin: OPTOMETRY_ONLINE - UMSL School of Optometry 
                                 O o o O o o O


                          DESCENDANT OF PARSHALL TERRY 
                                  Larry McGee
                    3406 Silverside Rd. Wilmington DE 19810.
               My Great Grandfather McGee settled in Oklahoma. They 
          moved away to Arizona in 1898. My Grandfather McGee married 
          the Granddaughter of Marilla Terry in Southern Utah. I think 
          the family first went to Oklahoma before it was opened to 
          regular settlement. Did they call that the Oklahoma Land 
          rush? Anyway most of the records say place of birth 'Indian 
          Territory'. At that point James Robinson McGee (my Great 
          Grandfather) and his family entertained the Mormon 
          Missionaries as they traveled by foot through Oklahoma. They 
          joined in about 1897 and then moved west the next year by 
          wagon. Don't know much about side branches of theirs but I 
          guess McGee was a big name in Oklahoma for awhile. (Kerr-
               I am a research CHEMIST at the DuPont Experimental  
          Station in Wilmington Delaware. We have lived in Delaware 
          since 1981. I received my PhD degree in Synthetic Organic 
          Chemistry from CALTECH working with Professor Dave Evans. I 
          received my undergraduate degree from the University of Utah 
          working with Dr. W. W. Epstein. From 1972 to 1974 I 
          interrupted my college education to serve a mission for the 
          Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) in 
          Hamburg and Berlin Germany. At that time I became fluent in 
          German. One attempt to retain this language ability is the 
          DEUTSCH Echomail conference. 
               With my wife Paula, we have three kids, born in 1978, 
          1980 and 1987. In my spare time between working and 
          sysoping, I am a Webelos Scout leader. 
               Thanks for your interest in our system. I'll be glad to 
          answer any questions that I can or refer you to a better 
          source if I can't. I look forward to hearing from you.
          --- Sirius 0.50
          * Origin: Chemist's ComPort 302-479-0302 Trailblazer to 9600 
                                 O o o O o o O
                               Sonia Hetherington      
               Mike, I found a Talitha Terry who married William 
          Kimzey Hightower in Greenville Co, SC. Do you have this 
          info?  Did you get my message about probate of Lucy Terry 
          Hightower's estate?  I found a will at Hendersonville, NC 
          for her husband Epaproditus Hightower. I didn't find 
          anything on her. The J. J. G. Hightower mentioned in the 
          estate papers was their son. His name is John Joseph Gregory 

          * Origin: The Southern Crossroads [9600 HST] 214-418-9679 
          (Opus 1:124/115)
                                 O o o O o o O
                                WORN TOMBSTONES
                                 Dennis Korinek
               Here's a suggestion for taking a good picture of a 
          tombstone without harming the marker or the environment. 
               Buy a bundle of charcoal sticks and a box of ordinary 
          chalk; the kind used to write on a blackboard. Neither cost 
          much. Charcoal sticks can be bought at an art store, chalk 
          at a dime store. 
               Use an old tea strainer with a plastic bag taped to it 
          and grate the chalk through the strainer, into the bag, 
          without any mess; or simply mash the chalk into powder form. 
               Trace the printer on the tombstone with the charcoal 
          stick. Pat powdered chalk onto the tombstone and then start 
          tracing lightly over the printing again with the charcoal 
          stick. You are now ready to take your picture. 
               It is not necessary to remove the charcoal or the 
          chalk; the next rain will wash it away with no harm to the 
          stone or the environment.
          --- ConfMail v3.1
          * Origin: OPTOMETRY_ONLINE - UMSL School of Optometry 
                                 O o o O o o O
                                FAMILY REUNIONS
               I am planning a family reunion for descendants of Mary 
          Lattha Terry born 1852, New Haven, Connecticut died 1886, 
          Wayne Co. IA. She was descended from Samuel Terry "the 
          Immigrant" (b. 1632) from Barnet, London, England. I would 
          like to extend the invitation to any descendant of his that 
          wants to make the journey to Thousand Springs, Idaho during 
          the week of August 6-14, 1988. 
               Interested persons should write to me or call for more 
          details and to get on my mailing list. Thousand Springs is 
          in a valley along the Snake river that was a stoping place 
          on the Oregon Trail. There are several campgrounds with full 
          hook-ups at hot springs and spas. Some of the other 
          activities planned are: the best trout fishing in the world, 
          a one day float trip down the Salmon River and many picnics. 

               We already expect persons from Oregon, Washington, 
          California, Arizona, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Tennessee, 
          Minnesota, Colorado and Iowa. I am hoping to add many more 
          to the list, the more the merrier. Bob Cox, 1071 S.E. 
          Fairview, Olympia WA 98501. Telephone 206-357-9504. 
                                 O o o O o o O
          TEARY, AGNES             1844  -  1929
          TERRY, WILLIAM A.        1873  -  1956
                 NORA              1883  -  1970
          TERRY, SGT. CARROLL E.   1920  -  1944
          TERRY, NOBLE G.          1910  -  1966
                 FRANCIS           1915  -
                 JIMMIE ROY        1941  -  1943
                                 O o o O o o O
                    OZARK COUNTY MISSOURI CENSUS HOUSE #281. 
          FORD, MARGARET           62        NC  NC  NC
          TERRY, WILLIAM           23        AR  AR  AR
          Note: The above were contributed by Mrs. Hazel Ballard, 314 
          W. First, Mountain Home AR 72653. 
                                 O o o O o o O
          FAMILY PERIODICALS - 1987 Edition (names, addresses, etc., 
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          METROLINK         Charlotte NC    
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          MICROMAX BBS      Calgary Alberta 
          134/15   403-250-5388 Neil Peters 
          MIDNIGHT DEC      Boston MA       
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          MTVIEW MICROMALL  Pittsburgh PA   
          129/42   412/221-3564 Marcel Schmelzer 
          NTFR MORMONS ONLY Houston TX      
          106/775  713/796-9621 Mark Tuck 
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          OPTOMETRY ONLINE  St. Louis MO    
          100/514  314/553-6068 Dave Davidson 
          OZ                Houston TX      
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          PEACE             San Jose CA     
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          PAF LINK          Pasadena MD     
          109/668  301/360-0791 Kent Riggins 
          PC-EXPRESS        Greenfield WI   
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          RENEX BBS         Woodbridge VA   
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          TANDYTRADERS POST Nashville TN    
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          VIET VET VALHALLA San Jose CA     
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          WEST OAKS OPUS    Pearland TX     
          106/501  713/485-7204 Charles Cummings 
               If you know of any electronic bulletin board system 
          operator (SYSOP) who might be interested in joining the 
          National Genealogy Conference (NGC), ask that SYSOP to leave 

          a message indicating his interest in the NGC for his 
          Regional EchoMail Coordinator, also contact Howard Nurse NGC 
          Coordinator at:  FIDO NET 143/26, or modem-call COMMSOFT BBS 
          at 1-(415) 967-6730, or voice-call Howard at 1-(800) 327-
          6687. 1 October 1987 
          * Origin: Small Time BBS - Raleigh, NC  919-781-7047 (Opus 
                                 O o o O o o O
                         DATA TRANSFER ASSOCIATES, INC. 
                                 Paul Andereck
               For anyone interested, Sara and I are retiring to a 
          little town in north Missouri. Our new address:
                Paul & Sara Andereck
                Data Transfer Associates, Inc.
                P.O. Box 86
                Browning, MO 64630
               We'll be busy remodeling an old house, writing books, 
          making videos, working on our own family history, doing 
          workshops, and raising channel catfish in the backyard tank. 
          Send Genealogical Computing articles to my new address (all 
          ads & subscriptions go to Ancestry Inc.). Deadline for Jan 
          1988 issue is Dec. 1 but I need your letters/articles/etc by 
          mid-November. Browning is two hours from K.C., five hours 
          from St. Louis, and ten minutes from Purdin, Milan, or 
          Humphries. If you are ever in Linn County, say hi.
          --- v1.36
          * Origin: The COMMSOFT BBS (415) 967-6730 -- Mountain View, 
          CA (143/26)
          Editor's Note: I get frequent questions about what software 
          to use with Genealogy. Mr. Andereck is an early venturer 
          into the Genealogy-Computer area and his publication is a 
          good one and covers many developments in computer related 
                                 O o o O o o O


                                 O o o O o o O
                             RESEARCH STATUS REPORT
                                  Gene Fricks
                               26 Windmill Drive
                            Clementon NJ 08021-5821 
               Since the last report appeared in the September 1986 
          TFH, additional information has been turned up. While none 
          of it reveals our subject's antecedents, it does correct 
          some erroneous data, resolves a few speculations, and gives 
          us more information regarding some descendants. 
               Hannah Price MCNAIR, Jessee's wife, was a descendant of 
          David MCNAIR II, who settled in Augusta County, Virginia 
          (near Staunton) about 1738. [1]  David and an unnamed wife 
          had one recorded son, Daniel, who married Hannah -- in 1741 
          and died in 1791 in Augusta County, Virginia. 
               Daniel and Hannah MCNAIR had four recorded children, 
          the youngest of whom, David, married Elizabeth ALLEN on 8 
          November 1786. [2]  More particular to our search is son 
          James, who was baptized 29 April 1749 [3]  and married 
          Martha Price as mentioned in the previous report. 
               James and friends Gilbert Christian and John Anderson 
          explored into what became Hawkins County, Tennessee in 1769. 
          James lived near these friends in Sullivan County, Tennessee 
          before 1794. His service during the Revolution in the North 
          Carolina militia has been documented. [4]  Investigation 
          into the Price connection is continuing.
               The previous report mentioned that Jessee TERRY does 
          not appear in the 1802, 1805, nor 1808 Roane County, 
          Tennessee tax lists. Likewise, search of the 1807 Knox 
          County, Tennessee tax list fails to reveal his name, 
          although Micagh TERRY with 460 acres in Capt. Childs' 
          company and John TERRY with 130 acres in Capt. Scott's 
          company are founded [5]  Similarly, he is not found in the 
          1812 Knox County tax list, although his father-in-law, James 
          MCNAIR, appears in Capt. Jackson's company with 500 acres. 
               Jessee and Hannah MCNAIR TERRY's eldest daughter, 
          Martha, married Hezikiah LOVE Jr. as previously reported. 
          Hezikiah Jr. was born 15 April 1796 in Roane County. 
          Hezikiah Sr. was born 10 October 1751/52, Chester County, 
          South Carolina and died 11 July 1833 in Roane County. [7]  
          Hezikiah Sr. married firstly Elizabeth Cato / Cartamount / 
          Cartmount in 1783 and secondly Nancy Duren in 1789 (born 
          about 1768 South Carolina; died 1841-50, Benton County, 
          Alabama). No children by Elizabeth are known. The children 

          previously reported were all by Nancy.
               1A   LOVE, Elizabeth (probably named for paternal aunt                
                    Elizabeth LOVE) born 29 March 1822, Roan County,                     
                    Tennessee; married 12 December 1839, Daniel R. 
               1B   LOVE, Mary born 28 December 1823, Roane County.
               1C   LOVE, Robert born 14 January 1826, Roane County.
               1D   LOVE, Josiah T. born 8 October 1828, Roan County.
               1E   LOVE, Hezikiah (III) born 2 March 1831, Roane                               
               1F   LOVE, William born 18 March 1833, Roane County.
               1G   LOVE, John C. born 30 may 1835, Roane County. Died                     
                    1876, Kingston, Tennessee. Operated mercantile           
                    business in Kingston with sister Mary. 
               1H   LOVE, Jesse Richard born 13 November 1837, Roane                     
                    County, married 7 March 1867, Martha Louisa                     
               1I   LOVE, Hannah Price born 13 November 1837, Roane                     
               1J   LOVE, Wiley born 19 July 1840, Roane County;           
                    married 1878 Sarah Webster.
               Gilbert Christian, Jessee's son-in-law and Mary TERRY's 
          husband, may have been the son of Robert Christian, the 
          militia captain from Sullivan County. 
               His mother is presently thought to be Mary Adair, 
          daughter of John Adair, first commissioner of Knoxville [8], 
          although additional work is required to firmly establish 
          this relationship. John Adair was born 1732 in County 
          Antrim, Ireland. With his wife, Ellen Crawford Adair, and 
          children, he came to America about 1771, settling in 
          Baltimore. In 1772 they removed to Pennsylvania and in 1773 
          to what became Sullivan County, Tennessee. In 1779, North 
          Carolina Governor Caswell appointed Adair entry-taker of 
          Sullivan County, to collect fees from the settlers for the 
          lands granted. Participation of the over-mountain men in the 
          battle of Kings Mountain in 1780 was made financially 
          possible when Adair turned over about $13,000 in public 
          funds to John Sevier to purchase military equipment. North 
          Carolina granted Adair 400 acres in recognition of his 
          services [9]. on 16 June 1792. Governor Blount of the 
          Southwest Territory appointed Adair a justice of the peace 
          for Knox County. He became a member of the first board of 
          trustees of Blount College (later the University of 
          Tennessee) in 1794 and a member of the Tennessee 
          constitutional convention in 1796. Adair became an elder of 
          the First Presbyterian Church upon its organization. He died 
          24 February 1827 in Knox County and is buried with his wife 
          on a knoll on their old homestead, now part of Lynnhurst 
               Robert Christian was born about 1765 and died 1840-1850 

          in Roane County. He was the son of Gilbert and Margaret 
          Anderson Christian. Gilbert (born about 1735 Augusta County, 
          Virginia) moved from the Staunton, Virginia area to settle 
          near Ingle's Ferry on the New River, at a place called 
          Dunkard's bottom about 1774. [10]. Gilbert was granted 250 
          acres in Sullivan County on 23 October 1782.  [11]  A well-
          known Indian fighter and active in governmental affairs, 
          Gilbert died of fever in Knoxville in November 1793 while 
          returning from Hightower's campaign against the Indians. 
               Gilbert was the son of Robert (died 1794, Augusta 
          County, Virginia) and Isabella Tiffin Christian. Robert 
          served as a militia recruiting officer in 1732. [13]
               The progenitor of this line was Gilbert Christian (born 
          about 1678, British Isles: died after 1756, Augusta County, 
          Virginia). Chalkey indicates that he married Elizabeth (or 
          Margaret?) Richardson about 1702/03 in Ireland. [14]  He 
          settled on Christian's Creek, near Staunton, in 1732. [15]
               Earnest TERRY provided some information and thoughts on 
          the previous progress report that are much appreciated. 
          Jessee TERRY's on, William Price TERRY, was born in 1816, 
          not 1809. His first and only wife, Elizabeth Gilbert, was 
          born in 1821 and they were married 26 November 1840. William 
          died about 1865, not 1899. The 1850 and 1860 censuses 
          provide the birth years. The 1870 Knox County, Tennessee 
          census lists Elizabeth and children. The last and youngest 
          child Lucy, was born in 1863. 
               Earnest points out that the Winston Garth TERRY (WGT) 
          bible record is seriously flawed and cannot, apparently, be 
          trusted in all respects. The William Price TERRY referred to 
          lived 1790 - 1860 in Morgan County, Alabama, married Mary 
          Louise Turner; he had a brother Wyley (died 1850, Morgan 
          County) who married Malinda T. Bush on 1 November 1838. This 
          Wyley had two sons William and Wyley. Earnest gives the 
          birthplace of William Price (1790) and his brother as 
          Virginia. While in Morgan County, they lived close to Henry 
          TERRY; Earnest believes they were Henry's sons. Henry 
          appears as a branch of one of Earnest's lines of research. 
               Winston Garth TERRY and his brother Henry Bynum TERRY 
          were sons of William Price TERRY (1790). 
               Earnest hypothesized that Josiah TERRY, husband of 
          Sarah F. Austin, is another son of Jessee TERRY. Josiah was 
          born about 1800, lived in Talladega County, Alabama in 1827, 
          and would have been of age to sign his sister Mary's 


          marriage bond. He posits the following children for Jessee 
          and dates: 
               Josiah         born 1800
               Martha         born 1801
               Mary           born 1805
               John C.        born 1808
               William Price  born 1816
               Sarah          born 1817
               Myra           born 1820
               Jesse          born 1822
               Louisa         born 1829
               James          born ????
               Note the gaps in dates and the fact that Louisa was 
          born when her mother was about 48 years old -- not 
          impossible, but unusual. The previous report omitted the 
          children of John and Louisa TERRY Ferguson as given in the 
          1860 Blount County Census: twin sons Josiah and Wiley, born 
               The journal of Richard Green Waterhouse provides [15a]  
          details of a journey in December 1808. On Tuesday, 13 
          December, amidst snow, Waterhouse mentions passing the 
          Standing Stone and "thence to Jesse TERRY's." A map held in 
          the Library of Congress (F 16474) titled "Central Upper 
          Cumberland Section of Tennessee in Pioneer Times 1783-1830" 
          drawn by Alvin B. Wirt and accessioned on 25 March 1954, 
          shows the Standing Stone on the Cumberland Pike about 12 
          miles northwest of Flat Rock in Roane County. This Jessee 
          TERRY would have been located about 3-5 miles west of 
          Standing Stone in the next county. This may provide a clue 
          as to where Jessee TERRY was located prior to his first 
          appearance eon the Roane County tax list of 1814. 
               Jessee, Jessee's son, acquired the 325 acre homestead 
          probably by inheritance. Jesse`s death date of 1893, given 
          by his son William Isaac TERRY, is apparently in error as 
          shown by the 1887 Roane County tax list. In the 1888 list, 
          the property is listed under "Jessee TERRY heirs." Since the 
          list was compiled in June, this homes in somewhat on a date. 
          Jesse's burial site remains undiscovered. The property was 
          sold for taxes in 1901 with a Josiah TERRY acting for the 
          family. [16]   More data has been assembled regarding 
          Jesse's children. 
               8B.  TERRY, William Isaac born 28 January 1874 near 
          Kingston, Roane County, Tennessee. He moved to Knoxville 
          where he married Minnie Anne Courtney on 23 December 1896, 
          Isaac Miller, M.G. [17]. He, his mother and sisters, and his 
          wife joined the Greystone Presbyterian Church 28 August 
          1898; later, on 6 March 1910, William, Minnie, and Ellen 
          Fritts TERRY joined the Ft. Sanders Presbyterian Church. 
          [18]  William married a second time but without children 

          after Minnie's death on 2 December 1939. He died 11 February 
          1949; both he and Minnie are buried at New Gray Cemetery, 
          Knoxville, Tennessee. 
               8C.  TERRY, Rosa Ellen married Leonidas ("Lee") Clark 
          at Greystone Presbyterian Church 26 October 1899 (new date).  
               8D.  TERRY, Albert J. has two birth dates given: 18 
          November 1878 [20]  or 20 December 1879 [21]. Interestingly, 
          the source for both was his wife. He joined the US War 
          Department as a laborer on 18 April 1900 at Chattanooga, 
          Tennessee, advancing to steam engineer on 14 December 1911. 
          On 20 February 1920, he became a hydraulic foreman at the 
          War Department's Wilson Dam, Florence, Alabama where he 
          remained until November 1929. [22]. He married Ellen O. 
          "Birdie" Young in 1903, who was born in 1882, Alabama, and 
          died in 1915. [23]  In the 1910 census, he was living at 421 
          Cherry Street, Florence. [24]  Apparently Albert was 
          assigned to the Muscle Shoals Works, for his children's 
          birthplaces are given as Alabama. At some point between 1915 
          and 1920, Albert married Jessie Pearl, who was born about 
          1890. At the time of his death on 19 February 1930, the 
          family lived at 437 N. Cherry Street. Albert J. TERRY is 
          buried at Florence Cemetery. 
               The search for Jessee TERRY, his antecedents, and 
          descendants has been wide ranging with a number of 
          interesting byways. While we have not accomplished the 
          objective yet, we have shed some light on collateral lines 
          that will be of value to other TERRY searchers. Another 
          progress report is promised and information would be 
          appreciated from any source. 
          1.   MCNAIR, James B., MCNAIR, McNear and McNeir           
               Genealogies, 1920, pp. 107, 299-302, 305; 1955           
               supplement pp. 397-399.
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          3.   Baptismal Records of the Rev. John Craig, D.D., Augusta           
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          4.   MCNAIR, op. cit., pp. 397-425. North Carolina           
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          6.   Tennessee Ancestors, ETHS. Vol. 2, 1986. 


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               Tennessee and Alabama, "Northwest Alabama Gen. Soc.           
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          15.  Peyton, op. cit.
          15a  ALLEN, Penelope, Leaves from the Family Tree, pp. 284-          
          16.  Roane County Tax Book C-3, p. 208. TERRY heirs to           
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          19.  Ibid.
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          22.  Death certificate. Employment record says termination      
               19 February 1930.
          23.  Garrett, J. K., et. al. Some Lauderdale County, Alabama      
               Cemetery Records, 1970. 

          24.  1910 Lauderdale County, Alabama Census vol. 66, sheet      
               11, 233-246. 
                                 O o o O o o O
                 Q U E R I E S   Q U E R I E S   Q U E R I E S   
          010987 TERRY WISDOM FARIA
               I received a death certificate, CA for a Ernest A. 
          Terry, born Feb 8, 1879, Kentucky, died Dec 10, 1953 
          Sacramento, CA. father is Elizah Terry - Missouri; mother 
          Margaret Wisdom - Missouri. Spouse is Rosa. If anyone would 
          like a copy of this death certificate, I would be glad to 
          send one. Still looking for my Ernest Terry. Norine M. 
          Faria, 2093 Willester Ave., San Jose CA 95124.
               Researching William P. Terry whose father was Thomas R. 
          Terry and Catherine Robinson. Mr. H. B. Gerrard Jr., 3307 N. 
          28th Place, Phoenix AZ 85016.
          030987 FOSTER PESTOTNIK
               Researching Ansel Terry b. 10 Aug 1797 in KY. Ansel 
          Terry and wife Elizabeth Foster Terry came to Daviess Co. MO 
          ca. 1850. Seeking info on parents. Tracing lineage of Anna 
          Martin Terry b. 1 Jan 1869 Chillocathe MO m. John Grant 
          Terry 4 Jul 1886 d. 19 Nov 1963. Her parents were John 
          Martin and Elvira McDogel/McDougall Martin. She had four 
          sisters one named Sarah, others unknown. Need info on John 
          Martin and Elvira. Sharol Pestotnik, 8573 W. 84th Circle, 
          Arvada CO 80005. 
          040987 TERRY NAVE WILSON
               Interested in John F. Terry b. 1832/33 Marion Co. AR m 
          (1) Sarah Nave b. 1836/37; m (2) her sister Mary? Nave b. 
          1850's. Irene D. Wilson, 7460 Fulton St., San Diego CA 
          050987 MARTEN REED HARRIS
               Researching for a client, Joseph Terry b. 7 Jan 1843/45 
          TX d. 13 Oct 1902, Red River Co. TX m. (2) Martha J. Marten 
          b. 2 Jul 1855 d. 13 May 1938. Father was John Terry b. 1818 
          IN d. by 1900 Benton Co. AR m. Lucinda King Reed b. AR 
          Territory 30 Apr 1823. Sherry Harris, 10853 Danuba Ave., 
          Granada Hills CA 91344.


               Benjamin Terry d. 1816 Patrick Co. VA and Mary 
          _________ were born probably in early 1770's and married 
          about 1796. 1807 family moved to Patrick Co. VA. Children 
          (marriages in Patrick Co. VA]:  Levinah Terry m. 1816 Elijah 
          Harris; Nancy Terry m. Moses Burnett; Samuel Terry m. 1824 
          Jane Hall; John Clardy Terry b. ca. 1802; Sally Terry m. 
          1822 Jonathan W. Elgin; Mary Terry m. 1825 James Houching 
          and Benjamin Terry m. 1825 Sarah Foley. Nancy Cowan, 8333 
          N.W. 33rd, Bethany OK 73008.
          MCWATERS LEE
                                 Terry Line of 
                                  Juyne T. Lee
                         Rt. 2, Box 517 Killen AL 35645
          1    TERRY, Juyne Elizabeth b. Morgan Co. AL 30 Sep 1940 m.      
               Morgan Co. AL 21 Dec 1961 Robert Gaines Lee, Jr. b.      
               Hamilton Co. TN 12 Apr 1939. 
          2.   TERRY, A. D. b. Lawrence Co. AL 10 Aug 1920 m. Morgan      
               Co. AL 7 Jan 1940; 
          3.   WILSON, Alice Jean b. Columbus, OH 9 Aug 1920. 
          4.   TERRY, Alex S. b. Lawrence Co. AL 18 Feb 1886* d.      
               Decatur AL 11 Apr 1961; m. Lawrence Co. AL 2 Jan 1910;
          5.   OWEN, Docia/Doshie b. Lawrence Co. AL 8 Mar 1894 d.      
               Morgan Co. AL d. 29 Sep 1965.
          #8.  TERRY, Stephen C. b. Lawrence Co. AL Aug 1849 m. (1)      
               Lawrence Co. AL 22 Sep 1875; (m. 2nd Mrs. Rep Mayes 1      
               Nov 1910);
          9.   HULSEY, Louisa b. AL Oct 1855 d. pre 1910
          $16. TERRY, John Tobe b. ca. 1823 d. before 1857 m. 
          17.  TURNER, Elizabeth Jeanette b. pre 1827 d. before 1873. 
          32. TERRY, *** b. ca. 1791 d. before 1830 m. before 1814;
          33. ________, Martha b. TN 1795 d. before 1860 Census.
          * Tombstone says 1888 but listed on 1900 census as 14 yrs. 
          # Date on 1900 Lawrence Co. AL census is 1844, however, 1   
          yr. on 1850 census. 
          $ Not verified, information received from United Terry Club.
          *** No name given, other children listed as John F. Terry, 
          Stephen Terry, Betsy Terry, Joseph Terry, Edward "Ned" 
          Terry, Mary "Aunt Pope" Terry, Squire C. Terry. 


          Note: Is father of John Tobe Terry the "Star Terry"? "Star" 
          was in extensive article of Decatur Daily July 4, 1976 at 
          Decatur AL. 
          John F. Terry land is where the United Terry club is located 
          in Lawrence Co. AL.
          Squire C. and John Tobe Terry owned land together and both 
          died intestate. Many pages on settlement listing 
          children....dated 1873. 
          George Terry b. 29 Mar 1805 d. KY 02 Jul 1886 m. Hopkins Co. 
          KY 09 Aug 1827 Margaret Crabtree b. 7 Mar 1807 d. KY 16 Aug 
               Bessie Terry b. KY m. Charlie West
               York Terry b. 30 Apr 1850 d. 7 Jun 1900 m. Frances      
               Woodruff b. 1854 d. 1934. 
               George W. Terry b. KY m. Florence William
               Lennie Victoria Terry b. 7 nov 1873 d. 24 Feb 1936 m. 1      
               Jan 1896 Peter Lynn Ratliff. 
               Kate Terry b. KY m. Dick Crick.
               Livie Terry b. KY m. Jessie Gilliam. 
               William Terry b. ky m. Artie Cotton.
               Planning a trip to Kentucky for further Terry-Ratliff 
          research. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Barbara 
          Smith, 324 Stryker, South Lyon, MI 48178.
               Need info on Martins, especially John William Martin 
          supposedly b. Edgefield Co. SC. He left Randolph Co. GA ca. 
          1823 about age 17; married in 1846 Mariam E. Knighton b. 
          1832. Have complete line from John W. Martin to the 
               Researching Martin Johnson of SC - a John Walton 
          Johnson b. 1812 near Charleston. 
               Westmoreland -- Mary Elizabeth probably b. in AL. The 
          Westmorelands moved to AL in early 1800's.
               Powell, Irby, Paul, Riley. One family moved close to 

          Americus GA in early 1800's. Had daughter Lucindy Ann Riley 
          m. John Henry Ivey. Ivey's have them back to Madison Ivey. 
          Nothing on him. W. F. "Frank' Martin 736 West Lake Wales 
          Rd., South Lake Wales FL 33853. Editor's note: Mr. Martin is 
          a descendant of Benjamin and Elizabeth Irby Terry. Early 
          descendants are found in Edgefield/Abbeville SC. 
          100987 TERRY FRENCH LAMB
                                 Terry Line of 
                               Minnie French Lamb 
                        4414 62nd St., Lubbock TX 79414. 
          1    FRENCH, Minnie Melvina b. Hood Co. TX 10 Oct 1934; m.      
               26 Jun 1979 Joseph Thompson Lamb b. Fayettville, AR 
               1 Aug 1936.
          2    FRENCH, Mathey "Mac" Ezell b. Bosque Co. TX  Aug 1910,      
               m. 4 Nov 1933;
          3    LOWE, Pearl Augustine b. Erath Co. TX 22 Aug 1915. 
          4    FRENCH, John Seaborn b. Denton Co. TX 4 May 1861 d.      
               Bosque Co. TX 21 Nov 1919; m. 1889;
          5    TERRY, Minnie Sota b. MN 1876 d. Terrell, Kaufman Co.      
               TX 1 Oct 1934. 
          10   TERRY, Benjamin Terry b. VA 1816 r. Denton TX 1880. 
          11   _______, Sarah b. KY 1835.
               TFH Member, Sherry Livingston's new address is Rt. 1, 
          Box 192, Gentryville IN 47537. 
               Correction to June 1987 query. I am **NOT** researching 
          Smith, Nicks, Harrison, Goodwin, Cheatham, Philyou, Barnes. 
          I *AM* researching: Haley, Hobbs, Love, Pettus, Edmundson, 
          Roe, Wright and South. Mrs. J. C. Hobbs, 409 Memorial Dr., 
          Abingdon IL 61410. Editor's note: I try to put surnames 
          mentioned in query headings so persons may at a glance know 
          what might be in a query. Sometimes, it is comments on 
          surnames not necessarily related to person submitting 
          information. I do not always indicate this is not their 
          line. Please refer to June 1987 issue of TFH for surnames 
          members are researching. 
          130987 BEACH TERRY STOKES
               The editor has recently contacted another descendant of 
          Stephen Terry d. 1769 SC, Mrs. Jane Hildebrand, 40321 
          Devonshire #1, Hemet CA 92344. She is related to Solomon 
          Beach who m. Sarah Terry the daughter of John W. Terry and 

          Priscilla Stokes of Chester SC. She has the Beach line to 
          140987 LOWE NEWMAN MINTER
               Need information on the following:
          George W. Terry b. ca. 1821 m. Margaret Minter b. ca. 1826. 
          George Washington Terry b. Sumner Co. TN 7 Sep 1846 d. TX 9 
          Jun 1902 m. Martha Selena Lowe b. TN 16 Feb 1849 TN d. TX 20 
          Feb 1928. Mrs. Terry A. Newman, 1506 19th Ave. No., Texas 
          City TX 77590. 
                                 O o o O o o O
            I N D E X E S  T E R R Y  F A M I L Y  H I S T O R I A N
                            VOL. I, NO. 1 JUNE 1982
          Editor's Notes -- Book Reviews -- Terry Coat of Arms -- 
          Index from Virginia Gazette -- Georgia Records -- South 
          Carolina Records -- Lamar County Texas Records -- Hill 
          County Texas Records -- North Carolina Marriages -- Robert 
          W. Terry Notes -- Line of Eugene Bovis -- Queries.
                          VOL. I, NO. 2 SEPTEMBER 1982
          Editor's Notes -- Membership List -- Books in my library -- 
          Terrys in the Revolutionary War -- Alabama Marriages and 
          Family Notes -- Pittsylvania Co. Virginia Marriages, Wills 
          and Family Notes -- Letter from Earnest Terry -- Ballad of 
          the Covered Bridge -- Mississippi Marriages and Family Notes 
          -- Terrytown Tennessee -- Letter from Robert W. Terry -- 
          Union County Arkansas Marriages and Records -- Queries.
                          VOL. I, NO. 3 DECEMBER 1982
          Christmas Notes -- Book Review -- New Members -- Arkansas 
          Notes by Mrs. William A. Payne -- Franklin County Arkansas 
          Marriages -- Logan County Arkansas Marriages -- Pulaski 
          County Arkansas Marriages -- Saline County Arkansas 
          Marriages -- Sebastian County Arkansas Marriages -- Notes on 
          Michigan Pioneers by Carol E. Dickinson -- Louisiana 
          Marriages (Ascension, Avoyelles, Bossier, Caddo, Catahoula, 
          Concordia, De Soto, East Carroll, East Feliciana, Franklin, 
          Iberville, Lafourche, La Salle, Livingston, Madison, 
          Morehouse, Quachita, Red River, St. Bernard, St. Helena, St. 
          James, St. Landry, St. Martin, St. Mary, St. Tammany, 
          Tangiapahoa, Tensas, Terrebonne, Union, Washington, Webster, 
          and West Feliciana Parishes.) Tennessee Marriages (Blount, 
          Davidson, Henry, Knox, Monroe, Montgomery, Shelby, Smith, 
          Sumner, Washington, Williamson, and Wilson Counties) -- 
          Jackson County Tennessee Notes by Jay Terry -- Covering the 

          Terry-Tory by Robert W. Terry -- Kentucky Marriages (Barren, 
          Bourbon, Breckinridge, Caldwell, Casey, Christian, Fulton, 
          Hardin, Hickman, Hopkins, Todd, Knott, Lawrence, Letcher, 
          Lincoln, Logan, Madison, Montgomery, Mulenberg, Nicholas, 
          Pike, Pulaski, Warren, Wayne and Woodford Counties) -- 
          Missouri Marriages (Franklin, Green, Marion, Polk, St. 
          Francis) -- Notes on Family of Gladys Morris Tate -- Queries 
          -- Things for Sale --
                           VOL. II, NO. 1 MARCH 1983
          Editor's Notes -- Covering the Terry-Tory by Robert W. Terry 
          -- Terry Families of Suffolk County Long Island -- Terry 
          Families of Kentucky by Mrs. James J. Bushnell -- Terry 
          Marriages and Deaths in Laurens and Greenville Districts 
          South Carolina -- Terry Deeds from Greenville South Carolina 
          abstracted by John W. Lawrence -- Partial listing of Terry's 
          buried in Pisgah Cemetery, South Carolina -- Terry Deeds in 
          Laurens County South Carolina -- Terry Notes from Montgomery 
          and Botetourt Counties Virginia by Frances Terry Ingmire -- 
          This and That: Terry Miscellaneous from Members -- Queries 
          -- Things for Sale.
                            VOL. II, NO. 2 JUNE 1983
          Editor's Notes -- Covering the Terry-Tory by Robert W. Terry 
          -- William Terry of Savannah Creek and William Terry of 
          Hitchcock's Creek -- Notes of North Carolina Families by 
          Mrs. James J. Bushnell -- The Terry Family of Comanche 
          County Texas by Ralph Terry -- A Short History of the Terry 
          Family by Ralph Terry -- Terry Families of Richmond County 
          North Carolina by Michael Pafford -- Richmond County North 
          Carolina Cemeteries -- Richmond County North Carolina 
          Censuses (1790,1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850 -- 
          Marriages of Richmond County North Carolina -- Crawford-
          Terry Bible -- Canadian/New York Terry Families -- Terry 
          Family of Selby Bryant Stratton -- Terry Lines of Members -- 
          Queries -- This and That: Terry Miscellaneous.
                         VOL. II, NO. 3 SEPTEMBER 1983
          Editor's Notes -- Covering the Terry-Tory by Robert W. Terry 
          -- Edgefield County South Carolina Notes by Jay Terry -- The 
          Courtship of Emma (Graham) Terry by Betty Martin -- The 
          Family of Ansel Terry by Mrs. Arta Blonshine -- Daviess 
          County Missouri Terry Notes by Juanita Dowell -- 
          Miscellaneous Terry Missouri Records -- This and That: Terry 
          Miscellaneous -- Membership List of Terry Family Historian 
          -- Queries -- Title Index to Existing Terry Family
          Historian Issues.
                          VOL. II, NO. 4 DECEMBER 1983
          Editor's Notes -- Covering the Terry-Tory by Robert W. Terry 

          -- Terry's in the 1870 Milam Co. TX Census by Eva Huff -- 
          Terry's in the 1880 Milam Co. TX Census by Eva Huff -- 
          Terry's in the 1900 Milam Co. TX Census by Faye Mcclure 
          Miller -- Milam Co. TX Death Records (Terry surnames) -- 
          Texas Confederate Pension Applications (Terry surnames) -- 
          Little River Cemetery, Milam Co. TX -- Biography of Ahab D. 
          Terry 1861-1892 -- Will of Thomas Terry 1607-1672 -- Will of 
          Richard Terry 1618-1675 -- Terry's buried in Mattituck 
          Parish, L.I., New York -- Will of Joshua Terry 1764-1827 -- 
          Will of Nathaniel Terry 1767- 1819 -- Notes on the Family of 
          James "Gideon" Terry 1799- 1889 -- Bible Record of Irma Nell 
          -- Line of Irma Nell Barnes -- Some Observations Concerning 
          The Bible Record of Benjamin T. Terry of Sunflower County, 
          Mississippi by the Editor -- Obituary of Major Stephen Terry 
          1788-1866 -- Notes on the Family of Benjamin Terry by 
          Florence M. Bowe -- Terry's in the 1850 Georgia Census 
          transcribed by Earnest Terry -- Recollections of the Civil 
          War by Mary S. Terry of Roanoke VA -- This and That: Terry 
          Miscellaneous -- Will of Joseph Terry of Brandon MS -- Terry 
          Associations and Family Periodicals -- Terry's listed in the 
          Burton Historical Collection from Ethiel B. Johnson -- Will 
          of William Terry of Clarendon County SC -- Queries -- Items 
          for Sale.
                                 O o o O o o O
               A hearing was held June 24 in Washington, D.C., 
          relative to a complaint filed by the U.S. Postal Service 
          against American Genealogies, Inc. (and a number of 
          associated companies and individuals), a company that has 
          used the signature of "Elizabeth Ross" on materials 
          soliciting orders for its family research-oriented books.
               Three witnesses appeared at the hearing, each of whom 
          had purchased a book from "Elizabeth Ross" in the 
          expectation that the book would provide information about 
          his personal family history.
               In a separate but related action, the Chief Judge of 
          the U.S. District Court for the middle District of 
          Pennsylvania issued a preliminary injunction directing the 
          Postal Service to hold all mail addressed to P.O. Box 5300, 
          Scranton PA 18505, which contains orders for books, during 
          the pendency of the administrative proceeding. The 
          preliminary injunction requires the company to accept all 
          books returned by customers for refund.
               The proceedings confirmed that "Elizabeth Ross" is a 
          fictitious person and that some of the people involved in 
          American Genealogies, Inc. were previously associated with 
          Beatrice Bayley, Inc. a company found to be in violation of 
          the same postal law in September 1986. 

               Anyone having complaints relating to dealings with 
          American Genealogies, Inc. should contact Postal Inspector 
          Gary Claytor, c/o Regional Chief Postal Inspector, P.O. Box 
          3000, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004-3609.
               The National Genealogical Society has been closely 
          involved in the the complaint process and made this report 
          in the July-August NGS Newsletter.
               Despite the hearing and the preliminary injunction, 
          readers of "Genealogy Week" have written and enclosed cards 
          for almost identical offers dated as recently as August 12; 
          but signed by "Mary Whitney" and sent from (a surname) 
          Across America Coordinator, 306 Easton Road, Ottsville, PA. 
          18942, the postal permit paid at Ottsville. Earlier, "Mary 
          Whitney" offers came from "Genealogy Room" at the same 
          address, and were mailed on a Presort First Class U.S. 
          Postage Paid Permit from Scranton, PA.
               We have written to the Postal Inspector named above to 
          advise him of this latest offer. -- Editor. 
          Source: Antique Week, Monday, August 31, 1987 - 23B. 
                                 O o o O o o O
          |Please limit                                             | 
          |query to 50 words or less. You need to mention County -  | 
          |State and date of event [birth, death, marriage, will,   | 
          |deed and probate] with persons name when submitting      | 
          |query. Also mention your name and address.               |


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