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If you would like to be listed as a main contact for any group please email: Mike Terry, the editor. I reserve the right to add or remove anyone from the main contact list. Contact listings are based on longevity, professional documentation of your Terry Research and the willingness to assist other Terry Surname researchers.

Don't make it hard...Please do your basic work first. Send an email to Stephen with family sheet info or your pedigree chart info from you to your last known Terry. If you have documents such as a Family Bible or Letter stating relationships or other proofs please note.

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Stephen Terry Group Coordinator

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Descendants of Josiah Terry Stephen Terry's line out of Wake Co NC - See T-11 in Group 1, Terry DNA Project
Early Wake County Records (PDF) Early Wake County Residents by Stephen Terry
Early Wake County residents (PDF) Early Wake County Records by Stephen Terry
Wake Terry Family Wake County Terry Family Web Site
Two Generation File Margie Terry Irwin family with Wake County, North Carolina Origins
James Madison Terry Family Notes Some Margie Terry Irwin family notes WV, KY and OH

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